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亚博竞彩下载采用百度引擎4(Baidu 2)3. Tyrion Says FarewellTyrion signs his own death warrant by letting Jaime go. At least the act gives us this touching moment between the two brothers. If it weren t for you, I never would have survived our childhood, Tyrion says. You were the only one who didn t treat me like a monster. You were all I had. They re crying, we re crying, you re crying 4. The Man Who Killed Jaime Lannister(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)In a moment so fleeting in its treatment of a major showdown that it argues (again) for at least one more episode in this too-brief final season, Euron miraculously swaggers out of Blackwater Bay at the same time Jaime arrives at the spot to sneak into the Red Keep through the exit that Tyrion told him about.Euron tells Jaime that he will be a legend if he kills a second king. Jaime: “You’re no king.” Euron has the title of king of the Iron Islands, so to a certain segment, he qualifies. Plus, he had sex with Cersei, so that makes him king of her boudoir – a petty king, by the tone of this absurd conversation.Naturally, stabbing ensues.“I got you,” Euron calls after Jaime, and with his dying breath: “I am the man who killed Jaime Lannister.”5. Cleganebowl(Photo by HBO)“You come with me, you die here,” The Hound says to Arya when they get inside the Red Keep, shooing her off. Uncharacteristically, Arya agrees, notably calling after “Sandor” to say thanks and then departs.Sandor meets his brother on the Red Keep stairwell. Cersei: “Stay with me!” Mountain eyes her. Qyburn: “Obey!” The Mountain throws Qyburn down the steps with such force that he instantly dies. (Qyburn was a brittle man.) Thus, the monster killed his maker.Cersei exits quickly and Cleganebowl is on!“Yeah, that’s you. That’s what you’ve always been,” Sandor says to Gregor after knocking his helmet off, then runs his sword through his Frankensteined brother, who removes the blade and comes at his bro.Much sword-swinging later – and a tumble down some stairs, slamming against walls, gouging of eyeballs, stabbing in the face – and The Hound realizes that skewering The Mountain just won’t end him, so he body-slams Gregor right through the wall into the fiery hellscape below.We’ve joked about Qyburn playing Doctor Frankenstein with Gregor as his monster, but the monster’s final words from Mary Shelley’s classic 1818 horror novel seem more fitting for Sandor than for Gregor:“I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt. Soon these burning miseries will be extinct. I shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly and exult in the agony of the torturing flames. The light of that conflagration will fade away; my ashes will be swept into the sea by the winds. My spirit will sleep in peace, or if it thinks, it will not surely think thus. Farewell.”6. “I Want Our Baby to Live”(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Meanwhile, back in the map room, Jaime finds hysterical Cersei. We thought it was Arya sneaking up on Cersei or even wearing Jaime’s face, but no, it was a real moment between the twins.“I want our baby to live,” she cries as they find themselves trapped by the walls collapsing in around them.He calms her and embraces her: “Nothing else matters.” (Cue: Metallica.)The Red Keep becomes Jaime and Cersei’s crypt – supposedly. We’ll believe it when we see their crushed skulls.7. A Faceless Man Meets Her Match: Gravity(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)While Cleganebowl reaches its conclusion, Arya’s busy trying to save the city – or, at least, dodge the falling debris that may mean the end of her and the random people she’s tasked by the script with saving. (Unnecessary.) Finally, she wakes to an orgy of death save for one bright life standing before her.“The Bells,” apparently, traded the kingdom for a horse.What was your favorite moment of the episode? Tell us in the comments!Game of Thrones season 8 finale airs Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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The 50 Best TV Seasons of the 2010s, According to the TomatometerWe re celebrating the best TV of the decade with a look at the top-scoring seasons of 2010–2019, according to the Tomatometer. The second season of Phoebe Waller-Bridge s Fleabag takes the top spot, but don t feel bad for season 1; it appears at No. 1 our list. Fellow Amazon Prime series Catastrophe, from creators Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney, tops the list for number of total seasons on the list with three of its four seasons Certified Fresh at 100% on the Tomatometer placing at Nos. 14, 15, and 25. Netflix title Master of None is the only show with two seasons in the top 10.All of the seasons are Certified Fresh at 100%, by the way. We re showing 50 here, but there are a total of 94 TV seasons from the decade that have 100% Certified Fresh scores. We ranked them according to the number of reviews each had at the season level. Fleabag season 2, for instance, has 95 season-level reviews with Insecure season 1 hot on its heels with 94 reviews. Meanwhile, season 2 of anthology series Fargo, which starred Patrick Wilson and Kirsten Dunst, has a total of 230 reviews total across the season and 10 episodes, but only 58 at the season level, and so the title appears lower on the list. But getting episode-level reviews is an accomplishment in itself; most shows don t get enough reviews on each episode to get episodic scores.Broad City and Jane the Virgin — girl power! — have the most seasons in the top 200 seasons of the decade with four each. Fan favorite Breaking Bad is represented twice, while Cobra Kai, which surprised audiences with its 100% Tomatometer score last year is at No. 11. The highest-ranked superhero series is Marvel s Agents of Shield season 3. Meanwhile, some