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玄界ol采用百度引擎8(Baidu 4)(Photo by New Line/courtesy Everett Collection)All Guillermo del Toro Movies Ranked by TomatometerOne easy way to get that Best Picture win at the Oscars? Spend your burgeoning directing career on strange and grotesque genre pictures, then hook up with a major studio to work on Lord of the Rings, with hundreds of millions of dollars in budget. Obviously! It worked for Peter Jackson, whose Dead Alive and Meet the Feebles movies did little to suggest he would one day get the gold trophy for The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.And it worked for Guillermo del Toro, whose success with cult cinema fanatics led him to toil for years on The Hobbit movies. Del Toro didn t win anything for those movies hell, he didn t even end up directing them. But he did get the top prize for The Shape of Water, an unlikely win for the unlikeliest of love stories, which currently puts a lovely bow on a career characterized by dark fantasy, big sci-fi, and creature features, of visions where the lines between dream and nightmare blur.Del Toro got his start in his native Mexico in the early 90s with the mythological Cronos, featuring Ron Perlman in the first of several collaborations. As with many international filmmakers with a hit on their hands, del Toro was wooed to Hollywood to do exactly his thing except, of course, with tons of studio interference, notes, and meddling. The result was the compromised Mimic, whose lackluster reception was enough to get del Toro to go back abroad for his next film. The Spain set-and-shot The Devil s Backbone was another cult hit, again enough for him to get tempted back to the States.What followed was Blade II and Hellboy, which gave the pre-Marvel Cinematic Universe era of comic book movies an unpredictable shot in the arm. The latter film reunited him with Perlman, along with physical artist Doug Jones, who he first worked with on Mimic and would be crucial on his journey towards The Shape of Water.2005 s Pan s Labyrinth was a cross-cultural phenomenon, a grim fantasy and political commentary that s still heavily watched today. Then 2008 s Hellboy II: The Golden Army had the unfortunate luck of being released a week before The Dark Knight. It took del Toro five years to return with the mech brawler Pacific Rim, which was followed by the Gothic ghost love story Crimson Peak. And then we come to The Shape of Water, his tender ode to Creature from the Black Lagoon.Del Toro is currently prepping noir-thriller Nightmare Alley for a December 2021 release. Now, we re ranking all Guillermo del Toro movies by Tomatometer!

1. 玄界ol
从之前测试的实际体验来看,《使命召唤手游》不仅保证了游戏画面效果突出、对玩法和地图也做到了高度还原经典,还通过对移动设备和用户习惯的深刻洞察做了较好的移动端适配,做到了娱乐性、游戏性和竞技性兼顾,让业内对这款产品上线有了更大的期待。 今天给大家讲一下传奇手游,作为一款经典的网游,历经20年的发展,传奇的种类可以说是千变万化,玩法也突破了各种限制,但能够长盛不衰的种类却寥寥无几。我们今天要讲的单职业传奇手游是其中一类,传奇玩家都知道单职业传奇手游。不知道的话只能说没玩过传奇手游。

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While The CW’s Arrowverse returns in a few weeks to set up the individual plots of each show, the week of October 6 will also likely feature more than one nod to the December crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” The longest running individual shows — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC s Legends of Tomorrow — have been teasing the event since the conclusion of last winter’s “Elseworlds” crossover, and considering the story they are trying to adapt, spending a year teasing it is worthwhile. Crisis on Infinite Earths is a milestone in comics history and a beast of a story.But if all you ve heard about Crisis is its impressive scale, let s take a look at the story and everything we know about The CW s version of it to glean what it might look like and how it might change the Arrowverse come winter.DC’s Brand Is “Crisis”(Photo by Jack Rowand/The CW )In 1956, DC Comics began introducing new versions of many of their classic characters from wartime comics like All-Flash Comics and All-American Comics. Many of the mystical characters, like the original version of Green Lantern, were revamped into science fiction characters, but even science-based characters like The Flash saw radical changes in costume and character. But in tipping a hat to the past, writer Robert Kanigher included an interesting quirk in Barry Allen’s first story: he took his superhero identity from a comic book featuring the original Flash.Eventually, the two characters met (in The Flash #123), revealing the comics on Barry’s Earth-1 replicated the adventures of older Flash Jay Garrick, who happened to live on Earth-2. The story established the DC multiverse – a collection of parallel worlds where changes both big and small created new story potential – and it eventually led to big crossover in the pages of Justice League of America in which the heroes of Earth-1 and Earth-2 met to save the day.The crossover’s name was “Crisis on Earths 1 and 2.”It established a tradition for Justice League: Every so often, the League would face a Crisis, meeting the inhabitants of another