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亚博APP国际下载采用百度引擎6(Baidu 1)As countless victims over more than three decades would tell you, scary things come in small packages, and this episode of Vs. pits two of the most iconic little baddies against each other. In one corner, we have the rampaging Ruxpin, Chucky from Child s Play, and he faces off against the bad luck of the Irish himself, the Leprechaun. These two tiny terrors have been wreaking havoc on both the big and small screen since the first time fanny packs were cool, but to determine who wins this showdown of diminutive proportions, Rotten Tomatoes Contributing Editor Mark Ellis dives into their box office earnings, Tomatometer and Audience Scores, and origin stories, as well as their most iconic moments. Watch for the final verdict, and if you don t agree, let us know in the comments.Thumbnail image: Everette Collection, ©Lions Gate FilmsOn an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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规椂闂寸偣寤跺悗锛岀巼鍦熺被SLG鍦ㄨ繖鏂归潰鍒欎細琚帺瀹跺悙妲藉緱鏇村皯銆 Your favorite Arrowverse superheroes from Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are teaming up for the CW s annual crossover event on December 9, 10, and 11. The 2018 installment, titled  Elseworlds,  will consist of three parts and will also serve as the winter finale for Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. (While at least one of the Legends will join their superhero brethren in the third hour of Elseworlds, the crossover event will not include an episode of the series.)Rotten Tomatoes recently visited the sets of those series, where we asked the casts to share anything and everything they could about the storylines that are heating up as the crossover approaches. While we ll have to save some of it to discuss another day (stay tuned for intel on The Flash’s 100th episode, along with details on the crossover itself), here are a few things we can say about winter in the Arrowverse.Legends of Tomorrow Will Have Its Own Winter FinaleWhile word broke last week that at least one Legend will appear in “Elseworlds,” the story of Legends of Tomorrow goes in its own wild direction in the coming weeks, leading to a two-part finale. While star Maisie Richardson-Sellers could not reveal too many details about the episodes, she did say her new character, Charlie, will factor heavily into the story as she and John Constantine (Matt Ryan) are forced to work together.” While the two characters have not gotten along since Charlie s arrival, Richardson-Sellers added that the pair will eventually bond as they are both “social misfits, Brits, and like a drink.”If that s not quite enough to get you excited about the storyline, you should probably know that it will also feature puppets and a singalong.But before that, Nate’s (Nick Zano) father Hank (Tom Wilson) will visit the Waverider and discover what the Legends are doing with the money he poured into the Time Bureau. As Jes Macallan, who plays Time Bureau director Ava Sharpe, put it, the situation “gets very muddy for Ava and the Legends” as her tendency to focus on mission objectives blinds her to a potentially bigger problem.“She s just kind of tunnel vision on these magical creatures; containing them as you will,” Macallan told us. That tunnel vision, and her eagerness to please Hank, may mean she will be the last person to learn about Project Hades — the shadowy plan first teased at the Heywood Thanksgiving dinner.(Photo by Jack Rowand/The CW)“Sara hates Hank,” added Caity Lotz. “[He’s] big-bossing her girlfriend and is not very nice to Ava.”Lotz also suggested that Sara’s tendency to break the chain of command may see her stick up for Ava during Hank’s visit.And as for that mysterious person Nora (Courtney Ford) saw when she touched John last week?“It s part of John s past,” Ryan teased. “The great thing is he s got so many demons in the closet, so many previous relationships that have gone wrong that we can call upon.” The actor added that John is “definitely carrying some baggage and he s brought some heavy baggage to the Waverider to work out.”Team Arrow Faces an Uncertain FutureWhile things built to a head with Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) on Arrow, it is unclear if the team will properly re-form in any way before the crossover.As Rick Gonzalez explained, “I think what we re trying to do is establish this idea that with [Oliver] being in prison, everyone has found their own footing.”Not that Gonzalez s character Wild Dog has really found the right place yet: “He truly cares about people, and I think he wants to feel engaged in terms of wanting to help people.”He began the season as something of a community organizer, but the pull toward vigilantism sees the character go out night after night — even without his mask. It is a predicament most of the team faces, as they ask themselves how they can be of value.One character who has found a place she can be valued is Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy), who gave up being Black Canary to become a Star City Police captain. But as viewers have already seen, the flash-forward future finds her back in the Canary gear — but possibly without her powers.“She does have the scar [on her neck] and we do allude to it a couple of times. We don t necessarily know where it s come from yet,” Harkavy said of the character s future. “It s something that they ve left open, which I like.”Back in the present, Dinah’s evolving bond with the Earth-2 Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) has proved to be one of the more surprising turns on the show. But Harkavy felt the character, who still has ill feelings toward Laurel for killing Vigilante last season, is coming to this from a different place.(Photo by The CW)“I think Dinah is always open for growth and I think she needs camaraderie and she needs friends, she said, adding, “At this point, after the team has been fractured, you kind of gotta work with what you have. I think there s something good there in Laurel. She s working on it.”Meanwhile, as the person tasked with arresting the new Green Arrow, Harkavy admitted Dinah still has “the heart of a vigilante” and may eventually welcome the imposter archer into her confidence — provided the new Green Arrow is truly worthy of that trust, of course.As for the true Green Arrow, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), the doors to Slabside swung open thanks to the team s recent efforts to track down Diaz. But transitioning back to life on the outside will not be easy for Ollie.“Nothing s ever going to be perfect or normal,” Amell said of that post-prison life. It will also likely alter his relationship with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). Nonetheless, Amell thinks it can lead to positive change for the couple as long as they embrace the fact that their old life no longer exists. Said the actor, “The sooner the two of them accept that, the sooner that they can move on.”He also teased the possibility that the torture Oliver faced in Slabside’s Level 2 may prove to be a “net lesson” with Oliver seeing the world “a little less black and white.”On Supergirl, Nia’s Powers Are About To ActivateAs hinted at in the most recent episode, Nia Nal’s (Nicole Maines) narcolepsy is about to emerge as a very special super power. Considering Nia is from the planet Naltor, it will be no surprise to readers of Legion of Superheroes that her narcoleptic tendencies give her a form of precognition.