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行星防御战采用百度引擎4(Baidu 0)The initial reactions to Avengers: Endgame following the first screenings were extremely positive. But now critics have had time to process what they saw, and well, they’re still mostly raving about the 22nd entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it s currently Certified Fresh at 97%. Of course, there are some quibbles here and there, mainly about the length. Also, the long-form responses to the Avengers: Infinity War follow-up have some extra thoughts to share regarding Endgame’s best moments, as well as the movie’s MVP. Basically, just icing on the cake to get you even more hyped for this thing.Here’s what the critics are saying about Avengers: Endgame:How does it compare to Avengers: Infinity War?Endgame is a different type of film than Infinity War… there are actually moments of calm, where the audience can catch its breath. Charles Barfield, The PlaylistInfinity War floundered, it seems, so Endgame could soar. Angie Han, MashableWhere Infinity War had trouble finding time for characters, Endgame is about nothing but character work.  Susana Polo, PolygonThe Russo Brothers were able to best themselves yet again. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorThere’s something considerably less elegant to the storytelling this time around. Peter Debruge, VarietyIs it the best Marvel movie yet?Avengers: Endgame is everything you’ve ever dreamed a Marvel movie could be…You will not be let down.  Germain Lussier, io9One of the most ambitious, entertaining, emotional, and stunning blockbusters we’ve ever seen, and the best film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon thus far.  Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendAvengers: Endgame is not the best Marvel movie ever made…But it is the most Marvel movie ever made, and there s something incredible about that. Angie Han, MashableAvengers: Endgame is the most Marvel movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. Charles Barfield, The PlaylistAvengers: Endgame is, without a doubt, the most confusing and convoluted of any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, yet it’s also unbelievably satisfying. Mike Ryan, UproxxAvengers: Endgame is now my favorite MCU movie and is probably my favorite comic book movie to date. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorIt’s not the best of anything in terms of the Marvel franchise…Avengers: Endgame is a merely okay MCU movie. Scott Mendelson, Forbes(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel)Should we be surprised at this?Whatever you think Endgame will be, it will still confound and amaze and thrill you in ways that is hard to imagine.  Mark Daniell, Toronto SunOne of the nicest surprises of Endgame is how fun it is… So much so that the three-hour run time seems to fly by. Angie Han, MashableThere are things in Endgame you never could have guessed would come back to light, but they do, and it’s glorious. Germain Lussier, io9Endgame is truly a masterful piece of storytelling, which both goes exactly where you expect it to, and not at all. Anne Cohen, Refinery29(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel)How busy is the movie?The Russos juggle the tones with balletic finesse.  Eric Kohn, IndieWireThe film is sometimes juggling five or six stories simultaneously, but the Russos and their editors never let the audience get too far from one or the other. Germain Lussier, io9It’s strangely sentimental for a movie that features the biggest all-out superhero fight I can ever remember seeing.  Mike Ryan, UproxxHow is the action?The fight scenes that do take place are epic… seeing the epic battle in the third act makes the last decade worth it.  Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesThe action sequences were choreographed and shot so beautifully. Without spoiling anything, you will need to be prepared for the third act. Dorian Parks, Geeks of ColorAre we going to cry?As emotionally affecting as any Marvel movie has ever been… a genuinely moving drama.  Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-TimesEndgame focuses on the original Avengers…it’s immensely gratifying and emotional to see them struggle on a plethora of levels. Germain Lussier, io9(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel)How satisfying is it as a finale?Endgame does pull off the feat of feeling remarkably like a finale, and even the most casual fan may feel the emotional tug of those moments.  Don Kaye, Den of GeekAs a Part 2, Endgame is a hugely successful ending to a story that began a year ago but truly dates back a decade. Charles Barfield, The Playlist[It’s] a moment to stop and look back in amazement (or terror) at what the MCU has pulled off…Endgame is Marvel s crowning achievement. Angie Han, MashableHow lost will we be if we haven t seen all 21 previous movies?There’s no shaking the fact that Endgame is very much a Part 2 (or Part 22, honestly)… not for MCU newbies… casual fans need not apply  If you’re not someone that knows every character by name, you’re in for a confusing three-hour film. Charles Barfield, The PlaylistMy daughter hasn’t seen very many of these and only had a few in-movie questions… it works on its own terms and unquestionably sticks the landing. Scott Mendelson, ForbesThis is a film designed for fans… Newcomers will likely find themselves totally lost in this tangle of characters and relationships and mythologies. Angie Han, MashableIt does feel like a wonderful gift to all those who have spent the last decade-plus emotionally engaging with the lives and adventures of these characters. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendRyan FujitaniCan you give me some comparative context?Newcomers to the series may as well be watching a Transformers movie. Eric Kohn, IndieWireWhile there is a big third-act action sequence, it’s (despite some grand fan service) closer in structure and visuals to Ready Player One than The Two Towers. Scott Mendelson, ForbesAvengers: Endgame feels like the last scene of Titanic with everyone back on the ship, applauding. And, you know what? I’m okay with that. Mike Ryan, UproxxWho is the movie s MVP?From a performance standpoint, Chris Hemsworth, for the second film in a row, delivers the best outing of the large ensemble. Clayton Davis, AwardsCircuit.comHemsworth especially has quickly become, due to Thor: Ragnarok and the last two of these Avengers flicks, a subtle MVP of the franchise. Scott Mendelson, ForbesHemsworth has inexplicably become the MVP of this franchise, able to balance big, broad comedy with soul-searching pathos. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmAre there any big criticisms?Its biggest fault, however nitpicky, is that it doesn’t really confront or advance any of the big philosophical questions that have been running through the saga from the beginning. Scott Mendelson, ForbesI feel that Marvel’s secret weapon [Captain Marvel] is underused. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesHas a sitcom episode like feel to it that is reminiscent of a ‘clip show’ – where the viewers get excerpts and highlights from previous episodes of the series. Clayton Davis, AwardsCircuit.comWill there ever be anything like this movie again?One can only hope that the next 10 years of Marvel storytelling — which will feature new heroes and villains — comes close to this. Mark Daniell, Toronto SunAvengers: Endgame opens everywhere on April 26.

