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亚博官方是1YBIO采用百度引擎1(Baidu 7)ith The Avengers.The Gatewatch is an alliance of the mightiest worthy planeswalkers, who jump to different planes and defend those in most need against physical, supernatural, and cosmic threats. Like The Avengers, the Gatewatch frequently clash in personality and method, as their members range from an illusionist to a pyromaniac, a necromancer, and a man cat. The most recent Magic set, May s War of the Spark, brings the Gatewatch and hundreds more planeswalkers onto the battlefield in a climatic showdown with elder dragon Nicol Bolas, who has been a recurring villain since 2008. Fittingly, the MCU launched that same year with Iron Man, while Thanos has been built up since the end of 2012 s The Avengers. The Russo brothers knack for weaving multiple storylines and assembling powerful characters together in meaningful and surprising ways, all into a cohesive whole, is an absolute boon for this franchise.The Russos have stated that Netflix s Magic series will be an original story, so it might not even involve the Gatewatch at all. And we re more interested in where the series will be visiting, as the multiverse is set up to hold an infinite number of planes. This Netflix team might have completely unique worlds in store for viewers. But with Magic: The Gathering s past decades of art and lore, those are mountains (and islands and plains and swamps and forests) of material yearning to seen and heard on-screen for the first time.What Are Some Planes The Series Could Visit?(Photo by Wizards of the Coast)There are well over 60 known planes in the Magic multiverse, with the majority of the card game action taking place in about a quarter of those. Here s just a few suggestions of where this series may go.Ravnica: Set in a metropolis of ornate European architecture that covers an entire planet, where magic entwines directly with Game of Thrones-style politics and civic life. A popular location with Magic designers, who have set the last three sets here, including War of the Spark.Dominaria: The original plane, whose flora and fauna most resembles our own. Seen in the first 10 years of the game, and re-visited last year for Magic s 25th anniversary in the self-titled Dominaria set. Joe and Anthony Russo are OG ( We have been huge fans and players of Magic: The Gathering for as long as it has been around, they said in a statement), so they might just kick things off here as a tribute to their origins.Kaladesh: The handsomest place in the multiverse, a sky-conquering world of sun-bright steampunk and intricate metalwork and gold filigree. Kaladesh also has a Middle Eastern and South Asian flavor, something in the zeitgeist right now if the popular success of Aladdin is to go by. The show s animators would have their work cut out for them, though.Innistrad: A Gothic tale come to dreadful life, where humans fend off vampires, werewolves, and zombies not to mention an invasion of Lovecraftian monstrosities called the Eldrazi. Netflix s press release mentions that the series will cross the genres of suspenseful thriller, horror, and drama. Innistrad nets you all three.Why Now Is The Time To Make A Series(Photo by Wizards of the Coast)Despite being around for 26 years, Magic: The Gathering is the biggest it s ever been. The multiverse and the Gatewatch were later inventions of this franchise, which has opened up storytelling possibilities and kept players engaged beyond collectible cardboard. Magic: The Gathering Arena, the competitive video game version fans have been desiring for years, is a hit with streamers and poised to take Magic into the eSports Thunderdome in a big way. The amount of new interest in putting a Magic series in front of Netflix s 139 million subscribers is going to hit like a force of nature.Who s Working On It? When s It Airing?The Russos have tapped Henry Gilroy (Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and Jose Molina (The Tick, Agent Carter) as lead writers and co-executive producers. A premiere date for Netflix s Magic: The Gathering has yet to be announced.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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而且,从LOL手游的历史数据来看,近三个月游戏的下载量排名一直在下跌,从最开始的前十,一路跌到了352名,换句话说现在外服根本就没有多少新玩家愿意去玩LOL手游了。 而对于没有接触过pc版的新手玩家,《英雄联盟》手游的可玩性其实并不足以支撑他们将游戏留存太久——一局游戏节奏过慢,最短要20分钟才能结束一局;角色技能太过复杂,上手也较为困难。

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Why would we do something so cruel as pit two of the nicest guys in Hollywood – and real-life besties – against each other? Because that’s kinda the whole idea of this show! And so it is that one-time scrappy up-and-comers and nowadays A-list superstars Matt Damon and Ben Affleck must face off, Batman-vs-Superman style, to the death. Well, until Vs. host Mark Ellis declares one the victor, at least. In this episode, the two actors duke it out over five categories – box office performance, Tomatometer and Audience Scores, most iconic moments, best characters, and a wild card round – before Ellis decides which of these apples he most likes. Will it be the man who refused to let a little thing like his Daredevil flop stop him from re-entering the superhero genre? Or the guy who gave us a new kind of super-spy in Jason Bourne… and said yes to Downsizing? Tune in to find out.