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亚美手机版app采用百度引擎7(Baidu 7)(Photo by ©Searchlight Pictures)The Producers Guild of America Awards (PGAs) were announced last night and the presumptive Best Picture Oscar winner Nomadland won for Outstanding Producer of a Theatrical Motion Picture. This latest win reaffirms the film s position as the favorite for the top Academy Award.The PGAs have in the past been seen as the indicator of who s taking home Best Picture winner at the Oscars, as many of the PGA voters also make up a significant voting body in the Academy, and the winners often match. But after choosing 1917 last year when Parasite took home Best Picture at the Academy Awards, and La La Land when Moonlight ended up on top, it is no longer a foregone conclusion that Chloé Zhao s tale about a woman living in her van to escape financial hardship will go the distance. Sitting atop our awards leaderboard all year and sweeping the major prizes, however, is a pretty good indication.Elsewhere, the fascinatingly bizarre internet sensation My Octopus Teacher beat out stiff competition to be crowned Outstanding Documentary, while Golden Globe winners The Crown, The Queen s Gambit, and Schitt s Creek won their respective categories as well. Read on for the full list of PGA Awards winners below!The Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Outstanding Producer of a Theatrical Motion Pictures

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好在《天谕》手游对玩家的氪金要求那样看重,不管是土豪还是平民玩家,都能获得相当震撼的游戏体验。而且游戏为了摆脱前辈们带给玩家的固定MMO印象,也不再沿袭传统MMO游戏轻功赶路的玩法。毕竟在这个能够穿云入海的大世界中,想要真正一睹云巅之上的风采,光靠轻功是远远不够的。 The Way Back (2020) 84% Underdog sports stories have been a reliable staple of the movie industry for a long time, so much so that they ve been molded and refined to fit into a fairly predictable formula. With that in mind, it usually takes something extra to make one stand out, and critics say this week s The Way Back has that in an outstanding performance from Ben Affleck. Affleck stars as Jack Cunningham, a construction worker who was once an elite high school basketball player but now spends his days and nights binge-drinking. When he gets an unexpected call from his alma mater to coach their hoops team, he reluctantly takes them up on the offer and begins a slow healing process as he attempts to shepherd his kids to a few meaningful wins. Critics say what makes The Way Back effective is that it s not merely an inspirational sports story, nor is it merely one about addiction, but a carefully crafted hybrid that doesn t provide easy answers or overly sentimental triumphant moments. It s also notable that, prior to filming the movie, Affleck himself endured some very public battles with addiction, and as a result, he brings a personal gravity to his role that leaps off the screen. Audiences will no doubt come to The Way Back with certain expectations, simply based on the fact that it s a story about a troubled new coach learning to bond with his team, but if this doesn t hit all of those familiar beats in a predictable way, it still offers a worthwhile character study that might surprise a few moviegoers with its depth.

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It was not a notable weekend at the box office. Though the same-day streaming question certainly comes into play for one particular title, it was not a factor for the new films which led the way with some historic lows. How much new concerns over rising COVID cases across the country factored into the overall poor box office is something to take into consideration. But it might also have just been a lack of interest in the two new major titles on offer.King of the Crop: Old Win Shows Mixed Signs For Box Office Health (Photo by © Universal Pictures)Most analysts gave the edge to a certain G.I. Joe character this weekend. Then it looked like it could be a toss-up for the top slot. Ultimately, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, Old, won handily. (Well, handily by just .7 million, but considering estimates had Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins leading with a much wider gap it was a clear and surprising reversal.)While it may surprise those chiming in on the frequent discourse over the director’s output, Old s weekend haul of .5 million is actually the lowest opening for any of his films since his breakthrough of The Sixth Sense back in 1999. The last two entries in his Unbreakable trilogy, Split and Glass, opened to million and .3 million, respectively, in 2017 and 2019. Before this weekend, his lowest opening was Lady in the Water’s million, which went on to take a career-low overall .28 million. That was the start of four straight losers at the box office for Shyamalan, including The Happening, The Last Airbender, and After Earth. The filmmaker had found a bit of career resurgence starting with The Visit in 2015 kicking off a recent string of low-budget, high-concept films that turned a healthy profit.Recommended: M. Night