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疯狂卡车司机采用百度引擎0(Baidu 6)Going on nearly 20 years, the X-Men movie franchise has had many ups and downs. Now, with the release of Dark Phoenix, critics are declaring it the lowest of the low, and the Tomatometer score certainly affirms the dishonor. While some reviews claim it’s not really the worst X-Men sequel yet, even the most positive takes are far from excited. If this is the conclusion of what began back in 2000, it’s possibly a more disappointing series finale than anything on TV. Still, there’s reportedly some decent action, if that’s enough for you to finish out its run.Here’s what critics are saying about Dark Phoenix:Is this really the worst X-Men movie?The worst chapter of its long-running main series.  Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendIt may very well be the worst X-Men movie ever made.  Jordan Ruimy, World of ReelIt s more focused and less bloated than Apocalypse.  Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyA tiny bit better than the worst X-Men films!  Todd Gilchrist, Birth.Movies.Death.Dark Phoenix IS GOOD!… It’s more distinguishable and bares the identity of an X-Men movie that plays like a long episode of the animated series.  Rendy Jones, Rendy Reviews(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Is it at least better than The Last Stand?The film is marginally better than the previous telling of the Phoenix saga. Jim Vejvoda, IGN[Kinberg] makes up for the single worst X-Men film… Chris Claremont and John Byrne would be proud. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the Movies[Simon Kinberg] is a more sensual and intuitive filmmaker than Brett Ratner. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyWhile Dark Phoenix may have fewer embarrassing missteps than Ratner’s 2006 disaster, it replaces that embarrassment with something that feels devoid of personality.  Kambole Campbell, Little White LiesMaybe X-Men: The Last Stand wasn’t an accurate adaptation of the Dark Phoenix comics, but at least it was a fun celebration of an ensemble of characters.  Fred Topel, We Live EntertainmentWill die-hard X-Men fans enjoy it?Dark Phoenix is not the movie for fans of the comic book series. It’s arguable if Dark Phoenix is the film for hardcore fans of the franchise that’s existed in one form or another since 2000. Jeffrey Lyles, Lyles Movie FilesIt’s as though the audience is expected to be grateful that they are seeing most of the classic line-up of characters, without exploring what makes them interesting. Kambole Campbell, Little White LiesThis final Fox X-Men film also has a number of Easter eggs for comic fans… there’s also a cameo by writer Chris Claremont.  Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon.net(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Is it a satisfying franchise finale, at least?Compared with the conclusions of other major franchises — the most recent being Avengers: Endgame — this one seems distinctly minor league. Todd McCarthy, Hollywood ReporterThis X-Men outing feels more like an afterthought than a climax. Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, MetroWith this final installment, the franchise goes out with a resounding thud. Katie Walsh, Tribune News ServiceDark Phoenix makes for a satisfying conclusion to the X-Men series. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesUltimately a movie that understands its status as a farewell to characters who have thrilled audiences for two decades… It’s a fitting final chapter. Tom Beasley, Flickering MythHow is Sophie Turner?For Game of Thrones fans, it is tempting to imagine Turner as the all-powerful being she deserves to be…Dark Phoenix just doesn’t do [her] justice. Katie Walsh, Tribune News ServiceIf she deserved better than Game of Thrones finally gave her, she deserves even better here. Justin Chang, Los Angeles TimesTurner puts in the work, but the writing and sloppy direction does little to underpin the performance. Radheyan Simonpillai, NOW TorontoThe pleasure of Dark Phoenix is watching her emerge from the wreckage. Owen Gleiberman, Variety(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Is there a strong feminist message?It’s the women in this one who do most of the heavy lifting, and the film rises to another level because of it. Lisa Johnson Mandell, AtHomeInHollywood.comDark Phoenix takes blockbuster gender politics a step further… to forge an allegory of the rise of women that’s sharply compelling in its renegade/victim edge. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyIf Dark Phoenix was intended as a feminist statement, it plays out more like a male fear at women seizing power and wreaking havoc. Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, MetroHow is the rest of the cast?The excellent acting… is better than the Disney-run Marvel Cinematic Universe. Johnny Oleksinski, New York PostJames McAvoy is probably the standout… Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, meanwhile, are practically checking their watches. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendPerhaps the most affecting work is by Hoult as Hank, who etches a journey from loss to rage as the effects of Jean’s unravelling hit hard. Ian Freer, Empire MagazineDoes it have a villain problem?It’s a character so immensely boring that it doesn’t really deserve mention in the basic plot description of the film. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendChastain is excellent as always, but her character is so underwritten that you’d be hard-pressed to remember its name. David Ehrlich, IndieWireChastain puts on an icy performance as the baddie… but the movie doesn’t seem to know what to do with her. Radheyan Simonpillai, NOW TorontoOne of the film’s biggest missed opportunities is its handling of the villains… with Chastain delivering a flat performance as a one-dimensional super-powered baddie. Jim Vejvoda, IGN(Photo by 20th Century Fox)What about the good parts?Kinberg actually puts together some very well done fight scenes. The film’s signature sequence on a train showcases the X-Men’s powers in a way we haven’t seen on the big screen in a long time. Jeffrey Lyles, Lyles Movie FilesOne diverting action sequence, set aboard a fast-moving train and goosed by an enjoyably bombastic Hans Zimmer score. Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times[It has] what may very well be the best on-screen train fight since Captain America: The First Avenger. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesThere aren’t many action scenes in Dark Phoenix, but the few that there are end up being somewhat entertaining. Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon.netThe light-show effects have a mid-’90s fanciful cheesiness, and I dug them for that reason. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyThere’s a refreshing simplicity to Dark Phoenix at a time when superhero movies are becoming increasingly complex. Tom Beasley, Flickering MythAre we just ready for the X-Men to join the MCU?Now the legacy of the X-Men will pass into a new set of hands, and hopefully it will rise, like a certain mythological bird, again. Don Kaye, Den of GeekAs Disney and Marvel Studios take the reins, I hope they embrace the stakes, humanity and scrappiness of these special characters. Johnny Oleksinski, New York PostWhile the MCU may prove better… the property itself deservedly needs a good long rest before the X-Men return to the screen. Jim Vejvoda, IGNDark Phoenix opens in theaters June 7, 2019.

