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疯狂猜图品牌cc采用百度引擎4(Baidu 3)t, and I spoke to Joey s dad, actually, who is a doctor in Montreal. He spoke to me about what people go through, and I hadn t realized the impact that Purdue Pharma [which introduced OxyContin to the market] had on the amount of people whose lives were lost. [It’s] pretty awful to think about the knowledge that they already had about the addictive qualities of these medications and the fact that they were not being honest about it. It s pretty horrific to learn about that. And as I said, I hadn t really been aware of the numbers before. So for me it was very eye-opening, and then infuriating.Rotten Tomatoes: The relationship that you have with Alex Wolff s character in the beginning of the film is so beautifully rendered and important when we consider his journey in the movie. Had you worked with Alex before and how did you guys create that genuine-feeling mother-son intimacy?Campbell: I had never met Alex before we got on set together and started our first scene. I think the fact that I m a mother of two boys really helped me. It helped me be aware of what that dynamic would be already and added an understanding of how devastating this journey would be with my son if I were to go through that myself.And Alex was very, very willing to be vulnerable, and it was so important for this character, and he really went there. He was so committed to it. I think we were really glad when we realized in that first scene that we were both going to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and that we could be; we were safe in that place together.Rotten Tomatoes: We can’t let you go without asking about the upcoming Scream movie. Have you been approached about playing Sidney Prescott again?Campbell: We’re having conversations – I have been approached about it. The timing’s a bit challenging because of COVID. You know, we only started the conversation maybe a month and a half ago, so it’s going to take some time to figure out how it’s all going to work out…. We’re negotiating, so we’ll see.The two directors wrote me a very touching letter about Wes Craven and how he was such an inspiration to them and how they really want to honor him, and that meant a great, great deal to me. So, we’ll see. Hopefully we can all see eye to eye on the project and find a way to make it.Rotten Tomatoes: Are you excited about the possibility of returning to the franchise?Campbell: I’m so grateful for these films… I love Sidney Prescott. It’s always fun for me to step back in her shoes, and it’s always fun for me to see the cast come back and make one of these films again and try to make another good one.Castle In the Ground is available to rent or buy on demand May 15, 2020.

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What Men Want (2019) 41% Generally speaking, romantic comedies are so formulaic that it usually takes something really out of the ordinary to stand out. Back in 2001, Nancy Meyers achieved great box office success less so with critics with the high-concept comedy What Women Want, which explored what would happen if an egocentric man were suddenly gifted with the ability to read the minds of women. That movie also benefited from a talented cast that included Helent Hunt, Marisa Tomei, Alan Alda, and a pre-controversy Mel Gibson. Fast forward to 2019, and we now have a gender-swapped version of the tale starring Taraji P. Henson as a female sports agent who, suddenly able to read men s thoughts, uses her newfound power to rise in her career and learn a few lessons about the opposite sex. Critics so far have responded to What Men Want about the same as they did to the original film, saying that its leads and lighthearted story are l (Photo by @ A24)While the rest of the world debates the casting of Robert Pattinson as Batman, the actor appears to have wowed audiences at the Cannes Film Festival with what might be his best performance yet. The Lighthouse, the sophomore effort from The Witch writer/director Robert Eggers, screened early Sunday morning; the character-focused 19th century ghost story, which also stars the great Willem Dafoe, earned an extended standing ovation. It’s another old-timey piece of Gothic cinema from Eggers, and the first reviews hint that this psychological drama might be even better than Eggers’ feature debut, if not as widely appealing to horror fans.Here’s what critics are saying about The Lighthouse:How would you describe The Lighthouse?“The most immersive film experience of the year… a throwback black-and-white fever dream, shot in boxy 1.33.1 and filled with arcane lingo.” Ben Croll, The Wrap

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The documentaries at this year’s Sundance Film Festival shared stories of good versus evil, of hard work and cutting loose, of reflections on life and death, of sharing never-before-seen stories and keeping viewers informed. With so many documentaries to choose from, it can be easy to get lost in all of the options. Fortunately, if you missed the film industry’s annual trek to Park City, many of these award-winning films will soon make it to a streaming platform or screen near you.Boys State (2020) 94%(Photo by Thorsten Thielow courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: Apple TV+, A24First-time director Amanda McBaine made the jump from producing to collaborate with her The Overnighters director Jesse Moss for an incisive look at U.S. politics through the eyes of young boys in Texas. The result is an astonishing documentary that examines how young people are shaping politics and how campaign strategies affect our own views – even on the scale of a boys civics camp. On awards night, Boys State won the U.S. Grand Jury Prize in its category. Jordan Raup wrote in The Film Stage, “This extraordinary portrait of a democratic process in microcosm is both a testament to how Washington, D.C. and the rest of the country could achieve bipartisanship as well as a look at what has led to such a fractured political system.”The Truffle Hunters (2020) 97%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: Sony Pictures ClassicsDirecting team Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw set their sights on Northern Italy, where a secret society of village elders and dogs protect their ritual of hunting for rare Alba Truffles from prying