“It s a superpower that we haven t really explored on this show yet,” said star Melissa Benoist, who plays Kara/Supergirl. “So, I think the writers especially are having a lot of fun coming up with what her abilities entail and the rules of that.”Added Maines, “You kind of see her get caught up in her lie and have to explain what s going on. [Kara] helps her through that and helps her try to come to terms with her powers.”But Nia acknowledging her abilities is only the beginning of a journey she will take — along with Kara and Brainiac 5 (Jesse Rath) — to becoming a hero herself. Benoist dubbed the trio “the Superfriends.”“It becomes an issue of who knows whose identity at that point. So that s a funny thing that we play with as well during the scenes,” said Rath. The ongoing quasi-romantic tension between Nia and Brainy will also continue to escalate over the course of the next few episodes as “the situation is more intimate, but it s still just as awkward as ever.” According to Rath, the pair is “painfully sweet” and funny.After the winter break, Nia s family — mother Isabel (Kate Burton) and older sister Maeve (Hannah James) — will visit Nia in National City. Though Maines could not reveal too many details about the family dynamic, she mentioned the relationship is “supportive.”Meanwhile, James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) will find his decision to engage with the Children of Liberty has less support than he expected from friends and colleagues. It has already caused ripples in his relationship with Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), and will lead to other emotional conflicts. According to Maines, Nia will be “more mad at herself” than at James as she asks herself, “how can I stop bad things happening to people I care about?”(Photo by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW)Kara has a more philosophical take on the matter.“She is aware that his intentions are always the best, Benoist said, and I think she knows James well enough to know that he s a risk-taker and that he s gonna do what he needs to do to tell the story he wants to tell as a journalist. Later in the season, the Russian version of Kara — nicknamed Red Daughter — will make her presence known. For Benoist, the storyline gives her another opportunity to explore a different version of Kara following the Nazi Kara of 2017 s crossover, “Crisis on Earth-X.” As she explained it, “someone with the powers that Kara Zor-El has, you have to really think about the way they were nurtured and where they came from and their circumstances of becoming a superhero.” The story will delve into that nurturing and how it produced a decidedly different Kara.Of course, Benoist was very tight-lipped about the recent announcement that Jon Cryer will play Lex Luthor on the series. Her only comment on the matter: “It s really cool.”The three-part Elseworlds crossover/winter finale event airs Sunday, Dec. 9 with The Flash, continues Monday, Dec. 10 with Arrow, and concludes Tuesday, Dec. 11 with Supergirl, all at 8 p.m. on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow s two-part winter finale will air in December, and the series will return to the schedule in April 2019.

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而LOL手游的版号早在2月份就拿到了,而且最近官方又放出了新的宣传片,不出意外的话lol手游很可能会在暑期上线。相对的,这次DNF手游暑期上线基本上是无望了,那么剩下的唯一希望就是在年底的寒假期间上线。亚博APP国际下载(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)The great Sidney Poitier turns 92 on February 20, 2019, just shy of 55 years since he became the first Black man to win Best Actor at the Academy Awards. As one of the first African-American film stars, Poitier boasts a career littered with accolades, historical moments, and iconic performances too numerous count. To celebrate the actor s 92nd year, we at RT thought it the perfect time to single out just a few of our favorite performances from the iconic actor. With 60-plus credits spanning over 60 years, it was a near impossible feat, but here are our seven favorite Sidney Poitier performances.Blackboard Jungle (1955) 76%This was the role that put Poitier on the map. The struggles of educators and students are well documented in this violent and controversial film, based on Evan Hunter’s seminal novel about inner-city school conditions. Modern audiences might struggle to sympathize with the tactics employed by Poitier’s character, Gregory Miller, but the cultural impact his performance had on both society and education are undeniable.The Defiant Ones (1958) 92%Poitier garnered his first Oscar Nomination for his portrayal of Noah Cullen, an escaped black convict shackled to white fellow escapee John Joker Jackson, played by Tony Curtis. Motivated to survive and escape, the foes are forced to work together and eventually come to respect one another. The conflict and eventual cooperation between the two men plays out against the backdrop of Jim Crow, underscoring the institutions of oppression that existed at the time that would have prevented their friendship from developing. The final scene of Noah defiantly singing to Joker remains a near perfect ending to the prison break caper.A Raisin in the Sun (1961) 95%In the film adaptation of the eponymous stage play, Poitier plays Walter, the patriarch of the Youngers, a young black family living in 1950s Southside Chicago, trying to better themselves through family and a commitment to give their children a better life. Acting as a cinematic counterpoint to the idealized American dream, the Youngers struggle to combat institutions and individuals dead set on never allowing them to rise above. Walter is met with hostility and apprehension from those outside and within his community as he strives to achieve, but through it all, he and his family persevere.Lilies of the Field (1963) 92%In this Oscar-winning role, Poitier plays Homer Smith, a traveling handyman who stumbles upon a group of German nuns. The nuns believe Homer was sent by God to help them build a chapel, and by the final frames, the audience is all but convinced of the same. Even Queen Oprah Winfrey found herself without words during her Golden Globe acceptance speech as she tried to explain what it was like watching Poitier win that Oscar. Instead, she opted to quote his line from the film and simply said, Amen, amen, amen, amen. To which, I say no one could have put it better.Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967) 70%If the first role you most closely associate with Poitier is not In the Heat of the Night, the likely winner is Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. Playing a black man meeting his white fiancée s liberal and affluent parents, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was one of the first positive portrayals of interracial marriage to hit the big screen. Acting alongside Hollywood legends Spencer Tracey nd Kathleen Hepburn, Poitier made his mark on a verifiable American cinematic masterpiece. The influences and themes of Guess Who Coming to Dinner can be seen in several modern-day adaptations Jordan Peele brilliantly subverted those themes for social commentary and comedic effect in Get Out.In the Heat of the Night (1967) 95% They call me Mister Tibbs!  Poitier spoke those words in In the Heat of the Night, and both the film and the line have become synonymous with the actor’s career. Sitting at number 16 on the American Film Institute s 100 Years 100 Movie Quotes list, the rebuke to racist Mississippi Police Chief Gillespie (Rod Steiger) is

