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亚博棋牌取款秒到采用百度引擎7(Baidu 8)(Photo by Bob Mahoney/2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)Matt Bomer has piercing blue eyes, a chiseled jaw, and a Hollywood-approved all-American look. But on DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, his character, Larry Trainor (a.k.a. Negative Man) is covered head-to-toe with bandages thanks to an accident that has left him radioactive. The character is also possessed by a negative that occasionally leaves his body and wreaks havoc on his life (and can fly and pass through solid objects to boot).The dual nature of Negative Man is enhanced even further by the fact that he’s played in bandaged form by actor Matthew Zuk (and voiced by Bomer), and in flashback form by Bomer himself. It’s an essential character trait, Bomer explained to a small group of reporters following a screening of a recent Doom Patrol episode.“He s a guy who is this golden boy on the outside but inside has always felt like a monster. The great allegory of the role that Jeremy [Carver, showrunner] so brilliantly came up with is that ultimately through this accident, he becomes what he always felt he was inside. And so his journey over the course of the season is finding a dialogue with himself where he can learn to accept all the parts of himself that he felt were, on the whole, not acceptable in the past.”That includes Larry’s new backstory: He was an Air Force pilot (similar to the character’s introduction in the comics) and, as shown in the third episode, “Puppet Patrol,” married with two kids — but having an affair with one of his air force buddies (not in the comics).(Photo by Bob Mahoney/2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)“A big reason why I wanted to be a part of Doom Patrol is because I ve never really seen a gay male superhero,” Bomer said. “What I love most about the character is that even though it s a huge struggle internally for him, it s not the sole thing that defines who he is. It s such a multi-faceted character. If it had just been one stereotypical thing, I think I would have had more reservations about it, but the fact that he is this nuanced character who has so many places to grow and he has so much shadow and so much light that he doesn t even know, that s what appealed to me just as much as his sexuality.”But while Larry’s sexuality does not define him, the fact that he’s living a dual life is intrinsic to the character.“He really compartmentalized it. He really wanted his cake and to eat it too. It s really profoundly important for him to be able to keep his wife and family not only because of the primal love and need for them, but also because they secure his status in his place in the military,” he said. “But he also obviously really, really loves John — maybe the only true romantic connection he s ever had. So he wants it both.”Of course, that’s not a realization Larry could come to during his time — it’s something he’s realized during his 50 years with Chief (Timothy Dalton) and Rita Farr (April Bowlby) in Doom Manor, time he’s filled with new hobbies like gardening. He’s been able to conveniently ignore his underlying issues until the events that happen in Doom Patrol’s pilot really force him to deal with them.That self-exploration “just continues to grow over the course of the season,” Bomer explained, and will come to a head soon. “Episode 10 and 11 is where it all really starts to come to a head for him and he really starts to get in touch with who he is authentically.”Larry’s journey over the course of the season has included him “finding his voice and being able to come to terms with his sexuality, who he is, how he can help, what this being inside him is, what it represents, how it wants to communicate with him, why it wants to communicate with him. Does he want it to stick around? Does he want it to leave? Can he ever have any real control over it? Is the only way to have control over that is to ultimately, for the first time in his life, let go of control because he has been such a control freak? He s really face-to-face with his ego and all the fears and insecurities that that entails, and he has to let go and in order to supersede that and really find a purpose for his existence after all these years.”The season has also seen plenty of elements pulled from Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run, Bomer noted, along with original creations from Carver. Episodes have explored what happened to Larry during the time between the accident that left him radioactive and when he arrived at Doom Manor.“It s just so wildly imaginative,” Bomer raved. “I just want people to see the show because I truly think — and I don t say this about every show I ve done — it s really special. And it s got an incredible creative team, an incredible production team. I think ultimately, as bizarre and wacko as it gets at times, it s got an incredible heart underneath it all and they ve really gone to painstaking links to make these characters really human and to have real darkness and light and struggle to get to where they are when we find them and where they re going to be by the end of the season.”New episodes of Doom Patrol are released every Friday on DC Universe.