eyes. Although demand for the truffles is high, the group resists giving out their locations and even hunts at night to avoid detection. The documentary is at once a delightful character study and a meditation on greed versus the need to keep the tradition alive. Lee Marshall of Screen International wrote, “A slow-burn watch, The Truffle Hunters is a film as distinctive and lingering as the scent of the rare tuber that inspires it.”The Dissident (2020) 96%(Photo by Jake Swantko courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: N/AOscar-winning documentarian Bryan Fogel investigates the mysteries surrounding the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi after he entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey and never returned to his fiancée, Hatice Cengiz. The film retraces his steps through new footage and the testimonies of those who knew him for an intimate portrait of a man whose work continues to spurn the Saudi Arabian officials who tried to silence him. Eric Kohn of Indiewire said, “Fogel assembles a sturdy compendium of talking heads to explain how Khashoggi managed to speak truth to power for so long, and why his fate reverberates for other Saudis who share his sentiments.”Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado (2020) 100%(Photo by Giovan Cordero courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: NetflixCristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch had just finished filming their documentary about famed Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado when he died in November of 2019. At the height of his fame, Mercado reached around 120 million people with his messages of love and hope – before he mysteriously went off the air in the 2000s. The result became Mucho Mucho Amor, a tribute to the man behind many sequined capes that reveals what happened to Mercado before and after his time as one of TV’s most charismatic personalities. Writing for The Wrap, Carlos Aguilar called Much Mucho Amor “a tribute as inspired and jubilant as its majestic subject, a true original.”Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (2020) 93%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: N/AIn the waning months of 2016, documentarians Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross filmed the closing night of a local Las Vegas bar, capturing the patrons’ tearful goodbyes and plenty of dazed stares from one too many drinks. Only, the premise was actually a set-up: the bar is still open (and located in New Orleans), and everyone involved was instructed to behave as if the set-up were true. Nevertheless, the film is full of genuine emotions coming from normal people, blurring the lines between documentary film and traditional narrative. Amy Nicholson of Variety wrote, “It s The Bachelorette wed to The Iceman Cometh: the setup is staged, but the tears are real.”Dick Johnson Is Dead (2020) 100%(Photo by John Wakayama Carey courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: NetflixWith her feature debut, Cameraperson, Kirsten Johnson emerged as one of the documentary world’s most exciting new voices. Her next project, Dick Johnson is Dead, is radically different but no less inventive, challenging the way we talk about and imagine faith, aging, death, and the afterlife. As Johnson follows her own father s struggles with memory loss, the two confront the inevitable with plenty of laughs and heartfelt moments. Nick Allen of RogerEbert.com called it “a gorgeous blend of truth and fiction, with a guiding sense of humor that allows her film to always be honest and hilarious.”On the Record (2020) 99%(Photo by Becca Haydu courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: HBO MaxAlthough Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering’s documentary On the Record may have first caught the national spotlight after the departure of one of its top producers and a distributor, they bounced back at the Sundance Film Festival with a rapturous premiere screening. Their movie follows Drew Dixon as she recounts in vivid detail the night Russell Simmons assaulted her and processes the impact it eventually left on her career, wrestling with the pressure of coming forward in the wake of the #MeToo era. Her story was later painfully corroborated by several women who Simmons also harassed or assaulted. Beandrea July wrote in The Hollywood Reporter, “The overall result is an intimate look at what is at stake when rape victims decide whether or not to tell their stories.”Welcome to Chechnya (2020) 100%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: HBODavid France heads to closed-off Chechnya to meet the LGBTQ activists bravely combating the government-sanctioned violence against their community and helping others escape almost certain death. The documentary captures their struggle against the persecution of LGBTQ individuals and anyone seen supporting them, as the international press is shut out and the Russian government turns a blind eye to the carnage. Alonso Duralde of The Wrap called the film “a chilling examination of both the brutality that the Chechen LGBT community is forced to face on a daily basis and the difficulty of leaving the country for peace and safety.”The Painter and the Thief (2020) 96%(Photo by Barbora Kysilkova courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: N/AAfter two of Barbora Kysilkova’s paintings are stolen from an art gallery in Oslo, the artist approaches one of the men accused of stealing them, Karl-Bertil Nordland, and offers to paint his portrait in the hopes of learning where her still-missing paintings may have gone. Instead, the two strike up an unlikely friendship over several years. Benjamin Ree’s The Painter and the Thief won the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Creative Storytelling at the Sundance Awards on Saturday. Esther Zuckerman said in Thrillist, “Norwegian documentary filmmaker Ree paints a remarkable portrait of two lives that become intertwined.”The Fight (2020) 99%(Photo by Sabrina Lantos courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: Magnolia PicturesCo-directors Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, and Eli Despres reunite after their first project together, Weiner, to film the ongoing saga of what it’s like to be an ACLU lawyer in the Age of Trump. