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Six men, 26 movies, billions in box office receipts, countless Martinis: when it comes to 007, it’s been a journey. In our latest episode of Vs., supervillain/superhost Mark Ellis is pitting James Bond vs. James Bond (vs. James Bond, and on and on) to decide who was the best of cinema’s bed-hopping British spies. Will it be Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, or current Bond, Daniel Craig? (OK, it’s probably not gonna be Lazenby – though we only have love for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.) The Bond boys battle it out over box office, Audience and Tomatometer Scores, the quality of their villains, and one wildcard round, before Ellis puts himself square in the cross hairs and declares a winner. Don’t agree with the ultimate decision? Slice him up with laser beams, feed him to the sharks, or… you know… let us know with a thoughtful argument in the comments.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. (Photo by © A24)Do any of the other actors stand out?“Barry Keoghan is the standout among the supporting players, playing a young battlefield-roaming stranger with sinister intentions.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“Alicia Vikander shows her range with a surprise dual role whose explanations are kept in the dark, stealing scenes during the film s most surreal section.” Emma Stefansky, ThrillistHow does the movie look?“The film never stops dazzling the viewer with mythic imagery.” A.A. Dowd, AV Club“You could pause The Green Knight at any moment and discover an image worth praising.” Robert Daniels, Polygon“From the opening frame to its final shot, The Green Knight is a visual masterpiece…each set piece that Gawain treks through has its own distinctive flair in color, lighting, and mood.” Rendy Jones, Rendy Reviews“There’s intent to the gloomier colors, just as there’s a beauty in it…Lowery brings a breathtaking artistry to the film, every frame fit to hang in a museum.” Hoai-Tran Bui, Slashfilm“Lowery and cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo unspool the most stunningly gorgeous film since the Oscar-winning Blade Runner 2049.”- Brandon Katz, Observer“Cinematographer Andrew Droz Palermo certainly makes a strong case here for Oscar contention.” Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the Movies

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一面是保持强劲增长趋势的手游市场,另一面则是垂垂老矣的PC游戏市场,这个选择题该怎么选?对于国内大厂们而言,答案是显而易见的。动则月流水过千万,甚至过亿的手游,正在成为市场的焦点。在移动游戏持续发力的影响下,早在2016年手游市场规模以819亿首超端游的583亿。意识到风向转变的厂商们纷纷调头转向手游领域,曾经繁荣一时的国内PC游戏市场,遭遇到了无情的抛弃。火炬之光战士技能60 Essential Adventure MoviesThe adventure is one of the hardest kinds of movie to define, but like certain other genres:  You know it when you see it. Adventures are grand, exciting, and often epic tales, usually focused on people on a mission, whose purposes include fame, fortune, and glory. The best adventure movies can run on the thrill of exploration and discovery, treading deep into jungles, stalking across arid deserts, or sailing across open oceans. The casts of characters feature rambunctious pirates, lordly counts, mercenaries and bounty hunters, big whales, and even bigger apes. And adventure movies can invite their other genre buddies along for the ride, too, including fantasy and science-fiction.Now we re embarking on our own journey, plundering gem after gem for a guide to what we re calling the essential adventure movies if you love the genre. Listing these best adventure movies in chronological order, we begin a century in the past, when the adventure genre was defined by the swashbucklers of Captain Blood and The Three Musketeers. At the same time, the fantastical elements introduced in King Kong and Wizard of Oz marked adventure movies as the spot to introduce the latest in dazzling special effects.After World War II, the adventure genre entered its prestige era, with historical epics like Lawrence of Arabia and The Man Who Would Be King, and tales of derring-do in The African Queen and The Great Escape. Here it should be said there is a certain Western-centric viewpoint that cannot be denied as inherent to many adventure movies, one that others different countries and cultures. And hopefully what elevates these movies above that are their swaggering sense of playful optimism and lighthearted fun.That s certainly evident in Raiders of the Lost Ark, whose retro serial action and intrigue established the adventure formula for a new generation, which marched on through Indiana Jones sequels, Romancing the Stone, National Treasure, and The Mummy. During the same 80s Indy decade, the adventure genre opened itself back up to sci-fi and fantasy, along with spotlighting younger protagonists, leading to The Goonies, The NeverEnding Story, Labyrinth, and more.Around the turn of the century, the adventure movie successfully aided the resurrection of other genres that common Hollywood wisdom had deemed box office poison: swashbucklers (The Mask of Zorro), high fantasy (The Lord of the Rings), and even the pirate movie (Pirates of the Caribbean), which had been sent to Davy Jones Locker after Cutthroat Island sank Carolco Pictures.And since 2012 s Life of Pi, there s been another adventure resurgence with The Jungle Book and more Kong and Jumanji movies.Now, continue on and discover the 60 best adventure movies to watch now!