Shyamalan Is Feeling More and More Like His Maverick Younger SelfOn the glass half-full side, Old is another low-budget effort ( million) that may seem a bit disappointing at the moment but is hardly going to rattle Universal’s books. The half-empty side is actually more on the theatrical industry seeing as how Old is the lowest-grossing film to debut at number 1 in July in 25 years since A Time To Kill on the weekend of July 26, 1996, which actually coincided with the Atlanta Olympics that year. (This stat does not include last year when movie theaters were mostly closed.) That John Grisham adaptation actually went on to gross over 8 million, something Old will not come close to doing, but this is the third weekend since Memorial Day that the leading film grossed under million. Rotten Returns: Snake Eyes Gamble Fails to Pay Off(Photo by Ed Araquel/Paramount Pictures)Paramount moved Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins into Summer from its originally re-scheduled October date. Not that the numbers would have looked any better three months from now, but a .3 million start in July for an million-budgeted film must have someone wondering if they could have sold it to Amazon when they were having a fire sale (Coming 2 America, Without Remorse, The Tomorrow War). This is surely about more than just rising Delta variants, though, when you consider that The Rise of Cobra opened to .7 million in 2009 and Retaliation started with .5 million in 2013. That’s eight years since the last film and this is basically the second attempt to reboot the whole franchise and there have only been three movies. Perhaps the studio can take some comfort that critics have been slightly kinder to it (42% on the Tomatmeter) than the 35% and 28% Tomatometer scores of the previous films.Also qualifying is Roadside’s pick-up of Joe Bell (formerly Good Joe Bell), from Solstice Studios, which was anything but good this weekend with both a 37% on the Tomatometer and a place out of the top 10 with just 7,000 in 1,094 theaters for only a 6 per-screen-average – that is the lowest per-screen-average for any film released in over 1,000 theaters this year behind Land (1) and Voyagers (0).The Top 10 And Beyond: A New Legacy Suffers Crushing Second Quarter with 69% Dropoff(Photo by © Warner Bros. )The weekend was actually nearly even worse for Space Jam: A New Legacy, which became just the 10th film ever to open to over million and have a second weekend under million. A 69% drop from last week s .7 million to this week s .5 million actually makes it the first “PG”-rated family film to join this league. Look at the company it has now joined:The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) (.48 million-to-.89 million)The Wolfman (.47 million-to-.89 million)Saw V (.05 million-to-.74 million)Space Jam: A New Legacy (.05 million-to-.5 million)Dark Phoenix (.82 million-to-.35 million)A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) (.90 million-to-.11 million)The Purge (.05 million-to-.31 million)Bruno (.61 million-to-.31 million)The Devil Inside (.73 million-to-.02 million)Friday the 13th (2009) (.57 million-to-.94 million)Twenty-five years ago, Michael Jordan’s Space Jam had a 41% drop over Thanksgiving weekend to .2 million. LeBron James’ Space Jam: A New Legacy is now looking more like The Purge: Anarchy, which opened to .8 million and dropped 64.8% to .4 million and had .8 million in the bank after 10 days. A New Legacy stands at .4 million and if it continues along this pace will end up somewhere around million. The bright side is it will be the second highest-grossing film domestically for Warner Bros./HBO Max along with the highest-grossing non-PG-13-rated family film this year. The down side is the 0 million-budgeted film will not come close to breaking even, nor matching the million/0 million domestic/worldwide haul of the Jordan film.For the time being it appears that 5 million may be the new throne standard for films in the pandemic hybrid era. A Quiet Place Part II is not going to get there but still remains the most impressive earner of this period. Black Widow, which has its eyes on the throne, fell another 55% this weekend down to .6 million. Its total stands at 4.8 million, which squeaks it into the top 25 all-time July releases after 17 days. The Marvel film’s third weekend is a bit more then what The Amazing Spider-Man made in weekend three, though that film ranks 14th on the aforementioned list with 7.7 million. However, if you compare the film to Star Trek Beyond, which had a million third weekend with 7 million in the bank, Black Widow’s final number could be closer to 5 million. It has grossed over 4 million worldwide, but its odds of reaching 0 million domestically have significantly decreased. Current throne holder, F9, stands at 3 million after five weeks and is also forging a similar pace with Star Trek Beyond, which had a .9 million in its fifth weekend. F9 made .46 million and looks to be stalling