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The DC Extended Universe has been on a roll with solo superhero movies, and now coming off the franchise’s biggest global hit yet with Aquaman, they have another winner on their hands, according to the first reactions from critics on social media. Shazam! is smaller but arguably more fun, and it’s less connected to the DCEU than past installments, which makes it especially appealing. The real sell, though, seems to be how much heart there is in this installment. It sounds like it’s not just great but totally lovable.Here’s what the critics are saying about Shazam!:Does DC have another hit?Shazam! is another win for DC. Germain Lussier, io9DC is finally building a solid run. Shazam! is a delight! Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendShazam! is an absolute delight! Perri Nemiroff, ColliderI LOVED every second of it. A colorful, vibrant, vital addition to the DCEU. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionHow does it compare to other DC movies?I absolutely loved Shazam! It s my favorite DC film yet.  Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorI m gonna go out on a limb and call Shazam! my favorite DCEU movie.  Mike Ceccini, Den of GeekDC didn t try and make a movie that fits in perfectly with the larger DC Universe. They just focused on making a great Shazam movie and hit a home run.  Steve Weintraub, ColliderShazam! is DC’s most joyful and sweet movie since the era of Christopher Reeve’s Superman… as liberated a comic book movie for DC as Deadpool was for Fox-Marvel.  Jim Vejvoda, IGN Movies(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)What makes it stand out?Shazam! is the superhero film that you never knew you needed… This is what going to the movies is all about. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentIt encapsulates the wish fulfillment and wonder of superhero comics in a way that will appeal to kids whilst being filled with non stop surprises for big comic book fans too. I loved it. Rosie Knight, NerdistIt is really well balanced, gets the magical wonder of the character and his world right, and somehow never feels like it s trying too hard. Mike Ceccini, Den of GeekIt doesn’t reinvent the superhero movie wheel, but it’s undeniably fun! Jim Vejvoda, IGN MoviesIt s basically the superhero version of Big, right?Shazam! is a super-powered Big… vivid character-driven action, heartrending central relationships and fully earned, totally satisfying emotional moments.  Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionIt’s a superhero Big. (How did it take so long?) Drew Taylor, The PlaylistShazam! is parts Home Alone, parts Big, a crowd pleasing family-friendly joy-filled wish-fulfillment superhero film. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmIt’s exactly what they set out to make: Big meets Superman. Steve Weintraub, Collider(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Is it funny?Hilarious and cute. Rachel Heine, NerdistIt s funny and the tone is exactly right. Jenna Busch, Legion of LeiaFunny yet earnest. Jim Vejvoda, IGN MoviesEven funnier than the trailers make it look. Mike Ceccini, Den of GeekAn absolute blast from start to finish, full of heart and hilarity. My face hurt from smiling so much. Dan Casey, NerdistLoved Shazam! It s super fun, very funny (a few times people were laughing so loud I missed dialogue). Steve Weintraub, ColliderDoes it dare to go dark?Sometimes feels like if Joe Dante or Robert Zemeckis made a superhero movie in 1985. It s a family movie, but the villain and the magical stuff is just scary enough to give it that edge, and it never swings too far in either direction. Mike Cecchini, Den of GeekReminds of me of when kids’ movies were legitimately scary (in a good way). Dan Casey, Nerdist(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Does it work as a family movie?Shazam! stands out because of the emotional, family story at its center… the family stuff is dynamic and powerful. Germain Lussier, io9Its familiar origin structure is forgivable because of all the new it brings to the table, primarily it s gleeful, childlike enthusiasm and heartfelt perspective on family.  Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendSuper vibrant, tons of heart and a great fun-loving vibe. The family element is a big charmer.  Perri Nemiroff, ColliderFantastic! Full of heart and pure childhood wish fulfillment.  Jenna Busch, Legion of LeiaI was surprised at how much it wears its heart on its sleeve.  Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmIt s an amazing family movie with dope fight scenes and great humor! You guys are going to love it.  Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorHow is Zachary Levi?Zachary Levi as Shazam was perfect casting. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorZachary Levi is perfectly cast. Steve Weintraub, ColliderIt s the role Zachary Levi was born to play. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendZachary Levi is terrific! Drew Taylor, The PlaylistZachary Levi is perfect in the role, and so is Asher Angel. Jenna Busch, Legion of Leia(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Are there any other standouts?Said this after IT but it s worth repeating: Jack Dylan Grazer is a star. Perri Nemiroff, ColliderThe kids absolutely steal the show. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorThe real surprise is Jack Dylan Grazer as Freddy Freeman. Steals the show. Steve Weintraub, ColliderAny complaints at all?I had some small issues with the hero/villain aspects. Germain Lussier, io9Gets a bit over the top and cheesy at times. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmWhat does this mean for DC, then?Excited to see more fun superhero moves from DC. Rachel Heine, NerdistDC is def on a winning streak. Bring on Todd Phillips’ Joker! Steve Weintraub, ColliderShazam! opens everywhere on April 5. Binge Guide: 5 Things to Watch If You Love The Queen's Gambit If you tore through the stylish Netflix miniseries faster than a round of speed chess and you can't decide what move to make next, we've got a few winning suggestions. by RT Staff | December 1, 2020 | Comments

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Of all the directors on this list, the one that will likely benefit most from this strange season is Eliza Hittman. Her drama, Never Rarely Sometimes Always, a BBC production distributed by Focus Features shortly after the pandemic hit, is a quiet indie about two girls who travel from Pennsylvania to New York to seek an abortion. It cements Hittman as more than just an indie darling and pushes her forward as one of the best up-and-coming female directors in Hollywood. The film is a difficult watch, which also makes it difficult to promote with glitzy cocktail parties, given its serious subject matter not that anyone is throwing any glitzy cocktail parties anytime soon. But it’s undeniably moving, and it has serious social and political resonance – both of which rank high with Academy voters. Following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and a renewed focus on the Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade, Never Rarely Sometimes Always can build a compelling narrative on why it is the movie of the moment and worthy of recognition.In a typical year, a low-budget indie with no stars that premiered in the first half of the year would have difficulty staying in the conversation. However, as voters will have time and opportunity to watch titles from the comfort of their homes, it’s reasonable to think they will be able to see smaller hidden gems like this.Chloé Zhao疯狂卡车司机4.英雄联盟手游环境极差,喷子很多,而且我实话实说大部分都是LOL端游玩家,这也是LOL端游的诟病,LOL端游排外心理严重,同时实际上LOL端游玩家在LOL手游上的表现真不如王者荣耀玩家,包括游戏理解,我发现LOL端游玩家在手游里面有个习惯就是到了中期就开始在中路混团,死了如果团战没打完复活还要再来,这种端游的习惯不建议保留到手游,而且端游玩家骂脏话的真的比王者玩家要多多的多了,我在朋友圈发过一个统计,问题是,LOL手游中,喷人的玩家是王者荣耀玩家居多或者端游玩家居多,一共四个评论都是回答的端游。

