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亚博YABO外围APP采用百度引擎0(Baidu 7)The sequel to Netflix’s wildly successful star-making rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is dropping on Netflix just in time for Valentine’s Day, and ahead of its release we sat down with the movie’s stars Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, and Jordan Fisher to ask about the film and get deep on the love triangle at its center. First, we quizzed the boys about their best pick-up lines and most romantic date ideas, and then we quizzed Condor on which answers she liked best. The result? A firm answer on which team Condor – and Lara Jean – is truly on. Plus, To All the Boys author Jenny Han reveals which team she’s on and offers a few details about the upcoming third film in the series.To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is now streaming on Netflix.

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The Truth of Isiah BradleyWhile the nature of the GRC has allowed the series up until this moment to make some valid criticisms of American foreign policy, invoking more of Robert Morales and Kyle Baker The Truth: Red, White Black — a comic book series we discussed back in episode 2 — the program can no longer shy away from its criticisms of the country and its treatment of Black people. Isiah s experience in the Super Soldier equivalent of the Tuskegee Experiment, his mention of the 332nd Fighter Group, and the absolute torture he was put through for decades speaks to true horrors in our history. Just look at various news stories from this week to see how the cruelty continues. His bitterness is absolutely justified.It is also something Marvel, as a corporate entity, could not avoid once Sam had Cap s shield in his possession. Sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe might seem more tolerant and diverse, but it is still a cousin to our reality. For the series to be compelling and, potentially, enlightening, it had to confront what it means for Sam to become Captain America.(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.)Thus, Isiah comes to represent the criticism Sam will face from his own community. How is he going to accept the iconography of a nation that so often brutalizes his people? Unlike the Union Jack s (partial) rehabilitation as a symbol of camp, the U.S. flag continues to be a serious image with a serious message behind it. And for Isiah, that message is clear: you are not welcome here. In terms of the show, though, these issues are rooted in Isiah s lived experience and allow for the image of Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans) to still be good even as criminal acts are perpetrated in its shadow. At the same time, it is still amazing that a major corporation like Disney would put some of Isiah s statements out there.Also, after a lot of soul-searching, Sam is on the precipice of refuting Isiah s assertion that no self-respecting Black man would ever want to take up the shield. It s a level of nuance we appreciate even if we still suspect the shield s best destiny might be a return to Wakanda — the vibranium used to make it was not exactly a gift, after all.The Truth of John Walker(Photo by Marvel Studios)For a moment, we re going to show John Walker (Wyatt Russell) some sympathy, as he is right about one thing: the government made him that way. Sure, taking the serum and killing someone in public — to say nothing of attempting to murder Sam — were all his choices, but he was trained for the brutality of war. To borrow a phrase from another famous franchise, he is a blunt instrument.At the same time, Walker is a liar. If we re trying to keep the nuance of the situation, the lie about getting justice for Lemar (Clé Bennett) is an effort on Walker s part to maintain some semblance of sanity. And, we imagine, it is akin to the rationalization soldiers go through when thinking back on their actions in combat. But in spreading the lie to Lemar s family, it becomes something other than a necessary coping mechanism. Now, it is part of the reason he feels justified to carry on as Captain America. (Photo by Marvel Studios)It is a choice to continue down a dark path and reflects more of the flaws in Walker as a candidate for the job in the first place. It also underscores the wisdom of Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci) in choosing Steve, and it illustrates just how unprepared the human species is for the Super Soldier Serum. It amplifies the darker aspects of the soul until there is nothing left. Steve s immunity to that was his real superpower.But, we suppose, this is another sympathy we can extend to Walker. The people who chose him to replace Steve were unwilling to see how the qualities of a good and honorable soldier could break under the stress of playing at Captain America. And by putting him in a situation where the serum would be irresistible, they are as culpable as he is in what happened. Although, they can easily find cover now that he s chosen such a dangerous path.Don t Call Her Val 《梦幻新诛仙》在还原诛仙经典桥段的基础上,也扩充了原著的支线情节,并在画面表现力方面做足了细节,角色模型、服饰等方面也实现特别的设计,画面光影在动态中呈现真实的感官反应,使其显得更加逼真。此外,该游戏在玩法、机制上也做到了创新升级,在满足老玩家的需求的同时,更适应了新一代玩家的游戏喜好。另一方面,《梦幻新诛仙》的“爆红”之路与代言人的选择至关重要,邀请娱乐圈当红演员李沁和张哲瀚作为手游代言人,做到向年轻娱乐大众圈层做到精准投放,因为李沁曾出演过《诛仙》电影的陆雪琪,游戏的营销效果甚至影响到了那些具有IP情怀的用户,微博相关话题#张哲瀚梦幻新诛仙#达到9.3亿阅读量,讨论人数高达165.9万。

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The Rest of the Top 10 and Beyond: Halloween Slides, A Star Is Born Soars, and Boy Erased and A Private War Light Up Specialty Box Office(Photo by © Universal)Halloween ruled the box office for the last two weeks. However, Octover 31 is over and audiences are starting to abandon it fast. A 65% drop this week puts the film at just over 0 million. Looking historically at films that had earned box office totals in that range after 17 days, the lowest grosser is X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with a total take of 9.8 million. If Halloween can get there, it will surpass Get Out as Blumhouse’s highest domestic grosser to date. Not so fast though. XMO: Wolverine had a third weekend of .7 million; Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, which finished with 0 million, made .3 million; and The Simpsons Movie made .2 million on its third weekend, though went on to finish with 3.1 million. Halloween made million this weekend. If Halloween drops below .8 million next week, Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning film is going to start breathing a little easier.Because they re so heavily frontloaded, only 45% of Marvel films have managed a 2.60 multiple or higher over their opening weekend. Venom, which will be hitting 0 million in the next week, needs to earn 8.7 million to enter that club. Meanwhile, A Star is Born is climbing its way to one of the biggest multiples of 2018 for wide openers. With 5 million to date, it currently has the 10th best multiple of the year, and the seventh best of movies opening in more than 3,000 theaters. The year’s champion remains WB’s Crazy Rich Asians, with a 6.52 multiple.Tyler Perry had a new film with Tiffany Haddish out this weekend called Nobody’s Fool. It finished third with .8 million, which is the filmmaker s third weakest opening ever ahead of just Daddy’s Little Girls (.2 million) and The Single Moms Club ( million). Nobody s Fool is the ninth film directed by Perry to hit 25% or below on the Tomatometer.