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much better, with only two wins out of 10 nominations.What is the impact when certain narratives, and certain roles, are so heavily favored by the Academy and other awards voting groups, particularly when those roles home in on poverty and subjugation? The effect is insidious. If you are a young Black actress in Hollywood today and given a script with “Oscar potential” – say, one playing a historical figure like Shirley Chisholm (the first Black woman to run for president) or Mae Carol Jemison (the first Black female astronaut in space) – you could take the role, be lauded by critics, become a hit with audiences, and yet you would do so with the full knowledge that it will likely come up short of consideration for your profession s highest honor. The safer bet now, as it ever was, is to play a slave.(Photo by © Neon)And what is the impact of that calculus and its repetition? We will continue to see a certain type of role and character repeatedly rewarded, and the cycle will go on.These tales of slaves and maids and more are incredibly valuable and relevant stories to tell and lives to portray, and the performances – Erivo’s included – can be mind-blowingly good. But they are not the only stories worth being told or the only characters worthy of recognition. The world of ideas shrinks incredibly when we don’t see the full array of the Black experience represented and rewarded, whether that be the life of a 1950s maid or a modern-day prison warden or a school teacher or an astronaut or a twentysomething looking to party hard in New Orleans. Or the life of Aretha Franklin, whom Jennifer Hudson will play on the big screen this year, and Erivo herself will play on TV.Hattie McDaniel could never dream of playing a megastar musician. She won her Oscar for playing a maid, and made a living playing similar roles. She’s drawn criticism for taking so many “Mammy” jobs, but countered that it was her only real option for regular work at the time. She famously said it was far better to make Seven hundred dollars a week playing a maid than earn seven a day being a maid.” In that sense, some progress has been made. The variety of roles available to actresses of color may still be limited, but it s vaster than it ever has been. It would be great to see that better reflected on future nominations mornings.Are you as obsessed with awards as we are? Check out our Awards Leaderboard for 2019/2020. After directing a series of absurd comedies starring Will Ferrell like the Anchorman movies, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers, Adam McKay took a soft turn into more adult territory with 2015 s The Big Short, an unusual and inventive look at the housing bubble that led to the 2008 financial crisis. This week marks the next step in his evolution, as he tackles the rise to power of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney with similar storytelling panache in Vice, starring Christian Bale as the enigmatic veep, Amy Adams as his wife Lynne, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld, and Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush. Critics say McKay s irreverent tone sometimes feels like a mismatch for the serious material the film covers, but it s nevertheless an ambitious undertaking that s made better by strong performances from its A-list cast especially Bale, who disappears into the role under eerily spot-on makeup and more than a few extra pounds. While it may not be as incisive or amusing as The Big Short, Vice is still worth a watch for a glimpse into the life of a famously unknowable man.

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1.92.6 4月喜迎《一梦江湖》是猪场近年来重点运营的手游,可就在最近,这款游戏却在向玩家开售一套24w的时装!姬妹很好奇,这究竟是猪厂学会轻功水上漂了,还是在欺负物价局跟网监提不动刀了。
Rotten Tomatoes Lab: Critics Edition is a new series of resources designed to support critics in developing their craft and career, from how-to guides to advice on pitching, publishing, and networking.Breaking into criticism can be a complex process, so Rotten Tomatoes is collaborating with the best minds in the industry to share their expertise and advice on how up-and-coming critics can hone their skills into a full-fledged career. We’re excited to introduce Rotten Tomatoes Lab: Critics Edition – our new ongoing educational series for aspiring critics.The Lab series will feature recorded panels, interviews, how-to guides and more, with industry experts engaging on topics like self-publishing, pitching your work, building relationships, and crafting an effective movie and/or TV review.Our kickoff Lab is a virtual panel focused on the merits of self-publishing, and the tools needed to get started: visual design, budget, social media, screener access, and deciding what to cover. We’re thrilled to feature an expert group of current and former self-publishers, including moderator Sharronda Williams, producer and host of the YouTube channel “Pay or Wait,” and panelists Erik Anderson (AwardsWatch), Robert Daniels (freelance critic), Li Lai (Mediaversity), and Kristen Lopez (IndieWire). Each of these five critics have created their own reviewing platforms; some have gone on to hire contributors and others freelance or are staff at other outlets.This is the first in a two-part panel on self-publishing; the conversation will continue with thoughts and tips on networking, hiring contributors, and making the transition from self-publishing to freelancing.Check out the Critic Resources page for additional tips, tricks, and advice for critics.