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6.42.9 0月喜迎ame from, and where she actually fits into the world, found the young girl disobeying her father s orders and searching for her identity.As the episodes progressed, she learned who Erik really was: a former CIA agent who recruited pregnant women to sell their female babies to a secret government operation known as Utrax — an off-the-books outfit that conducted experiments on the girls with the goal of molding them into killing machines. He was the one who ultimately rescued Hanna from the facility when she was just an infant, and when Utrax agents under the command of Marissa Weigler (Mireille Enos) shot and killed Hanna s birth mother, Erik fled into the woods and raised Hanna as his daughter, teaching her to live off the land and stay out-of-sight.(Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)In season 2, Hanna is searching for freedom and family. With the tragic death of her father, and Marissa s surprise turn from villain to potential ally in the first season s final moments — the former Utrax officer decides to kill shady CIA operative Jerome Sawyer (Khalid Abdala), and help Hanna, Erik, and their new teenage super-soldier friend Clara (Yazmin Monet Prince) walk free from the Romanian facility — it s clear there s a bond between Hanna and Marissa. And in season 2, it continues to grow into a complex mother-daughter/partners-in-espionage team-up. I think that the dynamic that evolves between Marissa and Hanna is actually the most interesting thing about the series because it s so convoluted and tainted with the trauma of Hanna s past, and whether they can trust each other, Creed-Miles says. Whenever they are with each other or trusting each other with their lives, they both have the ability to kill each other in one way or another. And that s one of my favorite things about the season. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)Freedom, for Hanna, is a tougher goal to achieve. First, there s the ongoing trust issues she has with Marissa, especially considering the woman s awful past. (Marissa, after all, oversaw the incineration of the modified babies when the Utrax facility was originally shut down.) Season 1 also revealed that a new Utrax operation was up-and-running, and season 2 introduces Dermot Mulroney as CIA agent John Carmichael, who took over the duties of running the place. Hanna fixates on liberating Clara, which requires diving into the belly of the beast.This trip back to Utrax pivots the kinetic tone of the series, which found Hanna on the run throughout Europe in season 1, to a more grounded, though still tense, environment this time around. The organization s Meadows facility, which has this full-on Professor Xavier s School for Gifted Youngsters vibe, provides a lot of the conflict and nuance. The young women are trained in firearms and combat while being integrated into the world through government-assigned identities that are extensively documented in photo albums, each trainee s wardrobe, and carefully manufactured social media profiles. It s the control of Utrax over these young women; that ability to say, We ll give you this freedom, and, Look what we can offer you, look what we can give you, and still be totally in charge, Farr said, comparing this fictional power structure to the many real ones that have faced ridicule and engendered conflict in recent months. There s the idea that Hanna is, in some way, a true existential heroine who says, No. I ve looked it in the eye, and I know I don t want that. I m going to rebel. That, for me, gained the character a kind of prescience that I think it probably didn t have before. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)Hanna does see the appeal of the place. Once inside, she finds herself seduced by the allure of community. She may not have a physical family, but living among the other trainees, so like her, builds a feeling of belonging and connection, which is something Hanna has struggled to hold onto since the onset of the show. I think that the loss of not having any heritage, any family, any idea of her own history gives Hanna a huge insecurity that is exploited by the Utrax organization in terms of the girls, Creed-Miles said.Hanna s physical and intellectual prowess may be heightened, but Creed-Miles recognizes that the character is still a teenage human. And she s going through some of the relatable struggles with identity and acceptance most females her age grapple with. Despite the superficiality of [social media], it s still very emblematic of the way that young people are often engendered an identity that s created through, I guess, what s socially acceptable and what isn t, she said. I think that s changing, but social media is still definitely like the charging pools behind what people do and don t do and what they can and can t do. I think it s such an interesting element of the show and seeing the way that Hanna interacts with it highlights those differences. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)The series has become an unexpected mirror to some recent real-world issues, and as Farr noted, there s a history of the younger generation pushing back against the power structures that are no longer operating with the people s best interests in mind. What I find heartening about the politics of what s going on right now, in the world, literally right now — which I know, at the moment, is around race — is still fundamentally around identities and groups of identities that have been appallingly treated, Farr said. There is something hopeful of how the younger generation has gathered around that. And there s an energy, at the moment, around the youth. Enos agreed, adding:  Teenagers, at this moment, with all of the power of social media and their identities and self-worth being tethered to how many likes they get, it s a very complicated time. So, I hope for the teenage girls that watch this, that it helps them to consider why they identify with the things they do and what aspects of themselves they re putting as the most important. Hopefully, it isn t what other people around them are telling them. There s supposed to be some quiet inner voice that says, This is your path. This is your worth.' Hanna season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, July 3.