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Disney’s latest Certified Fresh epic, Raya and the Last Dragon, marks another step in the evolution of the Mouse House’s idea of what makes a princess – and a hero. Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) is the first Southeast Asian Disney Princess and the movie draws its lore, visuals, and story – a warrior princess’s quest to find the last dragon and reunite her divided land – from the nations of that region. Ahead of the movie’s release on Disney+ as well as in theaters, Rotten Tomatoes correspondent Maude Garrett sat down for an extended talk with Tran and Awkwafina (who turns in an instantly iconic voice performance as the dragon Sisu) about the evolution of the Disney princess and how Raya is “opening up doors” for representation. Plus, Tran, Awkwafina, co-star Gemma Chan, writers Adele Lim and Qui Nguyen, producer Osnat Shurer, and directors Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada share their favorite Disney sidekicks, reveal what it was like to make a blockbuster while in lockdown, and talk about the importance of food as metaphor in this very hungry-making movie.Read more: Raya and the Last Dragon s Qui Nguyen On Getting the Fights (and Food!) Right For Disney s Fantasy EpicRead more: Raya and the Last Dragon first reviews are in!Raya and the Last Dragon premieres in theaters and Disney+ with Premier Access on March 5.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. 但随着手游产业的高速发展,MMO、MOBA等吸金又吸量的品类崛起,目前国内手游市场中的跑酷品类已经呈现出疲软的态势,仍在坚持以跑酷为核心玩法的手游屈指可数。

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蓝月社会版手游是经典的正版传奇手游!不仅贪玩游戏厂商开放下载,更有十分耐玩的送神装新手活动!在这款传奇手游中,不仅开启自动自动挂机攻略玩法,更有战斗一键拾取功能!海量游戏资源上线即可随意获得!亚博棋牌取款秒到The 2019 BAFTA nominations have been announced, with The Favourite leading the way with 12 nominations. Pacing just behind are the music-driven Bohemian Rhapsody, hot off its Golden Globes win, and A Star Is Born, which have scored seven noms each. See the full list now:Best FilmBlacKkKlansmanThe FavouriteGreen BookRomaA Star Is BornOutstanding British FilmBeastBohemian RhapsodyThe FavouriteMcQueenStan OllieYou Were Never Really HereOutstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or ProducerApostasy Daniel KokotajloBeast Michael Pearce, Lauren DarkA Cambodian Spring Chris KellyPili Leanne Welham, Sophie HarmanRay Liz Richard Billingham, Jacqui DaviesFilm Not in the English LanguageCapernaumCold WarDogmanRomaShopliftersDocumentaryFree SoloMcQueenRBGThey Shall Not Grow OldThree Identical StrangersAnimated FilmIncredibles 2Isle of DogsSpider-man: Into the Spider-verseDirectorBlacKkKlansman Spike LeeCold War Paweł PawlikowskiThe Favourite Yorgos LanthimosRoma  Alfonso CuarónA Star Is Born Bradley CooperOriginal ScreenplayCold WarThe FavouriteGreen BookRomaViceAdapted ScreenplayBlacKkKlansmanCan You Ever Forgive Me?First ManIf Beale Street Could TalkA Star Is BornLeading ActressGlenn Close The WifeLady Gaga A Star Is BornMelissa McCarthy Can You Ever Forgive Me?Olivia Colman The FavouriteViola Davis WidowsLeading ActorBradley Cooper A Star Is BornChristian Bale ViceRami Malek Bohemian RhapsodySteve Coogan Stan OllieViggo Mortensen Green BookSupporting ActressAmy Adams ViceClaire Foy First ManEmma Stone The FavouriteMargot Robbie Mary Queen of ScotsRachel Weisz  The FavouriteSupporting ActorAdam Driver BlacKkKlansmanMahershala Ali Green BookRichard E. Grant Can You Ever Forgive Me?Sam Rockwell ViceTimothée Chalamet Beautiful BoyOriginal MusicBlacKkKlansmanIf Beale Street Could TalkIsle of DogsMary Poppins ReturnsA Star Is BornCinematographyBohemian RhapsodyCold WarThe FavouriteFirst ManRomaEditingBohemian RhapsodyThe FavouriteFirst ManRomaViceProduction DesignFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldThe FavouriteFirst ManMary Poppins ReturnsRomaCostume DesignThe Ballad of Buster ScruggsBohemian RhapsodyThe FavouriteMary Poppins ReturnsMary Queen of ScotsMakeup HairBohemian RhapsodyThe FavouriteMary Queen of ScotsStan OllieViceSoundBohemian RhapsodyFirst ManMission: Impossible FalloutA Quiet PlaceA Star Is BornSpecial Visual EffectsAvengers: Infinity WarBlack PantherFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldFirst ManReady Player OneBritish Short AnimationI m OKMarfaRoughhouseBritish Short Film73 CowsBachelor, 38The Blue DoorThe FieldWaleEE Rising Star AwardBarry KeoghanCynthia ErivoJessie BuckleyLakeith StanfieldLetitia Wright

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8.67.8 1月喜迎这里插播一个二次元浓度看起来不那么高的游戏《刀塔传奇》,当年《刀塔传奇》借刀塔IP的皮,吸引许多原本刀塔的玩家,用新奇和丰富有趣的玩法创造了属于他们自己的用户和粉丝,各方面没有短板的游戏性配合刀塔的IP,在那个时候成为了一款现象级手游,后来随着与暴雪IP官司开打,改名等操作,热度逐渐下降,不过游戏的玩法却是已经经过了市场验证,莉莉丝自己紧接着又对玩法做出优化和改进,推出了《剑与远征》,日本游戏厂商Cygames则仿照《刀塔传奇》的玩法做出了知名的“接头霸王”《公主连结RE》,还有一些大大小小的二次元手游多是换皮《刀塔传奇》的玩法。
When it comes to Pixar’s flagship movie series, there’s no such thing as sequelitis or franchise fatigue. With Toy Story 4 arriving 24 years after the original and nine years after the release of the Best Picture-nominated Toy Story 3, we’re reportedly still going to be laughing and crying and having as good a time as ever with Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang. A number of critics saw Toy Story 4 early and are now sharing their thoughts on social media. Not only do we still have friends in the group from Andy’s old toy box, but apparently some of the new characters are memorable additions, too.Here’s what critics are saying on social media about Toy Story 4:Has Pixar done it again?Only Pixar at the top of their game can make a third sequel to a franchise about living toys that’s a poignant look at learning to prioritize your own happiness over the happiness of others. Jacob Hall, SlashfilmThe level of animation that Pixar has achieved in this film is astounding… I loved the entire movie. So well done. Absolutely recommended. Steven Weintraub, ColliderDefinitely a quality Pixar film and one of their best sequels. JoBlo.comIf you were nervous about another Toy Story movie, don’t be! It is amazing and another great addition to the franchise. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorFor those worried about Toy Story 4, don’t be! The movie is magic and delightful. Rachel Paige, Refinery29I was as skeptical as anyone when they said the words “Toy Story 4,” but it’s another home run for this series….It’s amazing how they’re always able to find something NEW to say with these characters. Spencer Perry, ComingSoon.net(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)How does it compare to the other Toy Story movies?Toy Story 4 is a touching and moving addition to the franchise.  