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鸿图平台采用百度引擎0(Baidu 3)The latest TV news coming out of the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Los Angeles, where networks present their new shows to reporters, is just one degree away from Kevin Bacon. Read on below.Star Trek TV Universe Honcho Alex Kurtzman on Picard, Section 31, and Animated Series in Development(Photo by Francis Specker/CBS)Star Trek TV universe series in development — including Patrick Stewart s Jean-Luc Picard series, the Michelle Yeoh–starring Section 31 series, and animated series Star Trek: Lower Decks — will be connected (sort of), executive producer Alex Kurtzman (pictured, above left) told reporters after his TCA appearance in a panel for Star Trek: Discovery on Wednesday afternoon. Kurtzman appeared on the panel with Discovery executive producer Heather Kadin (pictured, right), star Sonequa Martin-Green, and season 2 newcomers Anson Mount and Ethan Peck, the series Christopher Pike and Spock, respectively. [The various series will] be connected, I would say, mostly peripherally, Kurtzman told Rotten Tomatoes and a number of other outlets. It s incredibly important to all of us that each show is a unique prospect; that it doesn t feel like you re getting the same thing from each show. Each show has to have its own identity. That means it s about certain things, the tone has to be unique and yet still be Star Trek, it has to visually look different from the other shows that we re planning on making. And we ve worked very closely with All Access to set out a plan so that you aren t feeling overwhelmed by 20,000 of them at once. It may sound like you re getting all of them at once because there s a lot in development right now, but you have to keep in mind it takes two years to build each one, he continued. So, we have to look at the calendar in advance and say, All right, knowing that it takes eight months just to do visual effects for one episode alone, how much time are we gonna need to get it on the air in time? So, hopefully, one episode, one series ends, you take a breath, another one starts, that runs its course for a season, you take a breath, another one, and then you re getting a nice flow. (Photo by Francis Specker/CBS)Kurtzman revealed that Yeoh pushed for the Section 31 series. In season 1, Michelle came to me and said, Let s do a spin off on this character,' he said. I took a minute because it was clearly such a brilliant idea, except the series hadn t aired yet. No one had seen even season 1 of Discovery. Nobody really knew what it was gonna be, and we didn t know if it was gonna be successful or not. So the minute it became successful, we started that conversation again. We re sort of breaking story now, he continued. Our hope is that we will have a script in the next couple months, and then as soon as Discovery season 3 is good, we re rolling right into that show. That s my prediction. Short Treks short-form videos will not exclusively be tied to Discovery, he said. I d love to expand beyond. Discovery  was, like, really a test, he said. We wanted to see if they worked, and they ended up working really well. So, the idea that we can apply those to all of our shows — maybe we ll do one before Picard, maybe we ll do one before Section 31, maybe we ll do one before the animated — just so that we can start getting audiences talking and thinking about what we re doing, the setting and history. CBS All Access announced a two-season order of half-hour animated adult comedy Star Trek: Lower Decks, focusing on support crew on lesser Starfleet ships, in October. Animation it takes a year, Kurtzman said. But it s actually very much like what we re doing on those other shows with visual effects, because it takes a year from writing the script, doing the animation, getting it back, refining it. We don t ever want to rush anything out until it s perfectly ready. And the beautiful thing about streaming is we don t have to! We get to keep doing it until we all love it and then you get to watch and hopefully you love it to. The series is being developed by Rick and Morty head writer and executive producer Mike McMahan, and is the first original animated series on CBS All Access and the first project from CBS Television Studios just-launched animation division, CBS Eye Animation Productions.Click here to read more about what Kurtzman had to say about the Picard-focused Star Trek series.Reporting by Sophie-Marie PrimeBryan Cranston to Executive Produce and Star in Showtime Legal Drama(Photo by AMC)On Thursday, Showtime took the stage with news on its upcoming series, including an announcement that Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston would star in a 10-episode limited series. The legal drama Your Honor tells the story of a respected judge, played by Cranston, whose son is involved in a hit-and-run that leads to a high-stakes game of lies, deceit and impossible choices. Peter Moffat (Criminal Justice) serves as showrunner and executive producer and will write multiple episodes, including the first episode. The series will go into production later this year in New Orleans.Penny Dreadful Next Chapter Art Released and More Showtime News(Photo by Showtime)On social media, the network dropped keyart for Penny Dreadful sequel series, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. The series, which will employ all new characters and storylines, according to a Showtime statement, begins production later this year with Paco Cabezas as director and original series creator, writer, and executive producer John Logan in those same roles. The next chapter opens in 1938 Los Angeles; a time and place deeply infused with social and political tension,  according to the network s official description. When a grisly murder shocks the city, a detective is embroiled in an epic story that reflects the rich history of Los Angeles: from the building of the city s first freeways and its deep traditions of Mexican-American folklore, to the dangerous espionage actions of the Third Reich and the rise of radio evangelism. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels explores an exciting mix of the supernatural and the combustible reality of the period, creating new occult myths and moral dilemmas within a genuine historical backdrop. Showtime might be bringing two of its most popular series to a close — Homeland and The Affair are both working on their final seasons — but the network has plenty more in store for 2019. The network is reviving its popular The L Word for a sequel series, set to begin filming this year and hopefully airing in late 2019. The new series will be run by Marja Lewis-Ryan, with series creator Ilene Chaiken executive producing and original series stars Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moennig, and Leisha Hailey set to star. The network has also ordered a 10-episode limited series set in New Orleans; Your Honor will star Bryan Cranston as a respected judge whose son is involved in a hit-and-run that leads to a high-stakes game of lies, deceit and impossible choices, and will begin production in the city later in 2019. The series will be run by The Night Of’s Peter Moffat, with The Good Wife’s Robert and Michelle King executive producing.How Thick Will City on a Hill’s Boston Accents Be?Showtime s newest drama, City on a Hill, stars Aldis Hodge