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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9.28.5 8月喜迎As The Mandalorian nears the end of its second season, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) must make a difficult choice in his attempt to rescue Grogu. In doing so, he also offers an unlikely opportunity for a former foe. While not as focused on the larger universe as recent episodes, this week once again proved The Mandalorian is more than capable of telling its own tales on its own terms.So let s dive into Chapter 15: The Believer and discover why writer/director Rick Famuyiwa is overdo for his own Star Wars story.The following contains spoilers about The Mandalorian, season 2, episode 7, “Chapter 15: The Believer.” Stop here if you have not watched the episode.Last Week, Grogu Was Baby Yoda–napped(Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)Arriving on Tython so Grogu can use Jedi temple ruins to contact a Jedi willing to train him, Djarin encountered Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) and Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen). Fett s main concern is the recovery of the armor Djarin took from Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) and offered to protect the child in exchange for it. Sadly, Fett and Shand s help was not enough to prevent the Imperial Remnant from abducting Grogu. Djarin quickly formed a plan to save him, but it requires the assistance of former Imperial sharpshooter, Mayfeld (Bill Burr).Din Djarin and His Accomplices Use Deadly Force To Hunt Moff Gideon(Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)Instead of the prison break last week s episode appeared to tease, Cara Dune (Gina Carano) uses her authority as a New Republic Marshal to secure Mayfeld s release into her custody.As part of Djarin s plan, Mayfeld needs to use his knowledge of Imperial codes and procedures to ascertain the coordinates of Moff Gideon s (Giancarlo Esposito) light cruiser. Once he hears Grogu s life is in the balance, Mayfeld agrees to assist. Needing direct access to an Imperial terminal, he suggests setting course for the secret mining operation on Morak.Once on the planet, Hess and Djarin disguise themselves as Shoretroopers to infiltrate a refinery for highly-volatile mineral rhydonium. When attempting to access an Imperial network in the mess hall with the terminal, Mayfeld backs out after noting Valin Hess (Richard Brake) among the officers. The two have history. Desperate to find Grogu, Djarin removes his helmet so the terminal can complete a facial scan. Unfortunately, all of their mucking about attracts the attention of Hess, but the Imperial officer only wants to congratulate them, as they were the only transport team to make it back to base. Things turn sour when Mayfeld darkly reminisces about the Burnin Konn engagement of Operation: Cinder, a mission which led to the deaths of roughly 10,000 troopers. When Hess dismisses the losses, Mayfeld shoots him.The resulting firefight leads to Hess and Djarin s escape, thanks to timely assists by Dune, Shand, and Fett. Djarin recovers his armor and Dune decides to let Mayfeld go after seeing him hit one of the rhydonium transports from the Slave I hatch and blowing up the entire Imperial base.Leaving Mayfeld on Morak, Djarin sends a message to Gideon declaring war.A Change of a Hardened Heart Suggests Imperial Goons Are Not All Created Equally(Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)Mayfeld s reappearance here is a surprising change from his more villainous debut last season in Chapter 6, The Prisoner — also directed by Famuyiwa. It is, nevertheless, a welcome change as Mayfeld shows a hidden depth under his quips. Concern for the loss of life is not a quality the Empire or the Remnant values, and this growing concern was clearly a key reason Mayfeld walked away from the Imps after Burnin Konn.As it happens, Operation: Cinder was part of Sheev Palaptine s contingency plan to cripple the galaxy — Rebels and Imperials alike — should he ever perish. While on its face, it was meant to bring ecological devastation to world like Naboo and Burnin Konn, the high casualty counts were also part of the design. It is doubtful Hess or Mayfeld knew the real reasons for the operation, though, or the other aspects of Palpatine s plan, the retreat of certain Imperial forces to the Unknown Regions.Nevertheless, their reactions here illustrates a distinct difference in character. Hess is a true believer in the Empire s definition of order, while Mayfeld was probably a conditional Imp at best. As seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story and intimated by Luke Skywalker s desire to leave Tatooine, people joined the Imperial military because they are out of options. Typically, the training crushes a person s spirit and turns them into loyal goons like Hess, but sometimes a moral center survives.It is clearly the point of Famuyiwa s script as Mayfeld proved to be more honorable than the other characters he introduced in Chapter 6: The Prisoner. It also suggests Famuyiwa has a longer-form Star Wars story of his own to tell. His directorial debut in the galaxy, Chapter 2: The Child, was a fabulous self-contained adventure seemingly