Jason Guerrasio, Business InsiderToy Story 4 is super satisfying, and features some of the funniest and most emotional moments in the franchise.  Rob Keyes, ScreenRantToy Story 4 is another fantastic entry in the series and the one installment that feels most like an adventure movie.  Erik Davis, FandangoA tightly paced narrative that harkens back to the feeling of the original two films…Honestly my second favorite in the series and one of Pixar’s finest.  Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistIs it going to make us cry all the tears?Toy Story 4 has an ending as lovely and warm and heartbreaking as Toy Story 3. Alisha Grauso, Film School RejectsBRING THE TISSUES!!! Jason Guerrasio, Business InsiderThe theater we saw it in was a bit dusty… Steven Weintraub, ColliderFor those wondering, I cried four times during Toy Story 4 – twice actually cry crying and twice crying because I was laughing so hard. Rachel Paige, Refinery29Joel MearesWhat about the humor?Toy Story 4 is also *funny* — especially since Duke Caboom, Forky, and Ducky and Bunny are straight-up amazing additions to an ensemble I already love.  Jacob Hall, SlashfilmToy Story 4 is so much fun and easily the funniest of the four movies. Strongly recommend. CinemaBlendToy Story 4 is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious. I laughed until I cried and then I just flat out cried when I least expected to. Carly Lane-Perry, SyFy WireGenuine belly laughs (thanks, Duke Caboom). Alisha Grauso, Film School Rejects[It features] some of the franchise’s best comedy. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistHow is the addition of Keanu Reeves?Keanu Reeves steals it all. Jacob Hall, SlashfilmKeanu Reeves is so awesome as Duke Caboom. Steven Weintraub, ColliderDuke Caboom RULES! More Keanu please. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistJoel MearesCould this one finally be the end?[It] feels as definitively final as 3 did…nothing as viscerally intense [as the Toy Story 3 furnace scene], but beloved characters make tough choices. Jacob Hall, SlashfilmOh, there is a scene that is right there with [the Toy Story 3 furnace scene]. Erik Davis, FandangoToy Story 4 brings a conclusion to the story of Buzz and Woody that we never knew we wanted but is totally worth it. It sets up a potential future for the franchise with a host of new characters. JoBlo.comBut can we at least watch this one over and over?I cannot wait to see it again! Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyI can’t wait to see it again.  Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorToy Story 4 opens everywhere on June 21.
(Photo by Glen Wilson /© Warner Bros. ) I went to Chicago for a week, that was the tipping point in my research. I think there was a tipping point when I went to Chicago by myself for a week. That was the tipping point [in my research process]. I would not call it more important than anything else [I did to prepare], because I think everything is as important, even small details, but it was a tipping point in terms of, Cool, I feel I am in here. I needed to get into that space and just completely focus on him for a week in order to sit in a certain position and be the vessel that I m aspiring to be. That day on set was me shedding the icon-ness of him and really embodying him. It was the first day, probably halfway through the first day, when he was at the Young Patriots [meeting in the film] – that was the first day, and I was really nervous, and I think something was not working. The scene wasn t working, and then we managed to figure out why it was not working. I think it was the first time I had done the voice and had everything in a scene. Halfway through the scene, it was just, We will be okay because I think I tapped [it]. That day was me shedding the icon-ness of him, and I actually was really embodying him. I had to wear it for half a day in order to feel it and then go, This fits. It was halfway through the first day when I realized: I am playing a man who has a goal and loves this group of people. (Photo by Glen Wilson /© Warner Bros. ) I needed to get into his thinking to be able to move in a space of his speech. I looked for people that sound similar to chairman Fred and just there were none; he has a very distinct way of speaking, and I just had to focus on him. If speech really is a window into how you think, I needed to get into his thinking to be able to move in a space of his speech. Why does this rhythm make sense? Why am I saying this? How are the new thoughts igniting from the thought before – igniting in a different way? Which is why you’re speaking that way. You see that in the classroom scene. He can take his time, but then the turn is… pow! And that’s what’s quite thrilling about the way he speaks. I saw that from watching him: It is: this, this, this and boom; this, this, this and boom, another direction. And no one can even see that turn. I needed to process those thoughts in that way in order to replicate the rhythm. I found old-school Richard Pryor tapes to find if there was anything that would feed what was building up. I think that s the alarming thing I found about chairman Fred: There was no comparison. There was no touchstone, that I could go, I get it. When I read [the script], I said, This is brand-new. I have never seen what the hell is happening here. I remember Shaka did have two touchstones that he thought of that helped me access the voice, actually: It was Bernie Mac, and then he mentioned Richard Pryor. It is not something that I had internalized, but he was saying that the command that they had over an audience was similar [to Fred s]. And I think they re both Illinois, they’re both from Chicago, and Richard Pryor was definitely the era. I know I found old-school Richard Pryor tapes, and I was listening to that to find if there was anything that would feed what was building up. I wanted specific ones – but the ones from 1968, ’69, you cannot find them. (Photo by © Warner Bros.) I wouldn t compare him to Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. He absorbed those ideas and created something new. That is the genius of him I think knowing that he listened to Malcolm X and listened to Martin Luther King in his regular day, in order to build his oratorical abilities, gave me a window into his thinking even more. But I wouldn t compare him to Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. He absorbed those ideas and created something new. That is the