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www.bob采用百度引擎7(Baidu 8)This Week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Black Adam, Fletch, and Wishbone. This WEEK S TOP STORYCHRIS EVANS AND RYAN GOSLING TO STAR IN NETFLIX MOVIE BY THE RUSSO BROTHERS(Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough, Jef Hernandez/Everett Collection)It was just in 2017 that Netflix shocked many pundits with the news that they were investing over 0 million (which eventually became something more like 0 to 0 million) on Martin Scorsese s ambitious mob hitman biopic The Irishman (Certified Fresh at 96%). Perhaps even more surprisingly, The Irishman did not receive a wide release in theaters, but was still seen as a success. On the heels of that success, Netflix announced plans this week to break their own record with a spy action-thriller called The Gray Man, which will have a production budget north of 0 million. Chris Evans (Marvel s Captain America) and Ryan Gosling will star in The Gray Man, which will be adapted from the novel of the same name by screenwriter Joe Russo and directed by Russo and his brother Anthony Russo, who are best known for the Marvel movies Captain America: Civil War (Certified Fresh at 91%), Avengers: Infinity War (Certified Fresh aty 85%), and Avengers: Endgame (Certified Fresh at 94%). As the source novel is the first in a successful series, Netflix reportedly hopes to start a new action franchise comparable to James Bond. The Gray Man will tell the story of a deadly cat-and-mouse came as one assassin (Gosling) called The Gray Man is hunted down across the world by another agent (Chris Evans). It s worth noting, since the Russo Brothers are so tied to comic book movies, that Netflix s The Gray Man has no connection to the DC Comics character of the same name. It s also worth noting that Joe Russo is the writer of the Netflix original film Extraction, which starred the MCU s Chris Hemsworth and became the streaming service s most-watched movie of all time when it premiered in late April.Other Top Headlines1. TO ALL THE BOYS NOAH CENTINEO JOINS DWAYNE JOHNSON S BLACK ADAM(Photo by ©Netflix)DC Comics Justice Society of America is a super team that some fans are just now discovering because of Stargirl on The CW, but it actually has a history dating back to the early 1940s as the very first comic book superhero team ever. Some JSA members are tricky to comprehend because of those 80 years of continuity, but one of them is the original Atom (who was short but not to be confused with the Atoms who can shrink), who was then followed by his super-strong godson (now called Atom Smasher). There have been rumors before this week that Dwayne Johnson s upcoming Black Adam (12/22/2021) will, in addition to being a Shazam! spinoff, also feature some members of the Justice Society of America, and this week, Atom Smasher became the first to be confirmed. The actor joining Black Adam will be Noah Centineo, who is probably currently best known for his roles in a few different Netflix projects, including To All the Boys I ve Loved Before, Sierra Burgess is a Loser, and The Perfect Date. When production of Black Adam starts off in Georgia in early 2021, the film will be directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who also directed Johnson in Disney s upcoming theme park attraction adaptation Jungle Cruise (6/20/2021).2. JON HAMM TO STAR IN REBOOT OF CHEVY CHASE COMEDY FLETCH (Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)Hollywood obviously has a decades-long obsession with remaking films of yesteryear (they ve actually been remaking movies since 1918), but the decade that has seemingly inspired the most remakes is the 1980s. Although he was quickly followed by stars like John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Eddie Murphy, the first Saturday Night Live star to leave the show for a movie career was Chevy Chase, and in 1985, he starred in the journalist comedy Fletch (Fresh at 77%), which was then followed in 1989 by the sequel Fletch Lives (Rotten at 37%). Director Kevin Smith has long wanted to reboot the franchise with a project called Fletch Won, starring Jason Lee (TV s My Name is Earl), but that obviously never happened. Instead, the actor who is now attached to star in the Fletch reboot, based on the eleven original novels by Gregory McDonald, is Jon Hamm. The new Fletch will be directed by Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland), who previously worked with Hamm on the made-for-HBO movie Clear History (Fresh at 61%). You can read more about Jon Hamm s other upcoming projects in this piece.3. PETER FARRELLY IS PRODUCING A WISHBONE MOVIE(Photo by ©Big Feats! Entertainment courtesy Everett Collection)Although some genres are still struggling in the movies compared to where they used to be (romantic comedies, westerns, etc), Hollywood appears to be content with the results they get from dog movies. (Harrison Ford s Call of the Wild has been described as a box office bomb, but it also had to deal with the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.) One of the upcoming dog movies is the adaptation of the animated PBS series Clifford the Big Red Dog (11/13/2020 ), and this week, another canine PBS show is getting its own movie. Wishbone was a live-action show that ran on PBS from 1995 to 1997 in which Wishbone the dog taking on the personas of various literary characters each week, and now Green Book (Certified Fresh at 78%) director Peter Farrelly is attached to produce the Wishbone movie. As long as we re on the subject, another dog movie in active development that was announced earlier this year is Arthur the King, starring Mark Wahlberg.4. THE OLD GUARD DIRECTOR GINA PRINCE-BYTHEWOOD TEAMS UP WITH VIOLA DAVIS FOR THE WOMAN KING (Photo by 20th Century Fox courtesy Everett Collection, Jason Mendez/Everett Collection)You may recall that we almost got a Marvel Comics adaptation called Silver Black (about Silver Sable and Black Cat), which was once scheduled for February 8, 2019. That film was to have been directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (Love