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亚博竞彩靠谱么采用百度引擎0(Baidu 9)From music biopics to KKK infiltration to superhero theatrics, it can be tough keeping track of this year s eight Best Picture Oscars nominees, let alone their separate journeys to this prestigious point. We ve put together a refresher cheat sheet that helps you keep track of this year s gold rush, with stats like box office, Tomatometers, and even the number of awards the nominees have collected to this point. Continue on to get it all, or take a look elsewhere with out Awards Leaderboard or the full list of Academy Awards 2019 nominees.

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The 50 Best TV Seasons of the 2010s, According to the TomatometerWe re celebrating the best TV of the decade with a look at the top-scoring seasons of 2010–2019, according to the Tomatometer. The second season of Phoebe Waller-Bridge s Fleabag takes the top spot, but don t feel bad for season 1; it appears at No. 1 our list. Fellow Amazon Prime series Catastrophe, from creators Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, tops the list for number of total seasons on the list with three of its four seasons Certified Fresh at 100% on the Tomatometer placing at Nos. 14, 15, and 25. Netflix title Master of None is the only show with two seasons in the top 10.All of the seasons are Certified Fresh at 100%, by the way. We re showing 50 here, but there are a total of 94 TV seasons from the decade that have 100% Certified Fresh scores. We ranked them according to the number of reviews each had at the season level. Fleabag season 2, for instance, has 95 season-level reviews with Insecure season 1 hot on its heels with 94 reviews. Meanwhile, season 2 of anthology series Fargo, which starred Patrick Wilson and Kirsten Dunst, has a total of 230 reviews total across the season and 10 episodes, but only 58 at the season level, and so the title appears lower on the list. But getting episode-level reviews is an accomplishment in itself; most shows don t get enough reviews on each episode to get episodic scores.Broad City and Jane the Virgin — girl power! — have the most seasons in the top 200 seasons of the decade with four each. Fan favorite Breaking Bad is represented twice, while Cobra Kai, which surprised audiences with its 100% Tomatometer score last year is at No. 11. The highest-ranked superhero series is Marvel s Agents of Shield season 3. Meanwhile, some incredible TV seasons – many of Game of Thrones’, the current season of Watchmen – missed the list, because of just a few dissenting reviews.Read on to find out which titles placed in the best TV of the decade.Which is your favorite 100%  Certified Fresh season of TV? Let us know in the comments. 《使命召唤手游》和以往的射击手游有什么区别?玩家为何认可其3A品质?对此,有着8年FPS游戏经验的游戏日报老鸡腿上手体验了一番:

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英雄联盟手游最近即将推出大乱斗模式了,大乱斗模式是端游很受欢迎的模式,很多玩家都很期待手游上线这一模式,那么英雄联盟手游大乱斗模式怎么玩,今天小编给大家带来英雄联盟手游大乱斗玩法攻略。亚博竞彩靠谱么Behind the Zero(Photo by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)John Travolta is as notorious for his bizarre and unfortunate choices in roles as he is famous for his performances in movies like Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Urban Cowboy. He s a perpetual comeback kid, if only because he always has dispiriting professional nadirs to come back from. That was certainly the case in 1994 when he joined an ambitious, offbeat ensemble crime comedy called Pulp Fiction, which came on the heels of 1993’s Look Who’s Talking Now, the disastrous second sequel to his 1989 comeback movie and, of course, a recipient of the infamous zero percent on Rotten Tomatoes.By the time Look Who’s Talking Now died at the box office, the franchise had drifted far away from both the emotional core that initially made it culturally and emotionally resonant and the cutesy gimmick that helped make it a surprise box-office smash. A recently announced series reboot may be able to recapture some of that initial charm, but as the sequels demonstrated, there s only so much you can do with the same idea.Writer-director Amy Heckerling’s 1989 original was a rare hit romantic comedy rooted in middle-aged single motherhood. To make the film more palatable to a mass audience, the inner monologue of star Kirstie Alley s pre-verbal baby was voiced by a wisecracking Bruce Willis. The result was a surprise smash with a decidedly limited premise that nevertheless inspired a full trilogy of movies. Look Who’s Talking is not Lord of the Rings  it does not probe into any themes that would require an entire series of films to explore. It’s a minor miracle that it worked even a single time, but stretching it over three films is sadistic, to audiences and characters alike.The ZeroLook Who’s Talking had a cheesy but cute and effective gimmick: who hasn t wondered what babies are thinking in their pre-verbal state? Who hasn’t pondered what might be going on inside those adorable little heads? Look Who’s Talking Now, the first entry in the series not to be written and/or directed by Amy Heckerling (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Clueless), tries to do the same with pooches, but the novelty and freshness has been lost.The film opens with parents James (Travolta) and Mollie (Alley) chasing after a now partly grown-up Mikey (David Gallagher) and his little sister Julie (Tabitha Lupien). They can both talk, unfortunately, so now the creatures whose inner monologues we hear are a little further down the food chain.Danny DeVito steps sadly into the fray to voice scruffy, oversexed mutt Rocks, who earned his name by doing his business in the backseat on the way home. Don’t worry, though; there are lots of creepy, inappropriate sex jokes to go along with all the poop jokes.Rocks is like the Tramp in Lady and the Tramp, in the sense that Look Who’s Talking Now baldly and badly steals from the Disney animated classic. Diane Keaton plays the aristocratic Lady to Rocks’ salt-of-the-earth Tramp as the voice of Daphne, a poodle given to the family by Samantha D’Bonne (Lysette Anthony), a 30-year-old ice queen and titan of industry who hires James to be her personal pilot as the first step in an elaborate plan to seduce him away from his family.As for the children, Mikey is not only capable of speaking for himself, he looks like he should probably start thinking pretty seriously about college in the years ahead. The gimmick that initially defined the character and the franchise is long gone, leaving behind only another gratingly precocious moppet tormented by questions of Santa Claus’ authenticity.(Photo by TriStar courtesy Everett Collection)In a bid to get him back into the Yuletide spirit, James, Mollie and sister Julie the latter clad in a tutu and angel wings lip-sync their way through Alvin The Chipmunks The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don t Be Late), that exemplar of Eisenhower-era uber-kitsch. The performance is supposed to be so adorable that Mikey s skepticism and disillusionment are rendered powerless before its heartwarming power. Instead, it s a moment of David Lynchian horror, a close cousin to the sequence in Blue Velvet when Dean Stockwell lip-syncs to In Dreams, but infinitely more disturbing due to context.It’s almost impressive that the makers of Look Who’s Talking Now managed to create a family movie about dogs and children that isn t cute in the least, but rather unintentionally disturbing . Little Julie, for example, has an obsession with basketball players specifically Charles Barkley that is supposed to pay off in a fantasy sequence in which this tiny, self-conscious girl challenges the NBA legend to a game of one-on-one, taunting him with “Let’s get busy!”Barkley’s bewildering cameo here at least ensures that Space Jam is not the single worst film he’s ever been a part of.Later, Julie decides that she can fly like Peter Pan, so she climbs up a series of shelves and prepares to dive onto the carpet before she’s scooped up by her alarmed mother. We re meant to find it adorable that this precocious child misunderstands the adult world. Instead, she s like a creepy ghost-girl from a J-Horror shocker, seemingly possessed by evil spirits in at least a couple of scenes. Look Who’s Talking Now may skip through genres randomly, but its many horrific elements are unintentional.Rocks is like the character DeVito plays on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but less appealing or capable of self-restraint. He calls a female dog a bitch, responds to Daphne’s introduction with a Wayne’s World-style shwing, and, before he falls in love with Daphne, accuses her of being the product of inbreeding.That might seem wildly inappropriate for what is ostensibly a family movie franchise rooted in the ability to hear an adorable little baby’s thoughts, but by this point, the series had somehow morphed into a bad-taste marital sex comedy primarily concerned with whether or not James will be able to successfully avoid sleeping with his manipulative, hot-to-trot ice queen of a boss.(Photo by TriStar courtesy Everett Collection)Since there’s nothing kids enjoy more than sexual jealousy, they’ll particularly enjoy the many scenes of Mollie brooding about her husband violating the sanctity of marriage with a world-conquering dynamo who throws her own unemployed messiness into even sharper relief. Alley can make for a relatable, vulnerable, sympathetic heroine, or she can be a sloppy, blubbering, desperate mess. We get the latter here.In another fantasy sequence, Mollie dreams about James cheating on her while he dreams about her cheating on him with a character played by a returning George Segal. Eventually they realize they’re in a dream together and that they have control over their actions, and we are briefly treated to a lovely little production number with Travolta and Alley gliding across the dance floor like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It’s an example of what a world-class performer like Travolta can bring to even the dodgiest and most desperate of projects, but it also just made me wish that I was watching literally any other movie in which Travolta dances, including even Be Cool, another unnecessary, god-awful sequel that is nonetheless infinitely better than Look Who’s Talking Now, if only for Dwayne Johnson’s performance.But it somehow gets even worse and less dignified for Travolta and company. For reasons known only to the filmmakers, Look Who’s Talking Now ends with a music video-style showcase for French baby rapper/one-hit wonder Jordy, who scored an international hit with 1992’s Dur dur d être bébé! (It s Tough to Be a Baby) when he was a mere four years old. Jordy was a grizzled has-been of five or six by the time the movie opened, but that didn t stop the franchise from closing its ostensibly final chapter, fundamentally, with a product placement for a Christmas song by the pre-pubescent European pop star. Alley, Travolta, and the children from the film are all there for Jordy as he delivers lyrics like Can you feel something in the air? A super nice feeling of holiness. Needless to say, It s Christmas, C est Noel failed to become a new holiday standard. But it’s an utterly bizarre and yet wholly appropriate way to end a singularly misguided sequel that deviated so far from what made the original successful that they barely seem to inhabit the same universe, let alone the same film series.Final Verdict(Photo by TriStar courtesy Everett Collection)Thanks largely to the mega-watt movie star charm of John Travolta , Look Who’s Talking Now is not completely worthless. But it is astonishingly misconceived, the concluding entry in a series that never should have been a trilogy. It’s so bad it reflects poorly on sequels as a whole  they are rightly disparaged for being frequently terrible, strained, and unnecessary, but in the entire undignified history of sequels, few can compete with Look Who’s Talking Now for sheer pointlessness.Nathan Rabin is the author of six books and the proprietor of Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place.Follow Nathan on Twitter: @NathanRabinLike this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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ed by a good bit of discussion and debate, and it s clear people have strong opinions about Disney movies. We hope you had as much fun following along as we did, and we ll see you all in the next showdown!Recommended: All Upcoming Disney MoviesRecommended: All Disney Animated Movies Ranked by TomatometerRecommended: 100 Best Movies on Disney+