out, as expected over the past several weeks, at right around 5 million.Down the list, Universal is watching The Boss Baby: Family Business and The Forever Purge settle into the million and million regions. Sony is not having any greater success with their sequel, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, which can only hope to hit million at this point. The Anthony Bourdain documentary, Roadrunner, managed to stay another weekend in the top 10 and is up to .7 million.On The Vine: Green Knights, Cruise Captains, and An American AbroadNext week has something for families and adult moviegoers up and down. Leading the way, no doubt, will be the latest Disney ride-turned-motion-picture, Jungle Cruise, starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The film should easily take the number 1 slot, but will also be competing against itself with  Premier Access on Disney+. Exclusively in theaters will be Oscar-winner Tom McCarthy’s Stillwater with Matt Damon on a quest to Marseilles find out the truth over his Amanda Knox-like daughter played by Abigail Breslin. Then you can also look for David Lowery’s take on Arthurian legend with The Green Knight, starring Dev Patel, and Sony Classics releasing one of the best-reviewed films of Sundance 2020, Nine Days, featuring Winston Duke.Full List of Box Office Results: July 23-25, 2021亚美手机版app你也不要指望端游的那一批玩家会转战手游,这几乎也是不可能的,还有一点就是这款游戏可能在你的眼里是1:1,还原英雄联盟,但是根据目前已经试玩过游戏的玩家来说,它的一局游戏节奏也是非常快的,与端游还是有着本质的区别的。

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8.52.4 0月喜迎这个游戏的上线时间其实并不长,但是却收到了玩家的青睐,而且在iOS应用商店中的排名也很高,和许多国产游戏不同的是,《剑与远征》手游在国外的下载量也非常高,这足以见得游戏的真正实力。而且在正式公测之后,这款游戏也实现了之前的宣传口号,那就是“不肝不氪”,可以把它当作挂机游戏来玩。
(Photo by (c) Touchstone courtesy Everett Collection)On November 19th, 2004, the world was introduced to National Treasure, a PG-rated yarn about a guy named Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage), his “man in a van” Riley (Justin Bartha), and a sorta-kidnapped archivist named Abigail (Diane Kruger) hunting down a fabled Templar treasure. The 131-minute movie was a wonderful breath of fresh throwback air that was unapologetically dorky, stuffed with earnest “aha” moments, and totally cool with readily available bowls of lemons.The Jon Turtletaub (Cool Runnings, While You Were Sleeping, The Meg)-directed movie made 3 million domestically and 7 million at the worldwide box office (0 and 2 million when accounting for inflation), and in 2007 was followed up by the 1 million dollar-grossing National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Sadly, there was no Ottendorf cipher that led to an intricate map that helped conclude the trilogy when lemon juice was squirted on it. Because of this, we’re left with only two big-budget original movies that countless history teachers undoubtedly show their students when they need a nap.Fifteen years later, National Treasure is still a delight that we’ll watch whenever it’s on (and it’s on all the time), and in honor of its anniversary we’re providing five reasons why it’s so unforgettable.1. IT TELLS AN ORIGINAL, PG-RATED STORY THE WHOLE FAMILY CAN ENJOY(Photo by (c) Touchstone courtesy Everett Collection)When National Treasure was released in late 2004, it pulled in an impressive million in its opening weekend and quickly became Nicolas Cage’s highest domestic-grossing live-action film (until the 2007 sequel). It also received an A- CinemaScore and earned a 76% Audience Score on RT, and it was regarded as a “four quadrant” film that brought in adults, families, couples, and the all-important 18- to 24-year-olds who were drawn in by the treasure hunt plot. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Carribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Con Air), National Treasure went on to lead the box office for three weekends and was the highest-grossing movie for 20 straight days.The fact that a PG-rated Disney movie that wasn’t a sequel, a remake, an animated film, or a theme park ride made 3 million domestically is super impressive. In the 21st century, only a select group of original PG-rated movies, like Night at the Museum, The Greatest Showman, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, managed to clear the 0 million mark.Critics may not have appreciated it at the time (it s at 46% on the Tomatometer), but parents, teenagers, Nicolas Cage fans, and history buffs showed up in droves to watch a movie that never stopped long enough to get boring, dropped “Weird Al” Yankovic references, and featured characters using smarts and deductive logic to defeat a small army of well-armed but not-too-bright thugs. National Treasure must have seemed like an early Christmas gift for people who wanted to avoid cynical holiday movies like Surviving Christmas and Christmas With the Kranks.2. IT S UNABASHEDLY DORKY AND LOTS OF FUN BECAUSE OF IT(Photo by (c) Touchstone courtesy Everett Collection)National Treasure may not be historically accurate, but its earnest tone and unabashed dorkery