inspired by the simple question What if Boba Fett fought Jawas? Chapter 6, his debut as a writer (with Christopher Yost), continued with the seemingly one-off stories, while introducing a compelling set of miscreants, Mayfeld included. While it is possible he will stay on Morak to help the indigenous population fend off Imps and pirates — a worthy conclusion to his tale — it is also possible Famuyiwa has found a way to highlight the struggles of more common people caught between the never-ending conflicts in the galaxy.And with Star Wars expanding its television footprint to 19 series(!) in the next few years, we have to wonder if Famuyiwa will apply his craft to, say, Rangers of the New Republic. He is a great a filmmaker, and it s clear he can do great things in the Star Wars format, so we think it is time to set him loose on a series or a feature film. He is more than capable.Although, considering Dune declared Mayfeld dead while letting him go, we also have to wonder if he will have to dodge those Rangers in the upcoming series or befriend them.Questioning The Remnant(Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)While we ponder Mayfeld s future in New Republic space, we also have to consider the Remnant s place in all of this.Is Another Operation: Cinder Afoot? While Palpatine s contingency plans were meant to cripple the Remnant and the New Republic in short order, both factions endured. Is the chaos Hess said would soon happen part of another contingency? The forces that will become the First Order and the Final Order are already ensconced in the Unknown Regions by this point, so sacrificing more Imps to hobble the New Republic feels on-point for the Sith Lord. Provided he s still issuing commands in his bizarre afterlife, of course.What Is The Remnant s Command Structure? Expanding on a question we ve asked before, it is still unclear if these Imperial Remnant enclaves are working in concert or independently of one another. In the Star Wars: Battlefield II campaign, directives regarding Operation: Cinder and other aspects of Palpatine s contingency are delivered to high ranking Imps via prerecorded holo-messages from the Emperor himself. The secrecy involved suggests Palpatine may have encouraged Remnant forces to splinter as part of the plan to cripple anyone not in the Unknown Regions. At the same time, it is possible Gideon united the factions into one organized Remnant. But even if that is the case, it still leaves us to wonder if Gideon is working at Palpatine s behest or for his own ambitions.How Strong Is the ISB? The Imperial Security Bureau definitely gives our heroes pause, but its strength only seems to extend to Remnant controlled zones or specific operations directed by Gideon, himself a former ISB operative. Is the ISB a credible threat? If so, why did the ISB lose track of Djarin and Grogu following the events on Nevarro last season?Why Did the Terminal Recognize Djarin s Face? From Mayfeld s explanation of the terminal system, we expected the facial scan to be another layer of the verification process. If that is true, why did it recognize Djarin s face? The simplest explanation, of course, is that the scan is just a simple logging system instead of a security function. Which may mean Gideon will use the record of the Mandalorian s face against him.Will Djarin Really Carry On Under the Helmet? Although all the Imps who saw his face are dead and Mayfeld choose to ignore what he saw, we can t help but wonder how Djarin can continue to wear the armor after being seen. On the one hand, he s seen plenty of Mandos this season who do not live by the Way of the Mandalore. On the other, he s still a religious zealot who has yet to reconcile the Way with the evidence of his own eyes. Perhaps, like Mayfeld said, Djarin will do what he must to get Grogu back and, after retrieving him, will leave the armor with Boba Fett; in fact, that feels like the right note to end the season on. We ll know soon enough, though, as next week is the season finale.The Mandalorian streams on Disney+.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
In a mirroring of the comic book status quo, a new Hellboy film starring David Harbour as the title character is slated for release on April 12th. Nestled between Shazam! a week earlier and Avengers: Endgame later in the month, the release schedule once again pits Mike Mignola s creation between the big-budget titans of the Big Two comic book publishing companies. And as Mignola told Rotten Tomatoes Thursday night, Hellboy fans are going to see Hellboy. It s the same attitude that kept the Hellboy comics alive and kicking against the forces of evil for 25 years.Nonetheless, Lionsgate released a new red band trailer full of new material to entice audiences with a mix of humor, dark visions, and blood-splatter. They also invited us to see the trailer and briefly talk with Mignola and star Milla Jovovich, who could not be more excited for the film. I thought it was amazing, she said, revealing she has seen the finished film. It s so sweet. I don t want to use the word cute, but David is so adorable. You come off very well, also, added Mignola.Their insights helped us take a good look at the trailer and glean some interesting things about the film and how it is differs