King of the Crop: Aquaman Leaps To The Surface And Pursues The Clouds(Photo by Warner Bros)Aquaman led the way this weekend, grossing more than the next three films combined. It’s .4 million start was the 9th best ever in December (it made another .7 million with Amazon previews last weekend) and yet was still the weakest opening in the DC Universe to date by some margin. That should be expected given the rejection of Justice League which introduced Jason Momoa’s superhero. That film opened to .4 million and finished with 9 million – itself the weakest gross of the Universe. Aquaman would really have to fail with audiences going forward not to reach that amount. The film’s support with critics dropped as the Tomatometer has fallen to 64% after some initial robust reviews from the junket crowd. Aquaman’s worldwide total has risen to over 2 million.Fresh Surprise: Bumblebee Shocks, But Not At Box Office(Photo by Paramount)There is only one number that earns Bumblebee its slot here and it s certainly not its opening weekend. Bumblebee s million start is less than half of what Transformers: The Last Knight opened to. No, the real impressive number is the Tomatometer score: 94%. The total score of the four Michael Bay Transformers sequels combined is just 88%. That’s four films. (The original received a 57%.) Whether or not Bumblebee can continue to draw family audiences in such a crowded season remains to be seen, but even catching The Last Knight’s 0 million means the 5 million production will be relying on its international draw to turn a profit. None of the live-action Transformers films have grossed less than 0 million worldwide.Rotten Returns: Welcome To Marwen! Hello? Seriously, You Can Come In.(Photo by Universal)In a sad turn of events Robert Zemeckis’ current box office status is looking a lot like the beginning of his career, marked by I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Used Cars, before Romancing the Stone and Back to the Future saved him. Countless masterpieces later, the director has fallen on hard times again in ticket sales. Sony opened The Walk wide a week after The Martian. It grossed .7 million and finished with just .1m. Allied was an million production that Brad Pitt did no press for as he was in the middle of his domestic issues with Angelina Jolie. It ended up making just million domestic.This weekend, Universal opened Welcome to Marwen and it, unfortunately, reached new lows for Zemeckis. The film opened in just 1,911 theaters but a ,234 per-theater-average is weak for any release. Critically it is the worst-reviewed film of his career by a margin; What Lies Beneath received a 46%. That is just the fifth rotten score ever for Zemeckis, but the opening was even worse than The Walk with just a .3 million tally.
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One of two things could be happening this weekend: Either Vin Diesel is somewhere smiling thinking that The Fast and the Furious series is not as big without him or the entire series itself is starting to wane – at least here in America. Hobbs Shaw actually had an opening that both Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham can brag is higher than any of their previous starring vehicles, but as part of this particular franchise, its domestic numbers are not nearly as impressive.King of the Crop: Hobbs Shaw Leads Weekend But Trails Franchise Numbers(Photo by Universal)Fast Furious Presents: Hobbs Shaw opened to .8 million this weekend. That is higher than either Johnson’s San Andreas (.58 million) or Statham’s The Meg (.40 million), but it is lower than any of the films since 2009, when both Diesel and Paul Walker returned for the first time together back to the series. That started this cinematic phenomenon that began with a .95 million opening that increased to .19 million in 2011, then .37 in 2013. After Walker’s untimely death, the series had the same kind of bump in interest that The Dark Knight had in 2008. Nolan’s film opened to 8.41 million six months after Heath Ledger’s passing. After a delay in the release for Furious 7, it opened in April 2017 to the highest Tomatometer score in the series (81%) and a weekend of 7.18 million, which at the time was the ninth biggest opening ever. That opening is now 24th best, but it is still the eighth-highest ever worldwide with .516 billion.The Fate of the Furious was to continue its global dominance with .236 billion (good for 17th all-time – though will soon be passed by The Lion King) but its domestic gross of 6 million fell behind the sixth and seventh chapters. If Hobbs Shaw followed in sync with the rest of the series, it should have had no worse than the third-best August opening ever. Alas, it will have to settle for s