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Description: Tensions and temperatures rise over the course of an afternoon recording session in 1920s Chicago as a band of musicians await trailblazing performer, the legendary “Mother of the Blues,” Ma Rainey (Viola Davis). Late to the session, the fearless, fiery Ma engages in a battle of wills with her white manager and producer over control of her music. As the band waits in the studio’s claustrophobic rehearsal room, ambitious cornet player Levee (Chadwick Boseman) — who has an eye for Ma’s girlfriend and is determined to stake his own claim on the music industry — spurs his fellow musicians into an eruption of stories revealing truths that will forever change the course of their lives.Nominations: Actor, Actress, Costume Design, Makeup and Hairstyling, Production DesignStarring: Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis,Director: George C. WolfeWhere to Watch: In limited theaters (get tickets); Netflix

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When it comes to TV, January 2019 is bringing an embarrassment of riches. With so many quality TV series returning to the small screen this month, we decided to recommend the best of the best in our January binge guide — below, find nine series returning in early 2019 that have one or more Certified Fresh seasons. Happy bingeing in the new year!You're the Worst 95% (FXX)What it is: This dark comedy from creator Stephen Falk is the love story of Jimmy (a pitch-perfect Chris Geere) and Gretchen (the magnetic Aya Cash), two world-weary, self-destructive cynics who want anything but to fall in love — until they do.Why you should watch it: The type of distinctly unheroic antics our lovebird heroes get into in You’re the Worst is enough to make Walter White blush. No joke — this FXX comedy is about as real as it gets. Its fifth and final season premieres January 9.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 19 hours (for the first four seasons)Brooklyn Nine-Nine 95% (NBC)What it is: This hit comedy series from creators Dan Goor and Michael Schur is a workplace sitcom featuring some very distinct personalities — the aloof and gregarious Det. Jake Peralta (Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg), his fictional precinct’s dry commanding officer, Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher), and the rest of the motley crew of the Nine-Nine.Why you should watch it: We’ve seen fan-initiated primetime resuscitations before, but rarely do they happen as swiftly and unanimously as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s after its unceremonious cancellation at Fox. The online outcry had barely begun before Universal Television began shopping the sitcom around, and it was scooped up by NBC just a day later — with good reason. The series is much more than the Andy Samberg show; it’s a tried-and-true ensemble piece with beloved supporting characters and as much humor as heart. Season 6 premieres January 10.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 41 hours (for the first five seasons)Future Man 91% (Hulu)What it is: A hapless janitor named Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson) has one joy in life: video games. And surprisingly, it’s that passion that eventually gets him recruited into saving the world from certain doom. After beating Biotic Wars, a game so difficult that most gamers have given up on it, he learns it was all a test from the future, and is greeted by two mysterious visitors who hang the safety of mankind in his capable gamer hands.Why you should watch it: Considering the creative pedigree behind this series (it’s created by Howard Overman, Kyle Hunter, and Ariel Shaffir and executive produced and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg), it should come as little surprise that Future Man is quite funny. But it’s also a high-octane, rollicking adventure and fitting homage to sci-fi genre classics (in case you’re into that sort of thing, too). Season 2 premieres January 11.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 6.5 hours (for the first season)True Detective 78% (HBO)What it is: Like the very best mystery series, much of True Detective’s third installment is being kept under wraps, but what we do know sounds pretty compelling: Over the course of three decades in the Arkansas Ozarks,  a pair of detectives work to uncover the truth behind a grisly crime involving two missing children.Why you should watch it: This gritty anthological crime series from creator Nic Pizzolatto was a hit out the gate with season 1, which featured a pair of surprising and career-best performances from Woody Harrelson and Mathew McConaughey. Season 2 was largely seen as a creative misstep, but with Moonlight Oscar winner Mahershala Ali leading season 3 (and a team that professes to have learned from its mistakes), we highly recommend tuning in for its January 13 return.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, HBO Now, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 17 hours (for the first two seasons)Star Trek: Discovery 84% (CBS All Access)What it is: Star Trek: Discovery is set 10 years prior to the original series and in the same universe as Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, and sees the titular ship venturing out to discover new worlds and quell violent alien forces. As always, it’s the cast of characters on board that is the series’ beating heart.Why you should watch it: Creators Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman (not to mention star Sonequa Martin-Green, among others) had big shoes and a devout fandom’s expectations to fill when it premiered in September 2017. Our verdict: a job well done. Season 2 premieres January 17 and features Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), the U.S.S. Enterprise, and (another) young Spock (Ethan Peck). Catch up before it starts airing. Where to watch: Amazon, CBS All Accesss, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VuduCommitment: Approx. 12 hours (for the first season)High Maintenance 98% (HBO)What it is: From husband-and-wife co-creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, High Maintenance began as a hit web series starring Sinclair as a traveling weed deliveryman living in New York City. HBO picked it up to series in 2016 and largely retained the comedy s original format, just made its episodes longer.Why you should watch it: While there are plenty of primetime programs that paint a great snippet of present-day NYC, few get the full picture the way High Maintenance does. That’s because each episode features various characters who — whether they’re hosting a swingers party, rebelling against their ultra-religious parents, or sitting home alone collecting cans of La Croix — are from such disparate walks of life that they end up inadvertently highlighting the similarities between all dwellers of the concrete jungle. (And we promise those similarities go beyond enjoying the green.) Season 3 begins January 20.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, HBO Now, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 8 hours (for the first two seasons)SMILF 91% (Showtime)What it is: SMILF is a lot of things, perhaps most of all unexpected. But for the elevator pitch: a single mother named Bridgette Bird lives in South Boston and struggles to find a balance between the toddler son that relies on her and the expectations of work to make ends meet.Why you should watch it: As SMILF’s creator, director, writer, star, and real-life single mom, Frankie Shaw is a force of nature. Pulling semi-autobiographically from her own experience as a working mother, the series is smart, unflinching, and funny. Better yet, the twice Golden Globe–nominated series’ runtime and episode count make it very easily bingeable. Season 2 premieres January  20.