(Photo by Paul Conroy / © Aviron / courtesy Everett Collection)In limited release, Beautiful Boy was bumped up to 540 theaters this weekend and it grossed .4 million for a total of .2 million to date. That’s just a ,620 per-theater-average, which is just below the expansion of Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria (61% on the Tomatometer): Last week, the horror remake had the highest PTA of the year in just two theaters, but after adding another 309 to that total it grossed just 4,722 for an average of ,102 per theater. Joseph Kahn’s rap-battle festival favorite, Bodied (Certified Fresh at 87%), made ,528 for a ,609 average in 14 theaters. In another corner of the music world, Sony Classics’ documentary, Maria By Callas, posted a ,540 average in 16 theaters for a total of 2,633. Lee Chang-dong’s Burning (94% on the Tomatometer), released by Well Go, just beat that out with a ,592 average in six theaters. Its total stands at ,299. Leading the PTA battle this week was Joel Edgerton’s Boy Erased, Certified Fresh at 85%, which made 0,000 in five theaters, followed by A Private War (88% on the Tomatometer), featuring an incredible Rosamund Pike, which made ,000 in four theaters.This Time Last Year: Psychedelic Ragnarok Anchors a Huge Weekend(Photo by © Marvel / © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection)Marvel kicked off the holiday box office with a bang when Thor: Ragnarok opened with 2.7 million. That film s earnings made up 68% of all grosses tracked that weekend and was the ninth highest opening for a Marvel film at the time. Since then, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Deadpool 2 have knocked it back to 12th. A Bad Moms Christmas opened on Wednesday and managed .2 million in its first five days; the first film made .8 million in its first three days. As for milestones, It crossed the 5 million mark in its ninth weekend. The top 10 films grossed a total of 4.6 million and averaged 53.9% on the Tomatometer; this year the top 10 earned an estimated total gross of 8.3 million and is currently averaging 57.1% with critics.On the Vine: Christmas Set To Be Stolen, Once Again(Photo by @ Universal)The studio behind Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets, and Sing is set to deliver their next major success when Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch gets the Illumination treatment. The film, featuring the voice talent of Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead mean role, should have legs as it plays into the holiday season. Meanwhile, it’s Claire Foy’s turn to play Lisbeth Salander in The Girl in the Spider’s Web, director Fede Alvarez’s follow-up to his successful thriller, Don’t Breathe. The movie is currently Fresh at 68% based on 22 early reviews. J.J. Abrams’ production company releases their first R-rated effort with the Nazi horror film, Overlord, and Hugh Jackman assumes the role of disgraced politician, Gary Hart, in Jason Reitman’s The Front Runner.The Full Top 10: November 2-4Bohemian Rhapsody –  million ( million total)The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – million ( million total)Nobody s Fool –  million ( million total)A Star Is Born – .1 million (5.6 million total)Halloween – .1 (0.4 million)Venom – .8 million (8.6 million total)Smallfoot – .8 million (.4 million total)Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween – .5 million (.3 million total)Hunter Killer – .5 million (.9 million total)The Hate U Give– .4 million (.4 million total)亚博YABO外围APP《白夜极光》在2021年6月于全球多个国家上线,而前几天日服推特才发布公告,表示游戏即将追加语言切换的功能,预计将会在9月下旬支援繁体中文等其他语系。目前小黑盒手游加速器内提供日服的下载。

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This Week s Ketchup brings you seven headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Community, Hellraiser, and Stephen King s Salem s Lot. This WEEK S TOP STORYJOEL MCHALE SAYS THE COMMUNITY MOVIE MAY STILL HAPPEN(Photo by Mitchell Haaseth/©NBC courtesy Everett Collection)The hashtag #SixSeasonsandaMovie is now frequently used by fans of lots of different TV shows who hope for success for a given show, but it actually had its origins with NBC s Community. That ensemble sitcom was cancelled after just five seasons before it eventually got its sixth season through the short-lived Yahoo! Screen streaming service, but there s never been much movement about a movie. Things are looking up, however, for the future of Community. In addition to recently being added to Netflix, many Community creatives have gone on to great things (Dan Harmon and Rick and Morty, and Joe and Anthony Russo have directed some of Marvel s biggest movies). Joel McHale (who, earlier this week, was the host of the Tiger King reunion special) was asked about the possibility of a Community movie, and his response was, There’s way more rumblings than there used to be. Alison [Brie] tweeted that she got a phone call from Sony. They still haven’t called me; maybe Matthew Lillard will take over. But I would say there’s a better chance than there’s ever been. It s not yet known if the Community movie has been written yet, or who might direct, or who indeed from the cast would return for it.Other Top Headlines1. STEPHEN KING S VAMPIRE EPIC SALEM S LOT RESURRECTED AS MOVIE (Photo by ©Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)Dozens and dozens of Stephen King novels and stories have been adapted as movies, especially from the first 20 years or so of his career. Yet, while this period is very well represented on film, two of his biggest novels from that time were only ever adapted as TV mini-series, not as movies. The Stand is currently in the works as a new mini-series for CBS All Access, and we can now confirm that Salem s Lot is also in the works as a movie. Salem s Lot (short for Jerusalem s Lot, hence the apostrophe) was a vampire novel in 1975 that became a two-part CBS mini-series in 1979 starring David Soul and directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist). New Line Cinema has hired screenwriter Gary Dauberman to direct their adaptation of Salem s Lot from his own screenplay. Dauberman made his directorial debut last year with Annabelle Comes Home (Fresh at 65%), and as a screenwriter, he worked on films like Annabelle, The Nun, and both IT and IT: Chapter Two. Presumably, the next step we will hear about will be the casting of the human male lead and the Austrian vampire leader Barlow.2. FIRST IMAGES FROM DENIS VILLENEUVE S DUNE SURFACE ONLINE(Photo by