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皇冠正规welcome登录采用百度引擎8(Baidu 9)A Christmas Story Sucked with a capital S . The whole story revolvesaround this dumb, nerdy kid who should have been beaten up ona regular basis. It s a Wonderful Life is great because it shows the resilienceof the Human Spirit. Down and and being kicked and he gets up off the mat andfights back when he knows that being rich doesn t mean having a lot of money. Christmas Vacation , White Christmas and Home Alone 2 needto be in the the top 10, NOT Home Alone .

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The ninth season of American Horror Story is subtitled 1984 — meaning viewers are in for a mega dose of nostalgia with their scares this year. The campy horror series goes to literal camp this year as the core cast of Ryan Murphy s players gathered at Camp Redwood for a summer of outdoor fun (and, apparently, death).The action begins with a flashback to a 1970 summer camp massacre by the now-incarcerated Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch), then introduces the five Los Angeles youngsters who venture to the great outdoors for their new summer job. Brooke (Emma Roberts) is the last American virgin who decides to join her relatively new friends after being attacked in her apartment by the real-life killer eventually dubbed the Night Stalker. Montana (Billie Lourd) is a sexually charged aerobics obsessive, Ray (DeRon Horton) is the nice guy of the group, Xavier (Cody Fern) is a serious actor uninterested in soap opera gigs, and Chet (Gus Kenworthy) is an athlete recently kicked out of the Olympics. They head to the summer camp led by uber-Christian camp director Margaret (Leslie Grossman), a survivor of the aforementioned massacre, where they meet camp staffers Rita (Angelica Ross), the nurse, and Trevor (Matthew Morrison), an anatomically gifted activities director.Cue slasher movie references galore, plus some more scares for the main cast.See what critics had to say about American Horror Story: 1984: 1984 (2019) 87% below.Blast from the Past(Photo by Kurt Iswarienko/FX)Only one episode into the season, it already looks to be a fun ride because 1984 is the first season since Freak Show to be set in the past. (Yes, Hotel had some other eras popping up, but it was mostly set in the present day.) This year seems like a real treat for campy horror, though, harkening back to not only the original Friday the 13th movies but also the fun knockoffs like Sleepaway Camp and Summer Camp Nightmare. —Andrea Reiher, VarietyThere s 80s Nostalgia Galore(Photo by Kurt Iswarienko/FX)The 80s references come so hard and fast the start of the show almost reads like a sketch sending up 80s nostalgia, from the neon font introducing the cast to “Cruel Summer” playing within the first fifteen minutes. —Molly Horan, AV ClubIt seems very possible that Ryan Murphy appropriated the writing budget for this episode and spent it all on thong leotards, shimmer stockings, and sleeveless polyester turtlenecks — because the story makes no sense, but lord, the cast looks fabulous. —Kat Rosenfield, Entertainment WeeklyIf last season — Apocalypse, if you have already lost track of where we are in the series nine-season run — was the first time I felt like campiness and silliness overrode the core mandate to be freaky and creepy, Wednesday (September 18) night s American Horror Story: 1984 premiere was the first time it seemed like Murphy and Falchuk were engaging in nostalgia for nostalgia s sake. The launch was an hour-ish of the writers and frequent director Bradley Buecker saying, You like Glow? You like Stranger Things? You like the 80s? Remember those summer camp killer movies? Reference! Reference! Reference! —Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood ReporterAnd Plenty of Horror References(Photo by Kurt Iswarienko/FX)In classic horror fashion, a gas station attendant learns where they re going and warns the group that they re all gonna die. In more classic horror fashion, the gang run down a random hiker. He s still alive, though he can t remember his name. Xavier (who was driving) wants them all to agree they didn t hit him. —David Oliver, USA TodayFriday the 13th is the main reference point here, obviously, but John Carpenter s Halloween creeps in, in a big way, toward the end when Mr. Jingles escapes from his asylum (which almost feels like a Goonies moment). There s even a gender-swapped Dr. Loomis-type, along with a fun cameo by The X-Files Mitch Pileggi, who was killer Horace Pinker in 1989 s Shocker. —Matt Fowler, IGNThe Season Feels Lighter (Photo by Kurt Iswarienko/FX)AHS: 1984’s tone is so much brighter, lighter, and stylized than previous seasons of American Horror Story (God, the opening credits this year are amazingly on point) that this almost feels like a stealth season three of Scream Queens, especially with Emma Roberts leading the pack as Brooke Thompson. Make no mistake, this is a good thing, and at least this first episode embraces that show’s gleeful murder-happy impulses. —Daniel Kurland, Bloody Disgusting But Still Scary(Photo by Kurt Iswarienko/FX)The whole thing opens with our serial killer, Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch), murdering an entire cabin of teenagers — one via knife through the eye — and collecting their ears as trophies, so, uh, no, they aren t messing around with the gore this season. —Maggie Fremont, TVGuide.comWhere’s the Twist?