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at headlines and the high-stakes battles for freedom behind closed doors. The film won the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Social Impact Filmmaking at the Sundance awards ceremony. Kate Erbland wrote in Indiewire, “The unfussy stuff, the human stuff, is what works best, both for The Fight and the very people it follows.”Feels Good Man (2020) 95%(Photo by Christian Bruno courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: N/AFirst-time filmmaker Arthur Jones follows the riveting transformation of the viral Internet character Pepe the Frog from an innocent comic figure to a symbol for internet trolls and the far right. Pepe’s creator, Matt Furie, now wants him back, but is it too late to save the frog’s reputation on the internet? Feels Good Man explores the unruly nature of internet meme culture and reveals how few rights creators have over their creations once they’re online. Jones won the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Emerging Filmmaker. Angie Han of Mashable wrote, “Jones demonstrates an insatiable curiosity about his subject, speaking with everyone from a former Trump campaign insider to a collector of Rare Pepes to an expert on the occult.”Collective (2019) 99%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: Magnolia PicturesAs one of the standouts in the festival’s Spotlight section, Collective remained a must-see title, as director Alexander Nanau documents the step-by-step unfolding of a tragedy with in-depth details and breathtaking footage. After a devastating fire at a night club killed many and seriously injured several dozens more, investigative reporters discovered the government blocked survivors from life-saving treatments and covered up health code violations that led to the loss of several more lives. The harrowing account raises questions about who should be held accountable, if anyone will be at all. Vikram Murthi wrote for The Film Stage, “Collective sports a procedural-like pace that keeps the information legible and the action linear. It doesn t preclude a lighthearted touch nor get bogged down in misery to underline its points.”Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.疯狂猜图品牌cc霸王决超变单职业神途传奇手游是一款能给玩家带来非常热血游戏体验的掌上神途传奇手游,游戏里有着各式各样的公会等着玩家们来加入,加入后玩家们可以开启各种刺激的公会战玩法。

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1.67.2 1月喜迎It was not a notable weekend at the box office. Though the same-day streaming question certainly comes into play for one particular title, it was not a factor for the new films which led the way with some historic lows. How much new concerns over rising COVID cases across the country factored into the overall poor box office is something to take into consideration. But it might also have just been a lack of interest in the two new major titles on offer.King of the Crop: Old Win Shows Mixed Signs For Box Office Health (Photo by © Universal Pictures)Most analysts gave the edge to a certain G.I. Joe character this weekend. Then it looked like it could be a toss-up for the top slot. Ultimately, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, Old, won handily. (Well, handily by just .7 million, but considering estimates had Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins leading with a much wider gap it was a clear and surprising reversal.)While it may surprise those chiming in on the frequent discourse over the director’s output, Old s weekend haul of .5 million is actually the lowest opening for any of his films since his breakthrough of The Sixth Sense back in 1999. The last two entries in his Unbreakable trilogy, Split and Glass, opened to million and .3 million, respectively, in 2017 and 2019. Before this weekend, his lowest opening was Lady in the Water’s million, which went on to take a career-low overall .28 million. That was the start of four straight losers at the box office for Shyamalan, including The Happening, The Last Airbender, and After Earth. The filmmaker had found a bit of career resurgence starting with The Visit in 2015 kicking off a recent string of low-budget, high-concept films that turned a healthy profit.Recommended: M. Night Shyamalan Is Feeling More and More Like His Maverick Younger SelfOn the glass half-full side, Old is another low-budget effort ( million) that may seem a bit disappointing at the moment but is hardly going to rattle Universal’s books. The half-empty side is actually more on the theatrical industry seeing as how Old is the lowest-grossing film to debut at number 1 in July in 25 years since A Time To Kill on the weekend of July 26, 1996, which actually coincided with the Atlanta Olympics that year. (This stat does not include last year when movie theaters were mostly closed.) That John Grisham adaptation actually went on to gross over 8 million, something Old will not come close to doing, but this is the third weekend since Memorial Day that the leading film grossed under million. Rotten Returns: Snake Eyes Gamble Fails to Pay Off(Photo by Ed Araquel/Paramount Pictures)Paramount moved Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins into Summer from its originally re-scheduled October date. Not that the numbers would have looked any better three months from now, but a .3 million start in July for an million-budgeted film must have someone wondering if they could have sold it to Amazon when they were having a fire sale (Coming 2 America, Without Remorse, The Tomorrow War). This is surely about more than just rising Delta variants, though, when you consider that The Rise of Cobra opened to .7 million in 2009 and Retaliation started with .5 million in 2013. That’s eight years since the last film and this is basically the second attempt to reboot the whole franchise and there have only been three movies. Perhaps the studio can take some comfort that critics have been slightly kinder to it (42% on the Tomatmeter) than the 35% and 28% Tomatometer scores of the previous films.Also qualifying is Roadside’s pick-up of Joe Bell (formerly Good Joe Bell), from Solstice Studios, which was anything but good this weekend with both a 37% on the Tomatometer and a place out of the top 10 with just 7,000 in 1,094 theaters for only a 6 per-screen-average – that is the lowest per-screen-average for any film released in over 1,000 theaters this year behind Land (1) and Voyagers (0).The Top 10 And Beyond: A New Legacy Suffers Crushing Second