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诛仙2青云加点采用百度引擎5(Baidu 2)Just when you thought that the DC Extended Universe was sunk, that not even Wonder Woman could save it, here comes Aquaman. With Jason Momoa reprising his role as the Atlantean superhero, James Wan’s partly underwater adventure is a blast, according to the first wave of critical reactions flooding social media. It’s apparently nuts in a good way, with spectacular visuals, and you’re going to want to see it in theaters.Here’s what the critics are saying:So Aquaman is good?Aquaman is a buckwild movie… it’s completely unafraid to just go for it. Meg Downey, CBRIt’s unabashedly melodramatic and over the top with the largest, most ambitious sense of scale imaginable. Germain Lussier, io9Wait, those are good things?It’s so inherently bonkers that you’d have to be an utter killjoy to not get caught up in it.  Jim Vejvoda, IGN MoviesJames Wan has made an unapologetically bold superhero flick, mixing adventure and fantasy elements with stunning visual effects.  Carly Lane, SyFy WireIt’s a good adventure movie that acknowledges exactly what it is from the start, which is a meal made almost entirely of ham.  Spencer Perry, ComingSoon.net(Photo by Warner Bros.)So it s fun, then?Goofy in spots, but it s rollicking fun. Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendIt’s at its best when it’s having fun and not taking itself too seriously. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmAmbitious, campy and so much fun. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentHow does it look?Aquaman is breathtakingly beautiful.  Andrew Dyce, ScreenRantJames Wan and company put a lot of care into designing this corner of the DCEU. Atlantis looks gorgeous. Mike Cecchini, Den of GeekIt is a relentless visual spectacle that knows what it is and doesn’t hold back. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentWhere does it rank among DC movies?Aquaman is the best DC movie since The Dark Knight. Tom Jorgensen, IGN Movies2nd best DCU movie. YEEEAAHH! Germain Lussier, io9It’s definitely one of the best DC Universe movies thus far. Dorian Parks, Geeks of Color(Photo by Warner Bros.)What does this film do for the DCEU?It s another step in the right direction for the DCEU and shows how different/distinct the tones of these movies can be while still existing together. Mike Cecchini, Den of GeekA great step for the DCEU. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendWB should be handing the DCEU reins to James Wan, he s proven he can, ahem, right the ship. Tom Jorgensen, IGN MoviesHow is Jason Momoa?It [has] a great hero arc/performance from Jason Momoa. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlend[Has] a terrific lead in Jason Momoa (who s clearly having the time of his life).  Carly Lane, SyFy WireAnd his chemistry with Amber Heard?Jason Momoa and Amber Heard are fantastic together, both bringing a ton of humor.  Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie EmporiumAmber Heard and Jason Momoa are great together. They bounce off each other with such ease. Scott Menzel, We Live Entertainment(Photo by Warner Bros.)Does it have a villain problem?Black Manta is great villain that comic book fans will love. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmBlack Manta was a dope villain and his suit looked incredible. I just wish he got a bit more love. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorDescribe the movie in a nutshell.Feels like a Marvel phase one movie, in a good way. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmImagine 80s Schwarzenegger starring in Hideo Kojima’s Avatar and you re most of the way there. Andrew Dyce, ScreenRantAquaman is like an 80s cartoon, with all of the fun and the problems that come with that. Spencer Perry, ComingSoon.netDid it surprise you?Aquaman is better than expected. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmAgainst all odds, I really dug Aquaman, which offers thrills chills and a whole lotta adventure for the whole family!” . Scott Wampler, Birth.Movies.Death.It was exactly what I was hoping for and I can t wait to see it again! Jenna Busch, Legion of Leia(Photo by Warner Bros.)Does it get better as it goes?Second half s one cheer/laugh after another. Andrew Dyce, ScreenRantThird act battle that doesn’t devolve into the typical comic book movie blah trap, and is surprisingly ambitious. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmAre there no complaints?Parts of it are kind of bad but they are not the majority and, oddly, still fit in with the cartoony tone. Germain Lussier, io9A lot of the aspects I didn’t like can probably be traced back to decisions Snyder made that were inherited by Wan. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmIt s flawed, but fun. Mike Rougeau, GameSpotSeriously, though, it s good?It’s one terrific adventure. Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie EmporiumAn absolute blast. Jenna Busch, Legion of LeiaAquaman opens everywhere on December 21.

