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(Photo by HBO)FALL 2019 TV SURVEY: 20 TV Shows That Defined the 2010sFor Rotten Tomatoes’ annual Fall TV Survey, we asked thousands of our users what they’re most looking forward to in the coming TV season and to reflect on the best shows from seasons past.We re looking at TV series that were so iconic in their era that they essentially defined the decade in which they aired the majority of their seasons. (If a show aired half its seasons in one decade and the other half in another, we tended to count it toward the earlier decade.) So we asked our survey respondents which shows best represented each of the five most recent decades.Game of Thrones stole the 2010-2019 category, garnering 74% of the vote, compared to No. 2 Stranger Things’ 56%, and The Big Bang Theory’s 45% for third place.We also asked which TV star ruled in the decade — no surprise here: The entire cast of Game of Thrones won with 45% of the vote; followed by Benedict Cumberbatch, who snagged 9% of the vote (Sherlock showed up at No. 24 in the list of TV titles that defined the decade ); and, in third place, Veep s Julia Louis-Dreyfus with 8%.Disagree with the survey results? Tell us in the comments who you think should have made the list or have been ranked higher. A man (Bruce Davison) relates the dark fate of those who wish on the monkey s paw in this clip from Creepshow episode Night of the Paw. About the Episode: A mortician saves the life of a woman who shows up at his door one night, but unbeknownst to her, the man had wished for a murderer to come put him out of his misery maybe she wasn t so fortunate after all. The episode also stars Hannah Barefoot, Susannah Devereux, Grace Toso, and Ryan Clay Gwaltney. It was written by John Esposito and directed by John Harrison.About the Series: The anthology series, based on the iconic 1982 film written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero, features original fun and scary stories, helmed by a different director. Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) executive produces.Creepshow episode Night of the Paw airs on Thursday, October 24 at 9/6P on Shudder TV live stream and is available now on demand.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering such titles as The Batman, Venom, and The Matrix 4.This WEEK S TOP STORYZOE KRAVITZ POUNCES ON CATWOMAN FOR THE BATMAN, PAUL DANO RIDES FOR RIDDLER(Photo by Gregorio T. Binuya/Everett Collection)Going into this week, the only actor that we had heard was in talks to play a villain in The Batman (6/25/2021) was Jonah Hill. Now we have two people confirmed, and none of their names is Jonah. Zoe Kravitz is Catwoman. On Thursday, the news broke that Hill had dropped out of talks to play a Batman villain, potentially because Hill had asked for million, twice what Warner Bros. was paying Robert Pattinson to be Batsy. Whatever his role was, The Riddler is now on the scene, who has signed on Paul Dano. Meanwhile, the search is still on for the third villain: Penguin. In related news, Robert Pattinson also made a surprising revelation this week, saying that his version of The Batman is not a hero.    Other Top Headlines1. MATRIX 4: NEIL PATRICK HARRIS IN, JADA PINKETT-SMITH IN TALKS(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)Last week, we learned that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Black Manta from Aquaman) had been cast in a new lead role (AKA not Morpheus, etc.). And this week, we heard about two other possible new additions, plus a returning cast member from the two sequels. Let s start with Jada Pinkett Smith, who is now in talks with Warner Bros to reprise her character Niobe, the ship captain. Jada Pinkett Smith s recent roles have included Bad Moms, Girls Trip, and this summer s Angel Has Fallen. One of the new characters will be played by Neil Patrick Harris; various guesses online include a Mr. agent, the adult Spoonboy, or a younger version of The Architect. The third name in play this week is Jessica Henwick, who is probably best known for playing Colleen Wing in Netflix-Marvel s Iron Fist series. 2. ROBERT EGGERS  VIKING EPIC THE NORTHMAN ATTRACTS THE WITCH AND THE LIGHTHOUSE ALUM(Photo by A24/courtesy Everett Collection)This month s spooky black-and-white drama The Lighthouse is only director Robert Eggers second feature film (after 2015 s The Witch), but already the guy appears to be developing his own regular cast of actors. Eggers next film will be a Viking revenge film set in 10th century Iceland, and stars both previous and new to his troupe have been announced. Let s start with the new: Nicole Kidman and brothers Alexander and Bill Skarsgård. The previous: Anya Taylor-Joy and Willem Dafoe. In related news, Willem Dafoe also this week officially joined Guillermo del Toro s Nightmare Alley remake. 3. GAL GADOT TO PRODUCE AND STAR IN WORLD WAR II POLISH UNDERGROUND BIOPIC(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)It has long been a Hollywood tradition that when movie stars get to a certain status, the opportunity opens up for them to guide their own careersand potentially, those of others) through their own production company. Gal Gadot, whose next major film will be next summer s Wonder Woman 1984, has formed a company with her husband Jaron Varsano called Pilot Wave. The first announced film for the new company will be Irena Sendler, a historical thriller about the life of Polish Underground leader, whom Gal Gadot will also portray. Sendler s organization worked in the Warsaw ghetto of World War II to save over 2,500 Jewish children, among other anti-Nazi efforts.4. JOHN KRASINSKI AND RYAN REYNOLDS TEAMING UP FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS(Photo by Paramount /Courtesy Everett Collection)After two indie films (Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and The Hollars), actor-turned-director John Krasinski had a surprise blockbuster hit with his third film, the sci-fi thriller A Quiet Place (in which he starred with his wife, Emily Blunt). Krasinski quickly moved ahead with a Quiet Place 2 sequel (3/20/2020), but with this week s news, Krasinski appears ready for another original movie. Krasinski will both direct and costar in the comedy Imaginary Friends, with Ryan Reynolds. The high concept comedy will tell the story of a man (Reynolds) with the magical ability to see other adult people s imaginary friends, some of which, lacking love and friendship, turn to the dark side. 5. JURASSIC WORLD 3 RECRUITS NEW STARS FROM SHE S GOTTA HAVE IT AND SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS(Photo by Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection)A few weeks ago, one of the big stories of that week was that original Jurassic Park stars Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neill were all returning for Jurassic World 3 (6/11/2021). This week, Universal Pictures appeared to be focusing instead on casting new roles. The first announced was Mamoudou Athie, who is probably best known for his role in Facebook Watch s Sorry For Your Loss, as well as in The Get Down and Patti Cake$. Then, earlier today, Variety also reported that DeWanda Wise of Netflix s She s Gotta Have It is now in talks for a leading role. It s not yet known what sort of roles either Athie or Wise will be playing when Jurassic World 3 is released on June 2021, the same month as Micronauts, Sesame Street, and The Batman.6. THE ADDAMS FAMILY SEQUEL ALREADY IN DEVELOPMENT FOLLOWING MILLION OPENING WEEKEND(Photo by MGM / courtesy Everett Collection)MGM probably had ideas in the work for a sequel to The Addams Family far before its release last week, but following its million opening weekend, it s go time. MGM has scheduled The Addams Family 2 for October 22, 2021, which is the weekend after Halloween Ends. It s not yet known if the original voice cast is also signed  to return for the sequel. 7. NAOMIE HARRIS JOINING WOODY HARRELSON S CARNAGE IN VENOM 2 AS SHRIEK(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)We ve known since the ending of Venom that Woody Harrelson would be costarring in next year s Venom 2 (10/2/2020) as the crimson symbiote-powered serial killer Carnage. It wasn t until this week that it was revealed that Tom Hardy s Venom and Woody Harrelson s Carnage would actually be joined by a third symbiote-possessed character,  in the form of the female villain Shriek. Sony Pictures didn t delay much after letting that news out, however, as just before we went to press today, we learned that Shriek will be portrayed by British actress Naomie Harris (Moonlight, Skyfall). 8. DANIEL KALUUYA WANTS TO GIVE THE WORLD A NEW BARNEY THE DINOSAUR MOVIE(Photo by Polygram Filmed Entertainment/courtesy Everett Collection)Last year marked the 20th anniversary of Barney s Great Adventure, which attempted to take the then-popular kids TV show, Barney Friends and turn it into a movie franchise. The plan didn t work and the TV show went off the air in 2009. Even so, Barney Friends obviously is remembered with some nostalgia by the now-adults who watched the show during its 90s heyday. And so perhaps it s not surprising that a Barney reprise is now in development. British actor Daniel Kaluuya, who is probably best known for both Get Out and his role in Black Panther, has teamed up with Mattel Film (via his 59% production company) to start development on a live-action Barney movie. It s not yet known in what form Barney will be depicted in this movie, but three possible options are: #1 a big purple foam costume like the original TV show, #2 a computer animated (but still cartoony) purple dinosaur, or #3, a full-giant-sized purple Tyrannosaur Rex (the original dinosaurs stood anywhere from 12 to 20 feet tall).