Quarter with 69% Dropoff(Photo by © Warner Bros. )The weekend was actually nearly even worse for Space Jam: A New Legacy, which became just the 10th film ever to open to over million and have a second weekend under million. A 69% drop from last week s .7 million to this week s .5 million actually makes it the first “PG”-rated family film to join this league. Look at the company it has now joined:The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) (.48 million-to-.89 million)The Wolfman (.47 million-to-.89 million)Saw V (.05 million-to-.74 million)Space Jam: A New Legacy (.05 million-to-.5 million)Dark Phoenix (.82 million-to-.35 million)A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) (.90 million-to-.11 million)The Purge (.05 million-to-.31 million)Bruno (.61 million-to-.31 million)The Devil Inside (.73 million-to-.02 million)Friday the 13th (2009) (.57 million-to-.94 million)Twenty-five years ago, Michael Jordan’s Space Jam had a 41% drop over Thanksgiving weekend to .2 million. LeBron James’ Space Jam: A New Legacy is now looking more like The Purge: Anarchy, which opened to .8 million and dropped 64.8% to .4 million and had .8 million in the bank after 10 days. A New Legacy stands at .4 million and if it continues along this pace will end up somewhere around million. The bright side is it will be the second highest-grossing film domestically for Warner Bros./HBO Max along with the highest-grossing non-PG-13-rated family film this year. The down side is the 0 million-budgeted film will not come close to breaking even, nor matching the million/0 million domestic/worldwide haul of the Jordan film.For the time being it appears that 5 million may be the new throne standard for films in the pandemic hybrid era. A Quiet Place Part II is not going to get there but still remains the most impressive earner of this period. Black Widow, which has its eyes on the throne, fell another 55% this weekend down to .6 million. Its total stands at 4.8 million, which squeaks it into the top 25 all-time July releases after 17 days. The Marvel film’s third weekend is a bit more then what The Amazing Spider-Man made in weekend three, though that film ranks 14th on the aforementioned list with 7.7 million. However, if you compare the film to Star Trek Beyond, which had a million third weekend with 7 million in the bank, Black Widow’s final number could be closer to 5 million. It has grossed over 4 million worldwide, but its odds of reaching 0 million domestically have significantly decreased. Current throne holder, F9, stands at 3 million after five weeks and is also forging a similar pace with Star Trek Beyond, which had a .9 million in its fifth weekend. F9 made .46 million and looks to be stalling out, as expected over the past several weeks, at right around 5 million.Down the list, Universal is watching The Boss Baby: Family Business and The Forever Purge settle into the million and million regions. Sony is not having any greater success with their sequel, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, which can only hope to hit million at this point. The Anthony Bourdain documentary, Roadrunner, managed to stay another weekend in the top 10 and is up to .7 million.On The Vine: Green Knights, Cruise Captains, and An American AbroadNext week has something for families and adult moviegoers up and down. Leading the way, no doubt, will be the latest Disney ride-turned-motion-picture, Jungle Cruise, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The film should easily take the number 1 slot, but will also be competing against itself with  Premier Access on Disney+. Exclusively in theaters will be Oscar-winner Tom McCarthy’s Stillwater with Matt Damon on a quest to Marseilles find out the truth over his Amanda Knox-like daughter played by Abigail Breslin. Then you can also look for David Lowery’s take on Arthurian legend with The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel, and Sony Classics releasing one of the best-reviewed films of Sundance 2020, Nine Days, featuring Winston Duke.Full List of Box Office Results: July 23-25, 2021
(Photo by New Line/courtesy Everett Collection)25 Modern Christmas Classics to Add to Your Holiday Movie ListWhen most people think of classic Christmas movies, their minds sleigh-ride back through the decades to films like It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, and Christmas Vacation. To movies that they’ve grown up with, movies they’ve spent dozens of holiday seasons sprawled out in front of, digesting Thanksgiving and Christmas and other holiday dinners. But there are a number of holiday-themed and holiday-set movies released in the last 20 years that are just as worthy of your Yuletide viewing as those tried-and-true favorites. These are the world’s modern Christmas classics – or should-be-classics – and we think that this year, once that bell rings and the angel gets its wings for the umpteenth time in your household, you should try something Fresh for your festive viewing.We compiled this list of modern Christmas classics using a very simple set of criteria: the movies had to be about Christmas or set firmly during the holiday; they had to have been released after the year 2000; and they had to have a Fresh score with a minimum of 20 reviews. Some are titles you will no doubt be familiar with, movies from the earlier years of the 21st Century that have already assumed the “classic” label in the ensuing years – we’re looking at you Elf and the ever-divisive Love Actually. Others are Certified Fresh gems that have gone totally under-appreciated in our opinions. (Why Arthur Christmas, at 92% on the Tomatometer, isn’t every kid’s go-to holiday flick is beyond us.) Others still are off-beat foreign gems, like the scary, weird, and wonderful Finnish killer Santa movie, Rare Exports, or the anime  Tokyo Godfathers. And with our most recent update, we ve added Klaus, Jingle Jangle, and the 2018 Grinch, which is just barely Fresh. Because we can t make green meanie too happy, right?If you’re looking for something different this season, slip a sack-full of these charming/hilarious/weird/heartwarming/scary flicks into your holiday rotation.Best Christmas Movies | Worst Christmas MoviesBest and Worst Christmas Horror | Best Foreign Christmas MoviesRotten Christmas Movies We Love | Modern Christmas Classics
