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英皇体育登录采用百度引擎6(Baidu 4)If there s any time of the year best-suited for wish fulfillment, it s the holiday season, and if there s any actress best-suited to play a working woman who overcomes unlikely odds on the way to success, it might be Jennifer Lopez. In Second Act, Lopez plays struggling retail manager Maya, who is mistakenly hired as a high-level marketing consultant and uses the opportunity to turn her life around. Unfortunately, while critics say Lopez is clearly committed to her role and the film aims for the heart with its feelgood message, it s also suffers from unusual tonal shifts, an unfocused narrative, and shopworn platitudes. That said, it works as a bit of counterprogramming against the big-budget fare opening this week and might serve as a pleasant enough diversion for anyone who knows what they re getting into.

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This Week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Metal Gear Solid, The Toxic Avenger, and Van Helsing.This WEEK S TOP STORYWARNER BROS. TO DEBUT ENTIRE 2021 SLATE IN THEATERS AND ON HBO MAX SIMULTANEOUSLY(Photo by Chiabella James/©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)Just over a year ago, when Disney+ first launched on November 12, 2019, it may have seemed crazy that any streaming app could ever compete with Netflix, which has shows like The Crown, Stranger Things, and The Umbrella Company. That, of course, was before anyone had seen The Mandalorian, and before we knew much about Warner Bros. HBO Max app, the scope of which exploded with this week s big news. Just two weeks after the revelation that Wonder Woman 1984 will debut on HBO Max on December 25, 2020 on the same day it premieres in theaters, Warner Bros. has announced that their entire theatrical slate for 2021 will also debut day-and-date simultaneously on the HBO Max app, at no additional cost (besides the monthly subscription rate), due to the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on movie theaters. We re talking here about 17 movies, both big and small, including Mortal Kombat (1/15/2021), Tom and Jerry (3/5/2021), the Sopranos prequel The Many Saints of Newark (3/12/2021), Godzilla vs Kong (5/21/2021), The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (6/4/2021), Lin-Manuel Miranda s In the Heights (6/18/2021), Space Jam: A New Legacy (7/16/2021), James Gunn s The Suicide Squad (8/6/2021), Dune (10/1/2021), Baz Luhrmann s Elvis (11/5/2021), and The Matrix 4 (12/22/2021), among others. Super unsurprisingly, HBO Max also ended their free trial promotion yesterday. This surprise announcement also came just a week after the news last week that Netflix had offered Warner Bros. 0 million for the streaming rights to Godzilla vs Kong alone. Warner Bros. announcement also left an immediate impact on movie theater exhibition stocks yesterday, the leaders of many of which had the expected negative-to-mixed reactions (the most negative of which came from AMC). You can see new logos for many of these films here, and the official announcement trailer right here. As for what this means for the future of the movie theater business past 2021, no one really knows, but Variety explored some of those questions here.Other Top Headlines1. MARGOT ROBBIE IN TALKS TO REPLACE EMMA STONE ON DAMIEN CHAZELLE S BABYLON(Photo by Andrew Cooper/©Columbia Pictures)After reuniting with his La La Land star Ryan Gosling for the moon landing drama First Man (Certified Fresh at 87%), director Damien Chazelle has been planning on also reuniting with the former s other star, Emma Stone, for Babylon, about Hollywood s transitional period between silent films and the talkies of the 1920 and 1930s. In a surprise move this week, however, Stone has dropped out due to scheduling conflicts (it s unclear what film the conflict is with), with Margot Robbie now in talks for the role, which is believed to be the original It Girl, silent star Clara Bow. If Robbie does sign on for Babylon, the movie will effectively become a reunion project for another film set in Hollywood s past, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Certifed Fresh at 85%), as the Babylon male lead is Brad Pitt. In related news, actress Li Jun Li (TV s Quantico, The Exorcist) has also been cast as early Chinese American movie star Anna May Wong. Paramount Pictures has scheduled Babylon for an awards-qualifying limited release on Christmas Day, 2021, followed by a wide release on January 7, 2022.2. OSCAR ISAAC TO STAR IN METAL GEAR SOLID ADAPTATION(Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon/Netflix)Although his run as Poe Dameron in the final three Star Wars chapters is over, Oscar Isaac continues to stack up new franchises, which before this week s news already included The Addams Family (in which he voices Gomez), the Dune remake (10/21/2021), and the MCU with his Disney+ role as Moon Knight. We can add to that list the long-in-development video game adaptation Metal Gear Solid, in which Isaac will star as franchise star and super spy Solid Snake. With over a dozen main franchise games published since the 1990s, Metal Gear Solid has the potential of being a multi-film franchise on par with Resident Evil. Metal Gear Solid has long been a dream project for director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island, The Kings of Summer), who will be working off a screenplay by Derek Connolly (Safety Not Guaranteed; co-writer of Jurassic World). Other projects Oscar Isaac has in the works include the Ex Machina comic book adaptation The Great Machine and the Hollywood true story Francis and the Godfather.3. GAL GADOT MOVES FROM SUPERHERO TO SUPER SPY WITH HEART OF STONE (Photo by RCF/Everett Collection)As we get closer to the Christmas Day premiere of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max and in