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Jacqueline Coley for Rotten Tomatoes: Tell us about #blackAF. Is this black-ish unleashed?Kenya Barris: Yes, and no. It s a family show about my family, so in that, it is like black-ish, but those were archetypes. This is more accurate — well, except for the mother of my children; she s very different from what Rashida is doing. Rashida is a little bit more of a revolutionist. I ve been doing family shows for a long time, but felt like they needed a reboot. With Netflix, it feels like we re in this new era, in this new dawn, and what better place to try to reboot black-ish into a more authentic family. I made them functionally dysfunctional. And the notion behind it was to take out of my point of view, give the point of view of my daughter, and try and do it in a much more honest way.At ABC, I love those guys, but they were terrified of talking about having any kind of success. They thought it could be ostracizing. I always felt the opposite. I felt like, in the time of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Barack and Michelle [Obama], or Swizz Beatz and Alicia [Keys], the idea of wish fulfillment and aspirational things really resonates. At the core of it, it s a human story; that was what I m tapping into, or that was what we hoped. But it s also so much scarier, because this was me and much closer to my real family — a rejection of this is a rejection of me in a much bigger way.(Photo by Netflix)You ve mostly worked in linear television. How was the switch to streaming?Barris: It was terrifying. It honestly was. No ad breaks? Just streaming? I m a fan of telling stories where in Act 1, you set the problem up, really explore it in the second, and resolve it in the third. And this was a completely different way of telling those stories. I really enjoyed it, to be honest with you. I enjoyed not having to focus on act breaks and commercials.But at the same time, one of the things that I missed was, Netflix is an unbelievably free, creative environment. As much s t as I used to talk about getting notes, there s something to having a partner give you notes, even if you disagree with them. The freedom to make what you want is a place you want to be as creative person. But if it bombs, you can t blame anybody else. [Laughs] I was like, Be careful what you wish for. But, it was a really, really good experience. I don t know what s going to happen with the show, but we re proud of what we did. They let me do something that I ve never done before. I m so proud of the actors and the family that we put together and the kids and Rashida. But it was terrifying.As your first show on a new deal with Netflix, this is a big swing as far as subject matter and tone. Was that a choice? Barris: I wanted to be noisy. [Netflix] is doing 400 series this year. Not 400 episodes of television, 400 series. To stand out in that crowd was really important to me. I would like to say I don t care what people think, but I care about the critics. In network television, you have your morning-after scorecard. You have ratings that was like basically getting your grade on your test.Netflix doesn t really have that. All you really have is critics, and they ll tell you if you make it or not. So for that, I knew I wanted to be loud. I wanted to try to be noisy and let it be authentic and personal. And know your lane — this is as close to my lane as I possibly can get. I let myself hang out there, but it makes it a lot scarier.(Photo by Netflix)Let s talk about episode 5. It talks about criticism and Rotten Tomatoes in general, but the first thing we have to know is, are you surprised by anything else besides Space Jam, which is discussed in the episode, being rated Rotten on the Tomatometer?Barris: [Laughs] Not to be controversial, but — f k it — I m just gonna say it: I m a huge Boots Riley fan. I think Sorry To Bother You got a 90-something percent. I m like, Really? I m with you until horse people. [Laughs] But my daughter argues with me about it, because she was like, That s the beauty of it. We don t get to do that often in our business We [Black creatives] are not allowed to be open and fluid, have weird endings, and get those kinds of ratings. But still, I check the score.At RT, we argue about scores all the time if that makes you feel any better. Will you be checking the score for #blackAF when it drops? Do you still care?Barris: Absolutely. I care. Tyler thinks I m crazy for caring, but I care. I care what white people are saying. I care what gay people think. I care what Black people think. I care what Rotten Tomatoes thinks. I care. Steven Spielberg put this article out, and he said if you believe any of it, you have to believe all of it, so he doesn t read reviews. Good for him. I m neurotic. I want to be liked, probably too much, but I definitely care. I think we need commercial success. There s room for If Beale Street Could Talk and Moonlight, but there was also something special about Cosby. We have learned the whole story about the man now, but at the time it was special that he became what he did. The Cosby Show changed the trajectory of what we were in this world. That was the first time I ever saw my white friends want the same father that I had.It s one of the things that I was really always happy about with black-ish is that when we first came on, we beat or came close to beating Modern Family. And, that was a huge statement to the powers that be. A lot of things that came after were because of black-ish in some aspect. Not to toot my own horn, but they were kind of derivative of what we did. Other creators said, Oh, why can t I talk about my family? I could talk about my family, and I can be more specific. People started seeing themselves reflected in things and that became the mainstream.(Photo by Emily V. Aragones/Netflix)You brought in Tyler Perry for this episode to talk about the Rotten Tomatoes, and he doesn t share your opinion.Barris: I love that Tyler was like, Oh, I don t f k with them Tomatoes. I have people in my family, they enjoy his films, particularly my mom, my aunt, and some of my relatives. They get so much enjoyment from his movies — honest enjoyment, not just ironic or so-bad-it s-good, just honest enjoyment. He opens up at box offices and does business, too. So why are those people s opinion not as important as someone else s opinion. Their opinion counts, too. Tyler puts a movie out that people enjoy. And because people or certain critics might not feel like it s the most elevated form of comedy, he s destroyed Black culture. There are people who really enjoy him, just as there are people who love Adam Sandler.Tyler Perry opens up doors for Shonda [Rhimes] and me, for Barry Jenkins, and so many others. The only color Hollywood really cares about is green. And, he has the greenest story in Hollywood. He deserves to do his movies and be celebrated just as much as Adam Sandler. He knows his audience. He entertains them, and he s opened so many doors for people of color. Why take away his success? Why marginalize his success because it s not for you. That s where Rotten Tomatoes and those other aggregators have a hard time accurately evaluating our work. It s hard because I feel like many white male reviewers are afraid. They feel like if a female-driven movie or an LGBTQ movie or a Black movie comes out, they can t rip on it. They think, I m not going to be the guy who says something bad about this. Then at the same time, because Tyler Perry s the whipping boy, he s the one guy that they re comfortable taking a swipe at, and I have a problem with that.