made it lots of fun. When Gates says, “I’m going to steal the declaration of independence,” he kicks off a rip-roaring treasure hunt that embraces absurdity and probably made a lot of people think twice about touching certain numbers on keypads (you know the moment). Benjamin Gates is nowhere as cool as Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, and he doesn’t care. He simply wants to fulfill his family legacy, prevent bad guys from getting their hands on ancient treasure, and go on a spending spree at an expensive clothing retailer with money he stole from his father Patrick (an immensely likable Jon Voight).The big thrills don’t come during the chase scenes that feature speeding food trucks, they happen during the goofy mental gymnastics the characters undertake to move from one plot point to the next. One of the best moments occurs when Riley (the ostensible sidekick) recognizes the key to a clue before Gates does; hearing him say “I know something about history that you don t know. Hold on one second; let me just take in this moment,” never ceases to make us smile.And in the end, how do Gates and crew get rid of the baddie Ian Howe (Sean Bean) and his henchmen? They spin a yarn and send them off after a red herring while they locate the real treasure. No punches are thrown, no stuffed bunnies are harmed, and most importantly, there are zero crystal skulls. The nice guys win, the bad guys are eventually arrested, and the gang live happily ever after as millionaires after they share their multi-billion-dollar discovery with the world.3. NICOLAS CAGE’S ENTHUSIASM IS CONTAGIOUS (Photo by (c) Touchstone courtesy Everett Collection)National Treasure and its sequel work because of Nicolas Cage’s enthusiastic portrayal of a treasure hunter who is smarter than everyone else and knows way too much about the security systems at the Library of Congress — and its preservation room. In the beginning of the film, when he finds the Charlotte, a legendary boat in the middle of the arctic (it’s explained brilliantly by Riley), he is momentarily stymied. However, after an intense moment spent talking to himself, he comes to the correct answer (it was iron, it was firm, it was resolved, it is the Declaration of Independence!). Sure, the moment is silly, and yes, those “aha” moments continue to come fast and heavy thereafter. However, with Cage at the forefront, you don’t mind. He makes you feel like the meerschaum pipe he finds inside the Charlotte, for example, is the coolest thing ever, and you legitimately appreciate “the intricacy of the scrollwork on the stem.”Cage still loves the character, and recently on his press tour for Primal, he said he’d love to revisit Ben

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亚美手机版app Writer-Director Isabel Sandoval translates her own gender confirmation journey with the marginalization of trans people and immigrants into the framework for an illuminating and timely story. While Filipina trans woman Olivia (Sandoval) is striving to secure a green card to stay in America, she unexpectedly begins a relationship with the son of the woman she works for, and issues around identity, civil rights, and immigration soon complicate the already fraught romance.  Lingua Franca happens to shine a spotlight on transgender representation by way of a film that places a strong focus on immigration, according to Danielle Solzman of Solzy at the Movies. Rotten Tomatoes chatted with Sandoval about the film, her historic Venice premiere, working with Ava DuVernay, and using the president s voice.Let s talk about Venice. What was it like to screen there? Last year, there were few women directors with films playing at Venice fewer than Cannes or Berlin. It s such a gratifying feeling to know that I ve blazed a trail, but ultimately I hope we get to a point where diverse voices being presented at major festivals happen more often and stops being news. On a personal level, when Venice invited the film, I felt vindicated that we premiered at that major a festival. I had this feeling of relief that this risky, idiosyncratic work will be seen more widely and taken more seriously, and hopefully, become enough of a success that it allows me to continue making films that I want.Talk about working with Ava DuVernay and Array.Ava sees the merit in a fiercely personal work that could ve fallen through the cracks. It s a work that can be regarded as difficult because it doesn t pander to conventional, easy resolutions or film language. To paraphrase Hardy, It s difficult for a woman to define her feelings in language which is chiefly made by men to express theirs. In the same way, I m inventing my own cinematic language that I want the audience to put in the effort to understand. That s why I feel grateful that Lingua Franca was acquired by Ava and Array. The Array team has worked very hard and been stunningly creative in getting the word out about Lingua Franca, and I m honored to be part of the