Chiabella James/Warner Bros. Entertainment)With the movies originally scheduled for April, May, June, and most of July now being pushed back because of COVID-19, the marketing strategies for the movies scheduled for later in 2020 are also facing new challenges. Many of these movies will probably end up being pushed back to 2021, but one film that appears to be standing its ground is Warner Bros. new adaptation of (the first half of) Frank Herbert s classic science fiction novel Dune. First adapted to film by David Lynch in 1984, Dune is a sweeping epic with dozens of characters, which lends itself well to having a huge star-driven ensemble cast, and that s what the new Dune (12/18/2020) from director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario, Blade Runner 2049) promises. Vanity Fair got the scoop on the first cast images, which include our first glimpses in character (in order) of Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Oscar Isaac, and Jason Momoa, among others.3. JENNIFER LOPEZ TO STAR IN ANOTHER TRUE CRIME STORY AS THE GODMOTHER (Photo by JA/Everett Collectio)Sometimes movie stars who do biopics bear a striking resemblance to the real life personalities they portray, and sometimes they don t. Let s start this story with this mugshot of Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco Restrepo from 1997 when she was 54, so you can quickly see where we re going with this, because Jennifer Lopez is now attached to star in The Godmother, the biopic about the life of Griselda Blanco. The film is being produced by STXfilms, the same company behind Lopez recent hit, Hustlers (also based upon a true crime story), and it will be directed by Reed Morano (I Think We re Alone Now, The Rhythm Section, TV s The Handmaid s Tale) from a screenplay by William Monahan (The Departed, Kingdom of Heaven).4. LEONARDO DICAPRIO OFFERING WALK-ON ROLE IN MARTIN SCORSESE S NEXT FOR CHARITY (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures) Martin Scorsese s next film as director, the serial killer true story Killers of the Flower Moon, is currently experiencing some issues with its budget, which is rumored to be in the 0 million range. Paramount is possibly getting nervous, and both Apple and Netflix are being seen as streaming options. While all that continues to get figured out, the film s stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are now partnering with an organization called the All-In Challenge to raise money for charities like Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, and World Central Kitchen. Donors will be entered for a chance at both a walk-on role in Killers of the Flower Moon, as well as a trip to the film s eventual world premiere.5. JAMES GUNN CLAIMS NO DELAYS FOR THE SUICIDE SQUAD AND GOTG 3 (Photo by Jay Maidment/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)The current COVID-19 pandemic is causing so many films to be delayed and events to be cancelled that there is a strong argument to be made that the only real news these days is when something is not delayed or cancelled. That s exactly why we re drawing your attention this week to this update from director James Gunn, who said that there is no reason for his next two films to be delayed in any way. Those films are, of course, The Suicide Squad (8/16/2021) and his return to Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Of course, there is some irony in Gunn saying that the release date for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 won t be delayed since there isn t currently a release date for the film in the first place.

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(Photo by Matt Sayles/The CW)After what seems like ages, but has actually only been a little less than a year, Stargirl returns to The CW on August 10. And though fans keenly felt those months between seasons, for since Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) and her friends in the Justice Society of America, only a few weeks have passed since they effectively ended the threat of an older generation of supervillains in season 1’s conclusion. Her greatest challenge now is surviving summer school. The decision to pick up so shortly after season 1 was just one of the few things Rotten Tomatoes learned during a press day with Bassinger, fellow stars Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Cameron Gellman, Amy Smart, Luke Wilson, and executive producer Geoff Johns. We’ve rounded up the key details to know (or recall) before you sit down to watch the season 2 premiere.1. Summer School Starts NowSummer school will be big part of Courtney’s plight in the new season. So much so that the second year is even subtitled “Summer School” – a choice Johns joked was part of changing the episodic naming convention.“[In] the first season, every episode was named after one of the characters, one of our cast. I think we would have run out of characters by episode four or five [this season] or strained to do that,” Johns said. “And we wanted to shake it up. I wanted to do a subtitle like this with the Stargirl movie — like, the sequel to Stargirl.”As it happens, Johns was developing a feature with the character — one of his own contributions to the DC Comics library — for quite some time before the opportunity to make a series appeared.“It’s also is a lot easier to name the episodes once we decide on a subtitle,” he said. So, instead of individual episode titles, each is a chapter of the “Summer School” story. “We’re telling a serialized story — 13 chapters, rather than single episodes,” Johns explained.For Courtney’s part, that story begins with her eagerness to be Stargirl.“It gets her into trouble sometimes, like, how non-reluctant she is,” Bassinger said.  From the very beginning, she is looking for villains — looking for trouble — even though there are none, because she just loves being a superhero so freaking much. And it’s fun to have that.  Just as an actor, it’s fun to play such a positive person, because I feel like it brings positivity to me, too, personally.”Courtney will need that positivity as her eagerness leads to summer school and, of course, those villains she hoped to find.2. The Villains Take Stargirl to a Darker Place(Photo by The CW)In lieu of the Injustice Society, the majority of whom were defeated last year, Courtney and the JSA will face a darker form of villainy via two characters literally shrouded in darkness: Eclipso and The Shade (pictured). The latter, a shadow wielding Flash villain created by Gardner Fox and Harold Wilson Sharp in 1942, was a favorite of Stargirl producer James Dale Robinson – so much so, in fact, he spent much of the 1990s writing him as a sort of “anti-villain” in the pages of DC’s Starman comic book. Johns also said he pitched the character on the first day they began discussing the Stargirl TV series.