(Photo by Netflix)In that same episode, you had a Zoom call with a fictional Ava DuVernay, Tim Story, Lena Waithe, Will Packer, and Issa Rae — a.k.a. some of the biggest names in Black Hollywood. How did that come about? Did they have input in their characters ?Barris: I wrote it, and I gave them a little bit of a pitch when I sent it. My pitch was Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer could be on a show together. And, Jerry could joke,  Sorry I didn t blow something up, Michael. No one would think any less of Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer for that. They d say, They re bosses and that s how they talk in real life. They can be self-deprecating with their work and never think less about each other. Why can t we do that? Here s the exact group of people responsible for a lot of entertainment on television right now. Especially, in a cultural sense. Why do all our calls have to be something that s like, Between you and me Why can t people see us actually have the conversations that we have and know that we re critiquing our work, too, just the same way everyone else is critiquing our work.How honest do you think creatives are with each other, publicly or privately, if you could give them a grade?Barris: I think it s probably a B. The one thing that I really appreciate about us is that we show up for each other. Black Panther is a great example of us showing up for each other. Black Panther was an amazing movie. Ryan Coogler is going to go down as one of the best filmmakers in the history of cinema. But, one of the things that helped that movie is that we showed up for him. In addition to everyone else showing up, because it was a great movie, we showed up for him. And it was the same thing with Girls Trip. That first weekend, in droves, and our people showed up with their girlfriends. And then boom, next thing we see is white girlfriends showing up doing the same thing. When things cross over and become mainstream, and it allows everyone else to be a part of it. It doesn t feel so niche.That s something that we do, and it s important that we continue to do it. As far as celebrating sort of publicly, actually, I think we get an A. I think that privately the conversations are always a little bit scarier. You can have them with your close peers, and sometimes it s a little bit harder to sit through, because you don t want to have say something that makes someone feel like you re not being supportive. But we re getting better. The calls, that episode, the willingness of people who have active careers to do things like this shows that we re getting better. I m a huge Jordan [Peele], but after Jordan did Us, I was seeing articles saying like, He s Hitchcock. And I was like, I think even Jordan would be like, That s a little bit quick. There s a positiveness to us being embraced like that, but we have to put in the work. We have to be respected in terms of the general notion of what it takes to really put those 10,000 hours in.I just watched Unorthodox on Netflix, and I m like, Why can t we [Black people] have this? Black people get, like, four stories to tell. White people have like a million options. With [Unorthodox], that story was such a niche story, but it was told so well, someone bought it and people support it. I m like, Why can t we tell more of those stories? Why can t we get stories that feel outside of what people are used to hearing from us?, because that s how we actually grow culturally and within the industry.Since you do read reviews, do you have a favorite critic? Barris: Emily Nussbaum did a great New Yorker article on me, and she kind of changed my career. She embedded with us for a few days and she really got it. She s also like a TV fanatic. I am always interested in what people like her have to say. I get it. Some people don t like what I do, and I am OK with that, but I am also not going to pretend it doesn t bother me. I get it: I m not for them. But that s that needy part of me, because I want so badly for them to like my stuff.Many creatives feel that way. Quentin Tarantino was awarded Best Original Screenplay last year by New York Film Critics Circle, and he spent half his acceptance speech talking about one of the members who has hated every movie he s made, but Tarantino loves his writing. And this is a man with multiple Oscars and nothing to prove. Barris: And, that s part of why Tarantino s a good writer. How do you say that you don t care? How could you not care? It s you. You ve put years of your time, energy, and life-blood into this thing, to say you don t care? It s like you re either a sociopath or a liar.#blackAF premieres April 17 on Netflix.

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After taking home the Best Director Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, writer-director Radha Blank staked her claim as a talent to watch. In her hilarious and brilliantly authentic debut, The Forty-Year-Old Version, Blank shines both in front of and behind the camera. Cut from the same cloth as Robert Townsend s seminal indie feature Hollywood Shuffle, the former playwright similarly fires precision barbs at the hypocrisy of white gatekeepers in entertainment. Blank pulls no punches with white producers who muddle and meddle with authentic representation on screen and stage, placing Black creatives in the unenviable position of choosing between success and staying true to themselves. In a black-and-white semi-autobiographical tale, the New York native goes back to her hip-hop roots and re-invents herself as Radamus Prime, a fire MC who raps about the comedic struggles of middle age. Vulnerable but vibrant  The 40-Year-Old Version is an ode to Black Harlem, fearlessness, and the art of putting yourself on, writes Aramide Tinubu of Shadow Act.Streaming October 9th on Netflix.

