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萝卜保卫战电脑版采用百度引擎9(Baidu 2)craft in ways arguably not even equaled by a front row seat. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterThe thing that’s so amazing about watching Hamilton on the small screen is that it gives everyone the best seat in the house. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesNo filmed version could ever be a suitable substitute for a live performance, but… Kail’s movie gets the audience pretty close to the same exhilaration and wonder. Matt Goldberg, ColliderEven with your sound system turned up, the movie can’t fully convey the raw energy and passionate spirit that no doubt leapt off of the stage during a live Hamilton performance. Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendDoes the film have any major issues?Revisiting Hamilton now, with the benefit of distance, it becomes more possible to see both its flaws and its strengths… I’d forgotten, for instance, the extent to which Angelica, one of the most compelling characters in Act I, is sidelined in Act II. Angie Han, MashableThey should ve just filmed [ Satisfied ], with its tremendous performance by Renée Elise Goldsberry; you lose something here that s special. Linda Holmes, NPRIs Hamilton more relevant than ever right now?It’s exactly what we need this summer. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesThis is a show that acquires unique shadings at any given moment, and it might never be more impactful than in America in 2020. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterFeels like a time capsule… But the underlying message of the show, its call for inclusivity and for grappling the messier aspects of our American history, has never been more urgent. Thom Geier, The WrapI still hesitate to call Hamilton the film we need right now, partly because it deserves better than boilerplate hype. Justin Chang, Los Angeles TimesEven just half a decade after its debut, Hamilton plays like a fossil imprint of a more optimistic time. Peter Debruge, VarietyHamilton in 2020 crashes into Black Lives Matter and comes off less powerful, less revolutionary. Mark Kennedy, Associated Press(Photo by ©Disney+)How does it feel to be able to watch Hamilton at home?Watching Hamilton in the comfort of my own home means I get to sing along or dance, which is frowned upon at the theater. Matt Goldberg, ColliderHome viewers, especially newbies, have a distinct advantage over paying theatergoers: You can stop and rewind for any details or turns of phrase you may have missed. Thom Geier, The WrapI couldn t stop watching [Daveed Diggs’] entrance as Lafayette in the song Guns and Ships. I kept rewinding it. Linda Holmes, NPRTheatre geeks inspired by the masterpiece can spend hours breaking it down, then building it back up, hopefully igniting a spark that helps them become the next Lin-Manuel Miranda. Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendThis is Hamilton as you always wanted to see it, and it always will be. David Ehrlich, IndieWireHamilton premieres on Disney+ on Friday, July 3.

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虽然LOL手游在游戏上线初期就添加了投降功能,但是在实际的游戏对局体验过程中,因为各种原因“中途退出游戏”的玩家还是不在少数。 微信搜公众号:《英雄合击传奇手游》玩76复古,85合击,复古传世,复古冰雪,火龙,沉默,神器单职业等传奇手游,每个玩家都能在这里找到自己喜欢的传奇版本,百分百还原当年传奇,原汁原味,绝对经典!

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When it comes to the release schedule, there are a few truisms that have become common knowledge among film fans: blockbuster movies come out in the spring and summer, horror movies get October, Oscar-worthy ones have November and December, and the truly bad stuff gets unceremoniously dumped in January and February.There are plenty of explanations for February’s rep as a cinematic lean month: you’ve got Super Bowl weekend – traditionally, a huge weekend for premiering movie trailers, but not movies themselves (Cloverfield Paradox-style anomalies notwithstanding). Plus, there s Valentine’s Day, holiday credit card bills finally come due, and winter weather generally makes it significantly more appealing for movie lovers to stay indoors and Netflix-and-chill under a pile of blankets. Perfectly good reasons, all.(Photo by Universal Pictures)Only, not to “well, actually” conventional wisdom here, but, well, actually… It turns out February movies aren’t as bad as we’ve been making them out to be all this time. In fact, in recent years, they’ve been better than ever. In 2019 alone, we ve already had a pair of heavily anticipated, Certified Fresh sequels in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (92%) and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (86%).So, the question is this: are February releases actually getting better, or are we just falling prey to recency bias and small sample size? To figure that out, we turned to the data, going back to compare Tomatometer scores for the top 15 movies at the February box office for the past 35 years. That’s 525 movies across four decades.In doing so, we discovered that February’s always had its fair share of big hits – beloved cult classics like Bill Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Office Space, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective all celebrated major anniversaries this month. But February offerings are also getting noticeably better: the past five years have produced more Certified Fresh movies and awards season萝卜保卫战电脑版The comic book Y: The Last Man, by writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Pia Guerra, opens with an idea that is simply expressed but complex in its meaning: What if all but one man suddenly died? Debuting in 2002, the series explored that idea for 60 issues, reaching an interesting conclusion. But even before the final issue was published, the comic book was on its way to becoming a film. Nearly 15 years later, that film has not materialized; instead, FX on Hulu’s adaptation, also called Y: The Last Man, debuts today.In the decades since the comic’s debut, its basic question has become an even more complex notion. As showrunner Eliza Clark told Rotten Tomatoes, it is as much about “identity and the way that oppressive systems conspire to inform our identities” as it is about observing the last “man” on Earth as he searches for a way to continue the species.Nevertheless, we also spoke to star Ben Schnetzer about playing Yorick, the titular man in a world where maleness is determined by more than the Y chromosome. We also chatted with Olivia Thirlby, who plays Yorick’s sister, Hero, about her journey, the tough bonds of family and, along with Clark and Schnetzer, the scope of Y as a television show.A World Of Browns(Photo by Rafy Winterfeld/FX)As much as the series is about its provocative premise, it is also about the Brown family: mother Jennifer (Diane Lane) and her children, Yorick and Hero. Jennifer is a tough and seasoned US Senator, and Yorick and Hero enjoy a certain amount of luxury as children of privilege. Before “The Event,” which utterly changes the world, they both live in New York. Hero gets by as a paramedic while Yorick teaches magic and prepares an escapology routine he expects to be his ticket to fame. And, as viewers will discover, they are typical siblings. “They are angry at each other a lot of the time,” Thirlby said. “But they re sort of bonded in this shared experience of being Jennifer s kids. I don t think there s a very big margin of error when you re Jennifer s kids, so they always had to look out for each other in a very specific kind of way.”Then, The Event happens and all mammals carrying the Y chromosome – except Yorick and his pet monkey Ampersand – drop dead. Jennifer ends up in charge of preserving the US government while Yorick and Hero (who is unaware her brother is alive) set off on very different journeys.