(Photo by Kurt Iswarienko/FX)One of the big elements that makes American Horror Story interesting is that each season tends to contain some kind of major, game-changing twist. Last year in Apocalypse, for example, the show killed off most of the main cast a couple episodes in and transitioned into a crossover between Coven and Murder House. Back in Roanoke, they revealed midway through that we had been watching a reenactment of real events — a show within a show — before those real ghosts started going after the cast and crew of that meta-show. Since it seems like it would be difficult to make a straight homage to ’80s slasher movies last ten episodes, we can’t help but assume that AHS 1984 will feature some kind of similar change-up, but of course it’s hard to guess right now what it might be. But there has to be something, right? —Jennifer Maas and Phil Owen, The WrapThe premiere episode of 1984 has played out exactly like a 1980s slasher film would — it s a perfect homage to the genre — but I m wondering when it s going to go all American Horror Story on us. You know, aliens, the antichrist, that Lady Gaga blood orgy. I m here for the 80s horror of it all, but I can t help but feel like something else is coming. As long as it isn t the clowns. Please, no more clowns. —Maggie Fremont, TVGuide.comFinal Verdict?Thus far, 1984 is pastiche. Like Scream without the analysis, it is obsessed with what made slashers slashers with little more to say at any given moment than, “‘Member that?” Of course, being a TV show that has to air for several weeks and take up about 10 hours of airtime in total, it can’t be as flagrant with its characters’ wellbeing, which means there’s a lot of dead-end suspense when the show manages to be suspenseful at all. It’s fun enough, though, and the VHS-inspired intro is killer —Rich Juzwiak, JezebelThe big question as the pilot closes with the crazed killer having escaped from the asylum, running loose in the rain near a bunch of buzzed camp counselors who really, really want to get into each other’s short shorts isn’t what comes next. Anyone who has seen even a snippet of a classic horror film from the 80s knows what comes next. It’s how what comes next fills another ten or so episodes when it usually only covers the second half of a 90-minute movie. —Molly Horan, AV ClubIn many ways, the premiere’s approach feels like classic AHS—even a return to basics after the bonkers if entertaining spectacle that was AHS Apocalypse. The slasher theme moves the show away from any whiff of topicality, instead fixing its lens on a simpler time, when killers stabbed and their victims ran screaming through the woods. —Laura Bradley, Vanity FairLike this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. 这是一款画风Q版的三国题材的冒险手游,玩家在这款游戏中能够体验到最新最刺激的三国趣味故事,还能在这款游戏中感受来自三国世界的卡牌刺激对战,三国系列动作卡牌手游,画面精致、战斗酷炫、玩法丰富。在这款游戏中得到体现,玩家能在玩游戏的同时还能够解锁到其他的小伙伴们和他们一起在这款游戏中冒险。

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A collection of muted victories is the best way to describe the box office over the Presidents’ Day weekend. Alita: Battle Angel might have won the top spot, but a surprising showing for Rebel Wilson rom-com Isn’t It Romantic? could be a victory in and of itself. Queen of the Crop: Alita Wins The Battle, But Could Lose The War (Photo by 20th Century Fox)The Robert Rodriguez/James Cameron collaboration Alita: Battle Angel (59% on the Tomatometer) had been gestating since the early 2000s and was in post-production for nearly two years before its release this weekend. Alita’s .3 million is good enough for 12th all-time over Presidents’ Day weekend, but with its Valentine’s Day opening it stands at million.The film wisely avoided the battle against Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns over the end-of-2018 holiday, though a meager start is not going to calm the waters in the spending department. Clocking in at a reported 0 million budget (not counting distribution costs) means that eyes will be focused on its international output, where it currently stands with an additional million.That’s not a terrible start if its goal was 0 million domestic. It has already surpassed the final grosses of 2017’s Ghost in the Shell (.5 million) and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It would take 2.7 million for Alita to be Rodriguez’s highest-grossing film ever, but it could be at the cost of being his most expensive flop to date as well. Rotten Returns: Happy Death Day Sequel Well Behind Original’s Numbers (Photo by Universal Pictures)Coming in at a shocking low this weekend was Happy Death Day 2U. Blumhouse’s sequel to its million 2017 hit made just million over the four-day weekend, and .7 million since its opening on Wednesday. That is considerably less than the original’s three-day opening weekend of million. Critics were still generally on board with the franchise, as it stands at 67% on the Tomatometer (down from 71% the first time around) and the notoriously cost-efficient Blumhouse is not going to lose too much sleep even after ballooning the budget from .7 million to a whopping million. However, expectations ranging from -30 million for 2U’s first six days amounts to a bummer. The Top Ten And Beyond: Glass Reaches 0 Million, But The Upside Gains (Photo by Universal Pictures)The other new wide release of the week, Isn’t It Romantic?, has managed .8 million since its opening on Valentine’s Day. That’s nearly halfway to the total of star Rebel Wilson’s 2016 rom-com How To Be Single, which finished with .8 million after opening two days before the card-and-flowers holiday. Still, Isn’t It Romantic’s million production is going to need some help to turn a profit for Warner Bros.The studio’s Lego Movie 2: The Second Part grossed .3 million over the four-day weekend. Of films to open between -35 million, its three-day weekend of .2 million was less than Identity Thief, Ransom, and Lethal Weapon 4 — all R-rated films. Those three made between million and million after ten days, while Lego 2 sat at .6 million. The good news is that the animated sequel is not far behind the 0-137 million grosses of that adult fare, but it is still significantly less than both the original film and The Lego Batman Movie.It took 28 days, but M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass finally passed the 0 million mark — on Valentine’s Day. It will soon be joined by The Upside, the first big surprise hit of 2019, which could hit the benchmark by the end of next weekend. For the fifth straight weekend the Kevin Hart/Bryan Cranston remake has dropped less than 30 percent from the previous week, and that’s even with the film dropping 591 theaters this weekend. It’s a feat that Oscar nominee Green Book has pulled off for the ninth straight weekend, with