Ron Perlman has played some monster characters throughout his career, notably the titular Hellboy in two Guillermo del Toro–directed films about that red, horned, cigar-smoking comic book anti-hero; the grizzled gang leader Clay Morrow in FX biker drama Sons of Anarchy; and even his breakout role as Vincent from CBS s live-action Beauty and the Beast series, in which he starred opposite Linda Hamilton. With his latest series, he adds to the list. A lot of the characters that I ve played without makeup that are, you know, seemingly human are the most monstrous things I ve ever done, Perlman told Rotten Tomatoes when discussing new Peacock series, The Capture, which premieres on the launch day of NBC s new streaming service.The Capture — so incredibly well-rendered and so smart, the actor said — takes viewers deep into a highly surveilled world in which anyone with the wherewithal, and motive, can alter video footage and place a crime that never happened at the foot of a would-be criminal of their choosing.In the six-episode series, which was recently renewed by the BBC for a second season, Perlman plays Frank Napier, a CIA official leading a small team that monitors CCTV, the UK s expansive network of security cameras, in the name of upholding justice. But at what cost does such justice come where video evidence of a crime that was supposedly committed, may have been a hoax all along?(Photo by BBC/Heyday Films/Nick Wall)Perlman co-stars opposite Holliday Grainger (Patrick Melrose) as DI Rachel Carey and Callum Turner (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) as Shawn Emery, a former soldier framed for murder. With recent technological breakthroughs in deep-fake technology and the ever-growing trend of distrusting facts, the series fictional concept of Correction (the truth-altering tech featured in the series) feels both completely terrifying and absolutely plausible. [It s about] things I m personally obsessed with, in regards to the people that we look to in order to keep us safe and protected, Perlman said. How pure can we expect their motivations to be? Are their personal agendas spilling over into the things that (we hope) they do for purely ideological reasons? You know, for, hopefully, the greater good? These are all important questions to ask, especially when the news cycle is continuously recounting stories of law enforcement entities and government agencies that aren t exactly serving the people s best interests.Speaking on the series, and the many issues currently facing Americans, Perlman is quick to identify the  ripped apart nature of our politics where you don t know what you re being sold or who s selling it to you, a lot of the time. And for an actor who has been famously outspoken in his progressive beliefs on Twitter — he was briefly suspended from the platform in 2019 for comments made in a now-deleted tweet celebrating the death of Koch Industries Vice Chairman David Koch, and he recently got involved in an online scuffle with Republican Sen. Ted Cruz — his decision to play a conservative-leaning character in a questionable position of power becomes more intriguing.In The Capture, Perlman s Frank makes some callous choices and steps over the line of morality more than once in the interest of upholding national and international security. When asked if Napier is a monster, the actor has trouble giving a definitive answer. You can make an argument that Frank is so multifaceted that it s hard to figure out where the monster in him ends and the humanity begins, Perlman explained. So I mean, one of the fascinating things about trying to figure out how to play the guy is, for the whole history of the show, you ll walk away not knowing, was he a good guy? Was he a bad guy? I just don t know. (Photo by Sony Pictures)On the big screen, Perlman continues to team up with his close friend Del Toro. In the long-awaited new adaptation of Pinocchio, he plays Mangiafuoco, a character known to many as Stromboli, thanks to Walt Disney s 1940 film classic.He also appears in Paul W.S. Anderson s upcoming Monster Hunter, a big-budget movie adaptation of Capcom s action role-playing video game of the same name that stars Milla Jovovich and Tony Jaa. The movie was scheduled to open this September, but has been pushed back to April 2021. Perlman, who described his role as Admiral in the flick to Comic Book Movie as a lot of chewing the scenery, was mostly mum about specific story details, but gave an impression of what to expect. I m not a gamer, so I m not familiar with the video game, Perlman said. I know that it has a huge following and huge popularity. I know that the production that Sony gave it, under the great leadership of Paul W.S. Anderson, was top draw. You know, it was just such a phenomenal experience and seemed like we were making a big-time movie — lots of titillating juicy battle scenes and chase scenes. There are a lot of high stakes, so this should be a good one to watch. And what about that a highly-publicized Twitter spat between Perlman and Cruz? The whole thing began after the U.S. Soccer Federation repealed its policy that prohibited athletes from kneeling during the national anthem as an act of protest against police brutality.The news drew ire from the likes of President Donald Trump and Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz who shamed the sports institution. Perlman soon added his two cents on Twitter, saying, The US Soccer team called and you guessed it said they couldn’t give any less of a f k about what you two dips ts think.”A follow-up tweet, directed at Gaetz and showing a photo of  Rep. Jim Jordan, a former wrestling coach accused of ignoring athletes reports of abuse by a doctor at Ohio State University, caught the attention of Cruz and sparked the war of words between the actor and the senator, who challenged Perlman to a wrestling match — with Jordan.The bizarre back-and-forth led Perlman to present a counteroffer to Cruz, promoting the idea that if the senator himself would face him in the ring, he d donate ,000 dollars to Black Lives Matter. They traded a few more barbs before things quieted down, but Perlman is still up for the challenge.Though he has made it very clear that he ll never play Hellboy on the big screen again, Perlman said he may be willing to reprise the role through voice-over in a virtual wrestling match with Cruz — perhaps in an animated special akin to, say, MTV s old Celebrity Death Match cartoon series. Would he step into Hellboy s shoes one more time for such a special occasion? Absolutely, said Perlman, laughing. [Cruz has] just said so many things that are so damaging to the concept of human discourse. He s one of the guys who has the most deleterious effect on the American consciousness, which is: He s designed to make us cynical. He s designed to make us disengaged. He s designed his whole modus operandi to say stuff that makes us into disbelievers rather than people who are rallying around some beautiful concepts that Americans pledge allegiance to. He s a diabolical villain. And so any chance I get virtually to have a smackdown with this motherf er, I would jump at the opportunity.  The Capture launches on Peacock on July 15.
