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365体育网页版采用百度引擎9(Baidu 7)MOBA游戏,视野永远是决定胜负的重点,而此次手游中的视角优化,主要的优化方向是让玩家能更全面的轻松操作,通过屏幕掌控全局。下面我们具体来说一说:

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Richard Jewell (2019) 77% Back in 1996, smack dab in the middle of the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, a pipe bomb exploded in Centennial Olympic Park, killing one person and injuring dozens more. The man who originally discovered the bomb, a security guard named Richard Jewell, alerted the authorities and helped evacuate spectators to safety, and he became a hero in the process. Well, for a few days, anyway, until reports began to surface that he was a person of interest in the FBI s investigation, at which point Jewell underwent a grueling trial by media that changed his life forever. Clint Eastwood s latest directorial effort, Richard Jewell, is a dramatization of these events, with Paul Walter Hauser playing the title character at the center of the whirlwind, Sam Rockwell as his old friend and eventual attorney, and Kathy Bates as Jewell s mother Bobi they re the good guys. On the other end, we have Jon Hamm as an unscrupulous G-man and Olivia Wilde as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer who broke the story of the FBI s interest in Jewell. It s an impressive cast, and critics say each performer offers striking work under Eastwood s steady direction, even if the story itself has been somewhat oversimplified for dramatic effect. Eastwood clearly has a message on his mind in Richard Jewell, and he largely succeeds in communicating it clearly and effectively. He s in comfortable territory here, and it works to his advantage; fans of his work should find plenty to enjoy. 首先要知道想要手游代理如何盈利,手游代理的主要盈利方式来自玩家的消费行为,这样才能产生流水,手游代理商才能获得盈利,所以这就需要大量的玩家留存,代理商不仅仅要留住老玩家,同时还要多渠道地吸引新玩家加入,通过线上线下的宣传推广手段去吸引玩家,增加对游戏的粘度。

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Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) 17% It s redneck saint Ernest P. Worrell versus a soul-stealing troll in Ernest Scared Stupid, the last in the vaunted series to be released in theaters. Jim Varney stars as the latest Worrell in a bloodline that has been cursed long ago by a troll to get dumber each generation, until a Worell is born foolish enough to release the troll from its prison beneath an old tree. And the 1990 edition of the Worell-sapien is the one to do it. Yep, this movie has Ernest lore and backstory. Varney was a generous comic actor, ready and willing to tear apart his face and tumble around the camera in whatever context the script called for. Scared Stupid has fairly high stakes for this series (the troll turns children into wood carvings, and even Ernest s sole companion, Rimshot the Jack Russell Terrier, is lost). The movie s requirement that you actually take him seriously as a hero may have been too frightening for audiences, and that s what got Ernest kicked out of theaters. Imagine what joys the world could have shared together with him on the big screen, what kingdoms and alternate realities he could ve passed through with his indefatigable spirit and puckered twisting lips, what history he could re-write (you know they d give him a time machine at some point) had he not passed on into the sunless void, a.k.a. the 90s home video market. Something to think about. Happy Halloween!Available on YouTube, Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, FandangoNOW365体育网页版开天冰雪第二季,一款冰雪题材的传奇手游,冰雪系列的经典版本传奇,副本战斗玩法、热血模式等你的加入,玩家们可自由征战,感受战斗带来的乐趣,多种玩法自由选择,超多副本关卡上线开启,可以自由PK战斗的传奇手游,冰雪系列的复古经典题材传奇。

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always take over Shorty’s when it comes right down to it. But considering how much of the story the show wrapped up last year, the thing we can’t wait to see is how it recreates itself. Well, once Waves and Doc have been rescued, of course.Returning: Summer 2019Preacher 87%: Season 4 | AMC(Photo by Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television)Why We Can’t Wait: Even though Jesse (Dominic Cooper) managed to get most of what he wanted across the third season, there are still troubles to conquer before he can confront God. For starters, he and Tulip (Ruth Negga) have to save Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) from the Grail base at Masada, which means they will have to face off against Herr Starr (Pip Torrens). Beyond that, there’s the ever-present threat of the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) and his deal with Satan (Jason Douglas). Should Jesse die, his soul and Genesis will find their way to Hell, where the Prince of Lies plans to use the power of Genesis for his dark ends. And if that isn’t enough, there is still God to consider at the end of the road. His attempts to prove to Tulip that He is loving and merciful always seem to make things worse. And like Starr, he also has a grand design that Jesse and Genesis could spoil. Considering Preacher defied the odds and survived to a fourth season, this could be endgame for the series as well. When you think about the epic checkerboard the series set up, this might be the right time for it.Returning: Summer 2019The Boys: Season 1 (2019) 84% | Amazon Prime VideoWhy We Can’t Wait: Flipping the superhero script, Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson’s The Boys takes place in a world where powered heroes are as corruptible and vain as any celebrity. But there is some sort of oversight, even if its legality is questionable: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Laz Alonso, and Tomer Capon star as a group dedicated to dealing with the excesses of the superheroes. But some members of the group may take their task too personally and to unfortunate extremes. Their principle antagonists are the Seven, a group of superheroes with more than a few similarities to the classic Justice League lineup. Like Preacher, the series has the potential to be profanely funny, even if the god being mocked on this series is the American notion of the superhero.Debuts: 2019The Tick: Season 2 (2019) 100% | Amazon Prime VideoWhy We Can’t Wait: After a stellar first season, we anticipate a bigger season 2 based around Tick’s psychosis and Arthur’s anxiety. But of course, there is a mystery to solve as the duo has been warned about what might happen with the return of the superhero community to the City. AEGIS, the superhero monitoring