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Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s indie features are streaming. From promising releases by new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week.This week in our inaugural 2021 installment of Indie Fresh List, we have a theater adaptation about a famed night in history, a historical political documentary about MLK and the FBI, and newly available on VOD, a tale about a young woman going to extreme lengths to handle grief  and get vengeance. In our Spotlight Section, we have a recent drama starring The Crown s Vanessa Kirby and a fantastical documentary about people with autism who are non-verbal.  Catching up on some trailers that dropped while we were on hiatus, we have new clips featuring Zendaya, Daniel Kaluuya, Rosamund Pike, Trevante Rhoades, and Tilda Swinton.New This Weekend Though it seems strictly a don t try this at home proposal, we went ahead and asked the cast of Amazon Prime Video s new vigilante series Hunters how to hunt a Nazi. Rotten Tomatoes host Naz Perez interrogated cast members Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Saul Rubinek, Carol Kane, Josh Radnor, Greg Austin, Tiffany Boone, Louis Ozawa, and Kate Mulvany and found out how their characters approach the job, what it s like working with acting legend Al Pacino, and the series heightened comic-book style.Hunters is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck know a thing or two about writing a good script (having won Best Original Screenplay for Good Will Hunting), but it wasn t until Jodie Comer s fearless, early commitment to their latest project, The Last Duel (directed by Ridley Scott), that they could truly see this story coming to life. In our extended conversation, we spoke with Comer about what she wishes to truly know about Marguerite de Carrouges, the 14th century woman whose honor was fought over in France s final sanctioned duel. Co-writer Nicole Holofcener talks about finally exploring history not just through the eyes of men, but women of importance. Damon speaks on doing as many of his own stunts as possible in the titular fight against a much younger Adam Driver. Meanwhile, Affleck questions why Damon s name always comes first when people talk about their partnership.The Last Duel opens in theaters on October 15, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.诛仙2青云加点(Photo by Fox Searchlight)Bong Joon-ho s Parasite won Best Original screenplay and Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit won Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2020 Writers Guild Awards on Saturday. On a ballot almost identical to the Oscars next week, both Parasite and Jojo Rabbit beat out strong fields that included The Irishman, Joker, 1917, and Rian Johnson s Knives Out. By beating out the odds-makers frontrunner, Little Women, the Nazi satire Jojo Rabbit now looks favored for the Adapted Screenplay Oscar, as six of the last nine winners in the category at the WGAs went on to win the Academy Award. On the Best Original screenplay side, Bong Joon-ho and Han Jin-won s comedy-thriller, however, may have a harder time of it next week, as their prime competition Quentin Tarantino s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was deemed ineligible by the WGA.On the TV front, Chernobyl continued its awards streak, taking home the big prize for Long Form series, while Barry took Best Comedy Series, and Succession won in the drama category.Read below for the full list of winners of the 2020 Writers Guild Awards.Don’t agree with the WGA’s picks? Let us know what films and TV shows you think should have won in the comments. SCREENPLAY WINNERSOriginal Screenplay — Parasite (2019) 98%Adapted Screenplay — Jojo Rabbit (2019) 80%Documentary Screenplay — The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley (2019) 79%TELEVISION, NEW MEDIA, AND NEWS WINNERSDrama Series — Succession 94%Comedy Series — Barry 99%New Series — Watchmen 96%Original Long Form — Chernobyl 96%Adapted Long Form — Fosse/Verdon 81%Original Short Form New Media — Special written by Ryan O’ConnellAnimation — The Simpsons 85% Thanksgiving of Horror written by Dan VebberEpisodic Drama — Succession 94% Tern Haven written by Will TracyEpisodic Comedy — Dead to Me 89% Pilot written by Liz FeldmanComedy/Variety Talk Series — Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 98%Comedy/Variety Specials — Full Frontal With Samantha Bee Comedy/Variety Sketch Series — I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson 98%Quiz and Audience Participation — Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Daytime Drama — The Young and the RestlessChildren s Episodic, Long Form and Specials — Family Reunion Documentary Script — Current Events — Frontline Trump’s Trade War written by Rick YoungDocumentary Script — Other Than Current Events — Frontline Right To Fail - written by Tom JenningsNews Script — Regularly Scheduled, Bulletin, or Breaking Report — Special Edition of the CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell  Terror in America: The Massacres in El Paso and Dayton News Script — Analysis, Feature, or Commentary — 60 Minutes Digital News Series Stories About My Brother   written by Prachi Gupta, Jezebel.comAre you as obsessed with awards as we are? Check out our Awards Leaderboard for 2019/2020.

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Marvel directors Joe and Anthony Russo (Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame) reunite with current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland for Cherry, an ambitious drama that proves they’re interested in a lot more than just epic superhero blockbusters. Does the effort pay off, though? The first reviews of the new film are mixed on the success and failure of the adaptation, which chronicles the stacked, lengthy story of a young man through his experience in the Iraq War and then his subsequent drug addiction and criminal exploits. Holland comes out on top for most critics, though, even including those with negative reactions overall.Here’s what critics are saying about Cherry:Do the Russo brothers have another hit on their hands?A masterclass in filmmaking… It’s all too easy to throw the word ‘masterpiece’ around, but Cherry deserves it.  Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comThis is a consistently engaging flick… likely to be one of the more underrated titles of 2021.  Joey Magidson, Awards RadarPowerful… It may not be perfect, but it is close.  Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyIt doesn’t succeed as a war film, as a heist flick, or the star vehicle it so craves to be for Holland. It’s just average at its core.  Robert Daniels, The PlaylistCherry is prime contender for one of the worst films of the year. Jeffrey Zhang, Strange HarborsShould they stick to the comic book stuff?It proves that there’s much more to Joe and Anthony than just capes, shields, and special effects. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comThe Russos are better moviemakers than their Marvel movies allow them to be. They demonstrate that here. Glenn Kenny, New York TimesThe main takeaway of Cherry is that being able to make a good superhero film doesn t mean you can direct a good war and crime drama. Nicole Ackman, Next Best PictureThere may not be a shallow CG background this time, but there s a shallow narrative. Spencer Perry, ComicBook.comI admire the Russos for trying to take on material that’s drastically different from everything else in their filmography. But Cherry is a movie that quickly gets away from them. Matt Goldberg, Collider(Photo by ©Apple TV+)How is their directorial style here?There s a lot of style and skill on display and despite the dark subject matter, it means Cherry is a visually entertaining watch. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyHere we have a movie that succeeds wildly due to the Russos’ creativity… They employ all manner of tricks, as well as some incredibly clever choices. Joey Magidson, Awards RadarThere are some incredible uses of the camera here… It feels a lot like the filmmakers wanted to experiment and try some new things. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comIts stylistic elements are invigorating. Ben Rolph, Discussing FilmYou might not think of them in the same breath as the auteur directors of our times. But they graduate to that class here, giving the film its own unique narrative and visual style. Joey Morona, Cleveland Plain DealerCherry is showy and immature. The directors’ stylistic choices are not only jarring, they often undercut moments of emotional heft by distracting the viewer and taking them right out of the moment. Laura Potier, Outtake MagChucking aspect ratios, needle-drops, and tricks of style into a blender doesn’t equal a good movie, but it looks like nobody wanted to tell the Russos post-Endgame. Jeffrey Zhang, Strange HarborsHow is it as an adaptation of Nico Walker s book?The book was celebrated as a gritty generational rallying cry. The Russo brothers, working in a style of troweled-on extravagance, inflate it into a showreel. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyCherry seems to rush through so much of the minutia of the novel which inspired it that it just feels like checking boxes. Matt Oakes, Silver Screen RiotIn trying to tell everything, there s a lack of focus and connectivity. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyOver-stylized and overstuffed to a fatal fault, Cherry takes its source material’s aware self-loathing and transforms it into a shallow music video. Jeffrey Zhang, Strange Harbors(Photo by ©Apple TV+)How is the script on its own?The screenplay by Jessica Goldberg and Angela Russo-Otstot is rock solid, in an old-fashioned way. Joey Magidson, Awards RadarPerhaps the sign of a script that is bloated and thick, there are also times Cherry feels like parody. Spencer Perry, ComicBook.comMiss a piece of the action because you were checking Twitter? Don’t worry, the ceaseless, incessant narration will fill you in! Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmIt becomes obvious that there is no overarching vision for what this film is about or who it is for. Leigh Monson, WhatToWatchThe Russos and their writers simply didn’t know how or where to cut Walker’s story down. The movie lacks focus. Hope Madden, Columbus UndergroundIs the film s length an issue?The film takes its time, and it’s time well taken. Mick LaSalle, San Francisco ChronicleThe story doesn’t really kick in for about 80 minutes. It’s a good story, but does not require as much setup as its given. Fred Topel, Showbiz Cheat SheetOne of the biggest faults with this movie is how long it is. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyIt has an overly-long runtime which drags a little during the lead up to the third act. Ben Rolph, Discussing FilmAt two hours and twenty minutes long, fatigue will likely have already set in by the time you reach its third act. Nicole Ackman, Next Best Picture(Photo by ©Apple TV+)Does it try to do too much?This movie is basically four movies in one — a romantic comedy, a war film, a drug movie, and a heist flick — which is not necessarily a bad thing. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyThe Russos managed to balance everything from teen romance to drug addiction perfectly. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comIt s a convoluted mess that feels like several different films stitched together into one Frankenstein s monster of a movie. Nicole Ackman, Next Best PictureWhile it sounds like a fair idea on paper, the exercise of making these varied tones and concepts doesn’t always work, even within each of the sections. Spencer Perry, ComicBook.comThe movie presents itself as a dread-ridden slice of life, yet almost every moment in it feels based not on experience but on the experience of other movies. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyWhat are some of the films it references?The Russos seem interested in making something akin to Scorsese cinema… Eventually Cherry breaks free enough of its influences to present a credible, at times harrowing, American addiction tragedy. Glenn Kenny, New York Times[It’s] a horrendous Scorsese knockoff that fails to understand why that director’s movies work so well. Matt Goldberg, ColliderCherry takes inspirations from Fight Club, Full Metal Jacket, Jarhead, and Requiem for a Dream to put them in a blender for a punishing two hours and twenty minutes. Leigh Monson, WhatToWatchCherry wants to be Requiem for a Dream and Jarhead and Bonnie and Clyde all at once but manages only to be a haphazard imitation of all. Matt Oakes, Silver Screen RiotCherry has the beating heart of an indie film wrapped in the sweeping, epic flair of a Quentin Tarantino, Oliver Stone or Ang Lee movie. Joey Morona, Cleveland Plain Dealer(Photo by ©Apple TV+)Does Tom Holland s performance outshine the movie s faults?This is certainly Tom Holland’s show, with the writing, cinematography, and editing working in coordinated effort to highlight just how hard Holland’s working to give us this character’s blood, sweat, and tears. Leigh Monson, WhatToWatchThough his ambition is present in every instance, there are times where Holland can t make the gravity of some moments really land. Spencer Perry, ComicBook.comBecause of him, this is a good movie. Without him, I am not sure Cherry would have accomplished what it sets out to do. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyIt’s a fine performance but one that will surely be looked back at as a stepping stone, rather than a genuine coming out party. Matt Oakes, Silver Screen RiotHe really pushes himself in a wide-ranging and committed performance, holding together a movie that is overambitious and narratively muddled. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyDoes anyone else in the cast shine?Ciara Bravo, as Cherry’s girlfriend, wife and eventual partner in junkie-dom, is at times the performer who has the strongest emotional hold on the viewer, and the most memorable find here. Glenn Kenny, New York TimesBravo, in her first major role, delivers an equally powerful performance, matching her co-star step for step. Joey Morona, Cleveland Plain DealerCiara Bravo is a revelation too, presenting the heart and soul of the film. Joey Magidson, Awards RadarBravo, meanwhile, puts herself on the map here in a huge way and makes one thing clear: she’s a star…we cannot wait to see what she does next. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comForrest Goodluck and Jack Raynor deliver an excellent mix of tragedy and comedy. Hope Madden, Columbus UndergroundSupporting players, often Black folks, are either enveloped in shadows or have a gun pointed in their faces. The women are even less regarded. Robert Daniels, The Playlist(Photo by ©Apple TV+)Is it a difficult watch at times?Cherry is dark, heavy stuff. The graphic violence of war and the raw and ugly reality of addiction make the film uncomfortable to watch at times. Joey Morona, Cleveland Plain DealerCherry is raw and difficult to watch at times but the result is a beautifully honest film that is well written and well-cast. Allison Rose, FlickDirectNothing here feels as gritty as it should. There’s no stark realism, no raw honesty. Everything in Cherry is for show. Subtlety is for chumps. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmIt s hard to shake the feeling that [the actors are] playing dress-up, a glossy Riverdale rendering of craving and codependence. Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyDoes it ever lighten up?The most surprising thing about Cherry, and its primary saving grace, is the humor that bleeds throughout it. Spencer Perry, ComicBook.comWhen Cherry robs banks, the banks have parody names like Capitalist One, Bank F s America, Credit None, S tty Bank, or even just The Bank. Ho ho ho, my sides, they’re splitting! Who are you to resist the unparalleled wit of Cherry? Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmThere’s hardly a moment in Cherry that’s believable, but the film’s true crime is that there’s hardly a moment in it that’s enjoyable either. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyWill you want to see it more than once?This movie will take you on an emotional, powerful journey over the course of 150 minutes you’ll want to relive. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comI will be watching this again. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyCherry is in theaters on February 26, 2021 and on Apple TV+ on March 12, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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7.44.7 4月喜迎从各大平台的下载榜单,以及社交平台用户的讨论话题,以及相关视频网站,直播平台也都能看到LOLM手游的内容和信息,不难看出LOLM手游在国内非常火爆,之所以如此火爆,最重要的原因是LOLM手游带给玩家的不仅是青春与回忆,更能体验硬核竞技带来的独特魅力。
It’s hard enough for those of us who make our bones watching and writing about movies to keep up with everything that’s released in any given year, so we’re acutely aware that it’s frequently even more difficult for general audiences. A lot of smaller films open in just a few theaters in just a few cities, and they generate so little publicity that even when they make their way to the home entertainment market, few people know to look for them. With that in mind, we’ve asked the RT staff to offer up their favorite movies that largely escaped mainstream attention, either because they weren’t widely available or because audiences might have forgotten they existed completely. From feelgood dramas and off-kilter comedies to fascinating documentaries and psychological thrillers, here are 11 staff favorites from 2018 that you might not have seen.Big Fish & Begonia (2016) 91%Inspired by ancient Chinese folklore, Big Fish Begonia is a big hearted, beautifully rendered blend of 2D and 3D animation. It tells the story of Chun, a teenage girl from the land below our own. After embarking upon a traditional rite of passage for girls her age, Chun finds herself secretly taking care of the soul of a mortal boy named Kun, who must live as a dolphin on her supernatural plane. The closer the pair get, the harder it is for Chun to keep Kun a secret, forcing them to fight against everything Chun has ever known. Visually it’s stunning, the blend of animation styles creating a vibrant, dynamic viewing experience. And though Big Fish Begonia’s fish tale may borrow from multiple Chinese myths, the heart of the film is as universal as storytelling itself; the only way through adversity is together. Haña Lucero-ColinAvailable on: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VuduBurning (2018) 95%South Korea has produced some of the most exciting filmmakers of the past couple of decades, and though he hasn’t generated the same headlines as some of his contemporaries, Lee Chang-dong (Secret Sunshine, Poetry) certainly belongs in that group. Since his debut in 1997, Lee has grappled with the nature of grief, regret, aging, forbidden love, and even Korean history in five fantastic films, earning festival recognition and establishing himself as a filmmaker to watch. This year’s Burning, a deliberately paced psychological drama, might just be his masterpiece. The story centers on delivery man Jong-soo (Yoo Ah-in), who reconnects with free-spirited childhood friend Hae-mi (Jun Jong-seo) by chance and agrees to catsit for her while she vacations in Africa. When Hae-mi returns with a new friend, the wealthy, polished Ben (Steven Yeun), a subtle rivalry ensues until Jong-soo begins to suspect there’s more to Ben than he’s letting on.If this all sounds like a boilerplate melodrama, that’s by design, as Lee establishes the story in fairly conventional fashion before dropping odd details into the narrative, like a pianist intentionally hitting an off-key note every now and then to throw you off. After a while, though, the entire experience becomes a symphony of off-key notes all its own, and you’ll be scrambling to figure out why it’s so unsettling but so beautiful at the same time. All three of the leads are spectacular – you’ll never see Glenn from The Walking Dead in the same light again – and the cinematography floats between stark realism and dreamlike reverie effortlessly. This is not a conventional thriller by any means it’s a slow burn, but it’s hypnotic and enthralling every step of the way. Ryan FujitaniIn Select TheatersHearts Beat Loud (2018) 92%If you only know Nick Offerman as the personification of masculinity himself Parks and Recreation’s mustachioed, bacon-and-eggs-loving Ron Swanson then you’ll be especially surprised by his portrayal of Frank, a gruff-but-sensitive widower whose only daughter is about to leave for college. The Brooklyn record store owner and his UCLA-bound offspring, Sam (Kiersey Clemons), begin to rethink their future plans when a song they recorded together goes viral. Offerman and Clemons’ performances (and incredible father-daughter chemistry) keep the earnest, feel-good film from being too cloyingly sweet, and there’s no question that Clemons is a star. Bonus: the titular song is GOOD.  