theaters, Gal Gadot has found another lucrative genre to add to her filmography in addition to superheroes and (formerly) the racing action of the Fast Furious movies. Gadot has finalized a deal for upwards of million with Skydance Media to star in the spy thriller Heart of Stone,which is being described as a potential franchise-starter in the style of James Bond and Mission: Impossible. Tom Harper, who directed Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in the hot air balloon adventure The Aeronauts (Certified Fresh at 72%) is currently in talks to direct Heart of Stone from a screenplay by comic book writer Greg Rucka (Netflix s The Old Guard, Certified Fresh at 81%) and screenwriter Allison Schroeder (co-writer of Hidden Figures, Christpher Robin). Other projects Gal Gadot has in the works include her starring role in Cleopatra and the Netflix action movie Red Notice, along with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.4. PETER DINKLAGE TO WIELD THE MIGHTY MOP OF THE TOXIC AVENGER(Photo by HBO)For years now, whenever fans speculate about the casting of a possible Alpha Flight movie, one of the inevitable picks is Peter Dinklage as Puck (because of their similarity in height). Instead, when Dinklage did actually make his debut in a Marvel Studios movie, it was in X-Men: Days of Future Past (Certified Fresh at 90%) as the scientist Bolivar Trask, and that role was later followed by a turn as Eitri, King of the Dwarves, in Avengers: Infinity War (Certified Fresh at 85%). As it turns out, however, Dinklage s first true superhero role will be one with indie filmmaking roots far outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe: in the remake of Troma s The Toxic Avenger (Fresh at 70%). Troma s Lloyd Kaufman is co-producing the reboot for Legendary Pictures, the same production company that gave us Christopher Nolan s Dark Knight trilogy and Warner Bros current Godzilla franchise. Dinklage s reboot of The Toxic Avenger will reportedly subvert the superhero genre in the style of Marvel s Deadpool, which makes sense when you find out that it will be directed by actor Macon Blair (Blue Ruin), who made his directorial debut with I Don t Feel at Home in This World Anymore (Certified Fresh at 89%).5. HARRIET STAR CYNTHIA ERIVO TAKES ON ANOTHER 19TH CENTURY BIOPIC (Photo by Eli Winston/Everett Collection)Broadway star Cynthia Erivo was one of last year s Best Actress nominees for her role as Harriet Tubman in Harriet (Fresh at 74%), and now she s found another biopic set in the 19th century, as she is attached to produce and star in an untitled film about the life of African princess Omoba Aina (A.K.A. Sara Forbes Bonetta), who was enslaved and then eventually became the goddaughter of Queen Victoria of England. The film will be partly adapted from the biographical book At Her Majesty s Request. Benedict Cumberbatch will also be one of the project s producers, but it s not yet known if he will also take on one of the film s historical roles.6. RON HOWARD S THAI CAVE RESCUE DRAMA THIRTEEN LIVES TO START FILMING SOON (Photo by Jaap Buitendijk/©Universal Pictures)Just a couple of weeks after the Netflix premiere of his latest film as director, Hillbilly Elegy (Rotten at 25%), Ron Howard is already getting ready for his next film as director. That movie will be Thirteen Lives, about the cave rescue effort in Thailand in 2018, which will start filming in Australia in March, 2021. Howard s Thirteen Lives now also stands out as the possible winner in a race to get a major movie about the incident produced after a surprising six different projects were confirmed to be in development within a few months of the disaster. Thirteen Lives will be a joint production between Howard and Brian Grazer s Imagine Entertainment and MGM. No casting has been announced yet.7. UNIVERSAL S MONSTER MOVIES REBOOTS WILL INCLUDE VAN HELSING (Photo by (c)Universal courtesy Everett Collection)Universal s attempts to move on from the Dark Universe idea got rolling in style earlier this year with The Invisible Man (Certified Fresh at 91%), and they continue to develop films based on their classic monster lineup almost more intensely than they did before. The 2004 Hugh Jackman action movie Van Helsing (Rotten at 24%) was a famous misfire, but the vampire-hunting Dracula character himself appears to still have fans at Universal, because the studio is moving forward with plans for a Van Helsing reboot. Universal Pictures is teaming up with producer James Wan (Aquaman, The Conjuring) for a new Van Helsing film to be directed by Julius Avery, who in 2018 gave us the Nazi zombie movie Overlord (Certified Fresh at 81%). It s not yet known what sort of tone the new Van Helsing will take, or whether it will directly connect to other Universal monster movies (either before or after Van Helsing). Julius Avery will also be rewriting a pre-existing Van Helsing reboot screenplay draft written by screenwriter Eric Pearson (Marvel s Black Widow; co-writer of Thor: Ragnarok).8. THIS WEEK IN JASON STATHAM: EASTERN PROMISES SPIN-OFF, MOVIE WITH AUBREY PLAZA (Photo by Universal Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)Every once in a while, an actor will be lucky enough to have two new movies announced in the same week. This week, it s Jason Statham, and neither movie is a sequel to any of his recent hits like The Meg or Fast Furious Presents: Hobbs Shaw, but one of them was almost a sequel. Jason Statham is in advanced talks to star in the Russian crime thriller Small Dark Look, which was originally developed as a sequel to the Viggo Mortensen drama Eastern Promises (Certified Fresh at 89%). It sounds, however, like elements of the movie have been changed (notably, probably changing the character from the one played by Viggo Mortensen), so that it s no longer a sequel. The other Jason Statham movie to make the news this week is an untitled thriller to be directed by Guy Ritchie, whose first two features, 1998 s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Certified Fresh at 75%) and 2001 s Snatch (Fresh at 73%), helped launch Statham s movie career. The new project, which was previously titled Five Eyes, will team Statham up with Parks Recreation star Aubrey Plaza as an international super spy who must work with a high-tech CIA expert on a globe-trotting mission to infiltrate a billionaire arms broker. This project appears to be one that Ritchie is taking on while others, including Disney s live-action sequel to 2019 s Aladdin (Rotten at 57%), continue to be developed.