“We never had plans to bring him into season 1, clearly, but we planted him in that mural with all the ISA. We wanted to elevate The Shade and make him feel special because he is a special character,” Johns said. “James took him in the ’90s and the 2000s and really gave him a personality and made him an interesting, complex character.”Johns was also pleased to find the character in the form of actor Jonathan Cake, who he said really “highlights” the layers of the character as developed by Robinson two-plus decades ago.(Photo by Tina Rowden/The CW )The other villain, Eclipso, is, “a demonic force in the same vein as a Freddy Krueger or a Pennywise,” according to Johns.The character, created by Bob Haney and Lee Elias in the 1963, evolved over the decades from petty villain into a force of darkness and evil who uses people s own regrets and doubts to control them. He also famously slaughtered an entire Justice League team. But for the purposes of Stargirl, at least as the season begins, he is a far more subtle presence voiced by Nick Tarabay. Although, both actor and character will eventually be seen in what Wilson described as a “really cool” costume (seen above in this first-look image).“When he finally does set foot in Blue Valley for real, and you see him manifest, it felt deserved, it felt scary, and it felt like everything had changed,” Johns added.The decision to focus on villains powered by darkness was a purposeful choice on the part of the production. As Johns explained, it was all about darkness versus light, which is very perfect for somebody like Stargirl. In terms of the characters, he felt it was important to “go up against something like that this season — something that gets inside their heads and tries to expose their fears and their regrets and their guilt and use it against them — and see if these heroes can rise up and stop it.”It means the show will shift in tone a bit, but Johns assured everyone Stargirl is still “the same show with the same characters that love each other and want to help each other at their core and want to be good and do good and love and be loved and still have humor and heart and all of that.”3. And the Darkness Within Will Come To Light(Photo by The CW)Since Eclipso preys on fear and regret, some of the personal stories only teased in the first season will get examined across the “Summer School” story.For Monreal’s character, Yolanda, there’s still all the weight of her actions before Courtney came to town. Add to that the consequences of killing Brainwave last season and a new dimension from which to examine it: her faith.“From the very start, Yolanda’s just really huge on her Catholicism,” Monreal explained. And with that background, the guilt she continues to feel can be interpreted as mortal sins — something which could make her susceptible to certain influences. “There’s all this judgment that she feels, especially after the mistake that she made and then after she killed Brainwave. It adds a psychological factor. And it’s like, do or die. She has to escape this psychological factor.”(Photo by Bob Mahoney/The CW)Meanwhile, Beth (Washington), still faces a strained relationship with her parents — based on their appearances in season 1, they don’t seem to like their energetic daughter very much. But Washington teased Beth’s parents will “learn a lot about Beth in the best ways.” She also said the most exciting element she cannot wait for viewers to see is the way Beth “learns what is her light and how she contributes to her team.”Rick (Gellman) still has a hard time feeling at ease in Blue Valley, but he may have bonded with a certain character from season 1 that will prove surprising. Oh, and that’s not a tease about a possible relationship between Rick and Beth. Although Johns said their friendship (or otherwise) is “very deep,” he also said “the slow developing romance[s] in the show is just part of the show. It’s the show’s storytelling.”It also proved an asset as the show went back into production amid COVID-19 lockdowns and safety protocols. Even the more casual intimacy had to be carefully coordinated to protect the actors. “We needed a rapid test right before a hug,” Smart said.“Now we fist bump and you just try and put that same emotion into it. I think we did OK,” Wilson quipped.Gellman felt the emphasis on ideas other than teen romance is one of the show s strengths: “[We] dig into everybody’s individual mission and challenge. [That might] get lost on the show if we were constantly looking at dating and breakups and feelings hurt and all of that.”4. Joel McHale Is Part of a Slow-Burn Storyline(Photo by The CW)As viewers will recall from the end of season 1, Joel McHale’s character, Starman Sylvester Pemberton, is seemingly not as dead as he appeared to be in the pilot. McHale will be seen in season 2, but Johns warned those in attendance that his appearances will be a part of a slow-burning storyline.“In the best comic books, I always loved the long brewing subplots. And the return of Starman, Sylvester Pemberton, is one of those,” he explained. Part of the brewing process is a flashback in episode 209 which features a “Justice Society flashback with the original members, with Luke and Joel and the other JSA founders.” This episode will also feature John Wesley Shipp as the Jay Garrick of Courtney’s Earth (aka “Earth-2” per the conclusion of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event) — a version of the character he currently plays on The Flash.Shipp’s appearance is the first acknowledgement of just how close Stargirl is to the Arrowverse.“To have John play Jay Garrick, The Flash, in Stargirl connects our universe directly with the other shows and also shows that we’re part of a grander universe,” Johns said.  He also noted that maintaining the casting across the two programs also “opens up the door to opportunities for us to eventually interact with those characters. And that was important. Just like the comics.” From his comments on the matter, it was clear he is interested in continuing the Arrowverse crossover tradition — although he added, “when we eventually do do it, we’ll do it in a hopefully very special Stargirl way.”As for McHale? Johns teased there will be more of him in “the latter half of the season.”5. There Will Be a Third Season(Photo by The CW)Now that Stargirl is firmly a CW show — its first season was originally produced for the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service — it enjoys one of the network’s great benefits in an early season 3 renewal. As with “Summer School,” it will get a subtitle. Johns even said, “You’ll see by the end of season 2 what that is.”According to Johns, the writing team is hard at work on the scripts. We got picked up almost immediately for the third season. We didn’t have to wait for it to air. I think everybody’s super excited. And it’s helped us jump right back into it, he said. For me personally, there’s nothing else I’d rather do more than this. Stargirl returns on Tuesday, August 10 at 8/7C on The CW.

