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亚博全站APP采用百度引擎2(Baidu 4)(Photo by Kristian King)Kristian King s Twice As Good is part of the Scene in Color Film Series, presented by Target, which shines a light on incredible filmmaking talent. As part of the series, three emerging filmmakers will receive mentorship from producer Will Packer, and their films are available to watch on Rotten Tomatoes, MovieClips Indie Channel, Peacock, and the NBC App.The story of filmmaker Kristian King’s film Twice As Good, which premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival this year, mirrors her life’s journey. Like the film’s protagonist, she had been on a traditional track to success – college and a “good job” – and like the film’s protagonist, she dared to do something different.King, who is from Fayetteville, Georgia, was on a path to med school, studying at Duke University and working at a breast cancer research laboratory, when she began to take an interest in film, something she says she “didn’t even know was a real job.” At Duke, inspired by filmmakers that would come and talk, she made her first short film, got involved in theater, and decided she wanted to go to film school.It was a big call, but the right one: King recently graduated with from NYU’s MBA/MFA dual degree program with Stern School of Business and Tisch School of the Arts – Graduate Film, where she collected the 2019 Media Services Award for her work as a producer on more than 15 shorts. But she recalls the pressure and anxiety she felt about telling her parents that she no longer wanted to be a doctor.For Black kids, King says, “there’s this feeling sometimes of needing to be perfect, and needing to excel, in order to be accepted into the world. And I think that the underside of that is: What about your mental health? What do you want to do? Those are the type of things I wanted to talk about more. While she may not have known that movies were a job option, she always had a passion for the medium, and growing up would seek out interesting films from the likes of directors like Wes Anderson. But she says she rarely saw herself or people she knew on screen. With her work, she wants to portray Black joy and the wider spectrum of Black American life.It’s why it was important for her to show high-achieving Black students in Twice As Good. “Often you’ll see one super-smart Black character [in a movie],” King says, “so it seems like they’re an anomaly and not the norm. [In Twice As Good] we see different students announce where they’re going to college, see other students in the hallway, see other students who are also struggling with where they want to go to school.”King says her work is about “creating more mirrors to see myself and people to see themselves.”See more shorts and meet more filmmakers from the Scene in Color Film Series.

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精英狂暴打击游戏是有着不同的射击角色为主题的冒险手游。在这个满是危险的时代里面,能随时遇见超多的射击队友,我们一同进入到末世当中战斗,刺激的玩法伴随着我们的前进,打击感十足的强悍体验哟。 King of the Crop: The Upside Continues Kevin Hart’s Strong January Numbers(Photo by © STX Entertainment)STX’s strongest opener is still Bad Moms (.8 million), but a .5 million start for The Upside is a true victory for a studio which has not had a success since A Bad Mom’s Christmas back in 2017. And the news could be even better for them considering that they are only on the hook for the prints and advertising, which is reportedly less than million. The million production budget rests elsewhere as this film was originally repped by the Weinstein Co. when it premiered at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival. A month later the Harvey scandal erupted and his company s films were eventually shelved or sold off. Poor Paddington 2 was one of them and it failed to find half of the original’s audience last January. The .5 million of The Upside would have been the fifth biggest opening ever for the now defunct Company, just ahead of the original Paddington’s .9 million start.Kevin Hart, on the other hand, has had some big openings so this number relatively pales in comparison. Just in January alone Hart has opened Ride Along (.5 million), Ride Along 2 (.2 million), and The Wedding Ringer (.6 million) to bigger numbers but his prevailing starpower is clearly a factor in The Upside’s success. Films in January opening between and million have finished anywhere between .6 and .6 million. The 4-day holiday next weekend can only help if word-of-mouth holds and it stays in second behind the launch of Glass. Only three of the 10 films in that range managed to gross three times their opening weekend. But one of those three was The Wedding Ringer.Rotten Returns: Replicas Unmatched For Futility Of Keanu Reeves Openers(Photo by Entertainment Studios)The Upside was not the only film delayed until this weekend. Replicas was pulled from the 2018 schedule and dumped into theaters now with no press screenings to boot. The 13% on the Tomatometer can clue you into why. The .5 million it made is the lowest amount ever for any Keanu Reeves headliner to open on more than 2,000 screens. The previous low was Johnny Mnemonic opening to million in 2,030 theaters back in 1995; that was his first film since the success of Speed the previous summer. The million-budgeted film was bought by Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios for million back in 2017 and will continue a streak of financial losers for them.The Top Ten And Beyond: Aquaman Reaches Milestone For DC’s Cinematic Universe(Photo by Warner Bros.)Aquaman may have missed the opportunity of four straight weeks at no. 1, but it will surely trade that as it became just the 37th film ever to reach the billion dollar milestone this weekend. That is the second billion dollar film under James Wan’s watch and he has done it with two separate franchises. (Furious 7 grossed .51 billion worldwide.) It should reach the 0 million mark in the U.S. by the end of next weekend’s holiday.Kids may be back in school but that doesn’t account for the huge drop that Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns took this weekend. From .8 million (third place last week) to .2 million (eighth place this week) that’s a 54% drop (the biggest in the top 10) putting it virtually out of the running to achieve what some of us perceived to be an inevitability. With 0.6 million in its 26th day that puts it smack dab between Wreck-It Ralph and Coco for Disney features – or 9-9 million as a final gross. However, no December release with less than 2 million in the same timeframe ever reached the 0 million mark. The film still needs roughly another 2 million to turn a profit.Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse should be into profit by now and is actually en route to swinging over Mary Poppins’ domestic total. It may be in the same boat as far as not reaching 0 million, but it should take delight in the 0 million range where its headed. Bumblebee remains poised to become the lowest-grossing, best-reviewed Transformers film to date, though Viacom has said the movie is already solidly profitable . Its total stands at 4 million worldwide. Clint Eastwood’s The Mule should now certainly reach the 0 million mark (the sixth of his directorial career) but is still going to need around million internationally to turn a profit.Sony’s A Dog’s Way Home s .3 million is really neither here nor there. Not as much as Max (.1 million) but a bit better than Because of Winn-Dixie (.2 million). Snow Dogs and Hotel for Dogs both had better January starts with .8 million and million, respectively. Last week’s top (new) dog, Escape Room, is up to a respectable .4 million. Annapurna’s awards hopeful, Vice, is up to .9 million, while Focus’ less-awards-hopeful, On the Basis of Sex  added 1,811 theaters to its run this weekend and grossed .2 million. Its total stands at .5 million. Also expanding was Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk, which added 683 theaters (for 1,018 total) and grossed .38 million. Moonlight did not cross 1,000 theaters until the weekend after the Oscar nominations. It expanded to 650 theaters on its fifth weekend and grossed .48 million for a total of .6 million. Beale Street has made .68 million after its fifth weekend. Moonlight grossed a total of .8 million.This Time Last Year: Jumanji Led All While Wide Launch Of The Post Beat Newcomers(Photo by @ Columbia Pictures)Jumnaji: Welcome to the Jungle led the way for a second week in a row with .1 million, and the wide release of Steven Spielberg’s The Post beat all the newcomers with a .3 million weekend. Amongst films in their first three days anywhere, Liam Neeson in The Commuter fared best with .7 million. Critical darling Paddington 2 (still a perfect 100% with 216 posted reviews) made million, and Taraji P. Henson in Proud Mary grossed .9 million. The top 10 films grossed 9.3 million and averaged 64.3% on the Tomatometer. This year’s top 10 grossed an estimated million and averaged 68.1%On the Vine: Glass Hopes To Break January Records Though Critics Already Throwing StonesAlex VoUniversal is poised to have one of the biggest January openings of all-time. Likely second if you count American Sniper’s wide release back in 2015. M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, the third film in his surprise Unbreakable trilogy, is the only major release next week and those who made Split a big hit in 2017 are likely to come out in droves. For at least its opening weekend. The studio lifted the embargo for reviews of the film this past Wednesday and the response from critics (currently 37% on the Tomatometer) may be reflected in audience disappointment and see the grosses trail off. On the other han,d with very little to challenge it in the two weeks after (The Kid Who Would Be King, Serenity, Miss Bala) it could actually hold onto a no. 1 slot until The Lego Movie 2 opens on Feb. 8.The Full Top 10: January 11-13The Upside .5 million (.5 million total)Aquaman  .2 million (7.8 million total)A Dog’s Way Home .3 million (.3 million total)Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse– .0 million (7.7 million total)Escape Room –.9 million (.4 million total)Mary Poppins Returns – .2 million (0.6 million total)Bumblebee – .7 million (8.4 million total)On the Basis of Sex .2 million (.5 million total)The Mule .5 million (.5 million total)Vice  .2 million (.9 million total)

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cf手游可以安卓转苹果吗。有的玩家们更换了不同平台的手机,不知道能不能吧原本在安卓服务器的游戏账号转到ios里面,那么接下来就带给各位玩家们cf手游安卓转ios方法介绍,感兴趣的玩家们不要错过。亚博全站APPThough the requisite French fashion designer–diva in Emily In Paris might consider the show s title basic, Americans might instead call it forthright.  The name of the new Netflix rom-com starring Lily Collins tells you exactly what you re going to get: the story of a successful young American and her fabulous new life in Paris.From Sex and the City and Younger creator Darren Star, the show follows Collins Emily, a twentysomething marketing manager who gets a promotion and moves to the City of Lights to run social media for a luxury French marketing agency. Culture clashes abound, both in the office and in her personal life. While she quickly makes friends in her French chef neighbor (Lucas Bravo), Chinese ex-pat Mindy (Ashley Park), and stylish Parisian Camille (Camille Razat), Emily finds it much harder to fit in at work, where her all-American effervescence and inability to speak French aren t exactly appreciated.