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After several months of fifth-place ties, March is apparently a much more straightforward month at the movies, as the three most anticipated films earned the top spot, the second spot, and the third spot, respectively, in every single one of our social media polls and our tally of Want-to-See votes on the site. The leader, far and away, is the latest entry in the MCU and the last entry in the franchise before it all comes to a head in Avengers: Endgame but it was followed up by another terrifying treat from Jordan Peele and a live-action retelling of an animated Disney classic. Read on for the full list.1. Captain Marvel (2019) 79%(Photo by Marvel Studios)22,056 Want-to-See Votes#1 pick by our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fansOpens March 8Coming in at the top spot in all of our metrics was, unsurprisingly, the big-screen introduction of Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Set in the 1990s, the film is an origin story for the character, who crashes on Earth and searches for answers to questions about her past, even as she attempts to thwart the evil plans of an alien race. Captain Marvel also serves as a lead-in to next month s Avengers: Endgame, so fans are likely curious to see how she fits into the narrative.Watch Trailer2. Us (2019) 93%(Photo by Claudette Barius/Universal Pictures)655 Want-to-See Votes#2 pick by our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fansOpens March 22After the breakout success of 2017 s Get Out, audiences were eager to see where Jordan Peele would go next. The answer lies somewhere in a bloody pile of red jumpsuits and golden scissors. Us, which headlines the opening night of South by Southwest this year, centers on a young family on vacation who are terrorized by evil doppelgangers of themselves. If the creepy-as-hell trailers are any indication, it certainly looks like Peele is going to beat the sophomore slump.Watch Trailer3. Dumbo (2019) 46%(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)544 Want-to-See Votes#3 pick by our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fansOpens March 29Securing the third spot in all of our metrics for the month of March is the first of three (yes, three!) live-action remakes of classic Disney films (the other two are Aladdin in May and The Lion King in July). Tim Burton takes the helm for this retelling of the story of a lonely circus elephant who learns to fly, thanks to his abnormally oversized ears. The effects look spectacular, and an all-star cast that includes Michael Keaton, Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Danny DeVito, and Alan Arkin means this could potentially be great.Watch Trailer4. Climax (2018) 68%(Photo by A24)418 Want-to-See Votes#4 pick by our Facebook fans, #5 pick by our Twitter fansOpened March 1 In Theaters NowFrench director Gaspar Noé (Irreversible, Enter the Void) makes it his business to push boundaries, and his past films have never been shy about the graphic depiction of provocative content, whether based in sex or violence. His latest film is an acid trip nightmare, literally, that follows the members of a dance troupe as a night of rehearsal devolves into utter chaos after a number of them unknowingly ingest LSD-spiked sangria. The film, which opened last Friday, features stunning choreography and virtuosic camera work, and it s already Certified Fresh. But be warned it s not for the faint of heart.Watch Trailer5. Triple Frontier (2019) 71%(Photo by Netflix)192 Want-to-See Votes#4 pick by our Instagram and Twitter fansOpens March 6, Streaming on Netflix March 13The fifth most anticipated film of March is something of a surprise, mostly because it went through a troubled, years-long development process that saw a number of stars join and leave the project since its inception in 2010. That said, the final line-up is rather impressive: Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund, and Charlie Hunnam star in this action thriller written and directed by J.C. Chandor (All is Lost) about a group of military vets who reunite for a dangerous heist in South America. The film will premiere in theaters on March 6 before it hits Netflix the next week, on March 13.Watch TrailerLike this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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If you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at rtiswrong@rottentomatoes.com.Meet the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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3.34.2 3月喜迎从目前的现状来看,战略放置类手游依然会占据着榜单三分之一的位置,这类游戏在新的游戏潮流出现前,基本都还是会因为相对休闲亲民的玩法而有着更多的受众,像是《PUBGMobile》、《原神》这类研发成本较高的头部手游仍是少数。
When creator Alena Smith’s biographical drama Dickinson premiered on Apple TV+ in 2019, it almost instantly became television short-hand for the Millennial malaise. After all, what says “stuck in a rut and not feeling like you’re being taken seriously by your family or at work” than an anachronistic-heavy story about Emily Dickinson — a poet whose sole authenticated adult portrait looks like she’s giving what passed for an eye roll in mid-19th century Massachusetts?Depicted here by actress Hailee Steinfeld, she’s a pouting, twerking insomniac who has self-sequestered in her childhood bedroom. She harbors (sometimes unrequited) feelings for her brother’s fiancée and dreams of taking carriage rides with Death (Wiz Khalifa) while her parents breath down her neck about finding a nice young man. The first season was Certified Fresh with favorable reviews mentioning how it “challenges our straight-washing of history” and holds a “sense of fun, if not humor, that pervades even scenes about mortality or misogyny.”(Photo by Apple TV+)The second season, which premieres its first three episodes January 8 on Apple TV+, ups the show’s spooky and supernatural vibe. During the course of the season, Emily and her sister, Lavinia (Anna Baryshnikov), lead a séance with the help of their brother’s employee, Hattie (Ayo Edebiri, who is also one of the show’s writers). And Nick Kroll guest stars as Edgar Allan Poe (even though, for those doing the math at home, the mortality-obsessed poet died a decade before this season’s setting of 1859).But the eeriness particularly resonates with a character known simply as Nobody. Played by The Americans alum Will Pullen, the mysterious figure manifests in a way that helps Emily handle her own inner turmoil over whether she should risk pursuing a career as a published poet – even if it means she could perish from rejection.It’s a topic the real Dickinson pondered exhaustively.“She very explicitly wrote in letters and poems, these really conflicted feelings about fame,” Smith told Rotten Tomatoes, adding that the poet “seemed to think that fame was very dangerous for artists.”But because most of Dickinson’s work was discovered posthumously, Smith said, “the question is whether she kept saying that because she was trying to convince herself that she didn t want something that she actually wanted very desperately. Or whether she was deeply was aware of how poetry comes from a really private place and that if you don t protect that private, hidden inner life, you are going to lose touch with the truth.”(Photo by Apple TV+)Speaking of losing touch with the truth, Smith stressed in a letter to journalists about the series that “this is our fictional look” at Dickinson and her family and friends. Still, fame like Dickinson s “just is so relevant and ubiquitous right now because of social media and the way that our lives are all happening online,” Smith said, making an exploration of the poet s possible inner musings on the topic very timely.