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 4 hours (for the first season)The Magicians 91% (Syfy)What it is: Based on the acclaimed fantasy series by Lev Grossman and from producers Michael London, Janice Williams, John McNamara, and Sera Gamble, The Magicians follows Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) after he enrolls in Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy in New York. What follows for the young magician is a collision between our world and a threatening fantasy world with nothing less at stake than reality as we know it.Why you should watch it: The Magicians has all the straight-up drama that comes with magic, secret academies, and battles between good and evil — and it s a whole lot of crazy fun, too. Season 4 premieres January 23.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 30 hours (for the first three seasons)Broad City 99% (Comedy Central)What it is: Creators Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer capture all the tomfoolery of your 20s in their  full glory while writing a sometimes-messy love letter to the Big Apple.Why you should watch it: Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Broad City was a pretty great thing. Irreverent but relatable, honest but larger than life, this hit comedy series about two twentysomething Brooklynites just trying to keep it together tapped into the cultural zeitgeist with gutsy and goofy hot takes on matters of the moment. Its fifth and final season premieres January 24.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 14 hours (for the first four seasons)

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8.71.8 3月喜迎首先优质的玩家运营是关键,想要运营代理的手游盈利,那么就需要足够的玩家进行充值,这样才能让手游代理商轻松的赚到钱,首先需要的就是要有足够多的玩家,我们做游戏代理不仅需要留住老玩家,还需要发展新玩家。通过线上优惠,线下活动来拉近玩家的关系,增加玩家对游戏的粘度,一般什么游戏才能留住玩家呢,那当然是热度高有玩家玩的游戏咯,只有热门的游戏才会有足够多的玩家玩,一个没有听说过的游戏谁会去有兴趣了解呢。
The Sundance Film Festival is a place for aspiring filmmakers to learn their craft, fresh-faced directors to make their feature debuts, and returning storytellers to share their latest creations. Some are longtime alums like Heidi Ewing, who’s back with her fourth and fifth projects to play in Park City, I Carry You With Me and Love Fraud. Others, like Bao Nguyen, have premiered previous movies at other festivals, but his latest work, the Bruce Lee documentary Be Water, is the first time they’ve brought a film to Sundance. Whether it’s their second feature or fifth entry to the festival, here’s a sampling of some of the returning filmmakers whose latest movies we can’t wait to catch.If you’re looking for more directors to watch, check out our list of potential breakout hits, like Dee Rees’ The Last Thing He Wanted, Justin Simien’s Bad Hair, Lana Wilson’s Miss Americana and Nat Faxon and Jim Rash’s Downhill.Dick Johnson Is Dead (2020) 100%(Photo by John Wakayama Carey courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: Kirsten JohnsonSynopsis: With this inventive portrait, a cameraperson seeks a way to keep her 86-year-old father alive forever. Utilizing moviemaking magic and her family’s dark humor, she celebrates Dr. Dick Johnson’s last years by staging fantasies of death and beyond. Together, they confront the great inevitability awaiting us all.Why We re Excited: Kirsten Johnson has worked behind the camera on many famous documentaries like Citizenfour, The Invisible War, The Oath, and Pray the Devil Back to Hell. In her feature film debut, Cameraperson, she turned the lens on her life, sharing personal moments that were just outside the frame and rare outtakes from some of the many projects she’s worked on over her career. Now the inventive documentarian focuses on her father and the subject of death and memory. You’ll probably want to bring tissues with you to this screening.The Nest (2020) 89%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: Sean DurkinWriter: Sean DurkinCast: Jude Law, Carrie Coon, Charlie Shotwell, Oona RocheSynopsis: Charismatic entrepreneur Rory relocates his family to England with dreams of profiting from booming 1980s London. But as his wife, Allison, struggles to adapt and the promise of a lucrative new beginning starts to unravel, the couple have to face the unwelcome truths lying beneath the surface of their marriage.Why We re Excited: It’s been around nine years since Durkin broke out of the indie film scene with the drama Martha Marcy May Marlene – a film that also helped launch Elizabeth Olsen to Avengers-level fame. Durkin went on to win the U.S. Dramatic Directing Award at Sundance that year, and the film made it to Cannes that summer. After an award-winning turn in TV for Southcliffe, Durkin returns to Sundance with his long-awaited follow-up.Kajillionaire (2020) 90%(Photo by Matt Kennedy courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: Miranda JulyWriter: Miranda JulyCast: Evan Rachel Wood, Gina Rodriguez, Richard Jenkins, Debra WingerSynopsis: Low-stakes grifter Old Dolio and her parents invite a chipper young woman into their insular clan, only to have their entire world turned upside down.Why We re Excited: A true polymath, Miranda July’s work extends beyond the film world. She’s written books and short stories and made art for the Venice Biennial. Her earlier movies like Me and You and Everyone We Know (which won a Special Jury Prize for Originality of Vision in the Sundance U.S. Dramatic category) and The Future have shown audiences her outside-the-box visual style and approach to narrative structure. With a quirky tale of self-discovery and a cast led by Evan Rachel Wood and Gina Rodriguez, Kajillionaire will be like few other films at Sundance.The Dissident (2020) 96%(Photo by Jake Swantko courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: Bryan FogelSynopsis: When Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappears after entering Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, his fiancée and dissidents around the world are left to piece together the clues to a brutal murder and expose a global cover-up perpetrated by the very country he loved.Why We re Excited: Bryan Fogel’s previous documentary film, Icarus, took a deep dive into the Russian doping scandal that rocked the Olympics. It went on to win the Special Jury Prize at Sundance and, ultimately, the 2017 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. Now, his latest documentary will take on the painful story of what happened to Jamal Khashoggi through access to Turkish government’s files; Khashoggi’s fiancée, Hatice Cengiz; and Khashoggi’s close friend, Omar Abdulaziz.Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado (2020) 100%(Photo by Giovan Cordero courtesy of Sundance Institute)Directors: Cristina Constantini, Kareem TabschSynopsis: Once the world’s most famous astrologer, Walter Mercado seeks to resurrect a forgotten legacy. Raised in the sugarcane fields of Puerto Rico, Walter grew up to become a gender nonconforming, cape-wearing psychic whose televised horoscopes reached 120 million viewers a day for decades before he mysteriously disappeared.Why We re Excited: If you grew up watching Walter Mercado on TV, you’re probably already curious about this documentary – and there are many archival treats in store for fans. Even if you have no idea who the popular astrologist was, Costantini and Tabsch’s documentary also explains Mercado’s widespread influence and enduring appeal in the Latinx community. Costantini’s previous documentary, Science Fair, was an audience favorite back at Sundance ‘18 and Tabsch dug into another chapter in Miami history with The Last Resort.Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (2020) 93%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Directors: Bill Ross, Turner RossSynopsis: In the shadows of the bright lights of Las Vegas, it’s last call for a beloved dive bar known as the Roaring 20s. A document of real people in an unreal situation facing an uncertain future: America at the end of 2016.Why We re Excited: Like a documentary version of the Safdie brothers, the Ross brothers make an impressive filmmaking team with an immersive, free-wheeling visual style. In their highly observational works, the Ross brothers capture different slices of the U.S. not often seen on the big screen in movies like Tchoupitoulas, Western, and Contemporary Color. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets sounds like it’ll fit right in with their previous studies.The Glorias (2020) 67%(Photo by Daniel McFadden courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: Julie TaymorWriters: Julie Taymor, Sarah RuhlCast: Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, Bette Midler, Janelle Monáe, Timothy Hutton, Lorraine ToussaintSynopsis: An equal-rights crusader, journalist, and activist — Gloria Steinem embodies these and more. From her role in the revolutionary women’s rights movement to her travels throughout the U.S. and around the world, Steinem has made an everlasting mark on modern history. A nontraditional chronicle of a trailblazing life.Why We re Excited: As the director behind Oedipus Rex, Frida, and Across the Universe, Julie Taymor’s adaptation of Gloria Steinem’s life story won’t be your typical biopic. Spanning across five different stages of Steinem’s life – and five different actresses in the lead role – Taymor follows the route carved by the trailblazing activist detailed in her memoir My Life on the Road and makes it her own journey with the help of a star-studded cast.Welcome to Chechnya (2020) 100%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: David FranceSynopsis: This searing investigative work shadows a group of activists risking unimaginable peril to confront the ongoing anti-LGBTQ+ pogrom raging in the repressive and closed Russian republic. Unfettered access and a remarkable approach to protecting anonymity exposes this underreported atrocity — and an extraordinary group of people confronting evil.Why We re Excited: David France’s previous documentaries – The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson and How to Survive a Plague – are archive footage- and interview-heavy works that try to place the viewers in the not-so-distant history of the LGBTQ rights movement. Now, his camera focuses on the current struggle of queer activists fighting for their rights in the face of homophobia.Lost Girls (2020) 72%Director: Liz GarbusWriter: Michael WerwieCast: Amy Ryan, Thomasin McKenzie, Lola Kirke, Oona Laurence, Gabriel Byrne, Miriam ShorSynopsis: When Mari Gilbert’s daughter disappears, police inaction drives her own investigation into the gated Long Island community where Shannan was last seen. Committed to finding the truth, Mari brings attention to over a dozen murdered sex workers she will not let the world forget. Inspired by true events.Why We re Excited: In the documentary world, Liz Garbus is a star with two Oscar nominations, three Emmys, and two Peabody Awards, just to name a few of her accolades. Her previous works include The Farm: Angola, USA; Bobby Fischer Against the World, and What Happened, Miss Simone?, which played at Sundance back in 2015. Jumping over to the narrative side of filmmaking, Garbus uses the roots of a true story to launch into the story of Lost Girls.Be Water (2020) 93%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: Bao NguyenSynopsis: In 1971, after being rejected by Hollywood, Bruce Lee returned to his parents’ homeland of Hong Kong to complete four iconic films. Charting his struggles between two worlds, this portrait explores questions of identity and representation through the use of rare archival interviews with loved ones and Bruce’s own writings.Why We re Excited: Do you need more reasons to watch this than all the rare, never-before-seen archival goodies and candid interviews from Bruce Lee’s loved ones? Nguyen’s directorial debut – Live from New York!, which looked at the storied history of Saturday Night Live – opened the Tribeca Film Festival a few years back. Be Water is the director’s second feature.Shirley (2020) 87%(Photo by Thatcher Keats courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: Josephine DeckerWriter: Sarah GubbinsCast: Elisabeth Moss, Michael Stuhlbarg, Odessa Young, Logan LermanSynopsis: A young couple moves in with famed author Shirley Jackson and her Bennington College professor husband, Stanley Hyman, in the hope of starting a new life, but instead find themselves fodder for a psychodrama that inspires Shirley’s next novel.Why We re Excited: In 2018, Josephine Decker’s Madeline’s Madeline made quite the splash. The surprising film followed a teenager through her sometimes confrontational experimental theater classes and a tense relationship with her mother while blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. The film would earn two Spirit Awards and a nomination for best picture at the Gotham Awards. Shirley is Decker’s triumphant return to Sundance.I Carry You With Me (2020) 97%(Photo by Alejandro López courtesy of Sundance Institute)Director: Heidi EwingWriters: Heidi Ewing, Alan Page ArriagaCast: Armando Espitia, Christian Vázquez, Michelle Rodríguez, Ángeles Cruz, Arcelia Ramírez, Michelle GonzálezSynopsis: Based on a true story, a chance encounter between two men in provincial Mexico sparks an epic love story spanning decades. Ambition and societal pressure propel an aspiring chef to leave his soul mate and make the treacherous journey to New York, where life will never be the same.Why We re Excited: Another documentary filmmaker taking the plunge into narrative filmmaking, Ewing is a longtime Sundance alum (Class of ‘10, ‘12, and ‘16) and earned an Oscar nomination for her eye-opening look at modern evangelical Christianity, Jesus Camp. I Carry You With Me is unlike anything else the documentarian has done before, and if you’d like to see more of her work at this year’s Sundance, you can catch her co-directed docuseries with Rachel Grady, Love Fraud.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

As we near the end of summer and the beginning of the school year, we ve still got a few noteworthy titles looking to pull in big audiences for that sweet blockbuster dough. The biggest of them is, of course, the DC super-anti-hero movie helmed by James Gunn, but we ve also got a cheeky action comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and a trio of horror flicks of very different stripes. Based on numbers compiled from our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter polls, as well as Want-to-See numbers on RT, here are the five most anticipated movies of August!1. The Suicide Squad (2021)#1 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, #2 on RTIn theaters and available on HBO Max on August 6Just in case you haven t been following along with the DC Extended Universe, this is not the same movie as 2016 s Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer, even though it features some of the same  actors portraying the same characters (Margot Robbie s Harley Quinn, Viola Davis Amanda Waller, Joel Kinnaman s Rick Flag). James Guardians of the Galaxy Gunn takes over behind the camera for this new iteration of a group of would-be villains who are recruited to fight other bad guys under a secret government initiative, and if early reviews are any indication, you all have good reason to be excited about this one.2. Candyman (2021)#2 on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, #3 on RTIn theaters on August 27Taking a hard left from goofy, self-aware superhero shenanigans, we have this reboot-by-way-of-sequel of an iconic horror franchise. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II stars as an artist who moves into a fancy new development where Chicago s infamous Cabrini Green housing projects once stood and where the vengeful spirit known as the Candyman once stalked his victims. As he explores Candyman s origins in his art, he unwittingly unleashes a new horror. This film was delayed from its scheduled release last year, so fans have been eager to see it for over a year.3. Free Guy (2021)#1 on RT, #3 on Instagram and Twitter, #4 on FacebookIn theaters on August 13This meta-comedy set in the world of video games centers on a background character (Ryan Reynolds) who becomes self-aware and decides to become the hero of the game with the help of the programmers responsible for his awakening. Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, and Taika Waititi co-star, and Reynolds has plenty of experience with this brand of silly, self-referential humor (see: Deadpool). This one was also delayed from its original release last year, but it still managed to rack up the most Want-to-See votes on RT.4. Don't Breathe 2 (2021)#4 on Instagram and Twitter, #5 on FacebookIn theaters on August 13Fede Álvarez had a sleeper hit with 2016 s relentless thriller Don t Breathe, which followed a group of young burglars who find themselves at the mercy of a blind man with a very particular set of skills. This time, Álvarez takes on a producing role (alongside horror vet Sam Raimi) and hands the reins over to first-time director Rodo Sayagues, as Stephen Lang reprises his role as the blind man in question, Norman Nordrstrom, who again must protect his home from invaders who may or may not have a very good reason for breaking in. Nobody asked for or expected this sequel, but the first film was so deliciously raw that this one makes it to spot #4 on our list.5. The Night House (2020)#3 on Facebook, #5 on RTIn theaters on August 20No stranger to horror dramas and psychological thrillers, Rebecca Hall stars in this chiller about a woman grieving the sudden death of her husband. Holed up in the home he built for her, she begins to experience terrifying visions that lead her to uncover dark secrets from his past. This film premiered to solid reviews at Sundance back in 2020, and it s finally getting a release. Most critics praised Hall s performance and moody atmosphere, so if you re looking for a good scare this month, you ll only have to wait a few weeks for it.Thumbnail by Warner Bros. PicturesOn an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
(Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection)Our new Classic Film Catch-Up feature connects you with classic films to put on your watchlist – beloved favorites and hidden gems alike. With more time at home, there s no better opportunity to finally watch these titles that helped define cinema as we know it.The current situation of social distancing has many of us thinking of ways to maximize the time we spend at home. We re also eating several times a day and annoying our pets, but being productive does cross our minds from time to time. Puzzles, long-abandoned books, craft projects, and New Year s resolutions have suddenly jumped to the top of our to-do lists. In the RT comments, many of you have shared how you re catching up on classic films, and here at RT, we happen to agree that now is the perfect time to increase your classic film viewing.Concentrating on films released before 1980 (both well-known titles and hidden gems), we re producing new guides to essential classic films curated by theme, filmmaker, actor, genre, or style – all for your classic catch-up needs. Want to see our picks for the best French farces? How about a curated list of Fresh picks from Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Sellers, or Billy Wilder? As well as curating watchlists, we re breaking down the films, telling you where you can watch them, and giving you some more recent and/or well-known films the classics might remind you of so you can gauge which movies are right for you.And the movies are more accessible than ever. Turner Classic Movies may have had to cancel their annual classic film festival this year, and 2018 saw the demise of their classic film app, FilmStruck, but between the newly launched The Criterion Channel streaming app and other streaming services, movie fans still have access to thousands of old Hollywood masterworks.Read below for our list of seminal classic quirky romantic comedies you need to see or revisit. More than simple boy-meets-girl tales, these love stories go far beyond the typical meet-cute and in many cases reflect unique moments in film history.Got other quirky rom-coms you d add to our list? Have a suggestion for a future theme or classic film to feature in the column? Let us know in the comments. Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) 79% (Photo by Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)What is it? Married couple Bob (Robert Culp) and Carol (Natalie Wood) attend a life-changing workshop and swiftly adopt the practices they learned, much to the distress of their best friends Ted (Elliott Gould) and Alice (Dyan Cannon). The workshop and its aftermath profoundly change the couples marriages and their feelings for one another.Why you need to see it: Prior to the repeal of the Hays Code – the moral production code that regulated what could be shown on screen – most films could not overtly reference sex. This need to edit out the explicit content was one driver of the tongue-in-cheek sexual innuendo of 1940s and 1950s romantic comedies. After the Hays Code was officially abandoned in 1968, a new wave of sexually explicit comedies flooded cinemas. Bob Carol Ted Alice is one of the first sex comedies and one of the best. No longer did screenwriters have to dance around the subject; director and co-writer Paul Mazursky could, in fact, address the elephant in the room. Funnily enough, having your first film score four Oscar nods and make bank at the box office ruins Hollywood, according to Mazursky; the director joked later that the film was almost too perfect, and therefore its success could never be replicated.Watch it if you like: Obvious Child, Seems Like Old Times, Chances Are, Chasing AmyWhere to watch: Stream now on The Criterion Channel app, or rent or buy at FandangoNOW, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.It Happened One Night (1934) 99% What is it? An heiress on the run (Claudette Colbert) joins forces with a man she meets, but little does she know he is actually a reporter in need of a story.Why you need to see it: One of only three films to ever pull a clean sweep of the five major Oscar categories (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress), It Happened One Night is one of the truly great romantic comedies. The movie combines Clark Gable s undeniable charm, Claudette Colbert s comedic timing, and the feel-good filmmaking of Frank Capra. Our only question is, what has taken you so long to see it?Watch it if you like: Roman Holiday, Almost Famous, The Proposal, Annie Hall, You ve Got Mail, Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist, Working GirlWhere to watch: Rent or buy at FandangoNOW, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.Sabrina (1954) 93% What is it? Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn) is a lovestruck chauffeur s daughter who nurses an impossible crush for David (William Holden), the youngest son of the family that employs her father. When Sabrina returns home after years in Paris, the newly engaged David is suddenly ready to romance her and dump his fiancée – something that David s older brother Linus (Humphrey Bogart) is determined to prevent.Why you need to see it: This is a must-watch because of Bogie, Hepburn, Holden, and writer-director Billy Wilder. Audrey Hepburn was the perfect choice for the stylish Cinderella love interest and rightfully earned the Best Actress nomination she received for the film. Nominated for six Oscars and taking home the prize for Best Costumes, Sabrina is an early example of a film whose cast was fleshed out with A-list talent and Oscar winners. Bogart, who replaced Wilder s first choice of Cary Grant, was arguably one of the biggest stars on the planet, and here he was cast alongside Hepburn and Holden, both of whom had taken home Best Acting Oscars in 1953. This was the kind of dream-team casting not often replicated. Bogart was never sure he was the right choice for Linus, but his put-off posturing both on and off set served his performance well.Watch it if you like: While You Were Sleeping, Pretty Woman, Some Like it Hot, She s All That, The Princess Diaries, Roman HolidayWhere to watch: Available to stream on Crackle, or buy or rent it at FandangoNOW, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.Pillow Talk (1959) 93% What is it? Marriage-minded interior decorator Jan Morrow (Doris Day) must share a phone line with her playboy neighbor, Brad Allen (Rock Hudson). When Brad sees the beauty on the other end of his line he decides to woo Jan under a false identity and inadvertently falls in love during the process.Why you need to see it: Pillow Talk was a risqué project for the squeaky clean Doris Day and Rock Hudson, but turned out to be the first of several successful films the pair made together. The clever innuendos peppered throughout the Oscar-winning script were, in fact, scandalous by 1950s film standards; it was testament to the large screenwriting team that they got past the censor board with the hilarity still intact. Compare it to Bob Carol Ted Alice, and you can acutely appreciate how much progress was made in just one decade. Watching it with a modern eye is a bit like watching classic anti-drug films like Reefer Madness.Watch it if you like: 40 days and 40 Nights, Two Weeks Notice, Never Been Kissed, 10 Things I Hate About YouWhere to watch: Streaming now for free on Hoopla Digital, or rent or boy it at FandangoNOW, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.Shampoo (1975) 62% (Photo by Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)What is it? A playboy hairdresser (Warren Beatty) enlists the husband of one of his rich female lovers/clients when he seeks a loan for his salon. A series of events then ensue that places the hairdresser at a party with his girlfriend, her husband, and several ex-lovers – including the one that got away. Why you need to see it: The Owl and the Pussycat and Bob Carole Ted Alice loosened the cap off cinematic sexual oppression, but after the success of X-rated films like Deep Throat and Midnight Cowboy, the initial shock of sex had lost its luster by the 1970s. In 1975, a fresh approach was needed to wow audiences, and Warren Beatty provided it with his satirical sex comedy Shampoo – though many at the time did not appreciate it. A sex comedy where nothing happens and *spoiler alert* no one falls in love? It is easy to understand why audiences and many contemporary critics dismissed the film. The laughs are tempered by bleakness and the film ends up saddened by its characters awkwardness, wrote Time Out London. However, on a second look, you can appreciate how George s womanizing ways were a direct product of the 1960s free love movement, and the film offered a clever depiction of the 1970s hangover that much of America was suffering after all of that 60s excess. Beatty s script, which he co-wrote with Robert Towne, acutely understood the character of George and his sexual apathy.Watch it if you like: American Pie, Three s Company, Wedding Crashers, The Birdcage, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Don Jon, Trainwreck. Where to watch: Stream now on The Criterion Channel, or rent or buy at FandangoNOW, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.His Girl Friday (1940) 99% What is it? No-nonsense news editor Walter Burns (Cary Grant) has only a few hours to prevent his star reporter – and ex-wife – Hildy Johnson (Rosalind Russell) from quitting the paper to marry a simple-minded insurance salesman she met on vacation. After a convicted murderer escapes from jail, Burns is thrust into a race against time to stop Hildy – and secure the exclusive story.Why you need to see it: If Capra s It Happened One Night firmly established the fast-talking screwball comedy, His Girl Friday might have perfected it. It Happened One Night is a near-perfect romantic comedy, but director Howard Hawks took over-talking and quick dialogue to new heights with His Girl Friday, establishing a style that has been replicated everywhere from the Gilmore Girls to Glengarry Glen Ross.  You don t know whether you have been laughing or having your ears boxed, wrote New York Times film critic Frank S. Nugent at the time of its release.Watch it if you like: Gilmore Girls, Obvious Child, Silver Linings Playbook, Raising Arizona, The Newsroom, MoonlightingWhere to watch: Streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Vudu, available to rent or buy from FandangoNOW, Google Play, and  iTunes.Death Is a Woman (1967) 82%(Photo by Courtesy of Criterion Collection. )What is it? An exotic dancer wants a child and her current lover is not willing – but his best friend might be tempted to fill in for him.Why you need to see it: We could go on and on about how A Woman is a Woman is a clever rebuttal to the American musical comedy. We could talk about Jean-Luc Godard and his visionary camera work and shooting style. We could talk about French New Wave or French sex comedies. But the best reason to see the film is a woman, and that woman is the incomparable Anna Karina. Just gaze into her eyes and let her performance hypnotize you.Watch it if you like: The Love Witch, Bridget Jones Diary, She s the One, Cleo from 5 to 7, Easy AWhere to watch: Now streaming on the Starz app, or rent or buy from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.Barefoot in the Park (1967) 85%What is it? A conservative attorney (Robert Redford) rushes into marriage with a carefree woman (Jane Fonda). Realizing they are very different people, the young couple struggle to stay in love and avoid divorce.Why you need to see it: It would be criminal not include a Neil Simon film on any list of great classic romantic comedies. Writer of The Goodbye Girl, The Heartbreak Kid, and Seems Like Old Times, Simon was a master of opposites-attract love stories. Jane Fonda plays the free-spirited Corie to seductive perfection, and Robert Redford manages to stifle all his natural charms to embody the stuffed shirt, Paul. It s a love story where the question is never, Will these two fall in love?  The only question in Barefoot in Park is, Can they stay together? The film was not universally loved upon release, but we tend to agree with Time Magazine, which wrote at the time: Simon has taken a plot as bland as a potato, sliced it into thin bits – and made it as hard to resist as potato chips. Watch it if you like: Dharma Greg, My Fair Lady, Shakespeare in Love, Pretty Woman, Moonstruck, The Way We WereWhere to watch: Now streaming on the Starz app, or rent or purchase on Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.Looking for more movies and shows to watch? Check out our new section, Binge Central.