(Photo by Carole Bethuel/Netflix)The series, which was originally commissioned for Paramount Network, but moved to Netflix after some corporate shuffling, is Star s first streaming series. I love the idea that people can binge this show, and they re not waiting for next week and next week and next week, Star told Rotten Tomatoes over Zoom ahead of the Emily In Paris premiere.Before you grab some champagne and chocolate and settle in for a binge, read on to find out what else you need to know about the fizzy rom-com.1. Living In Paris(Photo by Carole Bethuel/Netflix)The first thing to know about the series, which was filmed in Paris late last summer and fall, is that living the Parisian life is just as dreamy as you d expect. I wish for jealousy s sake that I could say it wasn t the best time ever, Park told Rotten Tomatoes, but that just wasn t the case: I couldn t have had more fun if I tried. Days off included strolling along the Seine, trying new restaurants, and sipping plenty of wine. Park got an apartment in the historic 4th arrondissement neighborhood of the Marais, and it was exactly what Emily is going through, but I was living it in real time, Park said. There is a wine bar that I took almost everyone who visited me that had the best orange wine and was about the size of this little living room — it s the best. Lucas Bravo and Camille Razat, they would take me out to their favorite French spots, she said.Of course, moving anywhere new is a difficult and isolating experience, and it takes Emily a little while to feel comfortable. Then there s the fact that although the historic buildings in Paris are beautiful, they do have some downsides; for one, the frequent need of repair.Collins experienced the personality of the city s aging infrastructure first hand. Though she said she had a similarly blissful time exploring Paris — her first time in the city for more than a handful of days — she also had some less-than-idyllic experiences like her character. I had a lot of meta experiences as Lily and Emily, like, where my hot water didn t work for two weeks, or my heating stopped working or just funny things where I was like, OK, this is Lily, but it s also very Emily, Collins said.2. Working in Paris(Photo by Carole Bethuel/Netflix)Like all of Star s series, there s a fantasy element at work in this show. First of all, Emily is described as a marketing executive at the ripe old age of not-even-30, which is a bit of an exaggeration even if she was a wunderkind who worked her way up the corporate ladder quickly. But even so, the culture clash at her new company is very extreme, with the buttoned-up French staff not at all receptive to Emily s over-eager, bubbly personality and ask for forgiveness, not permission work style.Emily is a fish out of water careening forward without first assessing how her new colleagues operate (a rookie mistake). It s an interesting situation for Emily because she was sent there last minute, Collins explained. So the office is expecting someone older who speaks French, and she arrives and she s someone younger who doesn t understand the language at all. So right away, it s like, Oh, wait, this is not gonna work. Emily is very passionate, loves her work, and is very articulate, and quite loud and obvious. And so when she comes bustling in to prove herself right away, it can seem like a lot, Collins said. Her youthful boldness, her youthful passion, at the beginning is like a full train rolling, going straight ahead 20 miles an hour too fast. 3. Romance in Paris(Photo by Stephanie Branchu/Netflix)Paris is also called the City of Love for a reason — it is tres romantic, especially the version of Paris captured by this breezy 30-minute show. Emily has a boyfriend back home, a fancy client who s extremely into her, and sizzling chemistry with neighbor Gabriel, who s also a chef at the bistro downstairs from their apartments.But above all, Collins said, I think this is a romantic comedy where mostly Emily s trying to find love within herself. The City of Love is teaching her so much about finding love within herself, and then obviously with these people that she s meeting. It shouldn t be too much of a spoiler to tease that perhaps something explosive will happen between Emily and her hot chef neighbor — come on, you ve seen a romantic comedy before, right? The situation is very complicated on both ends, Bravo said, but Gabriel ultimately can t resist the sparks between them. He s wearing that charming self-confidence mask, but he s really lost, the Nice-born actor said. And when Emily comes around, and at his doorstep — he is not looking for her, she really steps into his life — he sees this very curious character; he sees an opportunity. It s like, OK, what I m feeling right now, I need to experience it because I felt kind of dead all this time and lost, and I feel something right now so I need to experience it. 4. Cooking (and Eating) in Paris(Photo by Roger Do Minh/Netflix)While Park is Tony-nominated for her work in Broadway s Mean Girls musical and Collins has been a big-screen star for years, American audiences won t be as familiar with Bravo. The actor was born in the South of France but lived all across Europe as the son of a professional soccer player, settling in Paris to finish his studies. After a five-year stint in Los Angeles, he moved back to Paris, where he s worked in TV and film for the past few years.As someone who moved around a lot as a kid, Bravo said he s comfortable in all sorts of situations, and that includes his professional life. But his role as a chef isn t necessarily that big of a stretch, since he s got his own skills in the kitchen from his stint working as a chef. I was bartending, and at some point, I was like, I don t think I can learn anything more about bartending. So I asked the chef, because the sous chef just left, I asked him if I could step in and he said yes, Bravo said. And so I started learning and cooking the little plates at first and then he made me part of the bigger process. And the kitchen was open so the customers could see us, and I was totally overplaying it. Sometimes the omelet didn t have to jump so high, but I would just [do it] just for the sake of it. I discovered what it is to be a chef and the food was actually good! 5. Season 2 in ParisEmily and Gabriel s burgeoning relationship, of course, gets complicated as the season progresses, leaving lots of potential storylines should the series get picked up for a second season.While Netflix typically takes a month or two to decide whether to renew a show, Star said that he has ideas ready should they get the green light. So although he hasn t formally started working on a second season, there s a lot of roads to take. So that s the idea: to have a lot of possibilities. Collins is also excited about further exploring that Emily-Gabriel dynamic and said: Hopefully we get to go to a season 2, because we can kind of maximize on that since we are left with a cliffhanger in the last episode, we don t know how it ends yet. Emily In Paris launches on Netflix on Friday, October 2.