as a district attorney and Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent who team up to tackle the corrupt criminal justice system in Boston in the early 90s. Boston accents are notoriously hard to nail, but star and Boston native Jonathan Tucker thinks his costars are nailing it — and they can t please everyone. Everybody’s accent has been terrific. I’m interested in pushing it as hard on the rail as possible just because it’s a fun exercise for me, he told reporters. And I’m sure I’ll say something that somebody in my own neighborhood’s going to say, That’s not [right]. What’s he talking about? Where’s he from? I’m like, Well, you know, I’m from your neighborhood.' Plus, he said, Kevin’s accent’s great. It s a really good accent. Desus and Mero: Hennessy AmbassadorsThe hosts of Showtime s new late-night talk show, Desus Mero, pride themselves on the fact that their interviews are unlike most celebrity interviews. For starters, they give their guests Hennessy. We did give Jason Sudeikis Hennessy for the first time ever, The Kid Mero revealed. Added Desus Nice, He’s never been the same. The duo also like to make sure their guests aren t only visiting their show to promote projects. No one wants to see that, because that turns the show into an advertisement, Nice said. We want an earnest, heartfelt interview and, it’s just like, Yes. You are in this project, whatever. Talk about the project, but also talk about your life around the project. Don’t just come, like, ‘Yo, my movie opens Friday, blah, blah, blah. Like, for example, we had Michael B. Jordan on talking about Black Panther, and he had done 50,000 interviews talking about Black Panther, doing Wakanda Forever or whatever. Our interview with him was completely different, because we were talking about, What was the press room like? What do you like being living on set? We try to ask questions that allow them to promote their picture, but at the same time show the humanity behind the person. Your New Nature Documentary Obsession(Photo by BBC America)Sir David Attenborough is back with another nature documentary. One Planet: Seven Worlds (the current working title) will consist of seven one-hour episodes exploring how each distinct continent has shaped the unique animal life found there, according to a BBC America press release announcing the news. The series is from BBC Studios Natural History Unit. Sir David Attenborough never rests!  AMC Entertainment Networks president Sarah Barnett said in a statement. With this groundbreaking series, we will once again be able to experience life on this One Planet of ours through a lens of transporting wonder. It continues to be a great honor to have narration by this legendary storyteller, whose voice is synonymous with BBC natural history programming on BBC America and all over the world. Anna Paquin s True Inspiration for Flack(Photo by Pop)The upcoming Anna Paquin–led dramedy from Pop, Flack, promises to pack an edgy punch — and, according to executive producer and Paquin s real-life husband Stephen Moyer, “endless” cameos.Flack parodies an international publicity firm with Paquin executive producing and starring as Robyn, a PR rep about to topple from the top of her game. During the series Wednesday TCA panel, the actress swore that the series is “absolutely not” based on any of her publicists and said the stories have a “ripped from the headlines feel,” several involving the familiar apocalyptic social media aftermath, too.Creator Oliver Lansley, however, teased that “any story in this show comes from a true story that I’ve heard, pretty much.” Lansley described the characters as “an amalgamation of a lot of people, not all of them publicists” at Wednesday’s TCA panel.“It’s very hard to undo something once it’s out of the box,” Lansley said of the internet’s impact on public relations.

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也正是看中了这些花样繁多的新玩法,才使得这位“天刀”玩家才决意要卸载《天涯明月刀》手游,来到《天谕》手游的公会中和朋友们一起参加泳池派对,宴会晚会甚至是云垂少女星这样欢快的公会副本活动。 《大天使之剑》,这是一款西方魔幻题材ARPG手游,该作的画面炫酷,华丽的装备和技能特效让人热血沸腾。场景建筑等背景特效也做的非常逼真,画风上属于暗黑风格,光影特效处理的相当好。有不少玩家感叹,游戏的每一帧画面都是可以截图做壁纸的程度。

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ow up – but when they do, the tension ratchets up to levels that have some calling The Descent the best horror movie of the 2000s. The director combines two effective distraction techniques for this terrifying “boo”: we’re both emotionally invested in the argument and trying to follow it as Marshall’s camera – the action already obscured with night-vision – swings from person to person. When it swings back to find a beastie standing behind Alex Reid’s Rebecca, we’re completely unprepared. Cue piercing growl.3. I saw her face from The Ring (2002) 71%You can argue that this kind of cut-away is the cheapest trick, randomly popping up in the middle of a compelling conversation, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. And in The Ring, it’s all the more effective for offering one of our earliest looks at the contorted, disturbing, Munch-like expressions with which Samara leaves her victims. We saw her face, too, and we won’t be forgetting it any time soon.2. Hand claps from The Conjuring (2013) 86%It’s the jump scare so good they built a teaser trailer on it. In this scene, the scariest moment in the universe-spawning first Conjuring movie, director James Wan plays us brilliantly: there’s the slow lure down the staircase, the bouncing basketball, the exploding lightbulb, and then a moment of silence before the out-of-nowhere hands reach in for a quick clap-clap. A brilliant callback.1. Scary Bilbo from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 91%Just about the last place you would expect one of the most effective jump scares ever, but in a franchise of talking trees, magic rings, and all-seeing fire eyeballs, you ought to expect the unexpected. After being stabbed by a Ringwraith, Frodo awakes healed in Rivendell, believing he s completed his journey to deliver the One Ring to the elf stronghold. Oh, sweet summer child. Frodo then reunites with Bilbo and they engage in nostalgic conversation. Even after retirement far away from the Shire, Bilbo feels the corrupting pull of the ring, transforming into a snarling freak who grabs at Frodo. Peter Jackson s Lord of the Rings trilogy, like the books it s based on, has an intoxicating quality, drawing viewers deep into Tolkien s universe through simple, quiet dialogue between old friends, so this jump scare feels like the ultimate violation of a moment s respite.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.鸿图平台在更明确的市场回报率下,很多老牌端游厂商都在全力发展手游项目,像是《剑网3》、《天涯明月刀》等曾经红极一时的端游IP都已经进行了手游化,在万马齐喑的局面下,""最后一款端游""《逆水寒》就显得尤为特殊——这是市面上唯一一款无论在画面表现、剧情质量和玩法丰富程度能够担当""顶级水准""的大作,也是唯一一款还能每周都进行1-2G大容量内容更新、每一季度都会有问鼎的资料片上线的网游产品。但是,即便如此《逆水寒》也在2020年5月20日正式宣布了手游研发,并且根据内部玩家透露,网易对《逆水寒》手游游戏制作布局比大部分玩家想象中更早,游戏可能今年就会进行首次测试……