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Up in the Air (2009) 90% I used to be really homesick as a kid. I never had sleepovers or anything like that with my friends ever, because I would have panic attacks and wanna go home. And then I watched Up In the Air, and watching George Clooney pack his suitcase so neatly and hop on the plane and just be so organized made me wanna travel by myself and made me love hotels and stuff like that. And I just love the movie as well. It gave me the courage to travel by myself for the first time and leave home.The thing that kinda sucks is that I have a feeling that if I was to rewatch it now, it would be depressing. At the time that I watched it for the first time, it was ambitious – I wanted to travel all the time like that and I thought it was so cool. And then, as you know, the movie gets kind of dark and sad and it s like, What are you running from? At the time that didn t apply to me, but now I wonder if I would watch it back and be like, Oh god, this is really too real. 同时,近年来开放世界的爆火也在一定程度上影响到了《天谕》手游的设计,于是这次在手游的设定中,网易也将整个云垂大陆设计的更加开放,不仅玩家可以上天入海,而且在交互方面也创意十足,不仅加入了玩家与游戏之间交互的天气系统,加入了昼夜交替、阴晴雨雪的变化,还增加了玩家与NPC之间的好感度设定,除了解锁隐藏的剧情故事,还能促成一段姻缘,当然,这都是后话了……

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2.70.5 2月喜迎不想这么麻烦的玩家可以试试下面这款游戏《疾风剑魂》。游戏用电影级画面讲述了异界阿拉德大陆的魔幻大战,完美传承经典地下城玩法,由DNF世界冠军仇冬生代言的国民电竞动作手游不可错过。
The success of Wonder Woman proved women-helmed, women-led superhero movies could be immensely successful, and now Warner Bros. and DC continue to lead in that arena with Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey, with Margot Robbie reprising her Suicide Squad role as Gotham City antihero Harley Quinn. The first reviews of the comic book movie are on the positive side, emphasizing the ensemble cast (including the villains), the action aided by John Wick director Chad Stahelski, and the general fun had by all involved, especially the audience.Here’s what critics are saying about Birds of Prey:Where does it rank in the DC Universe?Rights so many of the DCEU’s wrongs, trading CGI for carefully choreographed fight scenes and breathing new life into a stagnant genre.  Hannah Woodhead, Little White LiesBirds of Prey looks like what you d imagine Suicide Squad could have been under a clearer vision.  Angie Han, Mashable[Features] perhaps one of the most fun third acts in a DC film so far.  James Whitbrook, io9It s the perfect spiritual successor to Joker in terms of the current state of the DCEU.  Molly Freeman, ScreenRantThis is not a perfect film, nor is it the DCEU s best. But it is immensely enjoyable.  Kirsten Acuna, InsiderIs it just for DC fans?No, [but] you ll have a deeper understanding of [Harley] and DC characters like Black Mask, Zsasz, and Black Canary if you ve watched animated DC cartoons, played popular games like Arkham City, and watched the CW s Arrow. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderBirds of Prey stands on its own more than most comic book movies. References to the Joker and Batman are few and far between. Kristen Lopez, FansidedA superhero movie that might actually be more enjoyable for viewers who haven’t read a single comic. Susana Polo, Polygon[It’s] a spinoff/sequel that requires no knowledge of its mediocre predecessor, Suicide Squad. Thank goodness. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, The Daily Dot(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)What about the comparisons to Deadpool?[It’s] DC’s R-rated answer to Deadpool in terms of rampant cursing, in-universe commentary and clever pop-culture riffs. Brian Truitt, USA TodayComparisons are going to be made between BoP and Fox s R-rated Deadpool, which also has a fourth-wall-breaking antihero. Any similarities are only surface level. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderIt’s going for the sparky nihilist defiance… [but] Birds of Prey could have used more of the intricate cleverness of Deadpool. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyThose hoping for a Deadpool-like fusion of mayhem and wit should lower their expectations. John DeFore, Hollywood ReporterDoes Robbie continue to shine as Harley?Robbie reminds you why Harley is the role she was born to play. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderThe movie is a stunning showcase for Margot Robbie, who commands the screen and gives her damaged protagonist all the dimension she deserves. Laura Prudom, IGNRobbie’s mayhem-fueled portrait of a mobster moll run amok is precisely tuned. She captures this unapologetic, dynamic complex woman with delirious verve and vigor. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionRobbie s shining performance cuts through the murk like a neon sign in a dark alleyway. Angie Han, MashableWhat about the rest of the ensemble?Birds of Prey is a true ensemble in the sense that it doesn t work because one person or one part is excellent, but because they all are. Molly Freeman, ScreenRantThe main heroine ensemble actors all breathe a wonderful amount of life into little-known characters overdue for mainstream attention. Susana Polo, PolygonThe actresses who come together to form Harley’s posse… have presence to spare, but you wish they’d been given more to do. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyUnfortunately, the Birds of Prey are the ones who get shortchanged by the ambitious scope… you can’t help but wish [the movie] leaned a little harder into the team-up aspect of the title. Laura Prudom, IGN(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Does anyone stand out?Huntress is the least developed of all the lead characters… but in her few appearances, Winstead steals the show. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmFans will undoubtedly fall in love with Mary Elizabeth Winstead s Huntress. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderWinstead’s self-serious, mafia-bred, crossbow-toting Huntress appears to be ripped out of another movie entirely. Kate Erbland, IndieWireThe scene-stealer is Black Canary… Smollett-Bell gives her character fire and a voice, literally, that has power. Kristen Lopez, FansidedIn her debut feature film role Ella Jay Basco is a force to be reckoned with. With impeccable comedic timing, the young actress holds her own. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorWhat about the villains?The film also benefits from two first-rate villains… worthy opponents to Quinn, delighting in violence for the sake of violence but crucially grounded in reality. Hannah Woodhead, Little White LiesIn terms of DCEU films, McGregor’s Sionis and Messina’s Zsasz are my favorite villains…[with] some of the best villain moments seen in a comic book film to-date. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorIt s McGregor who shines the brightest in Birds of Prey… he skillfully slips between the personas to create an effective counterpart to each of the heroes. Molly Freeman, ScreenRantHe s the best villain in the DCEU right now… for what it s worth, that s not too high of a bar. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderVictor’s obsessive desire to please his boss and Roman’s unchecked narcissism combine to create a dynamic duo who are pure nightmare fuel. Laura Prudom, IGNVillains Sionis and Zsasz are left aching for a bit more oomph, or gravitas, behind their wickedness… Their unhinged nature could stand to be dialed up further. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionEwan McGregor’s Roman Sionis is likely to be divisive… He’s an extravagantly blatant example of queer-coded villainhood, to the point where it’s not really coded at all. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, The Daily Dot(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)How is Christina Hodson s script?Hodson has made sure internal and external character stakes are cogent. She utilizes familiar story elements, but remixes them into a refreshed product. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionHodson’s script is packed with the kind of small actions and moments of recognition that only a film made by women would ever think to include. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentHodson uses Harley s omniscient, if unreliable, narrator to great effect in order to immerse viewers in this world and introduce the various key players. Molly Freeman, ScreenRantSlight at best, convoluted at worst, but Birds of Prey rips through its hardboiled neo-noir story with such gleeful abandon that you barely notice the tired Macguffin narrative. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmThe first hour of Birds of Prey is a bit confusing… Even if you re a big DC fan, you may find yourself struggling to understand the point of the film. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderThe movie would have been so much better had it simplified its story by half. Alex Abad-Santos, VoxIf you think of how the narrative is being shown and just who it’s coming from, it works well… but I could see that it might not necessarily translate to the audience as a whole. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorDoes director Cathy Yan rise to the occasion?Yan steps up to the plate without a trace of the nerves you might expect of a first-time big-budget director. Helen O Hara, Time OutYan may be a newcomer to the big-budget blockbuster, but she brings an assured confidence to each stylistic choice. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmDirecting her first studio feature, Cathy Yan keeps it all hurtling along with impeccable ferocity. Her action scenes have a deftly detonating visual spaciousness. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyBirds of Prey barely holds together plot-wise… That Yan directs the movie with a pinball comic energy, in scenes of action and character interaction, makes a world of difference. Scott Mendelson, ForbesShe has a gift for kinetic fight scenes, though there are only so many creative-kill scenarios before the death toll becomes numbing. Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyYan’s stylish direction and keen sense of comedic timing keep things lively even when the story starts to strain under the weight of so many competing storylines. Laura Prudom, IGN(Photo by Claudette Barius/©Warner Bros.)Does she deliver on the action?Yan’s camera [holds] on wide shots to show off the acrobatic stunts of her stars. It’s one of the best displays of fight sequences in a superhero movie to date. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmBoasts some of the most inventive fight sequences ever seen in a comic book movie… The smackdowns have a tangible, bone-crunching quality that sets them apart from the overly CGIed slugfests found in many other superhero movies lately. Laura Prudom, IGNThe movie’s fight scenes are like highlight reels in themselves, mashing together visual artistry with bone-crunching savagery. Alex Abad-Santos, VoxBirds of Prey’s clearly shot and inventively staged action sequences feel like the first superhero movie response to John Wick’s success. Susana Polo, PolygonIt s not quite John Wick, but crisp camerawork and playful choreography place Birds of Prey comfortably above the muddy CG action of an Avengers: Endgame or, God forbid, a Suicide Squad. Angie Han, MashableDoes it do right by women in comic book movies?Rather than the paint-by-numbers girl power of Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey presents flawed, multi-faceted women as more than an afterthought in male-driven narratives. Hannah Woodhead, Little White LiesThe film is itself a liberation from male-led and male-created superhero comic book movies. Molly Freeman, ScreenRantNot only does Cathy Yan’s female-fronted, feminist feature capture one woman’s resilience… it symbolically represents that we women can overcome our worst starts. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionAll the daily joys and hurdles of a woman’s experience are deftly woven into the larger-than-life fabric of the comic-book film… this isn’t the kind of boardroom-designed, slogan-spouting style of feminism we’re used to from Hollywood. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentDoes the movie’s pop-feminist message need to be as consistently, cartoonishly violent as it is? Almost definitely not. But in a world gone mad, the catharsis of Prey’s twisted sisterhood doesn’t just read as pandemonium for its own sake; it’s actually pretty damn sweet. Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyIf there’s one thing Hollywood should learn from the experience, it’s this: Sometimes girls just want to have fun, whether they’re in superhero movies or watching them. Susana Polo, PolygonThe perfect Galentine s outing. Kirsten Acuna, Insider(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Will audiences want more?Birds of Prey provides a perfect setup for a host of other intriguing spinoffs in the DC cinematic universe — can we request Poison Ivy next? Laura Prudom, IGNYou ll be ready for a sequel with the group or more of Robbie s take on Harley the moment the film s over. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderBirds of Prey left me wanting [a sequel], which is about the most anyone can hope for in a big-screen comics adaptation. Alonso Duralde, The WrapShow[s] us just how cool Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey can be, so we re left wanting to get back in line for their next movie. Angie Han, MashableNothing in Birds of Prey suggests [these characters] ever merit further attention, far out in this suburb of Gotham with Batman nowhere to be found. John DeFore, Hollywood ReporterBirds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is in theaters on February 7.

Adam Sandler could be eyeing his first Oscar nomination if the buzz out of Telluride and the Toronto International Film Festival for his newest film, Uncut Gems, is anything to go by. Reviews for the Safdie brothers (Good Time) latest are glowing, with critics singling out Sandler for career-best work as a jewelry dealer in Manhattan’s Diamond District who finds himself pursued by criminals when a precious gem goes missing. Rotten Tomatoes Editor Jacqueline Coley spoke to Sandler and co-stars Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, and Julia Fox in Toronto, where the raves were still pouring in. The four talk about working with the Josh and Benny Safdie, two of cinema’s most sought-after and buzzed-about directors; sharing the screen with NBA legend Kevin Garnett and musician The Weeknd; and finding pockets of calm on the set of such a kinetic film.