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. Hollywood Game Night, Head Writers: Ann Slichter, Grant Taylor; Writers: Michael Agbabian, Alexandra Kokesh, Dwight D. Smith; NBCJeopardy!, Written by Matthew Caruso, John Duarte, Harry Friedman, Mark Gaberman, Deborah Griffin, Michele Loud, Robert McClenaghan, Jim Rhine, Steve D. Tamerius, Billy Wisse; ABCPaid Off with Michael Torpey, Head Writer: Ethan Berlin; Writers: John Chaneski, Rosemarie DiSalvo, Leigh Hampton, Katie Hartman, Amanda Melson, Larry Owens, Jennie Sutton, Michael Torpey, Jeremy Weiner; truTVWho Wants To Be A Millionaire, Head Writer: Stephen A. Melcher, Jr.; Writers: Kyle Beakley, Tom Cohen, Patricia A. Cotter, Ryan Hopak, Gary Lucy, James Rowley, Ann Slichter, Dylan Snowden; Disney/ABC Syndication

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Rick/Cliff relationship is reportedly inspired by the real-life actor and stuntman duo Burt Reynolds and Hal Needham. They are fictional characters, as is Rick’s agent Marvin Schwarz (Al Pacino). But it’s the colorful assortment of real-life figures from the period that make Once Upon A Time a Who’s Who of late- 60s Tinseltown.Australian Oscar nominee Margot Robbie stars as Sharon Tate, and another Aussie actor, Justified star Damon Herriman, plays Charles Manson.(Photo by Weinstein Company)Bruce Dern plays George Spahn, the California rancher who was persuaded to allow the Manson Family to live on his property. (Remember the Spahn Movie Ranch?) The role was originally, in fact, supposed to be played by Burt Reynolds, who died in September of 2018. In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes promoting his Certified Fresh film, The Mustang, Dern had this to say about Tarantino s film: All I can say is this is me telling you he s a magician, because in this movie, he did something mad. It s probably the most unique endeavor I ve seen a director undertake and do. Without ruining the movie for you I can t tell you what that is, but the minute you get to see it, you will say, Bruce Dern is absolutely right.' Dern continued: You ll know, because he did the single most unpredictable thing I ve ever seen a director do, in this movie. And I don t mean a moment; I mean the entire movie. Because, you know what, you probably remember something about the Manson Murders, and How horrendous! and so forth and so on. Well, everybody says, Oh my God! I can t wait til Quentin does the Manson Murders. There s a movie about that, I can t wait, and so forth and so on. Well, I won t say a word, but remember I told you what I told you. Moving on, Dakota Fanning plays Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, a Manson disciple best known for trying to assassinate President Gerald Ford. Billions star Damian Lewis plays A-list actor and heartthrob Steve McQueen, then considered the coolest Hollywood star on the planet.(Photo by Columbia Pictures)Emile Hirsch plays celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring, also killed in the Tate murders. Polish actor Rafal Zawierucha plays the young Roman Polanski, who was filming in London on the night his wife was killed by the Manson Family. Austin Butler plays Charles “Tex” Watson, the most vicious of the Manson Family killers, who was convicted of seven first-degree murders.Girls star/creator Lena Dunham plays Catherine “Gypsy” Share, a Manson follower who did not participate in the murders, while The Haunting of Hill House star Victoria Pedretti plays Manson Family member and convicted murderer Leslie (“Lulu”) Van Houten who was just 19 at the time of the slayings.Fittingly, Mike Moh plays martial arts icon Bruce Lee, who actually suspected Polanski briefly in Tate’s murder. Moh, who starred in Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, has paid tribute to Lee in several YouTube videos.And, sadly, Once Upon A Time marks the final on-screen role for Luke Perry, the Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale star who died suddenly on March 4 at the age of 52. Perry plays Scott Lancer, one of the main characters on the Western TV series Lancer, which ran on CBS from 1968 to 1970.Other stars playing both true-life and fictional characters include long-time Tarantino mainstays Michael Madsen and Tim Roth, as well as Kurt Russell, Timothy Olyphant, Lorenza Izzo, Maya Hawke, Rumer Willis, and Scoot McNairy.Keep in Mind Ryan FujitaniTarantino has been known to play hard and loose with history. Remember how Inglorious Basterds imagined an alternate reality in which American Jewish soldiers took their revenge on Hitler and murdered him at the height of WWII? Is it possible Once Upon A Time will put its own stamp on the most infamous, shocking crime of the 1960s, a crime that signaled a dark, bloody end to hippie culture? Dern s words seem to suggest it might.Sharon Tate’s sister Debra, who’s been very protective of her sister’s legacy and, according to an article on Nerdist.com, was already protesting the film even before she knew what it was about, told TMZ: “This movie is not what people would expect it to be when you combine the Tarantino and Manson names. Sounds like she approves. Get ready for the unexpected.Once Upon a Time in Hollywood  opens everywhere on July 26.