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Starting with two brothers, a beloved Chevy Impala, and some demon-hunting equipment, Supernatural defied the odds to become one of the longest-running primetime shows in television history. It is also one of the few genre shows to break the tenth season mark, joining the classic Doctor Who in a very rarefied club of long, continuous production runs. When Rotten Tomatoes spoke with the cast and producers during a celebration of the program’s 300th episode, they all credited its longevity to two factors: first, stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and second, the on-set family dynamic that now includes a large stable of recurring characters and eventual co-leads like Misha Collins.“I think that my favorite [aspect] is the growing family dynamic of the show where the core cast, which used to be just Sam and Dean, has really become a legitimate group of people who very much love each other and care about each other,” said executive producer Brad Buckner.That family feel was on display in the 300th episode, which aired last month, but it left us wondering where the show can go now. Have the Winchesters driven every highway, rural route, private drive, parkway and surface street in their never-ending relationship with forces beyond imaging? The CW doesn’t think so, considering the network has already renewed the program for a historic 15th season. But let’s take a look at some directions Supernatural could go next.Alien Invasion(Photo by Mars Attacks!: ©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection; Supernatural: Dean Buscher/The CW)To be sure, this is a pie-in-the-sky idea considering creator Eric Kripke s stated rule that aliens do not exist in the Supernatural universe. Over the years, the show has poked fun at its slight similarities to The X-Files via a handful of episodes in which aliens turn out to be fairies or frauds. It is a completely understandable decision as the show is literally called Supernatural. You really don’t expect to see E.T. or grey aliens plotting with Rowena (Ruth Connell) or Alternate Michael (various actors including Ackles).But now that the image is in your mind, consider this little thought experiment: What if they suddenly arrived and defied everyone’s assumption that they were not real. What if the angels and demons had no knowledge of them and could not account for their existence? Suddenly, the assumed political paradigm of the cosmos is upended because God never mentioned that he created other life in the universe. Alliances would have to be made, as well.It leads to plenty of questions. Are the aliens bound by the same rules of engagement? Do they have their own versions of angels and demons to contend with? Are there alien equivalents of Heaven and Hell? In which case, does each sentient alien race have one of its own and why would God make things so complicated?For the boys, it would start with disbelief and, no doubt, an eventual alliance with at least one extraterrestrial. Similarly, their adversaries would be looking for the angle immediately. And that s before the show even thinks to introduce a second alien species. But on a larger scale, it would be interesting to see all of these impossibly old spirits lose their sense of security because a completely unknown element is in orbit above the Earth.Yeah, it’s a reach, but it would be a funny one.A Return to the Road(Photo by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW)Since season 8, the Winchesters have had a place to call home within the bunker formerly used by the Men of Letters. It offers them a respite from their investigations even if it comes under attack from within and without all the time. But when it was first introduced, it was meant to change one key element of the show: Sam and Dean’s eternal journey across the country solving weird events. Six years later, it feels like the boys could lose the bunker and roam around essentially homeless. The material to write that story is there and, really, losing the sense of security the Bunker offers would be a huge shock to their systems — even more shocking than Sam or Dean getting possessed again.And since it seems neither brother will ever have any semblance of a domestic life, removing their sense of home would reinforce that they are riding or dying together. This could go to the extreme of removing Castiel, Mary (Samantha Smith), and Jack (Alexander Calvert) — which would be a shocking turn at this point – but even if the five of them are forced to move from town to town, it could alter the program’s dynamic in unexpected and interesting ways.Monsters of Myth(Photo by Michael Muller/The CW)There was a time, 14 years ago, when the show was about Sam and Dean following up on urban legends and mythical creature sightings. Their dealings with Lucifer and the political structure of Heaven appeared later (even if it was seeded from the start). What if, suddenly, the forces of Heaven and Hell were gone? In the absence of demons and angels, wendigos, fairy folk, will-o -the-wisps, jiangshi, and other creatures could try to hold sway upon the Earth. One imagines they would try to fill the power vacuum left by the departed angels and demons. It would reframe Sam and Dean’s mission and, possibly, create an end point for their fight as they clear away all of the supernatural creatures. Of course, they would be faced with the existential reality that evil can originate in humans without any supernatural source, but then it would be a different show.Maybe that’s the Supernatural spin-off The CW would actually pick up to series.The Road No One Will Take(Photo by Dean Buscher/The CW)There is definitely one version of the show producers say they will never try to do: one in which either Sam or Dean is gone permanently.“The heart and soul of this show is really the relationship with the brothers,” executive producer Robert Singer told Rotten Tomatoes. “They just deliver and their personal relationship is so close. That really comes through on screen. I ve actually done shows where the two actors weren t quite as fond of each other, and I think that shows up on screen. But these guys are great and they just live in these characters and so it s easy for us to write for them.”Singer and Buckner both agreed that losing one of their leads would mean to end the show.As it happens, Supernatural even offered its own example of what the show would look like with a Winchester brother absent: The survivor leaves the life and settles down. Now, we would love to see Ackles in show where he is a retired hero trying to adjust to the humdrum suburban world, but we wouldn t want that show to be an AfterSupernatural style spin-off or, worse, a Padalecki-less season 16.Nonetheless, Supernatural keeps finding ways to keep its flame alive. It bends the Winchesters into impossible shapes, ports them over to alternate realities, and even reunites them with long-lost family. It also keeps the politics of the Heavens strange and compelling. Maybe that s enough fuel to get the Impala to season 20.Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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2.94.5 5月喜迎We re now in the heart of the summer movie season, so it shouldn t shock anyone to learn that the movies audiences are most looking forward to include a Pixar film, a superhero blockbuster, and a sci-fi adventure. What might be more surprising is that, in a triumph of counterprogramming, a high-concept fantasy musical and a deadpan zombie comedy also made the list. Read on to find out the five most anticipated movies by Rotten Tomatoes users and our fans on social media in June.1. Toy Story 4 (2019) 97%9,043 Want-to-See Votes#1 pick by our Facebook and Instagram fans, #2 pick by our Twitter fansOpens June 21Toy Story 3 gave us all a satisfying, emotional franchise finale, so it was something of a surprise when we learned the good folks at Pixar were planning to revive the series with a fourth installment. That hasn t dampened the enthusiasm for the series, though, as Toy Story 4 sits comfortably at the top of this month s list of most anticipated movies. Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the gang plus an old friend and some new additions are on hand to continue the story as Andy s younger sister Bonnie makes a new toy at school who s not so thrilled about being a toy. This one topped our Facebook and Instagram polls, and easily amassed the most Want-to-See votes.2. Dark Phoenix (2019) 22%5,982 Want-to-See Votes#1 pick by our Twitter fans, #3 pick by our Facebook fans, #5 pick by our Instagram fansOpens June 7With the recent acquisition of Fox s film and TV branches by Disney, it s probably going to be some time before we see the X-Men back on the big screen, so Dark Phoenix might be the last we see of the series for the foreseeable future (we re thinking of New Mutants as sort of an offshoot of the main series). With that in mind, it s probably appropriate that the existing franchise is going out with a bang, adapting one of the most iconic stories from the comics. Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and the rest of the younger, soft-rebooted mutants return to explore the darker side of Turner s Jean Grey, who becomes unstable after a mysterious encounter in space. This one resonated the most with our Twitter fans, and it amassed the second-highest number of Want-to-See votes.3a. Men in Black: International (2019) 23%3,268 Want-to-See Votes#3 pick by our Instagram and Twitter fans, #5 pick by our Facebook fansOpens June 14Next up, we ve got a tie for third, so we ll start with the revival of the Men in Black franchise. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are nowhere to be found at least, that s what we assume, barring a surprise cameo from them in the movie and this time, the focus shifts to MiB s London branch, where a rookie agent played by Tessa Thompson is partnered up with Chris Hemsworth s veteran Agent H to track down a mole in the organization. Here s hoping the chemistry they displayed in Thor: Ragnarok wasn t a fluke.3b. Yesterday (2019) 63%
Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s indie features are streaming. From promising releases by new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week.For the foreseeable future, the specialty box office and all theatrical releases will be on hold as we all make efforts to socially distance ourselves and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. With that in mind, we have reshaped our Indie Fresh List. This week for our fresh picks we have an atmospheric biopic about the author behind The Haunting of Hill House, a gory home invasion horror flick, and a dancer romance. In our Spotlight section, we call back to the recent Certified Fresh first feature from director Tayarisha Poe.Streaming This Weekend

Bad Boys, bad movies, right? Not so fast. While the 1995 original and its 2003 sequel, both Mi
1. BAD BOYS 4 AND NATIONAL TREASURE 3 NOW IN DEVELOPMENT(Photo by Columbia Pictures)It is really quite surprising exactly how often major film trade publications bury the lede when reporting on film developments (or, at least, lump two big stories together when they could ve easily just published them individually). Let s start with a little bit of history. At one point, Sony Pictures had two Bad Boys sequels on their release schedule: Bad Boys III for 2/17/2017, and Bad Boys IV for July 3, 2019 (so yes, we would ve already had a 4th movie six months before the actual third movie was released this week.) This week s Bad Boys for Life currently sports a Fresh Tomatometer with a score of 74%, which is higher than the combined scores of Bad Boys (42%) and Bad Boys II (23%), and it also broke a record with its Thursday night opening box office. All of that put together might be why Sony Pictures has hired Bad Boys for Life co-writer Chris Bremner to star work on a fourth Bad Boys. As for that buried lede, the very last paragraph of that story also reveals that Bremner is currently writing National Treasure 3 for Walt Disney Pictures, presumably with Nicolas Cage returning as well.2. CHRISTIAN BALE TO REUNITE WITH DAVID O. RUSSELL(Photo by Anita Bugge/Getty Images)Like many directors, David O. Russell (Three Kings, Silver Linings Playbook) frequently works with the same actors. There are four Russell has cast three times (Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence, and Mark Wahlberg), and soon, there will be a fifth, as Christian Bale (The Fighter, American Hustle) is now attached to star in a movie with the working title Amsterdam. The premise is being kept relatively secret, except that it reportedly involves an unlikely partnership between a doctor and a lawyer. Christian Bale is the first confirmed cast member, but David O. Russell reportedly is considering also casting Jamie Foxx, Angelina Jolie, and Margot Robbie, which would add up to a remarkable star-studded ensemble. In related news, Russell reportedly may also be developing a John D. Rockefeller biopic with Robert De Niro starring, but that news has not been confirmed by a major film industry source yet.3. TRAILER FOR JARED LETO S MORBIUS HINTS AT MCU CONNECTION(Photo by Sony Pictures Entertainment)Even as Marvel Studios prepares to merge previous Fox/Marvel titles like Fantastic Four and X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are some properties like Venom and Spider-Verse that remain at Sony Pictures. When Venom came out last year, it was presumed that it was set in a different cinematic universe than the MCU. Who s set where gets complicated by Tom Holland s Spider-Man, who has appeared in multiple MCU movies (Avengers: Endgame, etc), and who has been rumored to possibly have a cameo role in Venom 2 (10/2/2020). This week, we got our first trailer for Morbius, in which Jared Leto plays Marvel Comics Living Vampire,
(Photo by Netflix)Hollywood s been cranking out bad video game–based movies for almost as long as Mario s been trying to rescue Princess Peach. And while recent efforts, like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat, have offered some hope for the genre, others (sorry, Monster Hunter) suggest the curse if far from broken. But while our polygon heroes continue to flounder on the big screen, they re quietly flourishing on Netflix.Between Castlevania, Dragon s Dogma, and The Witcher (technically based on the books that inspired the games, but still) the streamer has made this whole video-game-adaptation thing look easy. And they re just getting warmed up, with several more live-action and animated projects in the pipeline. Other streaming platforms are getting in on the action, too, gobbling up gaming adaptations like a pellet-chomping Pac-Man.Read Also: 45 Video Game Movies Ranked Worst to BestDozens of these projects are in the works, but a number of them are in the very early stages of development – or, worse, stuck in development hell. But for every project that hasn t offered a peep of fresh intel since 2020 (looking at you, Fallout, Diablo, and Cyberpunk 2077) there s a series casting, shooting, or tackling post-production.So whether you re wondering when Halo’s Master Chief will finally bring the fight to the small screen or want