After two Certified Fresh seasons, the hit show Cobra Kai has moved to Netflix for season 3 which will arrive at some point in 2021. And if you can’t get enough of that ’80s’ nostalgia mixed with martial arts and well-developed characters, Rotten Tomatoes has put together a list that should crane-kick your next few binge sessions up a notch.Cobra Kai seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.
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What happens when the sounds of Eminem and Jay-Z, The Little Mermaid, and Ricky Martin collide in one of the most brilliant musical minds of our generation? You get the incredible output of Hamilton lyricist, composer, and star Lin-Manuel Miranda.The multiple Tony and Grammy winner, whose rap-musical phenomenon Hamilton lands on Disney+ this July – with a 100% Certified Fresh Tomatometer score, no less – has created some of the most stirring and memorable songs of the last decade, both on stage and screen. Beyond Hamilton itself, and his debut musical In the Heights before that, Miranda composed the soaring earworm “How Far I’ll Go” for Moana, a tune for the cantina scene in J.J. Abrams’ The Force Awakens (lyrics in Huttese), and more. You can witness the evolution of his style in the new 100% Fresh documentary We Are Freestyle Love Supreme. With the whole world about to settle into a front-row seat to Hamilton, Rotten Tomatoes sat down with Miranda for an extended, in-depth dissection of the influences on his music and breakdowns of the complex construction of some of the best songs he’s produced. Want to know what boy band 98 Degrees has to do with In The Heights showstopper “96,000”? Or how he constructed “un-f—kwithable,” super-dense couplets for “My Shot”? Or why he had to stay a night in his childhood bedroom to find the right feel for How Far I ll Go ?Miranda goes deep in our exclusive extended interview.Hamilton is available to stream on Disney+ now.


(Photo by Merie Weismiller Wallace/©Focus Features)The Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) announced the winners of their 2020 awards this morning on Twitter. Killing Eve Showrunner Emerald Fennell s Promising Young Woman, Netflix s Ma Rainey s Black Bottom, and Steve McQueen s anthology series Small Axe all took home two prizes each with the latter also taking home Best Picture.LAFCA awards are chosen by a group of critics from daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, magazines, and qualifying online general-interest publications. Last year, Parasite took the Best Picture award on its way to an eventual Best Picture win at the Academy Awards.Read through for the full list below, and if you re as obsessed with awards as we are, make sure to check out the complete Awards Leaderboard to keep up to date on the accolades bestowed on the best movies of 2020/2021 from the press, fans, and members of the film industry.Best Picture:Small Axe Anthology  Steve McQueen (96%)Best Director:Chloé Zhao   Nomadland (96%)Best Screenplay:Emerald Fennell Promising Young Woman (92%)Best Actress:Carey Mulligan  Promising Young Woman (92%)Best Actor:Chadwick Boseman Ma Rainey s Black Bottom  (98%)Best Supporting Actress:Youn Yuh-Jung Minari (99%)Best Supporting Actor:Glynn Turman   Ma Rainey s Black Bottom (98%)Best Cinematography:Shabier Kirchner  Small Axe Anthology (96%)Best Score: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Soul (98%)Best Editing:  Yorgos Lamprinos  The Father (100%)Best Production DesignDonald Graham Burt Mank (84%)Best Animated Film:Wolfwalkers (98%)Best Non-Fiction Film (Documentary):Time (99%)Best Foreign Film:Beanpole (98%)New Generation Award: Radha Blank  The Forty-Year-Old Version (98%)Douglas Edwards Prize: John GianvitoThumbnail image by © Focus FeaturesOn an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

疯狂卡车司机 Meet Coach Colette French (Willa Fitzgerald): unwanted, uncompromising, unbelievable! With a tagline of It was beautiful until it went to far, USA Network s new drama is based on Megan Abbott s novel about competitive high school cheerleading. The arrival of French tears at the bond between best friends Addy Hanlon (Herizen Guardiola) and Beth Cassidy (Marlo Kelly).About the show: Dare Me is an unflinching exploration of teen angst, jealousy, loyalty and the dynamics of power in a small Midwestern town. Peering behind the all-American facade, the series dives into the cutthroat world of competitive high school cheerleading. It follows the fraught relationship between two best friends (Herizen Guardiola and Marlo Kelly) after a new coach (Willa Fitzgerald) arrives to bring their team to prominence. While the girls’ friendship is put to the test, their young lives are changed forever when a shocking crime rocks their quiet rust belt town. Part coming-of-age story, part sport drama, part murder mystery, DARE ME exposes the physical and psychological extremes that some young women are willing to endure in order to get ahead.The series stars Willa Fitzgerald (The Goldfinch), Herizen Guardiola (The Get Down), Marlo Kelly (Home Away), Paul Fitzgerald (Younger), Zach Roerig (The Vampire Diaries), Rob Heaps (Imposters) and Alison Thornton (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce). Chris Zylka (The Leftovers), Taveeta Szymanowicz (October Faction), Tammy Blanchard (Tallulah), Antonio J. Bell (Greenleaf) and Amanda Brugel (The Handmaid’s Tale) recur.Dare Me is produced by UCP in association with Film 44. The series is based on the novel by Megan Abbott, who serves as writer and executive producer along with Gina Fattore, Peter Berg and Michael Lombardo of Film 44, Sarah Condon, and Karen Rosenfelt.Dare Me premieres on Sunday, December 29 at 10/9C on USA Network.

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