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Director Rian Johnson with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. (Photo by Claire Folger, © Lionsgate)But this is really Ana de Armas movie, right?“Ana de Armas is a surprising standout.” Adam Chitwood, Collider“Ana De Armas is spectacular.” Carla Renata, The Curvy Film Critic“De Armas shines as the hired help plunged into the middle of a murder investigation.” Tim Grierson, Screen International“Sweet, charming, and adept at some great physical comedy, de Armas is a treat to watch.” Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmAny others who stand out?“Jamie Lee Curtis does amazing work for laughs by delivering a deadpan performance.  It’s amazing.” Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the Movies“Collette punches past the rafters, through the roof, and enters Earth’s lower orbit, combining faux-spirituality, liberal elitism, and emotionally stunted neediness into a whirlwind of hilarious inanity.” Jake Cole, Slant“The local cops played by Lakeith Stanfield and Noah Segan…deserve their own spin-off movie.” Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmWhich below-the-line talents make an impression? It’s a testament to Bob Ducsay’s editing that not only does the film fly by, but each scene featuring the massive ensemble feels even-handed and clear.” Adam Chitwood, Collider“The Thrombey estate is an art director’s dream, as production designer David Crank imagines a mansion that only a mystery novelist could fashion for himself.” Peter Debruge, Variety(Photo by Claire Folger, Lionsgate)Does the movie get political?“[It’s] grand statement about America and our current moment…the first film to take on the significance of a President Trump without lapsing into corny preachiness.” Charles Bramesco, The Playlist“The film’s true lacerations concern those inflicted by the elite on themselves in Johnson’s expert parody of whodunnit class politics.” Jake Cole, Slant“Some of [the] attempts to give the film a contemporary, Trump’s America spin are a little too clunky, other similar touches work so well that you’re willing to forget them.” Benjamin Lee, Guardian“The rich-folks jabs provide the film’s cheapest laughs.” Peter Debruge, Variety“Thanks to an impeccable script, game actors and plenty of laughs, though, the messaging goes down easy.” Joe Lipett, Bloody DisgustingAny criticisms – at all?“This thriller can sometimes be too mechanical — a breezy exercise if not always an emotionally satisfying one.” Tim Grierson, Screen International“Spending so much time with [Ana de Armas] when the time could be spent with the film’s larger than life personalities is admittedly frustrating.” Joe Lipett, Bloody DisgustingWe hear there s a final shot for the ages  “My God does Johnson stick the landing with one of the best final shots of the year.” Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.com“[It’s an] all-timer of a final shot.” David Ehrlich, IndieWire“[Johnson]’s assembled a dazzling contraption that, if twisted in just the right way, pops open to reveal a nugget of wisdom crystallized by the cathartic final shot.” Charles Bramesco, The PlaylistWill we want to see it again (and again)?“When it ends you’ll immediately want to get back on.” Adam Chitwood, Collider“I cannot wait to see this laugh riot again!” Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesKnives Out premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7, 2019. It will be in theaters November 27, 2019.

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Ghcxuf (Photo by Niko Tavernise/© 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)So Phoenix is good, then?Joaquin Phoenix is astounding… [he] will be nominated for his work here, and rightly so. Jenna Busch, VitalThrills.comPhoenix’s performance is astonishing… playing a geek with an unhinged mind, yet he’s so controlled that he’s mesmerizing. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyPhoenix takes what might have been a turn filled with over-swings, and makes it all feel disturbingly natural… the actor never ceases to give each moment just the right amount of gas. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendIt’s a raw, festering wound of a performance that flirts with virtuosity and redundancy alike. Justin Chang, Los Angeles TimesIf you live to see Joaquin Phoenix go to performing extremes like nobody’s business, this movie really is the apotheosis of that. Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.comIt’s hard to tell whether this is a poor performance, or if he just has precious little to work with. David Jenkins, Little White LiesPhoenix is acting so hard you can feel the desperation throbbing in his veins. Stephanie Zacharek, TimeHow disturbing is the movie?Joker offers up terrifying levels of tension. In fact, it’s scarier than most horror films of the year with its gritty, scary levels of realism. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comThere are moments of intense violence, but the dread is really the thing that will make you squirm, rather than gore. Jenna Busch, VitalThrills.comThe mounting violence is intensely unpleasant, shocking if not particularly surprising; in scene after scene, the buildup is so agonizingly drawn out that you’re unsure whether the movie is depicting or embracing its protagonist’s cruelty. Justin Chang, Los Angeles TimesThe violence in this movie means to shock, and it does. Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.comJoker is dark only in a stupidly adolescent way. Stephanie Zacharek, Time(Photo by Niko Tavernise/© 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)What are we made to feel for Arthur Fleck?What s so compelling about the title role, both as written and in Phoenix s full-throttle, raw performance, is that we re encouraged to feel sympathy for the Joker even as he s clearly turning into a homicidal maniac. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterEven as we’re drinking in his screw-loose antics with shock and dismay, there’s no denying that we feel something for him — a twinge of sympathy, or at least understanding. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyJoker the film may ask viewers to empathize with its central protagonist but it doesn’t ask us to forgive him for his increasingly evil choices…the film still knows he’s deranged and not to be romanticized – merely understood. Jim Vejvoda, IGN MoviesIt may be irresponsible propaganda for the very men it pathologizes. Richard Lawson, Vanity FairHow is Todd Phillips directing?Phillips and the Ace of Knaves have turned out to be the perfect marriage of filmmaker and material. Jordan Farley, Total FilmPhillips is a long way from the Hangover trilogy…he keeps the pacing steady and satisfying over two hours, fueling the suspense and modulating the peaks and climactic builds with assurance. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterPhillips, utilizing clever tracking shots, tight close-ups and lost-in-the-crowd framing to convey Arthur’s existential angst, has made us forget about those agonizing Hangover sequels. Marlow Stern, The Daily Beast[It’s] directed by a glorified edgelord who lacks the discipline or nuance to responsibly handle such hazardous material, and who reliably takes the coward’s way out of the narrative’s most critical moments. David Ehrlich, IndieWire[His] lack of dramatic experience shows. Germain Lussier, io9(Photo by © 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)Are there any major problems?Unfortunately, the film errs in its on-the-nose depiction of politics and class warfare. Marlow Stern, The Daily BeastAs social commentary, Joker is pernicious garbage. Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.comPhillips may want us to think he’s giving us a movie all about the emptiness of our culture, but really, he’s just offering a prime example of it. Stephanie Zacharek, TimeJoker poses as a movie worthy of serious thought, but lacks the courage to behave like one. David Ehrlich, IndieWireThe movie is chock full of so many themes at so many different times it’ll leave your head spinning. Germain Lussier, io9If there’s a shortcoming it’s that, in taking inspiration so transparently from Scorsese’s late ’70s/early ’80s output, Joker is a film that exists squarely in Marty’s shadow. Jordan Farley, Total FilmWill the film spark discussion?There is going to be a lot of talk about how what we see in the film reflects the world we live in right now, and how monsters come to be. Jenna Busch, VitalThrills.comWhat I did not expect was for Joker to be a shockingly relevant (oftentimes on-the-nose) rumination on privilege, wealth disparity, and mental health stigmatization. Dan Casey, Nerdist[It] shoots for the moon in its attempt to deliver a lapel-shaking statement on the malign tenor of Our Times, yet ends up settling for feeble posturing, asinine pop psychology and political analysis charged with all the cynicism of a mollycoddled teen dropout in fake Oakleys and a home customized Linkin Park tee. David Jenkins, Little White LiesYou’ll definitely feel like you’ll need a shower after seeing it, but once you’ve dried off and changed clothes, you’ll want to do nothing else but parse and dissect it. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendJoker premiered at the Venice Film Festival on August 31, 2019. It will open around the world on October 3 and 4. 😈😈


行星防御战 斗破苍穹之剑无限元宝版是一款恢弘的玄幻仙侠巨制手游。丰富的奇幻地图,未知新颖的副本,指尖灵活使用法术,搭配各种技能,在战场自由组合动作大招,感兴趣的小伙伴们就快来本站下载试玩体验吧!

第四个是VN,这个角色的操作难度系数是非常高的,但是,这个角色的确是非常厉害的角色,其爆发力是非常高的,这样的情况下,不论是手游还是端游,VN的上场率都是非常高的。 The Holiday Movie Season is here (hooray!), and it s not off to a good start (boo!). But save your panic, because this is still the season when The Rise of Skywalker, Frozen II, and a new Jumanji are going to make about a billion-and-a-half alone domestically. This weekend, despite four new releases, gives us a Top Ten that isn t even going to cross 0 million. Three of those releases weren t expected to set the box office on fire, but the numbers that the new Terminator film put up is likely to make Paramount a little nervous as they stare down their second big-budget sci-fi misfire in a row.King of the Crop: Terminator: Dark Fate is Tops, but the Bar is Low(Photo by Paramount Pictures)The Terminator series has, without question, been waning in popularity over the years. James Cameron and Linda Hamilton left after the second film. Arnold Schwarzenegger left after the third. The global sensation that was Terminator 2: Judgment Day remains one of the great action films of all-time. 12 years later, Arnold gave it another spin with Rise of the Machines, which opened to a healthy million and grossed over 0 million domestically. (T2 would amount to about 6 million in ticket sales today.) The reboot of Terminator: Salvation in 2009 with Christian Bale and Sam Worthington opened to .5 million and finished with 5 million. Then, in 2015, Terminator: Genisys opened to .1 million from Weds-to-Fri or million from Fri-to-Sun and then failed to reach million stateside.Now, 35 years after Cameron’s The Terminator premiered and four years since Cameron endorsed Genisys as the “real” Terminator 3, we now have Terminator: Dark Fate being sold to audiences as the “real” Terminator 3. And audiences are not buying. A million opening is well below the low-40s projections we’ve been hearing for weeks, and it comes out to only a ,097 per-theater-average. (T3 T4 were each over ,000.) Critically, the film is holding steady at 69% on the Tomatometer (the same number for the real “real” Terminator 3; the last