Earth, and save the day. Besides showcasing other versions of characters or characters DC bought from other publishers, it proved to be a popular and fun gimmick.Worlds Lived, Worlds Died(Photo by Jeff Weddell/The CW)Flash forward a few decades and the collection of alternate worlds like Earth-3 (where the League is a criminal syndicate) and Earth-X (where World War II continues to rage into the 1980s) became too much for DC’s readers and editorial staff to keep straight. New Teen Titans writer Marv Wolfman, assigned to write to a definitive history of the DC Universe, campaigned to streamline the company’s shared reality into something much more manageable. It also gave the opportunity to tell a Ragnarok-style yarn. And in honor of those “Crisis” crossovers, it was eventually titled Crisis on Infinite Earths.Timed with DC’s 50th anniversary, the story saw characters from various Earths pulled together by a being known as The Monitor to stop his twin, The Anti-Monitor, from consuming all of the Multiverse until only his antimatter universe remained. It is stuffed with every character DC owned at the time — and even a few sneaky one-panel cameos from some Marvel Comics characters like Peter Parker — and charted destruction on a universal scale. In its opening moments, the Earth-3 mentioned above is destroyed. The death toll included some marquee characters like Barry Allen and Supergirl, but they were far from the only people lost during the Crisis.Roughly half-way through the series 12-issue run, only five universes remained. A plan is hatched to move them into a nether realm safe from the Anti-Monitor. These do not go exactly as planned, but the key editorial decision behind Crisis was accomplished: only one Earth remained to house all the DC Comics characters. Barry Allen was now directly inspired by Jay Garrick’s exploits as the Flash during World War II and an era of superheroes occurred decades before the arrival of Superman.The streamlining didn’t work out quite the way Wolfman and the editorial staff hoped — particularly as some individual titles waited as long as 18 months after Crisis’s conclusion to revamp their characters — but the story itself is a spectacular example of the event-storylines superhero comics would trade in for decades to come.Also, because nothing stays dead in superhero comics, the DC Multiverse eventually returned.The Pre-Crisis Lead-up(Photo by Diyah Pera/The CW)One thing we didn’t mention about Crisis was the set-up. A year before the series was due to launch, Wolfman introduced The Monitor in the pages of New Teen Titans #21 as a shadowy, ambiguous figure. The character began popping up in various titles — making his first full appearance in G.I. Combat #274 — before the first issue of Crisis revealed his real goal.This is key because The CW pulled the same trick in The Flash’s 100th episode. In its stinger scene, we’re introduced to The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett, pictured above) as he pronounces judgment on Earth-90. And as he seemingly ends that universe, it’s Flash (John Wesley Shipp, reprising his role from the 1990s Flash TV Show) speeds away to another Earth. With its red skies and dead heroes strewn about, the stinger couldn’t be more Crisis. It also left viewers curious about The Monitor s aims.And like the lead-up to the comic book Crisis, we suspect The Monitor will continue to intrude on the various series throughout the Fall. As seen in Arrow’s seventh season finale, The Monitor will be directing Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) on a mission which will, presumably, see him hopping to different realities. At least, we’re pretty certain that’s why we’ll see Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) and Tommy Merlyn (Colin O’Donnell) alive and well in the season 8 premiere.Over on Flash, we expect he may taunt Barry (Grant Gustin) with the details of his upcoming disappearance. Slated for 2024 since the series began, the events of the program’s fifth season finale brought that ticking clock to 2019. Additionally, new villain Bloodwork s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) story will lead into the Crisis itself.Meanwhile, on Supergirl, The Monitor appeared to pull J’onn ‘Jonzz’s (David Harewood) brother Malefic out of time and space to cause trouble on Earth-38. And on Legends — well, he just watched the circus from afar. But that has to mean something, right?There Will Be A Crisis!