that film’s total box office haul now standing at more than million. Meanwhile, Paramount’s What Men Want is in a position where million would be the lowball for its final gross. This Time Last Year: Black Panther Began Its Run At History (Photo by © Marvel Studios)Black Panther had the fifth-highest opening weekend of all time, with 2 million over the Presidents’ Day weekend. Including the Monday holiday, the Oscar-nominated comic book movie posted a grand total of 2.1 million and was well on its way to becoming the third-highest-grossing domestic title ever. On the lower end that weekend, Aardman Animation suffered a dud with Early Man making just .19 million. PureFlix’s biblical effort, Samson, did not have much strength either with just a .9 million start, but The Greatest Showman continued to flex its muscles by crossing the 0 million mark. Thanks to Ryan Coogler and Marvel the Top Ten films grossed 7.3 million over the weekend and more than 3 million during the four-day holiday. The films averaged 55.2% on the Tomatometer. This year’s Top Ten grossed 5.1 Million over the three-day weekend, 7 million over the four-day, and averaged 60.1% on the Tomatometer. On the Vine: Training Dragons and Wrestlers (Photo by Universal Pictures)Nearly nine years after the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy began, audiences get to see the story’s conclusion with How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. Expect it to top the box office next weekend and add to an international total that currently sits at million. The first two films have grossed a worldwide total of .116 billion. Also expanding into wide release is Stephen Merchant’s Fighting with My Family, the story of WWE’s Paige that stars Florence Pugh. The film opened in just four theaters this weekend to 1,625, giving it the highest per-screen-average of the week (.906). Dwayne Johnson produced the film and has a two-scene cameo in the comedy/drama that stands at 88% on the Tomatometer after its “surprise screening” at Sundance in January.The Full Top 10: February 15-18Alita: Battle Angel (2019) 61% – .3 million ( million total)The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) 84% – .3 million (.8 million total)Isn't It Romantic (2019) 70% – .6 million (.8 million total)What Men Want (2019) 41% – .3 million (.6 million total)Happy Death Day 2U (2019) 71% – million (.7 million total)Cold Pursuit (2019) 68% – million (.1 million total)The Upside (2017) 43% – .5 million (.1 million total)Glass (2019) 36% – .6 million (5.2 million total)The Prodigy (2019) 43% – .6 million (.5 million total)Green Book (2018) 77% – .5 million (.4 million total)皇冠正规welcome登录The Directors Guild of America held the 71st Annual DGA Awards on Saturday at the Hollywood and Highland Center s Ray Dolby Ballroom. Alfonso Cuarón took home the top prize for Roma, while Eighth Grade director Bo Burnham caused something of an upset, winning the First-Time Feature award over A Star Is Born director Bradley Cooper. In a season that has been split for the major awards, all eyes were on the DGA to provide some clearer indications for which film might reign supreme on Oscar night. What does Roma s win mean for the Oscars? Well, Academy members and DGA members seem to share the same tastes: nine of the last 10 DGA winners went on to claim the Best Director Oscar and seven went on to win Best Picture.Follow along with all the winners of the season with our Awards Leaderboard. The full list of DGA winners and nominations are listed below.Feature Film

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Why introduce Verified Ratings and Reviews? It’s about giving fans the most useful tools possible when making their entertainment decisions.We’ve worked for some 21 years to ensure the Tomatometer is a trusted tool for those who want to know what critics think of movies and TV series. But the development of that trust didn’t happen overnight – it was a process. We’ve been consistently evolving the Tomatometer and how we select the critics whose opinions generate it to meet the times.The introduction of Verified Ratings and Reviews is a similar evolution, one designed to meet different challenges. In the face of increased skepticism about online user ratings and reviews, and greater demand for transparency about how user scores are generated, we’re offering something simple: ratings and reviews from people we can confirm have purchased a ticket to the movie they’re rating, which we think is a strong indicator someone has seen the movie.We believe an Audience Score made up of these Verified Ratings is the most trustworthy measure of user sentiment we can offer right now – one that gives entertainment fans a genuine audience assessment of a movie they’re considering watching, and one which puts significant roadblocks in front of bad actors who would seek to manipulate the Audience Score.Today is another phase in a rollout of changes we’re making to our Audience Score, user ratings, and user reviews. As we’ve mentioned, we’re working on bringing other ticket providers into our verification system, as well as finding ways we can verify ratings and reviews for movies that are not theatrically released, for TV series, and for streaming titles. And there will be further enhancements to come.We’ll be announcing these changes right here in the product blog, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions in the comments section below. We’ll take your thoughts and ideas into consideration as we continue to evolve our recommendation tools.Thanks for using Rotten Tom