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(Photo by Netflix)Netflix s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has scored big with both viewers and critics since its October 26 launch, garnering a Certified Fresh score of 90% on the Tomatometer from 78 TV reviewers.The series, an adaptation of the comic book series, takes place in the next town over from The CW s Riverdale, but creepy Greendale has far more supernatural g

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0.32.7 0月喜迎(Photo by © Paramount)Ryan Spahn is a New York City-based actor, writer, and director. His next feature film is Nora Highland, which was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic and explores the issue of casting straight actors as LGBTQ+ characters in the theater. Here he reflects on seminal Thanksgiving movie, Home for the Holidays.TV series My So-Called Life ended prematurely on January 26, 1995, and my 14-year-old life ended as well. Full stop. I stalked the halls of my public high school, clutching the tattered ends of my flannel. I cowered in the shadows of the parking lot, inhaling Camel Lights like it was my damn job. I would never see the character of Angela Chase ever again. Ahhh! I was an outlier. She was my best friend. My happiness depended on her staying alive. What was I gonna do? Distraught beyond teenage comprehension, I buried myself in my Entertainment Weekly. What was my red-haired, Manic-Panic-dyed Angela Chase/Claire Danes going to be in next? I had to know. My life depended on it. The Spring issue of the magazine spoke of a new film she was starring in; it was hitting cinemas in the Fall. It was going to be PG-13. I would then be 15, which meant I could go alone. Booyah! (Photo by © Paramount)The blurb said something like, “Home for the Holidays is about a Thanksgiving gone awry.” Sweet! Coming from a broken home, family holidays were always these harrowing battlegrounds; a painful tightrope test of love, and – most importantly – loyalty. I was legit dying for this movie to open. I knew it would be my jam. Home for the Holidays came out nine months later, on November 3rd, 1995. The film was directed by Oscar winner Jodie Foster. In addition to starring Angela Chase, the movie also had Oscar winners Holly Hunter and Anne Bancroft in it. (I mention the Oscars because I was profoundly obsessed with the Academy Awards.) I hadn’t heard of anyone else in the cast.Alone in the theater with a small popcorn and a rackety bag of Sour Patch Kids, my imagination was totally game-on. The lights dimmed. Here we go. Angela-Chase-as-Claire-Danes-as-Kitt-Larson was one of the first characters to arrive on screen. I gasped. My best friend was back. Gosh, I’d missed her. But then, something unexpected happened…(Photo by © Paramount)Full disclosure: I was a budding gay boy. I just didn’t know it yet. You see, living in the suburbs of Detroit, I had never even met a gay person. There was a queer kid in My So-Called Life, but back in January, I wasn’t ready to see myself reflected in him. But now, it’s November – things changed. Enter the character of Tommy Larson, uncle to my beloved Angela Chase.Tommy was gay and he was just… huh he was just living his life. Walking around. Being gay. Being funny. Being even, like, a role model. And he was not dying of AIDS. But I thought all gay people died of AIDS – that’s what the movies had told me, right? This guy was totally alive, and – shut the front door – he was totally married. To a man. I didn’t even know that was a thing. My family certainly hadn’t brought that pearl up while hurling a Thanksgiving turkey across the dinner table. (Yes, that happened. In my real life. Not unlike what happened in the film.) (Photo by © Paramount)His marriage was actually a movie plot point that I should fill you in on: Uncle Tommy is played by scene-stealer Robert Downey Jr. An actor I’d never seen before. And his family isn’t totally on-board with his gayness, so he keeps his recent beachfront marriage on the down-low. Okay, so, after Thanksgiving dinner is done, after the tipsy Great Aunt Glady (Geraldine Chaplin) confesses her love for her brother-in-law (Charles Durning), after Uncle Tommy’s sister Joanne (Cynthia Stevenson) is showered in turkey gizzards, the now profoundly upset Joanne decides to blast-out Uncle Tommy’s personal life: “You’re calling me a drama queen! Mr. Pervert! Let’s talk about secrets! May you and your husband live happily ever after, Mrs. Gordon!” I dropped my Sour Patch Kids. He was exposed – my worst nightmare. He had no armor. If that happened to me, I wouldn’t have the vocab to combat. But then, with effortless aplomb and profound confidence, Uncle Tommy shrugs off what would have shattered me: “Dessert looks pretty good,” he says with a wry smile. (Photo by © Paramount)He could give a f k what his sister thought. What anyone thought. I realized then that my own happiness was a personal decision I could make. My family didn’t have control over it. I had assumed they had. Feverishly smoking my Camel Lights, I waited in the movie theater parking lot for mom to pick me up. I doused myself in my Drakkar Noir. I chomped on my Big Red gum. How was I gonna be happy like Uncle Tommy?Mom arrived in her white minivan. We drove in silence. I was silent for days – at least, that’s how I remember it. How was I gonna be happy like Uncle Tommy? But then, one night, I bolted up in bed. I knew what I had to do. I had to leave. I had to get out. But how? I know! A boarding school! Interlochen Arts Academy is in my state. I secretly applied and I secretly got in. On a late submission. I raised the tuition money. By myself. Against unrelenting pushback from my family, I declared my departure.(Photo by © Paramount)Upon arrival at Interlochen, I entered the boy’s dormitory. I took a deep breath. Then, I noticed a quiet sophomore named Conrad standing in front of the mailboxes. He was from Amman, Jordan. He was a drama major. He was cute. He became my first boyfriend. He became my first love. He became my gateway to being happy. Just like Uncle Tommy. It took me six years to finally come out to my family, which proved to be its own nightmare. To this day, I cling to Home for the Holidays annually. It’s my reminder that no family is perfect. We’re all just doing our best. As Claudia Larson (Holly Hunter) so perfectly states, “We don’t have to like each other. We’re family.”  As Thanksgiving rolls around, I look forward to my return to the Larsons. Because if it wasn’t for them, for Home for the Holidays, for Angela Chase, for the timing of Uncle Tommy in my life, I would’ve – quite literally – never survived high school. Full stop.Home for the Holidays was released November 3, 1995.Ryan Spahn s new film, Nora Highland, is playing various festivals. You can check out the trailer here. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
ecs think is marketable,” Rodriguez says, adding that this means they have to have original series because they learned “early on” that options from mainstream outlets were limiting. And while they do have name-recognizable content like the original Queer as Folk and Gay of Thrones, the popular Funny or Die webseries from Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness, Rodriguez and Daniels point to other titles in their catalogue like the drag-themed docu-series, Queens of Kings, and Before I Got Famous. That web series stars Xingcheng You, a Chinese immigrant who is both looking for love and his big break in Hollywood, and focuses on stereotypes that still exist in the gay dating culture.For A/V Club Enthusiasts: Rooster TeethRooster Teeth was launched in 2003 by some friends who wanted to be the next Quentin Tarantino or Kevin Smith, but couldn’t get into festivals. Co-founder Bernie Burns told journalists at the summer 2018 Television Critics Association press tour that their service took off when “we discovered and pioneered a method of animation where we could use the 3D gaming engines in popular video games to make animation.” This led to what he touts as the longest-running digital series ever, the military-themed sci-fi comedy Red vs. Blue. They also have reality series, live-action shorts, and more.For Cult Classic Connoisseurs: Shout! FactoryWho needs reboots when you can have the classics? The TV vertical of this digitized tribute to old-school charm has everything from cult classics like Mystery Science Theater 3000 (85% Tomatometer) to relics from the years of rabbit ears like Father Knows Best and Car 54, Where Are You?. There’s also original programming like Why We Love It, a web series that strives to justify users’ love for programming of acquired taste like Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean and the Nicolas Cage–Jennifer Beals campfest Vampire’s Kiss (61% TM). Gene Pao, Shout! Factory’s Senior Vice President of Digital Media, says that, “over the years we’ve found that viewers are particularly interested in ‘modernized nostalgia’ — cult and classic TV and film that shape today’s pop culture.” Shout! plays into this with marathon viewings like MST3K Turkey Day on Thanksgiving, during which Pao says “viewers can interact with each other via chat.”For Horror Buffs: ShudderThis AMC-owned streaming service celebrates the worlds of gore and supernatural. And while it doesn’t have its parent company’s juggernaut, The Walking Dead, its TV section does live up to its promise of offering “a constant stream of killer content.” Titles include AMC s adaptation of author Joe Hill s NOS4A2 (70% Tomatometer), and the documentary series Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics as well as original programming like its anthology, Neil Gaiman s Likely Stories, and a partnering TWD’s Greg Nicotero on a revamp of the classic Creepshow. Shudder general manager Craig Engler says “we can do shows that other people can’t” because they aren’t as beholden to ratings.For Indie Aficionados: Sundance NowA SVOD companion to SundanceTV, General Manager Jan Diedrichsen told journalists at the winter 2018 TCA press tour that the goal of both is to find a way to “best serve fans of premium indie content in a deeper way.” This service is the home for original programming like This Close (100% Tomatometer), a rom-com of sorts about two best friends and their relationship woes that’s based on series of shorts from the 2017 Sundance Film Festival. There are also series that originated on its linear channel counterpart, like the Joanne Froggatt–Ioan Gruffudd thriller Liar (62% Tomatometer) and other fine options.For Francophiles: TV5monde (and others)(Photo by TV5monde US)Grab the macarons and red