The 46th annual Telluride Film Festival wrapped this Monday and for the first time in recent memory, a pair of stars prompted the typically celebrity-averse attendees to throw convention out the window. The quiet rustic town, nestled high up in the Colorado mountains, is so small that hiding behind a velvet rope is nearly impossible; since it s one of the most in-demand stops on the fall awards circuit, A-listers typically walk the street with little fanfare. This year, however, first-time attendee Adam Sandler and Telluride alum Adam Driver were the toast of the town. Both were mobbed by uncharacteristically star-struck festivalgoers, and both just smiled through the attention.Billy Madison and Kylo Ren may have caused a brief departure from the norm, but this year s program remained unchanged in one way audiences were treated to exceptional films from auteur filmmakers. Sandwiched between the Toronto International and Venice Film Festivals, the laid-back fest remains a coveted stop on the way to Oscar glory, with eight of the last 10 Best Picture winners screened in Telluride. From what we heard and saw on the ground there, coupled with our Venice Scorecard tracking reviews for films premiering at that festival, some of our Ridiculously Early Oscar Predictions are looking more likely, while other Oscar hopefuls left their chances high atop the mountains. With a shortened season, the frontrunners will have to come out of the gates strong if they plan to stay in contention, and we can already see early trends and storylines emerging. Here are our key takeaways from this year s Telluride Film Festival as we head into Toronto.A Tale of Two Adams: Sandler, Driver In the Best Actor Race(Photo by © A24)Adam Sandler and Adam Driver took Telluride by storm. Sandler, who made the trek for the first time with the Safdie brothers  Uncut Gems, was rewarded with the best reviews he s earned since Punch Drunk Love. As we mentioned in our Telluride preview, Uncut Gems enjoyed a buzzy world premiere, with much interest in what Sandler and the Safdies could bring, following the directing duo s breakout hit Good Time. The film stars Sandler as a fast-talking celebrity jeweler and places the audience in a state of constant tension for 135 minutes – a staple of the Safdies directing style. Sandler chatted, joked, and mingled with the festivalgoers as critics heralded his equally charismatic and frantic performance as the best work of his career. Uncut Gems is still Fresh at 100% on the Tomatometer, and many are signaling that the SNL alum could make his second visit to the Golden Globes (his first was for Punch)  and maybe further.Though Sandler was clearly living his best life in Telluride, perhaps no one had a better weekend than Adam Driver. In addition to screening his two awards contenders, The Report and Marriage Story, the Star Wars star was also honored with a tribute handed to him by none other than Martin Scorsese. Scorsese, who directed Driver in Silence, proclaimed him to be the greatest actor of his generation, and the praise for Driver did not stop there. He garnered positive reviews for both of his films, though Netflix s Marriage Story, from Noah Baumbach, is clearly the stronger play for him to earn a Best Actor Oscar nomination at this point. Following his first nomination last year for BlacKkKlansman, the marine-turned-thespian is launching right back into the season with the full weight of the Netflix awards team behind him. Given the fact that he will also be right in heart of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker press tour during the height of the awards season, Adam Driver will be the name on everyone’s (and every voter’s) lips.International Cannes Favorites Continue to Wow Critics(Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)After their glamorous premieres on the French Riviera at the Cannes Film Festival, Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite and Céline Sciamma s Portrait of a Lady on Fire continued to wow critics at Telluride.Back at Cannes, Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times compared Parasite to Jordan Peele’s Us: An escalating freak show of tension, surprise and class rage, Parasite would make a terrific double bill with Us, which it matches and perhaps even surpasses in impact. Also in May, Stephanie Zacharek was equally favorable to Portrait of a lady on Fire, calling it a great example of how a well-told story, with vivid characters, can seep right into your bones and keep you thinking for days afterward and the pleasure felt while watching it isn t negligible either. The overwhelmingly positive receptions out of Cannes came as no surprise to most, but the frenzied quests to see the films at Telluride were slightly unexpected. As word grew of the dual masterworks, screenings were reportedly turning people away. The last showing of Parasite turned away over 600, an astonishing number for the intimate festival. Bong, who many think will pull a Best Directing and possibly a Best Picture Oscar nomination for Parasite (a rare feat for an international film), appears to be very much undaunted by all the hype. When we chatted with him at Telluride, he was most interested in the other films on the slate, adding modestly, “I am just happy people like it. Like is a gross understatement for either film, both of which will have sizable awards campaigns, so don’t be surprised if they show up in the newly dubbed Best International Film category in 2020.Ford v. Ferrari Revs into the Oscar Voters ViewFord vs. Ferrari is the quintessential Hollywood Oscar movie. A true-life period-piece? Check. An A-list cast of Oscar winners/nominees? Check. A prestige director? Check. Aimed at older Oscar voters? Checkmate! With Ford v. Ferrari, director James Mangold and stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale look to repeat the same formula that spelled success for Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper in 2014 with American Sniper. The story of how the Ford motor company s Carroll Shelby (Damon) and Ken Miles (Bale) battled corporate interference, the laws of physics, and each other to topple racing Goliath Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans is very much on-brand for Oscar voters. It s this year s Moneyball with race cars, and Tomris Laffly of RogerEbert.com raved that it s a 60s-set adrenaline rusher with top-shelf technical