(Photo by HBO)Expectations for the final season of Game of Thrones were higher than the Red Keep’s tallest spire, and, unfortunately, fans and critics alike were not universally impressed with the way creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss ended the story. Unlike the previous seven seasons — all of which are Certified Fresh with Tomatometer scores well into the 90s — season 8 is not only the lowest-scoring season on the Tomatometer, it is also the first-ever Rotten season of HBO’s fantasy series.How does that work? Let s do a bit of math: While the average score of each of season 8’s episodes is a Fresh 68%, a number of season-level reviews (those that consider the season in its entirety) published following the finale have brought the overall season score down into the Rotten range.“This final season was all about big-huge set pieces, and a lot of the complexity burned away,” wrote Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich of the season as a whole. And Slate’s Willa Paskin noted in her review of the series finale, “Benioff and Weiss organized their entire series around an ending that they didn’t write to.”But Thrones is not the only beloved series that critics felt whiffed its final at-bat. Series with high expectations for their final episodes include everything from HBO’s bro-tastic showbiz satire Entourage to PBS’ prestige TV detective drama Sherlock. And though those expectations might not have been quite as high as the dizzying, dragon-y heights that GoT needed to live up to, both of those series similarly seemed to let down longtime viewers.Below, Rotten Tomatoes has gathered a list of beloved series whose early seasons were high-scoring and usually Certified Fresh — meaning they all received a large number of reviews, with many from top critics, and a score of more than 75% on the Tomatometer — and whose last season or two descended into Rotten territory. Some shows, like The Office, The West Wing, or How I Met Your Mother, managed to turn Rotten penultimate seasons around into Fresh final ones (which is why those three are not included below). But others, including Game of Thrones, Dexter, and Arrested Development, take their place among history’s best-reviewed shows with poorly reviewed endings.A note: We’ve only included series with robust scores, and we would also like to reiterate that this is not an indictment of the included series, but rather a numbers-focused presentation of score drops.Game of Thrones 89% (Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Highest-rated season: Game of Thrones: Season 4 (2014) 97%Final season:  Game of Thrones: Season 8 (2019) 55%Drop: 44%While showrunners Benioff and Weiss were never going to please everyone, critics pointed to the series penultimate episode, The Bells, as a prime example of how a transportive, well-acted, smartly written drama even non-genre fans can appreciate (per the RT Critics Consensus for season 1) could devolve into such a divisive experience for fans. The Critics Consensus for The Bells  in particular echoes a common complaint from the show s closing moments: too much plot in too little time muddles the story and may leave some viewers feeling its conclusions are unearned. Dexter 71% (Photo by Showtime)Highest-rated season: Dexter: Season 2 (2007) 96%Final season: Dexter: Season 8 (2013) 33%Drop: 61%Seasons 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 of Showtime’s serial killer drama are all Certified Fresh, but seasons 6 and 8 plunged into Rotten territory. The Critics Consensus for season 6 counts “heavy-handed symbolism, an unimpressive villain, and a redundant arc for America s favorite serial killer” among the reasons for its low score, while the season 8 summary calls it a “a bitterly disappointing final season that is so hesitant to punish its anti-hero for his misdeeds, it opts to punish its audience instead.”Weeds 70% (Photo by Showtime)Highest-rated season: Weeds: Season 2 (2006) 100%Final season: Weeds: Season 8 (2012) 40%Drop: 60%The dark comedy followed suburban widow Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) as she began to deal pot to make ends meet following the unexpected death of her husband — and eventually transformed into an international drug kingpin. But while the first season was Certified Fresh and the subsequent ones were generally well-liked, RT’s Critics Consensus for the eighth and final season notes that the “final installment burns the series remaining goodwill down to a sorry roach with perfunctory plotting and a sense that this story no longer resembles the one fans fell in love with.”The Killing 68% (Photo by AMC)Highest-rated season: The Killing: Season 1 (2011) 94%Final season: The Killing: Season 4 (2014) 47%Drop: 53%The Seattle-set slow-burn mystery pursued by homicide detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) started off with “thoughtful writing, believable characters, and realistic horror, even if its season finale was unsatisfying,” per the first season’s Critics Consensus. By the fourth season, resurrected by Netflix following AMC’s cancellation, it succumbed to “silliness” and strayed into “distractingly overwrought territory.”True Blood 70% (Photo by HBO)Highest-rated season: True Blood: Season 3 (2010) 91%Final season: True Blood: Season 7 (2014) 44%Drop: 51%HBO’s vampire drama, based on the Southern Gothic Sookie Stackhouse book series by bestselling author Charlaine Harris, took a few seasons for critics to warm up to it (it started at a barely Fresh 61% in season 1 and reached a series high of 95% in season 3). But the third season’s “graphic thrills, steamy romance, and biting satire for its fans” made way for a Rotten final two seasons, as the series ran out of steam and its seventh season was “content to limp along on familiar plot points.”Arrested Development 74% (Photo by Netflix)Highest-rated season: Arrested Development: Season 1 (2003) 100%Final season: Arrested Development: Season 5 (2018) 55%Drop: 45%, though the drop from season 1 to season 4 was even more drastic at 73%The first season of the formerly short-lived Fox gem is among the rare seasons Certified Fresh at 100%, and the subsequent two seasons that aired on the broadcast network are also strong with 94% and 100% Tomatometer scores, respectively. Netflix’s revival, on the other hand, can’t quite “live up to its own past.” At least the series’ fifth season (55%) was a bit of a second chance for the cast and creators, as season 4’s Critics Consensus put it simply: “They ve made a huge mistake.” (Though the series has not officially been canceled, there s no word on whether Netflix plans to make another season.)UnREAL 81% (Photo by Lifetime)Highest-rated season: UnREAL: Season 1 (2015) 98%Final season: UnREAL: Season 4 () 50%Drop: 43%All three seasons of the dark, Bachelor-skewering drama that aired on Lifetime were Certified Fresh and brought renewed respect to the female-focused network. The fourth season, however, “fizzled out” and went directly to Hulu (“but the clever antics, confidence, and high energy” remained intact, per the season 4 CC).Sherlock 78% (Photo by Laurence Cendrowicz/Hartswood