incredible TV seasons – many of Game of Thrones’, the current season of Watchmen – missed the list, because of just a few dissenting reviews.Read on to find out which titles placed in the best TV of the decade.Which is your favorite 100%  Certified Fresh season of TV? Let us know in the comments. ver nothing that would damage the cause. Culture was important in the mix, especially film, and the paper’s writers brought a distinctly feminist queer perspective to some of the most groundbreaking cinema of the 1970s and ’80s. Consider Janet Singleton’s writing on Personal Best, the seminal lesbian sports drama starring Mariel Hemingway: “How this film sees a woman’s body is, for American cinema, revolutionary. It is not a man’s body in either sense of the term, neither as imitator or property. Sensuality and beauty do not preclude strength and health. Pleasure is as much for the taking as the giving.” Big Mama Rag was part of the larger, growing ecosystem of feminist publications of its time, sharing exchange subscriptions with similar publications across the country and itself utilizing the progressive Liberation News Service. “We were part of a network, we felt, part of a growing movement that could make a difference,” wrote Kathy Riley, who worked on Big Mama Rag, in a recent blog post reflecting on her time volunteering for the paper.Personal Best (1982) 73%Fresh: How this film sees a woman s body is, for American cinema, revolutionary. – Janet Singleton, April 1982Harlan County, U.S.A. (1976) 100%Fresh: Barbara Kopple, producer-director got into the meat of her subject right off the bat, and still was very careful to give her audience a taste of every aspect of the Harlan County miners and their families. – Marquitta Mayes, June, 1977Swept Away... by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August (1974) 60%Rotten: This film is nothing less than anti-woman. That the director and producer was a woman is irrelevant. – Eileen Bresnahan, Kate Sharp, Terra, and Woodwoman, February 1976Read more reviews from Big Mama Rag.(Photo by Philadelphia Gay News)

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韩国手游mir4,这是一款支持玩家自由PK夺宝的热血传奇手游,游戏中支持玩家自由交易买卖装备元宝,游戏内更有非常热血刺激火爆的沙巴克攻城竞技玩法,在这里玩家可以体验与众不同的游戏乐趣。喜欢的朋友还在等什么,欢迎下载!亚博竞彩下载This Week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Dungeons Dragons, Excelsior!, and Revenge of the Nerds.This WEEK S TOP STORYCHRIS PINE ROLLS A NATURAL 20 ON DUNGEONS DRAGONS (Photo by Clay Enos/©Warner Bros.)One lesson we can take from film history is that trends change over time, and a failed concept decades ago could be a success today. Consider, for example, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back in 1990, the first Captain America movie (Rotten at 13%) didn t even get a theatrical release in the USA, and it went direct-to-video two years after it was made. Similar to the contemporary popularity of comic books, the role-playing game Dungeons Dragons is much more in vogue now than it was in 1990, when the first Dungeons Dragons movie (Rotten at 10%) was released. Warner Bros. had been trying for several years to get a new Dungeons Dragons movie produced, including periods when actors like Ansel Elgort and Vin Diesel were either in talks or were approached about starring. Since then, the rights to the Dungeons Dragons movie moved to Paramount Pictures, which also has the rights to other Hasbro properties like Transformers, Micronauts, and G.I. Joe. The Dungeons Dragons reboot appears to draw closer to actually happening this week with the news that Chris Pine is now in talks to star and also produce the adaptation. It s not super surprising that Pine is being eyed by Paramount, as he was also their Captain Kirk in the most recent Star Trek films. The premise and setting of the new Dungeons Dragons movie are not yet known, except that hopes of it possibly being a Dragonlance adaptation appeared to be dashed earlier this year (Forgotten Realms, though, is still totally possible). What we do know is that Dungeons Dragons will be directed and written by the team of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who co-directed Game Night (Certified Fresh at 85%), and also co-wrote Horrible Bosses and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Daley also starred in Freaks Geeks, which memorably had a very special Dungeons Dragons episode. In addition to Wonder Woman 1984 (12/25/2020), Chris Pine will also soon be seen in the thriller Violence of Action, Olivia Wilde s Don t Worry Darling, and the spy film All the Old Knives.Other Top Headlines1. MILLIE BOBBY BROWN JOINS THE RUSSO BROTHERS  ELECTRIC STATE(Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)After directing four films for Marvel Studios (the two most recent Captain America and Avengers films), Joe and Anthony Russo are next directing films for two streaming apps: Cherry for Apple+ and The Grey Man for Netflix. We now know what film might be the duo s return to theatrically targeted feature films, as they are now signed to direct and produce a science fiction film for Universal Pictures. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is attached to star in Electric State, which will be an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same title. Brown will play a teenage girl who goes on an adventure with a toy robot to discover what happened to her missing brother in an imaginative world of humans mixing with robots, uncovering a grand conspiracy in the process. The Electric State screenplay is being adapted by screenwriting partners Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who previously worked with the Russo brothers on all four of their Marvel movies, as well as The Grey Man. Directly addressing the theatrical or streaming question, Joe and Anthony Russo said in their announcement that, We’re thrilled to have this deal with Universal who has committed to a theatrical release of Electric State. In addition to season 4 of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown will also soon be seen in the monster movie sequel, Godzilla vs Kong (5/21/2021), which will premiere both in theaters and on HBO Max.2. FLORENCE PUGH JOINS MYSTERY THE MAID (Photo by A24)After decades of relative absence from mainstream box office prominence, the mystery genre appears to be coming back, following the 0+ million takes of both Murder on the Orient Express (2 million worldwide) in 2017 and Knives Out (1 million worldwide) in 2019. The de facto sequel to that first film, Agatha Christie s Death on the Nile would have come out by now if not for the COVID-19 pandemic, but is now scheduled for September 17, 2021. We can also add a film called The Maid, which Universal Pictures is adapting from a novel to be published in 2022 (possibly after the movie comes out to avoid spoilers). Florence Pugh (Midsommar, Black Widow) is now signed to produce and star in The Maid as the title character, who works at a fancy hotel where she uses her access to learn the dirty secrets of every one of the guests (the novel is also being compared to 2017 s Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine). In addition to Black Widow (5/7/2021), Pugh will also soon be seen in Olivia Wilde s Don t Worry, Darling, and in the Disney+ series Hawkeye (reprising her Black Widow character).3. RISE OF SKYWALKER COSTAR SAYS I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY (Photo by Jonathan Olley/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)When most American fans saw last year s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Rotten at 51%), they were probably unfamiliar with Naomi Ackie, who played Jannah, the leader who assists our heroes on Kef Bir. Ackie is better known in the U.K., however, where she has won the 2017 British Independent Award for Most Promising Newcomer for Lady MacBeth (Certified Fresh at 88%) (starring the aforementioned Florence Pugh, by the way), and this year, won a BAFTA TV Award for Best Supporting Actress in The End of the F***ing World (Fresh at 93%). The British actress is about to have a much higher profile among American moviegoers, though, as she is in final negotiations with Sony Pictures to star as the late pop superstar Whitney Houston in the musical biopic, I Wanna Dance with Somebody (which takes its title from the hit single I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) off Houston s second album). I Wanna Dance with Somebody will be directed by Stella Meghie, whose most recent film was this year s The Photograph (Fresh at 74%), starring Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield. Meghie will be directing from a screenplay by screenwriter Anthony McCarten, who also wrote the Queen biographical musical Bohemian Rhapsody (Fresh at 60%). About casting Naomi Ackie, Meghie said, I was moved by her ability to capture the stage presence of a global icon while bringing humanity to her interior life. 4. SETH MCFARLANE BACKING REBOOT OF 1980S COMEDY HIT REVENGE OF THE NERDS (Photo by ©20th Century Fox Film Corp. courtesy Everett Collection)Like some other 1980s comedies, there are scenes in the 1984 hit Revenge of the Nerds that have glaringly not aged well at all in our post-#metoo era. Now, as many other movies from the era continue to be rebooted, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane is preparing to do the same thing for Revenge of the Nerds, which he ll be producing for 20th Century Studios. The project already has its comedy leads lined up, as identical twin brothers Keith and Kenny Lucas, who costarred in 22 Jump Street (Certied Fresh at 84%), are set to both star and write the adapted screenplay. The only brothers in Revenge of the Nerds were of the fraternity variety, so if they play actual brothers in the remake, that alone will be a significant departure from the original premise (though the film is reportedly more of a reboot than a direct remake anyway, so the entire premise might be significantly different). As Variety puts it, instead, the contemporary reimagining will pontificate about today’s nerd culture and what even constitutes a geek in the 21st century. It s worth noting that this is not the first attempt at rebooting Revenge of the Nerds, which almost happened in 2006 until officials at Emory University in Atlanta objected to some of the raunchy hijinx in the script. 5. SAM ROCKWELL TO STAR IN MOVIE ABOUT NISSAN-CEO-TURNED-FUGITIVE (Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)Although he is far from a household name in the USA, the story of former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn really does read exactly like a movie script. Following an arrest in 2018 for charges of misuse of company assets, Ghosn proceded through a series of legal ins-and-outs and evasion of arrest ultimately leading in 2019 to his becoming an internationally wanted fugitive still sought by Interpol. MGM is going all in on adapting the life story of former Green Beret Michael Taylor, the American security contractor who assisted Ghosn in his evasion from arrest and capture. Sam Rockwell is now attached to produce and star as Michael Taylor in a feature film about Ghosn s escape, which will be developed concurrently to an MGM TV series which will also adapt Taylor s earlier life story (with a different actor to be cast as the younger Michael Taylor). Both the Sam Rockwell movie and the prequel TV series are being adapted from a Vanity Fair article about Michael Taylor and Carlos Ghosn, which you can read right here.6. BEN MENDELSOHN JOINS SHAILENE WOODLEY IN MISANTHROPE(Photo by JA, Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Anything pre-COVID-19 feels like decades ago, even if it s only been months, but this story starts back in May of 2019 at the the Cannes Film Festival, when a serial killer film called Misanthrope was first announced. Shailene Woodley has since then been attached to star as a police officer recruited by the FBI to assist in the tracking down of a serial killer, and now we know that the lead cop in Misanthrope will be played by acclaimed Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn. Mendelsohn is currently filming the latest version of Cyrano (de Bergerac), starring Peter Dinklage, and he was also announced by Disney last week to be reprising his Skrull character in the Disney+ series Secret Invasion, along with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.7. THIS YEAR S BLACK LIST INCLUDES STAN LEE AND JACK KIRBY MOVIE EXCELSIOR!