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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Before he was Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill was dreaming of Jeannie in the animated take on the classic sitcom, simply named Jeannie, which Hanna-Barbera produced and which aired briefly towards the end of 1973. It was short-lived, but it kicked off a long love of voice acting work, which would flourish in the 1990s and the decades following when he landed the role of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series. For the Comic-Con crowd, the role would define him almost as much as his work in the Star Wars franchise; like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, he put his on stamp on the character, which he calls the Hamlet of villain roles for a comic fan. As Hamill prepares to put his spin on another iconic villain – the murderous doll, Chucky, in director Lars Klevberg s reboot of Child s Play – Rotten Tomatoes sat down with the actor for an exclusive and extended deep dive on his voice work. Here, he talks about finding the Joker s laugh, and molding the character to different stories (from The Killing Joke to the Arkham Asylum video game); dubbing two classic Miyazaki films; his prediction that Avatar: The Last Airbender was simply too smart, and too good, to succeed; and how his new Chucky differs from Brad Dourif s beloved take on the character.Child s Play is in theaters June 21.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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Gretel & Hansel (2020) 63% We haven t even spent an entire month in 2020 yet, but we re already getting our fourth big horror release of the year in this week s Gretel Hansel. Like last week s The Turning, this one is also rooted in classic literature, as it offers a new take on the well-known fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Sophia Lillis plays 16-year-old Gretel, who, along with her brother Hansel (Samuel Leakey), has been sent into the woods in search of a convent to take them in, since their destitute mother can no longer provide for them. Of course, as anyone familiar with the source material might predict, the pair happen upon a mysterious cabin en route and, tempted by the feast they spy inside, decide to pull up a couple of chairs and hang out with the creepy woman who lives there and who might be a witch looking to fatten them up and eat them later. Director Oz Perkins is no stranger to horror his previous films include I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House and The Blackcoat s Daughter   and he does his best to craft an atmosphere-driven arthouse chiller, but most critics say Gretel Hansel is far too leisurely paced and devoid of real terror that it loses steam quickly and never quite recovers. There are bright spots here: Sophia Lillis s acting chops are on full display, Alice Krige is suitably unsettling as Holda the witch, and pretty much everyone even those who generally didn t like the film has nothing but great things to say about the film s lush imagery and stunning cinematography. Ultimately, though, fans of traditional horror fare may find the film s deliberate pacing and third-act liberties with the source material a bit too much to swallow.

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8.85.2 7月喜迎(Photo by Adult Swim/2019)From Dexter’s Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls to Samurai Jack and Star Wars: Clone Wars, Genndy Tartakovsky has been a staple of Cartoon Network programming from the mid- 90s to the mid- 00s, introducing children and adults alike to a type of animation that is as full of action and comedy as it is emotional and character-driven.(Photo by Adult Swim/2019)Now, the innovative animation creator is back with Primal, a bold new show for Adult Swim that feels both completely different from anything Tartakovsky’s done before and also like the culmination of an entire career. The show centers around a caveman who is forced to team up with a dinosaur in order to survive the savagery of the prehistoric world. It has absolutely no dialogue, and instead focuses on facial expressions and action for Tartakovsky s latest experiment in visual storytelling.Rotten Tomatoes recently spoke with Tartakovsky about the path that led him to his new show. The Primal creator reflected on how his previous series brought him to this latest artistic endeavor and revealed that Primal will have 10 episodes, with the remaining five airing some time next year.1. TARTAKOVSKY KNEW HOW TO USE SILENCE TO TELL A STORYTelling a story without dialogue or sound isn t necessarily a new concept for animation, but the way Tartakovsky employed the device in this scene from Dexter’s Laboratory shows how he developed his technique for Primal. Whenever the newspaper boys are on screen, the show feels like a silent Japanese film, and the moment Dee Dee or as on frame, the show turns the volume up.“It’s been around since old Warner Brothers or Tex Avery cartoons, so I don’t think I’m doing anything new,” Tartakovsky told Rotten Tomatoes. “There’s too much dialogue on animated shows nowadays, and I try to stand out by forcing you to pay attention through silence. It works — even the editing changes when the dialogue shuts off and we follow the newspaper ninjas, quickly going from the ninjas’ faces to their newspapers to the broken windows they leave behind. This use of silence follows Tartakovsky’s career, experimenting more and more with the lack of dialogue until we get a show that is completely silent.