This Week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (those stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering up-and-coming titles like Akira, John Wick: Chapter 4, and Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers.This WEEK S TOP STORYTenet Sets a Release Date, Brings Taylor-Johnson, Caine, Kapadia on Board(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures, @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)Except for movies like Dunkirk and his Dark Knight trilogy (where obviously we knew it was about Batman), director Christopher Nolan frequently keeps the details of his films relatively secret during the early phases of development and production. For example, both Inception and Interstellar were relative mysteries for a long while (and that s even though Nolan took over directing Interstellar from Steven Spielberg). This week, we learned that Nolan s next film will be called Tenet when it s released next summer (July 17, 2020), which Merriam-Webster defines as, a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true. Tenet is described variably as an action epic and/or globetrotting adventure to be filmed in seven different parts of the world. John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) will lead an ensemble cast including Robert Pattinson (Twilight) and Elizabeth Debicki (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2). That ensemble grew this week with the additions of Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver from Avengers: Age of Ultron), Kenneth Branagh, Dimple Kapadia, Clémence Poésy, and frequent Nolan costar Michael Caine. Tenet is scheduled for July 17, 2020, up against Bob s Burgers: The Movie, the week after Ghostbusters 3 and The Purge 5, and the week before Disney s Jungle Cruise. Speculation about Tenet is just getting started, including this piece that suggests that the premise may involve time travel.Fresh Developments1. Catwoman, Penguin Named as The Batman Villains, Giving Us a Sense of Deja vu(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures)Since Tim Burton s 1989 Batman, we ve seen a few of the villains of Gotham City depicted more than once, including Bane, The Joker, and Two-Face. The Burton/Schumacher villains that weren t included in Christopher Nolan s Dark Knight trilogy include Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, and The Penguin, but now we re hearing that one of them will return to the movies for the first time in 29 years. That s because the two main villains in The Batman (June 25, 2021) will reportedly be Catwoman and the Penguin, which also makes it a de facto return to 1992 s Batman Returns, in which those villains were played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny De Vito. No casting has been announced for either role yet, but Frozen star Josh Gad has been posting online about his interest in playing The Penguin for years now.2. John Wick: Chapter 4 Set for 2021Joel MearesJohn Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum (89% Certified Fresh) hadn t even been out for a week when a teaser was dropped for the next chapter in the franchise, titled for now, unsurprisingly, John Wick: Chapter 4. The next film in Keanu Reeves high-body-count franchise is now scheduled for just two years from this week, on May 21, 2021. We obviously don t know what the fourth film might entail (though the ending of Parabellum does suggest some hints). This release date announcement did have one immediate response, however, from Warner Bros., which quickly bumped their animated superhero movie DC Super Pets from May 21, 2021 back a full year to May 22, 2022. The DC Comics superheroes expected to be featured in DC Super Pets include Ace the Bat-Hound, Krypto the Super-Dog, and Streaky the Super-Cat. With this move, DC Super Pets will now come after Joker (October 4, 2019), Birds of Prey (February 7, 2020), Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5, 2020), The Batman (June 25, 2012), and The Suicide Squad (August 6, 2021). There s no word yet on when Marvel Studios might ever release a Pet Avengers movie.3. Taika Waititi s Akira Adaptation Due in Just Under Two Years(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)There was a time when movie blogs were awash regularly with screeds against the potential evils of a live-action Akira (whether based on the 1988 anime classic, or the original mang

RT: This movie is pretty widely known as one of those projects most people thought would never be completed. How does it feel, now that it s finally done?Gilliam: Well, it s out of my life. I got rid of it. It was like a disease. That really is what it feels like. I m relieved that I like the film. That s what pleases me. It s nice that a few other people, or maybe a lot of people that depends like it as well, because the horrible thing about carrying it around that long was the growing fear that whatever I did would disappoint people, because if they had been waiting 20 years, their imagination is going to have plenty of time to grow. I just knew I m going to disappoint a lot of people. That was terrible. Luckily, I ve read a couple of reviews that proved that I was right. I disappointed. [laughs]That is just cheating. I think people who went to see the film should forget that it took 30 years to get made, because it s just a film that I finally got out. The film, the final film that s made, is a result of a couple years of work, and that s it. All the stuff that precedes that is kind of meaningless, to be quite honest. Once you ve finally got the cash, you can go off and shoot it, and then you survive shooting outside for almost the entire film without nature destroying you. It is what it is.For me, Quixote has never been one idea, one script that I had 30 years ago that I ve clung onto. It s constantly grown and changed and shifted, depending on circumstances and who s involved. That s what filmmaking is about. I m in no way a purist about anything. It s just something I managed to get done in the last couple of years, and I m really pleased with it.RT: Despite the hardships you endured bringing it to the screen, you must have been so excited to finally be shooting the thing. Am I completely off base about that?Gilliam: Completely. [laughs] The first couple weeks were horrible because this weight of expectations was killing me. It really limited what I was doing. I really was struggling to decide this, that, or the other thing. Luckily, after a couple of weeks, you re just in the rhythm of things. You re just dealing with a disaster that just occurred 10 minutes before, so you forget about all of that, but I just knew it s going to disappoint a lot of people. Whatever they thought it was going to be, it isn t. It is what it is, is all it is.All I know is, I think we ended up with a bit of script that we had way