(Photo by Katie Yu/The CW)The Monitor s distance from Legends may reflect the unusual broadcast pattern of “Crisis.” The story begins with the Dec. 8 episode of Supergirl, continuing into a special Monday night airing of Batwoman and a regularly scheduled Tuesday night episode of The Flash on Dec. 10 before pausing for the winter hiatus. The story then concludes on Tuesday, Jan. 14 with Arrow and a special episode of Legends. The show is literally as far as it can be from interacting with him and if the television Crisis follows the comic book plot, he may not be around to cause them much trouble.Other things we expect to see during Crisis include a trippy origin for the multiverse, plenty of in-jokes as worlds disappear, the shocking removal of The Monitor by the most unlikely character, a few Earths merging into one, and maybe even a heroic Luthor showing up to save the day.Oh, and many, many deaths.Like the source material, the body count during “Crisis” must be high. Will we lose King Shark or Gorilla Grodd? Will Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) appear from another Earth just to bite it again? Will former CCPD Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) make one last brave stand? It is hard to say. Recurring characters are definitively vulnerable, but a Crisis requires some key character sacrificing their lives to save the universe. Take you bets on whole looks like dead meat now.One echo of Crisis we don’t expect to see is the death of Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist). For one thing, Oliver seemingly spared her that fate when he bargained with The Monitor for her life during “Elseworlds.” Also, her show isn’t ending and Benoist contract is not expiring. But Arrow itself is ending and one actor’s time on Supergirl is almost up. This makes Oliver and James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) more likely candidates to die during some noble sacrifice.And Crisis’s other famous death? We imagine the Earth-90 Flash will take Barry’s place in whatever destiny The Monitor foresaw for him. And considering the heartstrings Shipp can pull whenever he has to tell Gustin’s Barry goodbye, we expect this scene will rank high on the emotional scale. Also, as much as we love Carlos Valdes and Cisco Ramon, Crisis would be a good place to make a last stand.One Panel Cameos(Photo by Warner Bros. / Courtesy: Everett Collection)And like the Crisis comic, the crossover event will feature tons of special guests and cameos from the rich history of DC Comics television. As mentioned, Shipp will return for what we assume will be his last appearance as the 1990s Flash. Batman ’66’s Burt Ward will appear in an as-yet unannounced role while Batman: The Animated Series’s Kevin Conroy will finally make his on-screen debut as Bruce Wayne or, at least, a Bruce Wayne from the future.Meanwhile, Legends star Brandon Routh (pictured above) will appear as another Earth’s Superman (a callback to the time the actor starred as the character in 2006’s Superman Returns), while also appearing as his Legends character Ray Palmer. Tyler Hoechlin will also return as the Earth-38 Superman of Supergirl and, presumably, at least one or two more Supermen from other worlds. Elizabeth Tulloch and Jon Cryer will also return as the Earth-38 Lois Lane and Lex Luthor.Also playing a double role is The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh. Besides portraying a new version of Harrison Wells, he will be taking on the role of Pariah, a key Crisis character. It may be one of the most inspired cast choices yet announced because of course Pariah — who sets the Anti-Monitor s wave of destruction in motion — is another Harrison Wells. At least, we’re assuming Pariah is another Wells. It feels right for the Arrowverse.Black Lightning will not be an official part of the crossover, but as confirmed in August, the characters will be making their Arrowverse debut during the episodes.Tying it all together will be Garrett, who will reprise his “Elseworlds” role as The Monitor and play the Anti-Monitor himself.The Post-Crisis Arrowverse(Photo by The CW)Back in the comics, the DC Universe following Crisis eventually took on the term Post-Crisis to differentiate itself from the days of the multiverse. In that new reality, the full extent of the Crisis was forgotten. The various worlds never existed and the survivors’ memories realigned to the new status quo. Only the criminal Psycho-Pirate recalled the Pre-Crisis multiverse and his memories lingered on as a potential threat.The Arrowverse after its “Crisis” may run along the same lines. If Earth-1 and Earth-38 merge, it is entirely possible no one will remember a time when National City, Supergirl, and the rest were absent from Earth-1. This may be the real reason The Flash will feature a new big bad in the spring — initial villain Bloodwork may have been erased from existence.For the moment, though, we’re going to assume Black Lighting will continue on in its own separate universe even if we’d love to see Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams, pictured above) and the rest of his family interact with Team Flash or Supergirl’s Brainiac 5 (Jesse Rath). Sadly the realities of production — Black Lighting shoots in Atlanta while the rest of the shows shoot in Vancouver — make it more difficult for the characters to strike up friendships.But a potential Earth-1/Earth-38 merger makes the friendship between Batwoman (Ruby Rose) and Kara much more likely. Instead of hopping across a universe, Gotham City would be a short flight away. And much like the streamlining of the DC Universe in