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九游9game下载采用百度引擎1(Baidu 2)(Photo by Gramercy Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection. Thumbnail image: Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection; Universal/courtesy Everett Collection.)25 Essential Stoner Movies RankedIf your movie nights could take a few more hits, check out our guide to the best stoner movies! These are essential movies to the marijuana experience, ranging from counterculture classics (Up in Smoke, Easy Rider), top-shelf mainstream films (Pineapple Express, Friday), and cult comedies (Grandma s Boy, Super Troopers), all featuring icons like Jeff Spicoli and The Dude. Then we took all the movies and sorted them by Tomatometer, lowest to highest.If you re seeking a trip guide, something to pair with whatever state you re in, check out the 25 Essential Stoner Movies! (And don t forget the 20 best movies to watch high.)

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实质上会更接近单机游戏。只有新内容(dlc)更新的时候,玩家会为了体验新内容大量上线,之后活跃会大幅降低。显然这和通过活跃度捞钱的手游体系不兼容,也赚不到钱,所以根本不可能会往这个方向发展。 《航海王》的游戏已经出了不少,端游一年一部跟剧场版似的,手游确实很少见,《航海王热血航线》不追求还原动画cg,但是把所有剧情都用游戏实机演示出来,剧情党也称得上满意。不过最让玩家满意的是这游戏总算是一款动作玩法的卡牌手游,对动画里那些拥有恶魔果实能力的人物技能还原度很高,竞技场算是《航海王热血航线》最受欢迎的玩法,这也证明了动作系统设计的多么到位。

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不过能够让玩家产生这样的看法,也是有一定的原因的,毕竟不管是王者荣耀,还是使命召唤手游,都是出于鹅厂的系列作品。而近几年该公司旗下的诸多手游作品,在游戏中出现的机制模式上,都出现了大量的类似的内容,尤其是在关于社交方面的玩法,更是如出一辙。这也让无数手游爱好者对此失去了一点新鲜感。九游9game下载Best Action Adventure Movies 2019 December 30, 2019

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Ryan Fujitani for Rotten Tomatoes: Hotel Mumbai is an intense film. Knowing what the story was behind it, and knowing what you were able to portray in the film, what was the atmosphere like on set? I can t imagine there was a lot of laughter and joking around when the cameras were turned off.Armie Hammer: Yeah, you re not wrong. It was very different. Call My By Your Name was the film I shot right before this, where we were riding bicycles and drinking wine through the Italian countryside, and then I came to this, where we are in smoke-filled hotel hallways being chased by gunmen screaming at us in Urdu, and had no idea what was going on. It was really intense. The filming experience was brutal. It was a lot of time manifesting just fear and anxiety and adrenaline and all that stuff, and that wasn t the only reason why it was a more serious and somber filming experience, but also because we re telling the real story of people who went through these terrible traumatic events.We wanted to be respectful of that. We wanted to acknowledge that, yeah, we had the ability and safety net of calling cut if things ever got out of hand for us. The people in the hotel didn t. So that was something that was always on our mind. So the days were very heavy they were brutal and we compensated at night. By the minute we wrapped, we were like, F k. Alright guys, let s go to dinner. We need wine, we need something. Let s just chill. And everybody would just hang out with each other at night, and try to just joke, and try to find some levity, and just enjoy being with each other, knowing that the next day was going to be equally intense and equally brutal, and that we were going to have to do it over, and over, and over.RT: As harrowing an experience shooting the film must have been, would you say that you discovered anything new about yourself in the process, or was there something you discovered about the story you were portraying that surprised you?Hammer: I wish I could say, You know what I discovered about myself? That if I was in this situation I would try to X, Y, and Z. And I would try to be the hero in some way, or I would try to do whatever I could to save myself or save some lives. But ultimately, the thing that I walked away from it realizing was, these situations happen all the time, unfortunately, and we just had something like this happen down in Christchurch.This s t happens way too often. And the fact of the matter is, it f king sucks. There s no positive thing about this. I didn t walk away from the movie saying, Oh, well now I know this about myself. I walked away from it going, That f king sucks. What do we do to make sure that does not happen again? What can we do as a voting populace? What can we do as humanity? What can we do as people to ensure that this s t stops happening? There s no positive silver lining to things like this. There s no big lesson to learn. All you walk away from it going is, That s t sucks, and I don t want that to happen anymore. Hotel Mumbai opens in select theaters on Friday, March 22.