agency, is none-too-thrilled by their antics. But really, we are here for Dangerboat, who needs more screen time in the upcoming season. If it continues to build on all of the ideas from preceding Tick series and the paradigm it set up in this version — Valorie Curry is the best version of Arthur s sister Dot to date — the second season has the potential to be the funniest and best Tick unleashed.Returning: 2019Stargirl: Season 1 | DC Universe(Photo by DC Universe)Why We Can’t Wait: As one of executive producer Geoff Johns’ earliest comic book series, Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. lived an all-too-brief life in the 1990s. But thanks to DC Universe, Johns gets to explore the idea again with Stargirl. Brec Bassinger stars as Courtney Whitmore, a teenage girl who moves from Southern California to Blue Valley, Nebraska when her mother marries Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson). Rummaging through his stuff, she discovers he was a member of the Justice Society of America and decides to become a hero with the aid of Starman’s (Joel McHale) gravity-defying Cosmic Staff. Between a youthful premise and a love of Golden Age heroes like Dr. Mid-Nite (Henry Thomas), we expect the show to be a fun mixture of high school hijinks and superhero action — just like the comic book.Debuts: Late 2019Watchmen: Season 1 | HBO👀 pic.twitter.com/b2HeLQiVjq HBO (@HBO) January 7, 2019Why We Can’t Wait: The 2011 Watchmen movie was the best possible movie it could be, though many (justifiably) see the flaws in trying to contain Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’s expansive 12-issue series into two hours and 43 minutes — or three hours and 35 minutes if you have the Ultimate Edition with the “Tales of the Black Freighter” sequence woven back in. Moore himself believes adapting the work into a dramatic format is a waste of resources. But if it must be adapted, television was always the natural home for a story that spans generations, four Nixon administrations, and the time it takes Dr. Manhattan to decide life is special. Lost’s Damon Lindelof developed the series to serve as a successor to the comic book, but not as a direct sequel or remake. That idea may have changed as the concept developed. Taking place in the modern day, HBO s Watchmen picks up in a world decades after Adrian Veidt s (Jeremy Irons) plot was exposed by fellow Minuteman Rorschach. And despite the visual cues from the comic book — and the expansion of masks in the clips seen so far — the television series most unsettling idea may be how close our world has come to the book s dark vision.Debuts: 2019Legion: Season 3 (2019) 93% | FX(Photo by Suzanne Tenner/FX)Why We Can’t Wait: David Haller (Dan Stevens) is finally the villain in this wildest of X-Men spin-off media. While we hope for more dance sequences and strange imagery, the show needs to confront this radical change to the status quo. With David finally embracing the thrill he gets from hurting people — and, in fact, violating Syd (Rachel Keller) in the process — David is closer to becoming the reality-destroying Legion than ever before. Though the second season meandered a bit to get David to that place, finally putting him in a villainous context may give the show the same sort of narrative thrust it had in the first season and the underpinnings necessary to make its visuals, format-breaking asides, and other flights of fancy as strong as viewers know they can be. But perhaps the most thrilling aspect of the show going forward is the very challenge of highlighting a character who cannot be redeemed.Returning: 2019

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1.83.6 8月喜迎Can IT: Chapter 2 Live Up to the Hype?We re diving in to today s terrifying new trailer for IT Movie: Chapter 2 will it live up to the hype?Posted by Rotten Tomatoes on Thursday, July 18, 2019New Line Cinema brought It Chapter Two (9/6/2019) to the Spreckels Theatre for their ScareDiego 2019 event Wednesday night, including a panel hosted by Conan O Brien and featuring director Andy Muschietti and the stars of the film. O Brien and Muschietti were joined on stage by the second IT half s adult cast: Jessica Chastain (Beverly Marsh), Bill Hader (Richie Tozier), James McAvoy (Bill Denbrough), Andy Bean (Stanley Uris), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike Hanlon), James Ransone (Eddie Kaspbrak), and Jay Ryan (Ben Hanscom). (Pennywise the Clown, AKA Bill Skarsgård, was himself conspicuously absent.)Conan O Brien said that he landed the gig hosting the event because of how much he resembles Pennywise the Clown, in that he s pale and frightens children. To really drive that home, everyone who attended the #ScareDiego event this year received a Funko Pop! of Conan O Brien as Pennywise.@SD_Comic_Con just fyi #ScareDiego gave out the Pennywise Conan pops to all attendees! pic.twitter.com/kYM9qiC8dY Josh (@SuperFistBump) July 18, 2019In addition to the panel interview with Muschietti and the cast, ScareDiego 2019 also featured three exclusive (until September 6, anyway) sneak peaks at scenes from It Chapter Two, plus the full trailer ahead of its debut online Thursday. The first scene shows the reunion of the Losers Club at a Chinese restaurant as the return of Pennywise 27 years later brings them together again to finish what they started back in the late 1980s.The second scene focused on James McAvoy s Bill character, who follows a young boy through a carnival funhouse (complete with trick mirrors), in what will actually be the second such sequence in 2019 after Lupita Nyong o and her younger self both went through something similar in Jordan Peele s Us. One has to wonder if Joaquin Phoenix s Joker (10/4/2019) might end up in a funhouse at some point as well (considering one was central to the classic Joker story, The Killing Joke). (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Lastly, the third scene previewed at ScareDiego was the one that has Stephen King fans talking the most, as it s a departure from the events in King s original novel. The adult Losers return to the run-down old house on Niebolt Street, leading to a frightening scene that people on Twitter frequently compared to John Carpenter s The Thing.For now, most fans will only be able to read about those three scenes, but you can now watch the full It Chapter Two trailer, which plays out