genius of him. He absorbed all these ideas and created something original. Original thoughts, and an original way, that hasn’t been seen again in the public domain. That was probably the biggest mountain, I had no touchstone. For me that’s what separates the movie: it is a genre piece. Shaka, the Lucas brothers, and Will Berson s decision to make it a genre piece made it accessible for crime viewers and thriller watchers – it is a similar narrative to Donnie Brasco or The Departed or those kinds of films. And so in that sense, if someone loves that sort of narrative, they are going to be drawn into it and meet this world and these politics and these views and these perspectives and chairman Fred Hampton. For me that’s what separates it: It is a genre piece, as opposed to just being about educating and informing people about the Black Panther Party. What did Ryan [Coogler, who produced the film] and Shaka say? You put the medicine in the food – that’s how they saw it. (Photo by Glen Wilson /© Warner Bros. ) I think LaKeith and I were both in service of Chairman Fred. That’s the reality. Shaka said it today: What O Neal isn’t shows you what Chairman Fred is. He says it way more articulate than I just said it… But I think it’s that you can’t appreciate the light without the dark. That s just life, that’s just truth, that’s law. I think LaKeith and I were both in service of Chairman Fred. That’s the reality. I have heard LaKeith articulate that for himself, in order to access what depths and places that he had to go to. I think we just kind of sat in that truth and supported each other on days that we needed support. On certain days where he had to do some really intense stuff, I was there, like, Yo, what do you need? And when there were days where I needed to do that stuff, he was there, yeah: Dan, what you do need? Judas and the Black Messiah is in theaters and available on HBO Max now. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

Welcome to a new year and a new decade! Of course, before we can really get into all that s in store for us, we still have to make it through the first few months of 2020, and if you re tuned in to how the movie industry works, you know that January in particular is not known to be fertile ground for fantastic cinema. That said, we still have a number of interesting titles to look forward to, starting with an ambitious World War I film from Sam Mendes that actually opened in limited release on Christmas but expands to a much wider release this month (so a lot more people can actually see it on the big screen). After that, we ve got a revival of a popular action franchise, a revival of popular horror franchise, a revival of a popular children s franchise, and every thalassophobe s worst nightmare. Read on to see what movies RT site users and our fans across social media are looking forward to the most in January.1. 1917 (2019) 89%4,564 Want-to-See Votes#1 pick by our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fansOpens January 10The gimmick, if you want to call it that, behind Sam Mendes World War I film is that it s been crafted to play as a single continuous take. He s not the first one to attempt the feat, and he won t be the last, but 1917 may be the most ambitious effort of its kind to date, being that it covers a lot of ground and incorporates giant set pieces as the action unfolds. The story follows a pair of British soldiers tasked with delivering a message to another battalion to warn of an impending ambush, and it s based on accounts related to Mendes by his own grandfather. Our fans across social media are all eager to see the film, as it topped all of our polls, and its high Tomatometer score indicates they likely won t be disappointed.2. Bad Boys for Life (2020) 76%6,385 Want-to-See Votes#3 pick by our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fansOpens January 17Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are back as buddy cops Marcus Burnett and Mike LAWWWWRY in this third installment of the Bad Boys franchise that comes 17 years after the last entry. This time out, the duo must team up again to take down a cartel boss with connections to their past. Expect a lot of quippy banter and slow-mo explosions. This one was unanimously voted into the third slot across all of our social media polls and garnered the most Want-to-See votes.3. The Grudge (2020) 21%949 Want-to-See Votes#2 pick by our Facebook fans and Instagram fans, #5 pick by our Twitter fansOpens January 3Ready for more pale-faced ghosts and ominous glottal croaking? A new version of the J-horror classic The Grudge which was already remade in English once and spawned two of its own sequels is coming at the very beginning of the month. Sarah Michelle Gellar is nowhere in sight for this one, but Andrea Riseborough, Demian Bichir, John Cho, and noted scream queen Lin Shaye are on board to deliver what they hope will be a terrifying entry in the series. Sure, horror films released in January don t normally do well with the critics, but maybe this one will be different?4. Dolittle (2020) 14%1,748 Want-to-See Votes#4 pick by our Twitter fans, #5 pick by our Facebook fansOpens January 17Robert Downey Jr. reportedly insisted on ending his run as Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because he was afraid he d miss his chance to take up the mantle of the legendary Doctor Dolittle. Just kidding. But if Tony Stark himself isn t enough to put some butts in theater seats, then maybe a voice cast that includes John Cena, Tom Holland, Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Kumail Nanjiani, Selena Gomez, and a ton of other folks will. This new adaptation of Hugh Lofting s classic novel hopes to introduce the character to a new generation, and judging from its star power, it might get in front of enough eyeballs to make a significant impact on countless childhoods.5. Underwater (2020) 47%898 Want-to-See Votes#2 pick by our Twitter fans, #4 pick by our Instagram fansOpens January 10Kristen Stewart continues her eclectic cinematic journey which took an unexpected high-profile turn last year with Charlie s Angels in this thriller whose title sums up its premise rather succinctly. She stars alongside Vincent Cassell, T.J. Miller, Mamadou Athie, John Gallagher Jr., and Jessica Henwick as a group of scientists holed up in a research facility seven miles below the surface of the ocean who awaken an unknown entity and suffer the consequences. Underwater managed to entice a lot of our Twitter and Instagram fans, which earned it the final spot on our list.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