Jean BentleyAvailable on: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VuduMadeline's Madeline (2018) 88%2018 was an absolutely stellar year for young actors. Elsie Fisher and Thomasin McKenzie may have grabbed the most headlines (and accolades) but Rohan Chand (Mowgli), Storm Reid (A Wrinkle in Time), Julian Dennison(Deadpool 2), and Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds(A Quiet Place) equally impressed critics and fans. In the midst of such company, we could almost forgive you for missing Madeline’s Madeline and its breakout star Helena Howard’s performance. Almost. A vibrant visual feast, Josephine Decker’s “story-within-a-coming-of-age-story” mash-up sets itself apart from just about everything screened in 2018. The audacious and avant-guard Decker experimented with the boundaries of traditional cinema, and the results are breathtaking. In her debut performance, Howard plays Madeline, a young, mentally troubled performer workshopping a new play with her rag-tag theater group as she hopefully awaits acceptance to Julliard. The film seamlessly shifts focus between the dance troupe s performance and Madeline’s real life, with Madeline’s mental illness and general weirdness wreaking havoc on both. In real life, Madeline is an outsider continuously torn between her biological mother Regina (Miranda July) and her adoptive mother/theater director Evangeline (Molly Parker). Every frame and movement is amplified because it s translated through the mind of a crazy person. Though difficult to conceptualize, trust us when we say all this madness culminates in a stunning ending that leaves the audience in a daze and thinking about it long after the credits roll.   Jacqueline ColeyAvailable on: Amazon Prime, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VuduNight Comes On (2018) 98%Director Jordana Spiro and co-writer Angelica Nwandu s debut film is impressive, but it s Dominique Fishback s quiet performance as Angel LaMere that gives Night Comes On its power.  After Angel (Fishback) is released from juvenile detention, she meets with an indifferent social worker and then goes about her original plan: to kill her father, who murdered her mother and escaped punishment on a legal technicality. First, Angel must find out where he lives from her younger sister, Abby (Tatum Marilyn Hall), who is currently in foster care. Abby can t remember the exact address but swears that it s by the ocean and that she will know how to get there once they arrive. This is the start of a journey that forces them together and provides glimpses of the stable households and nurturing families that could have taken their lives down a very different path. The film doesn t objectify poverty and lack of privilege as much as it magnifies the siblings loneliness, which is never felt more keenly than when the two sisters are together on the screen. Night Comes On builds tension slowly, and Angel s confrontation with her father is an understated showdown. Instead, the drama comes from Abby s longing for some kind of connection butting up against Angel s desire for revenge. Night Comes On avoids the kitchen-sink melodrama this type of film could have veered into, instead seizing the viewer with a disarming sincerity. Sara AtaiiyanAvailable on: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VuduPrivate Life (2018) 93%Tamara Jenkins’ Private Life is deeply personal — a subtle love letter to creatives, to New York City, and in solidarity with families struggling to conceive. Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti star as Rachel and Richard, a couple of writers (one a novelist, the other a playwright) attempting to have a child. Some have called Private Life cynical, but it’s not marred by cruelty or resignation. Instead, it’s so vulnerably honest — brutally so, even in the face of the couple’s resilience — that it’s impossible not to empathize with the guilt and victimization they feel when they can’t get pregnant on their own, nor with help from a doctor. For Rachel, the circumstances feel unfair. For Richard, it is what it is. Their relationship becomes distant, even volatile at times.What’s particularly special about Jenkins’ film is that it gives attention to the ways that women of different generations and social classes expect different outcomes for their adult lives. While Rachel takes her infertility as a personal failure, her young niece Sadie (played pointedly by Kayli Carter) has already decided she doesn’t want to have children if it means sacrificing her career. Sadie learned this philosophy from her mother, who repeatedly complained that she couldn’t possibly “have it all,” couldn’t have children and a career, had to choose one or the other, and chose having Sadie over having a job she loved. The nuance and depth of Private Life makes it one of the year’s best, and most underrated.   Sophie-Marie PrimeAvailable on: NetflixRevenge (2017) 93%This year has boasted a higher-than-usual ratio of terrific action thrillers and horror films alike, but the one gem where both genres formed a harmonious covalent bond was French writer-director Coralie Fargeat’s feature debut, Revenge. From the outset, Fargeat demonstrates a mastery over tempering audience expectation before delivering escalating shocks to their system. Revenge begins with such a dreamy sensuality that viewers would be forgiven for believing that they’ve embarked upon a soft-core travelogue until the film segues into a nightmarish chronicle of sexual violence, only to further unfurl into a supremely satisfying tale of reprisals and survival. This is exploitation cinema told with elegant style and an enthralling intimacy, laced with damning critiques of aggression and entitlement. Coralie also displays a keen eye for iconography, methodically bedecking star Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz in pink star earrings, a comically oversized rifle on her shoulder, and an eagle-shaped brand forged across her stomach: an action hero whose insignia is scar tissue created just to staunch the trauma. Revenge is agonizingly playful in indulging its genre trappings, but takes its heroine deadly seriously. It’s bold, nauseating, and vicious. It’s the most deft melding of horror and action thriller in 2018.   Robert FowlerAvailable on: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VuduShirkers (2018) 99%If director Sandi Tan s documentary Shirkers was simply the story of three wildly talented Singaporean teenagers who spent the summer of 1992 making a movie together, it would be extraordinary in its own right. But Shirkers is so much more: a poignant character study, a meditation on a changing nation, and a twisty detective story. In 1992, Tan and her friends Jasmine Ng and Sophie Siddique made a Goddard-esque road movie called Shirkers which was filled with local color, surrealistic touches, and affecting autobiographical details. But when the trio left for college, the movie was more or less held hostage by their filmmaking mentor, the slippery, enigmatic Georges Cardona. The glimpses we see of the film are startling (Straits Times critic Tay Yek Keak said it could have changed the course of local indie film), but what ultimately makes Shirkers so touching is the bond between these three friends, who ve never forgotten about the amazing thing they made together. Tim RyanAvailable on: NetflixSupport the Girls (2018) 91%Those familiar with writer-director Andrew Bujalski’s work will recognize some of the “mumblecore” master’s trademarks in Support the Girls. The slice-of-life kinda-comedy, which takes place over the course of a day at a Hooters-style restaurant named Double Whammies, is disarmingly low-key, devoid of any big belly laughs or sweeping emotional moments, and yet somehow always gripping and, in the end, incredibly moving. (You too will want to scream from a rooftop.) The story, such as it is, centers around Lisa Conroy (Regina Hall), Double Whammies’ manager, and her efforts to raise money for one of her out-of-luck waitresses, all as customers, fellow staffers, and her boss get in her way. Hall was named Best Actress by the New York Film Critics Circle for Support the Girls, which was a surprise only to those who’ve not seen the movie – she delivers the kind of natural, lived-in performance that should be drawing awards buzz. She’s well supported by Haley Lu Richardson (incredible as an only-seemingly ditzy waitress), and newcomer Shayna McHayle. Bujalski’s next move is something of a surprise: He’s penned the screenplay for Disney’s live-action/CGI remake of Lady and the Tramp. His attachment instantly makes it one of the Mouse House’s most interesting upcoming projects.  