(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)At the end of every year since 2005, The Black List of Unproduced Screenplays has served as a survey of hundreds of film industry executives to find which screenplays appear on the highest number of most liked screenplay lists. The Black List takes those results and publishes the titles and premises of all of the screenplays that received at least 7 mentions. This year s top pick, with 29 votes, is a cannibal drama called Headhunter about a serial killer who uses Instagram to find their next victim, until the latest target turns out to be someone totally into it (gross). #2 with 28 votes is a basketball comedy called Chang Can Dunk, and #3 with 26 votes is Neither Confirm Nor Deny, which tells the true story of a secret CIA operation that acquired a nuclear-armed USSR submarine in 1968. One of the most intriguing projects, coming in with 9 votes is Excelsior!, which tells the true story of the friendship and collaborative partnership between Marvel Comics editor and writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, who together created such characters as Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and The X-Men. Other projects on this year s Black List include Ripper (as in Jack The), Enemies Within (about Senator Joseph McCarthy and the HUAC), and Gusher (about Anna Nicole Smith). You can browse through the entire Black List of this year s screenplays (in PDF format) right here.8. SHE S ALL THAT STAR RACHAEL LEIGH COOK JOINS REMAKE HE S ALL THAT (Photo by Miramax)While Rachael Leigh Cook fans are left still awaiting the (probably unlikely) Josie and the Pussycats sequel, as it turns out, they will at least have the remake of She s All That (Rotten at 41%) called He s All That. That s because we can now report that Rachael Leigh Cook has indeed joined the cast of the gender-swapped remake, although not as the character she played in the first film (since it s a remake and not a direct sequel). Instead, Cook will play the mother of the female lead (played by Addison Rae) who, in this version, oversees the makeover of an awkward teenage boy (played by Tanner Buchanan), whereas in the original film, those two roles were the opposite genders. He s All That will be directed by Mark Waters, whose filmography includes notable Lindsay Lohan vehicles like Mean Girls (Certified Fresh at 84%) and Freaky Friday (Certified Fresh at 88%).9. YAHYA ABDUL-MATEEN II JOINS JAKE GYLLENHAAL IN AMBULANCE (Photo by Warner Bros.)Michael Bay immediately followed his run as the director of several Transformers movies with the Netflix project 6 Underground (Rotten at 36%), starring Ryan Reynolds. For his next project as director, Michael Bay is returning to a theatrically-distributed action thriller in the form of a remake of a 2005 Danish film called Ambulancen, which unsurprisingly translates to English as Ambulance. Jake Gyllenhaal has been attached to star in Ambulance since the project was first announced, but this week, we learned who two of his costars will be. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who recently has starred in two different DC Comics adaptations (as Black Manta in Aquaman, and in a role-we-won t-spoil in HBO s Watchmen) has joined the cast in an undisclosed role. The premise of the original film involved two fugitive brothers hijacking an ambulance, and it appears that the female ambulance driver they inadvertently kidnap will be played by Eiza Gonzalez, who will also soon be seen in Godzilla vs Kong, when it premieres in theaters and on HBO Max (5/21/2021).On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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1.82.0 4月喜迎现在的很多手游都是厚积薄发的案例,很多手游刚推出来的时候并没有多少玩家去玩,但是那些手游会根据仅有的玩家的反馈进行不断地修改完善,等这款游戏修改到几乎满足了玩家的需求,人数便会开始增长起来了。这种时候,该款游戏便会开始逐渐火起来了。
Leeeeeeeeeeeet’s get ready to rumble… in the Bronx. And in ancient China. And with Chuck Norris. Our latest episode of Vs. might be our most epic yet as we pit the four biggest martial artists/movie stars of all time against each other in one stats-heavy battle royale: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Donnie Yen. Who is the ultimate fighter? We’re comparing these legends of global cinema across four categories – Box Office, Tomatometer and Audience Scores, Iconic Moments, and a special Wild Card Round – to see who is the one man left standing when all the dust has settled/limbs have been snapped/henchmen have been felled. Will ringmaster Mark Ellis give the W to the Drunken Master, the true Hero, Ip Man himself, or the mother-bleeping Dragon himself? Tune in to find out, and let us know who you think is the greatest of the great in the comments.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
The HBO fantasy drama His Dark Materials, based on Philip Pullman s epic fantasy trilogy, is back for more bewitchment, magic, and mystical goodness. So whether you re just getting caught up with season 1, or need something to tide you over while you wait week to week, here are five more titles that will surely cast a spell on you in this week s Binge Guide.His Dark Materials airs at 9 p.m. on Mondays on HBO and HBO Max.

(Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP/Getty Images)As we near the end of a bizarre, pandemic-shaped awards season, this year s Academy Awards ceremony makes no promises — except that masks will be required attire.The program, taking place on Sunday (two months delayed from its original date), is produced by Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher, and Jesse Collins, who sent a letter in March telling nominees that Zoom appearances will not be allowed, according to People. The in-person event will take place at both Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood – as well as at satellite locations across the planet – and nominees who choose to attend are encouraged to wear not-casual attire.Recommended: Download our printable 2021 Oscars BallotRecommended: The Biggest Snubs, Surprises, and Milestones of the 2021 Oscar NominationsRecommended: Where to Watch the 2021 Oscar NomineesRecommended: The 2021 Best Picture Nominees Ranked by Tomatometer We re aiming for a fusion of Inspirational and Aspirational, which in actual words means formal is totally cool if you want to go there, but casual is really not, the letter said.With a slimmed-down attendee list of only presenters, those nominated, and their guest and the event being treated as an active movie set in terms of COVID protocol, producers must have something truly unusual planned, and we re eager to see how it stands up to past events.While we wait to see what s in store on the 2021 red carpet and during the event spectacle, we ve had a look at the Oscars events of the past decade and ranked them below from best to worst. So does anyone beat Anne Hathaway and James Franco as hosts of the worst Academy Awards ceremony in the past 10 years? Read on to find out.
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亚博竞彩下载 What do the four most successful – if not beloved – video game movie series have in common? They feature exclusively Rotten movies! But that doesn’t mean the Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tomb Raider, and Resident Evil films don’t pack in the kind of fun set pieces and memorable characters that fans of their origin games are looking for, and which have kept those fans coming back for more. In the latest episode of Vs., Mark Ellis is powering up and deciding which long-running video game movie series is the best of all, despite what critics might say. He’s breaking it all down in five rounds: Box Office, Tomatometer and Audience Score, Characters, Best Foot Forward, and a special wild card round. Will it be the terrifying zombie action of the Resident Evil films or the bloody fatalities of Mortal Kombat? Or will Lara Croft swing in from nowhere to take the W? (We’d throw in a hypothetical Street Fighter win, but… let’s be real here.) Don’t agree with Mark’s ultimate call? “Finish him”… non-brutally, in the comments.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

其实对于长时间运营的手游来说,运营节奏已经趋于平稳,入坑的的玩家也早已适应,像《崩坏3》这样出现重大运营事故,并且被玩家疯狂diss的游戏还是不多见的,所以此次taptap评分规则的更改对大部分的手游厂商来说是一件好事。 This Week s Ketchup brings you seven headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Fiddler on the Roof, Labyrinth 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This WEEK S TOP STORYHENRY CAVILL IN TALKS TO RETURN AS SUPERMAN IN FUTURE DC MOVIES(Photo by Clay Enos/Warner Bros.)Nearly two years ago, one of the biggest superhero stories of 2018 was the revelation that Henry Cavill was dropping out of talks with Warner Bros. for future appearances as their Superman (specifically, the movie he would have co-starred in would ve been 2019 s Shazam!). Just a week after the announcement that Zack Snyder s Justice League will debut on HBO Max in 2021 (speaking of which, the first image of Darkseid was revealed this week), Henry Cavill is now back in negotiations for further appearances as Superman after all. Similar to what might have been for Shazam!, the talks with Henry Cavill reportedly do not involve a Man of Steel sequel (or any other solo Superman movie), but would instead would be Superman appearances in other DC superhero movies. Which movie (or movies) this deal might involve have yet to be revealed, but the titles written about the most this week seem to be Aquaman 2 (starring Jason Momoa) and the Shazam! spinoff Black Adam (starring Dwayne Johnson). Some writers have also picked up on a possible similarity to how Marvel Studios has used the Incredible Hulk since Mark Ruffalo took over the role, with his Hulk appearing in other heroes movies but not his own (though in that example, it was because Universal still had the rights to any Hulk movie).Other Top Headlines1. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SEQUEL CONFIRMED (Photo by ©Paramount Pictures)When a movie is a big hit, reporting on an announced sequel can seem like sort of a no-brainer, but Sonic the Hedgehog is not one of those movies, as its road to success was far from a foregone conclusion. It was just over a year ago that the world saw the film s first trailer (with the original CGI character design for Sonic), which led to the release being delayed a few months while the character was redesigned to look more like he did in the Sega video game franchise. Sonic the Hedgehog eventually earned over 0 million globally (a number dinted a bit by the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic) and it was also a VOD hit, with Paramount currently reporting just under 2 million digital sales. With all of that hard work and good news under their belt, Paramount Pictures, Sega, and director Jeff Fowler are now officially starting development on a Sonic the Hedgehog sequel. The various Sonic video games have introduced a variety of supporting characters, including Knuckles the Echidna, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Tails the Fox, so it s possible one (or all) of them could be introduced in the sequel.2. TOM CRUISE REUNITES WITH EDGE OF TOMORROW DIRECTOR FOR OUTER SPACE ADVENTURE (Photo by ©Universal Pictures)A