ag九游会网址 《红月传奇》是一款大型多人ARPG游戏,游戏继承了“传奇”的核心玩法,力求给玩家带来原汁原味的手游传奇体验。游戏当中的人物、怪物均采用全新设计的高品质模型,可提供多人在虚拟场景内娱乐、探索社群的功能。

奇玩游戏盒子app是一款免费的手游平台,为玩家们精心推送了海量免费游戏资源,主要包含一些热门的h5端游,除了可以在线免费玩游戏,还可以领取游戏礼包奖励!喜欢的玩家欢迎在绿色资源网下载。游戏介绍奇玩游戏盒子主要为玩家提供各种各样的资源游戏下载,为用 Jacqueline Coley for Rotten Tomatoes: Tell us about #blackAF. Is this black-ish unleashed?Kenya Barris: Yes, and no. It s a family show about my family, so in that, it is like black-ish, but those were archetypes. This is more accurate — well, except for the mother of my children; she s very different from what Rashida is doing. Rashida is a little bit more of a revolutionist. I ve been doing family shows for a long time, but felt like they needed a reboot. With Netflix, it feels like we re in this new era, in this new dawn, and what better place to try to reboot black-ish into a more authentic family. I made them functionally dysfunctional. And the notion behind it was to take out of my point of view, give the point of view of my daughter, and try and do it in a much more honest way.At ABC, I love those guys, but they were terrified of talking about having any kind of success. They thought it could be ostracizing. I always felt the opposite. I felt like, in the time of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Barack and Michelle [Obama], or Swizz Beatz and Alicia [Keys], the idea of wish fulfillment and aspirational things really resonates. At the core of it, it s a human story; that was what I m tapping into, or that was what we hoped. But it s also so much scarier, because this was me and much closer to my real family — a rejection of this is a rejection of me in a much bigger way.(Photo by Netflix)You ve mostly worked in linear television. How was the switch to streaming?Barris: It was terrifying. It honestly was. No ad breaks? Just streaming? I m a fan of telling stories where in Act 1, you set the problem up, really explore it in the second, and resolve it in the third. And this was a completely different way of telling those stories. I really enjoyed it, to be honest with you. I enjoyed not having to focus on act breaks and commercials.But at the same time, one of the things that I missed was, Netflix is an unbelievably free, creative environment. As much s t as I used to talk about getting notes, there s something to having a partner give you notes, even if you disagree with them. The freedom to make what you want is a place you want to be as creative person. But if it bombs, you can t blame anybody else. [Laughs] I was like, Be careful what you wish for. But, it was a really, really good experience. I don t know what s going to happen with the show, but we re proud of what we did. They let me do something that I ve never done before. I m so proud of the actors and the family that we put together and the kids and Rashida. But it was terrifying.As your first show on a new deal with Netflix, this is a big swing as far as subject matter and tone. Was that a choice? Barris: I wanted to be noisy. [Netflix] is doing 400 series this year. Not 400 episodes of television, 400 series. To stand out in that crowd was really important to me. I would like to say I don t care what people think, but I care about the critics. In network television, you have your morning-after scorecard. You have ratings that was like basically getting your grade on your test.Netflix doesn t really have that. All you really have is critics, and they ll tell you if you make it or not. So for that, I knew I wanted to be loud. I wanted to try to be noisy and let it be authentic and personal. And know your lane — this is as close to my lane as I possibly can get. I let myself hang out there, but it makes it a lot scarier.(Photo by Netflix)Let s talk about episode 5. It talks about criticism and Rotten Tomatoes in general, but the first thing we have to know is, are you surprised by anything else besides Space Jam, which is discussed in the episode, being rated Rotten on the Tomatometer?Barris: [Laughs] Not to be controversial, but — f k it — I m just gonna say it: I m a huge Boots Riley fan. I think Sorry To Bother You got a 90-something percent. I m like, Really? I m with you until horse people. [Laughs] But my daughter argues with me about it, because she was like, That s the beauty of it. We don t get to do that often in our business We [Black creatives] are not allowed to be open and fluid, have weird endings, and get those kinds of ratings. But still, I check the score.At RT, we argue about scores all the time if that makes you feel any better. Will you be checking the