from the comic book and the earlier Hellboy films. Here are five things we learned.Hellboy s Origin Is Teased Throughout(Photo by Lionsgate)The trailer opens with another telling of Hellboy s origin. Summoned by Rasputin and his Nazi allies near the end of World War II, Hellboy came to Earth as the intended destroyer of worlds. But when Trevor Bruttenholm (Ian McShane) and the US Army arrived on site, they found an adorable demon child. Bruttenholm decided to raise the lad himself, leading to the creation of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (or BPRD). Though covered in great detail in the first Hellboy film, it is an important detail referenced in just about every long-form Hellboy story.And if you re an avid watcher of Guillermo del Toro s Hellboy, you ll notice certain differences in the new film s telling of the character s arrival on Earth. [Director Neil Marshall] wanted to do his version [of the origin], said Mignola. He also mentioned scenes of Hellboy s early days will be sprinkled throughout the film, as opposed to the way del Toro opened his film with Hellboy s arrival. He did not, however, confirm the presence of pancakes a key moment in Hellboy s development fans definitely want to see on screen.The Film Introduces A New Set Of Characters(Photo by Summit Entertainment)One thing fans will notice immediately is the lack of certain key characters like Abe Sapien (played by Doug Jones in the del Toro films), Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), and Johann Krauss (voiced by Seth MacFarlane in Hellboy II: The Golden Army). It was a conscious decision from the moment it was decided to reboot the film series instead of soldiering on with a del Toro-less Hellboy III. And once the choice was made, Mignola felt it was important not to repeat too many ideas from the earlier cycle.Instead, the film introduces Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim), a stalwart BPRD character despite a certain affliction. As seen in the trailer, he can go from man to were-jaguar with just a hit or two from Hellboy s Red Right Hand an ability that will definitely come in handy when they fight that rhinoceros creature.We also get a few glimpses of Sasha Lane s Alice Monaghan in the trailer. Introduced in the classic Hellboy story The Corpse, she has mysterious connections to the fairy realm that ultimately allow her to become its queen. But for the purposes of the film, she is Hellboy s traveling companion and not his love interest, as Lane noted at New York Comic Con last year. And it is always possible she will fulfill her destiny by the film s conclusion.(Photo by Lionsgate)The Baba Yaga, glimpsed in her chicken-legged house, has a long history with Hellboy. Hopefully some of it will be touched upon as she was an early advocate of the wave of destruction Hellboy is supposed to bring upon the world.Another character introduced in the trailer is Lady Hatton (Sophie Okonedo). In the comics, she is a member of the Osiris Club and yet another person excited for Hellboy to embrace his destiny which includes him fulfilling the prophecy of King Arthur s return to England. It is, of course, unclear how closely the film s version of Lady Hatton will skew to the comics, but considering she is seen telling Hellboy about his origins, we re going to guess she is interested in his destiny.And while Thomas Haden Church is reportedly set to play 1940s adventurer Lobster Johnson, Mignola declined to confirm his presence, saying instead that more Hellboy films means more chances for the fan-favorite character to make his debut.It Follows The Wild Hunt Story From The Comics(Photo by Lionsgate)The film is primarily based on the 2008-2009 story The Wild Hunt. In it, an unemployed Hellboy answers an invitation to join a group of British nobleman known as The Wild Hunt glimpsed in the trailer as the people riding on horseback with Hellboy who immediately betray his trust because, as they put it, the devil shall never sit on the throne of England. Meanwhile, the death of the Irish Fairy king leaves the Fairy folk anxious about the resurrection of the Blood Queen Nimue. Once she rises, she will lead the folk into a war against Hellboy and the world. Also, that bit of business about Hellboy s connection to King Arthur? It could either save the world or lead Hellboy to embrace his destiny.Considering the prominent shot of Hellboy picking up a sword and it bursting into flames, we re going to assume that aspect of the storyline will be part of the film. In the comic book, he is faced with the choice to take hold of Excalibur. According to Mignola, There s an arc that mimics the comic. But as he explained, Marshall wanted to add aspects of other tales as well. Del Toro did the same thing incorporating much of The Corpse into the first Hellboy, but deleting Alice s role in it. This is why Bruttenholm, long dead by the time of The Wild Hunt in the comics, appears in the film. And as The Wild Hunt ends on something of a stalemate, elements from the subsequent tales, The Storm and The Fury, will no doubt help the film reach a more final conclusion. We also expect some of Daimio s backstory, explored in the BPRD comic books, will factor in as well.Nimue Is Not A Clear-Cut Villain (Maybe)(Photo by Lionsgate)If there