Without any major wide releases this weekend, Hollywood just had the third-weakest Labor Day weekend since 2004. Whatever made up the top 10 last week week was pretty much here again this week, just with about two-thirds the revenue. In the meantime, most of America stayed away from the movies for one last summer vacation, fairs, BBQs, and – we assume – to save their money for the evil clown looking to break new records next weekend. For now, though, Angel Has Fallen can crow about being the top of a weak-ish crop for two weeks straight with a second-weekend haul of .8 million over four days.King of the Crop: Angel Does Not Fall In Second Week(Photo by Simon Varsano / © Lionsgate / courtesy Everett Collection)Neither Olympus Has Fallen nor London Has Fallen spent a single week in the top spot at the box office. Now, Angel Has Fallen has done it for two straight weeks and joins 300 and this year’s How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World as the only films featuring Gerard Butler to spend two straight weeks at number 1. In fact, the first How To Train Your Dragon is the only other film featuring Butler to spend any week at number 1. Over the four-day Labor Day weekend, Angel grossed an estimated .8 million, a number that is neither high nor low when it comes to grossers over the holiday; it is 25th overall amongst premieres and holdovers. At an estimated .91 million after 10 days, the film remains right on par with Richard Donner’s Conspiracy Theory, which made a little more in its second weekend and finished with million. It looks like Angel will come in a bit under that, but if its eventual international take comes in anywhere close to London’s 3 million, Lionsgate may be the first studio to take a second whack at this franchise.Rotten Returns: Bennett s War Fails to Cut Through(Photo by © ESX Entertainment)Forrest Films released its debut, the motorbike and military drama Bennett’s War, into 970 theaters this weekend. The film about an injured war veteran trying to make a comeback on the motocross circuit has a solid Tomatometer at 60%, but that s with just five reviews. The film grossed just 5,151 over the three-day weekend (Friday to Sunday) for a per-theater-average of 9. That is actually far from the lowest PTA of 2019 – John Travolta’s The Fanatic grossed ,153 in 52 theaters for less than a PTA – but it is the lowest of the year for an original wide release. The 20th anniversary showing of Cruel Intentions averaged 5 in 708 theaters; Keanu Reeves’ sci-fi film, Replicas, released this January, had a ,020 PTA in 2,329 theaters.Just for reference we looked at other August releases over time that opened in between 950 and 999 theaters and picked out a few highlights. In 2013 the Spanish language release, Instructions Not Included, with Eugenio Derbez, grossed .84 million in 978 theaters; in 2006, Idlewild made .74 million in 973 theaters; and in 1998, the Vince Vaughn/Joaquin Phoenix drama Return to Paradise opened to .46 million in 965 theaters.Top 10 and Beyond: Good Boys Continues Good Run, Brittany In a Marathon Race to B.O. Success(Photo by Ed Araquel / © Universal)Running down the rest of this weekend’s moneymakers, Universal should continue to be happy about the performance of Good Boys, which grossed .1 million over the four-day weekend and remains on course to gross around million. Hobbs Shaw has also maintained itself rather well and is headed for somewhere between 5 million and 5 million. The film is also approaching the 0 million mark worldwide, which is down from the previous two Furious movies but sees it outgrossing Fast Five – possibly even Fast Furious 6 – and turning a decent profit.Sony pulled an Endgame and put Spider-Man: Far From Home back into theaters with new footage for one last summer push, possibly in an attempt to push it over the 0 million line. That goal seems unlikely with 5.96 million to date, and it would need another million to pass Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle for Sony’s highest-ever domestic release. That being said, the film is already the highest-grossing worldwide in the studio’s history with .122 billion, which is the 25th highest ever. Disney’s The Lion King is not going to become a top 10 all-time domestic grosser, but it is currently 13th all-time with over 3 million, and is chasing Rogue One (2.1 million) and The Dark Knight (5.2 million) to possibly finish 11th. Worldwide the film can now rest comfortably as the 7th highest-grossing film ever, having pushed past Furious 7 (.515 billion) and Marvel’s The Avengers (.518 billion) this weekend with a global total of .564 billion. Catching Jurassic World for 6th place (.671 billion) is not entirely out of the cards, but The Lion King will need its international fans to keep showing up. Disney owns six of the ten highest-grossing films of all-time.Last week’s two other openers benefited from a lackluster weekend. The faith-based Overcomer earned just shy of million and is currently outpacing both of director Alex Kendrick s other films, Courageous and Fireproof, which finished with .5 and .4 million, respectively. In its 13th day, the Certified Fresh horror-comedy Ready or Not passed million and now resides between the grosses of Mystery Men and Sinister 2, suggesting a final gross in the million range. (Not spectacular but not terrible either on a million budget.) Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, on the other hand, is an unqualified success. The Guillermo del Toro-produced horror tale is very closely on par with the original Blade, which finished with just over million. All horror is going to take a hit next week with the opening of It: Chapter Two, so it may come up a bit short of that but is nevertheless into profit.Sony has the tale of two movies in Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood and The Angry Birds Movie 2. The former has grossed over 0 million and is not far behind the pace of where Robert Zemeckis’ What Lies Beneath was back in 2000, though a total of 0 million may be a reach in the U.S. after dropping out of the top 10 this week. The movie is over 3 million worldwide. As for the Angry Birds sequel, it is relying on its international dollars to save it because it is currently on an Underdog pace domestically – literally on pace with the movie Underdog – to hopefully make million.Finally, we get to some festival films. From Sundance we have this week’s Don’t Let Go (titled Relive at the festival), which made .04 million in its 922 theater launch.(Photo by © Amazon Studios)The most interesting story, though, could be developing under not just our noses, but also Amazon’s. The studio s Brittany Runs a Marathon expanded from five theaters into 49 this weekend; last weekend it made 0,711 and this week it earned 4,000 across the three-day weekend (and an estimated 9,000 for the four-day holiday). Last year’s The Old Man The Gun, with Robert Redford, made the same leap, starting with 2,131 and then climbing up to 3,928 the second week. The Old Man The Gun ended up making .2 million. Anything over .65 million would be Amazon’s second highest-grossing film to date.Maybe they should be looking at what Roadside is achieving with The Peanut Butter Falcon. That film opened in 17 theaters and it grossed 4,793 for the 43rd best per-theater-average of the year. Brittany had the sixth best, then expanded to the same amount of theaters as Falcon in weekend two and outgrossed it 4,000 to 7,212. The Peanut Butter Falcon then expanded into 996 theaters last week and grossed .97 million. It jumped up to 1,249 theaters this weekend and made another .92 million (and an estimated .95 million over the four-day holiday). Its total now stands at .94 million and is the 11th-highest grossing film ever in Roadside’s indie history. The film was not even a high-profile Sundance premiere; it was first shown at SXSW in March.This Time Last Year: Crazy Rich Asians Led Robust Holiday Weekend(Photo by Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros.)Crazy Rich Asians won the box office for a third straight weekend as audiences flocked to their favorites again. That .5 million victory over the four-day holiday put the leader at 7 million as it prepared to eclipse the second-place finisher, The Meg, which was over 3 million. Mission: Impossible – Fallout was third and passed the 0 million mark. The week’s top newbie, Operation Finale, finished fourth with just .87 million and a lackluster six-day total of .61 million since opening on a Wednesday. Bursting into the top 10 was Sundance hit, Searching, which made .61 million in just 1,207 theaters for fifth place. All combined it was the best Labor Day weekend since 2013, as the top 10 grossed .29 million and averaged 68.2% on the Tomatometer. This year’s top 10 grossed an estimated .69 million for just the 16th-highest holiday weekend since 1990 and averaged 68.8% with critics.On the Vine: Nothing Stands In It s WayNormally, the fall movie season begins with a flurry of