score for #blackAF when it drops? Do you still care?Barris: Absolutely. I care. Tyler thinks I m crazy for caring, but I care. I care what white people are saying. I care what gay people think. I care what Black people think. I care what Rotten Tomatoes thinks. I care. Steven Spielberg put this article out, and he said if you believe any of it, you have to believe all of it, so he doesn t read reviews. Good for him. I m neurotic. I want to be liked, probably too much, but I definitely care. I think we need commercial success. There s room for If Beale Street Could Talk and Moonlight, but there was also something special about Cosby. We have learned the whole story about the man now, but at the time it was special that he became what he did. The Cosby Show changed the trajectory of what we were in this world. That was the first time I ever saw my white friends want the same father that I had.It s one of the things that I was really always happy about with black-ish is that when we first came on, we beat or came close to beating Modern Family. And, that was a huge statement to the powers that be. A lot of things that came after were because of black-ish in some aspect. Not to toot my own horn, but they were kind of derivative of what we did. Other creators said, Oh, why can t I talk about my family? I could talk about my family, and I can be more specific. People started seeing themselves reflected in things and that became the mainstream.(Photo by Emily V. Aragones/Netflix)You brought in Tyler Perry for this episode to talk about the Rotten Tomatoes, and he doesn t share your opinion.Barris: I love that Tyler was like, Oh, I don t f k with them Tomatoes. I have people in my family, they enjoy his films, particularly my mom, my aunt, and some of my relatives. They get so much enjoyment from his movies — honest enjoyment, not just ironic or so-bad-it s-good, just honest enjoyment. He opens up at box offices and does business, too. So why are those people s opinion not as important as someone else s opinion. Their opinion counts, too. Tyler puts a movie out that people enjoy. And because people or certain critics might not feel like it s the most elevated form of comedy, he s destroyed Black culture. There are people who really enjoy him, just as there are people who love Adam Sandler.Tyler Perry opens up doors for Shonda [Rhimes] and me, for Barry Jenkins, and so many others. The only color Hollywood really cares about is green. And, he has the greenest story in Hollywood. He deserves to do his movies and be celebrated just as much as Adam Sandler. He knows his audience. He entertains them, and he s opened so many doors for people of color. Why take away his success? Why marginalize his success because it s not for you. That s where Rotten Tomatoes and those other aggregators have a hard time accurately evaluating our work. It s hard because I feel like many white male reviewers are afraid. They feel like if a female-driven movie or an LGBTQ movie or a Black movie comes out, they can t rip on it. They think, I m not going to be the guy who says something bad about this. Then at the same time, because Tyler Perry s the whipping boy, he s the one guy that they re comfortable taking a swipe at, and I have a problem with that.(Photo by Netflix)In that same episode, you had a Zoom call with a fictional Ava DuVernay, Tim Story, Lena Waithe, Will Packer, and Issa Rae — a.k.a. some of the biggest names in Black Hollywood. How did that come about? Did they have input in their characters ?Barris: I wrote it, and I gave them a little bit of a pitch when I sent it. My pitch was Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer could be on a show together. And, Jerry could joke,  Sorry I didn t blow something up, Michael. No one would think any less of Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer for that. They d say, They re bosses and that s how they talk in real life. They can be self-deprecating with their work and never think less about each other. Why can t we do that? Here s the exact group of people responsible for a lot of entertainment on television right now. Especially, in a cultural sense. Why do all our calls have to be something that s like, Between you and me Why can t people see us actually have the conversations that we have and know that we re critiquing our work, too, just the same way everyone else is critiquing our work.How honest do you think creatives are with each other, publicly or privately, if you could give them a grade?Barris: I think it s probably a B. The one thing that I really appreciate about us is that we show up for each other. Black Panther is a