(Photo by Brendon Meadows/FX)According to Clark, the three viewpoints were inspired by the early issues of Y, which also split its time between several characters in different parts of the world. But by centering on Jennifer, Yorick, and Hero as the major viewpoint characters in the television show, an opportunity to “see inside these worlds a little bit more deeply” presented itself.“It s a large ensemble,” added Thirlby. “It s about many stories unfolding simultaneously. It s about people who don t know that they re in a TV show, so their understanding of their own world is pretty complete.” In her view, part of the fun for the audience is keeping in mind the characters’ certainty in the face of severe knowledge gaps; it leads to a lot of tension for the characters and the viewer.The Escape Artist(Photo by Rafy Winterfeld/FX)Though it is an ensemble which includes Amber Tamblyn as a Washington insider (despite the character’s own protests to the contrary), Ashley Romans as a secret agent tasked with keeping Yorick alive, and Elliot Fletcher as Hero’s traveling companion Sam – the show is called Y: The Last Man. Therefore, Schnetzer’s character is primary thanks to his Y chromosome. That said, fans of the book may be surprised by the Yorick they meet in the first episode.“Yorick s kind of guileless, disarming humor reads in a particular way, beautifully, in the panels of a graphic novel,” the actor said. “But we wanted to make him a little more vulnerable, and a little more human, in a way that would read in the three dimensions of a series on screen.” The initial innocence (and obliviousness) of the comic book character gave way to something a little more, well, privileged. “I wasn t thinking consciously about it when we were filming it, but definitely, there s a part of him that is spoiled, and it is very privileged,” Schnetzer said. “[It’s] the idea of Yorick being a really unlikely candidate for the role he finds himself in… There s no nobility going into it. We wanted to give him a runway to discover that through the trials of the show that lay before him.”Yorick’s introduction may present him as somewhat unpleasant, but Clark said the hope is that viewers will still “like him even though you re like, ‘Ugh, this f ing idiot.’”(Photo by Rafy Winterfeld/FX)“I really love Yorick and want him to succeed,” she continued. “And I think the story needs you to like him in spite of the ways he really has so much growing up to do.”Part of his journey to maturity will be his travels with Agent 355 (Romans), an element fans will recognize from the book, though Schnetzer felt it was important to “un-know” that aspect of the story so he and Romans could build the rapport between their characters in an organic way. “It was really important to understand who these people were before they knew each other,” he said of the preparation. It proved to be a tightrope, as some takes would end with him wondering if the characters were too familiar for an escape artist and secret agent at the start of their journey across the ruins of America. Nevertheless, he felt the early episodes provide “a bit of an origin story for this relationship,” which will lead to a “Butch and Sundance” dynamic.They will also meet a third traveling companion, Dr. Mann (Diana Bang), along the way. “Her eccentricity and her sense of purpose bonds 355 and Yorick,” he teased, also suggesting that Dr. Mann may create some doubt about 355 in Yorick’s mind. “It just adds a whole different flavor to things,” he said.The Wanderer(Photo by Rafy Winterfeld/FX)Perhaps for more than any of the other Browns, Hero’s story is one of survival – even before The Event. “[It’s about] her capacity to navigate her own traumas,” Thirlby said. “But also asking the question, does she have the strength and the capacity to have the will to survive, given some of what she s experienced and the way that she s coped with that?” That question will lead her on a very different path than Yorick’s, much of which we can only tease, as it greatly redefines the state she is in when comic book readers first met her. One thing we will mention: she has little interest in meeting up with Jennifer. “Her relationship with her mother is a little bit too fraught,” she said. And whether or not that relationship is examined more closely later in the series, the Hero who prepares to leave Manhattan after The Event “does not want to continue her role as a daughter in this world.”Instead, she strikes out into the wide world with Sam, a trans man who is an entirely new character for the series. “They love to be their own little unit and look down on everyone else around them,” she said of their dynamic before The Event. “I think [when] they met, it started instantly with their shared eyeroll about the larger social circle that they happen to be sitting in.”(Photo by Rafy Winterfeld/FX)Of course, the world after The Event will test their bond and prove it is more complex than a shared sense of superiority. “Their friendship is really unusual,” she said. “It s many things rolled into one. It s a best friendship. There s a deep intimacy that they share. There is the desire to be drawn together, romantically and sexually, that I think they both resist a lot of the time for totally different reasons.” To Thirlby, the malleable nature of their relationship is one of the show’s strengths as it examines “the way that people connect outside of the normal confines of what we re used to seeing.”“There s a lot of love there, [but] I think there s a lot of toxicity too,” Clark added. “They enable one another.” One thing that is solely Hero’s motivation is a sense of shame for something she does just prior to The Event. “She s looking for consequences… and they get into dangerous situations because of Hero s shame,” she explained. It may be different from the comic book, but Clark felt it was important to strongly define who Hero was before The Event in light of “who she becomes.” Readers of the book will have a pretty good idea what that means, even if the show approaches the concept from a different angle.The Commander(Photo by Rafy Winterfeld/FX)Meanwhile, Jennifer remains in the Pentagon trying to maintain a semblance of a working government. It represents some of the program’s most harrowing post-apocalyptic moments because they are so close to reality. “Our [real] power grid is poorly constructed and needs constant maintenance. It s a patchwork of random systems,” Clark said. “Same is true for our infrastructure. It is crumbling now.” Then add the historic gender inequalities in the workplace and Jennifer faces a situation where she has, potentially, a single woman running a hydroelectric dam. “There might be a woman who works at the dam – she might be one of two – can she handle it entirely by herself? Maybe her talents might be better used at a different kind of emergency,” Clark said of the problems just with maintaining electricity after The Event. At some point, Jennifer, who is aided by a dynamic and diverse staff also dealing with the personal aftermath of The Event, is pretty much just “putting her finger in the dam.”