Films & MASTERPIECE)Highest-rated season: Sherlock: Season 2 (2012) 94%Final season: Sherlock: Season 4 (2017) 54%Drop: 39%The first three full seasons of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s modern Sherlock Holmes adaptations were all Certified Fresh with scores in the 90s. But the 2015 Christmas special wasn’t quite as well-received, and the fourth season, which came four years after season 3, was marred by “the lofty expectations created by the series lengthy hiatus.” Hm, sounds familiar…Entourage 66% (Photo by HBO)Highest-rated season: Entourage: Season 5 (2008) 76%Final season: Entourage: Season 8 (2011) 46%Drop: 30%While the Hollywood antics of heartthrob Vinny Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his hangers-on were mostly well-received — most seasons of the HBO comedy are sitting comfortably in the 70s — the seventh season saw a turn as poorly received as Chase’s fictional epic, Medellin. As season 8’s Critics Consensus put it, “With Entourage s best stories behind it, the series finale feels like a merciful end.”Prison Break 60% (Photo by Fox)Highest-rated season: Prison Break: Season 1 (2005) 77%Final season: Prison Break: Season 4 (2008) 50%Drop: 27%The Fox drama’s self-explanatory title meant that the series was always going to have to fight against its own premise — there are only so many prisons to break out of, after all — but after a Certified Fresh debut season and a second installment that maintained the series’ “propulsive momentum,” per season 2’s CC, things went downhill. The third and fourth seasons were both Rotten at 50% — and while the original series finale delivered closure for fans, “the season s ludicrous, plot-breaking twists betray the feeling that this saga should have ended a jailbreak or two before.” Fox’s 2017 revival nearly a decade after the series’ original end, didn’t fare much better: “familiar faces and frenetic action aren t enough to make up for a plot that manages to bore while beggaring belief,” per the Critics Consensus.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
Binge Guide: 5 Shows to Watch if You Love Lupin If the Netflix crime caper has stolen your heart, here are a few more shows about thieves and heists you should check out. by RT Staff | February 9, 2021 | Comments
(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick © Marvel Studios 2019)Larson Is Just as Awed By Captain Marvel as the Fans Are.   I don t feel nervous. I ve like found a way to keep my head down. I also find the character so inspiring that whenever I feel nervous and scared, I can turn to her and I m like, No, I got this. And that feels really awesome. I feel like I have the same awe… that a lot of her fans do. So, hopefully, that sort of bleeds through into this. But, we don t know what s gonna happen, right? Like, we don t know how the movie s going to be or how the movie will be received. It s not worth it to build it up into anything. This is the same thing that I ve always been doing. And there are things about her that I think are revolutionary and I, along with Marvel and Ryan and Anna and everybody on this crew, really want to make sure that that stuff gets out there. And, to me, that s all that it is, you know? Female screenwriters were crucial to telling the story. It was all written by women. I didn t realize how vital that [was] until I read it for the first time and realized little things, like We gotta get that woman, which is not in the script. But if a man had written it, generally I d see, We ve gotta get that girl. They re just slight things, and I realized it changed the way I viewed myself. I was like, Oh my God. I m a woman. You don t realize that you re slowly conditioned in these ways. I ve struggled my whole life, in particular, because I m an actor, of always being in relation to something, always through a lens. Through somebody else s lens. And the beauty of this is that there have been so many women involved in the making of it that I don t feel like I ve had to fight as much, because I felt understood from the beginning. And that s just a wonderful thing that Marvel understood innately. They knew… if you re gonna tell this story, you gotta make sure that it s really embedded in everything. It has to be in the script. It has to be in the direction. It has to be in the wardrobe. It has to be in every part of it, you know? That it speaks to us. We re allowed to see our personal hidden secret language. I m sure there are movies for you guys like, Whoa! That s like so true to my experience. [I] just know we ve never had that. (Photo by Chuck Zlotnick ©Marvel Studios)She went to NASA And learned from real female fighter pilots.  One of the biggest inspirations was going to the NASA Air Force base and getting to talk with the female fighter pilots there. They re just the coolest, and just this great combination of really confident but super humble. Not boastful. You just feel the power being with them. And they re hyper-intelligent and just badasses. They became a huge piece of [her] like Oh, this is Carol.' She Stayed Off Social Media After Photos Leaked Of Her In the Suit.  Usually if I know the paparazzi on set, I m like, Cool! I m not going on social media for a couple of days. It s not helpful. She s Been In Spandex for a Year – And Jim Carrey Knows It.  There was a weird moment last week here on the lot. I was wearing the green suit, and in here it s like being in a casino. It s just dark and you lose track of time, and I was like, Oh my God, I ve gotta get out of here. Is it still light out? And I open that big door and I stumbled out and I was like blinking trying to adjust to the light and Jim Carrey drove by. [Laughing] And looked at me, and I looked at him, and we just stared at each other as he drove by and I was like, Huh. And I went about my day. I do get some weird looks, but at this point, I ve been wearing it so much that I feel sort of normal at this point. Cause up until this point, I was just training, so I ve basically just been in spandex for the last year. (Photo by Chuck Zlotnick ©Marvel Studios)She Relished Getting Physically Strong to Portray Carol.  