Array family. Apart from being a formidable filmmaker, Ava is a tireless maverick in Hollywood, one who continues to open doors for younger filmmakers. As busy as she is, I appreciate her still finding the time to check in, like calling me personally the day that Lingua Franca came out. I m a bit introverted, so it really takes quite a bit of effort on my part to be assertive or entrepreneurial. The delicate balance between creative focus and the energy to navigate the industry and champion underrepresented voices is one that Ava has mastered. It s something I d like to emulate; as a woman of color, Hollywood isn t going to just hand me opportunities easily.The Trump voice-over, was that there from the beginning? Why did it feel necessary to include that in the story?As anchored in reality as the film is, it s also impressionistic, evoking Olivia s emotional state as an undocumented immigrant. And in that space, Trump is a looming, oppressive presence. You might not see him, but you feel him, and sometimes you can t turn that feeling off. The Trump V.O. very succinctly evokes a specific mood and atmosphere, more than any musical score or effect can. It s almost Pavlovian; you can just feel your throat tighten.The film is on Netflix, which increases its reach. What do you hope viewers take from it?It s only on Netflix North America at the moment, but I hope it compels the audience to feel the complicated, fraught emotions that the film brings up. That s how you begin to empathize with Olivia and live in the world in her skin. It s not a social drama where you re emotionally coddled and everything is neatly resolved at the end. Reality is far too complex for that. I want the film to linger and haunt. But I don t think it s a bleak film; it s hopeful and tender.What is on your Indie Fresh List? What are you watching? Never Rarely Sometimes Always, a film of deep feeling; The Surrogate, an exquisitely layered moral drama, which more films should be these days; First Cow, classic Reichardt, humane and profound.Available to stream now on Netflix.

哔哩哔哩于5月底在韩国市场推出的二次元手游《重装战姬》跻身下载榜第2名,收入榜第7名。三七互娱在欧美大获成功的SLG+消除手游《末日喧嚣》6月初登陆韩国市场,目前收入仍在快速增长中。腾讯二次元战旗手游《白夜极光》于6月中旬上市,空降双榜。 Leave it to Pikachu to save the video-game-based movie genre – a genre that has not yet had a Fresh movie ever.Yes, we repeat: EVER.But the tide could be about to turn if first reactions from the Tokyo premiere of Pokémon Detective Pikachu are to be believed. Journalists and critics in Tokyo for the premiere, and a subsequent press junket, have been posting their thoughts on the new film, and the word is that the flick is painfully cute, action-packed, and hilarious.The movie features Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the titular wannabe detective, and Justice Smith as the kid with whom he teams up to solve a mystery in Ryme City. Here are some of the first reactions to the movie:How cute is Pikachu?I just got out of #DetectivePikachu and my first thought is OMG HOW DID THEY MAKE PIKACHU SO CUTE!!! Terri Schwartz, IGNAnd Pikachu? He was absolutely adorable.Relentlessly cute. Pokémon fans, prepare yourselves!  Simon and Martin, simonandmartinaIn summary: I want to cuddle Pikachu.  Marah Eakin, AV Club(Photo by @ Warner Bros. )Will Pokémon fans love it?#DetectivePikachu is a pure joy from start to finish. It’s a heartfelt, relentlessly charming story filled with excellent worldbuilding. Plenty of deep cuts for #Pokémon fans. Dan Casey, NerdistIt completely nails the world of Pokémon, and just seeing their amazing live action creature designs is worth the price of admission. If you love Pokémon, you’ll love this movie.  Terri Schwartz, IGNJust saw the #DetectivePikachu movie and it was delightful! It brings your favourite Pokémon to life in a super vivid and very real way.  Simon and Martin, simonandmartinaBUT DO I HAVE TO BE A FAN?It s a hit for #DetectivePikachu. Pokemon fans new old will rejoice in this heartfelt and authentic take on the franchise.  Megan Peters, Comic BookPerfectly suited for fans and non-fans alike.   Paul Shirey, Joblo.comPokémon obsessives will be pleased, but Poke novices will be able to follow along—and will maybe even get sucked into the whole world.  Marah Eakin, AV Club(Photo by @ Warner Bros. )WAIt, And I m Gonna Cry?It’s a heartfelt, relentlessly charming story filled with excellent worldbuilding. Plenty of deep cuts for #Pokémon fans. There must’ve been a grass-type in the theater because I got surprisingly misty-eyed in parts.  Dan Casey, Nerdist@Legendary and @wbpictures have nailed this live-action adaptation. I laughed hard and felt my heart swell. This Pokemon film is just the start!  Megan Peters, Comic BookSilly, heartfelt and chock full of Pokémon, which makes for some great world building in what is sure to spin off into one hell of a franchise.  Paul Shirey, Joblo.comJust saw #DetectivePikachu here in Tokyo and, man, I wish Ryme City was a real place because I really want a Pokémon pal.  Dave Trumbore, ColliderPokémon Detective Pikachu is in theaters everywhere May 10, 2019