is one thing Jovovich is sure of about Nimue, it is that she started from a good place. She was a witch in Arthur s day who became involved with the wizard Merlin. She eventually learned all of his secrets and imprisoned him. Fearing her power, the other witches of the day murdered her. At least, that s how it went down in the comics. Jovovich would not confirm anything about Nimue s past in the film except that she was betrayed, but she did offer this appraisal of her character: She s the only sane person in this movie. From the trailer, we get the sense that her grudge is with England itself Bruttenholm says as much which would suggest Arthur and his descendants would be prime targets. But it is also clear she adores Hellboy. Then again, who wouldn t? He s muscley, red, and fated to end the world.Not that Hellboy is interested in any of her ambitions, but at least it will lead to some cool, apocalyptic scenes.London Gets Trashed(Photo by Lionsgate)While neither Mignola nor Jovovich spoke to this point, we can t help but notice the damage London takes throughout the trailer. A hellacious storm brews above the city skies and a creature which may or may not be Nimue herself demolishes the Tower Bridge. Hellboy comics typically avoid that level of destruction Mignola leaves that to the BPRD spin0ff series but it is nice to see some big stakes realized, even if Hellboy quips that they are not relatable.Then there s that shot late in the trailer of Hellboy riding a dragon across a hellish landscape. The river of fire sure looks like the course of the Thames to us. But as Hellboy fans know, any shot of the character with his horns and crown is probably a prophetic vision and not reality. But it is always possible Nimue will tempt him into embracing his apocalyptic destiny. Or, alternatively, the capital of Hell looks just like London.Hellboy opens everywhere on April 12.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
After a longer-than-expected wait, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is finally here, premiering to Disney+ on Friday, March 19. And while it s been nearly two years since Avengers: Endgame first premiered in theaters, the story (and some of the major plot-points therein) are still having an impact on our heroes Sam Wilson/The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) closest friends never were top-tier in the Avengers franchise, but it looks like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is aiming to change that. Can Sam and Bucky rise to the challenge against a mysterious new foe, while also reconciling with their own pasts in order to see where they fit in a post-Endgame world without Captain America? And, more importantly, will the fans want to come along for the ride?Here s what critics are saying about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 1 (note: reviews are posted under each episode —rather than on the season 1 page — since critics are supplied with new episodes each week just before their debut):HOW ARE ANTHONY MACKIE AND SEBASTIAN STAN?Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are on top form, with the latter really given the chance to shine as Bucky struggles to find his place in the world. His peaceful sabbatical in Wakanda as the White Wolf is over, so what happens when he’s confronted by the sins of his past? That’s a question this series looks to be setting out to answer, and if this first episode is any indication, that could take the character to some extraordinary places. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comMackie and Stan stretch nicely in their expanded roles, finding room to play with both high drama and dark comedy, respectively — an odd couple in emotional beats as much as their actual character pairing. Stan finds touching humor in Bucky s impossible circumstances (yes, we get Bucky on a date, and it is everything), and Mackie s expressive eyes and face bookend the episode with two wordless yet striking scenes. We don t need any explanation for Sam s grief, doubt, and disappointment when we watch the actor in those moments. Proma Khosla, MashableBetween the jaw-clenched brooding and reflective staring, Mackie and Stan find small but meaningful moments to illustrate their innate charms. Mackie’s smile has a natural glow that’s impossible to resist, and he gets to crack it a few times while “Uncle Sam” (yup) jokes with his young nephews or cajoles his sister into a new business plan. Stan, meanwhile, has this simple little moment with a Maneki-neko that’s destined for meme glory (while still conveying Bucky’s deep desire for the world to stop moving, just for a second, so he can catch up). Once these two get together, making enough time for fans to enjoy their natural charisma among the requisite action scenes may be the show’s greatest challenge. Ben Travers, IndieWireFor Mackie — a prolific character actor many first noticed in his role in “Half Nelson” fifteen years ago — this is an overdue moment in the sun. Mackie’s work in the Marvel films has been consistently strong but somewhat underwritten, given the magnitude of his talent. What is striking about his presence here is that he is permitted to embody complexity. Daniel D Addario, VarietyDOES IT STRIKE A GOOD BALANCE BETWEEN ACTION AND DRAMA?