The news that Patrick Stewart had, after 19 years, agreed to return to the character of Jean-Luc Picard, the Star Trek role that made him a global celebrity, sparked loads of excitement among the fanbase. As the 79-year-old actor explained, the decision to head back into the universe that Gene Roddenberry created, relied on the caveat that Picard would boldly go where no Star Trek series has gone before. I don t mean to give any offense to anyone, but I struggled a little bit with this issue, Stewart told select members of the press at the official junket for Star Trek: Picard. I was so obsessed with this idea that we must leave The Next Generation behind, that we must pull the curtain down on that and explore new things. In the latest Star Trek series on CBS All Access, a strong ensemble of Star Trek newcomers join Stewart; Isa Briones plays the mysterious Dahj, Michelle Hurd appears as former Starfleet Officer Raffi Musiker, Alison Pill plays Dr. Agnes Jurati, and Santiago Cabrera takes on the role of hot-headed pilot, Chris Rios. It is not the same world when we wrapped The Next Generation, Stewart continued. And I argued that I wanted that change and that world to be reflected insofar as it affected Jean-Luc and what had happened to him. The backstory of those 19 years is very, very important. But the great thing about it is — and I wasn t prepared for this — I discovered I also lived through those 19 years; Patrick had lived through them. And I had changed. I m different. I feel differently about the world that I m living in, and in subtle ways. (Photo by Matt Kennedy/CBS)As Star Trek fans know, there are multiple timelines that exist within this cinematic universe. That can add continuity confusion, depending on a viewer s expectations with Star Trek: Picard. Showrunner Alex Kurtzman explained that the Romulan supernova that impacted the events of J.J. Abrams 2009 movie, which sparked a new timeline and universe separate from the original Star Trek series — this event is also referenced in Picard — is the catalyst for the vastly different timelines that exist across the Star Trek universe. That s a lot to take in for new viewers, but the return of Stewart in his iconic role will most likely be a huge draw for people to tune in. Through all the strife Picard has been dealt since we last saw him, he s still the highly-revered Starfleet admiral fans have grown to love and respect. We live in a continuity of a timeline, Kurtzman said. There s emotional experiences that have certainly informed the show, but [Patrick Stewart] did not want to just play the part he had played in the same way. And I think you ll find, as you go on that, fundamentally, Picard, as a character, has not changed. He s not the dark angry version of Picard. He s still very much the man you know from Next Generation. But the circumstances of his life have changed radically and threw him off course. And so he s really wrestling with who he is now and what it means to be Picard in a world where not only does he not have an army, but things are very, very gray. How do you hold on to your clear moral compass in a world that s very gray? There is no greater captain in my mind for that challenge than Picard. (Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)According to series co-creator Michael Chabon, one of the themes Star Trek: Picard explores is the it s never too late concept of age and retrospection. This, according to Chabon, is something mostly unseen in the Star Trek universe. What we haven t ever had before, not just on Star Trek, but on almost any television show ever, and certainly any kind of serious dramatic television show is a central protagonist — a hero — who is effectively 80-years-old. Patrick was 78 when we started, he is 79 now. Jean-Luc Picard, in canon, is about 92. To have a person at that point in his life, reckoning with that question of: What does it mean to be a man, a human, a captain, a leader? And now he s an old man and he s still trying to answer that question, just like Star Trek is always trying to answer that question, but he s answering it in a different way than he did before. (Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)Discovery ended up being the first series in the Star Trek television universe that strayed from the narrative formula of exploring a different mission on-board a starship in every episode. Star Trek: Picard takes that storytelling baton and runs with it. Not only does much of the program take place on Earth, the series, which Kurtzman identifies as the first true adult drama in the world of Star Trek, hones its focus on the characters in the world and not just that of Jean-Luc Picard. Uniquely, that s a kind of storytelling which I don t think has been done much, period. Much less, in Star Trek, executive producer Akiva Goldsman added. So we re super delighted by that prospect because, as storytellers, it gets us to do the narrative hours in a way that s different and complicated. Relationships get to change and move, and you get to show one thing and then reverse it up. (Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)As much as the team was able to switch things up and delve into a more character-driven storyline, essentially creating a 10-hour movie, in the process, Goldsman asserted that Star Trek: Picard was made for both the die-hard Trek fans and newbies alike. We re trying to be able to deliver emotion and information and philosophy and character in a way that is engaging because you re watching it, Goldsman said. And if you know everything about it, you re like, Well, that was cool. And if you know nothing about it, you re like, Well, that was cool. And it might be cool, differently. It may have more color, or more revelation, depending on where you live in that spectrum of audience. But we really, really wanted to be welcoming of a listener s heart. Because that s part of the story we re trying to tell. Chabon agreed: We were absolutely committed to the idea that we wanted to make a show that, if you ve never seen Star Trek — if you re not sure what Star Trek really is even all about and you think you don t like Star Trek because what you ve seen before hasn t really grabbed you — or if you re a total novice, you will be able to sit down and still watch the show and enjoy it. (Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)Of course, having Patrick Stewart involved helps. The familiarity of