Joel MearesAvailable on: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VuduThoroughbreds (2017) 87%Actor Anton Yelchin died in a tragic auto accident in 2016 at age 27. He left behind an impressive legacy – including his role as a young Pavel Checkov in the Star Trek franchise – and broad-reaching anguish over his loss as both a beloved friend and colleague and for the many roles he would not perform as one of his generation’s most promising actors. In his final role as drug dealer Tim in Thoroughbreds, Yelchin teamed with two other great acting talents of that same generation: Anya Taylor-Joy as Lily and Olivia Cooke as Amanda. The feature film debut from writer-director Cory Finley is based on his own play about two suburban girls – one rich and polished, the other smart but a social outcast – who rekindle their childhood friendship and find a deadly purpose in their unlikely bond. Thoroughbreds impressed on the festival circuit, where it was frequently nominated for top awards. The film is Certified Fresh on 140 reviews, with critics praising it as a refreshing take on the teen thriller genre.  Debbie DayAvailable on: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, VuduThunder Road (2018) 96%Officer Jim appears unprepared for any of life s expectations not from the creative expectations of his mother, not from a marriage which is ending in divorce with an ex-wife who hates him and a daughter who (probably) does too, and not from the violent vagaries of his cop job. And he s utterly unprepared when those expectations are removed unfulfilled. Jim s mother has died suddenly and the movie opens at her funeral, a solemn event Jim has chosen to express his grief through a silent pantomime to NOT Bruce Springsteen s Thunder Road (the cherry-pink boombox he brought malfunctions). A video of this exhaustively practiced, poorly choreographed dance is shown at a perilous custody hearing. The aftermath results in Jim getting fired from the force. Every moment into and out these scenes of social dysfunction see Jim twisting the knife even further into his own gut, and actor Jim Cummings (who also wrote and directed) finding new expressions of bald, naked emotional breakdown and sometimes physical, down to the undies. This is a soulful and wretched performance, captured with crushing long takes in a tragicomedy that expertly gauges how much a scene, and the people watching, can endure. Thunder Road is the kind of movie that rides up to the edge of reason, looks back with a smirk, and jumps off, limbs akimbo. Then it re-appears behind you with a tap on the shoulder, no promise that it won t take you down with it the next time. Alex VoAvailable on: Amazon, Google Play

Wrapping up 2020 will be Paul W.S. Anderson s adaptation of popular video game franchise Monster Hunter, which will see the director re-teaming with his wife Milla Jovovich. Jovovich will co-star with martial arts icon Tony Jaa, as well as Meagan Good, Ron Perlman, and T.I., among others, and center on a group of soldiers who are transported to a world ruled by giant, deadly monsters.
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诛仙2青云加点 选秀偶像的赚钱逻辑和手游类似,但它和手游也存在着本质的区别。手游里的客观环境大体上是由策划设计好的,它的玩法规则、资源供给,游戏方可以按自己的意愿调整。相对来讲玩家往游戏里砸钱,他的回报是可预期的,充钱进去拿不到东西的游戏早被日死了。但是选秀偶像它毕竟存在于娱乐圈里,经纪公司可以给粉圈做玩法设计,但粉圈能不能拿到活动奖励,经济公司做不了主,这取决于娱乐圈的大环境。

(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)This month, Mary Poppins Returns has the Herculean task of recapturing the magic and music of the beloved original. Not possible, right? Well, according to many of the critics and industry folks who saw it at last week s premiere, it might just come close. Early social reactions saw the majority of critics praising the film and Emily Blunt in particular, for her turn in the iconic blue coat. Germain Lussier of i09 was typical of the praise thrown her way and the movie s way when he tweeted: Mary Poppins Returns is an exquisitely made film with delightful music, excellent performances (especially by Emily Blunt) contagious optimism. But, could the movie – like its predecessor – be an Oscar contender?There is no Tomatometer score as of yet – reviews will release soon on December 12th, and as you know, anything can happen – but reading the tea leaves, Mary Poppins Returns looks to be a perfectly timed holiday hit, and one that has shot to the top of many Oscar prognosticators lists. And not just for Blunt. Variety s awards editor Kristopher Tapley set the tone a few weeks back following a very early screening, going as far as to say,  Mary Poppins Returns will be a massive hit, which will drive the point home all the more: Audiences want a movie like this right now. Critics, even the most cynical of them (whether they admit it or not), want a movie like this right now. Surely, Oscar voters want a movie like this right now. As we enter December, with Golden Globe nominations just days away and Oscar ballots almost on their way to voters, let’s take a look at the competitive awards categories for Mary Poppins Returns and why this unlikely late-season entry could just shake things up.It s the Film We Need Right Now(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)We hate the thing we need right now hot-take framing as much as you do, but in this case, there s some truth to it. Like a high-flying kite – scratch that: a balloon – Mary Poppins Returns has brought a huge dollop of joy to a pretty dour awards-season field. Of all the major contenders – think Roma, If Beale Street Could Talk, Vice, The Favourite, or Green Book – Poppins is the most unapologetically joyful film, which might be exactly what audiences and voters are drawn to in the dying days of 2018. Despairing at the state of the world? Then perhaps you want to see Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda singing and dancing around London more than another dark examination of the nature of humankind. Just saying. Director Rob Marshall seems to have tapped into something that s hard to quantify yet wholly disarming, especially for adults. As Dame Angela Lansbury says towards the end of the film, most grownups forget what it s like to be a