craftsmanship. This one will look to pull accolades for those in front of and behind the camera.The Comeback Kid Preps for a Cinderella Story(Photo by JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/Getty Images)Not to be outdone by Adams Driver and Sandler, Renée Zellweger also made a memorable trip to Telluride with Judy, whose positive reception confirmed our very own Bridget Jones has indeed returned. Zellweger is unrecognizable as the tragic starlet Judy Garland, and the performance (including the singing and dancing) is uncanny. As Gary Oldman did in Darkest Hour, Zellweger fades away, and you only see Judy, a part many are saying the Texas native was born to play. Erik Anderson of AwardsWatch said of Zellweger, [She] knows a bit about being chewed up and spit out by the Hollywood machine and the gaggle of media that want to focus on every flaw, every alleged surgery or unsuccessful marriage. It s part of what makes her the perfect choice to play Garland. After a string of sometimes downright nasty media coverage over the last few years, we are thrilled that Zellweger has reemerged better than ever in this second act of her storied career with two very different projects. Earlier this year she played a Gordon Gecko-styled femme fatale in Netflix’s What/If, and this week at Telluride we saw her inspired take on one of the world’s most beloved singer-actresses. Perhaps there’s really no need to call it comeback, but we re happy about it nevertheless.And the Oscar Goes to Netflix (Maybe)(Photo by © Netflix)Moments after Roma screened at Telluride in 2018, anyone who had the privilege to see it instantly understood why Netflix bristled at anyone discounting its cinematic brilliance. The hands-down favorite to win Best Picture on Oscar night, Alfonso Cuarón s semi-autobiographical retelling of his adolescence ultimately lost to Green Book, and many saw the decision as a rejection of the streaming giant Netflix, as opposed to a victory for the Peter Farrelly dramedy. The same scenario is taking shape for several Netflix films in 2020, as Marriage Story, The Two Popes, The King, Dolemite is My Name, and Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman are all poised to make deep runs this season. The question is, will it be enough for any of them to take home the top prize? The Academy rejected a rumored plan that would require a four-week streaming window for Oscar eligibility, but even campaigning from Martin Scorsese himself could persuade theater distributors AMC, Regal, and Cinemark to compromise and screen his film at their theaters. Regardless of where you land on the streaming debate, the final word may be given on Oscar night, and we can’t wait to watch.Awards Season Forecast Clears Up (And Waves makes a splash)(Photo by © A24)Prior to festival season, most awards predictions are about as scientific as tossing darts at a list of names; few films in the conversation have even screened before Telluride or Venice. Post-Telluride, however, the landscape pulls into focus. There’s always that one film no one saw coming, like Moonlight, or a film that surpasses all expectations, like Lady Bird, and more often than not, these films premiere at the Colorado festival. (It’s worth noting Lady Bird and Moonlight shot into the awards conversation due in large part to their rapturous Telluride debuts.) This year’s discovery is undoubtedly Waves by Trey Edward Shults, the seemingly fearless filmmaker behind horror movie It Comes At Night whose unconventional stories are wholly unique. Sheri Linden of The Hollywood Reporter proclaimed Waves as further evidence that Shults, at 30, is one of the most versatile and gifted young filmmakers working today. Little was known about the plot or premise of Shults  sophomore effort, but following the premiere (for all those who seek to watch it, we advise going in blind), there was no shortage of praise for stars Sterling K. Brown, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and newcomer Taylor Russell. Waves is a dark horse contender for end-of-year awards, but still very much in the race.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

ther fresh – but we imagine they re all negligible when you re staring down a reptilian maw of serrated teeth. Their crushing jaws, tough exteriors, and peculiar elongated shapes have made them the villains in some vibrant monster movies, ranging from horror comedies (Lake Placid), summer blockbusters (Rampage), and near-classics (Rogue). Those will soon be joined by Crawl, a wind-and-rain–swept action flick from the director of Piranha 3D, so we re taking a tumble in the swamp by ranking all the best and worst crocodile and alligator movies by Tomatometer!
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疯狂猜图品牌cc (Photo by CD Projekt Red)Every year in late spring, gamers and press from around the globe converge on the Los Angeles Convention Center to get a sneak peek of the latest and greatest video games being revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.For E3 2019 this week, heavy hitters Microsoft, Nintendo, and Ubisoft broke out the big guns for their latest projects, but a number of movie- and TV-based games have emerged as some of the week s most promising prospects. Game developers no doubt hope to score the same sort of critical acclaim as last year s Marvel s Spider-Man.Here are 10 of those pop culture–centric projects — and two honorable mentions — that already have our thumbs twitching in anticipation!STRANGER THINGS 3: THE VIDEO GAMEDeveloper: BonusXPPublisher: En Masse EntertainmentPlatforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PCRelease Date: July 4Following their ravenous consumption of new Stranger Things episodes this summer, fans can dive deeper into the sci-fi horror series third season in a new game releasing day and date with the show. Featuring a charmingly retro visual style, complete with a pixel-perfect Sheriff Hopper, as well as solo and co-op play, Stranger Things 3: The Video Game invites fans to solve puzzles, battle supernatural baddies, and uncover Hawkins — and the Upside Down s — darkest secrets.MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: THE BLACK ORDERDeveloper: Koei Tecmo Games, Team NINJAPublisher: NintendoPlatforms: Nintendo SwitchRelease Date: July 19Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order easily earns its