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Monday morning saw a brief appearance from Harley Quinn in the form of actor Margot Robbie in a costume test video similar to the one released when Joaquin Phoenix first assumed the Arthur Fleck identity for his upcoming Joker film. The use of the costume test video may not be a coincidence as Harley and Robbie’s next film, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), will presumably see the cinematic Harley shed her Mistah J for keeps.But the video also offered a few quick looks at some of the other castmembers – this is a Birds of Prey film after all – so let’s take a look at what we know about the production so far and glean what we can from their introductions to the world via the video.The Premise(Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp. courtesy Everett Collection)Based on a concept originally created by DC Comics editor Jordan B. Gorfinkel and Batman comics writer Chuck Dixon – and later expanded upon by writer Gail Simone – the Birds of Prey consisted of three people: former Batgirl Barbara Gordon, a Gotham City vigilante known as the Huntress, and long-time Justice Leaguer Black Canary. In the guise of Oracle, Barbara sent Huntress and Black Canary on missions while coordinating from her watchtower in Gotham. The concept proved popular. It also defined Barbara’s role in the DC Universe for decades to come.The film will follow the same basic idea with one notable change in the dynamic: the apparent absence of Barbra Gordon. Which leaves one to wonder if Harley will join the team or create it herself?The Team(Photo by Margot Robbie)As plans solidified, Birds of Prey quickly evolved into a Harley Quinn feature. The character was a break-out star in Warner Bros.  Suicide Squad and the studio wasted no time securing Robbie for more adventures as Harley, leading to a production deal. Initially, the plan was to spin her off into a film based on the Gotham City Sirens concept Harley teaming up with Poison Ivy and Catwoman with Suicide Squad director David Ayer slated to direct. This soon changed into a feature for Harley and Jared Leto’s Joker and a Birds of Prey film. In April of 2018, Cathy Han agreed to direct the picture after Robbie championed her to the studio.On November 20, 2018, Robbie released a photo to her Instagram declaring the full title as Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), confirming the film would focus on the one-time criminal. Warner Bros. quickly confirmed the new subtitle was no joke.But shortly before the title reveal, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Jurnee Smollett-Bell joined the cast as Huntress and Black Canary. As mentioned above, the characters are key elements of the Birds of Prey concept. Based on an alternate-Earth daughter of Batman and Catwoman, the modern Huntress debuted in 1985 as Helena Bertinelli, the daughter of a mobster who sought revenge on Gotham’s organized crime apparatus. Armed with crossbows, she did plenty of damage and eventually came to Batman’s attention. She eventually steered away from vigilantism, joining the Birds of Prey and, eventually, the Justice League.(Photo by Warner Bros.)In the clear shots of Winstead in the teaser, we see her working with crossbows; but the rest of Helena s nun-inspired costume appears to be left behind in the comics. It suggests a continuation of Suicide Squad s aesthetic with a further grounding of the characters looks.Backing Helena up is Smollett-Bell as Black Canary. As the character dates back to the Golden Age of Comics – August 1947’s Flash Comics #86 to be exact – her history is a little more complicated thanks to various revisions and reboots. But the most stable elements remain across her various versions: Dinah Lance is an accomplished second generation hero with an impressive metahuman sonic cry. Granted, she has been known to lose her power at the whim of editors and writers. Nonetheless, she eventually led the Justice League for a time; putting her in the top tier of DC superheroes.In the teaser, we see Smollett-Bell’s Black Canary with a microphone, suggesting the script will take its cues from the 2015 Black Canary series, in which Dinah traded in her work at a secretive government agency to front a struggling rock band. Considering the stylish look of artist Annie Wu’s work on that title, it makes for a great starting place with film’s first live action take on Black Canary.The Allies(Photo by Warner Bros.)While the team was typically made of Oracle, Black Canary, and the Huntress, other heroes joined the group for specific missions and occasional long-term stints. It seems the film will honor this by adding Rosie Perez as Detective Renee Montoya and Ella Jay Basco as Cassandra Cain.Montoya first appeared as a beat cop in the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series, but soon made the leap to comics, eventually making detective and joining Gotham City’s Major Crimes squad in the pages of the marvelous Gotham Central series. She also eventually adopted the identity of The Question when its originator, Vic Sage, died halfway up a snowy mountain. Of course, that was a universe or two ago, but ideas like that never permanently disappear.In the video, Perez brandishes a baton, backing up earlier descriptions of the character as working for the Gotham City Police Department. We’ll assume she is on an active hunt for Harley, but eventually allies with her and the rest of the team.(Photo by Warner Bros.)Finally, Basco will play Cassandra Cain, proving Batgirl is represented in the film just not the one you d expect. The character debuted in the 1999 Batman storyline No Man s Land. She adopted the Batgirl identity after Helena was forced to abandon it for reasons too complicated to get into here. But both used the same costume – an all black suit with a full mask and a yellow bat-shaped outline emblazoned on the uniform s chest. The full mask truly set Cassandra apart as she was initially mute, but since her father was an infamous assassin who trained Batman in his younger days, Cassandra was a born fighter and swiftly welcomed into the Bat family. She eventually found a voice and traded in the Batgirl identity for Black Bat. Nowadays, she is known as Orphan. In the teaser, we see a younger Cassandra brandishing a cast, but nonetheless poised for a fight. It seems she is a long way from adopting the Batgirl identity – or any costumed look for that matter – but will be able to take care of herself when the inevitable fighting occurs. According to reports, she will discover an item which sets the plot into motion.The Bad Guys(Photo by Warner Bros.)The item Cassandra reportedly finds is a diamond belonging to Roman Sionis, a Gotham crimelord also known as Black Mask. As seen in the teaser, Ewan McGregor will lend his looks and talents to the part. Considering his alter ego’s cryptic mask, you might expect some sort of terrible disfigurement to befall Sionis at some point. It could happen, but in the comics, most of his scars are internal.Now better known thanks to his time on Fox’s Gotham series, Victor Zsasz has been one of the more interesting second-tier villains to come to prominence since his 1992 debut. He is a nihilistic serial killer who cuts tally marks in his skin to keep his kill count fresh in his mind. It is unclear if Zsasz (played in the teaser and Birds of Prey film by Chris Messina) will work with Sionis the way his Gotham counterpart (played by Anthony Carrigan) worked with the various members of that series’ organized crime world, but it would not be a shock.(Photo by Warner Bros.)Meanwhile, there is still the possibility the Joker will show up to spoil the party. For one thing, if the film really is the Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, that separation from an overriding presence in her life cannot happen off screen. And even if she claims it did, Joker isn’t the sort to just let her disappear. Then again, there is a haunting story in the pages of the Injustice comic book in which Harley reveals to Black Canary that she left Joker for a year to have their daughter. When she returned, he never noticed she was gone But Black Mask’s presence also suggests a surprise return of Mistah J. In the 2013 video game Batman: Arkham Origins, Sionis is presented as the main antagonist until Joker reveals it was all just a ruse to draw Batman out into a direct confrontation. It is always possible Joker could be using this tactic on Harley.Granted, that’s just speculation. It is just as likely that Harley’s emancipation is from a life of crime by joining (or forming) the Birds of Prey and stopping Sionis plan.Meanwhile, the tease leaves us with one new mystery: the woman holding the bat. It’s far too early to speculate on that shot in any meaningful way, but it is worth noting Birds of Prey (and the Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) and the current Batgirl script were written by the same person: Bumblebee’s Christina Hodson.Birds of Prey (and the Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is currently scheduled to open on February 7, 2020.