“Everyone, on a daily basis is having to struggle with this question of ‘Do I put myself but there or not?,’” Smith said of today’s society. “And also, I suppose on the flip side, [of] being a consumer of social media and of these images that you see from people not knowing what s real and what’s not.”And it’s keenly an issue for the Dickinson cast who, because of the nature of their jobs, are public figures if not outright famous.Steinfeld recalled that Smith met with her and her cast mates, asking each of them what was their relationship to fame and whether they want to be famous. Despite being a former child star who received an Academy Award nomination for 2010’s True Grit before she could legally drive, Steinfeld told Rotten Tomatoes, “I would say it s not something I learned very quickly that I ve thought of, really at all. I love the work that I do. And I love that I m able to do it. And that s really the extent of my thought process.”“A big challenge, for me, was sort of taking myself out of my own life and out of my own thought process in regard to that, and kind of figuring out what [fame] was for Emily,” she said. “One thing this show has never failed to do is really challenge my way of thinking. Her poetry does that alone.”(Photo by Apple TV+)This season also introduces Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones depicting Samuel Bowles, the newspaper publisher and editor who was a close friend of Dickinson’s and her family. In the series, he may seem like he is flaunting his power and influence as he decides whether to publish one of her poems.“It’s easy to feel like we need certain people, men and women, in our lives to help either better our careers or further our careers or personal things in our personal lives,” Steinfeld said. “And I think [this is about] coming to a realization that you can, in fact, achieve what it is you want in life on your own — it might take you longer, it might be harder, but you can. And we see that with these characters in a time where achieving anything outside of their norm was near impossible.”(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)And how does this compare to Steinfeld’s other TV role this year? In Disney+’s upcoming series Hawkeye, which is based on characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she plays Kate Bishop, a character whom Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton/Hawkeye grooms to take over his title.“I do find that the characters I ve played have … this strong will to stand up for themselves, have an opinion and a point of view, and use their voice,” she said. “And I love that. I love that I ve been called on to play those roles as well.”She also stresses that she didn’t necessarily intend to punctuate 2021 with one show about brains and another one about brawn, saying that “the timing of how things evolve and falling into place with everything that s happened this year is sort of coincidental.”(Photo by Apple TV+)But stories of exposure and fame aren’t the only ways that this season of Dickinson — or the people depicted — resonate with today’s audiences. Edebiri’s Hattie is a fictional character, but Smith said, “we looked at some Black women writers from the time and, you know, they lived crazy lives, and they had senses of humor.”And, despite spending much of the series being belittled by his father and underestimated by others, Dickinson brother Austin (Adrian Enscoe) secretly helps fund the publication of a Black-run newspaper and allows it to operate out of his barn.“Abolitionism was really trendy in the northeast at this time,” Enscoe said; however, “there were deeply problematic things with the abolitionism movement just in the way that they that they viewed Black people as, like … some [people] that we have to save — like white saviorism. It’s interesting to apply that that view now to what Austin is doing.”(Photo by Apple TV+)The new season also continues to look at sexual relationships through the female gaze, especially when it comes to Ella Hunt’s Sue Gilbert — a w

This feature is by Catherine Young, the current USC Annenberg-Rotten Tomatoes Digital Innovation and Entertainment Criticism fellow, a partnership with the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Cate is writing on the representation of women in film; read her piece, The Bling Ring, Debbie Ocean, And Why We Can t Help But Love Cinema s Designer Thieves, here.(Photo by ©Focus Features/courtesy Everett Collection)The last 25 years have brought a slew of female action heroines to our screens. From Lorraine Broughton in Atomic Blonde and Letty Ortiz in the Fast and Furious franchise to Lucy in Lucy and Milla Jovovich’s Leeloo in The Fifth Element, women have been steadily kicking their way to center stage in a genre that once mostly excluded them. These characters have very little in common on the surface – their story motivations don’t overlap and they come from all walks of life. But they are all connected by the way they are depicted on screen. The women are all physically strong, whizzes with weapons, or both; every one of them has a rousing “girl power” fight scene that drives home their physical prowess. The “power” is the key. Instead of becoming an expanded avenue for female characters to flourish, the action genre has become a place where female characterization often goes to die. Combat skills have become a handy shortcut for films to skimp on true character development for the women in their story. Rather than learning about these women’s inner lives or motivations, we watch with glee as they raze through scene after scene of dangerous (nearly always male) thugs, and enjoy the minor thrill of seeing them act just like one of the boys. After all, if a female character lands enough punches, it can be easy to miss that she isn’t adding much depth to the story. This lazy narrative trick has meant that instead of getting character arcs, women have just been getting bigger and better guns. But there are other possibilities, and we’re finally starting to see them onscreen.(Photo by © Marvel / courtesy Everett Collection)Female-led action films of the last five years have started showing that empathy is also an integral part of the heroic scaffolding. It’s noteworthy that by combining physical and emotional strength, films like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and Mad Max: Fury Road, demonstrate that women do not have to be emotional vacuums in order to live up to their heroic ideals.In 2019’s Captain Marvel, the title hero spends most of the film being gaslit by her mentor. After absorbing an unimaginable cosmic power and being kidnapped by the Kree, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) is turned into a weapon for the galaxy’s villains against her will, and without her memory, she doesn’t know her own power. In the film’s final confrontation, her mentor turned nemesis, Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) attempts to bait her into a fistfight, but she merely blasts him off his feet instead. She has nothing to prove. Over the course of the film’s run time she has learned that her physical strength and otherworldly abilities are not what make her valuable. Her true skill is in valuing the dignity of human life and a willingness to right the wrongs of her past.