back when. We ended up with the best cast imaginable. It was the thing that actually carried me through most of the shoot, that whatever I felt my failings were, I just felt the cast is so brilliant that whatever happens, that will pull the audience through. I still feel that. I think Adam and Jonathan are spectacular, and Stella and Olga and Joanna and Jordi Mollà  every one of them is crackers. It s just great.RT: I have to imagine that, throughout the process if filming this, part of you had to be wondering, OK, what s going to go wrong this time? When is this all going to fall apart? Gilliam: That is the constant fear, because I know I m getting away with murder. How much longer can I pull this off? Actually, here s the funny thing that happened. The weather was good for us, because we were outside. We were exposed the whole time. We didn t have weather cover most of the weeks, actually. We were right on the edge the whole time, and the weather held until we got to it, the biggest scene in the whole thing, which is at the end with the burning of Santa Cathartica, and the castle with all of those extras there was 350, all in costumes I mean, the most expensive part of the film, and of course, that night it rained. [laughs] We had to postpone, and we lost a day. But I thought, Nature has got a sense of humor, is all I know.  It suckered me in, thinking it s going to be OK. Wait until you get the most difficult, expensive part, and now f k you, Gilliam. RT: When did you first realize this film was becoming your own personal windmill giant?Gilliam: I don t know. It must have been after 2000 when it all collapsed. I went off and did something else, and then it was more about the fact that Quixote wouldn t leave me. It was like every time I d finish another film, I would pause, and there would be that old fart waving, saying, Come on. Let s get to work.  That s what happened. At a certain point, you ve expended so many years, and it just feels you ve got to finish it. Luckily, I had Orson Welles up there as my competitor, and I thought, He couldn t finish his, and I m going to f king finish mine. [laughs] I had to be better than him at one thing. Maybe my film was a fraction as good as his was going to be, but it doesn t matter. I beat him on one thing.No, it s a very funny thing. Tony Grisoni, we were talking about this, because we knew the comparison between Gilliam and Quixote would keep coming up. He said, Really? His feeling is the film is Quixote; Gilliam is Sancho Panza. I m the guy who kept plodding along to keep the lunacy alive somehow. I tend to think there is that, because by the time we re doing it, I m no longer a dreamer at all. I m not fantasizing about anything. I m just dealing with reality, and it s been like that for the last probably 10 years. That s what it s become.RT: I think it s probably easy for anyone who s familiar with your work to see why you might have been drawn to the story of Don Quixote, but my understanding is that you read the novel, I think, sometime around 1989, and then immediately wanted to turn it into a film. If that s true, what was it about the book that spoke to you so powerfully that you just felt that intense need to adapt it?Gilliam: It was actually slightly backward from that. I think I had finished Munchausen, and what am I going to do next? Quixote has always been in the zeitgeist there s Quixote, one of the great iconic figures, and I ve always been partial to madmen and fantasists. I literally just called up Jake Edwards, who was the executive producer of Munchausen and said, Jake, I got to two names for you. One is Gilliam, and the other is Quixote. I need million. He says, You got it. It was as simple as that. I had the guarantee of million before I read the book.Then I sat down and read it, and several weeks later, I realized, What the f k have I done? This is crazy. I don t know how to even begin here because it s such a massive work. But I started working with Charles McKeown, who had written Munchausen with me, and we started throwing it around. It was a very different idea back then. It was really basically about several old men sitting around in a plaza in some little village in Spain, and all they were saying to each other, If only I had done this here. If only I hadn t done that. It was the if only story, and one of them says, I ve had enough of this stuff. I m going to die soon, so before I die, I m going to go and do whatever it is if only, that we ll throw the if only out of the equation. That s how we started writing it. That s where it started.But then I realized the problem was going to be, how do you convince a modern audience that a guy from the 17th century is completely enthralled with stories from the 12th century? Because your period costumes, a modern audience wouldn t be able to distinguish between the two. That then led to the next step, which was, let s have a modern guy who becomes the Sancho Panza, the man who we can all identify with, who takes us through. Then I went into Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur s Court. End of story, bonk on the head, you end up in the 17th century. That s where we were with the Johnny Depp/Jean Rochefort version. I don t know how many years ago we made the leap to keep it modern, because that would be cheaper. Planes could fly over, and they wouldn t f k up the film for us. [laughs]Then it was this idea that we see what he was like before he d become a cynical, corrupted commercials director, when he was young and innocent, and he made a film, as we do in the movie. That seems to be a much more interesting way of approaching it, and then it also made the character of Toby more tied in with a sense of guilt, because he s created this monster in Quixote, and so they re trapped together. That helped. All of these things started developing.It was always just this balance game of trying to keep it fresh and be true to the heart of the book, the essence of the book. We d pick bits that we liked from the original stories and use them, and yet we weren t trapped in that. We didn t have to ever become pedantic about it. It freed us up, because you spend your time always trying to escape from those great authors, whether it s Hunter Thompson or Cervantes. It all was quite step by step. It makes sense when I look back on it. At the time, we were just trying to keep it fresh in our own minds and trying to solve enough problems.RT: You ve said that the way the narrative shifted over the years, it came to be about the way movies can damage people, and I m wondering if that was directly influenced at all by what you went through, trying to get the movie made.Gilliam: No, it wasn t. What it was about was our experience making Holy Grail in Scotland. Because we had come up to Scotland, and we were working in this little village called Doune, where