and Basketball, The Secret Life of Bees), who instead moved to Netflix where she directed their recent action movie The Old Guard (Certified Fresh at 81%). It appears that the good will from The Old Guard has resulted in a pretty quick benefit for Prince-Bythewood, because she has already set up an ambitious period drama at TriStar Pictures called The Woman King. Viola Davis will star in The Woman King as Nanisca, a general of an all-female military unit in the Kingdom of Dahomey, an African nation that once existed in the area that is now Benin. The other lead role in The Woman King will be Nanisca s daughter, Nawi, who reportedly was almost played by Lupita Nyong o. In related news, Charlize Theron is already talking about possible sequel plans for The Old Guard.5. HENRY GOLDING TO VOICE LEAD IN CHINESE ZODIAC-INSPIRED THE TIGER S APPRENTICE(Photo by Sanja Bucko/©Warner Bros. Pictures)Some of this year s animated features ended up releasing (or will be released) on Video on Demand due to widespread theater closures (Trolls World Tour, Scoob!, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run in 2021), but Hollywood appears to be otherwise committing to keeping other future animated movies in theaters (when the world goes back to having any movies released). One of those companies is Paramount Animation, who is continuing development on a project called The Tiger s Apprentice, which will be inspired by elements of the Chinse Zodiac. We can now report that the lead character, a talking tiger, will be voiced by Henry Golding, who first came to attention as the male lead in the 2018 romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians. Golding s next big movie role will be as Snake Eyes (10/23/2020), in a spinoff movie for the popular G.I. Joe character.6. IS JENNIFER GREY MAKING A DIRTY DANCING SEQUEL SET IN THE 1990S?(Photo by (c)Vestron Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)For the most part, movie rumors don t get covered by major souces like Variety and Deadline, which is basically where we draw the line between rumors and confirmed news stories to begin with. This week, however, both of those sources ran with a story that is still firmly being described as a rumor. Reportedly, Dirty Dancing (Fresh at 69%) and Ferris Bueller s Day Off star Jennifer Grey is partnering with Lionsgate to produce an unique dance movie which she will star in and produce. The mystery project, which is also set in the 1990s, is rumored to possibly be a sequel to Dirty Dancing. If true, Grey would presumably be playing the 40-something older version of Baby from Dirty Dancing, but it s anyone s guess what that character might be doing 30 years later after that one memorable summer in the Catskills in 1963. We should also point out that Dirty Dancing already had a re-imagining in 2004 with Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (Rotten at 23%), and a TV movie remake in 2017 (Rotten at 19%).7. RIVERDALE STAR KJ APA TO HEADLINE MICHAEL BAY S PANDEMIC THRILLER (Photo by Jack Rowand/©The CW)Amidst all of the speculation about how most Hollywood productions will get going again, we ve also been hearing about producer Michael Bay s project called Songbird, which is inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic we re all currently living in. Set two years in the future, Songbird will be told through the eyes of the characters, and we now know that the two leads will be KJ Apa (Archie on TV s Riverdale) and Sofia Carson, one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. Filming of Songbird reportedly started on location in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Apa will play an essential worker who is able to deliver to people, including his girlfriend (Carson), due to his having a rare immunity to the disease. Demi Moore will also have a supporting role.8. JEAN SMART TO STAR IN LATEST FROM TATE TAYLOR(Photo by Jason Mendez/Everett Collection)Director Tate Taylor is probably best known for his frequent collaborations with actress Octavia Spencer (like The Help and the thriller Ma), but he s also done movies like The Girl on the Train with other lead actresses. For his next movie, Taylor has recruited veteran character actor Jean Smart, who s coming off her recent supporting role in HBO s Watchmen mini-series (playing the same Silk Spectre character depicted in the 2009 movie by Malin Akerman). Jean Smart will be starring in the movie, called Miss Macy, as an eccentric woman who becomes a mentor to a young girl. The screenplay was adapted by screnwriter Beth Henley (Crimes of the Heart, Nobody s Fool). Miss Macy will be produced by Amblin Partners, the production company that spun out from Steven Spielberg s DreamWorks Pictures, and which has recently produced 1917, Dark Waters, First Man, and Ready Player One.9. UNIVERSAL S CLASSIC MONSTERS FRANCHISE WILL INCLUDE A KIDS MOVIE (Photo by ©TriStar Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)Univeral Pictures previous plan for a Dark Universe built around reboots of their Universal Classic Monsters famously fell apart in 2017 following the disappointing box office for Tom Cruise s The Mummy, but the studio did not give up on the idea of reboots. Their new strategy paid off this year, just before the pandemic fully hit, with The Invisible Man (Certified Fresh at 91%), which was both a box office and critical hit. Other classic monsters projects Universal now has in the works include a remake of The Wolfman (starring Ryan Gosling) and a project called Dark Army from director Paul Feig (we don t yet know what that one s about). We can also add to the list a family-friendly movie called Little Monsters from the director of Toy Story 4, which will reportedly feature various characters from Universal s monster roster. That concept has sort of already been done a few times, including movies like The Monster Squad and Adam Sandler s animated Hotel Transylvania franchise, but the difference here is Universal Pictures official stamp of approval (Hotel Transylvania, for example, is a Sony Pictures franchise).