In top TV and streaming news this week, a stunning development as The CW loses a superhero lead and excited speculation on Timothy Olyphant’s The Mandalorian season 2 role. Plus, Muppets, Adam Sandler, and the week s top trailers.TOP STORYBatwoman Fans Are Shocked, While CW Execs Plan to Recast for the Series’ Season 2 Return (Photo by Frank Ockenfels 3/The CW)The biggest twist for the first season of The CW’s Batwoman series came off-screen: titular star Ruby Rose announced on May 19, two days after the first season finale of the series aired, that she would not return for Batwoman’s sophomore installment.“I have made the very difficult decision to not return to Batwoman next season, Rose said in a statement. This was not a decision I made lightly as I have the utmost respect for the cast, crew and everyone involved with the show in both Vancouver and in Los Angeles … Thank you to everyone who made season one a success — I am truly grateful.”From a joint statement issued by The CW, Warner Bros. TV and producer Greg Berlanti’s Berlanti Productions: [We] thank Ruby for her contributions to the success of our first season and wish her all the best. The studio and network are firmly committed to Batwoman’s second season and long-term future, and we — along with the show’s talented creative team — look forward to sharing its new direction, including the casting of a new lead actress and member of the LGBTQ community, in the coming months. Berlanti was committed from the project’s beginning to casting a member of the LGBTQ community for the role of Kate Kane, Bruce Wayne’s cousin and the person who would eventually become Batwoman.(Photo by Elizabeth Morris/The CW)Though statements from both Rose and the producers don’t give any reasons for the actress’ departure, TVLine reports the decision to recast the role was a mutual one. Rose was reportedly unhappy with the long hours required of a network series lead, which made her a less than an enthusiastic co-worker.“It wasn’t 100-percent her decision,” a source close to the show told TVLine. “It was a breakup. She wasn’t happy working on the show, and did that make her fun to work with? No. So everyone decided it would be in the best interests of the show, and for all concerned, if they parted ways. It just wasn’t a good fit.”The CW didn’t plan for Batwoman to return until 2021, giving the network plenty of time to find its new superheroine.The Mandalorian Season 2: Is Deadwood Star Timothy Olyphant Playing a Sheriff Again?(Photo by Warrick Page/HBO)When news broke last week that Justified and Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant would be part of The Mandalorian’s second season cast, nothing was known about his specific role. But Slashfilm is reporting this week that Olyphant will be playing a character named Cobb Vanth, “the self-appointed sheriff of the Tatooine-based settlement Freetown,” who wears a set of armor that may have once belonged to bounty hunter Boba Fett (who, as was previously reported, will be played by Temuera Morrison).Slashfilm cites the character profile of Vanth as revealed in author Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath series of books for what little is known about Vanth, including that he was once a slave who is now committed to keeping Tatooine free of criminals.Sounds like Seth Bullock, and Raylan Givens, to us, and a clever bit of casting by The Mandalorian crew. Season 2 of the Disney+ series premieres in the fall.New Trailers: Netflix Stacks Its Summer Deck with Trailers for Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods, Space Force, Umbrella Academy, and MoreVietnam War drama Da 5 Bloods, directed by Spike Lee and starring Chadwick Boseman, Delroy Lindo, and Paul Walter Hauser, is coming to Netflix on June 12.More trailers:Space Force, season 1, starring Steve Carrell, Lisa Kudrow, and John Malkovich (Netflix)The Umbrella Academy, season 2, starring Ellen Page (Netflix)The Last Days of American Crime, starring Edgar Ramirez, based on the graphic novel by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini (Netflix)13 Reasons Why, the final season, starring Dylan Minnette (Netflix)Quiz, a miniseries about a British man convicted of cheating his way to a million-pound win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, starring Michael Sheen and Sian Clifford (AMC)Dear …, a docuseries profiling iconic personalities and the people they’ve inspired (Apple TV+)Queer Eye, season 5 (Netflix)Helter Skelter: An American Myth, a six-part docuseries about the Manson Family (Epix)Welcome to Chechnya, a documentary about activists risking their lives to help LGBTQ people suffering detention, torture and sometimes death at the hands of the authorities in Chechnya (HBO)Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshmi, season 1, a travel/food docuseries (Hulu)The Woods, season 1, a mystery limited series based on the