“Primal was a direct reaction to the audience,” he explained. “When we did the last season of Samurai Jack, people loved the silent sequences, so I thought of constructing a story out of silence and eventually that turned into this idea about a caveman riding a dinosaur.”2. BUILDING ANTICIPATIONTartakovsky not only uses silence to make a audiences pay attention to the action, but he makes them wait for it too. Look at the video above of the first appearance of General Grievous in Star Wars: Clone Wars. Back then we didn’t know anything about the villain, but it only took a few seconds for him to become a menace worth being afraid of. In an episode that lasts less than 10 minutes, we spend a minute and a half building anticipation and dread between the time Grievous first speaks to the hiding Jedi and the moment he kills the first one of them.“It’s always important to breathe in a sequence. We kind of build the action like a music sequence, and then we speed up or slow down accordingly,” Tartakovsky said.In that scene, the fight with the droids starts out lightning-fast before slowing down to build anticipation through sound and rumble, then goes back to an explosive and fast-paced fight that already sells the formidable villain. In Primal, Tartakovsky builds anticipation through the introduction of more enemies. Any time our protagonists face a new threat, they stand off in silence before new threats appear, quickly building dread before the carnage begins.3. EVERYTHING HAS A RHYTHMBy combining silence and anticipation with a powerful and rhythmic score, Tartakovsky manages to create dynamic set pieces that result in practically musical fights. One of the most talked-about fight scenes in Star Wars: Clone Wars is Mace Windu’s lightsaber-less fight against an entire droid army. Most of the sequence is devoid of all sound except sound effects and two droids saying “Roger, Roger.”“A good action sequence is really like a good music sequence. There are ups and downs and there’s a natural rhythm, he said. Even when it’s just sound effects and no music it’s still rhythm and pacing.”Even in a scene with no dialogue, like the fight with the droids, the sound of metal crushing under Master Windu’s punches seems to be following a pattern. The choreography, the camera, and even the editing follow suit to result in a symphony of carnage. Windu force-pushes, crunches, and punches dozens of droids like he is following a beat. Is the action a bit over-the-top? Absolutely, but it’s the show’s decision to go along with it and Tartakovsky’s refusal to repeat any attack or make any two punches look the same that make this one of the most memorable fights in the galaxy far, far away.Primal does this a bit differently by foregoing the percussion of the music in favor of emotional scenes that counterbalance the savagery of what we are seeing on screen, as well as letting things linger longer than any of Tartakovsky’s previous shows.Said the creator, “I wanted you to really live in the moment and feel more.”4. SIMPLICITY IS OFTEN THE BEST WAYThough Tartakovsky often features elaborate and choreographed fight scenes, he also lets the simplicity of an action scene speak for itself. Characters are at times simple silhouettes highlighted against a single-color background, like in the fight between Jack and the Six Daughters during Samurai Jack’s revival. Most of the fight occurs in the snow against an entirely white background, with multi-panel animation that gives the foggy fight more depth as the simple drawing of Jack runs and fights against what are essentially just shadows with swords and spears. It doesn’t look like much, but it communicates everything you wan to know about the fighters, their motivations, and their style of fighting.“I think simplicity and clarity are key. I place the camera where I can read the action the clearest,” Tartakovsky said. “Same with color — the characters are either light with a dark background or the other way around. It’s all about being clear in the action.”Whether it’s a Jedi fighting a killer cyborg, a samurai fighting a monster, or even a caveman fighting a dinosaur, Tartakovsky’s action is always clear to read and follow, which lets the viewer focus on the story being told.5. HEART AND ACTION GO HAND IN HANDHaving gradually increased the amount of silent sequences in his shows and experimenting with rhythmic action storytelling and building anticipation, Primal feels in many ways like a culmination of nearly 30 years working in animation. The clip above tells you everything you need to know about the show. It’s violent, it’s bloody, it’s beautifully animated, and surprisingly, it is very emotional.Tartakovsky has made emotional stories before, especially when it comes to Jack’s loneliness and loss in Samurai Jack, but he hadn’t combined that with action. There is an episode in Primal where a brutal fight happens, and though you know it was born out of a necessity to survive in a cruel prehistoric world, it is hard not to look at the action and feel a deep sadness for the loser.“At it’s core, the story is about loss, death, and survival,” Tartakovsky said. “One thing we did differently in the action sequences is that I asked the composers to do emotional music instead. No matter how big the action is, the music is tragic, so as to connect a feeling that this is a very sad scene, rather than playing the big action.”Music certainly plays a big role, and in a savage and brutal show, you shouldn’t be surprised to find yourself on the verge of tears.Primal premieres Monday, Oct. 7 at midnight on Adult Swim.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
As more and more people are compelled to practice social distancing and encouraged to stay home, as movie theaters temporarily shutter their doors, and as studios continue to pull their scheduled 2020 films off the release calendar, we ve decided to reformat this weekly Critics Consensus column to focus on titles that are newly available on the home entertainment market. With that in mind, our list of digital new releases this week includes a trio of thrillers one about an insidious vacation destination, one about deep-sea terror, and one about a fledgling vigilante on the warpath. See below for the full list.