with lots of quick glimpses at various scares and scenes of ill ease. The centerpiece is the aforementioned carnival sequence, and around the 2:04 mark, we see Chastain covered in blood. Referring to that scene, Chastain called It Chapter Two Carrie on steroids, saying that they used 4,500 gallons of fake blood, most of it on her. Her reaction? It s rad. (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Since ScareDiego is a horror event, the panel touched upon subject quite a bit. Bill Hader said that acting scared can be very difficult for him because his natural reaction when frightened is to smile, which doesn t sell horror as well. Hader also recounted a time when he was Facetiming with his kids from the set of the film and Bill Skarsgard popped up over his shoulder in his full Pennywise costume  to freak the kids out. Jessica Chastain revealed that her mom showed her The Exorcist when she was just 7, and James McAvoy described a nightmare he had of Pennywise stroking his hair, saying, Time to wake up, James. The panel interview also featured a few funny revelations, too. When Andy Bean talked to Wyatt Olef, who played the younger version of his character, Stanley Uris, Wyatt told him, I wanted Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Director Andy Muschietti and his frequent collaborator Jessica Chastain ended the panel by showing off their singing tradition from the start of each shoot, singing a bit of the 1926 Tinpan Alley classic Tonight, You Belong to Me by Billy Rose and composer Lee David.(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)As for what the future might have in store for us, Muschietti revealed that he d also love to remake the 1981 classic werewolf film (and franchise starter) The Howling. Given how much Muschietti appears to enjoy casting and working with Jessica Chastain (she also starred in his Mama), one has to wonder if perhaps she could star in The Howling as the news journalist who ends the movie with an iconic reveal.The saga of the Losers Club and their 27-year-old fight with Pennywise the killer clown will conclude when It Chapter Two creeps back into theaters on September 6, 2019.
1. A  Sudden PeaceBlood of Elves, the first long-form Witcher novel, begins with all of Ciri’s experiences in season 1 inhabiting the narrative’s past. In the two years between the fall of Cintra and the start of the novel, the northern kingdoms won a war against Nilfgaard and an uneasy peace rules the day.It is possible season 2 will start from this standpoint, with two years passed in the gap between the season 1 finale and the season 2 premiere. But then again, The Witcher plays fast and loose with what it considers important, so the conflict between Nilfgaard and the northern kingdoms may matter to the series as a source of constant conflict.Although, as it happens, the Northern Kings in the books want another war with Nilfgaard in the books, so perhaps a two-year time jump will be The Witcher’s opening salvo as season 2 begins.2. The Hunt For Yennefer(Photo by James Minchin/Netflix)Clearly, Yennefer’s well-being will be of the utmost importance when the show returns. As it stands, she seemingly used all of her chaos to halt the Nilfgaard army. But considering her easy way with portals throughout the season, we expect to find some self-preservation extinct kicked in and transported her far from Sodden Hill.But her disappearance from the battlefield means several interested parties will be searching for her. Fans will no doubt want to see her united with Geralt and Ciri – it is part of the show’s premise after all. And, as it happens, a series can only go so long separating its main characters before viewers get impatient (even if The Witcher saga excels at keeping its principle characters apart). At the same time, The Witcher’s short season orders (just eight episodes!) means it is possible Geralt and Ciri will search throughout the North for her and only succeed in season 2’s final moments.Hopefully, Yennefer will have an interesting story in the interim.Also, both the Nilfgaard mage Fringilla (Mimi Ndiweni) and any surviving members of the Chapter’s task force would likely want to find her as well. She has a legacy, after all, and people will be interested in seeing it serve their ends.3. Training Ciri(Photo by Netflix)Much as how the early short stories outlined the world before Ciri arrived on the scene, season 1 roamed the timeline and offered key pieces of backstory before the main Witcher saga begins. This suggest the real story begins in season 2 with Geralt not chasing after Yennefer – which Ciri’s question about her implies – but instead taking Ciri to Kaer Morhen. It is the home he referenced while dealing with the rotfiend bite and where his novel counterpart takes Ciri in Blood of Elves.At Kaer Morhen, she is trained by several older witchers, including Vesemir, who was mentioned briefly in the later episodes of season 1. Triss Merigold (Anna Shaffer) also becomes her teacher for a time before Ciri relocates to Ellander and, eventually, is taught by Yennefer herself.It’s all exciting material for a novel, but it is easy to think the series will eat a lot of this plot within two or three episodes. Although considering the way it plays with time, it is entirely possible the season will begin with Ciri and Yennefer leaving Ellander and Geralt nowhere to be found, setting up the format of the second season and allowing the flashback structure to highlight Ciri’s education.4. Geralt and Triss?(Photo by Katalin Vermes/Netflix)Back in the books, Triss finds herself drawn to Geralt as their paths cross more and more. In the video game series, players are given the option of perusing more serious and long-term ties with Triss. And considering how much time the games spend on that relationship, we think it is possible the television series will devote some plot to it as well.Granted, Triss was not in the best of shape when we last saw her; she was being cradled by another survivor of the Sodden Hill defense. But we’re inclined to assume anyone who did not die on screen will find a way to mend themselves in the interim between seasons. And should season 2 follow events of Blood of Elves, Triss will be needed at Kaer Morhen. That certainly leaves some time for Geralt to spark an interest in another mage. Or, at least, for her to develop an unrequited attraction.