positively-scored film in the series.) But nobody at Paramount can be thrilled with the dollar figure, given a 5 million budget, especially coming right after the failure of Ang Lee’s Gemini Man, which has grossed just 5 million worldwide to date on a 8 million budget.Consider that only four films have ever opened in November to a PTA under ,500 and grossed over 0 million, and all four were animated – The Polar Express (2.77 million), Bolt (4.05), The Princess and the Frog (4.04), and Rise of the Guardians (3.41). That is bad news for a film that is in the same boat as Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and needs over a half-billion dollars before we come even close to talking profit. Disney’s film only just crossed 0 million worldwide on Thursday. Genisys, the highest-grossing international Terminator to date, made 0 million and squeaked out a tiny profit. But Dark Fate may be living up to its name as it has grossed just million total overseas so far.Fresh Surprise: Focus Features Earns Another Solid Debut with HarrietRyan FujitaniSpeaking of per-theater averages, Focus Features is having a bit of a moment. Downton Abbey has grossed over million and has become their highest-grossing domestic title ever. This weekend, Kasi Lemmons’ Harriet opened to million and notches another top ten finish in Focus’ record books. While not a giant number, Harriet’s ,828 per-theater-average is the sixth best ever for Focus when they launch a film in over 2,000 theaters. It ranks behind The Strangers, Insidious: Chapter 3, Coraline, Burn After Reading, and London Has Fallen, and is now ahead of Atomic Blonde, The Forest, and The Boxtrolls. A pair of Jet Li films (Unleashed and Fearless) represent the low bar of Focus’ films opening to million or higher, as each grossed .53 and .63 million, respectively. The Forest is their only release to open over million and fail to gross at least million.Rotten Returns: Motherless Brooklyn and Arctic Dogs Flop Spectacularly(Photo by Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures)The two remaining new releases are downright Goldfinchian. Edward Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn, also released by Warner Bros., cost million and grossed just .6 million. That is just a ,682 per-theater-average in 1,342 venues. That is comparable to STX’s The Best of Enemies from April, which had a ,608 average in 1,705 theaters and finished with just .2 million. Norton said that he cashed in every favor in Hollywood to get this film made, so there may be a lot of Italian Jobs in his future.Then on the animated front, Missing Link can rest easy that it no longer has the weakest opening of the year. That now belongs to the -million budgeted Arctic Dogs from Entertainment Studios. Its .1 million start is the lowest for an animated film released in over 2,000 theaters since Disney’s Teacher’s Pet (.46 million) back in 2004. That start is also the lowest ever for one released in over 3,000 theaters, replacing 2015’s Strange Magic, which opened to .5 million and finished with just .4 million. Arctic Dogs is now destined to join a list of animated films in 2,000+ theaters to gross less than million that includes Ratchet Clank, Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, Rock Dog, Doogal, The Wild Life, Early Man, and Teacher’s Pet.The Top 10 And Beyond: Joker and Maleficent Hang on to Second and Third(Photo by Niko Tavernise/© 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)Joker fell back to second place this week and is now just shy of 0 million domestic. It has become the 59th film in history to cross the 0 million line and is approaching the list of the 50 highest-grossing films of all time. At 9 million, Joker is ahead of where DC’s Suicide Squad was on Day 31 (7.32 million) and beat its fifth weekend .90-to-.91 million. That should fill in at least another -30 million as Todd Phillips film is headed past 5 million. At 4 million worldwide, even without another international dollar, Joker is going to join this list of the Top 50 grossers of all-time.The aforementioned Maleficent: Mistress of Evil earned another .1 million this weekend for a total of million domestic. That may be the 15th best total for an October release after 17 days and the 14th best third weekend, but it is still well in the red. It has a chance to reach 0 million domestic but even with another 8 million worldwide (which it has now) it is still about 0 million away from talking profit. United Artists Releasing’s The Addams Family, however, is headed exactly there. With another .4 million, the movie has passed 0 million globally and it is all IHOP gravy from there.Neon continues to make the most out of Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite (Certified Fresh at 99%). They expanded the film into 461 theaters and it grossed .6 million. That puts it in the vicinity of The Favourite, which moved into 441 theaters in weekend four and grossed .605 million, as well as Birdman, which was in 460 theaters and made .31 million. Both films from Fox Searchlight went on to become Best Picture nominees and grossed .36 and .34 million, respectively. Parasite’s total stands at .5 million.