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5.57.0 1月喜迎(Photo by © Universal / courtesy Everett Collection)The following interview contains minor spoilers for 2021 s Candyman.It’s been almost 30 years since the 1992 hit Candyman was released, marking the arrival of the first Black “boogeyman” to appear on the big screen. It became an instant classic and the urban legend at its center has frightened both children and adults for generations. You didn’t even have to see the movie to be terrorized at the thought of summoning the Candyman by daring – and failing in my case! – to say his name out loud five times in the mirror. Today, we can thank the likes of powerhouse filmmakers Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us) and Nia DaCosta (Little Woods) for bringing us a new chapter in the franchise in 2021.The 2021 Candyman isn’t a remake, though. In the words of Peele, it’s a “spiritual sequel. And the only actors to work on both projects are Tony Todd, playing the titular character in a brief appearance, and Vanessa Estelle Williams, who plays Anne-Marie McCoy. In the original, McCoy was a single mother living in the housing projects of Cabrini-Green whose infant son Anthony was kidnapped by the Candyman himself; fast-forward to present-day Chicago, and we get to see what happened to this family whose worlds were rocked by the infamous ghoul with a hook for a hand.We see a very different Anne-Marie McCoy and a very different Cabrini-Green in 2021. While the original Candyman acknowledged the racial violence America was built upon, this installment takes things to a new level. There’s a shift in narrative that examines that brutal history in far greater depth and names the many ways it continues to exist and impact the Black community to this day.Kristian Fanene Schmidt for Rotten Tomatoes: I know I can’t possibly be the first person to say this, but it’s been about 30 years since the original came out and you haven’t aged a day! You look amazing.Vanessa Estelle Williams: Tell me more. I never get tired of hearing that!Rotten Tomatoes: What do you see as the legacy of the original?Williams: The legacy of the original was just an opportunity to go into the mind, into the space, into the neighborhood and really delve into the story. And so, it s haunting, because there s this tension between victim and monster in all the horror genres. And I love to quote what Jordan Peele says about the real center of the spiritual sequel that Candyman 2021 is, that it s the central dance between the monster and the victim and the racial history of this country.(Photo by © TriStar/courtesy Everett Collection)And I think that s part of the appeal of both of the films, that it lives so centrally in the ethos and the sort of the fabric of the tension of Black people in America, the history. And what s so poignant and key for me is that this reincarnation of it is from a Black point of view, unapologetically, authentically, and centered in the voice and from the lens of the people that it s happening to. And it also breaks down Candyman s [motive], the why, so you understand the history and what he s trying to avenge.Rotten Tomatoes: The original was written and directed by Bernard Rose, a white man Williams: Bernard Rose, a wonderful filmmaker, and with his own aesthetic and point of view.Rotten Tomatoes: And now you have this film that was written and directed by Nia DaCosta, a Black woman. And you and Tony Todd, who plays Candyman, are the only people to reprise your roles! So only you can compare the experiences of filming them.Williams: Well, both films were wonderful experiences. Working with Bernard, he s a wonderful storyteller. I liked his sort of psychological thriller, all of his films. It was a wonderful set to walk onto. It was only my second feature film. I got into Hollywood. I was like, Okay. There certainly was a sort of openness and a wonderful welcoming in the process of working with him. But it s about the difference between what two different kinds of artists and directors bring to a film, what they bring from having lived the lives that they ve lived.And so, the way that the newer one speaks to the times, speaks to the violence of, let s say, gentrification, coming into a community, it s like a re-colonization of a space, right? W
For the inaugural episode of Couch Tomatoes, Rotten Tomatoes gathered a critics brain trust to debate their selection of winners for this year s Emmy Awards. Rotten Tomatoes host Naz Perez reveals Rotten Tomatoes picks and gets the awards scoop on all the biggest Emmys stories from TV Guide s Malcolm Venable, Fandango s Nikki Novak, and IndieWire s Ben Travers. Want to know if Game of Thrones is going to ride its 32 nominations to a sweep of the major Drama categories? Will Julia Louis-Dreyfus become the most decorated actor in Emmys history? And who will win Best Actor in a Limited Series, the most competitive of the night s major contests: Jared Harris for Chernobyl or Jharrel Jerome for When The See Us?Couch Tomatoes is Rotten Tomatoes brand-new TV- and streaming-focused show. With each episode, we will tackle the hottest trending topics and biggest TV and streaming news and moments, dive deep into a major series or event, and provide Fresh picks of great shows to help you cut through the clutter and only binge the best.The 71st Emmy Awards ceremony airs live on Sunday, September 22 on Fox.Click here for a printable ballot (complete with Tomatometer scores!) you can use on the big night.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