Disney s first-ever theatrically released princess-movie sequel, Frozen II, is set to light up the box office ahead of the holidays when it hits theaters November 22. Ahead of the movie s release, Rotten Tomatoes correspondent Naz Perez sat down with the key returning cast (Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff) as well as some newcomers to Arendelle (Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood) to talk about the movie s mega new songs and musical numbers, as well as to fantasy-cast the completely inevitable Frozen live-action remake. Plus, we spoke with the duo behind Frozen s original music, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, about the challenges of getting lightning to strike twice after the phenomenon of Let It Go.
Joel MearesRotten Tomatoes Get To Know Your Nominees” series will provide an in-depth look at one nominee from each of the major awards categories – the four acting categories, and directing – diving into their highest-rated work from both fans and critics, essential titles from their filmography, and featuring thoughts on their nominated film drawn from an extended interview. The Nominee: Regina KingFor some people, she’ll always be Brenda from 227. Regina King got her first acting credit in the series that starred Marla Gibbs, who had played maid Florence in The Jeffersons, and which ran from 1985-1990. Her performance as Gibbs’ character’s daughter, Brenda Jenkins, is beloved, especially in the African American community. While other actors might be a touch irritated to be best remembered for their earliest work, King is unbothered. These days, that is. “It took a couple years for me to get to the point of not becoming offended by it,  King told Rotten Tomatoes when we sat down with her in November. but now I’m like, Why would I be offended by that?”She may not have to bother asking that question soon, with a new role – that of caring mom Sharon in Barry Jenkins’ adaptation of James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk – quickly becoming her most career-defining, and putting her at the front of the pack of likely Supporting Actress nominees come Oscar time. Last week, she was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role. As she crisscrosses the country promoting the film, all while filming Damon Lindelof’s upcoming Watchmen series for HBO – multiple projects and constant work are par for the course for the actress – we spoke with her about the roles that have led her here, from fan favorites to the most critically adored to those that, like 227, are essential to the Regina King story.Fan Favorites: A Scene-Stealing Tina Turner Show That Sticks in People s MindsWith Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. (Photo by © Warner Bros. )Because of King s varied filmography, some fans only experience segments of her work. African American fans might recall her from Friday, Boys in the Hood, or Poetic Justice, while others may be more able to place her from her work in The Big Bang Theory, The Leftovers, or Miss Congeniality 2. King says she lets the work decide what to do next. “I want to be a part of a great story, work with creators that are collaborators, that want me, and everyone else involved, to have some ownership and appreciate what we bring to the table,” she says. Perhaps that’s why John Singleton, Shonda Rhimes, Damon Lindelof, and countless others have repeatedly enlisted her services, in front of and behind the camera. Her last directing credit for the season 3 finale of Insecure, Ghost-like, was one of the highest-rated episodes of the season.Her reputation and talent have kept her booked and busy, but to this day it’s the awkward-turned-awesome lip sync of “Proud Mary” from Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, that lives in the hearts of many a fan. It’s not something she would have predicted at the time – the film took a critical beating, with a Tomatometer of 15% – but it’s the one people always stop her to talk about. “When we were shooting that scene,” she recalls, “my son was on set. Sandra [Bullock] was in the peacock, we had all of these Tina Turner drag queens, and when he saw me – he just stopped. The look on his face [Laughs] It was the most fantastic moment. I had no clue at the time, but that should have been a hint of how [the film] was gonna last forever.” Certified Fresh Roles: The Heart of Jerry Maguire, and Her First Emmy“Show me the money!” may be the most often-quoted line from 1996’s Jerry Maguire. And it may be followed closely by the likes of “You complete me” and You had me at hello.' But ask us, and none of those is the film’s most memorable moment. That distinction belongs to a scene involving King. Playing Cuba Gooding Jr.’s wife Marcy, and delivering the hell out of Cameron Crowe’s dialogue as her husband lies motionless on the field, King is the heart of the movie. While on the phone with struggling sports agent Jerry [Tom Cruise] after a monster hit on Monday Night Football has laid out her husband, she cries, “My whole life is this family, Jerry, and it doesn’t work without him. Just do whatever you can. Just get Rod to me.”With Cuba Gooding Jr., in Jerry Maguire. King had given birth a few months before filming, and what she recalls most about Jerry Maguire is the generosity of everyone on set. “Tom was very much there. I applaud him. He’s an actor’s actor. My son Ian was about a month old, and when [Tom] was doing his side of that scene, I’m at home in a closet doing his off-camera on the phone. [For] my side, he was, I don t even think in the city at the time, but he was there on the phone. There… for me.” She adds: “It was so beautiful that Cameron wrote a story where the black couple was a partnership, they know who they are and love each other with all of their flaws, and their family with all of their flaws.” (We’d be hard pressed to find any family that would forgive Rod’s naysaying brother TP, but at least Marcy did get a few good slaps upside his head – just for the sake of balance.)Almost 30 years to the day since her debut on 227, King was finally honored with her first Emmy (for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie) for the Certified Fresh first season of American Crime. Beating out Angela Bassett, Mo’Nique, Kathy Bates, and Sarah Paulson on her first nomination, King was handed the trophy by