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(Photo by Sony/Columbia Pictures)This fall marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Zombieland, the well-reviewed horror comedy that entertained while instructing how to survive a zombie apocalypse. This fall will also see the long-awaited release of the hit movie’s sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap. That’s right, it’s time to nut up or shut up again and follow our favorite city-named characters as they re-kill some undead and maybe even search for more Twinkies.What’s in store for Columbus and the rest of the gang? What have they been up to this past decade? Will they accidentally murder anymore Hollywood icons? Here’s everything we know about the follow-up so far.What s Taken So Long?(Photo by Sony/Columbia Pictures)Ten years is a long wait for a sequel to a movie as popular as Zombieland, which grossed more than 0 million worldwide back in 2009. Everyone seemed ready to do another one soon afterward, but the usual Hollywood hurdles got in the way, some of them rather positive. The filmmakers and cast have all had a good and busy decade since the release of the original.Jesse Eisenberg became an Oscar nominee. Woody Harrelson, who had previously been nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, earned a couple more nominations for Best Supporting Actor. Emma Stone was not only nominated for two Oscars herself, but actually won one for Best Actress in 2016, and she was just nominated for a third time. Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick hit it big with Deadpool and Deadpool 2. Director Ruben Fleischer did a few more movies, including last year’s box office hit Venom, and a lot of television.(Photo by Official Zombieland Twitter)As it turns out, this was perfect timing for the cast of Zombieland to return for a sequel, if only for the fact that they could promote the project through a popular meme. On January 29, the official Zombieland Twitter account revealed the new title for the sequel in a tweet that also featured a new poster, with Eisenberg, Harrelson, Stone, and Breslin recreating the one-sheet for the original. The image of them all older — and in Breslin’s case, taller — is a perfect entry in the #10YearChallenge trend of comparing how we look now with our 2009 selves.Also, this isn’t the first return to Zombieland. Back in 2013, Amazon Studios debuted a pilot for Zombieland: The TV Series alongside 13 other pilots and asked viewers to help decide which series would be picked up. Unfortunately, fans weren’t into the small-screen version of Zombieland, which was scripted by Reese and Wernick but featured a new cast, and Amazon opted not to produce any more episodes. “You guys successfully hated it out of existence,” Reese tweeted at the time.Everyone Is Excited to Be Back(Photo by Sony/Columbia Pictures)Despite all the success and elevated prestige the cast and creators have experienced in the last decade, everyone is back on board for this crazy ride. Eisenberg, Harrelson, Stone, and Breslin will reprise their respective roles as Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock. And Fleischer is again at the helm, directing another script by Reese and Wernick, who are this time joined by The Expendables writer Dave Callaham.When Sony greenlit the sequel last summer, studio president Sanford Panitch said of the reunion: “No one wanted to see it happen more than Emma, Woody, Jesse, and Abigail. These are some of the most in-demand actors, and I think they are making this movie because they love these characters. We are thrilled Ruben was willing to come back to direct the sequel, as his work on Venom has been truly amazing.”Fleischer himself also spoke excitedly to Fandango last fall as he was prepping for the sequel. “I m thrilled,” he said. “I’ve been scouting and storyboarding and getting it going, and to get to work with that cast again is just an absolute dream come true. It s been really exciting starting to think about that movie, and to get to work with Emma, Jesse, Woody, and Abigail once again is truly a dream come true. Yeah, we re just at the very early stages, but we have an amazing script, and we re going to start shooting in Georgia in January.” Whatever the full synopsis and cast list entails, they’re up and running as of now filming began for Zombieland: Double Tap on January 21, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia.New Locations, New Friends, and New Zombies(Photo by Sony/Columbia Pictures)What is the foursome up to this time around? The plot is being kept under wraps, of course, but does it really matter what the story is? All a Zombieland sequel needs to have is more hilarious zombie action and horror — not too complicated. We do know that Zombieland: Double Tap will involve another trek through the United States of Zombieland, however, this time taking the gang from the White House to the former American heartland.The film will also feature some new players in the game of zombie bashing, and yes, they’re also all nicknamed after places special to them. Rising star Zoey Deutch is Madison. Avan Jogia (TV’s Victorious) is a bad boy musician named Berkeley. And Rosario Dawson is Nevada. Hopefully we learn why her moniker is an entire state rather than a city.According to sparse details spreading about the premise of the sequel, Berkeley will be a love interest for Breslin’s Little Rock, who has separated from the rest of her group, and Nevada is a zombie hunter who connects with Eisenberg’s Columbus after some drama between him and Stone s Wichita further splits up the original cast.(Photo by Sony/Columbia Pictures)Meanwhile, as the four main characters have managed to stay alive for a decade by hunkering down in the presidential home, the hordes outside have also been surviving. According to reports of the plot, the gang will be facing “new kinds of zombies,” including smarter and stealthier varieties. I mean, it s been 10 years, so who knows what the world will look like at this point? Fleischer hinted to Fandango last fall.While it’s unconfirmed if Bill Murray will also return for the sequel as “himself,” rumor has it that his old Ghostbusters co-star and fellow Saturday Night Live alum Dan Aykroyd will make a cameo this time around as “Dan Aykroyd.” Would that mean we could look forward to Ernie Hudson or Sigourney Weaver in Zombieland 3?It ll Be Worth the Wait(Photo by Sony/Columbia Pictures)Ten years is a long time to wait for a sequel, and anticipation has just been building and building. Will it meet our expectations? Certainly there’s no pleasing everyone, but the decade delay has hopefully been for the best. Fleischer thinks so, as he told LRM last month: I think collectively we all felt very strongly that the only circumstance we’d be willing to make the movie is if it’s as good or better than the original. And none of us were willing to compromise on the quality of the movie. We worked on the script real hard to make sure that it was up to par with the original. And so, that was just a stipulation that we were all completely on the same page about. I’m proud to say I think our script is really great, in that the movie will be as good as the original if not better, and that’s why we’re all back. Zombieland: Double Tap  is currently scheduled to hit theaters on October 11, 2019. 少年三国志2游戏一款非常有趣的策略手游,全新的游戏玩法模式,游戏融合了三消、卡牌和策略的游戏玩法,带给玩家不一样的游戏体验,并且游戏还加入了全新的英雄系统,感兴趣的小伙伴快点来下载试玩吧。