wine! This Paris-based network offers a way to watch popular French series with the aid of subtitles (and without the need of a passport). Streaming is available through Sling, and programs include the 2019 rom-com hit Un si grand soleil, which centers on family and friends in Marseille, and the police detective drama Caïn.For BET Fans Craving More: Urban Movie ChannelDespite its title, UMC actually has a rather robust TV section as well. These include episodes of WE tv’s long-running reality series, Growing Up Hip Hop. Original series include the drama 5th Ward, which is based on director Greg Carter s similarly named movie. “We pay very close attention to viewership trends and feedback from our subscribers to understand what’s working and what’s not and use that as a guide for greenlight decisions on any new or classic series,” UMC General Manager Sylvia George says, adding that their primary target audience is black women. “At a high level, the type of programming that resonates with UMC viewers ranges from romantic dramas and comedies to female-driven stories to series that push the envelope in a compelling and relatable way.”For Cinephiles: Criterion ChannelAfter the November 2018 death of FilmStruck, several other streaming options clamored to become the rightful heir to the cinephile throne, and the Criterion Collection’s streaming component is quickly rising up that rank. In addition to celebrating classic and cult cinema from around the world, the channel also has special features like behind-the-scenes footage and a guest programmer series.If Criterion isn’t to your liking, other streamers that concentrate on classic and/or under-the-radar cinema include SnagFilms and MUBI. Services like Kanopy and Hoopla have similar offerings and work in conjunction with local libraries.For Those Who Love The Great White Way: BroadwayHDLots of theater fans would like to give regular regards to Broadway, but not all of them can take regular pilgrimages to New York City (or afford the ticket prices once they’re there). In those instances, there’s BroadwayHD. The service, which Tony Award-winning producers Stewart F. Lane and Bonnie Comley founded in 2015, offers full-length stage plays and musicals at legal and considerably much better quality than those grainy videos you can find on YouTube. Productions have included musicals like 42nd Street, Falsettos, She Loves Me, and Cats, as well as renditions of Shakespeare.For When You Want Some Badass Cinema: Brown SugarSometimes you need to see some foxy ladies in tight pants kicking perps to the curb. And, for that, Brown Sugar offers Blaxploitation classics like Coffy (plus, send-ups of the horror genre like Blackenstein). But there are also more recent and — dare we say — more wholesome offerings too, like the Al Green concert Everything’s Gonna Be All Right and the family-friendly A Baby for Christmas.For Those Who Want Just The Facts: DocsvilleThere’s more to documentaries than Netflix’s latest true-crime obsession or brilliantly shot nature footage narrated by David Attenborough. This SVOD option is a warehouse of some thought-provoking visual storytelling from around the world that covers everything from Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, a look at the legacy of the controversial yet influential comedian, to a nearly three-minute short on the privilege of having a toilet.For similar options, perhaps with more of a science bent, there’s CuriosityStream.For The Warm and Fuzzies: Hallmark Movies NowSometimes you may want a cup of hot chocolate and the chance to see perfectly lit people in winter wonderlands — even if it’s July. The Hallmark Movies Now option has an assortment of its holiday-themed classics as well as movies about weddings, beach-side flings, and other scenarios that result in emotionally charged embraces. There are television series and specials that include adaptation of biblical stories and classic novels.If HMN options feel too mainstream, there are also OTTs that specialize in Christian-themed programming like Pure Flix and Dove Channel (that would be a reference to the bird, not to shampoo and body wash).For Mainlining Martial Arts: Hi-YahDescribed as “the sound of mayhem, of flying fists and roundhouse kicks” on its website, this service — which is available for a fee as an add-on to Amazon and though Roku and other devices — is a warehouse of martial arts favorites. And that definition is a loose one. The service also has horror films, thrillers, period pieces, and more that also happen to showcase people who can destroy you while barely breaking a sweat.For Supporters of Public Broadcasting: PBS Video AppFrom Poldark and PBS NewsHour to Ken Burns documentaries and Call the Midwife, there s probably something educational and/or entertaining to find on PBS video app. Or just turn it on for some background music; there are also recordings of Great Performances and Austin City Limits shows.For Live Music Without Dealing with LiveNation: QelloConcerts are great ways to celebrate your favorite artists with peers who appreciate them as much as you do. They’re also loud, expensive and usually hassles to get to. For those who can’t (or won’t) handle all that grunt work, there’s Qello. This service lets you watch concerts and documentary footage on demand, be it Paul McCartney or Beyoncé. But its greatest asset might be that it helps cure a nostalgic hunger for artists whom we are no longer able to watch perform, such as Tom Petty or David Bowie.

This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering new projects for stars like Idris Elba, Morgan Freeman, and Owen Wilson.This WEEK S TOP STORYCHRISTOPHER NOLAN  TO TAKE ON TRUE STORY OF ATOMIC BOMB INVENTOR (Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon/©Paramount Pictures)Every once in a while, pop culture hits upon a certain peanut butter and chocolate combination that goes together far better than you could ve guessed. In 2014, that happened when Warner Bros. revealed the very first teaser for their reboot of Godzilla (Certified Fresh at 76%), featuring the ominous voice of atomic bomb creator J. Robert Oppenheimer saying, over scenes of mass destruction, I am now become death, destroyer of worlds. (J. Robert Oppenhimer was a very serious dude.) Now, another very serious dude, Christopher Nolan, is preparing his next film after Tenet (Fresh at 70%), and it s a drama about J. Robert Oppenheimer and his involvement in the development of the atomic bomb during World War II, which led to the destruction of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The screenplay is reportedly finished and being looked at by various studios, which is something of a departure for Nolan, who has pretty consistently worked with Warner Bros. for most of his career as a Hollywood director (not counting his early films like Memento). The reason for Nolan s interest in shopping around his Oppenheimer drama is being interpreted by press as being directly related to Nolan s dissatisfaction with Tenet debuting on streaming day-and-date with theatrical, which included Nolan slamming HBO Max as the worst streaming service. No definite casting decisions have been made, but frequent Nolan collaborator Cillian Murphy (Nolan s Scarecrow in Batman Begins, for example) might be in the runnning to star as Oppenheimer. (Cillian Murphy, also a very serious dude).Other Top Headlines1. SECRET TRAILER FOR P.T. ANDERSON S NEXT FILM DEBUTS AT SELECT CINEMAS(Photo by Laurie Sparham /© Focus Features)While decades like the 1980s and 1960s continue to leave prominent, long-lasting impressions on pop culture, the 1970s offer some pretty amazing relics, too. Consider, for example, the Licorice Pizza record store chain named for the physical appearance of a vinyl record which once had 34 locations throughout California until it was bought by Musicland in 1986. This week, we learned that Licorice Pizza happens to be the new title of the latest California period piece (previously called Soggy Bottom) from director Paul Thomas Anderson, who previously gave us the similarly themed Boogie Nights (Certified Fresh at 93%). The trailer appeared at theaters around the world in front of very specific films, such as American Graffiti and Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, suggesting someone chose those films for a reason. The trailer, which hasn t appeared online (yet), also reveals that Maya Rudolph and Tom Waits, who hadn t previously been announced, are also part of the film s cast, which also includes Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, and Philip Seymour Hoffman s son Cooper Hoffman in a lead role.2. PARASITE CO-STAR JOINS THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE (Photo by Neon)The surprise wins for Parasite (Certified Fresh at 98%) at last year s Academy Awards (including Best Picture and Best Director) are still slowly having an impact, although arguably slower than usual. South Korean actor Seo Jun Park, who had a supporting role in Parasite, recently departed from Seoul to start filming on an unspecified Marvel Studios film, but most sources have guessed that the project in question is the Captain Marvel sequel called The Marvels (11/11/2022). (The Marvels isn t the only MCU movie currently filming, as the two others are Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania). Presuming it is indeed The Marvels that Seo Jun Park is joining, it s unclear what character he might be playing, but the fansites already have some good guesses.3. OWEN WILSON AND ROSARIO DAWSON JOIN HAUNTED MANSION REMAKE(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Walt Disney Pictures is currently casting up their next attempt at adapting the theme park attraction Haunted Mansion, which was previously adapted as a 2003 movie (Rotten at 14%) starring Eddie Murphy. Before this week, Tiffany Haddish and LaKeith Stanfield were already attached to star in the new Haunted Mansion, and this week, they were joined by two more stars. On Tuesday, Owen Wilson (who co-starred earlier this summer in Loki on Disney+) joined Haunted Mansion in an unknown role, and then the next day, Rosario Dawson also joined the remake. In related news, the made-for-streaming movie Muppets Haunted Mansion will debut on Disney+ on October 8, 2021.4. IDRIS ELBA SAYS WE ALL DIE YOUNG (Photo by Michael Gibson/STX Entertainment)Daveed Diggs might be best known for his dual roles in Hamilton (Certified Fresh at 97%) as Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette, but Diggs also co-wrote and starred in the indie comedy hit Blindspotting (Certified Fresh at 94%). Now, another screenplay written by Diggs is reportedly a hot sales package at the Toronto International Film Festival market. Idris Elba, Justice Smith (Pokémon Detective Pikachu), and Taylour Paige (Ma Rainey s Black Bottom) are attached to star in the drama We All Die Young, which will be directed by Jake Schreier (Robot Frank, Certified Fresh at 86%; Paper Towns, Rotten at 58%). Smith will star in We All Die Young as a rapper in the midst of breaking big who s undertaking the biggest live tour anyone has ever seen (the screenplay is also drawing comparisons to Fellini s 8 1/2).5. FOUR SCREEN LEGENDS JOIN RETIREMENT HOME FILM NOIR(Photo by Derek Storm, Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)Taylor Hackford has a long career dating back to the early 1980s that has resulted in two Academy Award nominations for Best Directing (An Officer and a Gentleman and Ray), but in the 17 years since Ray, his Tomatometer scores have all been Rotten. Hackford may be swinging for the fences with his new film, Sniff, which is described as a stylish reinvention of the film noir genre set at a high-end luxury retirement community. Sniff is being sold at the Toronto Internatiional Film Festival this week with four impressive movie stars attached, three of whom have won Academy Awards for acting, while the fourth is a nominee: Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino, Danny DeVito, and Helen Mirren (also, perhaps not coincidentally, Mrs. Taylor Hackford). Freeman will play a retired detective, DeVito will play his partner, Pacino will play a kingpin, and Helen Mirren will play his femme fatale enforcer. 6. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW TO GET THE SAVING MR. BANKS TREATMENT (Photo by Keystone Features/Getty Images)Hollywood has a long history of depicting its own relationship with writers and screenwriters, such as Barton Fink, Adaptation, and last year s multiple Academy Award-winner Mank. A similar (but less common) trope involves the writer of a popular story or character who is wooed by Hollywood to sell the rights, such as with the making-of-Mary-Poppins comedy Saving Mr. Banks. Like Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers, George Bernard Shaw was also apparently hesitant about selling a popular play to Hollywood was George Bernard Shaw; his Pygmalion was first adapted as a movie in 1938 (Fresh at 90%) before it was adapted again as the more popular classic film My Fair Lady (Certified Fresh at 95%), which won eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor (Rex Harrison). The story of how it all started in 1933 will soon be told in the film Mr. Shaw Goes to Hollywood. Emmy- and BAFTA-winning British actor Derek Jacobi will star as George Bernard Shaw, alongside Dustin Hoffman (as Louis B. Mayer), Sam Neill (as William Randolph Hearst), Eileen Atkins, Aidan Turner (as Clark Gable), and Brittany Snow.7. BEST SELLING 1980S DOLL TEDDY RUXPIN FINALLY READY FOR THE MOVIES (Photo by South China Morning Post/Getty Images)Teddy Ruxpin was a talking teddy bear that was first introduced for the Christmas season of 1985, and it quickly became the best selling toy for that year and for 1986. When Chucky starred in the original Child s Play horror film in 1988, he didn t look anything like Teddy Ruxpin, but an argument can be made that it was an inspiration (and horror fans have since written Teddy Ruxpin stories online). Teddy Ruxpin himself, however, never got a movie (and the Teddy Ruxpin TV show only ran for one season). Nostalgia is a strong incentive for the movies, however, so DJ2 Entertainment, the production company behind video game adaptations like Sonic the Hedgehog and Tomb Raider, has acquired the film and TV rights to Teddy Ruxpin and is reportedly talking to potential writers with the goal of a Sonic the Hedgehog-style live action/animation movie that would then lead into an animated TV series.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
Marvel s Hawkeye series for Disney+ staffs up, The Lord of the Rings series on Amazon also announces new cast, The Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page announces his transgender transition, a new streaming service announced, and more of the week s top TV and streaming news.TOP STORYHailee Steinfeld to Play Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop, Who Takes Over the Superhero Role(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)Will superhero Hawkeye eventually become superheroine Hawkeye in Disney+’s upcoming MCU series Hawkeye? All signs point to probably, as Hailee Steinfeld has been confirmed as Jeremy Renner’s costar in the new series. Steinfeld, seen in a video and photos from the series’ New York City set, will be playing Kate Bishop, who, in the comic books, takes over the Hawkeye gig after Clint Barton dies.In the photos, Steinfeld is seen shooting scenes around New York City (above) and in a subway station with her trademark purple outfit and a bow and arrow at the ready. The Young Avengers member is not alone, though; Clint and adorable costar Lucky the Pizza Dog are also present.Steinfield had posted a cryptic photo on Instagram on December 1 with a photo of a purple headband-wearing women who looks a lot like female Hawkeye and a caption that ended with a bow and arrow.Vera Farmiga, Florence Pugh, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Alaqua Cox, and Zahn McClarnon will also appear in the series, Variety reports.The Umbrella Academy Star Elliot Page Comes Out as Transgender(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)The Umbrella Academy star Elliot Page shared a heartfelt and open message with his fans on Twitter this week, saying he is trans and that his pronouns are he/they.“I feel lucky to be writing this. To be here. To have arrived at this place in my life,” the actor, previously credited as Ellen Page, wrote. He also pledged, after acknowledging that he has experienced fear about potential violence directed at him, to use his celebrity and platform to try to make the world safer and more accepting for other trans persons.“To all trans people who deal with harassment, self-loathing, abuse and the threat of violence every day: I see you, I love you and I will do everything I can to change this world for the better,” wrote Page, who is also known for roles in Juno and as Marvel X-Men film franchise character Kitty Pride.Netflix, home of The Umbrella Academy, tweeted support for Page, saying “So proud of our superhero!” The streamer and the series’ producers have no plans to change Page’s character, Vanya Hargreeves, a cisgender woman, Variety reports.Page, whose tweet has 1.8 million likes, also received tweeted messages of support from Sarah Silverman, Alyssa Milano, Rahul Kohli, activist Raquel Willis, James Gunn, Patrick Stewart, Sony, James Charles, Pamela Adlon, Josh Gad, and fellow Marvel superhero Mark Ruffalo (aka Hulk), who wrote: “You have made this world a more tolerant and loving place with your commitment, courage, and vulnerability. We are lucky to have public figures like you.”Discovery+ Streaming Service to Launch in January with Thousands of Hours of ContentIf you’re an HGTV, Lifetime, Discovery, Animal Planet, or Chip and Joanna Gaines superfan, you may want to go ahead and add another .99 to your monthly TV-watching budget: that will be the price of an ad-free subscription to Discovery+, the new streaming service launching in January with new original programming and existing favorites from all the Discovery networks.Discovery announced the service will launch with more than 55,000 episodes of programming, the largest-ever content library for a new streaming service. Networks represented will include HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, A E, History, and Lifetime.As part of the launch, Discovery+ will premiere two new nature docuseries, Mysterious Planet narrated by David Schwimmer (January 4) and A Perfect Planet narrated by Sir David Attenborough (January).Other new series will include a cooking show from Joanna Gaines, multiple spin-offs from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, a new Long Island Medium spin-off series, a “culinary road trip” series starring Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis, a family baking how-to series starring Duff Goldman and puppets, a topiary competition series starring Martha Stewart and Michael Urie, a home makeover series starring Maureen McCormick, and a Dan Levy–hosted series in which comedians watch and comment on episodes of House Hunters.NEW TRAILERS: Shadow Moon Fights His Destiny in American Gods Season 3In season 3 of American Gods, the Starz fantasy series based on Neil Gaiman s best-selling novel, Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) fights his destiny and his daddy issues after finding out that his boss Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) is Norse god Odin and his father. Settling down in snowy Lakeside, Wisconsin, he soon discovers that you can t simply reject being a god — but you can choose what kind of god you’re going to be. Season 3 premieres Jan. 10.More trailers and teasers released this week:• Vikings season 6, part 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video, with series  final 10 episodes getting a second-window airing on History at a later date. Premieres Dec. 30 (Amazon Prime Video).• Doctor Who: Revolution of The Daleks will see the Doctor saying hello to Captain Jack (John Barrowman) but bidding adieu to two of her companions. Premieres Jan. 1 (BBC America).• Euphoria, a special episode, revolves around Zendaya’s Rue celebrating Christmas after being left at the train station by Jules. Premieres Dec. 6 (HBO).• The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the fourth and final season of the Netflix series, finds both Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) and her/their friends taking on the Eldritch Terrors. Premieres Dec. 31 (Netflix).• Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults tells the story of the infamous UFO cult that ended with the largest mass suicide ever on U.S. soil. Premieres Dec. 3 (HBO Max).• Snowfall, season 4, returns with Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) dealing with the fallout from being shot in the season 3 finale. Premieres Spring 2021 (FX).• Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special features the pop superstar singing the best holiday pop tunes with special appearances by Jennifer Hudson, Tiffany Haddish, and Snoop Dogg. Premieres Dec. 4 (Apple TV+).• Mr. Mayor, season 1, stars Ted Danson as a Los Angeles tycoon who runs for mayor and accidentally wins in a comedy created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. Premieres Jan. 7 (NBC).For all the latest TV and streaming trailers, subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.CASTING: Armie Hammer Will Play Godfather Producer Al Ruddy in Paramount+ Limited Series The Offer(Photo by Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)Armie Hammer  (Call Me by Your Name) will play The Godfather producer Al Ruddy in Paramount+’s limited series The Offer, about the making of the classic mob family drama. Ruddy is an executive producer on the 10-episode project, which is written by Michael Tolkin (Escape at Dannemora) and revolves around Ruddy’s own experiences on the 1972 film.Amazon Studios announced 20 additional cast members joining fantasy series The Lord of the Rings, based on the novels by J.R.R. Tolkien: Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Maxim Baldry, Ian Blackburn, Kip Chapman, Anthony Crum, Maxine Cunliffe, Trystan Gravelle, Sir Lenny Henry, Thusitha Jayasundera, Fabian McCallum, Simon Merrells,​ Geoff Morrell, Peter Mullan, Lloyd Owen, Augustus Prew, Peter Tait, Alex Tarrant, Leon Wadham, Benjamin Walker and Sara Zwangobani.Read also: Everything We Know About The Lord of the Rings Amazon Series Julianna Margulies has joined the Apple TV+ Emmy-winning drama The Morning Show for season 2. She’ll play news anchor Laura Peterson, who works for the same company as Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston’s morning show host characters.Felicity Huffman has signed on for her first series since pleading guilty to fraud and serving a short jail term in 2019’s college admissions scandal: she’ll be the lead in ABC’s untitled baseball comedy, playing the owner of a pro baseball team. It’s inspired by the story of Susan Savage, the real-life owner of the Sacramento River Cats, a Triple-A baseball team of the San Francisco Giants. (Deadline)David Ramsey, who played John Diggle/Spartan