Empire’s Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, who both looked as pleased as she was about the win. King confessed she thought that a candid op-ed she had written in 2010 for the Huffington Post about the lack of minority representation in television would preclude her from future awards. “I pressed send on that draft believing – knowing – that I was never gonna be recognized by the Television Academy,” she says. Five years later, she was on stage accepting her first Emmy. “When the nomination came, it kind of floored me. I was like, Wow, I was wrong. As long as you’re honest and respectful when expressing your feelings, it s not gonna block the blessing. Since then the blessings have kept flowing, with a second Emmy win for American Crime and a surprise win just this summer for Netflix’s Seven Seconds. On stage accepting the award, King was clearly shocked and took a moment to gather her thoughts (the GIF is priceless). She then proceeded with her acceptance speech, remembering to thank Jesus in an echo of a joke told earlier in the night by co-host Michael Che, who said, “Black winners always thank Jesus.”The Regina King Essentials: The Boondocks and the Role That Could Land Her an OscarKing voiced Riley in The Boondocks. (Photo by © Cartoon Network / Courtesy: Everett Collection)When conversation turned to her famous (or perhaps infamous) voice work in controversial animated comedy The Boondocks, King was already way ahead of us. She laughed: “I knew we’d talk about The Boondocks.” Based on Aaron McGruder’s acclaimed comic strip – he also created the show – the Adult Swim series was light years ahead of its time. King voiced the two main characters, both young boys: Riley, the raucous would-be gangsta, and Huey, the bookish and socialist cynic. A memorable episode, in which the boys awaken an alternate-reality version of Martin Luther King Jr. 32 years after a failed assassination attempt, was so divisive it promoted some to call for The Boondocks  cancellation. That same episode was later honored with a Peabody.With its exploration of race and identity politics, it’s almost staggering on a re-watch just how well the show’s dialogue from over a decade ago speaks to current events. “I was always amazed how we were able to stay culturally and socially relevant,” says King. “I don t know what that says about us as a country. But I’d love to see what both [boys] would say about having a black president.” She says that she and McGruder often talk about the possibility of a return. “The Boondocks voices are missed. That s the reason why people ask about it all the time, because it’s about Americans, and the people who love Boondocks aren t just black.”And that’s a huge part of who King is as a performer: her audience. Black people especially feel a particular kinship, a closeness with her; she’s been so many familiar black women over the years that many think of her as family. She’s our sister in Poetic Justice, our tipsy auntie on a viral appearance on Watch What Happens Live, and now our mom in If Beale Street Could Talk. As Sharon, the understanding and empathetic mother of central character Tish (Kiki Lane), doing everything she can to help her pregnant daughter free her jailed fiancé, King’s performance is exceptional and authentic.King as Sharon in If Beale Street Could Talk. (Photo by @ Annapurna Releasing)Sharon is arguably King’s meatiest role yet, and she sits at the center of the movie’s most quietly moving scene. In a wordless moment towards the end of the film, Sharon removes her wig in a defeated gesture that conveys more meaning than pages of dialogue. The camera acts as a mirror: she s looking right into us. At a recent Q A, King downplayed her contribution to the scene, but Jenkins quickly corrected her: “I love the way you answered that, but, my dear, please tell them what it is – it was your idea.” She explained the idea to us simply: “That was from my life experience. It was my grandmother and her wigs, how s she s wearing her hair at home, and how she s wearing her hair to run down to the store – or which wig she wears at church.”When referencing the scene, people often ask her about her awards chances. Is she ready? How is she handling it? When we ask that same question, King replies in a way that could apply to almost all of the credits in her decades-long career.  “I m ready to continue receiving the love when people see this movie – and appreciating what being black in America looks like.”If Beale Street Could Talk opens in limited release December 14 and is released more widely on December 25. The Golden Globe Awards will be broadcast on January 6, 2019, on NBC.
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1. YORGOS LANTHIMOS ADAPTING HORROR WESTERN THE HAWKLINE MONSTER (Photo by Jason Smith/Everett Collection)Not counting the recent rerelease of his 2005 film Kinetta, Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos is in the midst of a run of critically acclaimed films including The Lobster (Certified Fresh at 88%) and last year s The Favourite (Certified Fresh at 93%). Next up, Lanthimos is expected to direct a long-in-development crime drama based on the Jim Thompson novel Pop. 1280, but this week, he also boarded another project that dates back to the 1970s. Yorgos Lanthimos is now in talks to direct The Hawkline Monster, an adaptation of a novel by Richard Brautigan that combines elements of cowboy westerns and the gothic horror genre as two gunslingers investigate strange goings-on. The Hawkline Monster was a long-time project for director Hal Ashby (Being There, Harold and Maude) until his death in 1988, and the actors he hoped to direct as the gunslingers included Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, and brothers Beau and Jeff Bridges. It s not yet known whom Yorgos Lanthimos might cast, but one of his (relatively) frequent collaborators is Colin Farrell (The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacred Deer).2. KUMAIL NANJIANI S GETS RIPPED FOR MARVEL S THE ETERNALS (Photo by @kumailn/Instagram)When Kumail Nanjiani was first announced as being cast in Marvel s The Eternals (11/6/2020), a safe assumption may have been that he would basically look a lot like we ve seen him in other projects like The Big Sick, Stuber, and HBO s Silicon Valley. After all, most previous Marvel Cinematic Universe stars look basically the same as they do in