“The extent of the problems just gets bigger and bigger,” she continued. Nevertheless, part of expanding Jennifer’s role in the story verses the comic book was to illustrate a situation in which “people who really are super capable” try to patch the holes left in society after The Event.(Photo by Rafy Winterfeld/FX)Complicating the patch job is a continuing political opposition represented by Tamblyn’s Kimberly. “She is a person who has aligned herself with the patriarchy and gotten basically all of her power and her identity from her proximity to men,” Clark explained. In the wake of The Event, and Jennifer assuming power, Kimberly is left grasping for the old ways and reinforcing the binary roles she understood. The character could easily lend itself to caricature, but viewers will find Kimberly is a surprisingly complex (and compassionate) foe. “[It’s] Amber Tamblyn like you ve never seen her before,” Clark said.And this is all before Jennifer can contemplate sending a rescue unit for Hero or even dare to hope Yorick is alive. But once it becomes possible that her son is the last Y chromosome-carrying human on Earth, she will be forced to view it through the lens of her political liabilities. “She s had to compromise from the beginning, and it puts her in a gray moral area that is, I think, super interesting to watch, Clark said of the problems any reunion might cause.The World Of YRyan FujitaniOf course, the Brown Family represent just a part of Y: The Last Man’s world. There is Jennifer’s staff some of whom absolutely steal scenes the unique challenges Sam faces on the road with Hero, and one re-imagining of a comic book character we can only reference in the broadest terms. But perhaps, for now, it is best viewers begin the journey alongside as Jennifer, Yorick, and Hero and discover the world of Y for themselves.Y: The Last Man premieres on FX on Hulu on Wednesday, September 13, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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(Photo by © Warner Bros. )Space Jam: A New Legacy is no Jurassic World, but never underestimate the appeal of a film that has become a generational security blanket. Twenty-five years after the release of the original Space Jam movie, the sequel has topped the box office and given some hope to a family box office market struggling to bring kids ineligible for vaccinations back to the theaters. (Not to mention that other added barrier: the convenience of family films like Space Jam: A New Legacy being available to stream at home.) This week was a more than solid opening for A New Legacy, but is it just another front-loaded event picture that will leave its studio wishing for more?King of the Crop: A New Legacy Hopes to Go Strong For All Four Quarters After Blistering Opening First, let’s go to the charts. Space Jam: A New Legacy opened in first this weekend with .7 million. That is the fifth best opening of the year – just ahead of WB’s Godzilla vs. Kong’s .6 million, if the estimates hold (and GvK had a two-day head start). That is also the best family-oriented opening of 2021, surpassing even Cruella’s four-day Memorial Day opening of .5 million. LeBron James fans may even point out that it is better than the .5 million start that Michael Jordan’s Space Jam kicked off with back in 1996. Though with inflation that was about a .6 million opening and the movie went on to make more than 6 million. (At the time of its release, that was the fifth best opening of 1996, but the movie dropped to seventh in subsequent weeks when Star Trek: First Contact and the live-action 101 Dalmatians opened bigger.)GOAT debate aside, there was not a lot of chatter that Space Jam was going to dethrone Black Widow in its second weekend after a record-breaking pandemic opening. And yet here we are. But long term is the question now, with watchers wondering whether A New Legacy will join the exclusive company of 0 million films. So far it has taken at least a million opening to achieve the ranks of 0 million. By next week we will have three films in that bracket: A Quiet Place Part II, F9, and Black Widow. Godzilla vs. Kong is still a bit of an anomaly in that it had very little competition; it was in the top 5 for six weeks and the top 10 for 10 weeks, and it still stands at just 0.5 million.(Photo by ©2021 Disney Enterprises)The good news for Jam is that family films, while not breaking the bank, have been pretty consistent in bringing in audiences post-opening weekend. Raya and the Last Dragon had a disappointing .5 million start back in March, but is now up to over million (or 6.42 times its opening). Cruella and Peter Rabbit 2 were at 3.82x and 3.83x their openings entering this weekend and The Boss Baby: Family Business is approaching getting over the 3x hump. Cruella’s number, though a far cry from being a success against is budget, is interesting given its availability on Disney+ via Premier Access. The Boss Baby sequel may be a better gauge for A New Legacy, given it is also available as part of a streaming subscription (Peacock) with no extra cost. As of this weekend the film is at a 2.76 multiplier, but also opened to just a bit more than half of A New Legacy’s start. Can this be the second Warner Bros./HBO Max title to reach 0 million – after Godzilla vs. Kong? A new generation will tell.The Top 10 and Beyond: Black Widow Has Big Second-Weekend Drop, But Still Aims for 0 MillionMarvel’s Black Widow reached one high peak already during the pandemic box office, which means it had the furthest to fall too. Its 67.2% drop from its opening of million down to .3 million this weekend was the third-highest drop of the year for a wide release after Mortal Kombat fell 73.2% and Demon Slayer fell 69% in the same weekend. The positives still outweigh the setback, though, as the film managed to gross over 5 million in its first full week and will eventually be passing both F9 and A Quiet Place Part II to become the highest-grossing film (domestically) of the pandemic so far.But is a 0 million total now in jeopardy? The film has fallen behind the pace of Ant-Man and the Wasp already, which had 3 million after 10 days with a million second weekend – it finished with 6 million. Black Widow is at 2 million and could actually become the first July release to have over 0 million in its first 10 days and not reach the 0 million milestone. Disney also chose not to report its Premier Access numbers this week.