few weeks ago, Tom Cruise was announced as the world s first movie star to actually film a movie in outer space (at the International Space Station), and already the film has made its next step towards actual production. Cruise will be reuniting with director Doug Liman, with whom he has previously worked on both Edge of Tomorrow (Certified Fresh at 90%) and American Made (Certified Fresh at 86%) (and they re both committed to an Edge of Tomorrow sequel). Cruise s partners on the currently untitled project also include Elon Musk s SpaceX and NASA itself. Tom Cruise and Doug Liman had previously been developing a movie called Lunar Park (about renegade employees who venture to the moon to steal an energy source ), but this new project is reportedly a separate film. Doug Liman s next film will be the post-apocalyptic Chaos Walking (starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley), and Tom Cruise s next film will be the sequel Top Gun: Maverick, now scheduled for December 23, 2020.3. APPLE WINS AUCTION FOR MARTIN SCORSESE S LEONARDO DICAPRIO MOVIE (Photo by ©Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)One of the biggest surprises about last year s The Irishman (Certified Fresh at 96%) was that Netflix ended up spending over 0 million on it, which is a number generally reserved for FX-heavy summer action flicks or superhero movies (to be fair, The Irishman was FX-heavy too, due to the CGI de-aging). For his next film, the 1920s serial killer true story Killers of the Flower Moon (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro), director Martin Scorsese is expecting to exceed The Irishman, with a budget somewhere in the 0-0 million range, and that recently prompted Paramount Pictures to start looking for a financial partner. Paramount did land a major streaming company, but instead of Netflix, this time around it s Apple who stepped in, snatching up a deal that would give the streaming rights to Apple+ after a theatrical release by Paramount. This was the second major deal for Apple+ in the last ten days, following their acquisition earlier this month of Tom Hanks World War II film Greyhound, which previously was scheduled for a June 19, 2020 theatrical release.4. HAMILTON DIRECTOR REMAKING FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (Photo by Everett Collection)By 1971, classic Hollywood and especially old school musicals were definitely on the wane as New Hollywood was on the ascent, but there were still a few musicals in that tradition that became box office hits. One of those films was Fiddler on the Roof, the adaptation of the 1964 Broadway musical about a Jewish village just before the Russian Revolution. The original stage production won nine Tony Awards, and was the first longest-running play until Grease broke its record. Fiddler on the Roof also holds the distinction of being the movie that gave composer John Williams his first of five Academy Awards (before Jaws, Star Wars, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and Schindler s List). With Steven Spielberg s West Side Story remake (12/18/2020) wrapped and coming soon, MGM is now developing a Fiddler on the Roof remake to be directed by Thomas Kail, who directed the version of the Broadway hit Hamilton that will debut on Disney+ on July 3rd.5. JUMANJI CO-STARS AWKWAFINA AND KAREN GILLAN REUNITE IN NEW ACTION-COMEDY(Photo by RCF/Everett Collection, Karwai Tang/Getty Images)After co-starring in Ocean s Eight and the first movie in the eventual Crazy Rich Asians franchise, Awkwafina added another franchise to her filmography in December with Jumanji: The Next Level (Fresh at 71%), sharing the screen with Karen Gillan. Now Awkwafina and Gillan are signed to co-star in another action movie called Shelly, about an awkw -ard young woman (Awkwafina) who grows up to become an assassin, only to discover that her next target is none other than her worst high school bully (Karen Gillan). Shelly is being called a cross between Mean Girls and Bill Hader s hitman series Barry. Prolific TV sitcom director Jude Weng (Fresh Off the Boat, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) is attached to make his feature film directorial debut with Shelly.6. LABYRINTH GETTING SEQUEL 30+ YEARS LATER FROM DOCTOR STRANGE DIRECTOR (Photo by (c)TriStar courtesy Everett Collection)One of the first surprising news stories of 2020 was the announcement that Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) had dropped out of directing the sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (the job eventually went to Spider-Man director Sam Raimi instead). This week, Derrickson did sign on to develop another sequel to a popular and ambitious fantasy film, although the necessary development time probably means it won t be his next project. The movie in question is a sequel to the 1986 musical fantasy Labyrinth (Fresh at 71%), featuring the young Jennifer Connelly and the late David Bowie as the Goblin King. The premise of the Labyrinth sequel isn t yet known, including whether or not Connelly will be reprising her role. One possible story scenario could involve the children of either Connelly s character or her younger brother (who was the baby kidnapped in Labyrinth). Brian Henson of the Jim Henson Company will executive produce this sequel to a film directed by his late father, Jim Henson.7. A QUIET PLACE PRODUCERS TAKE ON BLACK HOLE DISASTER FLICK(Photo by Dee Cercone/Everett Collection)Robotics engineer and best-selling author Daniel H. Wilson s 2011 sci-fi novel Robopocalypse nearly made the transition from page to screen when none other than Steven Spielberg showed interest in tackling it, but the film has remained in limbo ever since DreamWorks put it on hold indefinitely after several production delays. In the meantime, Wilson has continued to write, and this week, he sold a spec script called The Blue Afternoon That Lasted Forever to Paramount Pictures. The screenplay tells the story of a NASA physicist who discovers the formation