other previous movies (we re looking at you, Paul Rudd). This week, Nanjiani took to Instagram to show off exactly what a year s worth of Marvel-backed personal training and nutrition have done for him. (You can read about his training and diet here.) Nanjiani s co-stars in The Eternals also include Angelina Jolie (Thena), Salma Hayek (Ajak), and Game of Thrones stars Richard Madden (Ikaris) and Kit Harrington (The Black Knight), but we haven t heard yet about whether they re that buff yet. [Ed. note: This story erroneously first reported that Kumail Nanjiani was playing Makkari in The Eternals. The mistake has been corrected.]3. AWKWAFINA, AND HOW CHINESE FOOD FUELED THE RISE OF CALIFORNIA PUNK (Photo by Dee Cercone/Everett Collection)Although it can sometimes feel like reboots, sequels, and superhero movies dominate the upper realms of studio output, the indie scene is still going, producing movies that are both original and based on other source material. For example, sometimes articles provide inspiration, as recently happened with Hustlers, which started as a New York Magazine piece. Just a year after her spectacular 2018 breakout (with Ocean s Eight and Crazy Rich Asians), Awkwafina is already working on guiding her own path by producing new roles for herself, as she is now attached to produce and star in an untitled adaptation of this Topic.com article, titled, How Chinese Food Fueled the Rise of California Punk. The film will tell the true stories of how early Los Angeles punk bands in the 1970s were able to find unlikely allies in Chinese restaurants in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco (for example, bands like Fear, The Bags, and X played at L.A. s Hong Kong Cafe in June, 1979). It s not yet known if Awkwafina will be playing one of the punk rockers, or one of the young promoters who connected these two otherwise disparate communities.4. TOTALLY EXTREME JACKASS PRANKSTERS TO RETURN IN 2021 (Photo by Sean Cliver/©Paramount Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)Next October will mark the 20th anniversary of the October 1, 2000 debut on MTV of the groundbreaking stunt comedy series Jackass, which soon after led to a series of successful movies. Not counting Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, the most recent Jackass movie was Jackass 3D in 2010, which came out just a year before core Jackass performer Ryan Dunn s tragic death in 2011. Paramount Pictures announced this week that Johnny Knoxville and his fellow stuntmen will return for Jackass 4, which is now scheduled for release on March 5, 2021 (up against the Masters of the Universe reboot).


365体育网页版 《使命召唤手游》上线之前,已经有一部分主播试玩了这款游戏,大部分主播的评价都较高,而且从玩家们的弹幕中也可以看得出,大家还是非常期待这款游戏的。不过经常看直播的朋友应该都知道,主播试玩一款没上线的游戏,通常都是受到邀请的,也就难免会有一些主观上的判断,所以大部分看过直播的玩家,对《使命召唤手游》还是持保留态度的,包括本人。不过随着游戏的上线,并且体验了一下游戏,终于可以负责任的说,《使命召唤手游》值得推荐给大家。

Is The Rise of Skywalker a Fitting End to the Skywalker Saga?: The Ultimate Debate Mark Ellis, Maude Garrett, Joelle Monique, and Scott Mantz take on one of the biggest franchises ever to discuss where the finale ranks, how effective its fan service is, and whether the big surprises make sense. by RT Staff | December 21, 2019 | Comments it s just the two of us who write this, so it s just harder.SPOILER ALERT: For those who haven’t watched every episode of the final season of Catastrophe, the following may include spoilers.There s something to be said for being able to kind of give closure. I was very impressed at how much closure there was in your six short episodes. Was that an important factor to you as well; just being able to tie up enough loose ends that it felt satisfying?Delaney: We didn t necessarily want to think in terms of story closure, but like feelings closure, I guess.Horgan: Yeah.Delaney: We wanted you to really know that they were in love. We wanted you to really know that they were committed to each other come hell or high water, no pun intended. So that was the important thing, because really did Sharon and Rob have closure? I d say they kind of have the opposite. But more important than that, you know the way that they approach problems. You know the sort of tools that they have to bring to bear on certain things, which I think is more important. So you don t know what s going to happen with them, but you know that they re going to do it together, and that s kind of what we wanted to say, you know.The finale ended with this obviously huge loss, but also this kind of new beginning, so it s definitely very bittersweet and still hopeful about life, their life together. I don t know if you have any thoughts on that.Delaney: You know what I m just realizing is, as a rule, Shakespeare comedies end with a marriage and the promise of new life, and then the tragedies end with a death. But ours ended with both, so basically Shakespeare can f off.Horgan: It s also really interesting that I would say maybe every second interview we ve done today has had a different interpretation of — or takeaway may be the word, of that last — of that final episode and especially the final scene. A bunch of people find it very hopeful and up, and then a whole other bunch of people just find it —Delaney: The dread?Horgan: Yeah, yeah.Delaney: Foreboding?Horgan: Foreboding, that was it.That clearly says a lot more about the viewer, yes?Delaney: I know. Yeah.Horgan: Yeah.Delaney: Well, you know the old comedy rule: “Leave them with a sense of foreboding.”This article is now going to be rules of writing from you guys, subtitled F Off, Shakespeare. The finale was also a lovely tribute to Carrie Fisher, and I want to know the importance of getting something like that in these final episodes as well.Horgan: It was really important. It was probably one of the things we spent the most time thinking about and talking about and trying to figure out how we were going to do it in a way that was satisfying story-wise and for the character and for the show, but also in a way that felt like the best possible tribute and sort of loving good-bye to our friend. So yeah, it took a while to figure out, but I hope that people who are fans of the show, but equally fans of Carrie Fisher, feel like we did the best job we could. We said goodbye to her in a way that, I think, you sort of feel her presence a little bit in the eulogy and how she s talked about and remembered.Yes, absolutely. Looking back on this show, is there