on Arrow, will return to The CW to play Diggle on Superman Lois, Supergirl, The Flash, and Batwoman, and will also direct episodes of Superman Lois and Supergirl. (Deadline)HBO Max’s reboot of the ABC sitcom Head of the Class has added Watchman’s Jolie Hoang-Rappaport to the cast, while One Day at a Time alum Isabella Gomez will play the lead as the series’ teacher, the role played by Howard Hessman in the original. (Deadline) (Deadline)Anne Heche will join the cast of CBS legal drama All Rise, playing Corrine Cuthbert, a trial attorney who is frequently hired to defend police officers accused of violent crimes. (Deadline)Doctor Who stars Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole, who play the Doctor’s companions Graham O’Brien and Ryan Sinclair on the BBC America series, will exit the drama via a storyline in “Revolution of the Daleks,” which will air on New Year’s Day.Oscar and Emmy winner Helen Hunt will co-star with Jasmine Cephas Jones in Starz’s series adaptation of the 2018 movie Blindspotting. The movie’s stars and co-writers, Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal, are executive producers on the series, and Casal will be the showrunner. The series continues the story of Ashley (Jones), whose plans are disrupted when her boyfriend goes to jail and she has to move in with his opinionated mother (Hunt).Saturday Night Live’s host and musical guest lineup for the rest of the year: Jason Bateman hosts with country singer Morgan Wallen on December 5; Timothée Chalamet hosts with musical guest Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on December 12; and Kristen Wiig hosts on December 19, with musical guest Dua Lipa.PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT: Charlize Theron Developing New Series for HBO and HBO Max in First-Look Deal(Photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images)Charlize Theron has signed a two-year, first-look deal with HBO and HBO Max to create TV projects for the cable network and streaming service via her Denver Delilah production company. Denver Delilah has already produced series like David Fincher’s Mindhunter and the Netflix dramedy Girlboss. (THR)Melissa McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone (who played her love interest in Bridesmaids) will star in and produce God’s Favorite Idiot, a workplace comedy for Netflix. Falcone will play Clark, a tech company employee who falls in love with co-worker Amily (McCarthy) right after he unwittingly becomes the messenger of God. Netflix has ordered 16 episodes of the series.Vikings creator Michael Hirst is developing a new series at History: The Plague Year, which Hirst will executive produce, about a devastating outbreak of the Bubonic Plague in London in 1665. History is also developing The Donner Party, a limited series about the pioneers who resorted to cannibalism to survive after getting stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains during the winter of 1846-47.Jane The Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman has a pair of new dramas in the works with CBS. Danni Delgado is an adaptation of the German series Danni Lowinski (with a Latina lead for Delgado) and is about a hair stylist who graduates from law school and opens a practice inside a mall cart. Urman is also developing The System, about a social worker in New York City who’s trying to help families work their way through the same complicated system she and her family had to maneuver their way through when she was growing up. (Deadline)Apple TV+ has given a series order to Acapulco, a Spanish and English language comedy about a man who lands his dream job at a hot resort, only to learn that it’s going to conflict with his personal morals. The series is based on the 2017 movie How to Be a Latin Lover, and will star the movie’s lead, Eugenio Derbez. Created by Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist creator Austin Winsberg, Acapulco is set in 1984, and Derbez will narrate the series and play the present-day version of him.Reese Witherspoon is producing the upcoming eight-episode Apple TV+ thriller Surface, which will star Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Witherspoon’s The Morning Show costar. Further details aren’t being divulged, but the series will go into production next year, and the show is based on an original idea from High Fidelity series creator Veronica West.Chazz Palminteri is teaming with Oscar-winning Green Book writer Nick Vallelonga, Midnight Run writer and director George Gallo, and The Pope of Greenwich Village producers Hawk Koch and Gene Kirkwood to develop an eight-hour miniseries adaptation of the 1984 movie about brothers – played by Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts in the movie – who create a dangerous situation for themselves when they unknowingly rob the mafia. (Deadline)The first Jeopardy! episodes taped since the death of beloved host Alex Trebek will begin airing the week of January 11. Jeopardy! GOAT contestant Ken Jennings is the interim host.Entourage creator Doug Ellin is teaming with Matthew Vaughn, soccer legend Thierry Henry, and Mad About You producer Chris Case for Day 1’s, a soccer-themed series. The 10-episode drama is set in the world of British soccer and follows a young player whose star is on the rise. Casting is in the works for a 2021 production start date, and Vaughn is scheduled to direct the pilot.
This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Ancient Aliens, Indiana Jones 5, Peeps, and Saw X.This WEEK S TOP STORYPHOEBE WALLER-BRIDGE JOINS HARRISON FORD IN NEXT INDIANA JONES(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)It appears that Phoebe Waller-Bridge may not be reprising her role as the star and writer of Amazon s Fleabag beyond its first two seasons any time soon (or ever), but we will definitely see her in other high-profile projects. In addition to co-writing Daniel Craig s last James Bond film, No Time to Die (and voicing L3-37 in Solo: A Star Wars Story), Waller-Bridge will co-star with Donald Glover in Amazon Studios upcoming reboot of Mr. + Mrs. Smith.  This week, however, she landed what might be her highest profile project ever, as she will be joining Harrison Ford as what is apparently the female lead in the not-yet-titled fifth Indiana Jones (7/29/2022) movie. Although Steven Spielberg was at one point expected to direct, he will be shepherding the film as producer instead, with James Mangold (Logan, The Wolverine, Ford v Ferrari) directing the sequel instead. Harrison Ford will turn 80 years old on July 13, 2022, 16 days before the current release date for Indiana Jones 5. Lucasfilm has not yet revealed any details about the premise or setting of the movie, but based on Ford s age, one could guess that it might sometime in the 1970s or even the 1980s. We also learned this week that composer John Williams will be returning to give the classic Indiana Jones theme an update. Finally, in related news, the project that Steven Spielberg will be working on this summer instead of directing Indiana Jones 5 will be his untitled drama based on his youth in Arizona, and the latest star Spielberg has cast is Paul Dano, who will be playing the fictionalized version of Spielberg s father. Dano joins the already cast Michelle Williams as Spielberg s mother and Seth Rogen as Spielberg s favorite uncle.Other Top Headlines1. OLIVIA COLMAN TO CELEBRATE THE MOVIES IN EMPIRE OF LIGHT (Photo by Sophia Mutevelian/©Netflix)You would think, for as many movies there are about filmmaking, there would be more than just a few films that are actually about movie theaters (examples include The Majestic, Cinema Paradiso, Matinee, and partially, Inglourious Basterds). Director Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Skyfall) appears determined to increase that tally by one as he has written (in what will mark his first credit as a film s screenwriter) and will direct a romantic drama called Empire of Light, set at a movie theater in England in the 1980s. Olivia Colman will star in Empire of Light in an unspecified role, and the Searchlight Pictures film will be shot by Mendes frequent cinematographer, Roger Deakins (Revolutionary Road, Blade Runner 2049, 1918), when filming starts on location later this fall.2. NETFLIX MAKES FIVE YEAR DEAL WITH SONY THAT INCLUDES MORBIUS AND UNCHARTED (Photo by Sony Pictures Entertainment)Over the last year or two, as big studios launched their own streaming services, just a few major distributors remain that didn t follow suit (namely Sony, MGM, and Lionsgate), not counting pay TV providers like Starz (which is owned by Lionsgate, and with which Sony has had a deal since 2006). We now know why Sony never announced their own streaming service, as the studio has instead signed an exclusive five-year licensing deal with Netflix that will begin in 2022 and will include such upcoming Sony movies as Marvel s Morbius, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2, and the video game adaptation Uncharted. This deal basically positions Netflix as the main streamer that will have Marvel movies other than Disney+, as Sony will continue to have their own slate of Marvel Comics adaptations (Marvel projects in development at Sony include Jackpot, Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, Silk, and Spider-Woman). Other Sony franchises that are likely to have new films released as part of this five-year deal include Bad Boys, Ghostbusters, Goosebumps, and Jumanji. This comes just one week after Netflix acquired the Knives Out sequels in a massive 9 deal, which we learned this week included 0 million payouts to just three people: star Daniel Craig, director Rian Johnson, and producer Ram Bergman. Lionsgate, the distributor of Knives Out, did bid on the sequels but lost out to Netflix.3. AN ANCIENT ALIENS MOVIE IS IN DEVELOPMENT(Photo by Paul Butterfield/Getty Images)Even if you ve never seen any episodes of the 16 (!) seasons of the documentary series Ancient Aliens, you may have seen memes featuring wild-haired ufologist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, or perhaps the Viceland series Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens. As the title suggests, Ancient Aliens explores theories that ancient civilizations were visited and influenced by aliens as a way to explain amazing achievements, as first popularized in the 1970s by Chariots of the Gods. Just last week, Godzilla vs. Kong (Certified Fresh at 75%) featured a setting with a mysteriously unexplained ancient temple, and now that film s production company, Legendary Entertainment, is collaborating with the producers of Cobra Kai (Fresh at 93%) for a feature film based on Ancient Aliens. Luke Ryan, who served as executive producer on Harold Kumar Go to White Castle, is now working on adapting Ancient Aliens as a two-handed, globe-spanning adventure, which sort of makes it sound a bit like National Treasure, but with the Ancient Aliens guy. No casting announcements have been made yet, but we re imagining Nicolas Cage would be perfect for something like Ancient Aliens.4. HELEN MIRREN TO STAR AS ISRAELI PRIME MINSTER GOLDA MEIR (Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)Although there are still many large nations that have never had female presidents or prime ministers (you might be living in one right now), this was a distinction that Israel overcame as early as 1969, when Golda Meir became Israel s fourth Prime Minster. Meir s five years as Prime Minister included the Yom Kippur War of 1973, and now that period is going to be depicted in a biopic called Golda, starring