The stand-out episode of Netflix s latest horror hit The Haunting of Bly Manor draws inspiration from a Henry James short story that, according to series creator Mike Flanagan, had not previously been adapted.A follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House, the new series explores several tragic love stories as it follows American au pair Dani Clayton (Victoria Pedretti), who accepts a job in England looking after orphaned siblings Miles (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) and Flora (Amelie Bea Smith) while supernatural phenomena swirl around her. If the scenario sounds familiar, the season was primarily inspired by James much-adapted classic novella The Turn of the Screw.But other works by the iconic author add to the story layers that unfold at Bly.(Photo by EIKE SCHROTER/NETFLIX © 2020)Episode 8 takes the same name as the previously overlooked James tale, The Romance of Certain Old Clothes,  and acts mostly as a standalone episode that detours to the 18th century to reveal the origin of Bly Manor s ghost story. Flanagan called it more aggressive and vicious than anything else Henry James ever wrote, during a virtual press conference for the series.Unlike his work with Hill House, Flanagan made a concerted effort to remove himself as the sole creative force behind every episode of Bly Manor. But for the season s penultimate episode of, he admits he did everything in his power to be on set every day. I was never more anxious to get to set just to sit at the monitor and watch than I was during episode 8, because it was so cool. It was the kind of episode I just wanted to see as a fan, Flanagan said. The Romance of Certain Old Clothes is a brooding gothic romance and tragic love song to the genre, with visual storytelling to make fans of classic horror cinema rejoice. The episode is the most haunting hour of TV you ll see this year. Here s why.SPOILER ALERT: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS DETAILS ABOUT EPISODE 8 OF THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR. STOP HERE IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THE EPISODE.It Gives a Heartbreaking Backstory to Bly Manor s Curse(Photo by EIKE SCHROTER/NETFLIX © 2020)Flanagan said he had planned to explore the origins of Hill House’s hauntings, but that production didn t have the budget or time to see its backstory brought to life. After the series remarkable reception on Netflix, however, Flanagan clearly had more flexibility for his next The Haunting series.Episode 8 throws us way back in time to recount the lives of Viola (Kate Siegel) and Perdita (Katie Parker), sisters left with an uncertain future in the manor after their father passes away. Practical Viola marries her distant cousin Arthur, heir to the manor (since it was illegal for women to inherit property).A true romance blossoms between the two, and soon their daughter Isabel is born. But, as with most gothic romances, the story takes a tragic turn, and Viola falls ill with tuberculosis. While Viola is locked away in a room, coughing up blood, romance between Arthur and Perdita develops and tensions rise between the sisters. One day, it all comes to a head, and Perdita murders Viola in her bed.(Photo by EIKE SCHROTER/NETFLIX © 2020)Perdita marries Arthur, of course, and the two raise Isabel, but financial struggles leave the couple s relationship strained. Perdita wants to sell Viola s fine jewelry and clothes that are locked away in a chest in the attic, but Arthur refuses. He made a promise to Viola that Isabel would receive those treasures once she was of age. But Perdita goes against his wishes and opens the truck, and Viola s enraged spirit chokes her sister to death.After Arthur finds Perdita dead, he deduces that the trunk is cursed and throws it into the lake, before taking Isabel and moving far away from Bly Manor. The sisters ghosts remain stuck to the property, however, to form the haunting foundation that the rest of the season s unfortunate events are built upon.Like Episode 6 of The Haunting of Hill House, This One Is a Standout(Photo by Steve Dietl/Netflix (The Haunting of Hill House)) The Romance of Certain Old Clothes holds just as much importance to the Haunting franchise as Hill House s sixth episode, Two Storms, did two years ago.This episode doesn t come with all the bells and whistles that made Two Storms such a milestone — you won t find any 18-minute-long tracking shots here and that episode focused on the generational trauma that permeated the Crain family, both in their present and in their past. It was a poignant exploration of grief that relied on some dazzling camera work and blocking to tie everything together.(Photo by EIKE SCHROTER/NETFLIX © 2020)Bly Manor is a different beast — at its core, even more of a ghost story than Hill House’s exploration of family trauma. Carla Gugino s narrator figures prominently in this episode, and her comforting diction, along with the detailed set dressing, intricate costume design, and the guidance of up-and-coming director Axelle Carolyn — who Flanagan calls a student of black-and-white horror cinema — The Romance of Certain Old Clothes delivers the context that connects the past and present of the series. Everybody was always looking at episode 8 as our chance to do what we love the most, Flanagan admits. It s what made us want to do The Haunting and to look back at [director] Robert Wise and [director of The Innocents] Jack Clayton. These incredibly influential movies from the early ’60s, which were done so perfectly, they ve rendered it pointless to try to do a faithful feature adaptation of these texts. So it was one of those episodes, much like episode 6 in season 1, that we were preparing for and building up to the entire time. We shot it last. Kate Siegel s Lady of the Lake Is the Terrifying Key to Bly Manor s Mysteries(Photo by Netflix)The episode s timeline charges forward once Viola dies, showing the manor succumbing to decay and plague victims taking shelter under its roof. Throughout, Viola s ghost is anchored to that chest underwater, her afterlife focused on reunification with her daughter.Viola emerges from the water nightly to roam the grounds, eventually losing her face as the memory of who she was fades. When she disappears entirely, the monstrous Lady of the Lake emerges. The faceless being we see earlier in the season kills without remorse, taking out anyone who gets in her path as she makes her way up to the manor s bedroom, looking for young Isabel.