I knew I was doing an action movie and I was going to have to do stunts and I didn t know what that was, but I knew that a movie like this was going to feel like a triathlon, and I wanted to be ready for it. I wanted to be as prepared as possible so I wasn t fighting being fatigued or my body hurting. A huge part of her is her strength. If I could go through that experience. I would get closer to her. Even just you standing there can feel really strong rather than acting strong. I was truly an introvert with asthma for this film, so I had a lot of work to do. I started to fall in love with the way my body was changing and transforming. It was the first time I felt like I was making my body work for me. In the past I was more interested in my body never being part of a conversation. To me it felt like objectification, and I just wanted to be a brain, so I ve only cared about reading books and understanding words and anything that involved my body just felt like it made me itchy. But this was an opportunity for me to take it back and make my body mine. She was kinda tricked into doing her own stunts. I started doing the stunts. I started doing crazy stunts that people were like, Oh, by the way, no one does that. No one really wanted to tell me that that was the case, because they were like, I don t know why she s doing this, but it s cool. It was ignorance, more than anything else, but now I ve found it really empowering. I do want to say that I had two amazing stunt doubles in this who were super helpful and are doing a lot, cause I can t be on the second unit at the same time as being on first unit. But I did do a lot of it, and I will continue to do a lot of it. And I think watching this movie and knowing that I put in nine months of real hard work, three months of [which] were like four and a half hours of training a day. I was training for a marathon. Seeing this movie, I think it would mean so much more to me knowing that there was that type of dedication put into it. That it s not just CGI, or it s  Girls are strong with CGI. It s Girls are strong.' (Photo by Marco Grob ©Marvel Studios )The Marvel 10-year class photo was just as epic as it looked. It s a weird time to enter this [universe]. I m entering it at the 10-year point. I m entering at this pivotal time where everybody s coming together. And so it s a very surreal experience to be brought into this family and you feel it. I [could] feel it that day, feel the history, feel the love, feel how much time these people have spent together. I was just really grateful that they were so generous and so excited about me joining it, and open to answer my questions. I brought a book with me and had them all sign it by giving me superhero advice. I mean, most of them are just really practical, like Don t forget to drink water. And a lot of them too are just like, You don t need my advice.' Captain Marvel Is a Good Time – But It Will Leave You Thinking. I had a meeting with Marvel. They [said] wanted to make a big feminist movie. And I remember going home being like, S , am I gonna do this? Like, it s kind of everything that I ve wanted. I don t do movies based upon any hidden agenda other than I just want more representation and I wanna do what I can to bring more representation. I know my limitations and I know that I m just one white girl and I m trying to do as much as I can within the framework of my body. I ve grown. I ve noticed that these movies, and the Marvel movies in particular, they have so much meaning in them. They mean so much. You can have a great time and just enjoy it for having a great time. But you can also be left with some really deep philosophical questions. That combo is really powerful. The idea that we can make something that was thought-provoking and entertaining, that was gonna be seen all over the world is like, [blows lips]. You know? (Photo by © Marvel Studios)The one thing she can reveal about Captain Marvel s character? She s unapologetic. I love that she s unapologetic. She s not apologizing for her strength, [even] as a human in the Air Force. She s never trying to shrink herself because of who she is. She can t even be somebody else if she wanted to. She can t. She can t be contained. My whole life I ve wanted to know it what it d be like not to see myself through other people s eyes but just through me alone. Like, do I need to go live in the woods alone? [Laughs] Like, what do I do? Now, I m learning that, actually, it is all of us together that make life and make the experience. But she is just herself, cannot be contained, and is pretty awesome. It means that she s wild. That s part of what I love. Captain Marvel is in theaters everywhere March 8, 2019.
Chernobyl: Miniseries (2019) 96% (HBO)The threat of nuclear annihilation remained a perennial boogeyman for children of the 1980s, so it was particularly terrifying when news of the Chernobyl disaster spread across the world. HBO s Chernobyl harnesses that anxiety to deliver a bone-chilling reprimand of human arrogance, drawing viewers in by telling some of the smaller stories that played out alongside the big, headline-generating one. Series creator, executive producer, and writer Craig Mazin and director Johan Renck won Emmys for their work here, expertly mixing elements of visceral horror and unsettling dread with deep human drama, and the cast is all aces. Long-time character actor Jared Harris turns in some of his finest work as Valery Legasov, the consultant brought in by the Soviet government to investigate the incident. He s the anchor of the narrative, but he s flanked by Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson in excellent supporting roles – all three of them were nominated for Emmys – while Paul Ritter is downright loathsome as Anatoly Dyatlov, the chief engineer at the plant whose obstinacy led to the catastrophe. It feels almost disrespectful to call this entertainment, but Chernobyl is some of the most compelling drama HBO has crafted in recent memory. – Ryan Fujitani, Sr. EditorWhere to watch: HBO or HBO Now, FandangoNOW, Amazon, iTunes, VuduCommitment: 5 hours (five-episode miniseries)Mrs. Fletcher: Limited Series (2019) 82% (HBO)Mrs. Fletcher creator Tom Perrotta is one of our generation’s premier miners of suburbia’s dark corners – he wrote the novel Election as well as the screenplay for Little Children. He also knows a thing or two about compelling TV – he EP’d The Leftovers. Here he brings both skills to bear on a story that we’ve seen before – empty nester searching for new meaning when her son leaves college – but never like this. Part of that is due to the series’ incisive and frank treatment of porn and the way in which it has entered the little ticky-tacky homes of American suburbia and smashed open doors and shattered taboos. In Mrs. Fletcher, the titular divorcee rediscovers herself via a number of pornographic genres, while we also see the way a steady diet of hardcore has affected her college-age son’s ability to be intimate. But mostly the series soars thanks to Kathryn Hahn, who is incredible as Eve Fletcher; touchingly lost in her newfound aloneness one moment, giddily seizing control of new opportunities the next. Hahn was another terrible snub for the 2020 Golden Globes. It’s almost a bonus that Perrotta surrounds her with an endearing cast of characters whose stories are as rich and compelling as Mrs Fletcher’s. – Joel Meares, Editor-in-ChiefWhere to Watch: HBO or HBO Now, FandangoNOW, Vudu, Google PlayCommitment: Approx. 3.5 hours (one season)What We Do in the Shadows: Season 1 (2019) 94% (FX)If you haven’t taken a bite out of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s TV adaptation of their 2014 film, you’re in luck! Now’s a great time to binge season 1 of this vampire reality show satire, because season 2 is right around the corner, premiering April 15 on FX. The half-hour comedy stars Matt Berry as Laszlo, Kayvan Novak as Nandor, Natasia Demetriou as Nadja, and Mark Proksch as Colin Robinson – a group of vampire roommates living-dead in Staten Island. Harvey Guillen slays as Lazlo’s human “familiar,” Guillermo. We won’t spoil the 10-episode first season for you, but there are some excellent cameos to look forward to. And you have our word: This is one vampire-TV offering that doesn’t suck. – Debbie Day, Sr. TV EditorWhere to watch: FXNOW, Hulu, FandangoNOW, Vudu, Google Play, AmazonCommitment: Approx. 