the 1980s made relationships across the different generations of heroes possible, we want all six shows to interact as freely as they can.As for Batwoman itself, it is hard to say how the Crisis will leave a lasting impact. The series will only be eight episodes old by the time it is over and not really established. Perhaps exposing Kate to the strange cosmic workings of the universe will leave some impression on her. Ultimately, though, it will have to get back to telling its story.Which is the case of all of the shows, of course. Flash will get a new villain, Arrow will conclude its run with two episodes following Crisis, Supergirl will power on, and Legends will continue to be Legends. But Crisis will leave its mark for anyone willing to look closer and wonder if the old status quo can ever be revived. And like Psycho-Pirate, we will remember when worlds lived, worlds died, and everything was changed.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.玄界ol可能玩过传奇这款游戏的玩家现在年龄基本上都是30往上了,对于现在的年轻人来说王者荣誉、原神等手游才是主流游戏,不过作为从互联网开始就已经成为一名游戏玩家的人来说,传奇绝对是他们的回忆之一。

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(Photo by Netflix)Alan Arkin reacted to his Emmy nomination for Supporting Actor in The Kominsky Method in the most Alan Arkin way possible:“Wow, I am 85 years old, so this comes in just the nick of time,” Arkin said in a statement via Netflix.Joey King shaved her head to play Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy victim Gypsy Rose Blanchard on Hulu’s The Act. She shared her emotional reaction to the nomination with double nominee Patricia Arquette (for The Act and Escape At Dannemora) on Twitter.I cannot believe this is happening. I’ve just been Nominated for an Emmy for my work in The Act. There’s so many people to thank for this moment and getting to talk to my mom and Patricia immediately after it was announced was so special. I’m in shock pic.twitter.com/7pDSu3lmD0 Joey King (@JoeyKing) July 16, 2019This Is Us earned acting nominations for Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Chris Sullivan, guest stars Ron Cephas Jones, Phylicia Rashad, and Michael Angarano and composer Siddhartha Khosla (who is at least 50 percent of the reason This Is Us makes us sob uncontrollably.)Brown had his son join him in thanking the Academy.Thank you @TelevisionAcad for this incredible honor!!! And for recognizing #ThisIsUs in such a spectacular way!!! Big Up to my whole extraordinary ensemble, especially my man @SullivanTweet my momma @TheMandyMoore for their first nominations!!! (More to come) pic.twitter.com/HzzDdcup6i Sterling K Brown (@SterlingKBrown) July 16, 2019Creator Dan Fogelman thanked the Academy for recognizing them all and nominating the show again for Best Drama.So grateful to the @TelevisionAcad for the best drama Emmy nom for #ThisIsUs. And thrilled to see Mandy, Sterling, Milo, Sully, Ron, Phylicia, Michael, and (my college roomate) Sidd all recognized! A great day for all of Us. Now back to set to do a stunt with a dog. Dan Fogelman (@Dan_Fogelman) July 16, 2019Angarano responded in a statement.“I’m honored to be nominated for This Is Us,” Angarano said. “Thank you Dan Fogelman and the special group of writers for giving me a temporary home. Congratulations to the cast and crew on all of their nominations. It was truly a dream job and I’m so grateful for it. Netflix may have cancelled One Day At a Time, but Pop saved it, and now Pop has a three-time Emmy nominee with the latest nod for Editor Pat Barnett, who was nominated last season too. Could this be the year they win? Creator Gloria Calderon Kellett sang Barnett’s praises on Twitter.Yes! One Day At A Time was nominated for an #Emmy for editing! Our amazing @pattheeditor is once again the only woman in her category! You make us proud, Pat!! #MoreODAAT 🍭🎉🎈@TelevisionAcad ❤️ pic.twitter.com/nsGPjydYsJ Gloria Calderón Kellett (@everythingloria) July 16, 2019The women of Killing Eve had a love fest on social media congratulating each other for their nominations, the second year in a row for the show’s two seasons.Congratulations to all the Emmy Nominees. Extra love to the @KillingEve team and my wonderful co-stars @IamSandraOh Fiona Shaw. Not forgetting our fleabag friends and the dangerously talented PWB @DryWrite. 💗 @KillingEve https://t.co/dBlk8COyHV Jodie Comer (@jodiecomer) July 16, 2019Christina Applegate earned her fifth nomination for the first season of Dead to Me. She shared that her daughter found out before she did.Uhhhhh. Shocked. Grateful. Holy crap!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Best part of the morning was my kid finding out and she screamed. Haha christina applegate (@1capplegate) July 16, 2019Ryan Murphy’s FX drama Pose broke ground in television for its cast of trans actors and characters. Now it adds an Emmy nomination Billy Porter as Lead Actor in a Drama Series to its legacy.“The Category Is: Speechless!” Porter said in a statement. “I’m so grateful to have lived long enough to see this day. Pose speaks a truth that has the power to transform hearts and minds. I’m honored and humbled to be counted in the number.