to know what Splinter Cell’s long-neglected Sam Fisher is up to on Netflix, see below for a list of game-based shows coming soon to a streaming service near you.Castlevania (spin-off series)(Photo by Netflix)Castlevania’s fourth season put the final nail in the show s coffin, but Netflix isn t about to drive a stake through the successful franchise. While the popular animated adaptation won t continue with a fifth season, it will enjoy immortality via an all-new spin-off series; in fact, the streamer has already outlined the premise: Set during the French Revolution, the show will star Richter Belmont, offspring of the original s Trevor and Sypha (pictured). The whip-wielding monster hunter will be joined by fan-favorite character Maria Renard, presumably to thwart more evil.Resident Evil: Infinite DarknessResident Evil fans still suffering nightmares from the recently released Village will want to brace themselves, as the survival horror series has more frights coming right around the corner. Netflix s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness hits July 8 with an all-new spine-tingling tale, set in a walking dead–infested White House. Unfolding between the game franchise s 4th and 5th mainline entries, the CGI animated show stars zombie-slaying stalwarts Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.Resident EvilWhen the Wesker kids move to New Raccoon City, the secrets they uncover might just be the end of everything. Resident Evil, a new live action series based on Capcom’s legendary survival horror franchise, is coming to Netflix. pic.twitter.com/XWh5XYxklD Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) August 27, 2020Like a virus unleashed by the evil-doing Umbrella Corporation, it seems Resident Evil is rapidly spreading through Netflix s schedule. On top of July s Infinite Darkness, the streamer is also hard at work on a live-action show based on the long-running survival horror franchise. The show will feature iconic sci-fi/fantasy character actor Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker, the series recurring villain. Beyond Reddick s role, a number of actors – Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Paola Nuñez, Siena Agudong, and Adeline Rudolph – have been cast to play yet-to-be-revealed characters.Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell(Photo by Netflix)Splinter Cell fans have waited years to once again don the iconic night-vision goggles of series protagonist Sam Fisher. But while Ubisoft seems unwilling to confirm the next chapter of the beloved stealth-shooter, they have given the green-light to a promising animated series. Even better, our favorite Third Echelon agent is in good hands, as John Wick creator Derek Kolstad in onboard to write the show.The Cuphead Show!Anyone who braved 2017 s brutally challenging Cuphead probably wished they could enjoy more of its animation when not having their butts handed to them by the game s bosses. Heavily inspired by 1930s cartoons, like Walt Disney s Silly Symphony shorts, it pleased the eyes as much as it blistered the thumbs. Netflix s upcoming series recaptures that absorbing style, while introducing all-new adventures for porcelain siblings Cuphead and Mugman. Of course, it wouldn t be Cuphead without some trouble, so King Dice – played by Wayne Brady – will also bring his signature blend of menace and charm.Far CryWith Giancarlo Esposito taking up the villain mantle in the upcoming Far Cry 6, the open-world, first-person shooter franchise has been enjoying more buzz than usual. It seems that trend will continue, as Netflix is prepping a pair of adult-aimed anime based on the series. While there s little intel on the first adaptation – simply referred to as Far Cry – details have surfaced on the second project titled Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix. The second series is based on 2013 s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, an over-the-top expansion with strong ’8os action-movie vibes.League of Legends: ArcaneRiot Games enormously popular multiplayer online battle arena (or MOBA) League of Legends is also set to make its streaming debut. After several delays, the animated adaptation, dubbed Arcane, is finally due to hit this fall. The fantasy-themed series unfolds in the game s Piltover utopia, as well as its less appealing, underground counterpart Zaun. The show will flesh out the backstory of Jinx, a criminal from the latter region and one of the game s fan-favorite champions.The Last of Us(Photo by Toni Anne Barson/WireImage; Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)Based on Sony s popular post-apocalyptic action-adventure, HBO s The Last of Us looks more promising with each casting update. The live-action series will see The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal and Game of Thrones’ Bella Ramsey (pictured) tackle the roles of Joel and Ellie, as the grizzled father figure and tough teen trekking across an America that s seen better days. On top of that perfect pairing, the show will star Merle Dandrige as Marlene, the same character she brilliantly voiced in the game.Read Also: Everything We Know About The Last of Us HBO SeriesAssassin s Creed(Photo by Ubisoft)Despite a big budget and plenty of star-power, 2016 s Assassin s Creed failed to break the game-to-film curse. Netflix s upcoming live-action series aims to remedy this on a smaller screen. Details are guarded tighter than the games many ancient mysteries, but prolific writer-producer Jeb Stuart has been named show-runner. Coincidentally, Stuart s also the creator of Netflix s Vikings follow-up, Vikings: Valhalla – which actually has no relation to last year s acclaimed game release Assassin s Creed: Valhalla.(Photo by Showtime)With Halo Infinite hitting this holiday season, , hype for the sci-fi, first-person shooter has been at an all-time high. Along with the building anticipation for Master Chief s next interactive adventure, there s fresh buzz surrounding the franchise s long-in-development TV adaptation. It had already been reported that Pablo Schreiber would don the iconic Spartan armor, but the latest word is the series has found a new home at Paramount+, cementing that it s not only still happening, but is due to land like a UNSC Dropship in 2022.Read also: Everything We Know About Halo TV SeriesTomb Raider(Photo by Warner Bros.)With a sequel to 2018 s Alicia Vikander–starring Tomb Raider in the works, it looks like Lara Croft will continue chasing fortune and glory on the big screen. But the iconic adventurer is also spelunking on the small screen, with a planned Netflix anime series. The show won t have any connection to Croft s cinematic exploits, but will instead continue where the game series recent trilogy left off. Screenwriter Tasha Huo, who s also working on The Witcher spin-off for the streamer, is producing and penning the show.Twisted Metal(Photo by Sony Interactive Entertainment)A car combat game that piqued in popularity during the PlayStation 2 era might sound like an odd fit for a live-action series — until you hear its premise and pedigree. Produced in part by Arrested Development’s Will Arnett, Twisted Metal is taking the action-comedy route. Toss in the fact that it s being penned by Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese and, well, it s still weird, but in the best possible