(Photo by Fox Searchlight Pictures)Speaking of which, the Fox specialty division now under Disney has Jojo Rabbit. Taika Waititi’s film was expanded in 256 theaters this weekend and grossed .4 million. That is also in the vicinity of Birdman’s third weekend (.39 million in 231 theaters) but also a little behind Searchlight’s (500) Days of Summer (.77 million in 266 theaters) and A24’s Lady Bird (.51 million in 244 theaters.) Those three films grossed between -49 million with a pair bolstered by their Oscar campaign. Still, if they can keep up interest and get the film to around million, that will be a solid victory. Its total is currently .2 million.Finally there is The Lighthouse (Certified Fresh at 92%) which A24 expanded again into 978 theaters, but fell back from last week’s Top Ten gross of .02 million back to million. That’s a gross on par with 2017’s The Beguiled (.06 million in 941 theaters) just as it was last week suggesting a final total around that film’s .7 million is in the cards for Robert Eggers’ follow-up to The Witch.This Time Last Year: Bohemian Rhapsody Destroys the CompetitionThree new films led the box office but only one turned into a phenomenon. Bohemian Rhapsody began its run towards the Oscars and history with a million opening, more than the next three films combined. They included the Disney bust, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (.35 million), Tyler Perry’s Nobody’s Fool (.74 million) and Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born ( million) which passed 5 million this weekend. David Gordon Green’s Halloween also passed 0 million in fifth place. The biggest per-theater-average of the week went to Joel Edgerton’s Boy Erased (,411 in 5 theaters). The Top Ten films grossed 9.38 million and averaged 57.2% on the Tomatometer, while this year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated .3 Million and averaged 51.5% with critics.On the Vine: Heeeere s Ewan!The Holiday Movie Season is undeniably frontloaded this year, with everyone trying to get their piece of the pie before Frozen II and The Rise of Skywalker dominate. The favorite going into next week is Mike Flanagan’s two-and-a-half-hour adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep, with Ewan McGregor. Roland Emmerich is back to blow things up with a real-life war story in Midway. For the romance fans out there, Paul Feig is teaming up Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in Last Christmas and for families looking for an amuse-bouche before Anna Elsa, John Cena plays a babysitting fireman in Playing with Fire. Also in limited release is Shia LaBeouf’s acclaimed autobiographical story of his relationship with his troubled father in Honey Boy.The Full Top 10: November 1-3Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) 70% – million ( million total)Joker (2019) 68% – .9 million (9.6 million total)Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) 39% – .18 million (.3 million total)Harriet (2019) 73% – million ( million total)The Addams Family (2019) 45% – .5 million (.3 million total)Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) 68% – .35 million (.3 million total)Countdown (2019) 26% – .85 million (.77 million total)Black and Blue (2019) 52% – .1 million (.44 million total)Motherless Brooklyn (2019) 64% – .65 million (.65 million total)Arctic Dogs (2019) 12% – .1 million (.1 million total)



行星防御战 cope.It Was a “Traditional” Disney Story in a Way No Other Pixar Movie Is(Photo by Buena Vista Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)These days, Pixar is celebrated for its truly innovative premises. What if the emotions in your head were personified, here to teach you a lesson about how sadness is good? What if humanity ruined the Earth and left a cute, largely silent robot behind to clean up? What if art deco superheroes fought against the struggles of marriage, and also maybe loved Ayn Rand? A Bug’s Life is not like that. In fact, it’s probably the most traditional Pixar movie when compared to Disney’s classic animated canon. The film, like so many of the classic Disney movies, was based on an old tale from the public domain — in this instance, the Aesop’s Fable about the ant and the grasshopper.Anybody who has watched The Little Mermaid and then gone and read the original Grimm’s Fairy Tale knows that Disney frequently makes major (and typically good) changes when adapting an old story. A Bug’s Life was no different, taking this fable of a lazy grasshopper and hardworking ant and spinning it into a new tale about individualism, make-believe actors becoming real-life heroes, and triumph over extortion. It was Pixar’s only real take on what had been Disney’s M.O. for decades, and while the studio’s creative ambitions would only grow greater, A Bug’s Life is worth remembering for being a singular Pixar reinterpretation.It Proved That Pixar Wasn’t a FlukeIf the worst thing A Bug’s Life has going for it is that it isn’t one of the greatest animated movies ever made from arguably the greatest animation studio of all time, then that’s a pretty good sophomore slump. After the success of Toy Story, Pixar, which had since become a public company, needed to deliver a success to keep the momentum going.“We felt the future of the studio was resting on it,” A Bug’s Life producer Darla K. Anderson recalled in that filmmaker’s roundtable. Had Pixar’s second movie been a total bust, Pixar might’ve been written-off as a one-hit wonder. Instead, A Bug’s Life was a critical and financial success — maybe not as good as Toy Story, but a sure sign that there were plenty more good things to come.Twenty years later, now that computer graphics have progressed so much, it’s easy to overlook the visual and technical leaps that A Bug’s Life Made. Compared to Toy Story, A Bug’s Life is much more complex. Animators needed to create entirely organic-looking worlds on a much bigger scale than Toy Story’s mostly bedroom settings. There were significantly more characters in A Bug’s Life than in the earlier film — heck, the ant colony alone dwarfs Toy Story’’s entire cast. Pixar also had to use or develop new animation techniques to handle light flickering through semi-transparent grass and the flickering flames of the finale. In other words, A Bug’s Life was no small feat, and that warrants a bit of celebration.A Bug s Life was released on November 25, 1998.

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