(Photo by © Marvel / courtesy Everett Collection)Danvers’ narrative arc may feel unfinished to some, but what it succeeds in doing is showing that physical and emotional strength do not have to be mutually exclusive traits. As she regains her memory, Danvers must come to terms with the fact that she has been fighting on the wrong side of a colonial war, and her innate goodness is what propels her to defect to the side of the righteous. Though the story makes clear that she is possibly the singular most physically powerful being in the universe, it also takes the time to highlight that her emotions also bring her power. Her rage, love, and desire to be good make her physical power stronger and more lethal, feeding into her ability to protect the people who deserve it.What makes Captain Marvel such an interesting example of the modern action hero is that part of the villain’s plan is to get her to repress her emotional side. Danvers is outfitted with an inhibitor chip meant to suppress her powers, and she is repeatedly told that in order to master them, she must release herself from emotional complications. It’s a direct engagement with the idea that feelings make women weak or less capable, and that’s what makes it all the more satisfying when her embrace of her full emotional range allows her to access the true extent of her power.Cate YoungPatty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman similarly makes empathy a central part of its title character’s arc. Diana of Themyscira (Gal Gadot) is driven directly by her innate need to protect and defend the powerless. The very purpose of the Amazons – the powerful all-female tribe to which Diana belongs – is to protect mankind from the jealous god Ares. When fighter pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) washes up on the shores of her idyllic nation and tells the Amazons about a war that is ravaging the world, Diana feels obligated to intervene on behalf of humankind. Her purpose is to defend the helpless and ensure peace. Throughout the film, Jenkins takes great pains to display and demonstrate Diana’s empathy. The famous No Man’s Land scene shows just how strongly Diana can draw from her emotions to effect real change. In the scene, Diana faces a violent threat directly, and acts in service of her empathy for the war’s victims, defeating an enemy and saving a town. The moment is the film’s best action scene, and it works so well because the audience understands Diana’s empathetic motivations.(Photo by ©Warner Bros./courtesy Everett Collection)Later, in the movie s finale, Diana s finding the strength to defeat Ares by drawing on her love for Steve could have played out as cliché, but it falls completely in line with the actions of an empathetic hero. With her hopes dashed and her belief shattered by Ares, it makes sense that Diana’s access to love, empathy, and a true belief in righteousness would be the thing that allows her to access her true power as Zeus’s “Godkiller.”In Ares’ view, the only way to save the world is to rid it of humankind. But it is Diana’s radical empathy that allows her to see that people have a great potential for goodness, and deserve the chance to right their wrongs. This realization springs from her fundamentally different perspective on the inherent nature of people. People have the ability to be good or bad, but she chose to believe that given the chance, they would turn towards goodness. It’s a belief that’s rooted not just in the lore of Wonder Woman herself, but in the idea that people are not disposable. Wonder Woman was an excellent example of what a hero can be capable of when they access their full emotional capacity. (Photo by ©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection)In Mad Max: Fury Road, Imperator Furiosa’s (Charlize Theron) motivation is rooted in her empathy for Immortan Joe’s five wives. The film also tackles larger themes of environmental pillage and economic scarcity. Furiosa’s decision to steal the women away and bring them to what she believes is a land of plenty, is a firm outgrowth of her understanding of the need for human dignity. Before the events of the film’s central conflict, Furiosa is a valued servant in Immortan’s vast empire, in good standing with his stifling world order. But the clear injustice of his treatment of not just women, but the very earth he stands on, prompts her to act. Furiousa risks her life and Immortan’s wrath by leaving with his prized “broodmares,” but the danger she chooses to face is a direct reflection of her rejection of his world view. In this barren hellscape, women exist to be pumped for milk or to give birth to heirs. But Furiosa remembers a time when resources were plentiful and women were ushers of new life instead of prisoners to its arrival.(Photo by ©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection)Her quest to save the Wives is an act born out of revenge, but also a sincerely generous and selfless impulse. There is nothing that the Wives can give her. Their presence is functionally a burden on her ability to survive. But she saves them anyway, because they are slaves to Immortan’s whims and she knows that no one deserves to be treated like an object or plaything. In turn, the Wives reflect this impulse over the course of their journey with her, saving the life of a War Boy, and protecting Furiosa from Immortan’s bullets when he begins his pursuit.The Vuvalini, or Many Mothers, who meet up with Furiosa and the Wives in the Green Place, are a group of mostly older women who guard the few remaining seeds with the potential for growth. Instead of a vibrant, flowering paradise, Furiosa finds that the utopia she had hoped to share with the Wives has been decimated by Immortan’s far-reaching neglect – the land of plenty is no more.(Photo by Jasin Boland/©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection)Rather than stealing away with this new team of female survivors, Furiosa turns them around and heads back to the Citadel, the very place from which they escaped.. With Immortan distracted, she retakes his fortress, freeing not just the Wives, but all the other people left starving and mistreated by his hoarding of resources.This eventual revolution would never have happened if not for Furiosa’s brave actions and her desire to seek revenge on Immortan Joe. Without the calculated risks she took and the help of the newly freed Wives and noble Vuvalini, the wasteland they called home would have remained under the iron fist of a dictator. A simple empathetic impulse – to save the Wives from sexual bondage – led to the freedom of an entire society. Furiosa has no super powers or special abilities, but her empathy influenced her actions, and her actions liberated a city.(Photo by ©Netflix / Courtesy: Everett Collection)Furiosa, Diana, and Carol’s empathetic strength may make them compelling, even iconic action heroines, but they’re complexity is not the norm in Hollywood. Actress and filmmaker Brit Marling succinctly explained the problem of female “strength” in film in a New York Times op-ed earlier this year: “It would be hard to deny that there is nutrition to be drawn from any narrative that gives women agency and voice in a world where they are most often without both. But the more I acted the Strong Female Lead, the more I became aware of the narrow specificity of the characters’ strengths – physical prowess, linear ambition, focused rationality. Masculine modalities of power. [ ] Because what we really mean when we say we want strong female leads is: Give me a man but in the body of a woman I still want to see naked.' (Photo by ©TriStar Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection)There’s nothing wrong with female characters being physically strong. Some of the most iconic women of cinema are iconic specifically because they were allowed to be physically strong when women’s strength was a novelty. Characters like Terminator 2’s Sarah Connor, G.I. Jane’s Jordan O’Neil, Underworld’s Selene, Kill Bill’s Bride, and Resident Evil’s Alice broke boundaries by showing that women could be more than the damsel in distress. But the tendency to ignore the real value of more traditionally feminine modes of power means that we effectively erase them from existence. When our cultural scripts equate strength with brawn, we ignore the important ways emotional intelligence and empathy play a role in how we interact with each other. Movies are their own kind of cultural record, and it’s important to inscribe women’s emotion into our history. The action hero is a perfect opportunity to do just that.