(Photo by ©Universal Pictures)Checking in on the films that Widow is chasing for the top spot, we have F9 making .6 million this weekend, driving its total to 4.8 million after 24 days of release. Last week, we put the film in line with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which had 0.5 million in the bank after an .9 million fourth weekend. Somewhere around that film’s total haul of 2 million still looks right and F9 continues to lead the way internationally with over 1 million to date. A Quiet Place Part II just finished a seven-week stay in the top 5 and is still holding onto a narrow lead over F9 with 5 million. In many ways this is the truest success story of the pandemic so far. An exclusive theatrical run from Memorial Day weekend through last weekend and a consistent audience that is going to drive it to over 0 million: This is the film most deserving of the “theaters are back” title.The other sequel unleashed in theaters this week, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, grossed just .8 million this weekend. That is down nearly million from the .2 million the first film did when it became a modest hit in January 2019, finishing with million. The critical consensus on the Escape Room sequel is not so far off from the original, with a Tomatometer of 42% compared to the first film s 51%. It s worth noting that franchise horror has been going lower and lower in terms of box office pull this summer since A Quiet Place Part II opened to .5 million. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It did .1 million the week after Quiet Place opened, then The Forever Purge started with .5 million a month later. Lest we not forget Spiral starting with just .7 million in mid-May. The third Conjuring film was the only one of the bunch not exclusive to theaters upon opening. An original horror film, M. Night Shyamalan s Old, will test the audience’s thirst this upcoming week and the genre could reclaim the number 1 slot.(Photo by © NEON)Opening in 927 theaters was the acclaimed but controversial documentary Roadrunner about Anthony Bourdain, which took in .9 million or about as much as Apollo 11 opened to in just 120 theaters in 2019. In only 552 theaters is Pig, with Nicolas Cage as a truffle hunter searching for his stolen companion. It scrounged up 5,000 for a ,712 per-screen-average compared to Roadrunner’s ,000. A24’s Zola is out of the top 10, but is up to .2 million with another 0,000 this weekend.On the Vine: M. Night Shyamalan Returns To Battle Henry Golding in Action ModeNext week, M. Night Shyamalan turns the Fountain of Youth – or its complete opposite – into the Beach in his latest thriller, Old. Its challenger for the week is the latest in the G.I. Joe series, an origin story for Snake Eyes with Henry Golding stepping into the role. It could make for an interesting box office battle, one that is rife with potential for both major surprise and crushing disappointment.Full List of Box Office Results: July 16-18, 2021

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f broken-down makeup. I m a trained makeup artist, and at first, the lines were very clean and very clownlike. And I had to go against the grain and break down this character. I remember when Chris brought in books of Francis Bacon paintings, these very blurry images. That really set the tone and set us in a direction of really just muting down and degrading the makeup. And that, that was really our Bible, those Francis Bacon paintings.”Caglione was inspired by Francis Bacon. Joel Meares“It had to be a very organic-looking makeup, like this guy is putting on makeup and maybe sleeping in his clothes for a week.”Caglione: “When you look at those images – Cesar Romero, you look at [Jack] Nicholson – they have the big white red lips, you know, they have kind of dark eyes. And the white face. So it s basically a blueprint. It s just riffing on it is the thing. And our riff on it was that it had to be a very organic-looking makeup, like this guy is putting on makeup and maybe sleeping in his clothes for a week. His hair is kind of oily and greasy, and he doesn t take off his makeup for like, three to five days. It’s not clean, pristine,  this is an organic world we re taking a peek into. This is real life stuff. In my early sketches, I sketched different scars. And maybe that influenced the final prosthetics, but those prosthetics were built by Conor O Sullivan. I was just the guy responsible for all the paint work that went over the pieces. But I seem to remember, in some of the meetings, the Cheshire Cat smile.”“I always got the feeling that Heath had already worked it out in his head. He knew where he was going.” Caglione: “Heath was great in the chair. Special actors like Heath – and my experience with Al Pacino over the years – these actors help you relax so that you can bring your game… I always got the feeling that [Heath] had already worked it out in his head, from what I remember. He knew where he was going. Early on, in first meeting Heath and playing around with the makeup, he already kind of had it all figured out. It was my job to just basically gild the lily and try to catch up with him, really. That s what I felt.”Ledger was instrumental in creating the iconic look. (Photo by ©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection)

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9.78.8 1月喜迎Updated August 3 with Get Duked! premiere date.August just got more interesting on Amazon Prime Video, with the addition of SXSW audience award–winning film Get Duked! at the end of the month. Previously announced originals include competition reality series World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, hosted by Bear Grylls and from the creator of Survivor, leading the charge; YA movie Chemical Hearts stars Austin Abrams (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark) as a high schooler whose world changes when he meets mysterious transfer student Grace Town, played by Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart; and Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys aftershow, hosted Aisha Tyler and which kicks off in August with a look back at season 1 of the hit superhero series. The show continues September 4, following The Boys season 2 premiere through the new season s October 9 finale. Original family fare Jessy and Nessy and Clifford the Big Red Dog also premiere in the month.The streamer also offers some season 1 channel samplings in the month that will more than sate a hearty binge appetite. Starting with PBS Masterpiece series Les Misérables, which is Certified Fresh at 87%, the sampling also includes Showtime s Californication, Sundance Now s Riviera, PBS Kids The Berenstein Bears, Acorn TV s Blood, Urban Movie Channel s Fifth Ward, and, also from Masterpiece, Polish thriller The Teacher, as well as the first seasons of Ice Road Truckers (History), Beyond Scared Straight (A E Crime Central), Bitchin Rides (Motortrend), and more.Keep reading to find out what else is new on Amazon Prime Video in August, including new on-demand titles, with some highlights noted at the top.HIGHLIGHTS