“Co-creator and writer Steven Canals congratulated Porter on Twitter too.Aaaaahhh!! ⁦@PoseOnFX⁩ is an ⁦@TelevisionAcad⁩ #EMMY nominee for Drama Series!! So proud of entire team producers, cast, crew who work tirelessly to tell this story of family, resilience, inclusion, and love!! #PoseFX pic.twitter.com/rHcsokV4xK Steven Canals (@StevenCanals) July 16, 2019Phoebe Waller-Bridge isn’t on social media to react to her nominations for acting in and creating the comedy series Fleabag but her TV sister Sian Clifford is for hers!CRYING AND DYING 👾👜💕😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🥳🥳🥳😱😱😱 Thank you to everyone everyone who voted. I cannot speak!!!!!! Our whole team is in bits #Fleabag FOREVER https://t.co/45GA2Gxgrw Sian Clifford (@SiansUniverse) July 16, 2019The official Fleabag account celebrated them all, including Supporting Actress Olivia Colman, with Fleabag worthy one-liners.Godmother s talents are undeniable. Help us congratulate Olivia Colman on her #Emmys nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. #Fleabag pic.twitter.com/Lw3m9OwbEo Fleabag (@fleabag) July 16, 2019We d run through an airport for her. Congratulations to Phoebe Waller-Bridge on her #Emmys nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. #Fleabag pic.twitter.com/odwmrdKxo0 Fleabag (@fleabag) July 16, 2019(Photo by Netflix)The show goes on for House of Cards with the final season led by Robin Wright earning a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Michael Kelly.“What an incredible honor to be nominated alongside such talented men and women this year,” Kelly said in a statement. “I couldn’t be more thankful to the TV Academy, and to my fearless cast and crew who made this all possible. Excited to be going back to one of my favorite nights of the year!””The show didn’t go on for Rent Live when an injury forced Fox to air a dress rehearsal instead. That didn’t stop the production from earning Emmy nominations in five categories: Outstanding Production Design for a Variety Special, Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special, Outstanding Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series or Special (Non-Prosthetic), Outstanding Variety Special (Live) and Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control for a Special.“We are grateful to the Television Academy for recognizing Rent among its Emmy nominations this morning,” EPs Marc Platt, Adam Siegel, and Julie Larson said in a joint statement. “It was a joyous experience gathering together members of the original Broadway creative team with our talented young cast in presenting this beloved musical to a wider audience, and we congratulate the entire team for their stellar work.”(Photo by Netflix)Netflix shed light on the Central Park Five by airing Ava Duvernay’s series When They See Us. The show’s Emmy nominations, including Aunjanue Ellis for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie, will bring them even more attention.“This nomination is a tribute to Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise and Yusef Salaam,” Ellis said in a statement. “Let’s all say their names. Yusef’s mother, Sharonne Salaam, is nothing less than a warrior for her son and a survivor of an emotional violence few of us will ever understand. I am utterly grateful to her. Thank you to the visionary Ava DuVernay and Netflix for giving me the blessing to be a part of this act of restorative justice.”John Leguizamo also earned a nod for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie and said in a statement: “This nomination is not for me, but for the parents of the innocent children who have been put through the unimaginable. Just because their vulnerable children were unjustly accused of a crime by racial profiling, and how almost impossible it was to clear themselves. For her Supporting Actress nom, Vera Farmiga said in a statement, “Astonished by the surprising Emmy pat on my back, humbled. My heart is bursting with pride for all my When They See Us brothers and sisters and their noms. I pray that Kevin, Antron, Raymond, Korey and Yusef continue to absorb healing from this sweeping acknowledgment. Thank you to the Television Academy.”Niecy Nash shared her gratitude with her on screen son Jharrel Jerome, also nominated:Mother Son 💙 @jharreljerome Thank you for your gift💋😢 We’re Emmy Nominated!!!!! #YesGod whentheyseeus @netflix @televisionacad https://t.co/P5ThKpjAuA Niecy Nash (@NiecyNash) July 16, 2019Young Asante Blackk also tweeted his thanks.woke up to find out i’m nominated for an emmy. for my first ever project. at 17 years old. wow. i love y’all. thank you so much. pic.twitter.com/G0h0agcRwQ Asante Blackk (@AsanteBlackk) July 16, 2019DuVernay tweeted:Just off the phone with Korey Wise. I told him to get his tux ready. He said: “You did that, Queen. You told the story. You did what you came to do. They had to see it. They listened.” #WhenTheySeeUs pic.twitter.com/vzmKSeYEAa Ava DuVernay (@ava) July 16, 2019(Photo by