(Photo by © Fox Searchlight Pictures)If you thought your office’s politics were petty, just be glad you weren’t part of the English royal court at the turn of the 17th Century. Personality struggles were a major and – in good news for filmmakers – extremely dramatic part of court intrigue, as seen in the new critically acclaimed comedy-drama, The Favourite. The film, from The Lobster’s Yorgos Lanthimos, depicts a three-way power struggle between England’s Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) and her two power-hungry frenemies, Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) and Abigail Masham, nee Hill (Emma Stone). As with most things involving the British crown, the backstory behind this tale is complicated, slightly absurd, and incredibly juicy. Here are the five historical events that led up to the events of The Favourite.Queen Anne becomes an unlikely (and not especially good) queen.(Photo by © Fox Searchlight Pictures)Queen Anne, played by Colman in a turn that s already won her a Golden Globe nomination and is generating Oscar heat, began her rule in 1702 thanks to a somewhat odd line of succession. A former monarch, her uncle King Charles II, died without an heir, which meant that Anne’s father, James II, took the throne in 1685. However, he fled England during the Glorious Revolution three years later, and the crown fell to Anne’s older sister, Mary, who ruled alongside her husband William of Orange. Mary ruled until her death in 1694, and William’s reign continued until his death in 1702. After all that, it was time for Anne to take the crown.Thing is, Anne was not especially good at being a queen. Especially, and tragically, when it came to the job of providing an heir. Though she had 17 children with her husband George, only one survived past infancy, and that boy died at age 11. That meant that there was another succession headache looming, and Anne, who had a nasty case of gout throughout her rule, wasn’t especially shrewd when it came to ruling in the meantime. As control of the country began to shift away towards politics, and away from the monarchy, with the Whig and Tory parties vying for control, Anne was just kind of… there.   Sarah Churchill becomes Anne’s friend, confidant, and bully.(Photo by © Fox Searchlight Pictures)In 1671, when the future Queen Anne was just six years old, she met a girl named Sarah Jennings and took a liking to her. Dynamic, confident, and older than Anne, Sarah was wise enough to know she should take advantage of this potentially beneficial friendship. Sarah, who would change her last name Churchill upon marrying John Churchill, the First Duke of Marlborough, wielded immense power in the court, as it became widely known that she was the person to approach if you wanted the Queen to do something.Though Sarah and Anne were very close (a romance between the two has never been confirmed), it wasn’t always a kind relationship. Historians recount that Sarah berated Anne, driving her to tears and bossing the monarch around on several occasions. But, as Anne’s old “friend,” official head of the private royal treasury and bookkeeping, and courtly favorite, Sarah had that kind of power. Or at least, she did.Abigail Hill joins the court and rises in the ranks.(Photo by © Fox Searchlight Pictures)The bulk of The Favourite follows the power struggle between Churchill and a new contender for the throne (or at least, the throne’s confidence). Abigail Hill, played by Stone in the film, was Sarah’s cousin, but her branch of the family had fallen on hard times. Sarah brought Abigail, who had been working as a servant, into her personal employ before getting her a gig as a lady of bedchamber for Anne, a decision Sarah would soon come to regret.  Though generally thought to have not been as mercenary as Sarah, Abigail was shrewd, and when Anne started to rely on Abigail for the emotional support Sarah never really gave her, the newcomer was happy to oblige. Queen Anne knew all about Abigail’s marriage to a courtier named Samuel Masham, while Sarah was on the outs and increasingly irritated by Abigail’s rising standing within the court. We won t say who ultimately won the Queen s favor, or how – you will need to see the film for that particularly delicious chapter of the story.(Worth noting, while we’re on the subject, that there’s no concrete evidence that Anne and Sarah or Abigail were lovers in real life).The Whigs and the Tories also have a go at it.(Photo by © Fox Searchlight Pictures)The relationship between Anne, Sarah, and Abigail is the titillating part of the story, but the Queen’s rule was marked by political conflict as well (which is actually quite titillatingly laid out in the film). The Favourite plays more fast and loose with the political aspect of the story than it does with the three women’s relationships, as it would have it, but the gist is that both parties were becoming more powerful in the wake of the Glorious Revolution that overthrew Anne’s father. The queen largely identified with the Tories, since they were more royalist; Sarah, meanwhile, wanted to push Anne into supporting the Whigs, who were more capitalistic puritans. This was the period when England’s two-party system really clicked into place, and it did so as Sarah, Anne, and Abigail were subtly wrestling for influence.Winston Churchill is involved (sort of!)(Photo by © Fox Searchlight Pictures)Winston Churchill is not in The Favourite, since the World War II leader wouldn’t be born until more than a century and a half after Anne’s reign ended. However, he was a descendant of Sarah Churchill s. Sarah would die at the ripe old age of 84, outliving both the queen and her younger rival Abigail. She wrote a book, An Account of the Conduct of the Dowager Duchess of Marlborough, from her First Coming to Court to the Year 1710, that did not portray Anne in a favorable light. Her characterization of Anne as a feeble and weak leader endured, and it wasn’t until much later that historians reevaluated Anne and her reign. But, history, as the old saying goes, is written by the winners. Or at least the longest-livers. Even now, centuries later, The Favourite is still indebted to Sarah’s accounting of the events, even if the Duchess of Marlborough probably would’ve had some objection to the film’s depiction of her.The Favourite is in theaters now