they had a castle and all. We really f ked up a lot of people s lives, because girls trailed the crew back to London, marriages broke up, all sorts of things happened as a result of a film crew coming to a small village. So that s what was in my mind, not my own experiences necessarily.It was also the other idea of what films do, is that films replace those books that Quixote was reading, which were about knights and heroics and maidens and blah, blah, blah. That s what movies do now. I find I don t know how X-Men or Avengers are affecting young people s lives. Do they believe any of it? Do they want to be like that? I don t know.RT: This isn t the only film project of yours that ran into problems during the development process. What made you stick with this one more so than any of the others?Gilliam: Well, it was probably Orson Welles again. It s the idea that even Orson Welles couldn t finish his. [laughs] But I feel a bit more responsible when I take on a great book that somebody else has written, and I feel, Is there a way I can actually bring this to life again for a modern audience? I want to encourage people to read. When I think about Munchausen, it was the book. Fear and Loathing, it was the book. It s really what triggers me a lot, taking on something that I think is important, make a film about it, and maybe it ll lure a few people back to actually look at the original material to see what it does to them.RT: Does The Man Who Killed Don Quixote hold any sort of special significance to you?Gilliam: I don t think so, no. Now that I ve managed to pull it off, that seems to be enough. It s still too close to me, as well, because always the last film is your favorite film. It always works that way with me, and I can t wait to see it in theaters to see what I really think about it. But it really is like that. I don t watch my films because I really want to get to the point that I ve forgotten what they are or what happens, so I can be like a normal audience and judge them as somebody who knows nothing. I m waiting for that moment on Quixote. I m still too busy. My problem with Quixote is I have become that character in the scene where Jonathan is in the back of the truck with the dirty sheet, and the film is playing again and again and obviously having to retell the tale. That s what I ve become. You have to be very careful of what you write.The Man Who Killed Don Quixote opens for a one-night Fathom Event on April 10.
Zombie movies, like zombies themselves, always seem to be on the verge of a sluggish, protracted death only for a new filmmaker to come along and revitalize them yet again. Such was the case with Korean director Yeon Sang-ho’s 2016 film Train to Busan, which took its elevator pitch premise (“Zombies on a train!”) and turned it into a stylish, pulse-pounding, heartfelt thriller.Four years on, Yeon is ready to return with a film that as you can see from its title is more than just Train 2. Here’s what we know about Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula so far.There Won’t Be a Zombie Seok-woo(Photo by ©Well Go USA Entertainment)As you can probably guess from its Fast Furious Presents: Hobbs Shaw-like title, Peninsula will be set in the same world as the original movie, but isn’t a traditional sequel. Unfortunately, that means the hero of Train to Busan Yoo Gong’s Seok-woo really did sacrifice himself to save his daughter and won’t be returning either as one of the undead or as a bit of “Surprise! He survived!” plot trickery. Yeon has confirmed that Peninsula follows a wholly separate cast of new characters.The Title Refers to Korea Itself(Photo by ©Well Go USA)In some early interviews, director Yeon explained that in the new film, which is set four years after the original, all government authority in North and South Korea has been decimated, and there’s nothing really left to identify it as the civilizations they once were. So it’s no longer “Korea,” it’s simply “the peninsula.”Yeon Is Going Big(Photo by ©Well Go USA)While the claustrophobia of Train to Busan was a huge reason for its being so terrifyingly effective, Peninsula is aiming for a much larger scale (Yeon has been quoted saying that the scale of Peninsula will make Busan look like a tiny, indie film by comparison).The New Lead is From Busan, but Not From Busan(Photo by ©Well Go USA)Actor Gang Dong-won, who was supposed to make his Hollywood debut in 2019 in a currently shelved Simon West disaster film called Tsunami LA, actually hails from Busan, South Korea in real life (but was not in the first film in this series). In Peninsula, Dong-won plays Jung Seok, a soldier who managed to escape from the “peninsula” only to be ordered to return along with a new group of soldiers on a mysterious retrieval mission.It s Less Sociological Study, More Mad Max(Photo by ©Well Go USA)The original movie featured a cross section of South Korean society, from workaholic salary-man Seok-woo to arrogant and selfish COO Yon-suk to a PTSD-ridden homeless man, all having their everyday lives thrown into chaos when the zombies appear. Yeon has cited films like Land of the Dead, The Road, The Road Warrior, and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome as main influences on Peninsula, which would indicate a more post-apocalyptic action flick than just zombie invasion horror.And We Mean a Lot more Mad Max, as in Zombie Thunderdome (Photo by ©Well Go USA)One of the first stills released from Peninsula appears to show some kind of fighting arena where survivors are thrown into the octagon against zombies, and the first trailer includes footage that backs up this idea. This also tracks with Yeon’s claims that he is exploring a world in ruin, where society has broken down and there are new, more savage, rules at play. Jung Seok and his fellow soldiers will find their mission jeopardized when they discover a group of survivors in this savage world trying to get off the peninsula.Peninsula Might Feel Timely, but It Won t Address the Origin of the Zombie VirusPeninsula was in the works before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world, but Yeon claims that people are now seeing the sort of selfishness that leads to the tragedy he explored in Busan. He has teased that any origin or explanation for what caused the zombie outbreak would be fodder for another film. That said, Peninsula is technically the third film in the franchise; Yeon started his career as an animator, and in fact planned on making Train to Busan as an animated film until a producer encouraged him to consider live action. However, Yeon had done an animated film called Seoul Station that was made before Busan but released after, serving as a prequel to that film.Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula does not have an official release date in the US yet, but is expected sometime in Summer 2020.