(Photo by © Disney+, @ Marvel Studios)On the surface, the action sequences are arguably some of the best seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dewey Singleton, AwardsWatchThe trailers for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier promised a lot of action in this series, and the first episode doesn t have much of it. The few action sequences that are in the premiere are stellar, but this is a show that doesn t mind taking its time. Charlie Ridgely, ComicBook.comTonally it’s along the lines of The Winter Soldier and the start of Civil War, at least regarding political jockeying and America-centric military issues. That’s both good and bad. On the one hand, the series could delve into some very worthy considerations of what it means to serve, to come home, to feel unmoored by a world that has moved past you; it could even reach Wanda-levels of introspection and emotional resonance regarding consequence. On the other, it could devolve into more of how this first episode starts: Call of Duty-esque mumbo jumbo, murder, explosions. Allison Keene, Paste MagazineHOW DOES IT PORTRAY THE POST-BLIP WORLD?(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios)With this show, we’re able to get more of Sam’s backstory, which hasn’t been much of a focus previously. Poised to perhaps take the reigns from Steve Rogers, we’re able to connect with him on another level; learning more about his family and life before The Avengers. And we’ll also see how he’s dealing with returning post-“blip”, having missed five years, and what that experience is like. Jordi Sirkin, Jordi Reviews ItBy honing in on Sam’s anxiety as a black man on the precipice of taking up the moniker of America’s Aryan saviour, the writers have added a layer of complexity to his character that we hadn’t seen before. Mackie, too, steps up to the plate in a big way, exhibiting a rawness that is hard to come by in superhero fare. Ben Allen, GQ Magazine [UK]The Falcon show features the boffo action opening, and also a richer exploration of the lives of those left behind in the Snap and of the internal contradictions of being a Black superhero in a country that doesn t fully embrace Blackness than Marvel has ever approached. Daniel Fienberg, Hollywood ReporterSpellman and his writers have a blast with the post-Endgame world, using the space allowed a TV series to ask questions that movies simply don’t have time to address. Do Avengers get paid? What actually happens to a nation’s infrastructure when billions of people reappear after five years? The nerdy world-building is given room to breathe and it’s a hoot. Jacob Hall, SlashFilmNow, with his mind finally free of Hydra s influence, Bucky is a 104-year-old man trying to find peace — or at least his version of it. In many ways, Bucky s story is a sadder version of the one presented by Steve Rogers. After Steve was thawed out from the ice by Nick Fury, fans only got to see brief glimpses of him readjusting to modern society. The Falcon and Winter Soldier gives viewers more time to see Bucky attempt his rehabilitation tour. Tim Adams, CBRIS THE PRODUCTION VALUE WORTHY OF THE MCU?Primetime Emmy–nominated director Kari Skogland (The Handmaid’s Tale; The Loudest Voice) is easily the biggest standout here, as she brings a very unique eye to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some of the camera angles she utilizes throughout the first episode feel so intimate, it’s almost like you’re inside the characters’ heads, a trick that works especially well in Bucky’s therapy scene. The premiere does feel familiar — staying true to the tone set by the Russo Brothers in The Winter Soldier and Civil War — but under her direction, everything feels oddly fresh and exciting at the same time. Rohan Patel, ComicBookMovie.comThe excellent production values and interesting writing/directing is what make The Falcon and The Winter Soldier worth watching. Allison Skornick-Rose, Flick DirectANY FINAL THOUGHTS?(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios)As enjoyable as it is to catch up with the two leads (while being treated to some jaw-dropping action), this is definitely something of a slow burn which drops plenty of hints about what’s to come without rushing into bringing in characters like Sharon Carter and Zemo. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comWith a timeliness its creators could not have predicted, “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier” will likely grow to feel as necessary to our national conversation as “Wandavision” did this winter. Possibly even more so, with themes of national chaos and what “American values” really mean.And, maybe most importantly, how we move forward. Brigid Presecky, Impressionist MediaThe series has so much inherent potential to be a breakthrough moment for action storytelling, so long as it leans more into the unique skills of its nimble characters, and not just what makes them flashy in short bursts. Nick Allen, RogerEbert.com“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” has yet to reach its ideal cruising altitude but it’s smooth, slow climb that promises to take viewers to new, exciting destinations. Lorraine Ali, Los Angeles TimesThe Falcon and The Winter Soldier premieres Friday, March 19, on Disney+.