great example of us showing up for each other. Black Panther was an amazing movie. Ryan Coogler is going to go down as one of the best filmmakers in the history of cinema. But, one of the things that helped that movie is that we showed up for him. In addition to everyone else showing up, because it was a great movie, we showed up for him. And it was the same thing with Girls Trip. That first weekend, in droves, and our people showed up with their girlfriends. And then boom, next thing we see is white girlfriends showing up doing the same thing. When things cross over and become mainstream, and it allows everyone else to be a part of it. It doesn t feel so niche.That s something that we do, and it s important that we continue to do it. As far as celebrating sort of publicly, actually, I think we get an A. I think that privately the conversations are always a little bit scarier. You can have them with your close peers, and sometimes it s a little bit harder to sit through, because you don t want to have say something that makes someone feel like you re not being supportive. But we re getting better. The calls, that episode, the willingness of people who have active careers to do things like this shows that we re getting better. I m a huge Jordan [Peele], but after Jordan did Us, I was seeing articles saying like, He s Hitchcock. And I was like, I think even Jordan would be like, That s a little bit quick. There s a positiveness to us being embraced like that, but we have to put in the work. We have to be respected in terms of the general notion of what it takes to really put those 10,000 hours in.I just watched Unorthodox on Netflix, and I m like, Why can t we [Black people] have this? Black people get, like, four stories to tell. White people have like a million options. With [Unorthodox], that story was such a niche story, but it was told so well, someone bought it and people support it. I m like, Why can t we tell more of those stories? Why can t we get stories that feel outside of what people are used to hearing from us?, because that s how we actually grow culturally and within the industry.Since you do read reviews, do you have a favorite critic? Barris: Emily Nussbaum did a great New Yorker article on me, and she kind of changed my career. She embedded with us for a few days and she really got it. She s also like a TV fanatic. I am always interested in what people like her have to say. I get it. Some people don t like what I do, and I am OK with that, but I am also not going to pretend it doesn t bother me. I get it: I m not for them. But that s that needy part of me, because I want so badly for them to like my stuff.Many creatives feel that way. Quentin Tarantino was awarded Best Original Screenplay last year by New York Film Critics Circle, and he spent half his acceptance speech talking about one of the members who has hated every movie he s made, but Tarantino loves his writing. And this is a man with multiple Oscars and nothing to prove. Barris: And, that s part of why Tarantino s a good writer. How do you say that you don t care? How could you not care? It s you. You ve put years of your time, energy, and life-blood into this thing, to say you don t care? It s like you re either a sociopath or a liar.#blackAF premieres April 17 on Netflix.


ages for Film Independent) We all have those markers in our lives, whether that s a swimming lesson, or a bike riding lesson, or getting to college and meeting Barry Jenkins. “I first saw the film from start to finish as a rough cut screening that we had in Los Angeles months before we presented at Telluride. The swimming scene definitely stood out to me, almost like a marker within the entire narrative that kind of stuck with you, as these important moments do. I think we all have those in our lives, markers that we can all kind of recall as adults now that shape our journey on some level, whether that s a swimming lesson, or a bike riding lesson, or getting to college and meeting Barry Jenkins – or whatever these things are that find ways to change and alter your own personal narrative are wonderful. I feel very lucky, again, to have met Barry when I did. I feel very lucky to be at the beach that day with them; I feel like I participated in capturing a story and a scene that I think has a lot of meaning for people.”Moonlight was released on November 18, 2016. Buy or rent it at FandangNOW.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

ag九游会网址 《少年三国志:零》是一款策略卡牌类手游。有着独创的4X4阵型,更有着步、盾、弓等六种类型的主将,玩家可以根据兵种克制特点自由变换站位。全新赛季制玩法,每月新赛季新奖励,副本挑战限时上线!烽烟四起,高能对决,跨服夺城一触即发,与联盟一起争夺无上荣耀,称霸全服不是梦!

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