films clamoring for awards attention, but this year it begins with what promises to be one of the most successful flicks of the year. The nearly three-hour conclusion of Stephen King s story of the evil in Derry, It: Chapter Two, arrives in theaters with the adults now in the room to battle Pennywise. No other wide release even dares to challenge this monster, and why would they? The first film opened to over 3 million and concluded with over 7 million domestic and 0 million worldwide, making it the highest-grossing horror film of all time (in 2017 dollars). Will the 2019 chapter introduce a new champion?The Full Top 10: August 30-September 2Angel Has Fallen (2019) 39% – .8 million (.91 million total)Good Boys (2019) 80% – .1 million (.12 million total)The Lion King (2019) 52% –  .32 million (3.55 million total)Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) 67% .21 million (9.02 million total)Overcomer (2019) 56% – .78 million (.32 million total)Ready or Not (2019) 88% .995 million (.47 million total)Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019) 77% – .25 million (.87 million total)Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) 85% – .7 million (.16 million total)The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) 73% – .6 million (.39 million total)Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) 90% – .51 million (5.96 million total)
Few industries enjoy taking really, really long extended holiday vacations quite like Hollywood, and when we get to this time of the year, there s rarely much in the realm of movie development news to discuss. Last week, we covered the year s biggest Fresh news stories, and this week, we re looking at the ones we deemed most Rotten instead.JANUARY: KEVIN HART PASSES GO, WILL COLLECT (AT LEAST) 0, IN MONOPOLY(Photo by Warner Bros.)Kevin Hart s Tomatometer has been getting better in the last few years, starting with his partnership with Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence (which carried into their Jumanji movies), and including his voice role in Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (Certified Fresh at 88%). Before 2016, however, his track record mostly carried a broad series of Rotten splotches, with only a few Fresh tomatoes, and most of those were for his comedy concert films. Hart had several new movies announced in 2019 (including Black Friday, Extreme Job, and remakes of Scrooged and Uptown Saturday Night), but it all started in January with the long-in-development board game adaptation of Monopoly. The idea of a movie based on the classic Monopoly board game has been kicking around for over a decade, including a time when Ridley Scott was attached, but the Monopoly movie we ll actually get sounds a drastic switch. Kevin Hart will star in Monopoly for Lionsgate and Hasbro, with his Ride Along director Tim Story also on board.FEBRUARY: BRAD PITT S ZOMBIE FIGHT ENDS WITH SCRAPPING OF WORLD WAR Z SEQUEL   (Photo by Jaap Buitendijk/Paramount Pictures)If you were a big fan of Brad Pitt and director Marc Foster s zombie movie World War Z, February brought some bad news. After years of near-starts and delays, Paramount Pictures finally, apparently definitively, pulled the plug on a World War Z sequel. Pre-production was reportedly already well underway for a six month shoot in Atlanta and other nations around the world, but that also meant the budget exploded to over 0 million, and that was the breaking point for Paramount. Technically, it sounds like World War Z might come back, even with a sequel, in the future, but if it does, it would be with a much lower budget, without Foster directing, and possibly without Brad Pitt as well. [Editor s note: an earlier version listed David Fincher as editor of World War Z. This has been corrected and we regret the error.]MARCH: DISNEY/FOX MERGER LEADS TO SHELVING OF PROMISING X-MEN PROJECTS (Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp.)In March, Disney finalized its .3 billion deal to acquire the entertainment assets of the Fox film and TV studios. The deal was widely applauded by Marvel Comics fans who are eager to see the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters and properties now available for Marvel Studios in their future movies (though probably not until after 2022). However, that also meant that some/many of the projects that Fox had been developing would be shelved, including X-Force, X-23, Kitty Pryde, and Madrox the Multiple Man. We ll never know what those movies might have been like, and it s definitely possible some would have been Rotten (given Fox s record on recent X-Men movies). They re good examples, however, of the wide scope of Marvel movies we would have gotten if Marvel and Sony also had Fox developing movies every year. How long will it take now for Marvel Studios to go deep enough into their catalog to greenlight movies like Kitty Pryde and Madrox the Multiple Man?APRIL: THE BAD MOMS MOMS TO GET THEIR OWN MOVIE(Photo by STX Entertainment)After Bad Moms earned 3 million globally in the summer of 2016, it was followed by the sequel A Bad Moms Christmas in 2017. That second film introduced grandmother characters played by Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines, and Susan Sarandon, and in April, we learned that they re going to get their own movie called Bad Moms Moms. It s not yet known if Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Mila Kunis will reprise their roles as well, or if the third movie might introduce the next set of older great-grandmas (who could then get their own movie called Bad Moms Moms Moms). Both Bad Moms and A Bad Moms Christmas earned Rotten Tomatometer scores at 58% and 30%, respectively.MAY: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG TRAILER BACKLASH SPARKS REDESIGN (Photo by @ Paramount Pictures)Some of the year s most Rotten stories represent missteps that were eventually corrected, but we are looking at these stories as they were at the time. In this case, Paramount appeared to get the message within the same week, but still, at the time, the reaction was very negative. After all, Paramount Pictures should ve seen this one coming. In April, the first Sonic the Hedgehog trailer debuted, and the collective fan backlash against Sonic s design was even louder this time. (The eyes are too small, the nose is at the wrong angle, and the teeth. Where to even begin on the teeth?) The Sonic the Hedgehog missteps were only accentuated by the timing of the trailer in the same week as the first Pokemon Detective Pikachu reviews, as that film has not one but dozens of video game characters that look pretty much exactly like they do in the games. The good news, however, is that Sonic the Hedgehog director Jeff Fowler quickly responded on Twitter, The message is loud and clear you aren t happy with the design you want changes. Those changes came later in the year as we got a new Sonic the Hedgehog trailer in which he did indeed look a lot more like he does in the games. Sonic the Hedgehog is now scheduled as a Valentine s release on 2/14/2020.JUNE: SECURITY CAMERAS TO BE HAUNTED AGAIN IN PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 7 (Photo by Paramount Pictures)It s now been over four years since 2015 s Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension earned the franchise s lowest box office to date, domestically earning one fifth less than the first film. The Paranormal Activity movies were also relatively affordable to produce, so it was probably inevitable that Paramount Pictures would want to start making them again. Producer Jason Blum (of Blumhouse Productions) is now developing Paranormal Activity 7 for Paramount, although the premise isn t yet known (though it seems obvious that it will probably be another found footage horror film). The Tomatometer scores for the last three films (24%, 39%, and 15%, respectively) don t offer much hope for the next installment, unfortunately. Since this news broke in June, Paramount has scheduled Paranormal Activity 7 for release on March 19, 2021, up against the second Tomb Raider movie starring Alicia Vikander, and the week before The Boss Baby 2.JULY: LOOK WHO S REMAKING LOOK WHO S TALKING(Photo by TriStar Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)One of the oddest examples of movies that ended up getting two sequels to justify it becoming a trilogy might arguably be 1989 s Look Who s Talking (Rotten at 59%), which was followed in 1990 by Look Who s Talking Too (Rotten at 14%), and in 1993 by Look Who s Talking Now (Rotten at 0%). John Travolta and Kirstie Alley starred in those movies about talking babies, and in the third movie, talking dogs. Despite those critical drubbings, Sony Pictures is now developing a Look Who s Talking reboot to be written and directed by Jeremy Garelick, whose 2015 comedy The Wedding Ringer earned a Rotten score at 27%. It s not yet known if Bruce Willis or any of the other voice actors might return for the reboot (but they probably won t).