title, as it allows players to assemble teams of iconic characters from all corners of the Marvel Universe. Playing solo — or as part of a four-player super-team — fans can choose from nearly 40 characters, from the Avengers and Fantastic Four to the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy. Dynamic action-RPG gameplay, a gorgeous visual presentation, and an original Thanos-thwarting tale round out this fan-pleasing package.BLAIR WITCHDeveloper: Bloober TeamPublisher: Lionsgate GamesPlatforms: Xbox One, PCRelease Date: August 30The future of the Blair Witch franchise might be in limbo, but the cult-favorite film series  faithful followers can return to the Black Hills Forest this summer. A story-driven, psychological horror entry from the team behind the nerve-fraying Layers of Fear games, Blair Witch weaves a fresh, frightening tale, complete with shaky camcorder footage, atmospheric environments, and the sort of imagery that will take up permanent residence in your nightmares.STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDERDeveloper: Respawn EntertainmentPublisher: Electronic ArtsPlatforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCRelease Date: November 15Gaming s latest take on the galaxy far, far away puts players in the role of Cal Kestis, a Padawan on the run from the Empire s Jedi-hunting Inquisitors. Set shortly after the events of Episode III, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a single-player, story-driven action-adventure featuring familiar faces from both the light and dark sides, dynamic lightsaber combat, Stormtrooper-crushing Force powers, and an adorable companion droid that could top BB-8 on the cuteness scale.JUMANJI: THE VIDEO GAMEDeveloper: FunsolvePublisher: Outright GamesPlatforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PCRelease Date: November 15Landing ahead of the holiday season s highly-anticipated Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel comes a new game based on the family-friendly franchise. Embracing the action, humor, and exotic environments of the films, the game features four-player co-op (both online and local) and a delightfully stylized take on the films colorful cast of characters.THE WALKING DEAD ONSLAUGHTDeveloper: SurviosPublisher: SurviosPlatforms: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VRRelease Date: Fall 2019Given virtual reality s immersion-ratcheting nature, it s not surprising so many game developers have leveraged the tech to scare the pants off players. The Walking Dead Onslaught aims to up the ante in this regard, putting brave fans face-to-rotting-face with the franchise s brain-craving foes. Sporting visceral combat — supported by a “progressive dismemberment system” — and a new story, the game also puts players in the boots of their favorite survivors from the AMC series.THE DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE TACTICSDeveloper: BonusXPPublisher: En Masse EntertainmentPlatforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PCRelease Date: 2019The Dark Crystal renaissance continues with a new game based on the cult-favorite film’s 10-episode prequel series set to hit Netflix this summer, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Dubbed Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, the title combines strategy-focused combat with deep role-playing game elements, all brought to life by a charming visual presentation that should please fans of the original Jim Henson– and Frank Oz–directed film.CYBERPUNK 2077Developer: CD Projekt RedPublisher: CD ProjektPlatforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCRelease Date: April 16, 2020Cyberpu

One gave us Michael Myers and the Thing, the other Freddy Krueger and Ghostface – and both gave us many, many sleepless nights. But who is the king of making us quake? In our latest episode of Vs., we’re slicing and dicing the numbers to find out who is the true master of horror: John Carpenter or Wes Craven. Will it be the famed director – and killer composer – who essentially defined the slasher genre with Halloween? Or will it be Craven, who let us know that danger lurked under the stairs, in the last house on the left, and in our dreams? Our favorite Final Boy and Rotten Tomatoes contributing editor Mark Ellis is examining Tomatometer and Audience Score data, box office performance, iconic moments and characters from their films, to make a call. And if you don’t agree, have at him: He’s just putting on some Jiffy Pop right now and his phone number is… we mean, let us know in the comments!On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.Thumbnail image: © New Line, © First Run Features 众所周知《迷你世界》不单是一款简单的手游,在游戏中有很多玩法,每一张地图都是一种玩法,每一张地图也都有可能是一款游戏,因此也真的是非常好玩了,而有大神玩家沉迷制作各种吃鸡地图,也因为吃鸡游戏很火爆,而且样式也十分多,玩家们也可以参与其中。


DC movies continue to turn the tide with the release of Aquaman, the first solo feature for the maritime member of the Justice League. While it won’t be brandishing as high a Tomatometer score as Wonder Woman, reviews for the James Wan-helmed superhero adventure are mostly positive out of the gate. Aquaman certainly sounds ridiculous, even from the raves, as this is a whole lot of movie (and maybe more). If you just take in the ambitious spectacle and enjoy Jason Momoa’s swagger, you’re in for a wild treat, my man.Here’s what the critics are saying about Aquaman:Is it actually any good?If you’ve ever wondered what pure joy looks like on screen, look no further than the latest film in the DC Universe. Germain Lussier, io9It’s a film for everyone. Catalina Combs, Black Girl NerdsIt’s kind of a shock that it doesn’t suck. Peter Debruge, VarietyWere it not for Black Panther and Into the Spider-Verse, Aquaman would easily clinch the title for best superhero movie of the year. Karen Han, PolygonIt’s a weird and wonderful superhero adventure that strives — and almost succeeds — to be the most epic superhero movie ever made. William Bibbiani, The WrapWhat about its place in the DC Universe?This is the movie Green Lantern was too reluctant to be. It’s the most unabashedly DC Comics-embracing movie in the current shared universe. Jim Vejvoda, IGNAquaman seems too afraid of falling into the much derided gravity of Snyder’s [DC movies], and does not have the courage to take any of its stakes seriously. Elena Lazic, Little White LiesAs with much about the DC universe, the whole thing is hobbled by carelessness. Eric Kohn, IndieWire(Photo by Warner Bros.)And when compared to Marvel?Comes closest to nailing that particular brand of self-aware humor and save-the-world earnestness that has been working so well over at Marvel. Anne Cohen, Refinery29When it gets trippy, it floats within hailing distance of Doctor Strange.  