fans to the actor, whose cinematic repertoire blossomed greatly after leaving the world of Star Trek behind, will surely help bring newbies into the fold. And, against his previous wishes, Stewart eventually warmed up to the notion of bringing some Next Generation characters and storylines back for another go in Picard. I was involved in meetings I d never been involved in as an actor before, Stewart, who had the added responsibility of co-executive producer on the series, explained. I could contribute. And I began, increasingly, to feel my colleagues from Next Generation, we need to see them. They, too, can reflect how the times have changed. I think it was the right thing to do. And I hope, with time, we are able to see more. To keep track, four familiar faces will be joining Jean-Luc Picard on this new adventure. Brent Spiner is reprising his role as android Commander Data. Marina Sirtis is returning, alongside Jonathan Frakes — who, once again, steps behind the camera to direct — as Deanna Troi and William Riker, respectively. Star Trek: Voyager s Jeri Ryan and Star Trek: The Next Generation s Jonathan Del Arco will be bringing their beloved Borg characters, Seven of Nine and Hugh, to this new tale, as well.(Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)Thematically, Star Trek has always operated best when it s held a mirror up to society to show us what works and what needs fixing. The first interracial kiss on television happened in the original series, between Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). Star Trek has always been a series based on the ideas of inclusion and exclusion while digging into the evolving question: what is humanity? These are some of the ways Roddenberry s concept has thrived for over the past five decades. And that s a trend that continues in Star Trek: Picard. This was one of the shows that our family, as a family, would happily sit down and watch, Michelle Hurd explained. When I got this job, that s the first thing I remembered: sitting with my mom and dad and my two sisters and watching the show. Not only because of Uhur,a but the fact that it was telling the stories of people who were other, the people who were pushed away. It just really brought me back to the understanding that Star Trek is more than just a show; it s a place where we can all be seen and represented and it makes me so proud to be part of it. Every Star Trek has a bridge family, and, in Picard, a rag-tag crew eventually forms. But every unit needs a leader, and Stewart discovered stepping back into his most iconic role was quite easy. He s never left me, the actor admitted during the 2020 Television Critics Association winter press tour.(Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)Jean-Luc Picard may have been gone from our screens for nearly two decades, but his return is coming at just the right time, Kurtzman said. Right now more than ever, we need great leaders. We need great leaders like Jean-Luc Picard. And we don t have them, Kurtzman added. My hope is that we will inspire people to remember that and think about that deeply. And the next generation that is now much more vocal about many of the problems they ve been left with, because of previous generations, will look to something like Star Trek and say it s possible. You know, maybe we won t get there in our lifetime. But maybe we can lay brick for our children s children to get there. Star Trek: Picard premieres on Thursday, January 22 on CBS All Access.
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亚博棋牌取款秒到 cope.It Was a “Traditional” Disney Story in a Way No Other Pixar Movie Is(Photo by Buena Vista Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)These days, Pixar is celebrated for its truly innovative premises. What if the emotions in your head were personified, here to teach you a lesson about how sadness is good? What if humanity ruined the Earth and left a cute, largely silent robot behind to clean up? What if art deco superheroes fought against the struggles of marriage, and also maybe loved Ayn Rand? A Bug’s Life is not like that. In fact, it’s probably the most traditional Pixar movie when compared to Disney’s classic animated canon. The film, like so many of the classic Disney movies, was based on an old tale from the public domain — in this instance, the Aesop’s Fable about the ant and the grasshopper.Anybody who has watched The Little Mermaid and then gone and read the original Grimm’s Fairy Tale knows that Disney frequently makes major (and typically good) changes when adapting an old story. A Bug’s Life was no different, taking this fable of a lazy grasshopper and hardworking ant and spinning it into a new tale about individualism, make-believe actors becoming real-life heroes, and triumph over extortion. It was Pixar’s only real take on what had been Disney’s M.O. for decades, and while the studio’s creative ambitions would only grow greater, A Bug’s Life is worth remembering for being a singular Pixar reinterpretation.It Proved That Pixar Wasn’t a FlukeIf the worst thing A Bug’s Life has going for it is that it isn’t one of the greatest animated movies ever made from arguably the greatest animation studio of all time, then that’s a pretty good sophomore slump. After the success of Toy Story, Pixar, which had since become a public company, needed to deliver a success to keep the momentum going.“We felt the future of the studio was resting on it,” A Bug’s Life producer Darla K. Anderson recalled in that filmmaker’s roundtable. Had Pixar’s second movie been a total bust, Pixar might’ve been written-off as a one-hit wonder. Instead, A Bug’s Life was a critical and financial success — maybe not as good as Toy Story, but a sure sign that there were plenty more good things to come.Twenty years later, now that computer graphics have progressed so much, it’s easy to overlook the visual and technical leaps that A Bug’s Life Made. Compared to Toy Story, A Bug’s Life is much more complex. Animators needed to create entirely organic-looking worlds on a much bigger scale than Toy Story’s mostly bedroom settings. There were significantly more characters in A Bug’s Life than in the earlier film — heck, the ant colony alone dwarfs Toy Story’’s entire cast. Pixar also had to use or develop new animation techniques to handle light flickering through semi-transparent grass and the flickering flames of the finale. In other words, A Bug’s Life was no small feat, and that warrants a bit of celebration.A Bug s Life was released on November 25, 1998.