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7.67.0 8月喜迎Top Emmy Moments 2021: Brits Win Big, Diversity Does Not, and the Cast of Schitt s Creek and Conan O Brien Steal the Show
Remember last week when some headlines were labeling Toy Story 4 a disappointment” because it did not live up to lofty expectations? Granted, winning a second straight weekend in this box office is not much of a feat, but the Pixar film’s numbers are still strong, and it leads a new crop of films that couldn t be labeled disappointments either.King of the Crop: Toy Story Stays on Top (Photo by Walt Disney Studios)There have only been 29 films in history to gross more than Toy Story 4 has in 10 days. It took seven days to become the fo

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Ghcxuf The initial reactions to Avengers: Endgame following the first screenings were extremely positive. But now critics have had time to process what they saw, and well, they’re still mostly raving about the 22nd entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it s currently Certified Fresh at 97%. Of course, there are some quibbles here and there, mainly about the length. Also, the long-form responses to the Avengers: Infinity War follow-up have some extra thoughts to share regarding Endgame’s best moments, as well as the movie’s MVP. Basically, just icing on the cake to get you even more hyped for this thing.Here’s what the critics are saying about Avengers: Endgame:How does it compare to Avengers: Infinity War?Endgame is a different type of film than Infinity War… there are actually moments of calm, where the audience can catch its breath. Charles Barfield, The PlaylistInfinity War floundered, it seems, so Endgame could soar. Angie Han, MashableWhere Infinity War had trouble finding time for characters, Endgame is about nothing but character work.  Susana Polo, PolygonThe Russo Brothers were able to best themselves yet again. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorThere’s something considerably less elegant to the storytelling this time around. Peter Debruge, VarietyIs it the best Marvel movie yet?Avengers: Endgame is everything you’ve ever dreamed a Marvel movie could be…You will not be let down.  Germain Lussier, io9One of the most ambitious, entertaining, emotional, and stunning blockbusters we’ve ever seen, and the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon thus far.  Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendAvengers: Endgame is not the best Marvel movie ever made…But it is the most Marvel movie ever made, and there s something incredible about that. Angie Han, MashableAvengers: Endgame is the most Marvel movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. Charles Barfield, The PlaylistAvengers: Endgame is, without a doubt, the most confusing and convoluted of any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, yet it’s also unbelievably satisfying. Mike Ryan, UproxxAvengers: Endgame is now my favorite MCU movie and is probably my favorite comic book movie to date. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorIt’s not the best of anything in terms of the Marvel franchise…Avengers: Endgame is a merely okay MCU movie. Scott Mendelson, Forbes(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel)Should we be surprised at this?Whatever you think Endgame will be, it will still confound and amaze and thrill you in ways that is hard to imagine.  Mark Daniell, Toronto SunOne of the nicest surprises of Endgame is how fun it is… So much so that the three-hour run time seems to fly by. Angie Han, MashableThere are things in Endgame you never could have guessed would come back to light, but they do, and it’s glorious. Germain Lussier, io9Endgame is truly a masterful piece of storytelling, which both goes exactly where you expect it to, and not at all. Anne Cohen, Refinery29(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel)How busy is the movie?The Russos juggle the tones with balletic finesse.  Eric Kohn, IndieWireThe film is sometimes juggling five or six stories simultaneously, but the Russos and their editors never let the audience get too far from one or the other. Germain Lussier, io9It’s strangely sentimental for a movie that features the biggest all-out superhero fight I can ever remember seeing.  Mike Ryan, UproxxHow is the action?The fight scenes that do take place are epic… seeing the epic battle in the third act makes the last decade worth it.  Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesThe action sequences were choreographed and shot so beautifully. Without spoiling anything, you will need to be prepared for the third act. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorAre we going to cry?As emotionally affecting as any Marvel movie has ever been… a genuinely moving drama.  Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-TimesEndgame focuses on the original Avengers…it’s immensely gratifying and emotional to see them struggle on a plethora of levels. Germain Lussier, io9(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel)How satisfying is it as a finale?Endgame does pull off the feat of feeling remarkably like a finale, and even the most casual fan may feel the emotional tug of those moments.  Don Kaye, Den of GeekAs a Part 2, Endgame is a hugely successful ending to a story that began a year ago but truly dates back a decade. Charles Barfield, The Playlist[It’s] a moment to stop and look back in amazement (or terror) at what the MCU has pulled off…Endgame is Marvel s crowning achievement. Angie Han, MashableHow lost will we be if we haven t seen all 21 previous movies?There’s no shaking the fact that Endgame is very much a Part 2 (or Part 22, honestly)… not for MCU newbies… casual fans need not apply  If you’re not someone that knows every character by name, you’re in for a confusing three-hour film. Charles Barfield, The PlaylistMy daughter hasn’t seen very many of these and only had a few in-movie questions… it works on its own terms and unquestionably sticks the landing. Scott Mendelson, ForbesThis is a film designed for fans… Newcomers will likely find themselves totally lost in this tangle of characters and relationships and mythologies. Angie Han, MashableIt does feel like a wonderful gift to all those who have spent the last decade-plus emotionally engaging with the lives and adventures of these characters. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendRyan FujitaniCan you give me some comparative context?Newcomers to the series may as well be watching a Transformers movie. Eric Kohn, IndieWireWhile there is a big third-act action sequence, it’s (despite some grand fan service) closer in structure and visuals to Ready Player One than The Two Towers. Scott Mendelson, ForbesAvengers: Endgame feels like the last scene of Titanic with everyone back on the ship, applauding. And, you know what? I’m okay with that. Mike Ryan, UproxxWho is the movie s MVP?From a performance standpoint, Chris Hemsworth, for the second film in a row, delivers the best outing of the large ensemble. Clayton Davis, AwardsCircuit.comHemsworth especially has quickly become, due to Thor: Ragnarok and the last two of these Avengers flicks, a subtle MVP of the franchise. Scott Mendelson, ForbesHemsworth has inexplicably become the MVP of this franchise, able to balance big, broad comedy with soul-searching pathos. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmAre there any big criticisms?Its biggest fault, however nitpicky, is that it doesn’t really confront or advance any of the big philosophical questions that have been running through the saga from the beginning. Scott Mendelson, ForbesI feel that Marvel’s secret weapon [Captain Marvel] is underused. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesHas a sitcom episode like feel to it that is reminiscent of a ‘clip show’ – where the viewers get excerpts and highlights from previous episodes of the series. Clayton Davis, AwardsCircuit.comWill there ever be anything like this movie again?One can only hope that the next 10 years of Marvel storytelling — which will feature new heroes and villains — comes close to this. Mark Daniell, Toronto SunAvengers: Endgame opens everywhere on April 26. 😈😈


亚博YABO外围APP Watch: Kevin Feige on the making of The Avengers above.In 2019, Rotten Tomatoes turns 21, and to mark the occasion we’re celebrating the 21 Most Memorable Moments from the movies over the last 21 years. In this special video series, we speak to the actors and filmmakers who made those moments happen, revealing behind-the-scenes details of how they came to be and diving deep into why they’ve stuck with us for so long. Once we’ve announced all 21, it will be up to you, the fans, to vote for which is the most memorable moment of all. In this episode of our ‘21 Most Memorable Moments’ series, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige details the creation of one of the MCU s most iconic moments.VOTE FOR THIS MOMENT IN OUR 21 MOST MEMORABLE MOVIE MOMENTS POLLThe Movie: Marvel's the Avengers (2012) 91%When Marvel Studios kicked off the MCU with Iron Man, success was not a guarantee. Audiences didn’t know the character, and Robert Downey Jr. was not the superstar he is today. And yet lightning struck. It would strike again and again for the studio, but never as spectacularly – at least until the past two years – as it did in 2012’s The Avengers, the mega successful Marvel superhero team-up written and directed by Buffy creator Joss Whedon. Audiences got to see characters they had started to love (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow) unite with a new version of the Hulk/Bruce Banner as well as a guy with an arrow, to square off against Loki, god of mischief, brother of Thor, and man on a Tesseract mission. The film was in many ways as much of a gamble as Iron Man: Disney and Marvel Studios spent a reported 0 million on it, and the filmmakers had the challenge of balancing multiple storylines, generating real chemistry between multiple A-listers, and meeting colossal expectations. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says his own expectations were exceeded.(Photo by Zade Rosenthal, © Walt Disney/courtesy Everett Collection)“The big danger of the first Avengers was just getting overwhelmed with action.” Early on we realized that the role of the filmmaker on our films is to bring a tonality — Jon Favreau, amazing job! — [to] bring a unique tonality and be able to maintain and ride that tone over the course of production and through post production. To bring the characters to life, to make them realistic, grounded. And that we have amazing artists and technicians who can help with the scale, that can help with as big a canvas as it is. What the filmmakers need to do is not get lost in all of that and to focus on the great character work. And the big danger of the first Avengers was just getting overwhelmed with action. So many superheroes, so much spectacle, so many special effects. And we knew there would be plenty of that. But the most intere

If you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at rtiswrong@rottentomatoes.com.Meet the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.WrestleMania 37 streams Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11, exclusively on Peacock. To find out more go to PeacockTV.com/WWE. (Photo by JSquared Photography/The CW)With its glitz, glamour, and can-do attitude, The CW’s Katy Keene may seem more like an echo of the network’s Gossip Girl than an extension of the emerging Riverdale universe. And that difference may cause fans of the mothership series – or its Netflix cousin, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – to look at it with some pause. Some of those fears may be unfounded, as Katy Keene charts a new corner of the Archie Comics world on television. Join us as we examine some of the program’s unique details and why it fits in both The CW’s lineup and a place not too far from Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse).It s Got A Magical Tone(Photo by Barbara Nitke/The CW)From his earliest discussions about the program, executive producer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa promised it would have a magical tone. In much the same way Riverdale’s atmosphere stems from film noir and the series occasionally flirts with horror tropes, Katy Keene’s sense of magic seems to come from romantic comedies in which the world itself is, on the whole, a good place. The city Katy (Lucy Hale) walks through is brighter, its denizens smile widely, and a song could break out at any moment.And although the series would seem to set up romantic travails for its four principal characters and each has someone in their lives their truest romance is with the city itself and the sense that anything can happen there. Compared