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Ghcxuf (Photo by Disney Channel/Courtesy Everett Collection)After Star Wars was released in 1977, everyone wanted to be Han Solo, including black children. Because before Lando Calrissian arrived in The Empire Strikes Back (1980), young black film fans were forced to search for the heroes in themselves in the white characters available to them.As Black History Month draws to a close, we have a look back at some of the groundbreaking TV series that helped change that.Before the 1970s, black characters on television most often appeared in the token roles of gangster, hardened cop, or caregiver. Then shows like The Jeffersons, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and Good Times began to fill the void in black representation, and in the 80s, Diff rent Strokes, A Different World, and 227 widened the conversation surrounding black archetypes, higher education, and navigating the politics of black and white America.And while early children’s programs like Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood promoted important messages of community and tolerance, they would often feature black children in stories that would subtly incorporate the otherness of black children in order to be palatable to white audiences and avoid controversy. In reality, it’s that perceived otherness that makes life difficult for black families.Though pioneers for children’s show representation, 80s cartoons like Captain Planet, Defenders of the Earth, and Jem and the Holograms did little to elevate the minority characters above colorful casting.But in the ’90s, the landscape changed, and black kids were finally able to recognize themselves in the characters they were seeing on TV. The impact was immediate and the feeling was unique and powerful.The birth of Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and a 24-hour Disney Channel finally made it possible for creators to put a sharp focus on the black experience in children’s entertainment. Suddenly, black children were the stars of television shows — shows that understood the challenges they would face in life.The important lessons the following ’90s series taught were frequently difficult and wouldn’t have been possible without the onscreen representation these shows provided. Their legacy is a TV universe that today includes series like grown-ish, Cousins for Life, Craig of the Creek, Doc McStuffins, and K.C. Undercover.Have a look at some of those lessons of these series and specific episodes that made such a difference in empowering young black viewers.Kenan and Kel (1996-2000)Young sketch comedy gods Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell followed up their All That success with their own eponymous show. The series, set in Chicago, featured a theme song by Coolio and centered on two kids trying to get through high school, work regular jobs, and date. They served up epic laughs for four seasons that eventually led to a feature movie.The Episode: I.Q. Can Do Better Kel s parents are a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist, but his genius isn t as readily apparent. So, when the boys take an IQ test and his score comes back as certified brilliant — and Kenan s score is a three — Kenan suspects something is wrong with the test. At the end of the episode, it turns out both boys are geniuses.The Lesson:Kenan and Kel perfected slapstick to a professional grade early in their careers; in fact, the actors were almost too good at the exaggerated style of physical comedy — to the point that viewers might mistake their characters bumbling, scheming, practical jokes, and mistakes as signs of ignorance. The episode revealed, however, that their ingenuity and intellectual curiosity were actually the building blocks of genius.The Proud Family (2001-2005)(Photo by Disney Channel/Courtesy Everett Collection)Each week Penny Proud, eldest child of the Proud family, navigated the terrifying world of middle school, hormones, and the many dynamic personalities of her big family (with a theme song by Solange Knowles, backed by Destiny s Child). Voiced by Kyla Pratt, Penny was a good girl with bad girl attitude. She was ready to fight for her friends, but hated to disappoint her parents. The show mostly focused on the problems all adolescents face, but occasionally an episode specific to black childhood would explore a previously hidden truth.The Episode: I Had a Dream Penny s history teacher, tired of reading the same old reports during Black History Month, assigns the class projects focusing on lesser-known black American contributions to history. Penny gets figuratively and literally swept up in the assignment, traveling to 1955 dressed as 1960s activist Angela Davis. Enraged at the limitations the era enforces on her, Penny gives a modern-day speech about the accomplishments of black Americans. Later, her love for her white friend, Zoey, inspires a protest that eventually integrates their school. Parents protest the change, but Penny retorts by reciting portions of Dr. Martin Luther King s I Have a Dream speech.The Lesson:This episode serves an intense reality check for children who believe the past doesn t affect their current existence. In her dream, Penny s history teacher works as a disregarded janitor, and her friends are second-class citizens; Penny Proud can t swallow that level of indignity. She learns that the civil rights movement was built on a foundation of hard work, and that all black children owe a debt to those who paved the way — lest history repeat itself.Cousin Skeeter (1999-2001)(Photo by Nickelodeon/Courtesy Everett Collection)Nickelodeon’s sitcom was about a suburban black family that takes in their cousin Skeeter, a