(Photo by Andrew Cooper / © Columbia Pictures )The nominations for the 26th Screen Actors Guild Awards were announced this Wednesday, and with them, awards season is coming into sharper focus.Once America Ferrera and Danai Gurira read the full list, the big winners on the film side were Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Bombshell, and The Irishman, with four nominations each. Bombshell pulled off a particular feat, with each of its main three stars – Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, and Nicole Kidman – nominated; The Irishman was not able to pull off the same trifecta, with Robert De Niro snubbed, as he was in the Golden Globe nominations, while Al Pacino and Joe Pesci earned nods for their supporting roles. (De Niro can content himself with being selected for the Lifetime Achievement Award.)Also notable on the film side: the lack of nominations for indie films. While Parasite became only the second foreign-language film to earn a nomination for its ensemble in the Outstanding Cast category, movies like Uncut Gems and The Farewell were ignored, with Adam Sandler and Awkwafina particularly conspicuous absences. Also surprising: Zero love for heavily favored awards contenders 1917 and Little Women, the latter of which was expected to put a dent in the lead and supporting actress categories.Reason to be nervous for some? Perhaps. The Screen Actors Guild represents a large chunk of the body that votes for the Academy Awards. But, as we saw last year when Regina King missed a SAG nom but went on to win an Oscar, the SAG awards are not always an essential stepping stone to Oscar glory.On the TV side, Game of Thrones is getting more love from the Screen Actors Guild than it did from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, nabbing noms for ensemble, stunt work, and for Peter Dinklage. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel received the most nominations, with four, while The Morning Show showed itself to be an awards player, picking up noms for Jennifer Aniston, Billy Crudup, and Steve Carrell.The winners will be revealed in a ceremony airing live on TNT and TBS, Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 8 p.m. Eastern/5 p.m. Pacific. Read on for the full list of nominees.Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role in a Motion Picture
mation: The medium has long opened eyes to whole new worlds, like Disney s underseen Treasure Planet. Or the trippy French classic Fantastic Planet. And even the full-length Daft Punk cosmic fantasy Interstella 5555, produced by Leiji Matsumoto, godfather of the animated space opera. His epic movies like Arcadia of My Youth and the two Galaxy Express films don t have Tomatometers so we didn t include them, but they re currently streaming on Amazon Prime.
(Photo by HBO)Click to view larger image (new window).When you play the game of villainy, you win or you die – a long and gruesome death usually. We gave you the chance to choose the worst of the worst characters from the seven seasons of Game of Thrones so far in our villain bracket.The final votes are in, and Ramsay Bolton has won the final a hole battle! Anyone surprised by that outcome? The final tally in the contest of the ROYAL DICK vs. THE BOLTON BASTARD :3.4K votedKing Joffrey Baratheon 1,219 (36.2%)Ramsay Snow/Bolton 2,149 (63.8%)Even the Australian Red Cross has named him the worst Game of Thrones war criminal, based on his 17 violations of the international humanitarian laws (IHL) laid out in the Geneva Conventions. His crimes:Torture, cruel or inhuman treatment (x 6)Perfidy (x 4)Taking hostagesWilful killing of those who are hors de combat, such as injured soldiers or prisoners (x 2)Use of means or methods of warfare that inflict superfluous injury or unnecessary sufferingSexual violence, including rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution and enforced pregnancy (x 2)Making civilians not taking direct part in hostilities the object of attack(The other characters making the top 5 of the Red Cross war criminal list include: Daenerys Targaryen (15), Roose Bolton (8), and, tied at fourth, Jon Snow, The Night King, and the Sons of the Harpy of Mereen, while Euron Greyjoy and Walder Frey tied for fifth place with five violations each.)Congrats to actor Iwan Rheon for giving us a villain for the ages! Rheon can currently be seen as Mick Mars in Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt on Netflix.Previous results: Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4How it worksVoting for each round began at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT on each day:Tuesday, April 9 vote in the Round 1 matches. (Closed)Wednesday, April 10 find out who won the Round 1 matches, and vote in Round 2.(Closed)Thursday, April 11 find out who won the Round 2 matches, and vote in Round 3.(Closed)Friday, April 12 find out who won the Round 3 matches, and vote in Round 4.(Closed)Saturday, April 13  find out who won the Round 4 matches, and vote for the winner in the final round.Closed)Sunday, April 14 find out who wins the Battle of the A**holes.