Helen Mirren. Golda will be directed by Israeli filmmaker Guy Nattiv, who won an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film for Skin, working from a screenplay by screenwriter Michael Kuhn (Florence Foster Jenkins, The Duchess). Although described as a biopic, Golda will focus on how Meir led her nation during the Yom Kippur War despite infighting from her all-male cabinet. Barbra Streisand is also currently developing a TV series about Golda Meir starring Shira Haas (Unorthodox) in a more expansive story that includes her life as a young woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.5. BREAKOUT BORAT STAR MARIA BAKALOVA SEES BODIES, BODIES, BODIES(Photo by IngleDodd Media/Getty Images)It happens every year (although it s a little later this year), as Academy Award nominees or winners start to see new deals come their way as a result of their elevated profile during awards season. Besides the most obvious factor of the COVID-19 pandemic, another difference this year is that one of the Academy Award-nominated movies is Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Certified Fresh at 85%), for which Bulgaria s Maria Bakalova is nominated. One might usually expect a new Academy Award nominee to sign up for something like a stuffy period film, but instead, Bakalova is attached to star in a slasher film for A24 (Midsommar) called Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. Bakalova s other main co-star will be Amandla Stenberg (The Hate U Give), and Pete Davidson (Saturday Night Live, The King of Staten Island) and Myha la Herrold are also in talks. No details have been revealed as of yet about the film s premise (other than it s a secret stalker that A24 has been putting together for several months now), and that it will be directed by Dutch filmmaker (Instinct, Fresh at 80%).6. LETITIA WRIGHT TO STAR AS HALF OF THE SILENT TWINS(Photo by Marvel Studios)Marvel Studios and director Ryan Coogler are expected to start filming the sequel Black Panther II in July, and one of the stars expected to return for a significant role is Letitia Wright, who played T Challa s sister Shuri in the first film. This week, we learned that one of the projects Wright recently filmed in Portland, Oregon before heading back to Wakanda is a fact-based drama called Silent Twins. Focus Features has picked up the worldwide rights to Silent Twins, which is based on the true stories of June and Jennifer Gibbons, who were identical twins who were part of the only black family in a small town in Wales. It s being reported that the sisters will be played by Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence, which is a little confusing since Wright and Lawrence don t really look like each other (unless, perhaps, they play the sisters at different ages?). The title Silent Twins refers to the fact that the two girls refused to talk to anyone else besides each other.7. NO KID(DING), NO PLAY(ING), HOUSE PARTY IS GETTING REBOOTED (Photo by ©New Line Cinema courtesy Everett Collection)Not all 1990s stars remain as famous as others. For example, Will Smith is still pretty much an A-list star, but knowing who Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin were will probably score you some points at your local trivia night. Together, the two Christophers were known as the hip hop group Kid n Play, and in addition to their musical career, they were also the stars of the first three House Party movies (House Party, Fresh at 93%; House Party 2, Rotten at 21%; House Party 3, Rotten at 0%). New Line Cinema and producer LeBron James have been quietly developing a House Party reboot for a few years now, and this week, the reboot got closer to filming as the two leads have been cast. The new House Party stars will be relative unknowns Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and Tosin Cole, and the director will be music video director Calmatic, who will be making his feature film directorial debut.  Jorge Lendeborg Jr. s highest profile role to date was probably as Hailee Steinfeld s friend Memo in Bumblebee, and Tosin Cole is probably best known for playing the companion Ryan Sinclair on 22 episodes of Doctor Who from 2018 to 2021.8. SAW X ALREADY IN DEVELOPMENT (Photo by Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection)More so than any other genre, horror franchises sometimes seem critic-proof when it comes to their ability to continue getting new sequels produced in perpetuity. For example, none of the Saw movies has ever scored a Tomatometer higher than the Rotten 49% for the very first Saw, and yet, next month s Spiral: From the Book of Saw will be the ninth movie in the franchise. According to the film industry magazine Production Weekly, active development has begun on a mysterious project called Saw X, which, presumably, is exactly what it sounds like. There s not really much else to go on right now, including whether it will be a continuation of the characters introduced in Spiral: From the Book of Saw, which include roles played by Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson.9. CAN 700 MILLION PEEPS FANS BE WRONG? (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)The bird-shaped marshmallow candy brand Peeps is obviously popular, based just on the claim that Peeps Incorporated sells over 700 million Peeps each year (admittedly a lot less than the number they make, which is reportedly over 2 billion). Having said that, Peeps is not inherently a narrative brand, since they re literally just birds in bright neon-colored marshmallow form, but that also didn t stop the Trolls dolls from getting their own animated movie (and a sequel and a spinoff series). And so, yes, Peeps is now in development as an animated movie to be produced by the team that gave us The Mauritanian (Fresh at 73%), which recently won Jodie Foster a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. A representative for Just Born, the company behind Peeps, had this to say: Peeps Chicks and Bunnies have been ingrained in American pop culture for nearly seven decades due to their instantly recognizable shapes and fan-favorite marshmallow taste, making them the perfect characters to bring to life on the big screen. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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Ghcxuf (Photo by Universal Pictures)The current situation of social distancing has many of us thinking of ways to maximize the time we spend at home. We re also eating several times a day and annoying our pets, but being productive does cross our minds from time to time. Puzzles, long-abandoned books, craft projects, and New Year s resolutions have suddenly jumped to the top of our to-do lists. In the RT comments, many of you have shared how you re catching up on classic films, and we happen to agree that now is the perfect time to increase your classic film viewing.Concentrating on films released before 1980 (both well-known titles and hidden gems), we re producing new guides to essential classic films curated by theme, filmmaker, actor, genre, or style – all for your classic catch-up needs. Want to see our picks for the best French farces? How about a curated list of Fresh picks from Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Sellers, or Billy Wilder? As well as curating watchlists, we re breaking down the films, telling you where you can watch them, and giving you some more recent and/or well-known films the classics might remind you of so you can gauge which movies are right for you.This week in the Classic Film Catch-Up, we re breaking out with heist films. Long cons, strong-arm jobs, and bank heists from professionals and amateurs alike have a long history in film, and that history has given us some of our most celebrated performances and cinematic stories. From Melville and Friedkin to Kubrick and  Soderbergh, many beloved filmmakers have made a mark on the heist flick genre, which came of age in the late 60s and early 70s. In truth, we could make a list solely comprised of films from that time period, and it would still be quite spectacular, but we did include a few from decades prior.With hundreds of titles to choose from, iconic films like The Great Escape, Ocean s Eleven, and lesser-known gems like The Silent Partner failed to earn a spot on our list, but are still definitely worthy of a revisit. For our list below, though, we tried to find diversity within the genre, intermixing confidence schemes with bank jobs and heist comedies with gritty noirs. Each entry is unique, but they work within a shared formula: get a crew, plan the job, and do some nefarious things to take something without anyone finding out. Read below to see our list of classic heist films.Got another favorite heist classic you d add to our list? Have a suggestion for a future theme or classic film to feature in the column? Let us know in the comments. Dog Day Afternoon (1975) 96% What is it? The true-life tale of a man who storms a Brooklyn bank for a day-time robbery, and everything that can go wrong does.Why you need to see it: A frequent choice in our Five Favorite Film series, this dramatic and at times hilarious tale of a bank job gone awry from Sidney Lumet showcases one of Al Pacino s greatest performances. Trying to get enough money for his lover s sex-reassignment surgery, Sonny Wortzik (Pacino) tries to rob a bank, and everything after that goes from bad to worse in what many consider to be one of the best films from the 70s. One of the highest-grossing movies of its year and a critical hit, Dog Day Afternoon was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Actor, which Pacino didn t win. Twenty years later, he would finally take home a golden statuette for The Scent of Woman, but his turn here alongside his The Godfather co-star John Cazale gives us, according to critic Roger Ebert,  one of the most interesting modern movie characters. Check it out for the verbal sparring and Pacino s acting, and its re-watchability is unmatched – you ll find new favorite moments each time you see it.Watch it if you like: Before the Devil Knows You re Dead, A Simple Plan, Reservoir Dogs, Fargo.Where to watch: Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.The Sting (1973) 94% What is it? A young conman attempts to pull off a large-scale confidence scheme against the man who killed his partner, aided by a veteran fraudster.Why you need to see it: It s a movie with Robert Redford and Paul Newman – do you really need anything else? If by chance you do, The Sting is a must-see con film and one of the best examples of a perfectly balanced heist comedy. Redford and Newman s undeniable chemistry is the main draw here, but the mini-course on the language of large-scale confidence schemes serves as a welcome bonus. The original Ocean s Eleven, The Italian Job, and Going in Style all have modern-day remakes that were received to varying critical and commercial success but, this Depression-era masterpiece from George Roy Hill is thought to be inimitable. (Check out the laughable The Sting II if you need further proof). A box-office smash which re-teamed Redford and Newman just four years after the iconic Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, the film took home six more Oscars, including Best Picture.Watch it if you like: Ocean s Eleven, Matchstick Men, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Logan Lucky, American Hustle, Now You See Me.Where to watch: Stream now on the Starz app. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.The French Connection (1971) 98% What is it? A group of narcotics detectives track and try to intercept a large supply of heroin.Why you need to see it: On a list of quintessential 70s cop films, The French Connection would invariably rank high, so we understand if you re surprised to see it here on a list of heist films. Yes, the film follows a group of detectives as they try to get the bad guys, but with the exception of the players (among them leads Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider) all the elements of a heist are there: A group of professionals come together and concoct an elaborate plan to steal something from someone without them knowing – that s a heist movie any way you slice it. Bonnie Clyde is thought to be the first film of the New Hollywood movement – a period in American cinema which ushered in a new crop of dynamic young filmmakers and during which the modern-day blockbuster was born – but The French Connection solidified this new shift in filmmaking and film marketing. Featuring one of the best car chases in the history of film, William Friedkin s cop thriller is gritty, fast-paced, and completely unlike any police drama that came before it. Hackman is electrifying as the short-tempered, boozy bigot Popeye Doyle, and was the rightful winner of the Best Actor prize in 1972, which came alongside four more wins for the film, including Best Picture.Watch it if you like: The Italian Job, Heat, L.A. Confidential, Bullitt, The Untouchables, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.  Where to watch: Stream now on the Starz app. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and  iTunes.The Italian Job (1969) 83% What is it? A group of seasoned criminals fresh out of prison races through Italy trying to hijack a shipment of gold.Why you need to see it: If you enjoyed the 2003 remake of The Italian Job, prepare yourself: where that film was serviceable fun, the original film with Michael Caine was a game-changer. Perhaps a bit too camp and brash for its time, the British heist comedy was not universally loved upon release. The New York Times critic Vincent Canby dubbed the film technically sophisticated and emotionally retarded. Putting aside the dated language, the film does lean into action over plot, but that does not diminish the enjoyment of watching Caine and his cockney band of thieves race around Italy in the iconic MINI Coopers. The film is worth a watch for those car chases alone.Watch it if you like: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Bullitt, Gone in 60 Seconds, Fast Five, Inside Man. Where to watch: Stream now on Amazon Prime Video, The Criterion Channel. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Google Play, and  iTunes.The Killing (1956) 95% What is it? A long-time crook has a simple plan: one last job before he settles down with his lady love. But what was supposed to be a simple job finds the two lovers caught up in a web of deception and murder.Why you need to see it: Though not the first to do it, The Killing married itself to non-linear storytelling in a way that was wholly unique at the time; and it was a commitment that would also turn out to be a bit too revolutionary and decades ahead audience s tastes. Stanley Kubrick s third feature – but his first with a professional crew – was a headache for Paramount from the moment it was shot. Hated by test audiences, the film barely received an American release and was a commercial flop. However, contemporary critics recognized Kubrick s audacious skill with dialogue and camera movement and heralded the film as a masterwork, and its director as one to watch. It has since earned cult-like status, and its influences can be seen in the work of Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and the Coen brothers. A taut noir, the black-and-white drama commits to the realism of pulling off the perfect job. How the subsequent events unravel for our lead con-artist after the job is done is where we find the film s brilliance.Watch it if you like: Reservoir Dogs, The Killer, Chinatown, Thief, The Getaway, The Layer Cake.Where to watch: Rent or buy on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.Topkapi (1964) 90%(Photo by Everett Collection)What is it? A woman and her ex-lover plot to steal a priceless dagger in Istanbul with the help of a simple-minded small-time crook.Why you need to see it: Jules Dassin s Topkapi is one of the best cinematic clap-backs ever filmed. In 1955, Dassin s Rififi – which won him a Best Director prize at Cannes – set the blueprint for modern-day heist films and soon became the subject of several parodies, including Mario Monicelli s Big Deal on Madonna Street. Tired of being the butt of the joke, Dassin released Topkapi in 1964 and, in doing so, ultimately got the last laugh as his genre send-up dwarfed all previous attempts. The comedy of the bumbling thieves who might just be inept enough to pull off an intricate robbery is only second in hilarity to the scene-stealing performance of Peter Ustinov who plays Simpson, a low-level crook caught in the wake of the larger crime.Watch it if you like: Casino Royale, American Vandal, Dr. Strangelove, The Whole Nine Yards, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.Where to watch: Stream now on Amazon Prime Video. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, and Google Play.Second Breath (1966) 100% (Photo by The Criterion Channel)What is it? After breaking out of prison, a career criminal plans one last job to secure his retirement while a dogged police detective is in hot pursuit.Why you need to see it: The godfather of French New Wave, Jean-Pierre Melville was tenacious when it came to authenticity on screen. From props to accents to his documentary style of filmmaking, his attention to detail and reality is present in every frame of Le Deuxieme Souffle. Melville s commitment would inspire the neorealism of directors François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, and Agnes Varda. Sporting a high body count for its time, Le Deuxieme Souffle was a film that let the gangsters be gangsters. Thrilling, and dripping with suspense and violence, the film gives the audience a constant sense of unease as the characters descend deeper into the French underworld. An intimate epic, according to Martin Scorsese, the film was a key inspiration for his Oscar-nominated Jimmy Hoffa epic The Irishman. Watch it if you like: The Irishman, Miller s Crossing, Road to Perdition, Hell or High Water. Where to watch: Stream now on The Criterion Channel app. Rent or buy on Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.High Sierra (1941) 91%What is it? A seasoned ex-con must lead a group of untried criminals in the robbery of a desert resort.Why you need to see it: The first pairing of several between Humphrey Bogart and director John Huston, High Sierra is a thoughtful bridge between the brash 40s gangster flicks and the minimalistic crime-noirs of the 50s. Huston and Bogart would go on to collaborate on The Maltese Falcon, Key Largo, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and The African Queen; never was the power of Bogart s appeal more on display than when framed by Huston s lens. High Sierra is a heist film that utilizes early noir elements before they were popularized in the 1950s, and it s distinguished by its smart twists as well as Bogart s complex turn as Roy Earle. He is also perfectly complemented by Ida Lupino s portrayal of the temptress gangster s moll.Watch it if you like: The Maltese Falcon, The Fugitive, White Heat, The Town, The Usual Suspects. Where to watch: Stream now on The Criterion Channel app. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes. 😈😈


亚博竞彩靠谱么 仙炼九元手游是一款玄幻仙侠冒险RPG手游。游戏的视觉效果是非常出色的,不仅主题场景多样,在特效方面也是没得说,在视觉呈现之上能够很好的帮助玩家代入到游戏之中。各种挑战也都是非常精彩的,充分释放你的战斗欲望不受限制的去冒险吧!

经过英雄联盟手游官方几次测试的优化改进,如今终于可以给玩家们带来绝佳的游戏体验。小编已经抢先体验了一把,实在是意犹未尽呀! Who Could Be Nominated For The Best Actress Oscar?Lupita Nyong o, Scarlett Johansson and more these are the actresses who already have a shot at the Oscar.Posted by The Rotten Tomatoes Channel on Friday, October 4, 2019Yes, we know what you re thinking. With so many big Awards-y movies released in the fall, it seems slightly comical to predict the Oscar nominees in July. But the Oscar movie calendar gets started earlier and earlier, the very notion of an Oscar movie is changing, and the entire awards season is getting shorter (this year the window from Oscar nominations to the ceremony was shortened two weeks). Films like Black Panther and Get Out, which both premiered in the month of February, proved that Oscar-worthy films could walk home with a top prize no matter when they premiered during the year. So yeah, we re pretty much prepped to talk about awards-worthy movies all year round.It helps that a number of the films likely to be in the conversation in the fall have already screened at festivals, that many have Tomatometer scores, and that pundits are already singling out performances and scripts that critics have seen but audiences will not see for some months. Whether we like it or not, the campaigns are quietly underway and the conversation has started – and we re now ready to join it. Of course, if history tells us anything, it is that some of these names won t make it to Oscar night, but we re pretty confident a few of them will be right up there in awards chatter. So read on as we break down our ridiculously early picks for 2020 Best Actress contenders – supporting and lead.Don t agree with our picks? Have at us in the comments.Lupita Nyong o, Us (2019) 93%(Photo by © Universal Pictures)In our piece from earlier this year, RT contributor April Wolfe outlined the case for Lupita Nyong o, and horror performances in general, for end-of-year-honors. Despite a huge amount of critical acclaim, Nyong o s dual performance as Adelaide Wilson/Red in Jordan Peele s Us is a long shot (remember the buzz for Toni Collette in Hereditary?). But Peele and Jason Blum were able to get nominations and wins for Get Out and BlacKkKlansman – their and Universal s proven track record for smart and effective campaigns is hard to bet against. When we chatted with Blum last year on the awards circuit for BlacKkklansman, he was tight-lipped about their plans but made it clear that he, Peele, and the folks at Universal were going to put serious resources behind the 12 Years a Slave and Black Panther actress. In a year with fewer buzzy female performances, an off-the-map turn could go all the way.Alfre Woodard, Clemency (2019) 91%(Photo by Neon Pictures)After 40 years and over 120 credits, Alfre Woodard is finally a frontrunner – albeit a ridiculously early one – for a Best Actress Oscar nomination. The buzz is for her work in Clemency, a quiet thriller about a death row warden who struggles with emotional and psychological trauma inflicted upon her from years presiding over executions. It s still very early, but her name has been on just about every early Oscars list since Sundance. This may be another Glenn Close situation, where a veteran actress goes deep but falls short of the ultimate prize. But unlike Close, who was nominated for The Wife, Woodard s film is at one of the hottest distributors of the season, Neon. With a handful of compelling docs (Honeyland, Biggest Little Farm, Apollo 11, Amazing Grace), Sundance standouts (Luce, Clemency), and a pair of Cannes award winners (Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Parasite), Neon will have a full slate to promote this fall at the various award ceremonies. They also have a proven track record: remember when the fresh-on-the-scene Neon managed three nominations and one win for I, Tonya? Well, we haven t forgotten.Renée Zellweger, Judy (2019) 82%The first trailer for Judy calmed many fears about the upcoming Judy Garland biopic. Seeming to take place during the later part of the late actress s career, Judy sees Renée Zellweger embody Garland in a spot-on impression – including belting out songs from the singer s iconic catalog. A crooner in her own right (remember her Oscar-nominated Roxy from Chicago?), the Texas actress employed her musical chops to truly project the Wizard of Oz star. Garland fought drug addiction, money problems, and depression such hardships provide an ample playground for actorly, awards-winning performances. (It worked for Rami Malek last year in Bohemian Rhapsody and countless others). It s yet to be seen if this will be a Ray-type music biopic or something more like the critically panned and quickly forgotten The Runaways, but we fully expect acclaimed theater director Rupert Goold to milk a stellar performance from our very own Bridget Jones.Scarlett Johansson, Jojo Rabbit (2019) 80% and Marriage Story