novel of the same name by Harlan Coben (Netflix)Burden of Truth, season 3, starring Kristin Kreuk (The CW)For all the latest TV and streaming trailers, subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.Casting News: Adam Sandler Will Star in Netflix’s Basketball Movie Hustle(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)Adam Sandler will star in the Netflix movie Hustle, about a washed-up basketball scout who sees his redemption in a streetball whiz from another country. He talks the young hoops player into leaving his family behind and moving to Los Angeles to make himself a candidate for the NBA draft. The movie will be co-produced by Sandler’s Happy Madison productions and LeBron James’ SpringHill Entertainment.Once Upon a Time and Big Love star Ginnifer Goodwin will co-star with Eliza Coupe (Scrubs) in the Fox pilot Pivoting, about a trio of friends who decide to make some changes in their lives when their childhood friend dies. Goodwin will play Jodie, a married mom of three who begins an affair with her trainer as part of her new life plan. (Deadline)Development News: The Muppets Return to TV with Muppets Now on Disney+(Photo by Disney+)Disney+ announced a July 31 release date for Muppets Now, a live-action Muppets series. The six-episode meta comedy will find Scooter under pressure to deliver a new Muppets series for streaming, impeded, of course, by shenanigans from his fellow Muppets and a lineup of guest stars.The Tom Hanks WWII drama (the latest Tom Hanks WWII drama) Greyhound, which was scheduled to be released in theaters on June 12, has been picked up by Apple TV+ and will debut on the streaming service later this year. Hanks stars in the film and wrote the screenplay, which is based on the 1955 novel The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester.David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson (House of Cards) will be co-showrunners, writers, and executive producers of the Netflix anthology series Anatomy of a Scandal. The six-episode series is based on the bestselling book of the same name by Sarah Vaughan, and will unfold the scandalous stories of privileged Brits and the women caught in the middle of them.Baby Driver director Edgar Wright has teamed up with longtime collaborators Nira Park, Joe Cornish, and Rachael Prior on Complete Fiction, a production company that has already committed to three TV series for Netflix: Lockwood Co., a supernatural detective story based on a series of novels by Jonathan Stroud; a historical fantasy epic, The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy), from author S.A. Chakraborty; and The Murders of Molly Southbourne, based on a sci-fi horror series from author Tade Thompson.Steven Spielberg will produce a Broadway musical adaptation of the NBC drama Smash, which revolved around the making of a Broadway show. The 2012-13 cult fave featured original music by Tony-winning composers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, who will also provide music for the Broadway show. Spielberg’s co-lead producers are Robert Greenblatt and Neil Meron, while Tony winner Bob Martin (The Prom) and Rick Elice (Jersey Boys) will write the book. The musical-within-the-musical is called Bombshell, which is a biography of Marilyn Monroe.Jamie Lee Curtis has signed a first-look deal with Blumhouse that will include the creation of TV and movie projects.

亚美手机版app (Photo by Weinstein Company LLC/Courtesy Everett Collection)All Jennifer Lawrence Movies RankedIf there ever was a life-or-death need to pick a Hollywood it-girl to define the 2010s, Jennifer Lawrence would surely be the one chosen to save our hides. She started the decade with the star-making Winter s Bone, the rural mystery that marked only her third feature film appearance, nabbing a Best Actress Oscar nomination in the process. 2011 and 2012 came and it felt like Lawrence was everywhere, across blockbusters like X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games, along with Silver Linings Playbook, for which she finally ( finally meaning five years into a film acting career) won the Academy Award. Sequels and franchising were the name of the game in the 2010s, so of course she stuck around as Mystique in every X-Men sequel, all the way to the bitter end with Dark Phoenix. Likewise, Hunger Games completed its dystopic story with Lawrence in the lead. In-between, she collaborated twice more Playbook director David O. Russell (Joy, American Hustle), worked with 2010s it-dude Chris Pratt (Passengers), and released against-type material like mother! and Red Sparrow. In 2020, Lawrence signed up for Adam McKay s Netflix comedy Don t Look Up; she and Cate Blanchett will play astronomers who go on a media tour to convince people a meteor will destroy the Earth in six months. Until that comedy shows up in your streaming queue, we re looking back on all Jennifer Lawrence movies ranked by Tomatometer!

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