of a black hole that will destroy Earth in a few days, but he struggles to find anyone who believes his evidence or his theory. The Blue Afternoon That Lasted Forever is being developed by producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, who delivered a big hit for Paramount Pictures in 2018 with John Krasinski s A Quiet Place (Certified Fresh at 95%) and also produce Amazon s Jack Ryan, which stars Krasinski.8. NARCOS DIRECTOR WORKING WITH RIDLEY SCOTT ON PRISON THRILLER PANOPTICON (Photo by Giles Keyte/TM & copyright ©20th Century Fox Film Corp.)There are only so many films that a single director can ever personally take on, and Ridley Scott certainly knows this, having had to part with dozens of projects over the years. Scott is also super active as a producer through his and his late brother Tony s Scott Free production company. This fall, Scott Free Productions hopes to start filming an adaptation of the screenplay Panopticon, which first came to attention in 2017 as one of the entries on that year s Black List of Unproduced Screenplays. Panopticon is described as a prison thriller told from the perspectives of a new inmate, a correctional officer, and a Wall Street hotshot. The news this week is that Panopticon will be the next feature film directed by Colombian filmmaker Andrés Baiz, whose previous work has included 12 episodes of the Netflix crime series Narcos (Fresh at 89%).9. UNIVERSAL LICENSES DARK MAGIC YOUNG ADULT NOVEL SCHOLOMANCE (Photo by ©Columbia Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)One of the fun things about reporting on so many new movie projects every week is the occasional learning experience it provides. For example, until this week, this writer thought Scholomance was just one of the original World of Warcraft dungeons. As it turns out, The Scholomance comes from Transylvanian folklore and refers to a school of dark magic in the mountains of Transylvania; it has been featured in a few different interesting stories, including Bram Stoker s Dracula. Scholomance is also the name of an upcoming fantasy book series by author Naomi Novik, who this week struck a deal with Universal Pictures for a potential film franchise. The first Scholomance novel to be adapted will be A Deadly Education, about El Higgins, a girl with unmatched power who enters a school for the magically gifted, where failure means certain death. Novik also wrote the Termeraire novel series about a world where dragons really exist, and for a while, it was was being developed as a possible new franchise for Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.


So far critics are responding positively to the show s more adult take on superheroes. But will Doom Patrol: Season 1 (2019) 96% stay Fresh as its premiere approaches and reviews rack up? It s looking good so far How does Doom Patrol compare with Titans?(Photo by Jace Downs / 2018 Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved)Doom Patrol boasts the better premiere. Taking that into consideration, it could very well eclipse its predecessor given time, of course. – Eric Joseph, We Got This CoveredExecutive produced and written by Jeremy Carver (Supernatural, Being Human), Doom Patrol still has many of the same “mature” aspirations as Titans, including a pilot episode that not only features plenty of nudity, but also drops F-bombs as though its main point of reference for how people talk is Goodfellas and The Departed. – Kevin Yeoman, ScreenRantWhere the lack of content restrictions on DC Universe’s Titans always felt like kids getting to say curse words for the first time, [Brendan] Fraser wields them like a comedy weapon. Almost every expletive elicits a laugh, and Fraser milks them for all they’re worth. But beyond that, there’s a an incredible depth and numerous surprises to Steele’s story that you (probably) won’t see coming. – Alex Zelban, Decider I found the first hour of this oddball adventure far more enjoyable and consistent than DC Universe s Titans, enlivened by sharp direction and a great ensemble. – Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.comDoes the Acting Measure Up?(Photo by Quantrell D. Colbert / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved)The strength of Doom Patrol is how the fun balances so well with the adult, dark elements, and none of that would work without both great writing and a stellar cast. – Jessica Mason, The Mary SueWhat makes it work, beyond the fun of the deconstruction, Tudyk s always welcomingly skewering narration and the non-stop weirdness are the performances and deep grounding in the emotional lives of the characters. –ZalbenNeither Fraser nor Bomer are physically present in the roles of Robotman or N

亚博竞彩下载 ten Tomatoes had the chance to pose our lingering questions to Lemire, actor Neil Sandilands (who plays antagonist General Abbot), and executive producers Jim Mickle and Beth Schwartz about some of the program s locations, serendipitous moments, and where it might go in a potential second season.Why Is the Essex County Zoo So Important in the Show?(Photo by Kirsty Griffin/Netflix)One of the more unexpected elements of the series — particularly for readers of Lemire s comics — was the sudden importance of the Essex County Zoo that Aimee (Dania Ramirez) and Wendy (Naledi Murray) were using as a home and sanctuary for Hybrids. Even the name is a surprise as it nods directly to Lemire s earlier Essex County trilogy of graphic novels — a detail Lemire said eagle-eyed viewers will spot as early as episode 2 before it gets a prominent shot in episode 5.Beyond its name, the zoo also serves as part of the show s fairy-tale tone and way to reconcile the program s relocation of events from Lemire s home country of Canada to the Midwestern United States. Obviously it has a slightly different geography than the comic book because of the Nebraska angle, he explained. [But] once we got to New Zealand, it was like, This doesn t look like Nebraska. How do we [do this?]' Soon, the production found