Chernobyl: Miniseries (2019) 96% (HBO)The threat of nuclear annihilation remained a perennial boogeyman for children of the 1980s, so it was particularly terrifying when news of the Chernobyl disaster spread across the world. HBO s Chernobyl harnesses that anxiety to deliver a bone-chilling reprimand of human arrogance, drawing viewers in by telling some of the smaller stories that played out alongside the big, headline-generating one. Series creator, executive producer, and writer Craig Mazin and director Johan Renck won Emmys for their work here, expertly mixing elements of visceral horror and unsettling dread with deep human drama, and the cast is all aces. Long-time character actor Jared Harris turns in some of his finest work as Valery Legasov, the consultant brought in by the Soviet government to investigate the incident. He s the anchor of the narrative, but he s flanked by Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson in excellent supporting roles – all three of them were nominated for Emmys – while Paul Ritter is downright loathsome as Anatoly Dyatlov, the chief engineer at the plant whose obstinacy led to the catastrophe. It feels almost disrespectful to call this entertainment, but Chernobyl is some of the most compelling drama HBO has crafted in recent memory. – Ryan Fujitani, Sr. EditorWhere to watch: HBO or HBO Now, FandangoNOW, Amazon, iTunes, VuduCommitment: 5 hours (five-episode miniseries)Mrs. Fletcher: Limited Series (2019) 82% (HBO)Mrs. Fletcher creator Tom Perrotta is one of our generation’s premier miners of suburbia’s dark corners – he wrote the novel Election as well as the screenplay for Little Children. He also knows a thing or two about compelling TV – he EP’d The Leftovers. Here he brings both skills to bear on a story that we’ve seen before – empty nester searching for new meaning when her son leaves college – but never like this. Part of that is due to the series’ incisive and frank treatment of porn and the way in which it has entered the little ticky-tacky homes of American suburbia and smashed open doors and shattered taboos. In Mrs. Fletcher, the titular divorcee rediscovers herself via a number of pornographic genres, while we also see the way a steady diet of hardcore has affected her college-age son’s ability to be intimate. But mostly the series soars thanks to Kathryn Hahn, who is incredible as Eve Fletcher; touchingly lost in her newfound aloneness one moment, giddily seizing control of new opportunities the next. Hahn was another terrible snub for the 2020 Golden Globes. It’s almost a bonus that Perrotta surrounds her with an endearing cast of characters whose stories are as rich and compelling as Mrs Fletcher’s. – Joel Meares, Editor-in-ChiefWhere to Watch: HBO or HBO Now, FandangoNOW, Vudu, Google PlayCommitment: Approx. 3.5 hours (one season)What We Do in the Shadows: Season 1 (2019) 94% (FX)If you haven’t taken a bite out of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s TV adaptation of their 2014 film, you’re in luck! Now’s a great time to binge season 1 of this vampire reality show satire, because season 2 is right around the corner, premiering April 15 on FX. The half-hour comedy stars Matt Berry as Laszlo, Kayvan Novak as Nandor, Natasia Demetriou as Nadja, and Mark Proksch as Colin Robinson – a group of vampire roommates living-dead in Staten Island. Harvey Guillen slays as Lazlo’s human “familiar,” Guillermo. We won’t spoil the 10-episode first season for you, but there are some excellent cameos to look forward to. And you have our word: This is one vampire-TV offering that doesn’t suck. – Debbie Day, Sr. TV EditorWhere to watch: FXNOW, Hulu, FandangoNOW, Vudu, Google Play, AmazonCommitment: Approx. 5 hours (one season)Supernatural 93% (CW)The Winchester Bros. long and winding road is coming to an uncertain close, so what better time to get caught up on the 14 seasons that started it all? For those new to the monster-hunting party: Supernatural follows brothers Dean and Sam Winchester on a grand, ghoul-bashing tour of the United States. From wendigos and chupacabras to fighting the devil himself, there’s no creature Dean and Sam haven’t faced at least once, if not several times, all the while dealing with a very complicated family history that just won’t leave them alone. The deeper you get into Supernatural’s lore the more bonkers it all gets, but with a reliable creature-of-the-week format and undeniable chemistry between stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki it’s an easy binge. And with almost two weeks worth of spooky fun, you won’t have ,to worry about running out of story anytime soon. (But be warned, all ye who enter: the CW has halted production on the back half of the show s final season, leaving the series finale in limbo. With any luck, it ll pull a Winchester and find its way to a small screen near you soon enough.) – Haña Lucero-Colin, TV Curation ManagerWhere to watch: Netflix, FandangoNOW, Amazon, Vudu, Google PlayCommitment: Approx. 13 days, 7 hours (14 seasons)Kingdom 96% (Netflix)Set in Korea, about 400 years ago in the Joseon era, the series kicks off with a “sick King, who no one is allowed to see. There is a movement to crown the illegitimate Crown Prince to the throne. In the middle of the political drama, a mysterious plague spreads and forces the Crown Prince on a mission to uncover and stop the disease. Whether or not you’re still watching The Walking Dead, Kingdom is a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Plus, thanks to Parasite, South Korean content is front and center these days, and if you already love 2016 Korean zombie movie Train to Busan, you’ll get the same shocking, breathless moments in this series. A period piece, Kingdom will subvert your expectations in a lot of ways, not the least of which is the setting. This is not TWD — the zombies run fast, and no one can hide in a mall 400 years in the past. Add to that, amazing special effects and gorgeous cinematography that bring to life a bloody good time. – Eileen Rivera, Sr. Director of Production Where to Watch: NetflixCommitment: 11 hours (two seasons)Medical Police: Season 1 (2020) 92% (Netflix)If you think a satirical sketch comedy series about a team of Children s Hospital doctors in Brazil who try to find a cure for a disease that s rapidly spreading across the globe may not be the best thing to watch right now, I m sorry but you re wrong.  Medical Police is a spoof of procedurals like CSI, 24, and The Blacklist, in addition to being a spin-off of Children s Hospital (2010-2016), which itself is a spoof of medical dramas like ER and Grey s Anatomy. It s like a sketch comedy house of mirrors where your favorite comedians and guest stars are given free rein to be as weird and funny as they want be. – Sara Ataiiyan, Review CuratorWhere to watch: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 5 hours (one season)Elite 97% (Netflix)It’s Gossip Girl meets Big Little Lies — have we got your attention? A standout of Netflix’s international programming, Elite has everything you could want in a soapy noir melodrama: tortured rich teens, murder, chic fashion, sex – all while the youths are studying for those pesky exams. Elite finds nuance in its pulp and explores themes like classism, racism, and LGBTQ issues with a surprising amount of realism and grit. Power is one of the central pillars of this show; how its characters use or misuse it to get what they want creates a lot of highly entertaining moments, like seeing the students concoct a plan to deflect blame for a death at a nightclub. It also boasts a soundtrack that rivals Euphoria’s. A highlight to look for is former Mexican child-star-turned-acclaimed-pop-star Danna Paola’s turn as Lucrecia, daughter to the Mexican ambassador in Spain. Lucrecia is the best diva-villain-with-a-secret-heart-of-gold since Blair Waldorf. Netflix offers a dubbed version, but we highly recommend watching the series in its native Spanish language with English subtitles. And now is the perfect time to start, as the third season is streaming on Netflix. – Daisy Gonzalez, Theatrical Review CuratorWhere to watch: Netflix Commitment: Approx. 22.5 hours (three seasons)Check out our regular March Binge Guide. Thumbnail image Juhon Noh/Netflix, Sarah Shatz/HBO, Bettina Strauss/The CW