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2.94.5 6月喜迎What the 91st Academy Awards lacked in hosts, it certainly made up for in surprises – at least at the tail-end of the night. (Yes, your ears and eyes were working: that was Julia Roberts naming Green Book as Best Picture and not Roma.) It was also a night for history to be made, with the likes of Spike Lee winning his first Oscar, and Ruth E. Carter and Hannah Beachler becoming the first African Americans to win awards for Costume and Production Design, respectively. Read on for our picks of the night s biggest moments, and check out our full list of the 2019 Oscar winners.Adam Lambert and Queen Open the Show(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody may be lowest on the Tomatometer among the Best Picture nominees, but the band was top of the night. Joined by Adam Lambert, Queen opened the show performing “We Will Rock You” and then “We Are the Champions,” forcing all actors caught on camera to rock out enthusiastically/awkwardly (Javier Bardem for the win).Fey, Rudolph, Poehler Show they Would Have Made the Perfect HostsSome viewers got their hopes up that perhaps we would get hosts after all when Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, and Amy Poehler entered the stage following a montage of moments from the year in film. And while they did not stick around to guide us through the night, their introduction to the Best Supporting Actress showed the Academy might be wise to let them next year. Particular highlights: Rudolph’s sultry “Wakanda plans you got later?” to Chadwick Boseman, and her perfect Gaga wail.Regina King Wins Best Supporting Actress for If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) 95%If Beale Street Could Talk co-star Regina King was named Best Supporting Actress, and – after an assist getting to the stage from Captain American himself – delivered a heartfelt speech, celebrating her mother, who accompanied her to the awards. “I’m an example of what it looks like when support and love is poured into someone,” said a teary King. She is the first winner in any acting category to win the Oscar without being nominated for a SAG or BAFTA since Marcia Gay Harden in 2000.Brian Tyree Henry and Melissa McCarthy Wear All the CostumesBrian Tyree Henry (If Beale Street Could Talk, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) introduced the Best Costume Category wearing outfits inspired by all five nominees. We will never forget the image of McCarthy opening the envelope with a rabbit puppet.Ruth E. Carter and Hannah Beachler Make History With Wins for Black Panther (2018) 96%Black Panther costumer Ruth E. Carter became the first Black woman to win an Oscar for Best Costume Design, beating out favorite Sandy Powell who was nominated twice for Mary Poppins Returns and The Favourite. The 30-year veteran began her acceptance speech by thanking fellow nominee Spike Lee; the BlacKkKlansman director gave Carter her first job on School Daze, and they later collaborated for her Oscar-nominated work on Malcolm X. Next up was the award for Best Production Design, and in back-to-back historic Black Panther wins, Hannah Beachler became the first Black woman to win for Production Design. The production designer behind Beyonce’s Lemonade and all of director Ryan Coogler’s movies gave an emotional speech during which she thanked Coogler for believing in her.Mahershala Ali Wins Second Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Green Book (2018) 77%Some pundits thought Can You Ever Forgive Me? co-star Richard E. Grant was set to cause an upset here, but favorite Mahershala Ali took home the prize for his portrayal of pianist Don Shirley. The win makes Ali only the second ever Black actor to win two acting Oscars (the other being Denzel Washington). Ali dedicated his award to his grandmother, “who has been in my ear my entire life telling me, if at first I don’t succeed, try, try again.”Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Generate Jackson-Ally Magic with “Shallow”(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)They didn’t even need an intro… The Best Song favorites performed the final song of the night, semi-recreating A Star Is Born’s memorable concert scene: camera lingering behind them, epic build, that wail. “Shallow” – of course – went on to win Best Song.Spike Lee – Finally – Wins His First OscarBOOM-SHAKA-LACKA! Spike Lee won his first competitive Oscar after five nominations. (He was awarded an honorary Oscar in 2016). Accepting the Best Adapted Screenplay award for BlacKkKlansman – along with Kevin Willmott, David Rabinowitz, and Charlie Wachtel – the Brooklyn native stayed on brand: bombastic and honest. During his speech, he drew attention to the date of his historic win, 400 years almost to the day since the first slaves arrived in the United States. In February, Black History Month, the country s most celebrated Black filmmaker was handed the award from Brie Larson and his longtime friend Samuel L. Jackson. It is the third year in a row that a Black writer has won for screenwriting: Jordan Peele won Best Original Screenplay for Get Out last year and Barry Jenkins won Best Adapted Screenplay in 2017 for Moonlight.A Best Actress Mega SurpriseThe Oscars proved it still has the capacity to surprise, saving one of the biggest shocks of the night to almost the very end: The Favourite star Olivia Colman upset favorite Glenn Close in the Best Actress category. Less of a shock: Colman gave arguably the best and funniest speech of the night, opening with “It’s genuinely quite stressful” and ending by simply exclaiming, “Lady Gaga!”Alfonso Cuarón Continues Hot Streak for Mexican DirectorsAlfonso Cuarón’s win for Best Director means that Mexican directors have won the category five times since 2014: Alejandro González Iñárritu for Birdman and The Revenant, Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water, and Cuarón for Gravity and, now, Roma.Green Book (2018) 77% Beats Out Favorite Roma to Win Best PictureIf the Best Actress win was one of the biggest wins of the night, it’s closest competition was in the Best Picture category, where Green Book won ahead of favorite Roma. Some pundits had a feeling this could happen, particularly given the Oscars’ preferential voting system, but it was inconceivable to others that any film could stand in the way of Cuarón s masterpiece. Netflix will have to wait another year, at least, before it can take the top honor.Thumbnail image courtesy Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesWhat were your biggest highlights of the night? Tell us in the comments.