way.Thumbnail image: Microsoft StudiosOn an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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Stephen King was rather famously unhappy with Stanley Kubrick s adaptation of his novel The Shining, even if the film went on to be a bona fide classic, beloved by millions of fans who mythologized and analyzed it endlessly. So even with a new novel from King to work with as source material, it was always going to be a daunting task for director Mike Flanagan to adapt Doctor Sleep, a sequel to The Shining, for the big screen almost four decades later. But Flanagan may have proven to be the best choice for the job he s a huge Stephen King fan and even wrote one of his own acclaimed horror films (Hush) at the Stanley Hotel, where King was inspired to write The Shining. The end result, according to reviews, is a faithful translation from page to screen if different from its predecessor   that does a decent job balancing its genre thrills with its more contemplative themes. Ewan McGregor stars in Doctor Sleep as a grown-up Danny Torrance, who offers his help to a teenage girl (Kyliegh Curran) with the same extrasensory shine that he possesses. She s on the run from a nefarious cult known as The True Knot, who seek out others like her and Danny to feed on their special abilities. Critics say the film has its flaws it plays at times like mere Shining fan service and seems to feel the need to offer too-tidy solutions but manages to feel both like it s a part of Kubrick s vision and a unique beast all its own, with great performances (Rebecca Ferguson in particular, ahem, shines as the villain) and poignant themes that help bring an element of depth to the scares. It s probably not going to go down as a horror classic, but it s more than serviceable as an addition to the still-growing list of Stephen King adaptations.

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Ghcxuf (Photo by Jason Bell/NBC)This fall, Jimmy Smits revisits his L.A. Law days with NBC s latest legal drama, Bluff City Law. Whether in series regular roles like NYPD Blue and The West Wing or season arcs on 24: Legacy, How to Get Away with Murder, and Dexter, networks know Smits is the kind of reliable star they want to anchor a new fall show.Bluff City Law is about a father/daughter legal duo who team up to fight injustice. Smits plays Elijah Strait, who reconnects with daughter Sydney (Caitlin McGee) after his wife/her mother’s funeral and convinces her to leave corporate law and join his firm to fight for the very people those companies hurt.Smits told Rotten tomatoes that being back in a courtroom, even a television courtroom with a script, made him realize his TV law was a little rusty.“I remembered a couple of things. Objection!, ” Smits joked. “We’re really fortunate because the technical advisers, consultants have been really great in terms of helping us out with all the procedural stuff. It’s important to me. I’m a stickler on that kind of thing, on any type of thing, whether it’s a cop show [or a lawyer show].”(Photo by NBC)Bluff City Law is the first courtroom drama for McGee, who was glad to have a TV lawyer veteran there to mentor her.“It was called Smits Academy of Law and Order,” McGee said. “Really, the thing that was most useful to me in my research was when we actually got to watch a case and we got to see how performative lawyers have to be and how important it is to keep people engaged and interested in your side of the argument. The case McGee watched was a medical malpractice case where she saw the doctor in question testify on the stand. That just might come in handy for Bluff City Law. So will the jargon.“The whole thing about the jargon, no matter what area it is, it’s part of what we do,” Smits said. “It’s like learning another language almost, right? If you’re playing a doctor, it’s part of the fascinating thing what we do, the research part, whether it’s jargon, the technical aspects of it.”In their first case together, Elijah and Sydney team up against a chemical company whose product they believe caused their client’s cancer.“In terms of the particular case that we were handling, I tried to do the backstory on that and with regards to the real case that it was based on,” Smits said. “Speaking to the people who are the technical advisers on the show, going to cases, it’s all part of what we do as actors. That’s the fun part.”(Photo by Paul Gilmore/NBC)Bluff City Law is set and filmed in Memphis, Tennessee, which automatically gives it a different vibe than Los Angeles. Smits says filming any show in 2019 is automatically more advanced too.“Our show looks a lot different and it’s much more cinematic,” Smits said. “That’s not a slight on L.A. Law at all, but it’s really cinematic, and Memphis is a vibrant part of the show. The look is a lot different. You can actually have drone shots, [but] we haven’t had one yet.”Smits also looks back fondly on NYPD Blue, the landmark 90s cop show he joined in season two after David Caruso left.“I was working on the same lot, so I knew when they had written the pilot that it was going to be ground-breaking,” Smits said. “I didn’t know it was going to be the phenomenon that it turned out to be, so it was kind of fortuitous to me it came back around.”(Photo by Jake Giles Netter/NBC)NYPD Blue pushed broadcast standards for language and nudity in order to show what life is really like for policemen and women. Today, a show like that might be on streaming with no restrictions at all.“A show like that, you could not pitch that show to a network [today],” Smits said. “It wouldn’t happen. It just wouldn’t happen. The landscape of television is much more niche-oriented now. Certainly, edgier topic matter is something that we’ve gone for [on Bluff City Law], but I don’t know if you’re going to see naked butts on our show. That’s not going to happen.”McGee was ready to show Sydney’s love life explicitly, though.“You might see a back though, a naked back, maybe some abs,” McGee joked. “Hopefully it’ll be Barry Sloane’s.”Sloane plays Jake Reilly, another lawyer at the Strait firm. Josh Kelly plays Sydney’s ex-husband Robbie, a detective who is still broken-hearted over Sydney. And while the legal drama is one focus of the series, the Straits personal lives will come into play as well.“We established in the first episode what we’re all about, what the firm is about,” McGee said. “We are a legal drama, but once you really get to know these characters you’re just going to want to know more about their personal lives. You’re going to want to meet their spouses, their exes, see their homes. You’ll definitely get to see more of that.”(Photo by NBC)That, said Smits, will make the legal cases even more compelling.“I think that the audiences will engage more in the legal aspects of the show once they know all of the little character traits that each one of the characters has,” he said.Bluff City Law premieres Monday, Sept. 23 at 10 p.m. on NBC. 😈😈