2020年的最后几天里,相信喜欢射击游戏的玩家应该都知道《使命召唤手游》上线了!而一些并没有玩过《使命召唤》系列游戏,抱着吃瓜心态看戏的玩家,也纷纷路转粉,那么《使命召唤手游》究竟有多大的魅力呢?作为一名射击游戏的忠实爱好者,本人也是果断下载游戏体验了一会。不得不说,《使命召唤手游》能够在上线几个小时,便成功登顶各大平台的下载榜单,还是有一定道理的,游戏确实称得上是品质之作。 • Sweet Tooth is the series adaptation of the comic by Jeff Lemire, a post-apocalyptic fairytale about a hybrid deer-boy and a wandering loner who embark on an extraordinary adventure together. Stars Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Will Forte, and narrated by James Brolin. Premieres June 4. (Netflix)• The Me You Can’t See is a mental health docuseries from producers Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry. Premieres May 21 (Apple TV+)• Home Before Dark, season 2, continues the drama based on the life of journalist Hilde Lysiak, who tries to unravel a cold case that even her own father tried to keep a secret. Stars Brooklynn Prince, Jim Sturgess, Abby Miller, Michael Weston, Joelle Carter, and Sharon Lawrence. Premieres June 11. (Apple TV+)• Feel Good, season 2, continues Mae George’s complicated love story continues as Mae struggles to come to terms with the ghosts from her past. Stars Mae Martin, Charlotte Ritchie, Eve, Anthony Head, John Ross Bowie, and Lisa Kudrow. Premieres June 4. (Netflix)• Good on Paper is a comedy about a comedian who meets a quirky nerd who makes her reconsider focusing solely on her career. Stars (and was created by) Iliza Shlesinger. Also stars Ryan Hansen, Margaret Cho, and Rebecca Rittenhouse. Premieres June 23. (Netflix)• The Ice Road is an action movie that sees Liam Neeson playing an ice road truck driver who has to lead a rescue mission across a terrifying (and thawing) frozen ocean to try to save the victims of a remote collapsed diamond mine. Also stars Laurence Fishburne. Premieres June 25. (Netflix)• The Fear Street Trilogy is a series of horror movies that take place in 1994, 1978, and 1666, which are released as a three-week event on July 2, July 9, and July 16, respectively. Stars include Maya Hawke, Fred Hechinger, Jordana Spiro, and Gillian Jacobs. (Netflix)• 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything is a docuseries about the music and musicians of 1971, who continue to influence the music world today, including The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, The Who, Joni Mitchell, and Lou Reed. Premieres May 21. (Apple TV+)For all the latest TV and streaming trailers, subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.CASTING: Disenchanted, the Enchanted Sequel, Finds Newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino Moving to the ‘Burbs With Mom and Dad Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey (Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Disney+ has set the cast of Disenchanted, the live action musical comedy sequel to the Oscar-nominated movie Enchanted. Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel return from the original; newcomer Gabriella Baldacchino will play Morgan, the daughter of Giselle (Adams) and Robert Philip (Dempsey); and new cast members include Maya Rudolph as Malvina, Giselle’s new adversary in Monroeville, Kolton Stewart (Some Assembly Required) plays Malvina’s son, Yvette Nicole Brown will portray Rosalyn, Jayma Mays (Glee) will play Ruby, and Oscar Nunez will play Edgar. The sequel finds Giselle and Robert leaving Manhattan and moving to the ‘burbs.Jeremy Irvine (Treadstone) is a leading contender to play gay superhero Alan Scott (the first Green Lantern) in HBO Max’s Green Lantern series, Variety reports. Finn Wittrock (American Horror Story: Freak Show) has already been cast as Guy Gardner in the series.Add another one to the impressive Knives Out 2 cast list: One Night in Miami Oscar nominee and Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr., who joins Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Kathryn Hahn, Janelle Monae, and Dave Bautista to shoot the sequel for Netflix in Greece this summer. (THR)Jenna Ortega (Scream, The Fallout) has been cast in the Tim Burton-directed Wednesday, a live-action Netflix comedy about Addams Family daughter Wednesday Addams. The series will be not only Burton’s TV directing debut, but it will mark the first time Wednesday has been the star of her own adult vehicle, separate from her creepy, kooky, altogether ookie family. Netflix’s official description of the series: it is a “sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday s attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago — all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore.” Al Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) will be the Wednesday showrunners.Grey’s Anatomy alum Sara Ramirez has joined the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That …, playing a non-binary queer comedian, Che Diaz, who hosts a podcast that Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) frequently guests on. (TVLine)Noah Mills (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) has joined the cast of CBS’s NCIS: Hawaii spin-off, where he’ll play a former homicide detective named Jesse, who moves to Hawaii to start a new life. (Variety)Cherry Jones will play a hospital administrator in Five Days at a Memorial, the limited series about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, at Apple TV+. The Emmy and Tony winner will star with Vera Farmiga in the project, from Carlton Cuse and John Ridley, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name by author Sheri Fink.(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)Jon Bernthal, Josh Charles, and Jamie Hector have joined the cast of We Own This City, HBO’s limited series about the Baltimore PD’s Gun Trace Task Force. The Walking Dead alum Bernthal will play a police sergeant at the center of the federal corruption case surrounding the Task Force, while Hector (The Wire) plays a BPD homicide detective who had to testify before the jury in the case, and Charles (The Good Wife) plays a Baltimore cop whose brutality on the job made him the subject of many complaints from the city’s residents. Based on the book of the same name by Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton, the six-episode series is executive produced by The Wire producers David Simon and George Pelecanos.The second season of HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones is adding Eric Roberts, Eric Andre, and Jason Schwartzman to the cast of the televangelist family comedy. Roberts will play the son of John Goodman’s Eli, who suddenly re-enters his father’s life; Andrew plays a megachurch pastor from Texas; and Schwartzman plays a journalist doing a story on the Gemstone Salvation Center.The cast of Mindy Kaling’s HBO Max comedy The Sex Lives of College Girls has added Sherri Shepherd, Rob Huebel, and Nicole Sullivan to a line-up that stars Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Reneé