5 hours (one season)Supernatural 93% (CW)The Winchester Bros. long and winding road is coming to an uncertain close, so what better time to get caught up on the 14 seasons that started it all? For those new to the monster-hunting party: Supernatural follows brothers Dean and Sam Winchester on a grand, ghoul-bashing tour of the United States. From wendigos and chupacabras to fighting the devil himself, there’s no creature Dean and Sam haven’t faced at least once, if not several times, all the while dealing with a very complicated family history that just won’t leave them alone. The deeper you get into Supernatural’s lore the more bonkers it all gets, but with a reliable creature-of-the-week format and undeniable chemistry between stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki it’s an easy binge. And with almost two weeks worth of spooky fun, you won’t have ,to worry about running out of story anytime soon. (But be warned, all ye who enter: the CW has halted production on the back half of the show s final season, leaving the series finale in limbo. With any luck, it ll pull a Winchester and find its way to a small screen near you soon enough.) – Haña Lucero-Colin, TV Curation ManagerWhere to watch: Netflix, FandangoNOW, Amazon, Vudu, Google PlayCommitment: Approx. 13 days, 7 hours (14 seasons)Kingdom 96% (Netflix)Set in Korea, about 400 years ago in the Joseon era, the series kicks off with a “sick King, who no one is allowed to see. There is a movement to crown the illegitimate Crown Prince to the throne. In the middle of the political drama, a mysterious plague spreads and forces the Crown Prince on a mission to uncover and stop the disease. Whether or not you’re still watching The Walking Dead, Kingdom is a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Plus, thanks to Parasite, South Korean content is front and center these days, and if you already love 2016 Korean zombie movie Train to Busan, you’ll get the same shocking, breathless moments in this series. A period piece, Kingdom will subvert your expectations in a lot of ways, not the least of which is the setting. This is not TWD — the zombies run fast, and no one can hide in a mall 400 years in the past. Add to that, amazing special effects and gorgeous cinematography that bring to life a bloody good time. – Eileen Rivera, Sr. Director of Production Where to Watch: NetflixCommitment: 11 hours (two seasons)Medical Police: Season 1 (2020) 92% (Netflix)If you think a satirical sketch comedy series about a team of Children s Hospital doctors in Brazil who try to find a cure for a disease that s rapidly spreading across the globe may not be the best thing to watch right now, I m sorry but you re wrong.  Medical Police is a spoof of procedurals like CSI, 24, and The Blacklist, in addition to being a spin-off of Children s Hospital (2010-2016), which itself is a spoof of medical dramas like ER and Grey s Anatomy. It s like a sketch comedy house of mirrors where your favorite comedians and guest stars are given free rein to be as weird and funny as they want be. – Sara Ataiiyan, Review CuratorWhere to watch: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 5 hours (one season)Elite 97% (Netflix)It’s Gossip Girl meets Big Little Lies — have we got your attention? A standout of Netflix’s international programming, Elite has everything you could want in a soapy noir melodrama: tortured rich teens, murder, chic fashion, sex – all while the youths are studying for those pesky exams. Elite finds nuance in its pulp and explores themes like classism, racism, and LGBTQ issues with a surprising amount of realism and grit. Power is one of the central pillars of this show; how its characters use or misuse it to get what they want creates a lot of highly entertaining moments, like seeing the students concoct a plan to deflect blame for a death at a nightclub. It also boasts a soundtrack that rivals Euphoria’s. A highlight to look for is former Mexican child-star-turned-acclaimed-pop-star Danna Paola’s turn as Lucrecia, daughter to the Mexican ambassador in Spain. Lucrecia is the best diva-villain-with-a-secret-heart-of-gold since Blair Waldorf. Netflix offers a dubbed version, but we highly recommend watching the series in its native Spanish language with English subtitles. And now is the perfect time to start, as the third season is streaming on Netflix. – Daisy Gonzalez, Theatrical Review CuratorWhere to watch: Netflix Commitment: Approx. 22.5 hours (three seasons)Check out our regular March Binge Guide. Thumbnail image Juhon Noh/Netflix, Sarah Shatz/HBO, Bettina Strauss/The CW
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英皇体育登录 腾讯网易的资金和技术支持是最为充分的,分走了国内市场的大部分空间,米哈游、鹰角网络等新兴手游厂商凭借爆款ip手游作品正在崛起,任天堂、索尼愈加重视国内市场,主机游戏的影响力也在不断扩大,留给传统端游厂商的时间和空间都已经不多了。

飞智经过几年的发展,生产线已经涵盖手游手柄、手游鼠标、游戏蓝牙耳机还有游戏手机配件等等。这一系列的手游产品,帮助游戏玩家在玩游戏中发挥的更好。 As the 2010s comes to a close, so do a number of beloved comedy series this month — cheers to you, Schitt’s Creek and Bojack Horseman! But not to worry: The rest of January has plenty of returning fan-favorites, plus an ultra-buzzy sci-fi sequel series decades in the making. Catch up on all that and more in this month’s binge guide.Doctor Who 92% (BBC America)What it is: Considering Doctor Who is about nothing less than fantastical adventures through the space-time continuum, it’s difficult to sum up in a sentence or two. But just know that it follows an alien Time Lord who’s known as the Doctor (who’s been inhabited by a number of actors, and now an actress, over the years) and his companions — in the two newest seasons called her “friends.”Why you should watch it: Doctor Who is making a case for being one of those timeless sci-fi properties that’s earned a devout following akin to Star Wars or Star Trek. The decades-spanning series always finds ways to one-up itself, and with Jodie Whittaker making her grand debut last season as the first female Doctor, there’s never been a better time to jump aboard. Season 12 premiered Jan. 1 on BBC America — we recommend you begin with the 2006 relaunch.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 101 hours (for the first 11 seasons of the relaunch)Schitt's Creek 93% (Pop TV)What it is: Father and son co-creators Dan Levy and Eugene Levy pack in the laughs as the fictional father and son within the Roses, a millionaire mogul family. They are joined by Catherine O’Hara as wacky matriarch Moira and Annie Murphy as the ditzy daughter Alexis. When they lose their fortune, they’re forced to relocate to their sole possession: the town of Schitt’s Creek, which was bought as a gag gift years prior. The ensuing five seasons follows the family as they adjust to their new life and learn to call that small, unfortunately-named town home.Why you should watch it: We love a success story, and Schitt’s Creek has one of our favorite little-show-that-could narratives of the decade. While always well-received and enjoyed by its niche Pop TV and CBC audience, this Canadian television series didn’t really bloom until hitting Netflix, where its bingeable 30-minute episodes — full, in equal measure, of both humor and heart — were eaten up by American audiences who became eager for more. Cut to 2018 Emmy nominations for best comedy series and lead actors Eugene Levy and O’Hara, and we’ve no doubt that season 6 will wrap the series on a touching — and hilarious — high note. Season 6 premieres Jan. 6 on Pop TV.