The Black Hole (1979) 38% (Photo by © Buena Vista courtesy Everett Collection)The Black Hole is one of the forgotten sci-fi films that came in the wake of the original Star Wars, only this was more of a disaster and horror film with a Dante’s Inferno vibe than a traditional Disney film – and it was the studio s first movie released with a PG rating. It features then-cutting-edge special effects, a star-studded cast (including Robert Forster and Anthony Perkins), and a dark story that isn’t common in Disney movies anymore. David Cornelius wrote for eFilmCritic that it ranks among the very best films to come from the post-Star Wars sci-fi boom. The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969) 50%(Photo by Walt Disney Productions)Long before he played iconic action heroes in the 1980s, young Kurt Russel was the star of a bizarre series of movies for Disney. These movies followed his character, affable college student Dexter Riley, in a series of ridiculous adventures. The first of them was The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, in which Dexter accidentally becomes a human computer after being electrocuted. What does he do with this power? Well, help his quiz team reach the nationals while he unwittingly helps bust a gambling ring, of course! It’s a funny comedy carried by Russell’s innate charisma, which was enough to make him return for two sequels that saw Dexter fall victim to further freak accidents.FUZZBUCKET (1986)(Photo by Samuel Goldwyn Company)Remember when kids movies were the stuff of nightmares? Fuzzbucket remembers. Fuzzbucket is clearly a blatant attempt to capitalize on the success of E.T. and ALF, only without the cutesy friendship of the Spielberg movie or the weird sarcasm of the puppet-powered sitcom. Visually, Fuzzbucket is something of an abomination, but he still becomes best friends with a young boy named Michael. The twist? He can turn invisible, so for most of the movie, the characters think Michael is talking to an imaginary friend. Fuzzbucket is a bizarre, yet funny, and at times even heartfelt movie that will still haunt your nightmares.Gus (1976)  Back in the 1970s, Disney was all about Don Knotts playing oddball characters in comedies, but no movie of his had a premise as off kilter as Gus. Before the endless Air Bud movies put a golden retriever at the center of every sport imaginable, this film made a mule the best football player around, even taking his team to the Super Bowl. With an inspiring message and a cast that manages to play the whole thing straight, this is a Disney movie you have to see to believe. Writing for Common Sense Media, Randy White declared that “kids will get a kick out of this mule tale.”Halloweentown (1998) 80% (Photo by © Disney Channel courtesy Everett Collection)Before Harry Potter sent readers to a school of witchcraft and wizardry, a Disney Channel movie sent us to Halloweentown, a surreal fantasy that introduced many kids to the wonders of horror and practical monster effects. The story follows a 13-year-old girl who discovers she comes from a family of witches, and who has to fight an evil that threatens to destroy the titular town, where all sorts of monsters live in harmony. Variety critic Laura Fries wrote, “What separates this original pic from the usual Halloween fare is that it captures the spirit of a holiday designed for kids. It s sweet and fun, but too much could definitely give you a stomach ache.” The movie not only has a great kid-friendly horror atmosphere, but it also stars the late, great Debbie Reynolds as an inspirational witch, and there are three sequels all on Disney+ to boot.The Luck of the Irish (2001)  (Photo by © Hal Roach Studios courtesy Everett Collection)The Disney Channel was full of genre movies with crazy concepts. One of the best one is about a junior high basketball star named Kyle who happens to be extremely lucky in life. When he tries to look into where his family comes from for Heritage Day, he discovers that he has roots in Ireland, and also that he is slowly turning into a leprechaun because someone stole his lucky gold coin. What comes next is a wacky, funny, and heartwarming story of the importance of diversity and how history shapes who we are.Bride of Boogedy (1987) 20% (Photo by Disney+)A novelty salesman moves his family to a town called Lucifer Falls (red flag, anyone?) and discovers that their new home is haunted. This made-for-TV movie was a rare horror film made by Disney that served as a gateway horror for many kids, and featured one of the ugliest and scariest ghosts ever to appear in a family-friendly film. Come for the horror, stay for Mimi Kennedy’s fantastic performance as the mother who tries to invite a ghost in for coffee. As critic Rachel Wagner of Rachel’s Reviews said, “I think you ll have a really good time with your family watching Mr. Boogedy.”Phantom of the Megaplex (2000)  (Photo by Disney Channel Productions)What if Phantom of the Opera was remade for kids and set in a movie theater? The Phantom of the Megaplex, another Disney Channel original movie, has something for everyone. Horror fans will enjoy the nods to the classic Universal movies, kids will laugh at the jokes and the zany characters, movie and TV fans will appreciate the addition of Mickey Rooney to the cast, and movie theater employees new and old will instantly connect to the real horrors that the protagonists go through. Cinema Crazed’s Felix Vasquex Jr. wrote that it s “an unusual but entertaining DCOM that really does have its heart in the right place.”The Shaggy D.A. (1976) 50% Made 17 years after the original The Shaggy Dog, this sequel features a lawyer who suddenly transforms into a dog while on the campaign trail for District Attorney. Honestly, its tagline “The only candidate with a law degree and a pedigree” should be enough to pique your interest, but the ridiculous dog costume and Dean Jones’s over the top performance are likely to seal the deal. 7 Pictures’ Kevin Carr wrote, “It s a goofy story, and it s far from a brilliant movie, but The Shaggy D.A. is a fun romp for a family to watch.”That Darn Cat! (1965) 94% Have you ever tried catching bank robbers with nothing but a Siamese cat as your lead? Welcome to That Darn Cat!, which follows the misadventures of two FBI agents tasked with following the only witness to a hostage situation – a cat – to try and locate the thieves hideout. Come for the ridiculous premise, stay for one fantastic four-legged actor and a Sherman Brothers-written title song. Time Out critic Trevor Johnston wrote, “The two legged cast play second string to the marvellous moggie.”The Thirteenth Year (1999)  (Photo by Disney Enterprises, Inc.)After Splash got nominated for an Oscar and The Little Mermaid jumpstarted the Disney animated renaissance, Disney decided to continue its mermaid tradition, only cheaper and made for TV. The result was The Thirteenth Year, the story of a teenage boy who was abandoned by his birth mother – a mermaid – and was raised by human parents. When he hits puberty, he grows gills and becomes a great swimmer, but he also somehow inherits the ability to climb walls and control electricity. The Thirteenth Year is a charming coming-of-age story that also gets very close to being a Spider-Man movie.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