HBO)Chernobyl terrified viewers and critics alike in its stark, harrowing portrayal of the nuclear meltdown. As a reward for giving us all nightmares, Chernobyl was nominated for Outstanding Limited Series, Jared Harris, Emily Watson, and Stellan Skarsgard for Acting and 15 other nominations.Harris responded in a statement while creator Craig Mazin took to Twitter. I am so happy for everyone involved, Harris said. These nominations in so many categories speak to the excellence of Chernobyl as a whole; Craig and Johan deserve all the praise. Personally I am delighted and thrilled for Stellan Emily, who are both magnificent. The international reception to Chernobyl took many industry insiders by surprise. My hope is that its impact emboldens programmers to keep taking risks to not only delight, but also challenge their audiences. Honestly overwhelmed by the nominations for Chernobyl, and really thrilled that so many of our cast and crew were acknowledged for their work.This was a labor of love for us all, and Carolyn, Jane and I thank the @TelevisionAcad for this recognition. Craig Mazin (@clmazin) July 16, 2019Adam McKay was nominated for directing Succession, also the show’s first Emmy nomination. He thanked the Academy, and also congratulated Drunk History and I Love You, America.Thank you. All credit to incredible cast, crew, writing staff and of course Jesse Armstrong! https://t.co/Zy3Kg6r7XN Adam McKay (@GhostPanther) July 16, 2019Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was nominated for Outstanding Variety Talk Series and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series.“It s such an honor to be nominated with so many of my friends,” Bee said in a statement. “I am truly grateful to the Academy for recognizing the hard work of my entire staff. It is always a group effort and any day I can order celebratory cake to be delivered to the office is a good day. See you in LA! Conan cut half his show out but still earned three nominations for his half hour edition. Conan O’Brien mixed sincere gratitude with a wacky joke I have an excellent staff and I’m very happy to see them recognized with 3 Emmy Nominations,” O’Brien said in a statement. “Next stop: the Latin Grammys. Amy Sedaris launched her comedic variety show At Home with Amy Sedaris and earned two Emmy nominations. Maybe she’ll do an episode on how to prepare for an awards show!“It s always nice to be invited to a party!” Sedaris said in a statement. “Thanks so much to the Television Academy for nominating us again and everyone at truTV, the writers, cast and crew for making our show possible. I must admit this year’s Emmy nomination is slightly bittersweet – I had my eye on hosting.”Netflix swept reality TV too. For his nomination for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, Somebody Feed Phil Host and Executive Producer Phil Rosenthal said in a statement, “I’m thrilled for our team who work so hard trying to make me look sexy. The best thing about this is that hopefully I get to keep working with my friends, my family, meeting new families around the world, and eating all their food.”Meanwhile, Netflix’s Chef’s Table earned a nomination for Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction series. “It’s a huge honor to be nominated amongst such great company, and we are thrilled to see Chef’s Table continue to receive recognition as the show has evolved over the years,” Creator and EP David Gelb said in a statement. “We are beyond grateful to Netflix for believing in us, and to our chefs for sharing their lives with us and the world.”The Fab Five celebrated Queer Eye’s six nominations including Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program with group hugs.GROUP HUGGIES! 🤗🤗 We’re honored to be nominated for 6 #Emmys this year including Outstanding Structured Reality Program. ✨💖 pic.twitter.com/VPyue66HDZ Queer Eye (@QueerEye) July 16, 2019National Geographic swept documentary categories as one should expect from the longtime contender. Angela Bassett earned a nomination for Outstanding Narration for The Flood.“I am deeply honored to receive this Emmy nomination for such an important project,” Bassett said in a statement. “I truly hope it will bring more much-needed attention to this rarely seen kingdom of resilient, beautiful animals in a way that inspires everyone to help protect it for years to come.”Hostile Planet received three nominations including Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series.“It s been so inspiring to be part of Hostile Planet, a series unlike any other that I’ve been involved in before,” Host and EP Bear Grylls said in a statement. “There’s no doubt that it shines new light on how unforgiving and challenging life can be for animals at the toughest of times. I’m incredibly grateful to the Television Academy for honoring my role in this groundbreaking series and to National Geographic for the privilege of being able to guide viewers through these powerful, and at times shocking stories of survival.”The Emmys air September 22 at on Fox.