Taylor (cont.): The scale of the scene was big for me, at the time, because I hadn t really done anything big and epic yet. That came later, and the show hadn t gotten its big budget boost until later. So, by the terms of the time, it was a bigger deal, and we didn t have much money, and we didn t have enough extras, and we couldn t afford the visual effects that we had planned, so it was all very sort of getting by by the seat of our pants. But I remember talking to my DP, Alik Sakharov, and both of us agreeing that the core, it was really a story about a father and his two daughters, and sticking to that dynamic guided us through how we handled the scene.In fact, the most emotional moments for me were some of the stuff between the way we crosscut between Ned and his daughters and, certainly, between Ned and Arya, who sort of inherits the narrative at the end of that episode. We hand off from Ned and take it to her in a way that I was happy with, because of course, her character, like all characters, has a long road ahead of them, and we re going to grow with them. But I remember being very conscious about saying, OK, we re finishing Ned, but the story continues and we re passing the narrative, passing the consciousness, passing the subjectivity to this young girl. So, we did that with pictures and with sound, and I was happy with how it turned out.(Photo by HBO)Can you also talk a little bit about the performances of your actors, in that moment?Taylor: Yeah. Again, it hung mostly on the three. Ned Stark was the linchpin, the centerpiece of the whole thing, and his performance I still think is just heartbreaking and beautiful. It s partly because I have daughters, and I sort of know what it d be like. I can t know, but I think I identify with him up there: a combination of anguish and shame and despair. His performance was perfect.Our two actresses were so young and were going to develop and build and grow so much, but I think they did amazing work, both of them, in that scene. Joffrey also is great as the consummate villain, with his pettiness and naiveté on display. I did watch it recently and was impressed with everyone, and when you go to a wide shot, everyone is absolutely in character. Cersei and Sansa, and even Varys and everyone is really playing their relationship to this moment, intensely. I was very happy.All anybody really wants to know is what Ned Stark was whispering when he was about to get his head chopped off, and that s the question I get a million times. I know I spoke to him about what would be going through his head and what he would be doing, and we agreed that he d be praying to his own gods and trying to make peace and trying to accept. So I know he came up with a prayer, probably talking to our language guy and our writers, but it was nothing scripted. It was really his invention, but it was to do with the prayers to his gods.(Photo by HBO)The series would have been so different if he had survived, and it seems obvious, but can you talk a little bit about how essential that moment is in the series overall?Taylor: I think it s true that it is the turning point. Some friends and I have talked about the show and one of the things we have come to believe is that it s an epic show that has a kind of the pilot episode is the first season. It s not like the first episode sets you up. It s such a scale of storytelling that really the whole first season is the pilot. It s the turning point of Ned being destroyed and the dragons being born. The stakes rise and chaos is initiated.The Starks and everyone is sort of scattered to the winds, and all the seasons that follow are about the slow reconnection of those people that were scattered. In that way, it really does launch the story forward and shape what s to come. [In] the eighth season, the culmination is everyone coming back together, everyone finding their place in the battle that will finish things, and much of that comes from what happened that day.What was your first experience watching Ned s beheading with people who weren t involved with the production and didn t know what was coming?Taylor: That was a revelation, partly because of that scene, and also because we didn t know when we were doing it the scale of the audience response to the series as a whole, so we had no idea that we would find this audience. I was most stunned by the way that Ned connected to every demographic and to every economic level. It was such effective storytelling and such a great performance on his part and doing what fantasy can do, which sort of transposes to an environment where everybody, I think, can relate.I was really taken aback and impressed that the people who seemed torn up by it really took Ned as their character. As I said, I was struck by [how] it cut across all categories, and frequently we re aware of how our society and our time is fractured along any number of measurable lines, and in that moment I was struck by how much everybody had taken that character into their hearts and identified with them and felt the loss of him, which was inspiring.I think that was the first moment that people started posting video reactions on the internet, right? Taylor: Yeah. I remember seeing something on YouTube, and one young man was watching and he was just beside himself. It was just devastating. He was so upset with us and stuff. It was the best audience response you could find.Going back, would you do anything differently with that moment?Taylor: Yes. Of course. I mean, I look at it now and I see the crudeness of some of it. Some I can blame on budget and time and stuff. But also I think I ve gotten better at handling scenes of that scale, so I think I might have done a better job with the camera. But I can t think of anything to change in terms of the performance the actors gave, and I can t argue with the emotional impact that it has, so in that way I m not trying to redo it in my head.Moment: Mother of Dragons(Photo by HBO)Next is the Mother of Dragons scene. Viewers watched Daenerys walk into the fire and everyone thinks she s sacrificing herself. She thinks she might be, too. Can you tell us about building that moment with your actors?Taylor: A lot was going on there, obviously. It s a tragedy, it s a funeral, it s the end of things, and as we discovered, it s the beginning of everything, too. I know — I ve heard this, and we spoke about it — that Emilia did not think her character expected to die in the flames. She didn t know what was coming, but whatever came she felt was right. So there s a wonderful look she gives to Iain Glen when he s all torn up. When she s about to walk in she looks at him, and it s such a forgiving, letting go look from such a place of wisdom. I thought it was really beautiful, and that, for me, was the attitude that Emilia had Daenerys take into the flames — that she knew the rightness of what she was doing.Partly it s a culture where when the King dies, the Queen goes with him, but she s a Targaryen. I think in her mind she knew flames were not going to be the problem, that something was going to happen, or that she was going to a place, that it wasn t necessarily her death that she was walking to. Certainly nobody, including her, expected the birth that happened with her three sidekicks.But that was the beginning of the new dawn. One detail that I was happy with and proud of was that I believe, in the book, that scene plays at night, and the dragons are born in the night. I remember pushing for the transition to be to dawn, so that when the dragons are born they re born into the dawn of a new day. It was partly a storytelling thing, to say that this has ended and now this is beginning, but it was also because we had that amazing location. I wanted to make sure that we saw it, and that we could back off and hear the dragons voices scaled. If it was night we couldn t have afforded to light it because we didn t have any money back then. I remembering being very happy with [it]. One of my favorite moments is the transition to dawn when Iain Glen s character walks in and we follow his feet and his sword in to discover her for the first time, and that transition to dawn meant a lot to me.