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images/Disney/Pixar Yes, please! is Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley s response when asked if he wants to talk about Keanu Reeves.We re at a press summit with the filmmakers for Woody s latest and possibly final big-screen adventure – a story that will take the diligent cowboy and his friends on a road trip, where they ll encounter a variety pack of characters, from a murderous 1950s doll to a spork with existential questions, to a dim but enthusiastic stuntman. Duke Caboom is the motorcycle-ridin , pose-slapping stunt toy, and he s voiced by Keanu Reeves, who s currently riding another crest of global goodwill for John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum (absolutely, a movie where you hand-murder dudes by the dozens makes you more loved in the world) and viral acts of mundane kindness. We went after Canadian actors, Cooley says of the process of finding the right person for Duke Caboom. He was the first one on our list, and I m so thrilled that he said yes. Even before signing on, Reeves visited the Pixar campus in Emeryville, California, and brought the same open-road philosophical inquiries he s associated with and loved for all over. What do you think he sounds like? Reeves asked. What do you think drives him? But for a character whose entire existence is pixels and voice, Reeves managed to demonstrate a human physicality to the Duke that made him the first-and-only choice. At one point, he just got up on the table, Cooley says. Imagine you re just sitting down there eating lunch. Hoo! Hah! Huh! He s just doing these poses. I m like, This is it. This is incredible.' (Photo by Disney/Pixar)Though getting Reeves for Toy Story 4 was a dream casting coup, he seemed to get just as much as out of it as the Pixar filmmakers, with Reeves enthusiasm carrying over into the recording booth. Every time we recorded with him, he just had the biggest smile on his face, Cooley continues. Just so much fun. I can t speak enough about how awesome he is. But Reeves isn t the only new celebrity voice joining Toy Story 4. He ll be joined by the likes of Christina Hendricks as Gabby Gabby, the doll who wants to rip Woody s voice box out of him; Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the reuniting comedy duo who voice two sarcastic and boisterous carnival plush prizes stapled to a wall; and Tony Hale as Forky, the cobbled-together piece of trash given life by a little girl s imagination.And Annie Potts is returning to the series some 20 (!) years since Toy Story 2 as Bo, who s lived a big and adventurous life beyond suburbia. With her taking a co-star role among Woody and Buzz, and Gabby Gabby as the first female villain of the franchise, women are driving the plot in Toy Story 4. It all adds to the unexpected turns Pixar hopes to enthrall a new generation – and the ones who ve been around since 1995 – of audiences.If all else fails, just picture Keanu Reeves chopping the air for your pleasure as you munch on the popcorn.Toy Story 4 is in theaters June 21.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
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(Photo by HBO)Chernobyl leads nominations for the 2020 British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards for television with 14 nods. BAFTA announced the full list of the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards and British Academy Television Craft Awards nominations on Wednesday.Other top nominees included The Crown with seven, Fleabag, and Giri/Haji with six, His Dark Materials and The Virtues with five, and four nominations each for Killing Eve, Sex Education, and Top Boy.U.K. residents can vote on the Virgin Media Must-See Moment at virginmedia.com/bafta. The category nominees include:Coronation Street: The Death of Sinead OsbourneFleabag: Confessional sceneGame of Thrones: Arya kills the Night KingGavin and Stacey: Nessa proposes to SmithyLine of Duty: John Corbett’s DeathLove Island: Michael recouples after Casa AmorWinners of the Television Craft Awards will be revealed Friday, July 17 and the Television Awards on Friday, July 31.COMEDY ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMMETHE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW Graham Norton, Graham Stuart, Jon Magnusson, Steve Smith – So Television/BBC OneTHE LAST LEG Production Team – Open Mike Productions/Channel 4THE RANGANATION Production Team – Zeppotron/BBC TwoTASKMASTER Alex Horne, Andy Devonshire, Andy Cartwright, James Taylor – Avalon Television/DaveCURRENT AFFAIRSGROWING UP POOR: BRITAIN’S BREADLINE KIDS (DISPATCHES) Production Team – True Vision East/Channel 4THE HUNT FOR JIHADI JOHN Anthony Wonke, Richard Kerbaj, Peter Lovering, Jane Root – Nutopia, Livedrop Media, HBO/Channel 4IS LABOUR ANTI-SEMITIC? (PANORAMA) Leo Telling, John Ware, Neil Grant, Rachel Jupp – BBC/BBC OneUNDERCOVER: INSIDE CHINA’S DIGITAL GULAG (EXPOSURE) Robin Barnwell, David Henshaw, Guy Creasey, Gesbeen Mohammad – Hardcash Productions/ITVDRAMA SERIESTHE CROWN Peter Morgan, Suzanne Mackie, Benjamin Caron, Michael Casey – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television/NetflixTHE END OF THE F***ING WORLD Production Team – Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions/Channel 4/NetflixGENTLEMAN JACK Sally Wainwright, Faith Penhale, Laura Lankester, Phil Collinson – Lookout Point, HBO/BBC OneGIRI/HAJI Production Team – Sister Pictures/BBC TwoENTERTAINMENT PERFORMANCEFRANKIE BOYLE Frankie Boyle’s New World Order – Zeppotron/BBC TwoGRAHAM NORTON The Graham Norton Show – So Television/BBC OneLEE MACK Would I Lie to You – Zeppotron/BBC OneMO GILLIGAN The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan – Expectation, Momo G/Channel 4ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAMMETHE GREATEST DANCER Amelia Brown, Phil Harris, Nigel Hall, Louise Hutchinson – Thames, Syco Entertainment/BBC OneTHE RAP GAME UK Tom O Brien, Simon Andreae, Tom Whitrow – Naked TV/BBC ThreeSTRICTLY COME DANCING Production Team – BBC Studios/BBC OneTHE VOICE UK Production Team – ITV Studios, Talpa/ITVFACTUAL SERIESCRIME AND PUNISHMENT Emily Lawson, Bruce Fletcher, Jemma Chisnall, Mark Raphael – 72 Films/Channel 4DON’T F**K WITH CATS: HUNTING AN INTERNET KILLER Mark Lewis, Felicity Morris, Michael Harte, Dimitris Doganis –Raw TV/NetflixLEAVING NEVERLAND Dan Reed – Amos Pictures/Channel 4OUR DEMENTIA CHOIR WITH VICKY MCCLURE Production Team – Curve Media/BBC OneFEATURESJOE LYCETT’S GOT YOUR BACK Production Team Rumpus Media, My Options Were Limited/Channel 4THE MISADVENTURES OF ROMESH RANGANATHAN Emily Hudd, Morgan Roberts, Christopher Cottam Rumpus Media/BBC TwoMORTIMER WHITEHOUSE: GONE FISHING Bob Mortimer, Paul Whitehouse, Lisa Clark, Will Yapp Owl Power/BBC TwoSNACKMASTERS Production Team Optomen/Channel 4FEMALE PERFORMANCE IN A COMEDY