anything that you re most proud of or just a funny moment that still tickles you when you think about it?Delaney: I mean, for me, “most proud of” is kind of the whole scope of the show in that I do feel like it is a real testament to love in a relationship. The story of Sharon and Rob in the beginning and in the end is a love story, and the fact that they weather all these challenges together; to me, that we said and expressed our sort of one-sentence pitch for the show really makes me happy.Horgan: Mm-hmm. The thing that I was just lying here and thinking about it, the thing that just made me laugh right now, is thinking of the scene in season 3, where an old man tells Rob he s going to kick a cupcake up his pussy. [Delaney laughs.] That is genuinely, I think, one of my funniest — there s so many funny moments, and Mark constantly makes me laugh, but when it s the two of us together, I feel happiest, you know?Delaney: Mm-hmm.Horgan: And the two of us just trying to win an old man around and failing. That definitely is just one of my favorite scenes ever. [To Delaney, who is laughing] “Why are you looking at me?”Delaney: Oh, I m happy.Horgan: No, no, when he said —Delaney: Oh, he said that. Yeah. You re quoting my favorite show again. [Both laugh.]Horgan: So, sorry.I love that you re still making each other laugh. I feel like that s the best sign of a good creative partnership. So now what s next for both of you? Is there anything in the pipeline? Do you have thoughts to collaborate again in the future?Horgan: Yeah, hopefully at some point. We had a lovely fun time writing together, and he also makes me write better, so that s a good, nice thing. Pipeline stuff? Yeah, there s a bunch of things going on.Delaney: We re acting in other people s stuff.Horgan: I sort of am developing some stuff, and some shows have come out that some other clever people made instead of me.Delaney: I m doing stand-up around the UK, and I thought today that I should also come back to America and do stand-up. So I m constantly doing that as well, in clubs and theaters around the UK.It s rare when people get to kind of bring something to its natural conclusion in this industry, and I feel like you can really feel it when you watch it, that you did have that time to do that, and that s really nice. Horgan: Thank you.Delaney: Yeah, we are lucky for that. And you know what? If you wouldn t mind maybe opening up the server or whatever and checking out — seeing why we don t have a 100 for the fourth season. It s probably some sort of mistake.Horgan: Yeah, that would be great.Delaney: We would be grateful.Well, actually you can take it up with John Boland from the Irish Independent.Horgan: That f er. Who is he? John Boland.Delaney: Yeah.Horgan: From the Irish Independent.Delaney: I m staking a claim. Yeah, well, he showed us. That s why we can t make the show anymore because of him. The f er.Thank you so much, guys.Horgan: I m just going to read all of John Boland s reviews now and see what kind of a writer he is.Delaney: Maybe I ll review him.Horgan: Yeah!Catastrophe season 4 is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.



365体育网页版 Highest Tomatometer(Photo by Everett Collection)The Net 40%Hackers 33%Virtuosity 32%Johnny Mnemonic 13%With a 40% Tomatometer score, The Net wins this category purely because it’s the least Rotten. And why is that? Well, it’s anchored by a likable performance by Sandra Bullock, who plays a cybersecurity specialist trapped in  ahem  the net of a Hitchockian suspense-thriller involving stolen identities, cyberterrorists, and online pizza-ordering. The movie feels relatively grounded, as there are no cybernetically-enhanced characters, skateboarding villains, or naked bad guys who cut off their fingers. Director Irwin Winkler chose to use the newish technology of the internet to craft an old-fashioned suspense-thriller, as opposed to setting the film far in the future, like, say, the 2021 of Johnny Mnemonic. By blending low-stakes hacking (control-shift) with age-old storytelling, he made the most mainstream of the 1995 computer movies and the one that the least number of critics felt compelled to ESC.In other words, by playing it safe and smart, The Net claimed the best reviews. Winkler’s background as a producer on Goodfellas and Rocky helped, as he knew how to budget and steer a successful film. On the other hand, Johnny Mnemonic was a proposed independent film directed by a relative newcomer that became a summer tentpole and allegedly went through major edits just weeks before release. Similarly, Virtuosity was allegedly rewritten during production, and Washington and Crowe still dislike the movie. Hackers had no interest in playing it safe, and instead focused on the hacker counterculture, which left it open for critical disdain (it was too cool for critics — and most viewers at the time).The best thing about The Net is Sandra Bullock proving how well she can act in front of a computer screen. Todd A. Marks, a consultant on The Net, said, “Some actors can’t really act and type at the same time; Sandra could.” Watch The Net again, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.Highest Audience ScoreHackers 68%The Net  44%Virtuosity 32%Johnny Mnemonic 31%While the Ian Softley-directed Hackers didn’t light the world on fire during its brief September release, it managed to hack its way into the world’s consciousness by effusive word-of-mouth and passed-around VHS tapes. The film is loaded with multiple scenes of hacking and references to iconic cyberpunk author William Gibson (who wrote the original short story Johnny Mnemonic, by the way) and the Hacker Manifesto, but what makes it stand out is its focus on a family unit of likable outcasts who crash on each other s couches and roller-blade their way to victory. The cult classic is a scrappy film featuring authentic-feeling teenagers who go toe-to-toe with a nefarious computer security officer who calls himself The Plague (Fisher Stevens), and who is looking to get rich by embezzling from his employer. Re-watching Hackers in 2020, it’s neat to see how incredibly of-its-time it is, yet somehow also forward-thinking in its funky costuming (still popular today) and its casting of big-screen newcomers Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller.With over 122,000 audience ratings and reviews that declare it the best movie of all time,  