(Photo by HBO)It was beautiful.Taylor: That location was in Malta and it s beautiful, right by the coast. It s all ocean on the right side of frame and desert on the left, but we had to erase the ocean and replace it with desert to make it look like we were in the right setting. It was funny to take such a beautiful image with this glistening sea and erase it all and put more sand in.I was going to ask about some of the effects in that moment, because obviously, the dragons. Can you just talk a little bit about coordinating to get the exact right baby dragon experience?Taylor: On the day Emilia did a great job of having nothing to work with, and none of us had seen the dragons yet. [Showrunners] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] kept talking about [how] they wanted them to be absolutely biologically believable. In all the research they d done with dragons, they threw away anything that had four feet and wings. They wanted to go off physiognomy and physiology that was real, so they looked at bats and creatures where the forelimbs are the wings. That became a big part of the design of the creatures.Just the fact that these awesome beings would enter the story as tiny, fragile, squeaky dependent creatures was a hint, or a gesture toward the scale of where we were going — that eventually they were going to be the size of jumbo jets. But at this point they were nothing.That relates to another question I had about when you re building these moments to film, taking into consideration what s to come for the character. How much of that is part of your filmmaking process?Taylor: You always want to know, because a lot of it, the way you would weight a certain moment comes from knowing where you re headed and playing against that, sometimes, or being true to it but playing against it. Certainly Daenerys has one of the strongest arcs in television. She was basically chattel — she s an object being sold off at the beginning, and she rises to become the most powerful person in that world.I think we were all guided by a dim awareness of her overall arc, but I had no grasp of the details, certainly, of where we were going. I m sure she had had talks with David and Dan. They probably gave her a lot more insight to where her character was going than I was privy to at the time. I just knew that this was the beginning of something very, very big.In fact, I think even when we did that scene I was naive about the scale of the storytelling. I thought that in season 2 the dragons would be something substantial to contend with, but they were not even preteen by season 2. I ve always been impressed with how they were taking their time to build layer on layer of things, and the dragons are one case where David and Dan had a very clear idea of the long game they were playing.Moment: Viserion Becomes an Ice DragonSpeaking of dragons, that brings me to the third big twist. We lose one of those baby dragons. Well, he gets adopted.Taylor: He s co-opted, appropriated. Yeah. I remember when I had been away from the show and I was coming back to do one episode, because it worked out schedule-wise. I saw that I was getting the second-to-last episode, which usually, in HBO terms, means you re getting a big one because there s a season structure where the second-to-last episode pulls out all the stops, and frequently the last episode is kind of a denouement.I thought, Oh, that s great. But then I started seeing the other scripts and realizing that in that season, every episode was huge. Every episode had a major huge event or battle or something, so I realized that that was just the nature of the show that had grown so much since I had been away. But then, when I read my script, I got to that moment with the dragon and I knew the power of what is was, because partly [in] killing off any longstanding character, the incredible upheaval it means for the balance of power is major.But also the fact that you re basically killing a puppy. You know it s going to have a very strong resonance with the audience, so I was really grateful to be able to handle that moment. The reveal of the turn at the end, of course, was one of the yummiest episode-enders I d ever been given — when we see the blue eye open and know what that means. Mostly it was just gratitude being able to do it. I remember designing all the sequences with the dragon, and it was great to be able to work at the scale of storytelling that so much of the show has driven you to this point.

鸿图平台 (Photo by Parisa Taghizadeh / Focus Features)How is Thomasin McKenzie’s performance?“Enchanting.” David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter“She is so delightful and versatile that there doesn’t appear to be anything that she can’t do.” Nicholas Barber, IndieWire“Thomasin McKenzie absolutely brings it all as the main lead…stretching a whole new set of acting muscles here.” Ben Rolph, Discussing Film“McKenzie makes the most of this full blown starring role, well out of whack with what we have seen her do to date, and brings it home.” Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood Daily“[Her] performance rivals and maybe exceeds Natalie Portman’s in Black Swan (similar notes of vulnerability and steel are required).” David Katz, The Film Stage“Never one to let an underwritten character thwart her best efforts, [her] sweetly open, porous, persistently worry-etched features couldn’t be more ideally suited to Eloise’s ingenuous, new-in-town outlook.” Guy Lodge, Variety“Somehow underused despite being in every scene” Jessica Kiang, The PlaylistWhat about Anya Taylor-Joy?“Magnificent…Taylor-Joy is perfect for her role. She oozes charisma and star quality.” Geoffrey Macnab, Independent (UK)“Earthy and ethereal.” Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph (UK)“Taylor-Joy steals her scenes — as she tends to — and she supercharges the movie with an ethereal out-of-time-ness that’s borderline ghostly.” Philip de Semlyen, Time Out“Anya Taylor-Joy gets to sizzle and smolder in the way that has made her one of the most exciting rising stars in the business.” Marshall Shaffer, Slashfilm“[She is] cleverly underused in screen time.” David Katz, The Film Stage“Anya Taylor-Joy,  a brilliant actress and notable clothes person, is dazzling.” Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.comIs this also a proper posthumous showcase for Dame Diana Rigg?“Last Night in Soho makes for a genuinely fitting epitaph for Rigg, who died after the shoot wrapped. It’s a proper showcase for her talents.” Philip de Semlyen, Time Out“This is most definitely a plum swan song for the ’60s icon.” David Jenkins, Little White Lies“She is as commanding and mischievous here as she ever was…what a superb final role for her.” Nicholas Barber, IndieWire“[She] socks it home for what sadly is her final screen appearance. She’s terrific” Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood Daily

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