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以上便是小编为大家带来的英雄联盟手游限免英雄刷新时间了,感兴趣的小伙伴可以去体验一下。更多消息和内容关注游戏369,之后会持续给大家带来更多全新的内容。查看英雄联盟手游专区更多内容查看更多英雄联盟手游热门攻略查看更多英雄联盟手游热门下载www.bobBest-Reviewed YA Series 2020The Baby-Sitters Club, about a group of girls with entrepreneurial spirit, struck Tomato gold in the first year of our best-reviewed YA TV series category. Netflix delivered the top three titles in the genre, including Christmas romp Dash Lily and Mindy Kaling’s coming-of-age comedy Never Have I Ever. Meanwhile, for the not-quite-ready-for-Euphoria crowd, TV-14–rated HBO drama Betty comes in at No. 4, and now-canceled Party Of Five remake rounds out the group.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2020. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

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7.86.2 4月喜迎但就是这么逼氪,依然大把的玩家愿意买账,这倒不是斯德哥尔摩综合征,而是《原神》的角色设计就是领先于当前任何一款手游的,无论是从建模、可玩性、趣味性、人设等各个角度,吊打目前各种二次元手游,将投其所好一词发挥到极致,同时又不显得过分媚宅。
How s the Artistry? Much of the series is beautiful to look at conceptually, but there s no getting around the sameness of the character design, the lack of expression in those big, soulless American-doll-style eyes, and the lifeless storytelling. Brian Lowry, CNN.com Telling the puppet characters apart sometimes proves a daunting challenge, and it s difficult to mount much enthusiasm for the task given the first episode s plodding pace. Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Like the original, it s an extraordinary technical achievement filled with stunning images and remarkable puppet work. And, also like the original, it won t appeal to everyone. Keith Phipps, TV Guide You can liken it to Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones or any high fantasy series you like, but after ten magical hours it truly stands on its own as a gorgeous, innovative, emotional, joyous, and exceptional wonder. Allison Keene, Paste Magazine(Photo by Kevin Baker/Netflix)How s the Storytelling? A beauty with a fully realized world which seems to know where it s going and how to get there. Verne Gay, Newsday The thrilling, moving Age of Resistance marks an impressive pushback against the age of CGI. Sara Stewart, New York Post A good reminder that the fantasy genre is about taking a step toward something unfamiliar and then letting it take you away. Hank Stuever, Washington Post An astonishing achievement that will equally delight and disturb. Matt Fowler, IGN Movies The series (which has to fill five times as much screen time as the movie) is full of padding, especially in the tedious scenes of the vain, petty Skeksis squabbling with each other. The first episode opens with three and a half minutes of solid narration (Sigourney Weaver) to explain the fairly rudimentary set-up, and there are long, unnecessary detours that seem meant to expand the world of Thra, but are mostly just easily skippable filler. Josh Bell, CBR The film established a world that was strange and mysterious, but it barely skimmed the surface of its potential in its 90-minute runtime. The Age of Resistance writers are filling that blank space in a way that feels natural rather than superfluous. They’ve invented past conflicts, expanded the roles of characters from the film, and built a nuanced social order for the Gelflings that helps explain how the Skeksis came to power and maintained their grasp on Thra for a thousand years. The writers have also created numerous minor touches that add to the character of the world, like beautiful, somber rituals for the choosing of a new Gelfling leader, and a way of mourning that still embraces the show’s central philosophy that death is a necessary, important part of life. Samantha Nelson, The Verge(Photo by Kevin Baker/Netflix)How s The Voice Work? A few standouts in the impressively deep cast are worth mentioning here, and none more than Simon Pegg s incredible version of The Chamberlain. Fans will remember this devious opportunist from the original film, and Pegg is unrecognizably perfect taking over the role, becoming the most fascinating character in the series. Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel also brings vibrancy and light to her unintentionally corpse-looking Gelfling, Deet, with her endlessly endearing voice work. Awkafina is a riot on the other end of the spectrum as The Collector, the pus-filled, whiny Skeksis along with Mark Hamill doing what he does best in a delightfully over-the-top performance as The Scientist. Kyle Wilson, The Lamplight Review Aside from the assurance of puppetry over CGI, the biggest draw to the series? Its incredibly stacked voice cast, which includes a who’s who of sci-fi/fantasy TV and film. They rise up to the challenge, with some of them clearly having a blast recording it. (On the Skeksis side, Mark Hamill, Jason Isaacs, and Simon Pegg are all highlights.) But in a season of television that has 180 speaking parts (many of them introduced at the same time), most of that celebrity voice cast gets a little lost in the shuffle. Michelle Jaworski, The Daily Dot(Photo by Kevin Baker/Netflix)Final Verdict? Simultaneously acts as a gift to fans packed with Easter eggs and a powerful primer for the uninitiated. Caroline Framke, Variety It s a rare and beautiful beast that s definitively an epic TV series, as well as feeling very easy to surrender to and bury oneself between luxuriously rich storytelling and gloriously beautiful pops of color. Kimberly Ricci, Uproxx One of the most remarkable productions in TV history, and one of the best modern fantasies ever made for the small screen. Erik Kain, Forbes Whether you re watching for fulfilled nostalgia or current pleasure, this is a whimsical, fun and entertaining series. Dan Fienberg, Hollywood Reporter Ultimately, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance prequel is a more than worthy successor to Henson s 1982 masterpiece while establishing itself as a master work in its own right. There is something for everyone in this exquisite offering. Nicole Drum, ComicBook.com Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a triumph of creativity and entertainment. Chris Cummins, Den of GeekThe Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance season 2 launches Friday, August 30 on Netflix