to the way the Riverdale gang seem to loathe their hometown and the soul of Greendale seems a secondary concern for the Sabrina characters, the love of place is a refreshing change – but it might drive those less enamored with New York a little crazy.It s Set Sometime In Rivedale s Future(Photo by Barbara Nitke/The CW)Though the program avoids specifics in its early episodes, the show takes place sometime in Riverdale’s future. Some reports indicated a five year gap exists between them, but we saw no indication of that. Early on, Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray) makes references to the time spent between leaving town with her father (as seen last year on Riverdale), but avoids elaborating too much on where she’s been. Additionally, Katy herself is a contemporary of Veronica Lodge (Camilla Mendes) – who availed herself of Katy’s costume-making skills on Riverdale earlier this season – but tells the viewers in the first episode she has been working at Lacy’s Department Store for three years. Perhaps her guest appearance on the February 5th episode of Riverdale will clear up the question of time. If Katy is already working at Lacy s when Veronica heads to New York for some catching-up and shopping, then we know the two shows are within three years of each other.At the same time, the lack of a precise time gap offers both shows some flexibility in terms of future crossovers or characters making long-term migrations from one series to the other. It also means events on Katy Keene are less likely to conflict with Riverdale. Luckily for both shows, Sabrina takes place in an alternate reality and keeps its Devil far from The CW.Katy Is Your Narrator(Photo by Barbara Nitke/The CW)Like Jughead before her, Katy narrates the goings-on of the story. Although, from the episodes we’ve seen so far, she is only privy to her own thoughts and her own life. But also like Mr. Jones, she seems to have some omniscience or future knowledge about her life and may be speaking from some future point in time.Created by Bill Woggon and first debuting in 1945’s Wilbur Comics #5, Katy was a popular character in the Archie stable for roughly 15 years. She appeared in various Archie Comics titles and, eventually, her own self-titled comic, in which the twenty-something character aspired to become a model, actor, and singer. Reader engagement was high, as the company encouraged fans to submit their own dress ideas for Katy to wear. But as the character’s popularity declined in the early 1960s, along with other female-focused comic book genres, she is not as well known as Archie, Sabrina, or Josie. After a short-lived revival in the 1980s (spearheaded by fans of her 1950s exploits), she disappeared once again into Archie trivia.The television series re-imagines her as a would-be fashion designer who has a major talent as a personal shopper at Lacy’s. Seemingly mentored by department head Gloria Grandbilt (Katherine LaNasa) – who reminds us of Sabrina’s Aunt Zelda (Miranda Otto) a great deal – Katy appears to be caught between these two aspects of her chosen industry, much as her comic book counterpart vacillated between three facets of the entertainment industry. At times, she has a Veronica Lodge energy to her, so it’s not a huge surprise she’s the de facto leader of her group of friends, but we wonder how she and V really got along all those years ago.The Poppy Dialogue Remains(Photo by Peter Kramer/The CW)Like Riverdale and Sabrina, the fast, poppy dialogue remains a fixture, but with its references to Broadway, legendary recording studios, and fashion labels, viewers more aligned with the other shows’ reliance on film history and the macabre  may find themselves missing some of the jokes. Nevertheless, Aguirre-Sacasa’s constant voice means fans of Riverdale and Sabrina will just pick up new knowledge bases as the series progresses.It s Also A Josie And The Pussycats Show(Photo by Barbara Nitke/The CW)While Valerie and Melody are nowhere to be seen so far – and have been missing from Josie’s life since sophomore year of high school – Katy Keene features a lot of ideas from the Josie comic book and animated series. Pepper Smith, her original best friend in the comics, is one of Katy Keene’s four principal characters. Played by Julia Chan, she’s been re-imagined as a new media hustler with something of a shady past. Alexandra Cabot (Camille Hyde), complete with a white stripe in her hair, emerges as Josie’s first real antagonist on the series. Alexander Cabot (Lucien Laviscount) appears as a possible romantic interest for Ms. McCoy with a more idealistic vision for a record company than his comic book counterpart s scheming for success and Josie’s affections. Nevertheless, Josie’s encounters with the Cabot siblings ring familiar from the comics, and Alexander s interest in making Josie a star may lead to a reformed Pussycats at least, we hope it does. Other Josie supporting characters like Albert and Sock are still missing, but maybe they’ll pop up at some pint. Long time Josie love interest Alan M. Mayberry is reportedly set to appear on the show (in the form of actor James Maslow), so it is possible the entire Jose and the Pussycats cast will populate Katy Keene.But considering the traditional Katy Keene cast is pretty much limited to Gloria Grandbilt, her boyfriend K.O. Kelly (played on the show by Zane Holtz) and Katy’s sister (who has seemingly been erased for the TV show), the Josie group is a worthwhile set of characters to import into Katy’s orbit. Well, that’s presuming she’ll be an active participant in Josie s story.Riverdale-Style Musical Numbers Abound(Photo by Barbara Nitke/The CW)Riverdale likes its music. Whether it be Kevin Keller’s (Casey Cott) annual school production or the entertainment Veronica programs at La Bonne Nuit, the show has relied on both reality-breaking musical numbers and more diagetic performances designed to showcase the chops of its cast.But even with the excuse of the speakeasy and Kevin’s love of musical theater, Riverdale is somewhat limited in the amount of singing it can credibly feature; keeping such scenes down to one every few episodes.Katy Keene takes it to a whole new level, with several musical interludes per episode. Some may just feature a single person playing piano and singing, while others take to the stage at Molly’s Crisis – the favorite spot of Katy’s circle – but it’s a definite uptick