PROGRAMMEGBEMISOLA IKUMELO Famalam BBC Studios/BBC ThreePHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE Fleabag Two Brothers Pictures/BBC ThreeSARAH KENDALL Frayed Merman Television Ltd, Guesswork Television/Sky OneSIAN CLIFFORD Fleabag – Two Brothers Pictures/BBC ThreeINTERNATIONALEUPHORIA Sam Levinson, Ravi Nandan, Kevin Turen, Drake The Reasonable Bunch, A24, Little Lamb, DreamCrew, Tedy Productions, HBO/Sky AtlanticSUCCESSION Production Team HBO Entertainment in association with Project Zeus, Hyperobject Industries and Gary Sanchez Productions/Sky AtlanticUNBELIEVABLE Production Team CBS Television Studios, Timberman-Beverly Productions, Katie Couric Media, Escapist Fare, Sage Lane Productions/NetflixWHEN THEY SEE US Production Team Participant Media, Tribeca Productions, Harpo Films, Array Filmworks/NetflixLEADING ACTORCALLUM TURNER The Capture Heyday Television, NBC Universal/BBC OneJARED HARRIS Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games, HBO/Sky AtlanticSTEPHEN GRAHAM The Virtues Warp Films, Big Arty Productions/Channel 4TAKEHIRO HIRA Giri/Haji – Sister Pictures/BBC TwoLEADING ACTRESSGLENDA JACKSON Elizabeth Is Missing – STV Productions/BBC OneJODIE COMER Killing Eve – Sid Gentle Films/BBC OneSAMANTHA MORTON I Am Kirsty – Me and You Productions/Channel 4SURANNE JONES Gentleman Jack – Lookout Point, HBO/BBC OneLIVE EVENTBLUE PLANET LIVE Production Team – BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Open University, BBC Learning/BBC OneELECTION 2019 LIVE: THE RESULTS Production Team – ITV News, ITN/ITVGLASTONBURY 2019 Production Team – BBC Studios/BBC TwoOPERATION LIVE Production Team – The Garden Productions/Channel 5MALE PERFORMANCE IN A COMEDY PROGRAMMEGUZ KHAN Man Like Mobeen – Tiger Aspect Productions, Cave Bear Productions/BBC ThreeJAMIE DEMETRIOU Stath Lets Flats – Roughcut TV/Channel 4NCUTI GATWA Sex Education – Eleven Film/NetflixYOUSSEF KERKOUR Home – Jantaculum, Channel X/Channel 4MINI-SERIESA CONFESSION Jeff Pope, Paul Andrew Williams, Tom Dunbar, Johnny Capps ITV Studios, Urban Myth Films/ITVCHERNOBYL Production Team – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games, HBO/Sky AtlanticTHE VICTIM Rob Williams, Niall MacCormick, Sarah Brown, Jenny Frayn – STV Productions/BBC OneTHE VIRTUES Shane Meadows, Jack Thorne, Mark Herbert, Nickie Sault Warp Films, Big Arty Productions/Channel 4NEWS COVERAGEHONG KONG PROTESTS Production Team – Sky News/Sky NewsITV NEWS AT TEN: ELECTION RESULTS Production Team – ITV News, ITN/ITVPRINCE ANDREW THE EPSTEIN SCANDAL (NEWSNIGHT) Production Team – BBC News/BBC TwoVICTORIA DERBYSHIRE: MEN WHO LOST LOVED ONES TO KNIFE CRIME – BBC News/BBC TwoREALITY CONSTRUCTED FACTUALCELEBRITY GOGGLEBOX Tania Alexander, Leon Campbell, Stephen Lambert, Chris Hooker – Studio Lambert/Channel 4HARRY’S HEROES: THE FULL ENGLISH Production Team – Talkback/ITVRACE ACROSS THE WORLD Production Team – Studio Lambert/BBC TwoRUPAUL’S DRAG RACE UK Production Team – World of Wonder Productions/BBC ThreeSCRIPTED COMEDYCATASTROPHE Sharon Horgan, Rob Delaney, Jim O’Hanlon, Toby Welch Avalon Television, Birdbath, Merman/Channel 4DERRY GIRLS Lisa McGee, Michael Lennox, Sam Pinnell – Hat Trick Productions/Channel 4FLEABAG Production Team – Two Brothers Pictures/BBC ThreeSTATH LETS FLATS Jamie Demetriou, Tom Kingsley, Seb Barwell, Ash Atalla Roughcut TV/Channel 4SHORT FORM PROGRAMMEANYWHERE BUT WESTMINSTER John Domokos, John Harris – The Guardian/The GuardianBRAIN IN GEAR Gbemisola Ikumelo, Fergal Costello, Inez Gordon – BBC Studios/BBC iPlayerSOON GONE: A WINDRUSH CHRONICLE Roy Williams, Tinge Krishnan, Carol Harding – Douglas Road Productions, The Young Vic/BBC FourTONI_WITH_AN_I (BORN DIGITAL: FIRST CUTS) Marco Alessi, Ksenia Harwood, Mary Antony Plimsoll Productions, BFI/BBC FourSINGLE DOCUMENTARYTHE ABUSED Barbie MacLaurin, Napoleon Stratogiannakis, Malcolm Brinkworth, Benedict Adams Brinkworth Productions/Channel 5DAVID HAREWOOD: PSYCHOSIS AND ME Emma Hindley, Wendie Ottewill, Olivia Isaacs, David Harewood – Films of Record, Open University/BBC TwoTHE FAMILY SECRET Anna Hall, Sally Ogden, Luke Rothery, Brian Woods – True Vision Yorkshire/Channel 4THE LAST SURVIVORS Arthur Cary, Morgan Matthews, Katherine Anstey, Joby Gee – Minnow Films/BBC TwoSINGLE DRAMABREXIT: THE UNCIVIL WAR Production Team – House Productions, Baffin Media/Channel 4ELIZABETH IS MISSING Andrea Gibb, Aisling Walsh, Sarah Brown, Chrissy Skinns – STV Productions/BBC OneTHE LEFT BEHIND Alan Harris, Joseph Bullman, Aysha Rafaele, Tracie Simpson – BBC Studios/BBC ThreeRESPONSIBLE CHILD Karen Wilson, Elinor Day, Sean Buckley, Nick Holt – Kudos, 72 Films/BBC TwoSOAP CONTINUING DRAMACASUALTY Production Team BBC Studios/BBC OneCORONATION STREET Production Team – ITV Studios/ITVEMMERDALE Production Team – ITV Studios/ITVHOLBY CITY Production Team – BBC Studios/BBC OneSPECIALIST FACTUAL***8 DAYS: TO THE MOON AND BACK Production Team – BBC Studios, PBS/BBC TwoSEVEN WORLDS, ONE PLANET Production Team – BBC Studios Natural History Unit, BBC America, Tencent Penguin Pictures, ZDF, France Télévisions, CCTV9/BBC OneTHATCHER: A VERY BRITISH REVOLUTION Production Team – BBC Studios: The Documentary Unit/BBC TwoYORKSHIRE RIPPER FILES: A VERY BRITISH CRIME STORY Liza Williams, Jasmine McNabb, Nancy Bornat, Leanne Klein – Wall to Wall Media/BBC FourSPORT2019 RUGBY WORLD CUP FINAL: ENGLAND V SOUTH AFRICA Phil Heslop, David Francis, Mark Demuth, Paul McNamara – ITV Sport/ITVICC CRICKET WORLD CUP FINAL Production Team – Sky Sports, Sunset+Vine, ICC TV/Sky Sports CricketFIFA WOMEN’S WORLD CUP 2019 SEMI FINAL: ENGLAND V USA Frank Callaghan, Stu Hutchinson, Pete Burton – Input Media/BBC OneWIMBLEDON 2019 MEN’S FINAL Production Team – BBC Sport/BBC OneSUPPORTING ACTORJOE ABSOLOM A Confession ITV Studios, Urban Myth Films/ITVJOSH O’CONNOR The Crown Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television/NetflixSTELLAN SKARSGARD Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games, HBO/Sky AtlanticWILL SHARPE Giri/Haji – Sister Pictures/BBC TwoSUPPORTING ACTRESSHELEN BEHAN The Virtues Warp Films, Big Arty Productions/Channel 4HELENA BONHAM CARTER The Crown Left Bank Pictures Sony Pictures/NetflixJASMINE JOBSON Top Boy Cowboy Films, Easter Partisan Films, DreamCrew, SpringHill Entertainment/NetflixNAOMI ACKIE The End of the F***ing World Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions/Channel 4VIRGIN MEDIA’S MUST-SEE MOMENT (voted for by the public)CORONATION STREET The Death of Sinead Osbourne – ITV Studios/ITVFLEABAG Confessional Scene Two Brothers Pictures/BBC ThreeGAME OF THRONES Arya Kills the Night King – Bighead, Littlehead, Television 360, Startling Television, HBO/Sky AtlanticGAVIN AND STACEY Nessa Proposes to Smithy – Fulwell 73, Tidy Productions and Baby Cow Production for BBC OneLINE OF DUTY John Corbett’s Death – World Productions/BBC OneLOVE ISLAND Michael recouples after Casa Amor – ITV Studios, Motion Content Group ITV2* Entertainment Programme is given in honour of Lew Grade** Single Documentary is given in honour of Robert Flaherty*** Specialist Factual is given in honour of Huw WheldonBritish Academy Television Craft Awards Nominations (winners to be revealed Friday 17 July)BREAKTHROUGH TALENT sponsored by Sara Putt AssociatesAISLING BEA (Writer) This Way