When it comes to the release schedule, there are a few truisms that have become common knowledge among film fans: blockbuster movies come out in the spring and summer, horror movies get October, Oscar-worthy ones have November and December, and the truly bad stuff gets unceremoniously dumped in January and February.There are plenty of explanations for February’s rep as a cinematic lean month: you’ve got Super Bowl weekend – traditionally, a huge weekend for premiering movie trailers, but not movies themselves (Cloverfield Paradox-style anomalies notwithstanding). Plus, there s Valentine’s Day, holiday credit card bills finally come due, and winter weather generally makes it significantly more appealing for movie lovers to stay indoors and Netflix-and-chill under a pile of blankets. Perfectly good reasons, all.(Photo by Universal Pictures)Only, not to “well, actually” conventional wisdom here, but, well, actually… It turns out February movies aren’t as bad as we’ve been making them out to be all this time. In fact, in recent years, they’ve been better than ever. In 2019 alone, we ve already had a pair of heavily anticipated, Certified Fresh sequels in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (92%) and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (86%).So, the question is this: are February releases actually getting better, or are we just falling prey to recency bias and small sample size? To figure that out, we turned to the data, going back to compare Tomatometer scores for the top 15 movies at the February box office for the past 35 years. That’s 525 movies across four decades.In doing so, we discovered that February’s always had its fair share of big hits – beloved cult classics like Bill Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Office Space, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective all celebrated major anniversaries this month. But February offerings are also getting noticeably better: the past five years have produced more Certified Fresh movies and awards season

Henry Cavill has replaced the iconic Man of Steel cape with some sleek white locks and a shiny, sharp sword in Netflix s new fantasy series, The Witcher. Based on the popular stories by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, which spawned the wildly popular video game series, the eight-episode first season follows the story of swordsman-for-hire Geralt of Rivia, whose supernatural skills come in handy for profession: hunting monsters. In the series, the solitary warrior seeks princess-in-exile Ciri (Freya Allan) and runs across sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), who is just discovering her powers at the outset of season 1.As with most recent genre shows of this ilk, comparisons have already been made to Game of Thrones. Netflix has already seen value in their highly-anticipated series and renewed The Witcher for a second season in November. A studio s confidence and noteworthy buzz can work wonders for a fledgling program such as this. But has Netflix s bet paid off? Will The Witcher scratch that White Walker itch? And is the Cavill-starrer strong enough to hack-and-slash its way through the ever-cluttered realm of Peak TV to make an impact?Here’s what critics are saying about The Witcher.HOW DOES IT COMPARE TO THE BOOKS?(Photo by Netflix)Fans of the books and the game are likely to have a field day with the swarm of character references throughout, and whilst it’s paying fan service with how casually these names are mentioned, general unversed audiences may need to pay a bit more closer attention, especially when Cavill is speaking as his low growl can often be inaudible.  —Peter Gray, This Is FilmThe problem is, there s very little reason to get invested enough to attempt to make sense of the whole thing. From the jump, in the very first episode, characters constantly yammer at Geralt about destiny this and destiny that, which isn t nearly as interesting in 2019 as it might have been in the 1980s when the stories were originally published. Even if you love the original stories and books, they re remixed and altered here to the point that they often no longer make sense. —Michael Rougeau, GameSpotIn faithfully adapting the book it brings with it some questionable elements, but it at least adapts these tales with a more modern sensibility.   —Kambole Campbell, Little White LiesIndeed, the one thing that I worry viewers might dislike about The Witcher is that without a strong knowledge of the books, or at least a good grasp on fantasy fiction in general, this show might require some hard work. Game of Thrones is, quite simply, easier to get into.  — Erik Kain, ForbesDOES HENRY CAVILL SLAY?(Photo by Netflix)Henry Cavill’s character  could scan as a spin on the actor’s most notable prior role. Monster hunter Geralt of Rivia resembles a reclusive medieval Superman—all principle, brawn, and jawline—clad in a white wig and cat-like contact lenses. But rather than reheating the Man of Steel, Cavill quickly melts into Geralt, capturing his aloof yet winsome confidence with sardonic one-liners and baritone grunts. —Niv M. Sultan, Slant MagazineThankfully, Cavill as Geralt is beyond anything I expected. While this is a testament to Cavill’s acting, its also because of his ability to nail the physicality that the role deserves.   —Kate Sanchez, But Why ThoCavill delights in every grimace as his grimy, sour Geralt traverses locales familiar to any Dungeons Dragons campaign. Candle-strewn taverns, pornographic wizard illusions, and foolish nobles—no matter the job, Geralt perseveres in true Lawful Neutral form (to keep things in D D terms). A bemused yet not unkind cynicism comes across in Cavill’s slow baritone and rare, slight smile. It’s the best he’s been aside from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and everyone either hates him or is horny for him.  — Jacob Oller, Paste MagazineREAD ALSO: Henry Cavill on Why He Had To Play the WitcherHOW S THE REST OF THE CAST?(Photo by Netflix)Showrunner Lauren Hissrich and executive producer Tomek Baginski really knocked the casting out of the park with this series. Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, and Joey Batey all bring the necessary gruff, edge, and charm of their famous characters to life throughout the series, and they contrast incredibly well with each other once they all get a chance to unite on screen.   —Matthew Aguilar, comicbookWhile Cavill is the famous face, it’s actually a three-lead show with three distinct storylines, co-starring the Anya Chalotra as the trainee witch Yennefer, and Freya Allan as Ciri, a fugitive teen princess. These two young women are much more interesting than Geralt, partly because they have solid character arcs, but mostly because Henry Cavill is a block of beautifully carved wood.  — Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Daily DotHOW DETAILED IS THE WORLD-BUILDING?(Photo by Netflix)The production design does look impressive and you really get the sense that money is being fired at this to give it every possible opportunity. The difference, however, is that while The Witcher may exist in a fantastical world, you can never really shake the feeling that you re looking at a set, or that you ve seen some of this before.   —Brian Lloyd, entertainment.ieThere’s not quite enough fully developed characters to make this feel like a big ensemble show like “Thrones,” and so we crave a single center of gravity. The decentralized aspect of “The Witcher,” instead, emphasizes certain faults, like how Cavill doesn’t quite embody the Han Solo aspect of his roguish-hero role enough to hold the screen fully.   —Daniel D Addario, VarietyHOW ARE ITS FIGHT SCENES?(Photo by Netflix)One fight sequence towards the end of episode one is quite special, seemingly achieved in one unbroken take and with Cavill visibly involved, instead of a stunt double. —Rohan Naahar, Hindustan TimesViolence and sexuality are both major components of the source material, and The Witcher certainly doesn’t skimp in either category. The aforementioned carving up of the village riffraff is gruesome, as are Geralt’s frequent encounters with all manner of sinister creatures, and there’s no shortage of bare bodies on display.  —Brent Hankins, Lamplight ReviewThat’s the real star of The Witcher: the fight scenes. Filled with terrifying monsters, brutal thugs, and shots lifted straight from classic horror movies, each battle has been so stylishly executed, they almost feel sensual. The Witcher’s fight scenes aren’t merely good enough to be entertaining, they’re “make you scream like you’re at a playoff game” great.   — Kayla Cobb, DeciderWhere The Witcher succeeds is in its action sequences. A face-off between the super-human Geralt and a Lovecraftian nightmare in a crumbling castle is gruesome and fast-paced. And a struggle between the anti-hero and his lover (Emma Appleton) is appropriately heart-rending. If you like this sort of thing, it’s worth putting up with the bleary plot and dialogue just to get from one confrontation to the next.   — Ed Power, Daily Telegraph (UK)WAIT, IS IT SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY?(Photo by Netflix)Worse, the wink, wink nature of the oddly misplaced humor makes clear that the writers are clearly trying to have their cake and eat it too, which comes off like an eleven-year-old who’s satisfied enough by dipping a finger into the frosting before licking it off instead of making an actual meal.   —Andrew Bundy, The Playlist“The Witcher” has a lighthearted sense of humor — another difference between it and “Game of Thrones,” whose jokes landed with the force of tankards slammed on oaken boards. We’re not talking high comedy, but you could do worse than watching Cavill, as Geralt, pour out his troubles to his horse, the only creature the Witcher will really open up to.   — Mike Hale, New York Times
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www.bob The Florida Project Director Sean Baker Debuts Latest to Rave Reviews(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)Wednesday, July 14: The Florida Project director Sean Baker is the focus of our final installment of the Cannes Ketchup. The festival will continue until Saturday with an award ceremony on Friday, but we will end our daily French Dispatch with the premiere and reactions from Baker s Red Rocket. The Tangerine helmer s latest like his previous films is an urban fantasy about a group of people who exist in the margins of society, particularly those who work in the sex industry.This time around, his subject is a narcissistic former porn star turned suitcase pimp down-on-their-luck (usually homeless) hustlers who prey on women to fund them under the guise of being cared for. We follow one who returns home to the Texas gulf after his dreams of porn star glory are dashed out in Los Angeles. Mikey Saber (Simon Rex) may have hit a rough patch, living with his estranged wife, but thanks to a donut counter girl he meets three weeks shy of her 18th birthday, he sees dollar signs in his future.Baker himself has admitted that he expected backlash due to the subject and general lack of accountability for doing dirty deeds, but so far, that has not been the case. Jo-Anne Titmarsh of HeyUGuys wrote, Baker s skewering of modern life is as vibrant and bleak as ever. He elicits some phenomenal performances, through which we see the hollow heart of the America dream. An interesting film to try and peg for end-of-year awards, it will undoubtedly have success at the Independent Spirit Awards, with possibly just enough for an Oscar push for Best Original Screenplay or Rex for Best Actor. Jury President Spike Lee also seemed to be a fan, marking this one a possible dark horse for the Palme d Or. Come back to Rotten Tomatoes on Monday for our festival wrap-up on the best things we saw at Cannes and where you can watch them.Blue Bayou and Aline Impress; Titane Brings Truly Bats t Energy(Photo by Dominique Charriau/Getty Images)Tuesday, July 13: The cast of The French Dispatch had to assemble quickly after the premiere for an early morning photocall on Tuesday, and while everyone opted for a laid-back look, the film, which is Fresh at 88% on the Tomatometer, is still the toast of the town. Later in the day, Justin Chon brought his latest effort, Blue Bayou, to Cannes, and it was received well by critics. Iana Murray of The Playlist wrote, What Blue Bayou does wonderfully in these quiet moments is illustrate that being Asian is not a one-size-fits-all identity but a vast tapestry of different cultures. Chon wrote and directed the feature as he has for all of his previous films, and this time around, he plays a Louisiana man who learns he was adopted illegally and now faces deportation. The Focus Features film looks to hit theaters in September, just in time for an awards season/festival run.(Photo by Carole Bethuel)After its trailer lit up the Twittersphere a few weeks ago and neared cult status among Dion/pop music fans around the globe, the highly buzzed-about unofficial Celine Dion biopic Aline was also surprisingly well received, with Vanity Fair s Richard Lawson noting the film accesses what lies at the heart of Dion as a public figure: she s a bit of a weirdo, goofy and corny and gaudy and fabulous. Aline would have been the hottest topic of the day if it weren t for the film that closed it out, as Julia Ducournau took the shine off everyone with Titane. If you caught and enjoyed Ducournau s first feature, Raw, you will feel right at home with her follow-up, a truly bats t film that features, among other things, vigorous sex with a car, impregnation of said car, a serial killer orgy takedown, and, best of all, the 1990s one-hit wonder Macarena making a triumphant and lifesaving appearance.so many walkouts and shrieks of horrified, delighted laughter during Titane… genuinely demented, totally original body horror serial killer car sex buddy movie… Julia Ducournau you’re truly crazy for this one and I love u rachel handler (@rachel_handler) July 13, 2021Star-Studded Cast of The French Dispatch Wows the Crowd(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)Monday, July 12: Last night’s premiere for The French Dispatch was the first gala with the electricity and vibrancy of pre-pandemic times. The cast all rode together in a throwback party bus to the Grand Lumiere Theatre, where the assembled crowd was treated to selfies and autographs from the cast members who disembarked. Bill