child. Don t think that s enough to convince voters? It s the same kind of infectious optimism that La La Land inspired in Academy voters back in 2016.Below the Line, Poppins is TopsRyan FujitaniLooking for nomination sure bets? Look straight to below-the-line categories like costumes, make-up, visual effects, and production design. But you already knew that from the trailers. Having seen the film, we would add Best Editing and the sound categories to that list. One sequence that takes place on the surface of a porcelain bowl highlights the best elements of all of the aforementioned trades: careful sound mixing and effects seamlessly integrate the characters into a delicate ceramic and animated world, while Sandy Powell s costumes for the sequence are a mix of materials and appear as a blend of soft fabrics and watercolor paints that would crumple upon touching. Powell could go up against her contemporary rival Colleen Atwood for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Black Panther costume designer Ruth E. Carter, and, in an interesting wrinkle, herself; Powell has a second bite at the Oscar apple with her equally impressive work on Yorgos Lanthimos  The Favourite.To achieve the vivid 2-D animation sequences that are a particular highlight of the porcelain bowl scene, Marshall went to painstaking lengths. These days, Disney animators work primarily in the digital format the studio s last hand-drawn animation was back in 2004, long before most of the current crop of animators joined the company. It required calling former animators out of retirement to achieve the signature mix of live action and 2-D animation, while implementing innovations for both formats. Marshall had to merge two animation mediums that were never intended to coexist; the results could earn the movie consideration in the effects categories. Shallow May No Longer Be a Lock for Best Original Song(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Shallow from A Star is Born has seemingly been a lock for the Best Original Song Oscar for months. A bona fide chart-topper that has been streamed over 10 million times since its September 27th release, it has long looked unstoppable. But last week The Place Where Lost Things Go, sung by Blunt, and Trip a Little Light Fantastic, sung by Miranda, were released, marking them as the two songs Disney seems to be backing for the category – and they may just cause an upset.As in recent years, the “hit” may not prove to be the eventual winner come ceremony time. Back when Sam Smith won for Spectre s  Writing s on the Wall, he beat The Weeknd’s “Earned It” from Fifty Shades of Grey – which people had actually, you know, heard of. Everyone remembers La La Land being favored with “City of Stars,” but do you remember that in the same year it beat out Trolls infectious four-time platinum smash Can’t Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake? Keeping with the trend, last year the quiet and sentimental “Remember Me” from Coco won over The Greatest Showman’s  This is Me, a song that is still charting as part of the film s soundtrack more than a year after the movie exited cinemas. So don’t be surprised if Blunt’s “The Place Where Lost Things Go” topples the Gaga-liath Shallow. Acting Nods and (Maybe) A Best Picture Chance (Photo by Walt Disney Studios)For acting, it s all down to Miranda and Blunt. They get the lion s share of screen time and perform the narrative heavy lifting. At the Globes, Miranda has more than a decent shot of a nomination, with the categories being split between Comedy and Drama, but it s unlikely he will prove a challenge to Christian Bale and Viggo Mortensen. Blunt fares slightly better in the Best Actress – Musical or Comedy race. It will likely be a three-way race between Blunt, Constance Wu for Crazy Rich Asians, and Olivia Colman for The Favourite, and while most think Colman is a shoo-in, Blunt has a history with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association that shouldn t be dismissed (she is a five-time nominee and one-time winner). Even Mary Poppins herself would have a hard time magicking an Oscar nomination for Miranda, but Blunt has the pedigree and delivers a performance that may squeeze her into contention before the Academy announces its nominees.For Best Picture, things will likely come down to how many nominees we get. At least five percent of first-place votes must go to a particular film in order for it to contend for Best Picture as one of the final nominees. With the race still wide open, it s not unreasonable to think the Academy could have a strong preference for more than five films; Mary Poppins Returns will stand a strong chance if the Best Picture field stretches to eight or ten nominees. 作为一款国风MMO手游,《天涯明月刀》手游在移动平台上实现了美术表现力的极致,惟妙惟肖的角色人物、国风古韵的传统服装、壮丽的华夏山河,都在这款游戏中完美呈现。



诛仙2青云加点 (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; 20th Century Fox)Temuera Morrison will return to the Star Wars universe to play Boba Fett in season 2, THR revealed on May 8. Morrison previously appeared as the character s father, Jango Fett, in 2002 film Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. In the original Star Wars trilogy, Jeremy Bulloch portrayed Boba Fett, who tumbled into Jabba the Hutt s Sarlacc pit in 1983 s Return of the Jedi and was presumed dead.It is also possible Morrison will play an older version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan favorite Captain Rex. The character is based on the clonetroopers Morrison played in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith, but voiced throughout Clone Wars by Dee Bradley Baker.The Mandalorian season 1 teased Boba Fett s return when the character s distinctive set of spurs appeared onscreen in episode 5, The Gunslinger, approaching the seemingly lifeless body of Fennec Shand.(Photo by Phillip Chin/Getty Images)The Terminator’s own Micheal Biehn will also be making a Mandalorian appearance, but his role has been successfully kept under wraps since word first broke of his casting back in March. As Carano told EW, actors were shuttled to sets in black cloaks concealing their characters identities from would-be scoopers. Despite the lack of leaks, Biehn s character is said to be a bounty hunter with ties to Djarin s past. Is it possible he s the member of the Mandalorian Death Watch who saved Djarin during the last days of the Old Republic? It would be a great part for Biehn, particularly if he isn t the sort of Mando who is required to keep his helmet on at all times.