King of the Crop: Shazam! Repeats, but Its Final Estimate Falls(Photo by Warner Bros.)As stated last week, Shazam is more DC’s Ant-Man than their Guardians of the Galaxy. To maintain the kind of momentum that would keep it in the universe of Paul Rudd’s character financially, it was hoping for around a 45% drop for its second weekend. Instead it fell 53%. Still good enough to beat this week’s challengers handily, but its hopes of reaching 0 million and beyond fell a bit. Among comic book adaptations to earn between -100 million after ten days, Shazam! joins the company of X-Men, X-Men: First Class, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Incredible Hulk, Batman Returns, The Wolverine, and Wanted. Batman Returns is the high bar with a 2 million final tally, while the four films surrounding it on that list grossed between 1-135 million. Shazam!’s second weekend (.1 million) was higher than all of those films except for Batman Returns (.4 million) but its final estimate is now in the 0 million range. Shazam! has grossed over 1 million worldwide to date.Rotten Returns: Laika Is Failed Again, but Not By Critics(Photo by Annapurna Pictures)This story is either sad or infuriating maybe both, depending on who you ask. Ask critics which animated studio they would rather see put out more film – Illumination or Laika – and they re likely to say Laika every day and twice on Sunday. Laika’s output has included Kubo and the Two Strings (97%), Coraline (90%), ParaNorman (87%), Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride (83%), and The Boxtrolls (76%), all of which are Certified Fresh. Yet, since Coraline in 2009, each successive Laika film has grossed less than the last from Coraline’s million down to Kubo’s .Laika jumped ship from Focus Features, a studio whose Laika projects rank as four of the top 12 grossers in their history. Now they put themselves in the hands of Annapurna, who this February partnered with MGM and Orion to release films under the banner of United Artists Releasing. Missing Link (89%) is their first effort, and they opened it to .8 million. In 3,413 theaters. That is a lower per-theater-average (,712) than Matthew McConaughey’s Serenity (,724). It is a worse average than Focus Features got for Neil Jordan’s Greta (,859). Focus opened Ratchet Clank to .8 million for Pete’s sake. While UA Releasing has some high profile remakes and sequels on the horizon (Child’s Play, Bill Ted Face the Music, Bond 25), this is a really disconcerting start. Especially for the animated company, which deserves better.The Top 10 and Beyond: Hellboy Hits Bottom with Critics and Audiences(Photo by Summit Entertainment)Another film that could have gone into the “Rotten Returns” section was the reboot of Hellboy. From Sony to Universal to Lionsgate, no studio has been able to make this character a thing. Despite two efforts from Gullermo del Toro, both 2004’s Hellboy and 2008’s Hellboy II: The Golden Army were financial failures, albeit ones with PG-13 ratings. The new R-rated Hellboy may not be family-friendly, but it wasn’t critic-friendly either. Garnering just a 15% on the Tomatometer, Hellboy is one of the worst-reviewed wide releases of 2019, ahead of only A Madea Family Funeral (13%), Replicas (10%), and this week’s release of After (13%), which Aviron opened in 2,138 theaters to bigger numbers than Missing Link (.2 million).Back to Hellboy, though. It continues Lionsgate’s history of lackluster returns for comic book adaptations. Red was their biggest success, opening to .7 million and finishing with .3 million. Its sequel was not as well-received, with lines of and .8 million. Kick-Ass was .8 and million. Hellboy could not even reach their PG-13 Thomas Jane Punisher film, which opened to .8 million just two weeks after del Toro s Hellboy opened to .1 milion in 2004. The Punisher finished with just .8 million. Neil Marshall’s million production of Hellboy may not even make it to million domestic, which is less than Hellboy II’s opening weekend alone of .5 million.Disney’s Dumbo is also headed for a rough landing. The live-action version of their 1941 classic is up to just .9 million after 17 days. That puts it in league with Apollo 13, Borat, Home Alone 2, The World is Not Enough, District 9, Blades of Glory, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, Fifty Shades Freed, Superbad, Doctor Dolittle, The Fugitive; films between -91 million in the same period. Among that crop, only Fifty Shades Freed made less (.1 million) in its third weekend than Dumbo (.1 million). That is putting Tim Burton’s 0 million production somewhere between 0-110 million. With only 6 million worldwide, the film could end up being another 0+ million loser for Disney. Fortunately for them, not only is Avengers: Endgame on the horizon, but Captain Marvel still has the 21st best total ever after 38 days with 5 million, and with .064 billion worldwide, it s now the 28th highest-grossing film ever.(Photo by Paramount Pictures)The new Pet Sematary adaptation is following the path suggested in last week’s column. With a 59% drop in its second weekend to million, the film is now in danger of coming up short of the .4 million of the 1989 film. The 2019 version is in league with other horror films like The Omen (2006), Evil Dead (2013), Gothika, White Noise, Dracula Untold, Happy Death Day, and The Cell – each of which had between -42 million after ten days of release, and only The Cell and Gothika made more than .4 million. With The Curse of La Llorona set to take a chunk of the horror fans away from a film that dropped from 82% on the Tomatometer after its closing night SXSW premiere to 58% by the end of its first weekend, an under million haul next weekend could seal its fate in missing the 1989 goal. Nevertheless, it s sill on pace to turn a profit for Paramount.Doing better with horror fans is Jordan Peele’s Us, which is over 3 million, officially passing last year’s Blumhouse production of Halloween. The film is still million ahead of last year’s A Quiet Place after 24 days, but it has fallen behind its fourth weekend take (-to-.9 million.) That is also less than Get Out’s fourth weekend (.4 million), though Us is still million ahead of the pace of Peele’s debut. Us looks to land somewhere in the 0 million range. Universal also managed to open Little this weekend ahead of Hellboy. Its .4 million opening is higher than their Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds body-switch film, The Change-Up, which started with .5 million and finished with million.This Time Last Year: Dwayne Johnson Led with Another Video Game Adaptation(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)The video game adaptation, Rampage with Dwayne Johnson