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How s the Pacing? While the series benefits from giving everyone more to do, the pacing could be quicker. Robert Rorke, New York Post While Mindhunter: Season 2 doesn t exactly race out of the gate as it builds on the foundation of Season 1, it remains a compelling and impeccably shot crime thriller. Jesse Schedeen, IGN Movies It already feels like the series is evolving and maturing, becoming more complex as the relationships start to change, both professionally and personally. Sam Loveridge, SFX Magazine The series is still far more Zodiac than Seven, but it s also more propulsive now, with no fewer than three ongoing investigations. Dan Fienberg, Hollywood Reporter(Photo by Netflix)How s the Cast This Time? [By the time you see her in episode 3,] you’re probably wondering what Carr is up to since she doesn’t have a ton of screen time so far. That’s a shame because if you have Anna Torv in your show, you should use her in every scene. Rachel Paige, Refinery29 Every shot is deliberate, the dialog cuts like a finely honed blade, and all of the actors bring their A-Game. Mikkel Snyder, Black Nerd Problems [Groff] has a gift for seeming both confident and insecure at the same exact moment, making Ford both insufferable and sympathetic in the same breath. It’s a tough balancing act, but Groff nails it McCallany plays Tench as a thoughtful, even introspective man who buries his emotions in a gruff exterior. Chain-smoking and knocking back liquor, to the outside world he appears to be a tough-as-nails, no-bullshit guy. But inside, he’s silently screaming, and McCallany does remarkable work bringing out the confusion and uncertainty in Tench’s eyes. Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm After a couple of cracking sequences in which Holden and Bill interview the likes of the Son of Sam killer, and a handful of others, the show peaks with a stunning verbal confrontation with none other than Charles Manson As tremendous as each of the performers playing the killers are, Australian actor Damon Herriman is positively electric as the charismatic cult leader. Rohan Naahar, Hindustan Times Mindhunter is a series about difficult conversations with bosses, with family members, with serial killers and none of that would work without its impeccable ensemble. Clint Worthington, The Spool(Photo by Netflix)Is It Scary? The series feeds more on the idea that knowledge and understanding of the human condition — in all its sometimes horrific glory — is what s truly fascinating. Kevin Yeoman, ScreenRant The scariest thing in Mindhunter, Netflix’s 1970s-set serial killer drama overseen by the exacting-but-terrific director David Fincher, is always the chalk outline There’s something a little idiosyncratic about a serial killer show that never shows serial killing. Yes, it shows us lots and lots of serial killers, but most of them are in prison, and the business of the show is talking to them, trying to get them to reveal their secrets, hoping to get just close enough to see to the bottom of their particular abyss without falling in. Mindhunter never shows us grisly murders themselves — it only shows the aftermath, in the form of those chalk outlines and the occasional crime scene photo. Emily VanDerWerff, Vox Mindhunter’s most impressive accomplishment, though, is to weave an engrossing mystery without trivialising these real-life killers and their atrocious crimes. The series fascinates rather than unsettles. Ed Power, Daily Telegraph (UK) It s chilling stuff that burrows under your skin, and not suited to delicate constitutions. Wenlei Ma, by Netflix)How s the Directing? [The premiere is] a thoughtfully composed, immaculately color-coded episode of television that makes compelling use of light and shadow. Katie Rife, AV Club As with last season, David Fincher directs the first episode with his usual panache, especially during the cold open. Scott Tobias, New York Magazine/Vulture Those who slept on season one should take note; David Fincher is at his full power on Netflix and makes Mindhunter a must-watch. Christopher James, by Netflix)Final Verdict? The long-awaited second season of David Fincher s Mindhunter affirms the program as Netflix s strongest drama. Brian Tallerico, It is effective, haunting, scary, and one of the most provocative shows ever and hands down one of the best shows of the year. Alex Maidy, JoBlo s Movie Emporium The Verdict: For a series that has sat on the sidelines for two years, there’s an unexpected urgency and vibrancy to Mindhunter’s second season at times it could do with a little more visual panache to help key sequences stand out. This is a small complaint, however, for an otherwise addictive and engrossing drama. Joe Lipsett, Consequence of Sound Mindhunter returns with a great season 2: David Fincher s series is confirmed as one of the best on Netflix. (review in Spanish) Mikel Zorrilla, EspinofMindhunter season 2 is now streaming on Netflix

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Ghcxuf Amazing Grace (2018) , a concert documentary of Aretha Franklin s 1972 Los Angeles performance of the titular gospel album, is at 100%. The Charmer (2017) , about an Iranian ex-pat in Denmark whose quest to marry into citizenship takes an unexpected turn, is at 88%. Ben Is Back (2018) , starring Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges in a drama about a mother reconnecting with her newly returned drug-addict son, is Certified Fresh at 83%. Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes (2018) , a documentary about the controversial Fox News founder s political influence, is at 83%. Back Roads (2018) , a drama about the relationship between a married woman and a younger man caring for his three younger sisters, is at 82%. Asher (2018) , starring Ron Perlman and Famke Janssen in a drama about an aging hitman who begins an unexpected romance, is at 75%. Vox Lux (2018) , starring Natalie Portman as a pop superstar attempting a comeback whose rise to fame is marked by tragedy, is at 74%. Clara's Ghost (2018) , a comedy-drama about the non-acting matriarch of a showbiz family and the spirit she may or may not be seeing, is at 67%. Tyrel (2018) , about a black man who accompanies a friend to a weekend party and begins to feel uneasy about being the only minority present, is at 60%. Great Great Great (2017) , about a bored woman who cheats on her boyfriend out of fear that they re heading for a mediocre life, is at 60%. Dumplin' (2018) , about the plus-sized daughter of a beauty queen who upends her mom s pageant by entering it, is at 50%. Swimming With Men (2018) , about a frustrated accountant who finds brotherhood in the other men like him in a synchronized swimming group, is at 45%. 😈😈


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使命召唤手游正是在前面一系列经典射击游戏玩法的基础上,进行了大刀阔斧的创新和改革,让在不少玩家已经感到疲软的经典射击游戏玩法焕发出全新的生命力。就比如在使命召唤手游中的经典吃鸡玩法中,游戏的节奏被大大提升去,除了大量无用的垃圾时间,整个对局缩减到半小时以内,整个游戏体验相当舒服。再加上新鲜的地图、全新的枪械等等各种要素,虽然都是吃鸡玩法,但是使命召唤手游却能够为玩家带来一场紧张刺激、节奏紧凑的快节奏吃鸡对战体验。 英雄联盟手游毫无疑问保持了端游原汁原味的游戏特点,以及英雄机制装备等的还原。但是除了这些之外,英雄联盟手游还拥有很多的创新,毕竟手游和端游的区别放在那里。手游相较于端游而言,简化了很多的操作,而且还因为装备的改动以及新装备的诞生,导致游戏时长大幅度的缩短,更加适应手游的特性。虽说都是英雄联盟,但是端游和手游都拥有各自的特点以及特性。多说无益,想要了解手游和端游的众多不同点,就让我们一起在游戏里相见吧!