2. AVA DUVERNAY CONFIRMS DARKSEID WILL APPEAR IN NEW GODS (Photo by Atsushi Nishijima/Paramount Pictures)Earlier this month, Marvel Studios confirmed that their next movie after Black Widow (5/1/2020) will be their adaptation of Jack Kirby s The Eternals (11/6/2020), featuring stars like Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, and Richard Madden (Robb Stark from Game of Thrones). The Eternals is also arguably in a dueling movies situation, because Warner Bros. is simultaneously also developing its own Jack Kirby movie, New Gods, with Ava DuVernay (Selma, A Wrinkle in Time) attached to direct. This week, DuVernay confirmed that the villains in New Gods will include Darkseid and the Female Furies. DuVernay also said that one of the actors in her Netflix series When They See Us will 99% be cast in New Gods, but that show also has a huge cast, so it s tricky to guess who she might be talking about. As for the Darkseid confirmation, this article points out that Ava DuVernay and Warner Bros. have a Thanos problem, as Darkseid and Thanos have always shared a lot in common, but Marvel Studios has already well established Thanos as a movie character, and Darkseid could easily be seen as a villain-come-lately.3. DUNGEONS DRAGONS MIGHT BE NEXT UP FOR GAME NIGHT (DIRECTORS)It s become nearly cliche for TV shows to feature their characters bonding over the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons Dragons, whether it be on Community, The Goldbergs, or most famously, Stranger Things. If we turn the clock way back 19 years to 2000, however, we can actually see that this arguably started with Freaks and Geeks, which had an episode where James Franco s character bonds with the titular geeks over D D. (Incidentally, it s also the year that brought us the first and notoriously panned film adaptation of the game, as pictured above.) One of those kids was played by John Francis Daley, who went on to become a screenwriter with partner Jonathan Goldstein on movies like Horrible Bosses and Spider-Man: Homecoming, and they also co-directed 2015 s Vacation and last year s Game Night. Paramount Pictures is reportedly now in talks with Daley and Goldstein to direct the long-in-development reboot of Dungeons Dragons, which moved to Paramount in 2017 after Warner Bros. was unable to get a reboot starring Ansel Elgort going earlier this decade. John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were also formerly attached to direct DC Comics The Flash.4. CHRIS PINE TO STAR AS ANCHORMAN WALTER CRONKITE IN NEWSFLASH (Photo by Warner Bros.)Very few people are ever likely to confuse comic actor Seth Rogen with Star Trek star Chris Pine, but thanks to the wonders of makeup, they now have the same role in common. Until recently, Rogen was in talks to star in the historical drama Newsflash as CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite as he was covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. The news this week, however, is that the role will instead go to the aforementioned Chris Pine. If Pine signs on, he will be joining Mark Ruffalo, who has long been attached to star as producer Don Hewitt, who went on to found 60 Minutes in 1968. Chris Pine s next big movie will be Wonder Woman 1984, which comes out next summer (6/5/2020).5. JASON MOMOA OUT FOR REVENGE IN NETFLIX S SWEET GIRL (Photo by Warner Bros.)Before his blockbuster success last year with Aquaman, Jason Momoa starred in the Netflix series Frontier from 2016 to 2018. While he is signed to return for the Aquaman sequel, that movie isn t scheduled until December 16, 2022, so he s got plenty of time before it starts filming. With that in mind, Momoa has signed on to appear in a revenge thriller for Netflix called Sweet Girl. He will also produce Sweet Girl, in which he will play a husband who vows to bring justice to the people responsible for his wife’s death while also protecting his daughter. Momoa will also co-star in next year s Dune remake (11/20/2020) as Duncan Idaho.6. JARED LETO JOINS DENZEL WASHINGTON AND RAMI MALEK IN LITTLE THINGS (Photo by Netflix)After playing The Joker in the first Suicide Squad movie, Jared Leto will soon become the latest actor to star in a Marvel movie (by way of Sony) as the living vampire, Morbius, in just under a year (7/31/2020). This week, Leto also started early talks with Warner Bros. to join their crime thriller Little Things. If he signs on, he will play a serial killer who s crimes are being investigated by a small town sheriff played by Denzel Washington and another detective from Los Angeles played by Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody). Little Things will be directed and written by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side, The Founder, Saving Mr. Banks), whose most recent film was Netflix s The Highwaymen.7. BEN AFFLECK IS IN DEEP WATER WITH HIS NEW EROTIC THRILLER(Photo by Universal Pictures)In the ten years or so between 1983 and 1993, director Adrian Lyne gave the world a few major hits (Flashdance, Fatal Attraction, Indecent Proposal), but then two stumbles (Unfaithful and his Lolita remake) seemed to put his career as a director on a 17-year hold. That said, Lyne is finally preparing to return with another erotic thriller called Deep Water that seems to share a lot of themes with his earlier films. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas ( Joi in Blade Runner 2049) are both in talks to star in Deep Water as a married couple who spice up their relationship by allowing each other to take other lovers, until their mind games take a dark turn when people around them start turning up dead. Just last week, Affleck also joined his old friend Matt Damon in a historical drama called The Last Duel. 8. REESE WITHERSPOON S FIRST SCIENCE FICTION DRAMA WILL BE PYROS(Photo by Bob Mahoney/©Warner Bros.)Like most movie actors of her status, Reese Witherspoon has appeared in movies from a wide range of different genres, including psychological horror (American Psycho), supernatural comedy (Little Nicky), and animated science fiction (Monsters vs Aliens). This week, we found out that the latest genre Witherspoon will expand into will be (live action) science fiction with a movie called Pyros. Witherspoon is partnering with frequent X-Men producer Simon Kinberg on the new film, in which she will star as one of a group of augmented people who are fitted with indestructible fire suits that are fused to their spines [who] work for a corporation that recovers objects for wealthy people when their houses are burning. 