led the way with .7 million, just barely beating the second weekend of A Quiet Place, which finished with .9 million to just pass the 0 million mark in its 10th day of release. Opening in third was Blumhouse horror, Truth or Dare, with .6 million and Roadside’s most successful film to date, the song origin tale of I Can Only Imagine, passed million in total sales. The Top Ten films grossed 1.79 million and averaged 66.8% on the Tomatometer. This year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated 1.45 and averaged 58.5%On the Vine: Horror and Sci-Fi Bring the Calm before the Avengers Storm(Photo by New Line Cinema)Another horror film tries to separate fans from their money. This time it is The Curse of La Llorona, part of The Conjuring universe, about the infamous weeping woman who steals children. Its premiere at SXSW this year was not as well received as Pet Sematary, as it owns a 44% on the Tomatometer at the moment. (Sematary’s score dropped 20% from its SXSW premiere.) Also look out for 2018 SXSW premiere, Fast Color, from director Julia Hart and co-writer/producer Jordan Horowitz, starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a woman with powers in a bleak future.The Full Top 10: April 5-7Shazam! (2019) 90% – .14 (.91 million total)Little (2019) 46% – .49 (.49 million total)Hellboy (2019) 18% – .01 (.01 million total)Pet Sematary (2019) 57% – million (.12 million total)Dumbo (2019) 46% – .18 million (.94 million total)Captain Marvel (2019) 79% – .63 million (6.53 million total)Us (2019) 93% – .95 million (3.5 million total)After (2019) 18% – .2 million (.2 million total)Missing Link (2019) 88% – .84 million (.84 million total)The Best of Enemies (2019) 53% – million (.1 million total)
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This Week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Animorphs, Attack the Block 2, and new roles for Oscar Isaac, Will Smith, and Kristen Stewart.This WEEK S TOP STORYWILL SMITH, ANTOINE FUQUA TEAM UP FOR SLAVERY-ERA THRILLER EMANCIPATION(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)In 1863, the still experimental new science of photography gave the world one of its earliest and most shocking demonstrations of the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words when an escaped slave named Peter was photographed to reveal his back scarred by countless whip lashes. And now, Peter s story will be told on the big screen, thanks to Will Smith who turned down the opportunity to star in Quentin Tarantino s slavery-era revenge flick Django Unchained  and director Antoine Fuqua, who normally works in the action-thriller genre with movies like Training Day, Olympus Has Fallen, and The Equalizer. Smith will produce and star in the film, called Emancipation, which will be a biographical thriller about the life of the slave named Peter as depicted in that early photograph. Smith and Fuqua expect to start production of Emanciation in early 2021, after Fuqua finishes filming the drama Infinite and after Will Smith wraps filming of King Richard, about the life of Richard Williams, the father of future tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams. The announcement of Emancipation is timely this week as the Juneteenth holiday has its origins in the commemoration of the Emancipation Proclamation in Texas on June 19th, 1865.Other Top Headlines1. ACADEMY AWARDS DELAYED TO APRIL OF 2021(Photo by Getty Images)As this year s COVID-19 pandemic has continued to delay the releases of dozens of films, there has been a steady number of articles wondering online how this year s shortened release calendar will impact the Academy Awards. The issue at hand was not only that there will be fewer films released in 2020, but also that the later months will be crowded with films originally scheduled for earlier in the year (i.e. when will the awards season movies be released?). This week, the mystery was (at least partially) addressed, as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has indeed delayed the 93rd Academy Awards until April 25, 2021 (pushed back two months from Febraury 28, 2021). As part of this delay, the window for eligibility will also be extended all the way to February 28, 2021. This delay potentially will have a particularly strong impact on the Sundance Film Festival, which is annually held in January after the end of awards season, as this new delay means Sundance will now be held a month before the deadline instead of after. (The Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals have already announced that the change will not impact their scheduling.) In (very) related news, the BAFTAs have also delayed their next ceremony until April 11, 2021, just two weeks before the new Academy Awards date.2. EDGAR WRIGHT LINKING UP WITH X-MEN: FIRST CLASS WRITER FOR THE CHAIN(Photo by Wilson Webb/©TriStar)For fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the still mysterious What If ? scenarios (not to be confused with the upcoming animated Disney+ series What If ?) involves the version of the first Ant-Man movie that would have been directed by Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead), who eventually dropped out of the production. Well, this week s news isn t exactly that, but we did get confirmation of a movie called The Chain that will effectively align Wright with a screenwriter, Jane Goldman, who actually has worked on some Marvel movies (X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past), as well as the non-Marvel comic book adaptation Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Goldman and Wright will deliver the adaptation of Adrian McKinty s 2019 novel The Chain for Universal Pictures, who picked up the project after it had previously been eyed by Paramount Pictures last summer. The Chain tells the story of a mother of a kidnapped 11-year-old daughter who discovers that the only way to get her own child back is to kidnap somebody s else child (hence, The Chain). Wright s next film before The Chain will be Last Night in Soho, starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Jojo Rabbit star Thomasin McKenzie, which is now scheduled for April 23, 2021 after its 2020 release was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.3. JOHN BOYEGA MAY GET HIS ATTACK THE BLOCK SEQUEL AFTER ALL (Photo by Liam Daniel/©Screen Gems courtesy Everett Collection)During a recent protest event, Star Wars star John Boyega wondered aloud, I don t know if I m going to have a career after this, but several directors and studios were quick to respond online, saying that they would indeed be eager to work with Boyega on future projects. One of those filmmakers appears to have been Joe Cornish (The Kid Who Would Be