(Photo by Michele K. Short. ©Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection )All Tiffany Haddish Movies Ranked by TomatometerAfter toiling through the stand-up and TV guest appearance circuit for well over a decade, and using a memorable supporting role in Key Peele s Keanu as a major stepping stone, Tiffany Haddish broke into the mainstream with 2017 s Girls Trip. The biggest and best-reviewed female ensemble comedy since Bridesmaids, the Certified Fresh Trip would raunchify audiences up to a 0 million haul at the domestic box office. Haddish capitalized on her new, sudden fame with a steady yet varied slate of films in 2018, including starring opposite Kevin Hart in Night School, working with Tyler Perry on Nobody s Fool, and turning those Kyrie Irving Uncle Drew commercials into an unlikely (and Fresh!) feature.In 2019, there was no animated sequel with a 2 in its title that Haddish could resist, as she voiced fowl (The Angry Birds Movie 2), a Shih Tzu (The Secret Life of Pets 2), and shapeshifting plastic (The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part).Haddish kicked off 2020 with Like a Boss, but critics were less than enthused: See where it places as we rank all Tiffany Haddish movies by Tomatometer!

bob手机版app下载 King of the Crop: Lego Movie Leads, But Joins List of Diminishing Sequels(Photo by Warner Bros.)Another early record of 2019 that was expected to fall was Glass’ top opening weekend of .3 million. Lowball projections on The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (84% on the Tomatometer) were at million with an uptick to a potential million. That estimate was reasonable given the diminishing returns of the series: 2014’s The Lego Movie (95%) opened to million and finished with over 7 million; 2017 spin-off, The Lego Batman Movie (90%), also opening in February, began with million and ended with 5 million; and in the same year, the September release of The Lego Ninjago Movie (56%) grossed a total of just million, but had little connection to the other films. This is why the .4 million start for the sequel is such an eye-raiser.The million production has history on its side for at least cracking the 0 million mark. The only animated film to open with more than million and not reach the milestone was the R-rated Sausage Party. But anything less than 0 million total is going to feel like a real disappointment. The first two Lego movies were bigger successes in North America than internationally with totals that came in at 9 and 1 million, respectively. So if the law of diminishing returns is any indication, The Second Part is not going to reach the 0 million worldwide it is going to need to break even. Looking at sequels over the years, some of the biggest drops in opening weekends are as follows:Alice in Wonderland (2010) / Alice Through the Looking Glass (6.1 million to .8 million)Bruce Almighty / Evan Almighty (.9 million to .1 million)The Lego Movie / The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part ( million to .4 million)Clash of the Titans (2010) / Wrath of the Titans (.2 million to .4 million)Sex and the City / Sex and the City 2 ( million to million)Ghost Rider / Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (.3 million to .1 million)Happy Feet / Happy Feet 2 (.5 million to .2 million)Rotten Returns: The Prodigy Sinks to the Bottom of the Box Office Horror Class(Photo by Orion Pictures)This week, the resurfaced Orion Pictures dropped a trailer for the new Child’s Play reboot being released this summer. Hopefully, they will see better returns for their creepy-doll film than their creepy-kid film this weekend. The Prodigy opened to just million, which is weak even for February horror. Last year’s Winchester made .3 million over Super Bowl weekend. Hell Fest (.1 million opening) and The Possession of Hannah Grace (.4 million) each failed to reach million total. Even for a mere million price tag (before distribution and advertising costs), The Prodigy (45% on the Tomatometer) is not looking like much of a winner for Orion.Top 10 and Beyond: Men and Pursuit Don’t Live Up to Predecessors(Photo by Paramount Pictures)What Men Want (48% on the Tomatometer) is not the same story that Nancy Meyers’ What Women Want was back in 2000 when it opened to million and grossed over 2 million. But million is still a decent start for the million production from Paramount. The film should see a Valentine’s Day bump on Thursday even with competition from Rebel Wilson s Isn t It Romantic and finish with over million. The final new release of the week, the darkly comic revenge tale Cold Pursuit, an American remake of Norwegian film, In Order of Disappearance, made .8 million, which is less than recent Liam Neeson films, The Commuter (.7 million) and Run All Night ( million). The latest film’s 74% Tomatometer score is Neeson’s best starring vehicle with critics since 2012’s The Grey (79%), however — though the actor did appear in acclaimed films Widows (91%), The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (91%), Silence (83%), and A Monster Calls (86%).M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, which had led the box office for the past three weeks, dropped to fifth place for a total gross of .4 million so far, which is nearly million behind the pace of The Village, but the film is well into the black for Universal and Blumhouse with over 1 million worldwide. The Upside jumped over Glass on the chart this week after just an 17% drop, and with nearly million, it will be taking a serious run at 0 million. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse crossed 0 million worldwide while the fifth-highest grossing film of 2018, Aquaman, is just a bit more than million away from becoming the 20th highest-grossing film of all-time worldwide.This Time Last Year: Terrorists, Rabbits, and S M Led the Way at the Box Office(Photo by Universal Pictures)Five days before Valentine’s Day, audiences got the final chapter of Fifty Shades Freed which led the way with .5 million. While mom and dad were seeing that, their kids were in the next theater over watching Peter Rabbit. The bunny tale finished second with million, but ultimately outgrossed Christian and Anastasia 5.2 million to 0.4 million. Clint Eastwood’s first film of 2018, The 15:17 To Paris, made .5 million for third place, helping to knock the three-peating Jumanji: Welcome to Jungle back to fourth where it crossed 5 million. The top 10 films grossed 3.8 million and averaged just 51% on the Tomatometer. This week’s top 10 grossed an estimated .4 million and averaged 59.3% with critics here.On the Vine: Romance, Horror, and Cyberpunk Invade Valentine’s Day(Photo by 20th Century Fox)It is going to be a crowded Valentine’s Day week at the box office. Getting a jump on Wednesday is Rebel Wilson in Isn’t It Romantic, a Groundhog Day–like take on romantic comedies, as well as horror sequel Happy Death Day 2U. Then on Thursday comes Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel, which was pushed from its December release date and hopes to generate enough interest worldwide to cover its budget, reported to be as high as 0 million. The film grossed million this weekend outside of the United States.The Full Top 10: February 8-10The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) 84% – .4 million (.4 million total)What Men Want (2019) 41% –  million ( million total)Cold Pursuit (2019) 68% – .8 million (.8 million total)The Upside (2017) 43% – .2 million (.8 million total)Glass (2019) 36% – .4 million (.4 million total)The Prodigy (2019) 43% –  million ( million total)Green Book (2018) 77% – .5 million (.5 million total)Aquaman (2018) 65% – .3 million (8.5 million total)Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) 97% – .0 million (9.8 million total)Miss Bala (2019) 21% – .7 million (.8 million total)

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