Rapp, and Alyah Chanelle Scott as the titular roommates at a prestigious New England college.Outlander star Graham McTavish has confirmed he is in the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, though he declined to share any details about his role in the series about the ancestors of Daenerys Targaryen. Matt Smith, Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Eve Best, Steve Toussaint, Rhys Ifans, and Sonoya Mizuno also star in the HBO series.HBO has added several cast members to its Watergate drama White House Plumbers, Variety reports, including Gary Cole, who will play the deputy director of the FBI, who was eventually revealed to be the famous “Deep Throat,” and John Carroll Lynch will play John Mitchell, the head of Richard Nixon’s re-election campaign. Nelson Ascencio,  Toby Huss, Zoe Levin, Zak Orth, Tony Plana, and Tre Ryder will also join leads Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, and supporting cast Lena Headey, Domhnall Gleeson, Kiernan Shipka, Ike Barinholtz, Yul Vazquez, David Krumholtz, Rich Sommer, Kim Coates, and Liam James in the five-episode project.PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT: Arnold Schwarzenegger Father-Daughter Spy Series a Go a Netflix (Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images)Netflix has picked up to series an untitled Arnold Schwarzenegger spy drama that is the action movie star’s first TV series. Ah-nold and Monica Barbaro (Top Gun: Maverick) will play a father and daughter who are forced to work together after learning they’ve both actually been working as CIA operatives for years. Schwarzenegger will also be an executive producer on the project.Like The Last Dance with Michael Jordan, The Captain is an upcoming ESPN docuseries that will include full access to its subject – New York Yankees legend and Baseball Hall of Fame member Derek Jeter. The series will be executive produced by Spike Lee, and is scheduled to premiere in 2022.Peacock has ordered a 10-episode season of Vampire Academy, another vampire drama from Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries and The Originals). The series is an adaptation of a series of YA paranormal romance novels by international bestselling author Richelle Mead.Hulu will premiere McCartney 3,2,1 on July 16. The six episodes will feature Beatles legend Paul McCartney in conversation with super producer Rick Rubin, with McCartney doing a deep dive on “his life’s work – more than 50 years of culture-defining music” with the Beatles, Wings, and his decades of solo songwriting and singing.Great news for fans of Housewives and various people who sell real estate and work on yachts: BravoCon returns to New York City in October. Tons of “Bravolebrities” will be in attendance at the follow-up to the massively popular inaugural 2019 event, as well as series producers and the ring leader of the entire event, Andy Cohen.(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)Kumail Nanjiani will star in and executive produce the eight-episode true story of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, the Indian-American entrepreneur who started Chippendales in Hulu’s Immigrant. Banerjee’s tale is, Hulu says, an “insane, darkly comedic, crime-ridden story” about his revue that became a pop culture phenomenon. Meanwhile, Discovery+ is producing Curse of the Chippendales, a four-part true crime docuseries that “tells the story of how a new kind of dance troupe took the L.A. nightclub scene by storm and ended up with international fame and untold wealth, along with bizarre murder plots and multiple deaths entwined in their legacy.”FX has ordered two seasons of Welcome to Wrexham, a docuseries that will unfold the story of how It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Mythic Quest creator Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bought one of the world’s oldest professional football (soccer) teams. McElhenney and Reynolds were social media pals when they teamed up in 2020 to buy the struggling British team from Wrexham, a working-class town in North Wales, UK. The series will document their efforts to make the underdog Red Dragons a comeback story, as well as the actors’ commitment to doing right by the townspeople rooting for the team. The Red Dragons were founded in 1864, and currently compete in the National League, the fifth tier of the English football league system.Issa Rae is bring back Project Greenlight, the HBO reality series in which the next generation of female filmmakers are given the chance to direct a film. The eight-episode series will find Rae mentoring the women along the way, as they make a film that will then premiere on HBO Max.30 Rock alum Jack McBrayer will produce and star in an Apple TV+ kids series called Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show, a live-action series that uses McBrayer’s infectious humor and positivity to teach children how to solve problems with “The Three Cs”: Caring, Connection, and Cascading from one person to another. McBrayer created the series with Angela C. Santomero, co-creator of Blues Clues and the author of the book Radical Kindness.WarnerMedia is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with a five-night event that includes four one-hour quiz shows that will give Potter fans the chance to share their knowledge of the Potterverse, followed by a retrospective special on the movie. The event will premiere on HBO Max, Cartoon Network, and TBS at the same time, later this year.J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, and Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm (one of the gold standards for superhero storytelling) are executive producing Batman: Caped Crusader, a new animated reimagining of the Batman mythology for HBO Max and Cartoon Network. The networks are also teaming up for My Adventures with Superman, another animated series that will feature The Boys star Jack Quaid as the voice of Superman/Clark Kent.Adult Swim is launching four new digital shorts that are spin-offs inspired by characters from Rick and Morty, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, Robot Chicken, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The online series will feature all new storylines, and will premiere later this season. Each spin-off series – The Vindicators, with superhero characters from Rick and Morty; Alabama Jackson, a time traveler played by Donald Faison, who also created the character during a Robot Chicken panel at San Diego Comic Con; Aquadonk Side Pieces, a where are they now continuation of the Aqua Teen world; and Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell: The Animated Series, a fifth season of the comedy, now animated – will consist of eight to 10 episodes.

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