King), who not only like Wright above worked on Marvel s Ant-Man, but also gave John Boyega one of his earliest leading roles in the 2011 science fiction film Attack the Block (Certified Fresh at 90%). Speaking recently on the Script Apart podcast, Cornish revealed that he has met with Boyega to discuss ideas for an Attack the Block sequel, although he didn t reveal what it might be about (except that the setting would have to acknowledge the 10+ years since the events of the first movie). Cornish is currently also developing a TV movie adaptation of the cyberpunk novel Snow Crash for HBO Max, and Boyega s upcoming films include Naked Singularity and Rebel Ridge.4. THIS WEEK IN OSCAR ISAAC NEWS: ARMAGEDDON TIME, LONDON, THE CARD COUNTER (Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix)Speaking of John Boyega, one of his Star Wars co-stars has, like Boyega, had to dedicate much of the last several years to the Star Wars franchise, but that s all over now, so he s back to beefing up his other credits. That co-star is Oscar Isaac, and in addition to co-starring in Denis Villeneuve s highly anticipated upcoming adaptation of Dune (12/28/2020) (which will soon resume filming for reshoots), Isaac will also continue filming his lead role in Paul Schrader s The Card Counter in Mississippi in early July. On top of that, Isaac also joined two other new projects this week, one of which is Armegeddon Time for director James Gray (Ad Astra, Certified Fresh at 84%), an ensemble drama set at a prestigious private school in the 1980s in which his co-stars will be Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Donald Sutherland, and Cate Blanchett. Isaac s other new project is a thriller called London based on a short story by Norwegian author Jo Jo Nesbø and directed by Ben Stiller, which is quite a departure for him. The premise London is being kept under wraps, but it s adapted by Eric Roth, whose previous films include Forrest Gump, Ali, Munich, the 2018 version of A Star is Born, and soon, the aforementioned remake of Dune.5. KRISTEN STEWART TO STAR AS PRINCESS DIANA SPENCER (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)In Season 3 of Netflix s The Crown, the cast changed to introduce Olivia Colman as the older Queen Elizabeth and Ben Daniels (Emma.) as a young Prince Charles. Although the new additions also included Emerald Fennell as Camilla Shand, the future Duchess of Cornwall, fans of the show will have to wait until Season 4 to see Emma Corrin join the series as Princess Diana (though you can see some set photos of her in costume here). The Crown will soon have competition, though, in the form of a new feature film about the life of Princess Diana, as Kristen Stewart is now attached to star in the film called Spencer (after Princess Di s maiden family name). Spencer will be directed by Pablo Larrain, who is probably best known for directing a biographical film about another influential female political figure, Jackie (Certified Fresh at 87%), which starred Natalie Portman as Jacqueline Kennedy in the period immediately after JFK s assassination. Similarly, Spencer will not be a biopic about Princess Diana s entire life, but will instead focus on three of the final days of her troubled marriage to Prince Charles. This is not the first time Kristen Stewart has starred in a biopic, as she also played the young Joan Jett in 2010 s The Runaways (Fresh at 70%) and actress-turned-activist Jean Seberg in last year s Seberg (Rotten at 34%).6. TENNIS STAR ARTHUR ASHE BIOPIC FROM DA 5 BLOODS SCREENWRITER (Photo by Harry Dempster/Getty Images)Decades before Venus and Serena Williams ever picked up a tennis racket, Arthur Ashe made sports history as the first African American man to win a singles title at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, and the Australian Open, among other accomplishments. Following a heart bypass surgery in the 1980s, Ashe was diagnosed with AIDS, which led to his founding two different health organizations before his death in 1993. A biopic about the life of Arthur Ashe is now in development, to be produced by Hyde Park Entertainment (Blue Valentine, Machete) and Warner Music Group. The film will be adapted by screenwriter Kevin Willmott, who won a Best Adapted Screenplay Academy Award for co-writing 2018 s BlackKklansman (Certified Fresh at 96%), and who also wrote 2015 s Chi-Raq (Certified Fresh at 82%) and the recent Netflix film Da 5 Bloods (Certified Fresh at 92%), all of which were directed by Spike Lee. Arthur Ashe is survived by his wife, photographer Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, and their daughter Camera, named after her mother s profession. Warner Music Group is expected to help secure music for the Arthur Ashe biopic from the extraordinary works of the era by such artists as Aretha Franklin, Prince, Curtis Mayfield, and others. 7. TESSA THOMPSON TO STAR IN TRIPPY THRILLER BALESTRA(Photo by Marvel Studios)In the sport of fencing, a balestra is a leap forward usually followed by an aggressive lunge attack. Balestra also happens to be a pretty cool-sounding title for a movie, specifically one starring Tessa Thompson, whose profile has risen in recent years thanks to roles in Marvel s Thor: Ragnarok, HBO s Westworld, and Boots Riley s Sorry to Bother You, among other things. Thompson is now executive producing and will star in a psychological thriller called Balestra, playing a disgraced competitive fencer hoping for an Olympic comeback who receives a new device designed to help her train while she s lucid dreaming, until she gets caught in her own web of subconscious desires and unfulfilling reality. Balestra will be an independent production directed by Nicole Dorsey (Black Conflux) and will co-star Marwan Kenzari, A.K.A. Sexy Jafar from Disney s recent live-action remake of Aladdin.8. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE STARS COLIN JOST AND PETE DAVIDSON (Photo by NBC/Getty Images)Staten Island may be the smallest borough of New York City (by population), but it s also currently the hometown of two current Saturday Night Live cast members, namely Colin Jost and Pete Davidson. Davidson also recently starred in Judd Apatow s The King of Staten Island (Fresh at 70%), which had its streaming debut last Friday (6/12/2020). Soon, though, Jost and Davidson will have something else in common, as they are now both signed to star in the Universal Pictures comedy Worst Man. As the title suggests, Worst Man will be a wedding-themed comedy about the family dramatics that ensue just weeks before the wedding, but it s currently unclear what roles Jost and Davidson will play presumably one of them will be the groom, and the other will be the best (worst?) man, and you get no points for guessing which of them is most likely to play which role. Colin Jost s next movie will be the live-action/CGI hybrid comedy Tom and Jerry (3/5/2021), and Pete Davidson will have a supporting role in next year s soft reboot of The Suicide Squad (8/6/2021).9. ELIJAH WOOD TO STAR IN TED BUNDY DRAMA NO MAN OF GOD(Photo by Daniel C. McFadden/©IFC Midnight courtesy Everett Collection)In 2012, Lord of the Rings franchise star Elijah Wood played against type by starring as a serial killer in the Maniac remake (Rotten at 53%). For his next film, Wood is stepping around to the other side of the interrogation table, quite literally, as he will star as serial killer Ted Bundy s FBI analyst Bill Hagmaier in the crime thriller No Man of God, based on the real life transcripts of their conversations from 1984 to 1989. (The real life Bill Hagmaier was also featured in episode 4 of Netflix s 2019 mini-series Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes). Indie filmmaker Amber Sealey (How to Cheat, No Light and No Land Anywhere) will direct No Man of God from a screenplay by screenwriter C. Robert Cargill (co-writer of Sinister, Sinister 2, and Doctor Strange).10. 1990s NOSTALGIA CONTINUES WITH ANIMORPHS (Photo by Nickelodeon courtesy Everett Collection)Starting in June of 1996, Scholastic started publishing a series of over fifty children s science fiction novels known as the Animorphs series. Hollywood s penchant for capitalizing on the nostalgia of decades 20 to 30 years in the past means the 1990s are currently super en vogue. That s pretty much all you need to know not to be surprised by this week s news that development has started on an Animorphs movie. As in the books, Animorphs will tell the story of a group of five teenagers with the ability to transform into various animals who then have to use their super powers to prevent a secret alien invasion of Earth. Scholastic Publishing has, to date, published over 35 million copies of Animorphs books, and there was also a Canadian Animorphs TV series in the late 1990s. The Animorphs movie is being developed by producer Erik Feig, whose credits include the Step Up dance franchise, the Wrong Turn horror franchise, and the spy movies Mr. and Mrs. Smith and The Spy Who Dumped Me.



皇冠正规welcome登录 (Photo by Amazon Studios)In the month leading up to the release of Coming 2 America, the three-decades-later sequel to the Eddie Murphy classic, Amazon Studios is inviting fans to “Meet Your Majesties” by unveiling new character posters from the movie every Monday. ­­And the studio has given Rotten Tomatoes an exclusive first look at four stunning character posters kicking off the campaign.The new images feature regal, gilded portraits of the leaders of Zamunda: Murphy as King Akeem; James Earl Jones as his father, King Jaffe Joffer; Shari Headley as ­­­the queen from Queens, Lisa; and Arsenio Hall as royal advisor and the king’s bestie, Semmi – still a target of scorn from the elder royal, despite a significant style glow-up.The new film sees Akeem again traveling to New York, this time to collect an illegitimate son – and potential heir – and bring him back to Zamunda. How the son, played by comic, actor, and writer Jermaine Fowler, came into existence is something we won’t spoil here.Exclusive first-look character poster of Eddie Murphy as King Akeem in Coming 2 America. (Photo by Amazon Studios)The most immediately striking aspect of the new images are the extraordinary costumes, which are more elaborate and embellished than what we saw in the original film. They come courtesy of costume designer Ruth E. Carter, who won an Oscar for her work on Black Panther and collaborated with Murphy and Coming 2 America director Craig Brewer on Dolemite Is My Name.Carter says she wanted to show that Akeem and Semmi were more established and had grown in the years since we met them. “The characters that I find were the most challenging were the ones really trying to keep the story of Prince Akeem and Semmi, those that we knew from the first movie,” Carter says. “We needed to stay within that story so that we recognize them, but also give them a little bit more position.”Exclusive first-look character poster of Arsenio Hall as Semmi in Coming 2 America. (Photo by Amazon Studios)Hall’s Semmi, who wears an intricately detailed golden coat in the new poster, has changed perhaps more than anyone (though he still sports his trademark grin). “Semmi isn’t the same guy,” Carter says. “After 30 years he has grown in his status in the court, in the family. The king still hates his guts, but he probably has a bigger staff and greater responsibilities. I wanted to bring him up a notch, and that was challenging.”“Ruth is a genius!” Hall says of working with Carter. “And I don’t even know how to describe that in detail, but genius says it all.  She’s the Katherine Johnson of costuming: An amazing eye, taste, and imagination. I’m a guy who always wears gray and black, when I have my choice. Gray and black is easy to coordinate.  But Ruth brought royal fire to Semmi’s wardrobe.”Exclusive first-look character poster of Shari Headley as Lisa in Coming 2 America. (Photo by Amazon Studios)Hall says he loved walking into his trailer and discovering what Carter had waiting for him. “There were gold neck pieces, amazing crossbody chains, hats from the motherland, cream-color suits, and the official palace red socks, with spectacular matching shoes,” he says. “She was great at further developing what Semmi should look like today. Whether it’s my pimp character in Black Dynamite, or Semmi in Coming 2 America, Ruth E. Carter never misses.”Hall also loved stepping back into the role of Semmi. “I love playing Semmi because he is so totally different than me,” he says. “Semmi is loyal and would kill for Akeem, but every other characteristic about Semmi is less than flattering. He is a self-centered, materialistic, immature, womanizer who loves Africa, and believes that America is a s thole country. Exclusive first-look character poster of James Earl Jones as King Jaffe Joffer in Coming 2 America. (Photo by Amazon Studios)The inspiration for Hall s take on the character might surprise some viewers. When I was a kid, I used to watch a show called Leave It To Beaver – Google it millennials! – and I always channel Wally’s best friend Eddie Haskell when I’m playing Semmi. That guy who is always around the crib, yet his presence is annoying to everyone. Semmi is the palace punching bag.”From all indications in the trailer, that s something about Semmi that hasn t changed.Coming 2 America arrives on Amazon Prime Video March 5, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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