(Photo by 20th Century Fox)When we last saw the final images of James Cameron’s blockbuster 2009 film Avatar, all humans, with the exceptions of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and a select few others, had been expelled from the Na’vi planet of Pandora and sent back to Earth. Lucky Jake was then transferred permanently into his avatar with the aid of the Tree of Souls.In the decade since, children have grown up and parents have welcomed grandchildren waiting for sequels that never arrived. Snapchat launched. The Cubs won a World Series. Why the interminable delay? Cameron, a renowned perfectionist, had to wait until the technologies for underwater CGI caught up to his ambitious visions of a world completely submerged in H2O. Now that it finally has, Cameron’s master plan is in place: he’s shooting four sequels back to back, two at a time.To say this is the longest anticipated wait for a sequel in movie history would not be an understatement: Avatar remains the highest-grossing movie of all time with .8 billion worldwide at the box office.Speaking at a Vivid event in Sydney, Cameron told vfxblog,  I guarantee one thing: Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all going to be in 3-D and they will look sumptuous… they will be, to the best of my ability, the best 3-D that’s possible to make.”Who’s In Them?(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and CCH Pounder will reprise their original roles, with Sigourney Weaver, who played Dr. Grace Augustine in Avatar, expected to return in a different role. Notable newcomers include Titanic star Kate Winslet, Game Of Thrones’ Oona Chaplin (granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin), David Thewlis (the Harry Potter films), and Cliff Curtis (Fear The Walking Dead).If your favorite character died in the first film, not to worry. Cameron is bringing back Stephen Lang as Col. Quartich, last seen expiring from two arrows embedded in his chest, for all four films.  The director sounds pretty excited about it, as he told Empire Online: The interesting conceit of the Avatar sequels is it’s pretty much the same characters…. There are new characters and a lot of new settings and creatures, so I’m taking characters you know and putting them in unfamiliar places and moving them on this greater journey. But it’s not a whole bunch of new characters every time. There’s not a new villain every time, which is interesting. Same guy. Same motherf ker through all four movies. He is so good and he just gets better. I know Stephen Lang is gonna knock this out of the park. What Are They About?(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Plotlines are being kept under wraps, but we know the films will be set on Pandora. A year ago, Cameron gave a thematic overview to Gizmodo: “I found myself as a father of five starting to think about what would an Avatar story be like if it was a family drama, if it was The Godfather… So, that’s really what it is. It’s a generational family saga. And that’s very different from the first film.”And way back in 2010, Vulture quoted Cameron discussing his plans for Avatar 2. “Part of my focus in the second film is in creating a different environment — a different setting within Pandora. And I’m going to be focusing on the ocean on Pandora, which will be equally rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative, but it just won’t be a rain forest. I’m not saying we won’t see what we’ve already seen; we’ll see more of that as well.”What Were The Technical Challenges?(Photo by Mark Fellman/20th Century Fox)Shooting with complicated underwater motion-capture technology is, as you might expect, difficult. Cameron told Collider, “The problem with water is not the underwater part, but the interface between the air and the water, which forms a moving mirror… Basically, whenever you add water to any problem, it just gets ten times harder.”While Cameron says that water will be a part of Avatar 4 and 5, the real emphasis will be on 2 and 3.When Will They Come Out?(Photo by 20th Century Fox)As reported in May of 2019, Avatar 2 is currently still set to premiere on December 17, 2021, almost 12 years to the day after the original’s premiere, although production in New Zealand was put on hold in March of 2020 due to coronavirus concerns. Sequels 3, 4, and 5 will roll out December 2023, December 2025, and December 2027 respectively.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
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九游9game下载 (Photo by HBO)Click to view larger image (new window).When you play the game of villainy, you win or you die – a long and gruesome death usually. We gave you the chance to choose the worst of the worst characters from the seven seasons of Game of Thrones so far in our villain bracket.The final votes are in, and Ramsay Bolton has won the final a hole battle! Anyone surprised by that outcome? The final tally in the contest of the ROYAL DICK vs. THE BOLTON BASTARD :3.4K votedKing Joffrey Baratheon 1,219 (36.2%)Ramsay Snow/Bolton 2,149 (63.8%)Even the Australian Red Cross has named him the worst Game of Thrones war criminal, based on his 17 violations of the international humanitarian laws (IHL) laid out in the Geneva Conventions. His crimes:Torture, cruel or inhuman treatment (x 6)Perfidy (x 4)Taking hostagesWilful killing of those who are hors de combat, such as injured soldiers or prisoners (x 2)Use of means or methods of warfare that inflict superfluous injury or unnecessary sufferingSexual violence, including rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution and enforced pregnancy (x 2)Making civilians not taking direct part in hostilities the object of attack(The other characters making the top 5 of the Red Cross war criminal list include: Daenerys Targaryen (15), Roose Bolton (8), and, tied at fourth, Jon Snow, The Night King, and the Sons of the Harpy of Mereen, while Euron Greyjoy and Walder Frey tied for fifth place with five violations each.)Congrats to actor Iwan Rheon for giving us a villain for the ages! Rheon can currently be seen as Mick Mars in Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt on Netflix.Previous results: Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4How it worksVoting for each round began at 12 p.m. ET/9 a.m. PT on each day:Tuesday, April 9 vote in the Round 1 matches. (Closed)Wednesday, April 10 find out who won the Round 1 matches, and vote in Round 2.(Closed)Thursday, April 11 find out who won the Round 2 matches, and vote in Round 3.(Closed)Friday, April 12 find out who won the Round 3 matches, and vote in Round 4.(Closed)Saturday, April 13  find out who won the Round 4 matches, and vote for the winner in the final round.Closed)Sunday, April 14 find out who wins the Battle of the A**holes.