puppet in the human world who uses his adorable nature to create mischief. The story is a bit like an updated Leave it to Beaver. Skeeter, his cousin Bobby, and Bobby s lifelong friend and eternal crush Nina encounter classic sitcom tropes like navigating April Fool s jokes, sneaking out of the house, and trading lives with a wealthy lookalike.The Episode: The Bicycle Thief Skeeter sees the perfect opportunity for Bobby to prove his love for Nina when Nina’s bike is stolen. Together the crew plays detective to figure out who took the bike. Clumsy Skeeter sets up a sting operation using Bobby s bike as bait for the thief, and it works! Unfortunately, the thief is craftier than expected and gets away. The friends try to get the police involved, but a lack of evidence gets them turned away. Eventually, they track their bikes down and discover that the shop worker who s been helping them enhance their bikes set them up.The Lesson:Interactions between police officers and black children are often portrayed as terrifying and life-threatening, but in reality, interactions with the police exist on a spectrum.When the officers arrive on the scene, they uncover a stash of spicy candy. But when the trio warn an officer, he brushes them off and even mocks them lightly. The kids just shrug and let the officer eat the candy, showing that sometimes police officers’ microaggressions will shame black youth. The lesson is imperative to their survival in a world that isn t always kind (but also doesn t have to be deadly).Codename: Kids Next Door (2002-2008)KND was a super-secret global spy ring made entirely of adolescents determined to end parental crimes of forced veggies, bedtimes, and the regulation of Halloween candy. Numbuh Five, voiced by Cree Summers, was an early childhood icon for many black girls. Summer s gravely voice, Five s sporty design, and the effortless cool of the character can be compared to Pam Grier s Coffy or a modern-day Idris Elba. When the show focused on Five, it often forced the fearless anchor of the team to confront her inner demons.The Episode: Operation M.A.U.R.I.C.E. One of the main goals of the KND was to allow kids to be kids for as long as possible. Age and time changed Five s sister, Cree, from Five s best friend to her sworn enemy. Afraid her friend Maurice will suffer the same fate when he turns 13, Five and the team agree to watch Maurice 24/7 to make sure he doesn t become part of the teen s team. Though he s growing up, Maurice will get to be a kid forever.The Lesson:Some people get to remain kids. Growing up doesn’t mean a person is expected to be jaded. Maurice, though 13, still wants to protect his friends. He’s growing and maturing, but his roots remain intact. This sets expectations for Five that help relieve a lot of the pressure she feels as she approaches the same age; she doesn’t have to become her sister. In a world where black children are expected to grow up faster than their peers, learning that remaining young at heart is a choice is an important one.That s So Raven (2003-2008)Raven (Raven-Symoné) is a normal high-schooler, except for one thing: She can see into the future. Raven, who has aspirations to be a designer, tries to survive high school and interpret her visions with her friends Eddie (Orlando Brown) and Chelsea (Annelise van der Pol) by her side.The Episode: True Colors Chelsea and Raven apply for a job at Sassy’s. Raven passes every test with flying colors, but in a vision, Raven hears the boss say she doesn t hire black people. Hearing these words shocks Raven to her core. For the first time she is consciously aware of racism. I always heard about racism, Raven tells her friends, but I didn t know how much it could hurt. Raven s parents convince her to fight back. Eventually, they catch the boss on camera being overtly racist, and she is fired.The Lesson:Fighting for one s rights can be incredibly daunting, and having to explain to young children why one s skin color shouldn t exclude them from work, can be demeaning and embarrassing. Even Chelsea, who loves Raven endlessly, has a hard time identifying her new boss as racist. She just discriminates against bald people, Chelsea explains at one point, showing that even the most well-intentioned friend may still have difficulty understanding these situations. Raven was ready to give up, but with her support system behind her, she was able to get justice, which is an enormously valuable lesson for any child to learn. 😈😈


火炬之光战士技能 三国人生手游是一款独特的三国主题手游,在游戏中,玩家可以体验不同的方式来探索三国。丰富的主线和支线任务助你快速升级,你可以自由选择自己的身份。不同的身份可以体验不同的游戏内容,多种不同的选择会带来不同的后果。

(Photo by © 20th Century Fox)Oscar nominations will be announced on Tuesday morning – and finally, so many of our burning questions will be answered.Will Roma become Netflix s first film to compete for Best Picture? Can Black Panther secure a Best Picture nod though countless other comic-book films have fallen short? Will Bradley Cooper join Warren Beatty and James L. Brooks as the only directors to earn nominations for Best Director, Screenplay, and Best Picture with a debut film? Can Alfonso Cuarón top that with five personal nominations – Best Picture, Director, Editor, Screenplay, and Cinematographer?Check back with Rotten Tomatoes Tuesday January 22 at 5:20am PST / 8:20am EST to watch the nominations announcement live stream, and follow us on social all day for reactions and our takes on the biggest snubs and surprises.After what has been a fairly eventful season – we ve had gaffes, Twitter controversies, accusations of historical inaccuracies – it s difficult to predict exactly what will happen when Kumail Nanjiani and Tracee Ellis Ross announce the nominees. But after careful consideration, we here at RT have narrowed down our picks for who will be nominated – as well as who should be nominated – in the major categories. We looked to our Awards Leaderboard and the Tomatometer for guidance, along with historical voting patterns, the state of the conversation right now, and insights from the Rotten Tomatoes staff. Don t agree with our picks? Have at us in the comments.Best Picture(Photo by @ Netflix) Wow, now that was unexpected. Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King summed up the entire 76th Annual Golden Globes Awards program Sunday night in its final moments as his film took the Motion Picture Drama award.It was a night of big surprises on both the film and TV front, as the Hollywood Foreign Press handed out its 2019 honors. The night s big, emotional wins came from leading drama actress Glenn Close for film The Wife (an upset, considering many expected Lady Gaga to take the award for her role in A Star Is Born), top drama actor Rami Malek for his starring role as rock icon Freddie Mercury in the night s top film, and, on TV, Richard Madden for his actor in a drama series win for Bodyguard, reaction to The Kominsky Method s various upsets, and The Americans snagging the Best Television Series Drama award for its final season. (See the full list of winners here.)Read on to learn about those big wins and more of the best moments of the night.Film s Biggest Moments | TV s Biggest MomentsSandra Oh Makes an Emotional Opening StatementAfter a well-received opening monologue built around the idea of the two nicest people in Hollywood trying their hardest to be mean – and failing – Oh took a moment to acknowledge the history she was making by hosting as an Asian-American. Oh told the audience, “I said yes to the fear of being on this stage tonight because I wanted to be here and look out onto this audience and witness this moment of change. I’m not fooling myself. Next year could be different and probably will. But right now, this moment is real. Because I see you. I see you. All of these faces of change. And now, so will everyone else.”FILMBest Motion Picture Drama – Bohemian Rhapsody(Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC)Once Rami Malek got his Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture Drama, the Bohemian Rhapsody star clutched onto it like the statue was going to make a break for it (see his speech here). At just 62% on the Tomatometer, Bohemian Rhapsody was not the movie the RT office was expecting to win Best Drama. And yet, in a massive upset that leaves A Star Is Born’s Oscar prospects positively shaken, the movie took at the top prize on Sunday night, and, though somewhat less of a surprise, Malek took best actor. Will it be enough to get the film an Oscar nod? We’ll be able to tell later this month.Regina King Wins Best Supporting Actress, Makes Powerful PledgeRegina King’s win for Best Supporting Actress in a Movie for If Beale Street Could Talk was no big surprise – she’s favored to take out the Oscar, too – but her speech was one of the most powerful of the evening. After a touching tribute to director Barry Jenkins for making a film that her son said “was the first time he saw himself on screen,” King made a pledge that every project she produces in t


Summer Movie Calendar 2021 A month-by-month breakdown of the best summer movies 2021 has to offer, from A Quiet Place Part II and F9 to Luca and The Suicide Squad.

火炬之光战士技能 The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is the next Marvel Studios series to touch down on Disney+, hitting the streamer on Thursday, March 19. Continuing the Captain America storyline, the program finds the unlikely team-up of Steve Rogers closest friends Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) — a.k.a. the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. By the looks of things, the highly-anticipated show will be filled with loads of drama, intrigue, and rollicking action – at least according to initial social reactions from critics and journalists who have seen the first episode. The chemistry and throwback buddy cop-style banter even delivers some fun nostalgic Lethal Weapon feels. Altogether, this sounds like the perfect formula for some MCU goodness. But does the continuation of the Avengers story live up to the hype?Here s what critics are saying about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier s first episode on social today:IS IT WORTH THE WAIT?The first episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is exactly what you think it ll be, but that s not a bad thing. If you like this world and like these characters, you will like this. It s exactly what s been advertised: more Marvel, but shaped like a television show now. Jacob Hall, SlashFilmThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier is centered around my two least favorite characters in the MCU. While I wasn’t exactly blown away by the first episode, I will fully admit that it kept my interest and made me want to come back for seconds. I’m intrigued.#FalconAndWinterSoldier.- Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentSaw the first episode of FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. So far so good? Tough to tell after one episode, but I’m a huge Falcon fan so I’m glad this exists.- Mike Ryan, UPROXXExciting news: The Falcon And The Winter Soldier gets off to a kick-ass start with its first episode. Its high-flying action is perfectly worthy of the MCU, and the emotional stakes are set up well. It also has some cool surprises in store, so be spoiler-phobic!- Eric Eisenberg, CinemablendHOW LONG WILL THE EPISODES BE?(Photo by Marvel Studios)Looking forward to diving more into the

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