9. MARK WAHLBERG GOING TO THE DOG(S) WITH ARTHUR THE KING (Photo by Patti Perret/Paramount Pictures)Although there still aren t that many movies about (live action) cats, their canine counterparts don t have that problem, as almost every year sees at least one movie centered on dogs, with the most recent example being A Dog s Journey (Rotten at 49%) and The Art of Racing in the Rain set to hit theaters next week. The latest star to sign on for a doggie picture is Mark Wahlberg, who is now attached to star in Arthur the King, an adaptation of the novel Arthur: The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home, based on a true story. Wahlberg will play a Swedish adventure racer named Mikael Lindnord who won the hearts of millions when he and his team adopted Arthur, a badly wounded but big-hearted stray dog who tagged along with them during an epic endurance race in Ecuador. Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.Check out our new Facebook series, The KetchupIs Andy Serkis the Best Choice to Direct Venom 2?With Andy Serkis set to direct the sequel, will we finally see a Fresh Venom movie?Posted by The Rotten Tomatoes Channel on Tuesday, August 6, 2019
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(Photo by © Altered Innocence / Courtesy: Everett Collection)30 Essential LGBTQ+ Horror MoviesAs long as there have been horror films, there have been queer horror films. Before homosexuality was formally legislated out of existence in Hollywood by the Production Code — commonly referred to as the Hays Code, which established mandates for “moral standards” in motion pictures and banned depictions of “sexual perversity” — the legendary filmmaker James Whale was building the foundation for American genre cinema with films like Frankenstein, The Old Dark House, and The Invisible Man. Here was Whale, a gay man, building horror in his own image and having astounding box office success as some groups were lobbying Hollywood to censor queerness out of existence. Fortunately, they weren’t creative enough to drive the big bad Other away.In the century since America became the world’s leader in horror film production, the genre became a bastion for the outsiders, the marginalized, the people made monsters by self-appointed adjudicators of sin, and who saw themselves in the supposed “villains” at the center of stories like Dracula’s Daughter. On rare occasion, queer folks were given real protagonists to root for, like Theo in The Haunting, but it wasn’t until the Hays Code was abandoned in the late 1960s that sexuality outside the bounds of heteronormativity became more overt. (Not to say it was all positive representation, but the lesbian vampire wave of the 1970s certainly signified that the puritans were losing the culture wars in genre.) The Moral Majority reign of the Reagan Era slammed up against the AIDS crisis, and the excess and tumult of the 80s gave rise to ultra-stylish and sexualized gore in movies like The Hunger and Hellraiser. The indie cinema boom at the turn of turn of the millennium coincided with the emergence of New Queer Cinema, and eccentric coming-of-age darlings like May and Ginger Snaps provided an alternative to the glossy studio slashers of the time. Now in 2020, we can choose from a lesbian domestic drama involving a baby werewolf in Good Manners, a transfeminist vampire movie in Bit, or a French slasher set in a gay porn community with Knife + Heart. The monsters are out of the closet, and they’re never going back in. Here are our 30 essential LGBTQ+ horror movies, in order of release. – Jordan Crucchiola

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Ghcxuf This Week s special Comic-Con Ketchup brings you a recap of some of the reveals and announcements from this weekend s Comic-Con@Home 2021, including new and returning shows like Blade Runner: Black Lotus, Star Trek: Prodigy, The Walking Dead final season, and The Wheel of Time.FRIDAY 10 A.M. A CLOSER LOOK AT ANIMATED STAR TREKS: PRODIGY AND LOWER DECKSWith both Marvel and DC passing on Comic-Con@Home this year, one immediately obvious question was whether other film studios would step up to fill their vacancy, or if the event would be dominated by television. That question was quickly answered just by looking at Friday morning s TV and streaming–heavy schedule, and the event kept the same momentum the whole way through.Paramount+ got things started Friday morning with its Peak Animation panel focused on four shows, half of which from their Star Trek franchise. Kate Mulgrew will reprise her Captain Janeway character from Star Trek: Voyager in Star Trek: Prodigy, which was one of the four trailers. The comedy series Star Trek: Lower Decks, which received its season 1 reveal at last year s event showed off its season 2 trailer this year including the return of Jonathan Frakes as William Riker.Stephen Colbert Presents Tooning Out the News was also teased with its satirical special coverage  of this year s Comic-Con@Home itself.The final new show revealed and which had a trailer debut was The Harper House, featuring cast members like Rhea Seahorn (Better Call Saul), Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl), and Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black), star of the 2022 Marvel-Disney+ series She-Hulk.FRIDAY 11 A.M. POSTER AND RELEASE DATE FOR AMAZON S AMBITIOUS WHEEL OF TIME SERIES (Photo by Amazon Prime Video)Click image to open full poster in a new tab. Amazon Prime had a few different projects to show off at their panel (including their series adaptation of I Know What You Did Last Summer, but the one that probably had the most fan anticipation was probably their adaptation of Robert Jordan s fantasy series The Wheel of Time. Though Amazon has previou 😈😈