from the amount of singing one might find on Riverdale.This is by design, of course. Initial descriptions of the series noted its intention to be a “musical dramedy.” And while it may not feature as much choreography as an episode of Glee or even the level of production one might see at La Bonne Nuit, Katy Keene is very much about its cast singing.There Are Theatrical Struggles(Photo by David Giesbrecht/The CW)Of course, it can’t all be magical nights filled with song on Katy Keene. Drama still must occur. And in lieu of murder or witchcraft, Katy Keene’s dramatic hooks come from the characters trying to make it while maintaining their romantic notions about life. And though the show is trying to play this material in a more whimsical way – particularly with Katy’s story the struggles are there.Jorge Lopez (Jonny Beauchamp), in particular, has it tough as the program’s only character trying to make it on the Big White Way. Like so many before him, he wants to be a dancer in Broadway shows, but his seemingly fluid gender presentation and his drag act as “Ginger Lopez” may cause him any number of difficulties, to say nothing of the way the theater eats hopefuls of all stripes.Meanwhile, Pepper’s real story has yet to reveal itself. Early press materials suggested she has a secret business plan, but if it’s the one she expressed in the episodes we saw, it will lead her into some rough times in the very near future perhaps even the greatest struggle of her life.But the presence of these struggles will, hopefully, underscore the sense of magic Katy Keene wants to cultivate about New York and establishing oneself in their 20s. Sure, the show may only be paying lip service to things like rent or the rigors of finding a career in the entertainment field, but it is trying to be a hopeful show. At the same time, we wouldn’t be surprised if it makes some sort of pivot into darker material. It is a Riverdale adjacent show, after all.Katy Keene Season 1 premieres on Thursday, February 6 on The CW.



亚博YABO外围APP Is it even possible to make a bad movie about Mr. Rogers? Arriving on the heels of the successful 2018 documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, biopic A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) 95% comes equipped with the too-perfect casting of Tom Hanks as children’s television icon Fred Rogers. The very first critics who saw the film couldn’t help but be charmed by the movie and Hanks’ portrayal, as represented in the first reviews out of the Toronto International Film Festival. Viewers were in tears at the premiere and calling it one of the actors’ best, which says a lot, of course. (Note, these are the very first reviews for the film, drawn mostly from the movie s world premiere at the festival; as the movie is screened in the next few days more early reviews will come in and we will add those to this article as they re published.)Here’s what critics are saying about A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood:Let s get this out of the way: Is Hanks perfect as Rogers?“There’s no question that Hanks is perfect in the part…people will relax into the movie so much that they’ll forget they’re watching an impersonation.” Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter Hanks’ body language is at once stoic and vulnerable, the pace of his speech as Fred is slow, slower than most people. But the actor brings so much focus that it’s impossible to find a reason to move faster, if it would mean missing a single moment spent in his company.  Ella Kemp, The Playlist“Hanks’ cuddly pedigree means he was born to play Rogers, and he immerses himself in the role.” Eric Kohn, IndieWire“Hanks isn’t just good — he’s transporting.” Owen Gleiberman, Variety“It’s hard to imagine that his pitch-perfect channeling of Rogers’ magnificent and slightly unsettling calm won’t put him in the thick of a supporting-actor race.” Steve Pond, The Wrap“There’s a sweetness to the performance that never veers towards saccharine; Hanks consistently strays away from any sort of cliches to find deeper meaning.” Jordan Ruimy, World of Reel(Photo by Lacey Terrell)Is this just a standard biopic?“This is no straightforward biopic, and for that we can probably be glad…it’s the rare biopic that doesn’t wander into predictability or cheese, or both.” Sara Stewart, New York Post“It’s absolutely not a biopic…it’s a two-hour therapy session about the relationships we have with our parents and learning to cope with death, with Hanks’ Fred Rogers as a conduit.” Mike Ryan, UproxxAnd it s not even just about Mr. Rogers?“This movie isn’t about Rogers himself: He takes a backseat here, which should worry anybody who might face Hanks for a best-supporting-actor Oscar.” Brian Truitt, USA Today“Perhaps this is the only way to really make a film about Fred Rogers — by making it about the people whose lives he touched.” Hannah Goodhead, Little White Lies“The film is smart enough to not get us too close to Rogers. Look, you just can’t. He’s almost too otherworldly.” Mike Ryan, Uproxx“Some viewers may be disappointed this film isn’t all about Fred Rogers, but after a bit of reflection, I think less may be better.” Sara Stewart, New York PostHow is Marielle Heller s direction? Heller’s filmmaking is a patchwork quilt of influences from Mr Rogers himself. She uses an imagined episode of the show as a framing device; takes musical inspiration from Rogers’ own compositions and puts a miniature Vogel in rabbit ears, enforcing a bonding moment with Mr Rogers’ puppets.  Wendy Ide, Screen Daily“Heller, as she proved in Can You Ever Forgive Me?, has a gift for taking straightforward scenes and flooding them with emotion.” Owen Gleiberman, Variety“Heller does take a few ambitious swings, and they always come as a welcome surprise.” Eric Kohn, IndieWire“After her fantastic first two features, The Diary of a Teenage Girl and Can You Ever Forgive Me?, it’s a bit disappointing to see Heller taking on material with no edge at all.” Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter [Heller gives] her audience some kind of recognizable knot in the stomach, one of nostalgia, one of gratitude and grace. Ella Kemp, The Playlist“Having proven herself to be among the more empathetic directors working today, her equally understated delivery reaches the ethos of Rogers’ philosophy.” Luke Parker, We Got This Covered

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