It s not an easy thing to be the lowest-scoring Game of Thrones episode of the series history, but Episode 5: "The Bells" 49% has done it.Five seasons had passed before an episode of the series got a Rotten score, and then another two passed before it got another with season 8 s The Last of the Starks, which, critics complained, was  anticlimactic and a huge letdown. And now another.The series eighth and final season is struggling relative to its predecessors. With its latest episode at 49% on 68 reviews (updated) following the previous week s 57% score, season 8 dropped to 73% on Monday — every other season is Certified Fresh at 91% or higher on the Tomatometer. The final episode will have to score an 89% or higher for the season overall to qualify for Certified Fresh status. It is now mathematically impossible for the season to be anything but the lowest-scoring season of the series.There were no dancing Starbucks cups derailing Sunday s episode, but plenty more to complain about, according to reviews.But, first, some good news or not(Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images)UPDATED: Absurd, author George R.R. Martin wrote in a vehement denial of a statement actor Ian McElhinney made to a Saint Peteresburg, Russia, fan convention that books six and seven were written but shelved until after the series concluded. (See the video here, starting around the 32-minute mark.)McElhinney who played Ser Barristan Selmy in the series dropped that bomb at Epic Con in April, revealing/purporting that Martin has already finished writing the final two books of the Song of Ice and Fire novel series that the hit TV show is based on. He struck an agreement with David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss], the showrunners of the series, that he would not publish his final two books until the series has completed, McElhinney said at the con. So [if] all goes well, another month or two, we might get books six and seven. Martin responded to the video: No, THE WINDS OF WINTER and A DREAM OF SPRING are not finished. DREAM is not even begun; I am not going to start writing volume seven until I finish volume six … HBO did not ask me to delay them. Nor did David Dan. There is no “deal” to hold back on the books. I assure you, HBO and David Dan would both have been thrilled and delighted if THE WINDS OF WINTER had been delivered and published four or five years ago… and NO ONE would have been more delighted than me. Still, if you don t like the way the show ends, there s always the option to read the author s take on it — whenever the books arrive. (And those people who have been dragging on Martin online about finishing the books still seriously need to apologize — that s still bad form.)Armed with that information and before you set your expectations about the finale, read on to find out what critics had to say about  The Bells. No, After Eight Seasons, Critics Aren t Buying This For viewers who have stuck around for eight seasons of the HBO fantasy series, all that s left after the penultimate episode is ash and a bad taste. — Kelly Lawler, USA Today For a battle that s been years in the making, that was more than a little disappointing. — Paul Dailly, TV Fanatic The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, The Bells, has too much to do and too little time for people to stop and explain how they re feeling. As a result, everything is big. — Dave Gonzales, Thrillist Sorry. But no. I just didn t buy that. Any of it. — Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph (UK)Read more: Game of Thrones’ Penultimate Episode: Hell Hath No Fury Like a Dragon Queen Scorned Whither the Daenerys We Know and Love? Dany got a raw deal. — Glen Weldon, NPR It s understandable that she would act rashly as a response. But the show doesn t actually set that up. Instead, it presents us with mounting evidence that she s suddenly inherited her father and brother s mental illness, with no prior symptoms. — Anne Cohen, Refinery29 I don t want to spend too much time second-guessing the show runners here, but I saw a bunch of people carping on Twitter as soon as the episode ended that this turn of Daenerys s is unearned, and I have to say it felt that way to me too. — Mike Hogan, Vanity Fair The Thrones series finale will have to do a LOT of repair work to make me understand what the hell happened to Dany, the woman who once locked up her dragons for months because one of them accidentally killed ONE child. — Huw Fullerton, Radio TimesWe Need to Talk About the WritingThe show s perverse desire to dumb down its characters just to fill out inorganic plot beats is maybe the biggest overall problem with this final season. — Clint Worthington, The Spool Drawing out aspects of the character which have been there in more than just her gene pool but hidden in the gestalt complicates a picture that is much more fun to leave a little less novelistic.  — Daniel D Addario, Variety In doing so, the thing that GoT is actually pushing is a debate about Dany s morality, bringing that question into the foreground of the show after letting it sit quietly in the background for so long.  — James Hibberd, Entertainment Weekly It s like Jamie Lannister stabbed the Mad King in the back, and the writers of the show stabbed Jamie Lannister in the back!  — Jeremy Jahns, JeremyJahns.com I still greatly enjoyed The Bells, the penultimate episode of this last-minute-bungled series, because anytime there s a lot of killing, it translates to minimal dialogue, a blessing at this point.  — Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, The Muse/Jezebel Game Of Thrones has always been a show to cast a realistic eye (magic and dragons not withstanding) on how people treat each other when power is in play, and there were multiple examples here. Just not all of them worth our while.  — James White, Empire Magazine Sure, there was something wonderful and terrible to behold as she and her Drogon rained terror down on King s Landing, but all those pyrotechnics and the resulting ash couldn t obscure how mechanical this drama has become.  — Ellen Gray, Philadelphia InquirerRead more: Game of Thrones’ Final Season Is Officially Its Worst, According to the TomatometerBut What About Those Effects? There was so much that could have worked here, so many emotional pay-offs and beautifully shot scenes and it was all let down by how little work was put into earning those moments.  — Sarah Hughes, Guardian The cinematic pyrotechnics to accompany this grim symphony were occasionally repetitious but overall extraordinary.  — Spencer Kornhaber, The Atlantic The CGI was spectacular.  — Neela Debnath, Daily Express (UK)The Acting? In general, this episode was beautifully executed and really well-acted, with a lot of clean action and intelligent cross-cutting between set pieces. But it felt so hollow to me, the narratives stakes entirely obliterated, once Daenerys made her move. — David Sims, The Atlantic The acting was spectacular. The effects were stunning. But that prowess was in service of a story that was extremely obvious in some ways (Dany becoming the Mad Queen, something fans have predicted for ages) and absolutely illogical in others. — Lenika Cruz, The AtlanticRead more: All Game of Thrones Episodes, Ranked by TomatometerFinal Verdict? I m going to err on the episode working in a vacuum and rate it as positive if middling, but just as this week has come to make last week s loathsome in hindsight, next week s final hour will provide the final details to really evaluate this ending.  — David Crow, Den of Geek I wish I could go back to living in a world where Game of Thrones was still a great show, something I recommended to my friends, colleagues and my cab driver. But now, I feel like sinking into the ground, embarrassed for ever promoting or defending it.  — Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times Just because the outcome wasn t surprising, that doesn t mean the result wasn t spectacular.  — Jeremy Egner, New York Times Game of Thrones should end the same way it did its best work surprising us. Or perhaps surprising us about the way it s surprising us.  — Hillary Kelly, New York Magazine/Vulture Whatever the thinking, the result is clear: Game of Thrones marches towards its final episode a lame duck.  — Nick Hilton, Independent (UK) The only character I care about survives, so I m good. Beyond that, this episode is full on chaos.  — Leona Laurie, Geek Girl Authority It is sufficed to say that the beautifully shot swarming of King s Landing and pitiful death of Cersei may stand as the pivotal and most recalled episode of Game of Thrones ever no matter how things shake down next week.  — Dominic Patten, Deadline Hollywood Daily Maybe that s the core truth revealed by The Bells. There may just be too many arcs in this show for these final episodes to feel truly earned as an ending, too many threads that were just destined to never connect.  — Myles McNutt, AV Club I loved it and hated it and I think it could have been the perfect culmination of everything this show ever set out to do, if only they d earned it.  — Erik Kain, Forbes By the end of this 90 minutes, as the ash settled, it is difficult not to feel one was looking at the charred remains of an era-defining television show s integrity.  — Hugh Montgomery, BBC.com The Bells stands as one of the most artful, poetic, and upsetting installments in Game of Thrones history, as the true cost of war hits home in a devastating and visceral way.  — Laura Prudom, IGN MoviesDid you agree with the critics? Tell us in the comments!Game of Thrones season 8 finale airs Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. on HBO. 光子此次为了英雄联盟手游的推广,也是下了血本。不但在自家平台占据最重要的推广位,而且在对手的平台上还大量卖广告。游戏活动也是让人眼花缭乱,甚至胖大海玩了几天才发现竟然还有没领的英雄。


For The Green Knight, acclaimed filmmaker David Lowery’s unique take on Arthurian legend, Dev Patel inhabits one of the most fascinating and complex of Camelot’s heroes, Sir Gawain, title star of an epic poem whose author remains unknown to this day. In the film, as in the poem, the young and brash nephew to the king is in search of a heroic tale all his own, and so it is that when a mysterious and supernatural Green Knight disrupts the royal Christmas festivities with a terrifying challenge, Gawain steps up, sword in hand, ready to create his own legend.In this exclusive extended interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Patel reveals the steps he took to prepare for the role of Gawain in Lowery’s morally thorny and visually groundbreaking film, from collaborating with the director to refine the character on the page to learning to ride a horse for the first time (with the help of some apples from the hotel). Plus, he considers something close to his own heart as an actor: how the quest for greatness can sometimes clash with the desire to remain good.The Green Knight is in theaters from Friday July 30, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

九游9game下载 As more and more people are compelled to practice social distancing and encouraged to stay home, as movie theaters temporarily shutter their doors, and as studios continue to pull their scheduled 2020 films off the release calendar, we ve decided to reformat the Critics Consensus column to focus on titles that are newly available on the home entertainment market. With that in mind, our list of digital and streming new releases this week includes a political satire written and directed by Jon Stewart, a big man/little girl comedy, and a musical spoof. See below for details.

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