Murray, Timothée Chalamet, Tilda Swinton, Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and director Wes Anderson were greeted with loud cheers as they made their way up the red carpet steps.The film stitches together a series of vignettes related to the final issue of a Kansas newspaper’s French edition. Possibly the most hyper-stylized film of his career with plenty of his signature shots, The French Dispatch dazzled the audience. Festival attendance is significantly down this year with less than half of the delegates from last year present, so many galas have had to close the balcony to fill seats. This was not the case here, as the premiere of Wes Anderson’s tenth feature filled every seat of the grand theater with many outside still hoping for a ticket.The reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with Jessica Kiang of The Playlist calling it, “A work of such unparalleled Andersonian wit, that at times the sheer level of detail mobile, static, graphic and typographic that bedecks the screen will slacken your jaw in awe.” This is one of several films Searchlight will have in contention for the Oscars, but a gorgeous love letter to journalism could be their best bet to repeat after winning last year with Nomadland. Check out our round-up of first reviews to hear what else critics are saying about The French Dispatch.Spike Lee Catches the Euro Cup Between Screenings(Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images)Sunday, July 11: The weekend gave us a flurry of Palme d’Or contenders that many are betting will be favored by the Jury led by Spike Lee. Lee himself still managed to balance a bit of football time between screenings at the Kering Women in Motion dinner. Huddled with some other Croisette A-listers, Lee tried to see what he could from a tablemate’s cell phone before the event organizers wheeled out a television with the Italy vs. England Euro Cup Final on screen.Viva la cinema! Spike Lee pulled up a chair and watched the soccer game during the Kering Women in Motion dinner. #Cannes2021 pic.twitter.com/GQzkK2hw9y Ramin Setoodeh (@RaminSetoodeh) July 11, 2021While the two football clubs battled it out, Ryûsuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car debuted to rapturous reviews, with many calling it the best of the festival. The three-hour epic road-trip film centers on a theater director and his chauffeur as the pair build a friendship to heal past trauma along the road. Other favorites of the day were Compartment Number 6 and The Worst Person in the World. Compartment Number 6, which takes place on a fated train ride to somewhere near the top of the world, had many remarking on its inventive plotting. Todd McCarthy of Deadline noted it was filled with “vivid emotional twists and turns that are charted with unusual acuity. THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD is one of the best films i’ve seen so far at an exceedingly excellent cannes and i can’t wait to see it again and again. review for the playlist here! https://t.co/Wcc0kyLOYH iana murray (@ianamurray) July 9, 2021The Worst Person in the World hits on more of a comedic note, but it is often just as tragic as the tense train ride in Compartment Number 6. Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair wrote that this new melancholy romance for aimless thirtysomethings is a journey that finds such beauty in all the emerging grain and variation of being alive. These may be the ones to beat midway through the festival, but we still have several noteworthy entries ahead, including Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch and Sean Baker’s Red Rocket. Sean Penn Makes a Hopeful Return to Cannes(Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)Saturday, July 10: Sean Penn returned to Cannes hoping to erase his previous trip with The Last Face, which was booed and noted by some as the worst film to ever screen in competition. This time, Penn directs and stars as a father to a young girl in Flag Day, as told in chapters over several years. The narrative begins in the 1970s and follows the daughter (played by his real-life daughter, Dylan Frances Penn) from youth to adulthood as she grapples with the realization that her father is an inveterate conman, even as she loves him deeply. While this is a step up from his last effort, initially favorable reviews for the film have cooled to a more mixed reception, and the most memorable thing to come out of the Cannes premiere of Flag Day will most likely be Penn’s pointed comments on the American COVID response.Jodie Turner-Smith Lights Up the Red Carpet(Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)Thursday, July 8:  The first night of the festival with palpable buzz kicked off when After Yang star Jodie Turner-Smith lit up the red carpet ahead of the film’s premiere. The Queen Slim star was the living embodiment of the word statuesque, draped in a strapless Gucci gown with a black vinyl and crystal bustier over a cream skirt with yellow crystal embroidery and canary yellow ostrich feathers. It was a fitting ensemble for a film that also captured the attention of critics here on the ground, where it is still Fresh at 89% after a handful of reviews.It only took until day 3 but AFTER YANG is the first #Cannes2021 film to make me ugly cry. Without a doubt the best movie about AI since Ex Machina, and a beautiful exploration of memories, family, being an immigrant, and humanity. Rafael Motamayor @ Cannes (@RafaelMotamayor) July 8, 2021The film is a delicate tearjerker with lofty ambitions as it attempts to dissect grand notions about grief, death, identity, and ethical technology, and many are already pegging it as an early favorite for the Un Certain Regard competition. Director Kogonada’s (Columbus) second feature film also stars Colin Farrell, Haley Lu Richardson, newcomer Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja and The Umbrella Academy s Justin H. Min as the family AI, which suddenly malfunctions.Stillwater Earns a Standing Ovation That Brings Matt Damon to TearsThursday, July 8: Premiering just after After Yang was the Focus Features film Stillwater, which will hit theaters in just a couple of weeks. Starring Matt Damon as an Oklahoma oil rig worker out to free his daughter from prison in Marseille after she is convicted wrongfully, she claims of murder. Stillwater was well received by critics it s currently Fresh at 88%  and Damon, who wiped away tears during the film s standing ovation, was clearly touched and surprised by the rapturous reception from the festival crowd. Carrying the entire narrative while sporting a thick Oklahoman Accent, Damon could be a play for Best Actor at end-of-year awards. Couple this with the fact that it s the first film from director Tom McCarthy since 2015 s Best Picture-winning Spotlight and it will undoubtedly end up in the conversation.