亚博APP国际下载 oundation makes it sound like the show might be a bit less literary. According to their press materials, the show chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire, which suggests this series will follow the spirit of the novels more than the letter.It s also doubtful, given the scope and the 10-episode order (so far), that Foundation will cover all three books. It may not even cover all of the first one, especially if they incorporate elements of Asimov s prequel novels, 1988 s Prelude to Foundation and 1993 s Forward the Foundation. But with the credentials of the people involved, we re hopeful that Goyer and Apple will be able to pull it off.Who Are the Creatives on Foundation?(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)Goyer serves as the series showrunner. (Original co-writer and co-show runner John Friedman left the production in April of 2019, though it s not known if this was planned or unplanned). And while Goyer is best known as a screenwriter — most notably for Christopher Nolan s Batman movies, the Blade films, and both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — he s no stranger to TV. He was the co-creator, a producer, and a writer for the SyFy channel s Superman prequel Krypton, the co-creator and a writer for the WB s short-lived comic book adaptation Constantine, and is currently helping to develop The Sandman, a show based on author and producer Neil Gaiman s iconic comic book series.Joining Goyer in the show s credits are co-executive producers and writers Leigh Dana Jackson (Helix, 24: Legacy) and Victoria Morrow (Weeds, Rectify), co-producer Adam Banks (Altered Carbon, Luke Cage), and the aforementioned Robyn Asimov, who will serve as an executive producer.As for the writers, while Goyer will pen an as-yet-unknown number of episodes, he, Jackson, and Morrow will be joined by Marcus Gardley, who was the executive story editor for 10 episodes of The Chi, and a writer of four; Sarah Nolen (The Americans); and Saladin Ahmed, who is best known for writing the comic books Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales: Spider-Man. Isaac Asimov will also share writing credit on all 10 episodes, which is a neat trick given that he passed away in 1992.Where things get even more interesting is in the director s chair. Here, Foundation will feature the talents of Alex Graves (Lost in Space, Altered Carbon), Jennifer Phang (The Boys, Resident Alien), and Rupert Sanders (Ghost in the Shell, Snow White and the Huntsman). But the most interesting person who ll be yelling CUT! for Foundation — and twice no less — is Roxann Dawson, who has directed episodes of Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, House of Cards, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but is best known to fans of epic sci-fi space operas as B Elanna Torres from Star Trek: Voyager a show she directed twice before doing the same for 10 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.Who s in the Cast of Foundation?(Photo by Apple TV+)Like the crew, many of the cast members also have experience with epic space stories. For the role of Hari Seldon, Goyer and company cast two-time Emmy nominee Harris, who s well versed in the ways of space and TV thanks to his role as Anderson Dawes in multiple episodes of The Expanse. Harris recently starred in HBO s Emmy-winning limited series Chernobyl, for which he received his second Emmy nomination; played King George VI in multiple episodes of The Crown; and had roles in the shows The Terror, Carnival Row, Mad Men (his first Emmy nomination), and Fringe.Foundation also stars Lee Pace, who plays Emperor Brother Day, and will undoubtedly draw from his experience playing Ronan the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. Pace also has experience with epics, and royalty, having played the Elven king Thranduil in The Hobbit movies, as well as TV experience from playing Joe MacMillan in Halt and Catch Fire. He is also Emmy nominated for his role as Ned on ABC fantasy series Pushing Daisies.Some of the casting of Foundation will change things up from the book. While the character of Eto Demerzel is male in the novels, the role in the show will instead be played by a female, Finnish actor Laura Birn. Birn is best known for the 2014 movie A Walk Among the Tombstones; though she s also no stranger to serialized entertainment, having played Elena in all eight episodes of Netflix s The Innocents.Alfred Enoch has been cast in an as-yet-unidentified role. Like many of his costars, Enoch also has experience with epics, having played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies, and experience with TV, as Wes Gibbins in How to Get Away with Murder. So he s probably playing a space wizard who s in law school or something.The cast of Foundation also includes Terrence Mann as Brother Dusk, who is the eldest member of the royal family. Mann previously played Whispers in the Netflix show Sense8, though horror fans know him better as Ug, the interstellar bounty hunter in all four Critters movies. Joining him in the royal family as Brother Dawn is Cassian Bilton, a British actor whose previous credits include a handful of short films, including the BAFTA-nominated Shoal.Bilton is not the only relatively unknown actor in the Foundation cast, though. Gaal Dornick, a mathematician who becomes Seldon s biographer, will be played by Lou Llobell (pictured), who also appears in the upcoming sci-fi movie Voyagers, while the role of Salvor Hardin, who is the first mayor of Terminus City, will be played by Leah Harvey, who was previously seen in the wrestling movie Fighting with My Family.When Does Foundation Premiere?(Photo by Apple TV+)Like every other show in production these days, production on Foundation experienced delays related to COVID-19, coming to a complete halt in March 2020 before resuming in October. The cast and crew then moved to Malta in January of 2021 to film for a month, then to two separate locations the Canary Islands. Currently, the series is scheduled to debut on Apple TV+ on September 24, 2021, which means you still have plenty of time to read the 220-page original novel — or heck, the entire 660-page trilogy — and forget most of the plot twists before the show comes to your viewing screen.

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