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亚博官方是1YBIO Jean Bentley for Rotten Tomatoes: The first three seasons of Catastrophe are Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes at 100%.Rob Delaney: They are? Yes, we did know that. Yeah.Sharon Horgan: Yeah, we do know that. We re wondering how we get our fourth one back Like, how do we build it back up [to 100%]?I don t know, but listen, it looks like it s about to be Certified Fresh very shortly. [Update: Season 4 is now Certified Fresh.]Delaney: Oh, wonderful.Horgan: Yeah.That is a major feat to have all four seasons Certified Fresh and with such high scores. I hope that you all feel pretty good about that.Delaney: Oh, God, we love it.Horgan: We brag about it a lot actually.You should, definitely. Did you feel pressure to kind of live up to that reputation when you were writing this final season?Horgan: Yes.Delaney: Always.Horgan: Each one has felt like that, though. I mean, maybe a bit more so on this one because it s the last one, but we ve felt it on all of them.Delaney: Yeah, I mean, you just can t rest on your laurels You just have to always be putting your best foot forward and understanding that you re getting the privilege to make TV, and you had better make it good because there s plenty of other stuff on for people to watch.Horgan: Yeah.Delaney: That might not have three 100-rated season Tomatoes, Tomato-mobiles — you know what I m saying.“Tomato-mobiles” — new name. We ll rename Catastrophe’s Tomatometer scores just for you. So going into this season, did you know that it was the end, and how did you decide that it was the end, and how did you come to that decision?Horgan: We knew it was the end before we started writing it. So yeah, there was that, that sort of helped inform us a little about what route we wanted to take and obviously figuring out what that last episode was. But what were the other questions?Just how you knew it was time to end.Delaney: Well, I mean, Sharon is funnier and smarter than me, so I won t speak for her, but I will say that I had exhausted everything I had to say about a marriage in its early years and raising young children. Those are very important topics that are very close to both of our hearts because those are our real lives. We didn t want to profane it by faking it and doing crap episodes and seasons just for the money. We said what we wanted to say, So say it and get out, is sort of how I feel.Horgan: It s a weird thing because it s like there s mixed emotions about it, but it is a privilege to be able to leave the show in the way that you want to leave it and to hopefully end on a high. I mean, it s true. We could have sort of taken the show into sort of multiple-episodes, multiple-season territory, but then it becomes about commerce, doesn t it? And it s not necessarily about that thing that you sort of lovingly crafted. So yes.Delaney: I mean, you look at shows like The Wire, The Sopranos, Parks and Rec, Frasier. I say those names, and you just groan because they just collapsed after — and people just were like, What is this? And we didn t want to be like those shows. I m kidding! But we said what we wanted to say with our show.Horgan: Oh, God, yeah, of course. I mean, there s a million shows that do it great and do it long, but

“千秋辞t0英雄”是一款国风浓郁的仙侠手游,游戏根据同名小说改编而来,原著中的经典人物会一一重现,副本修炼体系也很丰富,特色技能组合众多;由于游戏的背景是在中国古代,在游戏过程中,玩家会遇到很多古代著名的文人墨客,会出现近百个人物,可以陪你一起探索!非常的有趣,快来下载吧! 以上就是本期的全部内容了,总得来说DNF确实是我们一代人的回忆。然而DNF手游是否能够上线根本就是一个未知数!进来的同学请烧柱香再走,让我们怀着一颗感恩的心来恭喜DNF手游内测7周年,祭奠我们逝去的青春!

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