our own real logic or geography as they fairy tale-ize the landscape between Yellowstone National Park, Colorado, and an Essex County, which is a cousin — by way of Lemire s rich universe — to the one he grew up in. It is magnificent, Sandiland said of the set. It really feels like you re in a theme park somewhere. Although some of the exteriors were shot at the Auckland Zoo, much of the Essex County Zoo was created on a sound stage. The actor recalled a major shot when Abbot first arrives with the Last Men militia. They had one of those huge extension arms [for the camera]. The vehicles [are] moving in, going all the way, pulling back, and then [the camera goes] all the way across to where Abbott is standing on top of that structure, facing the zoo. That was done on a sound stage. So just to give you an idea of the enormity of it. In terms of the narrative, the Zoo will seemingly take the place of the Last Man camp featured in the comic book. That may be the reason why the set is so lovingly rendered by a design team Sandilands called just next level. Although, he declined to confirm if the Last Men will be camping there while Dr. Singh (Adeel Akhtar) attempts to process the cure.Of course, any details of a potential second season are unknown to him and, as it happens, he chose not to read ahead in the comic in order to make the discovery of the story as the production progresses; a valid acting choice that may also help explain one of Sandilands more distinct visual departures from the character as drawn by Lemire.Why Does General Abbot Look So Different from the Comic?(Photo by Netflix)When we spoke to Schwartz before the series debuted earlier this month, she said it was possible the strikingly-long beard Abbot sports may have been Sandilands own lockdown beard, a supposition the actor partially confirmed for us. Lockdown had quite a bit to do with it, he said. I did another little local project [just before Sweet Tooth] where I sported the beard. And I thought, It s definitely a look, right? There s something going on there. And I just decided to keep growing it. And little did I know that it becomes quite a thing. As it turns out, the hair and makeup team were supportive of the choice, going so far as to email Sandilands before he flew to New Zealand to make sure he kept it.Mickle and Schwartz were also supportive, though some discussions about the beard took place. It is a collaborative thing. I think a lot of people have to buy into the look. And we had time to play around with it, he said. Jim sent me some of the images that we did on set with a full-on hair, makeup, wardrobe test and when I got those stills, I was really rather surprised in a good way. The look was just so striking with the beard, with the glasses, with the lighting, with the color, everything. So that came as a pleasant surprise. And I think an actor draws from a lot of external input stimulus prior to going on set and starting to build the character. Another aspect of the character which may come as a surprise to viewers is his composure — something often lacking in post-apocalyptic warlords. Deliberate restraint is always a good thing, Sandilands said. As we ve seen in his encounters with Singh, Singh s predecessor, Dr. Bell (Sarah Peirse), and even the words he said to Aimee from across the Zoo, he presents himself as someone who doesn t need to raise his voice to get his point across. And as Sandilands sees it, the character strikes a certain mystique. He s intriguing enough that you would want to know, like, who the hell is this f er? What is he really capable of? How deep can we go? I think there s a lot of miles in that tank left to be explored, he said.Is It Serendipity or Is It Supernatural?(Photo by Kirsty Griffin/Netflix)Another element the show may explore in a possible second season — Netflix has yet to confirm another is on the way — is the part serendipity seems to play in the story. Consider the way Jep (Nonso Anozie) and Singh had that conversation in an elevator which eventually leads to him accepting Gus ten years later or the way Bear (Stefania LaVie Owen) and Wendy relate to one another. Then there s the big one: the way the fickle hand of fate has seemingly led all of the characters in the direction of Essex County for what comes next. When asked if it is all coincidence or if some force is at work behind the scenes, Mickle simply raised an eyebrow. James Brolin is behind the whole thing, Lemire joked.Although, that joke definitely leads to one possible answer. From the eight episodes so far, we ve heard Brolin s narrator refer to himself in the first person, have intimate knowledge of the characters pasts, and bind their scenes together thematically before any of them besides Aimee walked near the Zoo. He could be some supernatural force. He could also be Gus in the far future writing all of this down in the storybook style of his father, but if Lemire feels comfortable enough to joke about the narrator s place in the story at this point, we ll assume his real role in the story is far more surprising.Then there is also a supernatural angle if viewers want it: Gus s hallucinatory dream in the field of flowers which seems to foretell his meeting with Abbot. The mention of it led Mickle to raise his eyebrow again and say, Gus is tapped into whatever Gus is tapped into, I guess. [In] a circular, very Twin Peaksian way, Lemire added. You could ask the same question about Jeff s comic books, Schwartz said. Indeed, comic book Gus has many more dreams than his TV counterpart by the time he first meets Singh — and all without the aid of the flowers growing over the dead. All of them contain at least a drop of prophecy, although we can go back to Lemire invoking Twin Peaks and the way that show always kept a little deniability in the mysticism on display. At least until the third season, anyway. But it is definitely something to keep on the board should Sweet Tooth get its second season.

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