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 24 hours (for the first five seasons)The New Pope 90% (HBO)What it is: From the mind of Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino, The New Pope is a John Malkovich–starring follow-up to The Young Pope, which dramatizes the controversial rise of Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law), the world’s first American Pope.Why you should watch it: As the first Italian series to be nominated at the Primetime Emmy Awards and the first television series to host its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, The Young Pope is nothing if not cinematic in scope and aesthetic — and led by Law and Diane Keaton on season 1, it’s got the star power to back it all up. Season 2 premieres Jan. 13 on HBO.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, HBO Now, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 10 hours (for the first season)The Magicians 91% (SyFy)What it is: Based on the acclaimed fantasy series by Lev Grossman and from producers Michael London, Janice Williams, John McNamara, and Sera Gamble, The Magicians follows Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) after he enrolls in Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy in New York. What follows for the young magician is a collision between our world and a threatening fantasy world with nothing less at stake than reality as we know it. Why you should watch it: The Magicians has all the straight-up drama that comes with magic, secret academies, and battles between good and evil — and it’s a whole lot of crazy fun, too. Season 5 premieres Jan. 15 on Syfy.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 39 hours (for the first four seasons)Sex Education 96% (Netflix)What it is: This British teen dramedy from creator Laurie Nunn tells the story of a high school outsider who, buoyed by the tricks he’s picked up from his sex therapist helicopter mom, begins his own sex therapy practice out of an abandoned bathroom — to booming results.Why you should watch it: You’d be hard-pressed to find a 2019 series whose ensemble was quite as immediately loveable — though a bit chaotic — as this one. The pitch-perfect cast is led by Asa Butterfield as Otis and a scene-stealing, never-better (if you can believe it) Gillian Anderson as his mother, Jean; the nuances of their fraught and evolving relationship paired with the high school dramas of puberty and beyond make this a must-watch. Season 2 premieres Jan. 17 on Netflix.Where to watch: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 8 hours (for the first season)The Bold Type 91% (Freeform)What it is: With industry-specific dramas pulled directly from Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief (and series executive producer) Joanna Coles’ decades-spanning career, The Bold Type follows the day-to-day adventures of three millennial New Yorkers and best friends who work together at the fictional fashion magazine Scarlet.Why you should watch it: From Ugly Betty to The Devil Wears Prada, the New York fashion magazine and media industry has proven a fine playing field for high-stakes drama and fantastic wardrobes. The Bold Type dives right in and still finds ways to make this well-documented world newly exciting. That’s largely thanks to a stellar cast led by Katie Stevens as Jane Sloan, one-third of the BFF and co-worker trio that also includes Aisha Dee as Kat Edison and Meghann Fahy as Sutton Brady. Season 4 premieres Jan. 23 on Freeform.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 21 hours (for the first three seasons)Star Trek: The Next Generation 91% (CBS All Access)What it is: To catch up on the Star Trek universe as shown in this month s Star Trek: Picard, we’re recommending you revisit The Next Generation (and perhaps the franchises 2002 feature film, Nemesis) for a wintry binge. As the series that first introduced the USS Enterprise’s Captain Picard, played by the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, TNG sets the stage for the 20-years-later action that befalls the captain after he disassociates from Starfleet.Why you should watch it:  While the Picard creative team, including showrunner Alex Kurtzman, have emphasized that this series will be accessible to newbie Trekkies, a binge of TNG will inform your foundational knowledge of those revisiting the Picard world (including Data and William Riker from the trailer alone) while giving you a fine excuse to watch a classic!Set 20 years after Picard goes into retirement and isolation, the new CBS All Access series marks the grand return of one of today’s most iconic heroes. The story picks up with the unexpected arrival of Dahj (Isa Briones), a young woman who turns to Picard for help following an enormous trauma, in turn reigniting the former captain’s desire to return to Starfleet. Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard premieres Jan. 23 on CBS All Access.Where to watch: Amazon, CBS All Access, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 132 hours (for all seven seasons)Shrill 87% (Hulu)What it is: Based on the hit book by Lindy West and co-created by Alexandra Rushfield and Aidy Bryant (who also stars), this series puts a feminist, body-positive spin on the classic workplace drama as our hero Annie Easton (Bryant) finds her voice as a journalist and learns to love herself in unexpected ways.Why you should watch it: Saturday Night Live stalwart Bryant is finally given a star-making vehicle with Shrill, which earnestly and humorously portrays the daily microaggressions plus-size women face in the office and beyond. Season 2 premieres Jan. 24 on Hulu.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 3 hours (for the first season)BoJack Horseman 93% (Netflix)What it is: BoJack Horseman (voiced by Will Arnett) was once the hottest horse in town, star of a hit sitcom and riding high in Tinseltown. Fast-forward 20 years, though, and he’s a depressive has-been — and our titular protagonist of this hit Netflix comedy.Why you should watch it: It’s not often that an alcoholic horse and a fictionalized Hollywood full of as many flawed humans as talking animals teaches you about yourself, but this one does — trust us! There’s reason BoJack’s blend of pitch-black humor and weighty human circumstance has gained such a cult following over the last five seasons. The second half of season 6 — the series’ final episodes — premieres Jan. 31 on Netflix.Where to watch: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 34 hours (for the first five seasons and first half of season 6)Like this? 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