(Photo by ©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection; Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)Ex-Jedi Ahsoka Tano will make her long awaited live-action debut in season 2. She will be played by Rosario Dawson, a nerd herself with credits in geek-leaning productions like Sin City, Clerks 2, and Netflix’s corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.The character (as voiced by Ashley Eckstein) debuted in the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars feature as Anakin Skywalker’s bratty Padawan. But that starting point was part of Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni’s master plan for the character. Across the seasons, she grew up learning about the Force and the nature of war. Those experiences led her to leave the Jedi Order.Clone Wars was cut short during Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm — although Disney+ eventually commissioned a final season, streaming now — but Filoni soon found a way to add her into the cast of the Star Wars Rebels animated series. Set a number of years after Clone Wars, it revealed a more mature Ahsoka assisting the emerging Rebel Alliance. Her story continued, and even led to a fateful fight with Darth Vader in the season 3 finale. Her survival after that battle was a mystery for the rest of that series’ run until its closing moments. As it turned out, Ahsoka lived into the post-Empire era.Because Filoni always finds a way to include her — and because he was part of The Mandalorian’s development from early on — Ahsoka’s eventual appearance was not entirely unexpected by fans. That it might come so soon (and the casting of Dawson) was more of a surprise — though welcome, to be sure.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)In the trailer, WWE wrestler Sasha Banks makes a brief appearance as a potential Force-sensitive or Jedi. At least, the juxtaposition of her cameo with Djarin s dialogue about enemy sorcerors indicates she is related to Force users. Her blink-and-you ll miss it moment and disincentive cloak may leave viewers thinking they ve seen Ahsoka, but what it really means for the character s current state is anyone s guess.Ahsoka s apperance also opens the door for other Rebels characters like Sabine (voiced by Tiya Sircar on the animated series) and General Hera Syndulla (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) to appear as well. Granted, Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau made it clear he wanted the first season to feature all-new characters, so it is possible Ahsoka will be the only familiar character we see for now.Then again, Faveau recently said the show has the latitude to be more like Game of Thrones and shift its point of view away from Djarin to other characters. Perhaps there is room enough in The Mandalorian’s region of space for some fan favorites.Alternatively, Carano s own admission that some of the casting rumors are true while others are definitely false will leave us guessing which established character may find a home on the series until the entire season unfolds across the fall and early winter.And then, in the distance, is the possibility of Seasons 3 and 4. The ever-chatty Esposito has made some claims that real info on Gideon will be parsed out during those theoretical seasons. Considering the show’s early success, it seems more than likely The Mandalorian will continue for some time. But without Disney confirming additional seasons, we’ll have to take Esposito’s comments with a grain of salt.Who s Directing?(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)The latest directors revealed themselves on Star Wars Day, May the 4th: Spy Kids filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and Ant-Man’s Peyton Reed confirmed they will be among the directors helming season 2 episodes.With a tweet of himself smiling alongside “the biggest star in the universe,” Rodriguez shared how excited he is to be a part of The Mandalorian’s sophomore season.I am truly humbled to say I have now had the very rare privilege of directing the biggest star in the universe. @StarWars #TheMandalorian #MayThe4th #StarWarsDay pic.twitter.com/pcmzOHfgaW Robert Rodriguez (@Rodriguez) May 5, 2020Reed tweeted a photo of a director s chair with his name on it and The Mandalorian s helmet in the seat, writing simply, #MayThe4thBeWithYou. Favreau, meanwhile, will make his debut as a Mandalorian director with the second season. Though he wrote most of the first season scripts, he was busy with The Lion King during production and handed off the work to Bryce Dallas Howard, Rick Famuyiwa, Deborah Chow, Waititi, and Filoni. Now, with his schedule free, we will get our first glimpse of a Favreau Star Wars film. Weathers will also join the directors circle, as revealed at The Mandalorian premiere event last November. Howard, Famuyiwa, and Filoni also return as episode directors while Chow is off developing the Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+. Additionally, Famuyiwa will also be one of the season’s three writers – the other two being Filoni and executive producer Jon Favreau, who handles most of the scripts himself.What’s It All About?Again, the story could go in just about any direction. But a few things are pretty clear: Gideon will continue his pursuit of The Child while Djarin tries to find some answers to his new ward s mysterious origins and a way to take him home. As seen in the trailer, this means another trip to Tatooine, journeys to planets of snow and water, and at least one close encounter with the New Republic. An additional Special Look trailer released on October 19 added a new wrinkle: Djarin will also be looking for other Mandalorians in the hopes they will guide him on his quest. Weathers has also suggested Karga s attempt at going legit may be laced with some self-interest. Old ways do die hard, after all. Meanwhile, Karga and Dune’s attempts to make Navarro an Imp-free haven will no doubt also get some screentime.With the addition of Ahsoka, though, an additional story may arise: the story teased in the final moments of Rebels. During that series’ climatic battle, main character Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Gray) disappeared alongside Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen). In the series closing scene, set years after that battle and sometime after Return of the Jedi, Ahsoka and Sabine agree that they have to bring Ezra home.Of course, this is still The Mandalorian, so it may not get to this story this year or at all. But introducing a live-action Ahsoka suggests the story will eventually be told in the live-action, Disney+ format. And, to be honest, we’re more excited to see that than an Obi-Wan Kenobi series.Not that we’re not excited about the Obi-Wan series as well. We want all the Star Wars.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)If Ahsoka’s role in The Mandalorian is more contained, it may see Djarin finding her to answer some questions about The Child. And considering the Mandalorians’ dislike of space wizards, she is, oddly enough, the most approachable Force-sensitive available.Also, we’ll go out on a limb and suggest the season will be a little more plot driven than season 1. Just by virtue of having established storylines now, the series will start to feel more serialized than the initial 8 episodes. The second season will also be eight episodes, with Favreau suggesting they will once again vary in length. Although, this time, that variance may be more than just a few minutes. That works for us as we re far from tired of The Mandalorian’s vision of the Star Wars galaxy — we ll take any extra minute we can get with it.When Is It Streaming?(Photo by Disney+)October 30, 2020! Disney+ announced the season 2 premiere date on social media.

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