London pop trio Bros had an 18-month hot flash of success when they were the biggest thing since sliced bread. I wasn’t a fan back then several of my female school friends were but it was impossible to escape their songs and not get swept up in the teen hysteria. Then, as quickly as it had begun, it was over. This charming and hilarious documentary picks up 28 years after Bros’ chart-topping heyday and shows the fractious relationship between the band’s core members, identical twins Matt and Luke Goss. While their outlook on life is sometimes unintentionally funny, there’s a lot of real laughs too, not least an epic tangent about the banning of childhood game Conkers. There is also a real heart to the film, and it’s difficult not to be moved as they overcome tragedies and their differences to return to the arena for a comeback show. Highly entertaining.
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You asked for it, and now it’s here. After all the fan campaigning and all the reshoots, the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League arrives on HBO Max this Friday, March 18. And while it’s not expected to officially change the direction of the DC Extended Universe at all, if the public reception is as positive as the first reviews of this director’s cut, then it’s likely to influence the franchise forever. According to experts, the new version of the 2017 superhero team-up is not just a lot bigger, but a lot better, too. Let’s get right into the details, shall we?Recommended: Zack Snyder Interview – The Director on Cyborg, Fandom, and Batman and Joker Coming TogetherRecommended: Michael Wilkinson On Creating the Costumes for Zack Snyder s Justice League (Gallery)Here’s what critics are saying about Zack Snyder’s Justice League:Is the Snyder Cut better than the theatrical version?I am happy to report that the intended vision is miles better than what audiences were subjected to back in 2017.  Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorIt finally becomes possible to see Justice League for the grand epic it was meant to be.  Angie Han, MashableNo one can deny the chasm in quality between Snyder and Whedon’s vision.  Dewey Singleton, AwardsWatchSnyder’s version is a better film, yes, but it’s no Superman swooping in at the last minute to save the day either… [it] isn’t immensely better.  Matt Rodriguez, ShakefireMy mindset on this movie has changed from a disaster to a competently made, interesting misfire.  Mike Ryan, UproxxYes, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is better than the theatrical cut of the film. Just about anything would have been. But the new edit also isn’t quite a movie.  Joshua Rivera, PolygonZack Snyder s Justice League is just another bad Justice League.  Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly(Photo by HBO Max)What s different?The cut also benefits from the inclusion of a lot more hope and optimism than the previous version, with the heroes working together with much more unity and purpose. Nicol


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(Photo by Rotten Tomatoes)WATCH NOW: Peacock | The Roku Channel | XUMO TVAt Rotten Tomatoes, we’re always trying to take you beyond the score, and our new always-on streaming channel does just that with a non-stop serving of shows all about the best in movies and TV and the people who make it.On The Rotten Tomatoes Channel, you’ll discover exclusive new premium series giving you the stories behind some of your favorite movie and TV moments; hilarious and insightful interviews and games with stars and filmmakers (Jordan Peele! The Rock! Awkwafina!); feisty and fun movie and TV debates with the sharpest minds in the biz; awesome trailers for upcoming movies and shows (as well as the chance to relive old favorites); and – of course – recommendations to ensure your watchlist stays super Fresh. (Or Rotten – sometimes we’re in the mood for some green.)Basically: If you’re a movie and TV fan, it’s where you want to be. Any time of day.Where Can I Find The Rotten Tomatoes Channel? You can currently find us on The Roku Channel, Peacock, XUMO TV, Samsung TV Plus, and will soon be available in more places. We’ll keep you updated here as we launch.What Is It? The Rotten Tomatoes Channel is a brand-new streaming channel that launches with 10 originally produced shows from the Rotten Tomatoes team and tons more awesome long- and short-form videos showcasing the movies and TV you love. And, of course, there’s more to come. It is our first ever linear video channel – “linear” being a fancy word for TV that’s programmed as opposed to on-demand – and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, if you want to fan out at 2am, or dip in during a muted morning Zoom call… we’re there for you.What’s on the Channel Exactly? Everything a movie and TV fan could possibly want, if we might be so bold. In addition to what you’d expect from Rotten Tomatoes – movie and TV recommendations and guides; celebrity interviews; hilarious games; news, trailers, and scene breakdowns – you’ll find original video series. These include some fan favorites, like our hugely popular Vs. showdowns, as well brand-new shows created just for the channel. Check out some of them of the new stuff below:RT Essentials: In this fun and info-packed show, we give you the stories behind the movies that defined eras, genres, and the careers of some of our biggest stars. the year adds to the poetry of it all. Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.comThere is a beautiful score by Ludovico Einaudi that complements the sweeping vistas of the vast open spaces that Fern encounters on her journeys. Jo-Ann Titmarsh, HeyUGuysLudovico Einaudi’s solitary, piano laden score makes every composition of this character study ache as though it were ripping off highway to reveal the tread marks of abandonment. Robert Daniels, 812filmreviewsThe use of famed Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi s music is exemplary in guiding our access to Fern s inner life, starting with delicate piano melodies and steadily growing richer and more emotional as the movie progresses. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterMy one major gripe with the aesthetics of the film is the use of the great composer Ludovico Einaudi’s music, which sometimes telegraphs emotions that don’t really sync up with where Fern’s psyche seems to be. Richard Lawson, Vanity FairRyan FujitaniAre there any major criticisms?The film falters whenever it slips into sentiment… the film does not quite deliver the emotional impact Zhao is likely striving to achieve. Gary M. Kramer, SalonZhao’s elegant, wise offering to us could, perhaps, use a little more grit and nastiness to roughen up its tranquility. Tomas Trussow, The Lonely Film CriticDoes the film have something to say about America?This may not be a story that could only ever happen in America, but it s a story that speaks to both the promise and the lie of a uniquely American mythos. Angie Han, MashableThe film’s genius is in deciding to shatter the paradigm of the American Dream completely to argue that the Dream doesn’t get to serve as a metric of a life well-lived. Matt Goldberg, ColliderThis is a story about the end of the American dream, but we needn’t interpret that as a negative thing. Norman Wilner, NOW TorontoNomadland is a snapshot of contemporary America where the American dream is in tatters, but hope for a better alternative nevertheless resides. Pat Mullen, POV MagazineNomadland is currently set to open in limited release on December 4, 2020.


Wipe your eyes, despairing Spidey-fans: Sony and Disney have pushed through their financing impasse and reached an agreement on the future of Spider-Man.The two companies released a joint statement Friday in which it was announced they will co-produce a third movie in the current Spider-Man franchise – that s the one that kicked off with Homecoming and Far From Home, which has become Sony s highest-grossing movie ever – and Spider-Man would continue his involvement in the MCU.Which is great, given that Far From Home set him up as its future.The third standalone Spider-Man movie will be released July 15, 2021 – in line with the previous two films summer releases.You can read all about the impasse and what it might have meant here. But how did the two sides reach their agreement? According to Variety, the new deal was signed Thursday and negotiations involved all the studio big wigs: Marvel Studios Kevin Feige and Walt Disney Studios President Alan Horn, plus Sony Pictures Chief Tom Rothman. Disney will receive about 25% of the profits from the new film, Variety reports.Read: Your Full List of All Upcoming Marvel Movies – With Key Details!In a statement given to Variety, Feige said: “I am thrilled that Spidey’s journey in the MCU will continue, and I and all of us at Marvel Studios are very excited that we get to keep working on it. Spider-Man is a powerful icon and hero whose story crosses all ages and audiences around the globe. He also happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes, so as Sony continues to develop their own Spidey-verse you never know what surprises the future might hold.”We Love You 3000 Tom Holland! pic.twitter.com/EeEyXoC3Pw Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) August 25, 2019Amy Pascal, whose Pascal Pictures will also produce the next Spider-Man film, said in a statement given to Variety: “This is terrific. Peter Parker’s story took a dramatic turn in Far From Home and I could not be happier we will all be working together as we see where his journey goes.”What does this all mean for fans? Well, given Feige s track record with the character – he not only co-produced the two recent Certified Fresh Tom Holland live-action films, but worked on Raimi s Spider-Man movies in the 2000s – the news could be cause for celebration.Though it s worth noting that Sony was also poised to do potentially interesting things with the character outside of the MCU: there was the chance of a Venom crossover, and Sony s Oscar-winning animated Into the Spider-Verse film – the best reviewed Spider-Man movie ever at 97% on the Tomatometer – opened up the doors to infinite possibilities.Tom Holland wants to play #SpiderMan for a very, very long time. pic.twitter.com/cKnQIM8BLD Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) July 8, 2019Either way, we re sure Tom Holland is feeling so good today. He told Rotten Tomatoes this year, I honestly would play Spider-Man until I can t walk anymore. Looks like he may just do that.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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