Hackers scores an easy win in this category by being both charmingly retro and timeless, thanks to its cyber-world and likable characters like Joey (Jesse Bradford), Cereal Killer (Matthew Lillard), Nikon (Laurence Mason), and Phreak (Renoly Santiago).Biggest Box Office Take(Photo by Everett Collection)The Net .5 millionVirtuosity millionJohnny Mnemonic millionHackers .5 millionThis was an easy win for The Net and Sandra Bullock, who was coming off of the 2 million-grossing While You Were Sleeping, in which she starred as a lonely woman who lies to an entire family about being the fiancè of a man in a coma, then falls in love with the man s brother, and everybody is cool with it. Bullock was so effortlessly likable, as she always is, that the world completely ignored the insanity of the plot. The same thing essentially happened with The Net, a Rotten movie with a 44% Audience Score that still somehow pulled in 1 million worldwide. Basically, The Net could have been replotted as a fishing movie or retitled While You Were Typing, and it still would have been popular if Bullock was the lead. Also, the PG-13 rating and prime July release were enough to make sure it made more money by its second week than the other three films.With that said, none of these films topped the box office during their opening weekends; Johnny Mnemonic debuted at #6, Virtuosity and Hackers both opened at #4, and even The Net only managed to debut at #2. This is remarkable when you consider that, in 1995, movies featuring a red-hot Denzel Washington or Keanu Reeves struggled to make money. Of course, both Johnny Mnemonic and Virtuosity were critically derided for being too silly and derivative, but the 1990s weren’t a particularly great time for virtual reality thrillers in general, as The Lawnmower Man, The Thirteenth Floor, and Ghost in the Machine all failed to crack the zeitgeist.Which Movie Aged the Best?While The Net has the most timeless and grounded plot involving identity theft and internet security, nowadays it plays like any other 1990s thriller, except that it ends with Sandra Bullock bonking a hitman on the head with a fire extinguisher. People still order pizza online, and online security and fraud are still a problem, but for all its foresight, The Net hasn’t inspired a cult following like that of Hackers. Hackers captured lightning in a bottle with memorable catchphrases ( Hack the planet! ), an inspired soundtrack featuring Prodigy and Orbital, and a singular dedication to sunglasses with circular lenses. The film is still mentioned in countless articles (here, here, here, here, and here), and costume designer Roger Burton’s eclectic fashion is beloved, even though in 1995, the actors were thinking “What the f**k is this guy on?” For the film s 20th anniversary, Shout Factory! released a loaded Blu-ray and the cast and crew screened the film all over the world to packed theaters.Virtuosity and Johnny Mnemonic aren t without a few moments of their own, but it’s hard to say they’ve aged the best when the lead actors and writers have virtually disowned them. Johnny Mnemonic still has its charms, though, like its cyberpunk dystopia and a long-haired Dolph Lundgren chewing up the scenery. And did we mention the porpoise? Yeah, Keanu takes Lundgren down with the help of a porpoise. That s worth something.Which Movie Got the Most Right?After scrolling through countless articles about the most realistic hacks and watching videos of hackers analyzing movie scenes, we’re going to go with Hackers here. The Net is a close second, but despite Todd A. Marks being proud of the work he did on that film, he admits “it’s a movie, not a documentary. It’s always a fine line between accurate and visually interesting.” Which makes sense, because if The Net was 100% accurate, it would be a 12-hour film mostly focused on computers loading data. Obviously we didn’t pick Virtuosity, since killer androids aren’t running amok (at least, not that we know of), and despite the very real dangers of email, the world hasn’t resorted to Johnny Mnemonic s data couriers to deliver sensitive information. Of course, Virtuosity and Johnny Mnemonic admittedly weren t striving for realism, and both were so highly speculative about what was possible with computers that we can’t necessarily say that they got things wrong.On the other hand, what Hackers did so well was to capture the actual spirit of, well, hackers. Vice’s Motherboard interviewed real hackers about their love for the film, and while they admit that it’s “fantastical Hollywood stuff” and that it borrowed from the plot of Superman III, they also say “it’s quite possibly the single greatest hacker film known to hackerkind.” The actors went to hacking schools and attended conventions to nail the culture, and they developed a camaraderie that is clearly seen on screen. Several of the “hacks” in the movie have even earned a seal of approval from techies, as the the TV station hack, the editing of the class attendance lists, and the creation of fake personal ads are all possible.Softley realized pretty early on that he didn’t just want to depict pretty people staring at computer screens, so he and Peter Chiang, the VFX supervisor, nearly drove themselves insane creating a visually appealing (and totally unrealistic) world to help audiences understand what exactly was going on. It looks dated now, but in 1995, with the budget they had, it was a brave new world. In the end, they did exactly what The Net s Marks described, skirting that fine line between accurate and visually interesting, and all they got for their trouble was a bona fide cult classic.Final Result(Photo by ©MGM courtesy Everett Collection)So who wins our little unofficial showdown of 1995 s cyber-thrillers? It s Hackers, of course, with its impeccable fashion sense, it s unforgettable one-liners, its earnest, surprisingly authentic portrayal of counterculture attitudes, and so much more. As The Plague would say, There is no right or wrong, only fun and boring, and Hackers is anything but boring, so if you ve never seen it, don t take our word and our very scientific findings here for it. Boot up or shut up.Hackers was released in U.S. theaters on September 15, 1995. It is available to rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes, and it is currently streaming on HBO Max.

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