(Photo by A24)Also gaining significant buzz yesterday was Joanna Hogg’s follow-up to her previous feature, The Souvenir. The Souvenir: Part II is a continuation of her semi-autobiographical tale about a romance between a film student named Julie and a heroin addict. It picks up shortly after the events of the first film, as Julie attempts to translate what she experienced into a narrative feature; a meta premise that is masterfully executed. Honor Swinton Byrne reprises her role as Julie, and she is joined by her real-life mother, Tilda Swinton, who has five features at the festival this year, including Wes Anderson s highly anticipated The French Dispatch.Well, so THE SOUVENIR II is not just masterful, it s the kind of masterful that retroactively engulfs and electrifies the already-very-good THE SOUVENIR,reshaping it, too, into a subtly different magnificence. Jessica Kiang (@jessicakiang) July 8, 2021Day Two: A Pair of Docs Are the Talk of the TownWednesday, July 7: Day two of the first Cannes Film Festival back from the pandemic saw things get into the groove. After sparse mask compliance on day one, the staff at the Grand Lumiere Theatre seemed to make more of an effort to remind patrons to comply with the mask-always-on mandate. This was a welcome action, as a COVID-19 outbreak would be the worst possible outcome for a festival that seems to have made considerable efforts to keep the events safe.However, day two wasn t all about compliance or daily COVID tests; the two most talked-about films were English language documentaries. Todd Haynes presented an artful time capsule chronicling the history and influence of the iconic counterculture band The Velvet Underground. Rodrigo Perez of The Playlist wrote, Todd Haynes striking and daring The Velvet Underground doc is as jagged, artful and unconventional as the iconoclastic art-rock group itself. With just a handful of reviews in so far, it s currently at 100% on the Tomatometer, placing it atop our Cannes Scorecard, followed closely by yesterday s other highly buzzworthy doc, Val, which centers on actor Val Kilmer. Kilmer himself tweeted his followers looking forward to  “sharing [his] life s story with all of you.”It feels like yesterday and yet it has been a lifetime. As I write this, my documentary is getting ready to premiere at Festival De Cannes. And as grateful as I am for being selected with this high honor, I look forward most to sharing my life s story with all of you. Val Kilmer (@valkilmer) July 6, 2021In May, Amazon Studio acquired the US and North American distribution of Val from A24, then just hours before the film screened at Cannes, Amazon released a compelling trailer for the intimate doc. Chronicling the highs and lows of Val Kilmer s four decade-long career, Val uses deeply personal archival footage shot by Kilmer himself along with contemporary interviews to give a fuller picture of his unflappable spirit and the man we meet off screen. This raw, wildly original, and unflinching documentary reveals a life lived to extremes and a heart-filled, sometimes hilarious look at what it means to be an artist and a complex man, writes Jen Maravegias of Pajiba.Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard Are Pioneers for Simulated Sex on Screen(Photo by Toni Anne Barson/Getty Images)Tuesday, July 6:  Annette, the new rock opera starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, seemed destined only to flourish in the sunlight of the French Riviera, and we have to ask, Would that be such a bad thing? Driver, who returns to open Cannes as he did in 2019 with Jim Jarmusch s The Dead Don t Die, has made a few headlines in just mere hours. His co-star Marion Cotillard helped him out by proclaiming him as the Neil Armstrong of musical cunnilingus, going as far as to say, We found ourselves singing in very complicated positions, doing back-crawling or mimicking cunnilingus; acrobatic positions that technically modify your song. Whether this choice was authentic realism or merely a sex sells ploy has somewhat split critics, but the first English-language feature from Leos Carax currently sits at 90% on the Tomatometer and enjoyed a 5-minute standing ovation on opening night, so who s to say it mattered? During that ovation, Driver made his second batch of headlines by lighting up a cigarette another moment only possible in Cannes.We are on Minute 5 of the ANNETTE standing ovation and Adam Driver has begun smoking a cigarette pic.twitter.com/F56r0W0nGL Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) July 6, 2021Despite the upbeat trailer we saw a few weeks ago, Annette is a more dour affair than the opening pop song So Can We Start would have you believe. The catchy earworm penned by the Sparks brothers, along with all of the film s music, is a compelling entry for the Best Original Song at the Oscars, but that would be the only tune of Anette that could aspire to such heights. Bizarre, heady, moving, and ridiculous all in the same moment, the film was summed up best by Ed Potton for Times (UK) sums, who called it an anti-La La Land with dashes of Pinocchio, a fitting curtain-raiser to a Cannes like no other. If that sounds like your cup of tea, or maybe you just wanna see Kylo Ren go down on someone while intermittently crooning, be on the lookout for it when Amazon releases the audacious rock opera stateside later this year.Day One: Cinema Returns to Cannes(Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images)Tuesday, July 6: Cinema on The Croisette (the affectionate name for the area in Cannes where the world gathers to see the best in cinema) is back; festival director Thierry Frémaux said as much in his opening night remarks. Frémaux and his team dared to dream the impossible dream an in-person premiere film festival and then made that dream come true. The stars and press have now gathered after rigorous testing and COVID protocols, and for the most part, things look to be on track for a seamless event. That was the sentiment everyone who took the stage on opening night wanted to convey: We are here. At the opening ceremony, Bong Joon-ho, last year s Palm d Or winner for Parasite, and 2021 Honorary Palm d Or recipient Jodie Foster were joined by this year s Jury President Spike Lee and director Pedro Almodóvar to officially kick things off with one word spoken in Korean, French, Spanish, and English: Open. While the same could not be said for the issue-plagued Cannes ticketing website, however, which faltered most of the day Tuesday, even that failed to dim the intoxicating air of this year s festivities. The program is much as it has always been but also something entirely new, overcrowded but now with a (mostly) masked audience, bureaucratic but now paying careful attention to testing and (most of) ticketing. And the event organizers look to have pulled it off. The opening night film and a few soirees have gone off without a hitch. But the big questions are yet unanswered, namely which film will be the one to rise above the rest. Follow along with us here to find out.Check-in daily for more updates from the Cannes Film Festival.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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