That is roughly an average of a .8 million opening weekend for these 15 films that opened between .55 million and .1 million in previews. Not to be found on that list, of course, is any film to open during the pandemic; The Invisible Man is the closest film we have to that and it opened less than two weeks before things truly started shutting down. Thursday-night previews began coming back in April and have come back more full-time since Memorial Day weekend. In that time we have seen Old start with .5 million and open with .8 million and other horror films bringing in smaller numbers such as The Forever Purge (.33 million/.5 million), Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (.2 million/.8 million), and Don’t Breathe 2 (5,000/.6 million).Candyman, which like all of those films is a theatrical exclusive, bested all of them on Thursday and found itself with a .4 million opening weekend. That puts it more in line with the general average we had seen for horror movies prior to the pandemic. Certainly, this is also a one-off that is benefiting from significant name recognition, as did A Quiet Place Part II and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (which, even with HBO Max status, began with .1 million), so even the science of numbers suggests we have to wait for more patterns to emerge. Between this strong late-summer start and the continuing success of Free Guy, we may not be back to full pre-pandemic strength but the numbers do not appear to be going in the wrong direction either.The Top 10 And Beyond: The Free Guy Success Story Continues As Jungle Cruise Crosses 0 MillionFree Guy continues to be one of the most positive stories of the summer box office. It dropped just 27% this weekend, earning another .6 million. How positive is that? It is only the best third-weekend of any film during the pandemic, ahead of A Quiet Place Part II ( million), Black Widow (.6 million), and F9 (.4 million). Free Guy is not going to approach the loftier grosses of those movies and still trails the pace of Jungle Cruise by about .5 million overall. But its third weekend bested Cruise’s (.1 million) and that film just crossed the 0 million line after making million this weekend. (That itself the second-best fifth weekend behind A Quiet Place Part II (.1 million) and ahead of F9 (.8 million)). Free Guy may take a bigger hit with Shang-Chi opening next weekend, but with .3 million in the coffers so far, it should remain ahead of Godzilla vs. Kong’s pace this week and remain on track to cross 0 million. Its global total stands at 9 million.Last week’s minor breakout success, Paw Patrol: The Movie, fell back 50% and brought in another .6 million this weekend. How does that stack up with fellow kids movies also streaming during their theatrical runs? There’s HBO Max s Space Jam: A New Legacy (fell 69.1% down to .5 million in its second weekend) and Tom Jerry (fell 53.9% to .5 million), as well as Peacock’s The Boss Baby: Family Business (fell 44% down to .8 million). Peter Rabbit 2, a theatrical exclusive, dropped 39% to million in its second weekend. Paw Patrol’s 10-day haul of .1 million puts it ahead of Tom Jerry’s .8 million, but it will likely fall short of the March release’s million total.On The Vine: Shang-Chi Offers a Test for Theatrical Exclusives The all-time best Labor Day weekend is about to become another of Disney’s conquests as Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings opens. The film will be the first of Disney’s slate not made available with Premier Access on Disney+ since the pandemic began. Though, even with theatrical exclusivity, Shang-Chi is unlikely to beat Black Widow’s current total of 0 million, even though it could top the box office for three-to-five weeks straight.Full List of Box Office Results: August 27-29, 2021

亚博竞彩靠谱么 50 States of Fright: Season 1 (2020) 85% (Quibi)Quibi’s first set of splashy “movies in chapters” mostly failed to connect with critics and audiences, but its second wave has been more promising — especially this epic Sam Raimi–produced horror anthology series. The idea is simple but ambitious: a horror story for all 50 states, each directed by a different horror filmmaker or filmmaking team, and each unfolding in two-to-three chapters that can run no more than 10 minutes. The Golden Arm (Michigan), directed by Raimi himself and starring Rachel Brosnahan and Travis Fimmel, is the best of the five stories released so far, a strange tale of just how far a man will go to please his wife. (Hint, he might just melt down a bunch of gold to make her a very fancy prosthetic that she definitely does not want to let go of!) But even the lesser entries – America’s Largest Ball of Twine (Kansas), among them – are elevated by sharp writing and direction, great visual effects, and the presence of big-name stars like Ming-Na Wen and Asa Butterfield. Now, if only I could cast all this terror to my TV! – Joel Meares, Editor-in-ChiefWhere to watch: QuibiCommitment: 1.5 hours (five stories so far)Detroiters 94% (Comedy Central )If you re having a hard time waiting for the second season of I Think You Should Leave to arrive on Netflix, you should definitely check out Detroiters with Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson. Detroiters may be more accessible to the average viewer than I Think You Should Leave, but it s far from being a traditional 30-minute sitcom. The series ran for only two seasons on Comedy Central, but quickly developed a cult following thanks to its rich, extremely quotable, semi-fictional world with its esoteric characteristics, businesses, and local celebrities. Tim and Sam play well, Tim and Sam, lifelong best friends who run an advertising business in their hometown of Detroit. They also live next door to each other, and Tim is married to Sam s sister. The kind of low-budget commercials they create are instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up with a local television station — Mad Men this is not. Sam, Tim, and their clients spirit of entrepreneurship and wholehearted investment in literally everything they do, however, sucks you in completely. Detroiters is a beautiful balance of the randomness of sketch comedy and the groundedness of a particular place. Sometimes I wonder what Tim and Sam would be up to now if they were still on the air, and console myself with the fact Netflix has picked up canceled shows before. – Sara Ataiiyan, Review CuratorWhere to Watch: FandangoNOW, Comedy Central, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, iTunes.Commitment: Approx. 7 hours (across two seasons)Mrs. America: Miniseries (2020) 96% (FX on Hulu)Cate Blanchett portrays conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly with relish in the FX on Hulu series about the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The two-time Oscar winner’s performance would alone be worth the binge, but she is joined by an all-star cast appearing as some of the era’s most iconic women, including Rose Byrne as Gloria Steinem, Margo Martindale as Bella Abzug, Uzo Aduba as Shirley Chisholm, Elizabeth Banks as Jill Ruckelshaus, and Tracey Ullman as Betty Friedan. The cast also boasts Sarah Paulson, John Slattery, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ari Graynor, Melanie Lynskey, and Kayli Carter. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Captain Marvel) direct four of the nine episodes. Come for the star power, stay for an engaging exploration of the 1970s culture wars that divided the country, and the repercussions of which the U.S. still feels — sometimes painfully endures — today. – Debbie Day, Sr. TV EditorWhere to watch: FX on HuluCommitment: Approx. 8 hours (with one more episode dropping next week)No Passport Required  (PBS)Hosted by chef Marcus Samuelsson, PBS’s No Passport Required takes viewers on a culinary tour of immigrant communities nationwide. Each episode focuses on a single community in a single city — from Seattle’s thriving Filipino culinary world to the Nigerian–West African community that’s redefining the Houston dining scene — diving deep into the history, culture, and context of each. Along the way, Samuelsson encounters plenty of chefs, but also poets, musicians, business people, and other community members, each of whom fleshes out a new nuance or historical nugget. It s a refreshing reminder that food is not just for eating, but rather an essential part of community building. Samuelsson (Chopped, Iron Chef) is the perfect host, bringing energy and enthusiasm to every interview and new plate of food (all while sporting an impressive wardrobe that will make you wish you were a hat person). In a time when it’s hard to feel connected, No Passport Required provides a hopeful reminder that together we can get through just about anything — especially a good meal. – Haña Lucero-Colin, TV Curation ManagerWhere to watch: PBS, Amazon Prime Video, iTunesCommitment: Approx. 11 hours (across two seasons)Psych 89% (NBC)Psych contains all the gripping mystery elements of your favorite police procedural — think Castle or The Mentalist — but tempers it with the whimsical comedy of Scrubs or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Shawn Spencer (James Roday) has an extraordinary gift for detective work — a gift drilled into him by his strict policeman father during childhood — but he only uses that gift to impress women and make a meager living calling in tips to the Santa Barbara PD for rewards. Until, that is, the police become convinced Shawn could have only gotten his highly specific information from the inside. Unable to prove his innocence, Shawn “admits” he solved the crimes using psychic abilities and, impressed by his “paranormal” gift, the SBPD contracts Shawn and his bookworm best buddy/partner, Gus (Dulé Hill), to help solve crimes when normal methods won’t work. Psych’s cult following is so strong, the cast and crew have managed to reunite for two TV movies after the show was canceled in its eighth season; 2017 saw the release of Psych: The Movie on USA Network, and Psych 2: Lassie Come Home will debut on NBC’s Peacock streaming service in July, so now’s the perfect time to watch every episode and hit the discussion boards with other Psych-Os before that big day!– Tyler Lorenz, Media CoordinatorWhere to watch: Amazon Prime Video, FandangoNOW, iTunes, Vudu,Commitment: Approx. 88 hours (eight seasons, one extended musical episode)Check out our regular May Binge Guide. Thumbnail image: © Quibi, © Comedy Central, Sabrina Lantos / © FX

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