Joshua Rothkopf, Time OutChange a few names and locations in the plot synopsis, and Aquaman could have been a Thor reboot.  Eric Kohn, IndieWireHow crazy is it?Wan’s Aquaman is pulp, through and through, and it’s as broad and outlandish as you could possibly hope for. William Bibbiani, The WrapIt’s bonkers. It’s bananas. It doesn’t always work but when it does, oh wow is it fun.  Germain Lussier, io9Its unapologetic ridiculousness is exactly why it’s so delightful, bucking so many of the rules set for the genre in the last decade. Karen Han, PolygonThere’s always some form of insane nonsense on the screen to keep you bewildered and entertained so you don’t really have the time or energy to focus on its more underwhelming aspects.  Sean Mulvihill, FanboyNation.comDoes it go overboard?Wan’s film pushes too far sometimes, but that’s because it’s pushing as hard as it can. William Bibbiani, The WrapWhat seems like fifteen different subgenres are crammed into a submarine ready to burst…no scene ever contemplates the phrase too much. Matt Donato, We Got This CoveredInstead of making one Aquaman movie, Wan has made three or four, spinning the wheel and changing modes whenever one idea dries up. Eric Kohn, IndieWireIt’s as if someone told Wan and team that Aquaman would be the title character’s one and only shot at a solo movie, and they made sure to go for broke. Alex Abad-Santos, VoxThis is a movie that wants to kill you with sensory overload. (It may have even succeeded. I’m fairly sure I am writing this as a ghost. Boo.) Mike Ryan, Uproxx(Photo by Warner Bros.)How does Aquaman look?The production designers have outdone themselves here imagining an elaborate other world beneath the ocean’s surface. Peter Debruge, VarietyDubbing Aquaman one of the year’s most accomplished visual achievements is no hyperbole… Atlantis’ sunken megacity stuns on par with Black Panther‘s unveiling of Wakanda. Matt Donato, We Got This CoveredAquaman’s greatest strength is its visual style. Even when it borders on bioluminescent whimsy, it’s so distinctly and ceaselessly its own. Alex Abad-Santos, VoxAquaman s visuals are less Jungle Book photo-realism, more Lisa Frank razzle-dazzle. Angie Han, MashableDoes it deliver on the action?Imagine if someone cut together all the biggest action sequences from the last few decades of Hollywood. Helen O Hara, Empire MagazineThere are moments when the action is just so wildly absurd that you can’t help but just stare at the screen in awe of Wan’s audacity. Sean Mulvihill, FanboyNation.comThe majority of the time the action set pieces seem quite arbitrary… this saddles the overlong film with a ponderous, grinding feel. Todd McCarthy, Hollywood ReporterIt’s confusing but not quite incoherent. Peter Debruge, Variety(Photo by Warner Bros.)How is Jason Momoa?What a perfectly cast superhero…take away Momoa’s steady presence, and you’re looking at an overstuffed mess. Mara Reinstein, US WeeklyAquaman hinges on Momoa’s natural swarthy charisma and charm, and Wan’s willingness to let those things shine makes the movie enjoyable. Alex Abad-Santos, VoxThis movie doesn’t work without Jason Momoa. Mike Ryan, UproxxHe leans into the absurdity of his appearance. He knows he’s ripped and superhuman, so why pretend otherwise? But none of that really qualifies as acting. Anne Cohen, Refinery29Do the other characters shine?Watching Kidman kick ass for a few minutes makes a good enough case for an Atlanna standalone movie. Eric Kohn, IndieWireHeard sleepwalks through her part and has zero chemistry with Momoa. Mara Reinstein, US Weekly[Heard] fails to really connect, and big part of that is just how indifferent the script for Aquaman is towards its women characters – of which there are only two. Sean Mulvihill, FanboyNation.comIf there’s one thing to like about Aquaman, it’s that the film allows women such as Mera and Atlanna to kick some ass. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesDolph Lundgren brings a gruff gravitas to his supporting role…Between this and Creed II, we are in the midst of a Lundgrenaissance – and I’m totally fine with that. Jim Vejvoda, IGN(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)How are the villains?I love Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta.  Mike Ryan, UproxxAbdul-Mateen II brings a ferociousness and intensity that works for that character’s specific arc, but feels out of place as it only matches some of the tones that Aquaman is juggling. Spencer Perry, ComingSoon.netBlack Manta starts out strong but feels increasingly superfluous… Meanwhile, Orm feels curiously underdeveloped — it s only Wilson s performance that keeps him from being a total snooze. Angie Han, MashableBlack Manta could have been saved for the sequel and this movie wouldn’t have suffered for it. Jim Vejvoda, IGNSo we should look forward to more Aquaman?If it stays in the water a bit too long — well, I d still come back for a sequel. Angie Han, MashableAn Aquaman sequel is reportedly in the works.The filmmakers just need to find the heart of their ocean. Johnny Oleksinski, New York PostAquaman opens everywhere on December 21.

疯狂猜图品牌cc Robert De Niro reunites with Al Pacino this month in Martin Scorsese s The Irishman, the epic and Certified Fresh new Netflix gangster flick. The two actors – who last shared the screen in Michael Mann s Heat – have been getting plenty of Oscar buzz for the movie in which Pacino plays infamous Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa and De Niro plays his right-hand man, Frank The Irishman Sheeran. If either wins big this awards season, they will be adding to an already heaving trophy shelf. But who between Pacino and De Niro is the ultimate king of the big screen? We re looking to settle that question by looking at their Tomatometer scores, box office performance, iconic roles, and one wild card category. Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments. (Yes, we re talking to you.)The Irishman is currently available on Netflix.

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