Up Merman TV/Channel 4ANEIL KARIA (Director) Pure (ep 3) Drama Republic/Channel 4 Top Boy (ep 10) Cowboy Films, Easter Partisan Films, Dream Crew, SpringHill Entertainment/NetflixLAURIE NUNN (Writer) Sex Education Eleven Film/NetflixSEAN BUCKLEY (Writer) Responsible Child – Kudos, 72 Films/BBC TwoCOSTUME DESIGNCAROLINE MCCALL His Dark Materials Bad Wolf/BBC OneJOANNA EATWELL Beecham House – Bend It TV/ITVMICHELE CLAPTON Game of Thrones Bighead, Littlehead, Television 360, Startling Television/HBO/Sky AtlanticODILE DICKS-MIREAUX Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticDIRECTOR: FACTUALARTHUR CARY The Last Survivors Minnow Films/BBC TwoDAN REED Leaving Neverland AMOS Pictures/Channel 4MARK LEWIS Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer Raw TV/NetflixROBIN BARNWELL Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag (Exposure) Hardcash Productions/ITVDIRECTOR: FICTION sponsored by 3 Mills StudiosHARRY BRADBEER Fleabag – Two Brothers Pictures/BBC ThreeJOHAN RENCK Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticSHANE MEADOWS The Virtues – Warp Films, Big Arty Productions/Channel 4TOBY HAYNES Brexit: The Uncivil War – House Productions/Channel 4DIRECTOR: MULTI-CAMERA sponsored by JackshootBRIDGET CALDWELL The Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance BBC Studios/BBC OneJANET FRASER CROOK Glastonbury 2019 BBC Studios/BBC TwoMATTHEW GRIFFITHS Six Nations 2019 Wales v England BBC Sport/BBC OnePAUL MCNAMARA ITV Racing: Cheltenham Festival ITV Sport/ITVEDITING: FACTUALANDY R. WORBOYS Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein – Lightbox/BBC TwoJULES CORNELL Leaving Neverland AMOS Pictures/Channel 4KIM HORTON 63 Up MultiStory Media/ITVMICHAEL HARTE Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer Raw TV/NetflixEDITING: FICTIONDAN CRINNION Killing Eve (Episode 4) Sid Gentle Films/BBC OneELEN PIERCE LEWIS Giri/Haji – Sister Pictures/BBC TwoGARY DOLLNER Fleabag Two Brothers Pictures/BBC ThreeJINX GODFREY, SIMON SMITH Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticENTERTAINMENT CRAFT TEAM sponsored by HotcamAMBER RIMELL, BRONSKI, MISTY BUCKLEY, TIM ROUTLEDGE Glastonbury 2019 (Stormzy) – BBC Studios, Tawbox/BBC TwoDAVID BISHOP, VICKY GILL, ANDY TAPLEY, PATRICK DOHERTY Strictly Come Dancing BBC Studios/BBC OneMARK BUSK-COWLEY, STEVE KRUGER, IAIN STIRLING, JAMES TINSLEY Love Island ITV Studios, Motion Content Group/ITV 2NIGEL CATMUR, PATRICK DOHERTY, KEVIN DUFF, ANDREW STOKES The Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance BBC Studios/BBC OneMAKE UP HAIR DESIGN sponsored by MAC CosmeticsDANIEL PARKER, BARRIE GOWER Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticINMA AZORIN The Trial of Christine Keeler Ecosse Films, Great Meadow Productions/BBC OneKIRSTIN CHALMERS Catherine the Great New Pictures, Origin Pictures/Sky AtlanticLOZ SCHIAVO Peaky Blinders Caryn Mandabach Productions, Tiger Aspect/BBC OneORIGINAL MUSICADRIAN JOHNSTON Giri/Haji – Sister Pictures/BBC TwoANDREW PHILLIPS War in the Blood – Minnow Films/BBC TwoDAVID HOLMES, KEEFUS CIANCIA Killing Eve – Sid Gentle Films/BBC OneHILDUR GUDNADOTTIR Chernobyl- Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticPHOTOGRAPHY: FACTUAL sponsored by The FarmBERTIE GREGORY, HOWARD BOURNE, JOHN SHIER Seven Worlds, One Planet BBC Studios/BBC OneDOUG ANDERSON, ROGER HORROCKS, GAVIN THURSTON Our Planet (Coastal Seas) Silverback Films/NetflixJAMIE MCPHERSON, HECTOR SKEVINGTON-POSTLES, BARRIE BRITTON Our Planet (Frozen Worlds) Silverback Films/NetflixPATRICK SMITH, NEIL HARVEY Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein – Lightbox/BBC TwoPHOTOGRAPHY LIGHTING: FICTION sponsored by ScreenSkillsADRIANO GOLDMAN The Crown Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television/NetflixJAKOB IHRE Chernobyl Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticJOE ANDERSON Top Boy Cowboy Films, Easter Partisan Films, Dream Crew, SpringHill Entertainment/NetflixSUZIE LAVELLE His Dark Materials (Episode 3) – Bad Wolf, BBC Studios, HBO/BBC OnePRODUCTION DESIGN sponsored by MicrosoftLAURENCE DORMAN, LINDA WILSON Killing Eve Sid Gentle Films/BBC OneLUKE HULL, CLAIRE LEVINSON-GENDLER Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticMARTIN CHILDS, ALISON HARVEY The Crown – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television/NetflixSAMANTHA HARLEY, MIRI KATZ Sex Education – Eleven Film/NetflixSCRIPTED CASTING sponsored by SpotlightDES HAMILTON Top Boy – Cowboy Films, Easter Partisan Films, Dream Crew, SpringHill Entertainment/NetflixLAUREN EVANS Sex Education – Eleven Film/NetflixNINA GOLD, ROBERT STERNE Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticYOKO NARAHASHI, SHAHEEN BAIG, LAYLA MERRICK-WOLF Giri/Haji – Sister/BBC TwoSOUND: FACTUAL sponsored by ShureGRAHAM WILD, KATE HOPKINS Seven Worlds, One Planet – BBC Studios/BBC OneGRAHAM WILD, KATE HOPKINS, TIM OWENS Our Planet (One Planet) – Silverback Films Production/NetflixNICK FRY, STEVE SPEED, JAMES EVANS, NICK ADAMS Formula 1: Drive to Survive – Box to Box Films/NetflixSOUND TEAM Battle of the Brass Bands – Two Four/Sky ArtsSOUND: FICTIONDILLON BENNETT, JON THOMAS, GARETH BULL, JAMES RIDGEWAY His Dark Materials – Bad Wolf, BBC Studios, HBO/BBC OneIAN WILKINSON, LEE WALPOLE, FRASER BARBER, STUART HILLIKER A Christmas Carol – FX Productions in association with the BBC, Minim UK Productions, Scott Free, and Hardy Son Baker/BBC OneSOUND TEAM Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticSOUND TEAM The Crown – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television/NetflixSPECIAL, VISUAL GRAPHIC EFFECTSBEN TURNER, CHRIS REYNOLDS, ASA SHOUL The Crown – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television/NetflixFRAMESTORE, PAINTING PRACTICE, REAL SFX, RUSSELL DODGSON His Dark Materials – Bad Wolf, BBC Studios/HBO/BBC OneLINDSAY MCFARLANE, CLAUDIUS CHRISTIAN RAUCH, JEAN-CLÉMENT SORET, DNEG Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticMILK VISUAL EFFECTS, GARETH SPENSLEY, REAL SFX Good Omens – Amazon Studios, BBC Studios, Narrativia, The Blank Corporation/Amazon Prime VideoTITLES GRAPHIC IDENTITYALEX MACLEAN The Durrells – Sid Gentle Films/ITVELASTIC Catherine the Great – New Pictures, Origin Pictures/Sky AtlanticELASTIC, PAINTING PRACTICE His Dark Materials – Bad Wolf, BBC Studios, HBO/BBC OneLIGHT CREATIVE Ghosts – Monumental Television, Them There/BBC OneWRITER: COMEDYDANNY BROCKLEHURST Brassic – Calamity Films/Sky 1JAMIE DEMETRIOU Stath Lets Flats – Roughcut TV/Channel 4PHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE Fleabag – Two Brothers Pictures/BBC ThreeSAM LEIFER, TOM BASDEN Plebs – Rise Films/ITV2WRITER: DRAMACHARLIE COVELL The End of the F***ing World – Clerkenwell Films, Dominic Buchanan Productions/Channel 4CRAIG MAZIN Chernobyl – Sister Pictures, The Mighty Mint, Word Games/Sky AtlanticJESSE ARMSTRONG Succession – HBO Entertainment, Project Zeus, Hyperobject Industries, Gary Sanchez Productions/Sky AtlanticSHANE MEADOWS, JACK THORNE The Virtues – Warp Films, Big Arty Productions/Channel 4 自上线以来,《摩尔庄园》手游便被不少玩家吐槽氪金太多,系统bug频出。黑猫投诉上,截至7月5日,关于《摩尔庄园》手游的投诉有300多条,大多集中在乱收费、退费难、未成年人未经监护人同意私下氪金等问题上。7月5日,针对游戏内的消费纠纷,新快报记者向《摩尔庄园》手游的发行公司雷霆游戏发起采访。相关工作人员未直接置评,仅称以雷霆游戏官网、《摩尔庄园》官博及官微等公开信息为准。

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