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Jean Bentley for Rotten Tomatoes: In the first few episodes, your character is the hardest to get a read on because he’s been so affected by what his dad did.Tom Payne: Actually at the beginning, certainly when we shot the pilot, that was the biggest task for me: Where is the center of this character? What is it? And obviously because we were doing the pilot as well, we were throwing a lot of ideas around — a lot of things which didn t end up in the show in the end. It took me a while to settle into it, and even watching it now, he s a difficult character to pin down. But that s because there is so much going on and he s a bit of a wild card at the moment. He has different relationships with everyone.I think in the time that he was away from New York, he established a certain way of behaving and being, but in coming back to New York and reconnecting with his father, it s really lit a few different fuses inside of him, and he s a lot more wayward again, and he doesn t know who he s going to be from one moment to the next. And that s quite difficult to play because you want to have precision about what you re doing. But, at the same time, I kind of have to play it moment to moment, really. You have to push the boundaries of who the character is because it is extreme. And at the end of the day, it s also entertainment. So it s entertaining to watch a character who you don t know what s going to happen next.In the pilot we were talking about characters like Riggs in Lethal Weapon, who is just unpredictable and scary at the same time, and you don t know what s going to happen. I enjoyed that side of it. He should be unpredictable, but also, at the same time, you want to give him a hug, really, and make sure he s OK.This guy just needs so many hugs.Basically.This is a darker drama for network TV, and it also plays into pop culture’s current obsession with true crime. Would you agree?Payne: There s a lot of deep, dark psychology involved in this show. And actually, for me, even, it raised this question that I hadn t even thought about, which was about the families of the people who commit these crimes. There was a podcast called Happy Face that I listened to, which followed the daughter of a serial killer in interviews that she did with relatives of her father s victims. It really affected me because it s so emotionally scarring to have a relative who s done this — and such a close relative.It s a dark place to go to, and it s going to bring up all sorts of questions about your own inclinations and feelings, and how everyone else feels towards you and that which you have no control over. That’s in the center of our story: Malcolm changed his last name and moved away to get away from all those things. And now, he s come back to New York and dived straight into the middle of all of it again — which is why he s somewhat wayward in our story right now.There s a huge prevalence of those kinds of stories and a lot of interest in that. And in the show, we try and get into the real family psychology of the situations, and how everyone else is affected by one person s actions.What was it like going from The Walking Dead to this? They’re both heavy shows.Payne: In The Walking Dead, they re obviously not real — zombies don t exist in the real world and it s not something that happens. So there is still a fantasy aspect in that. In Prodigal Son, that stuff happens, and there are people who are related to serial killers and there are serial killers. So actually, this show was a bit more disturbing to delve into and to get involved with.It s really heavy. You start to read and do research and get into all of this. And just me, personally, it s hard to get to the bottom of why people do these things. The character in the show is just much more closely connected to the story than I am. The hardest thing about it is the fact that he s related to the serial killer. He has this job where he investigates serial killers, but it s much deeper than that because it raises questions about human nature, and the character himself, and what triggered his father — at what age did he start doing these things? — and if it could possibly happen to him or his sister.(Photo by David Giesbrecht/FOX)Twist for season 2! There’s also a procedural aspect to the show. What can you say about the cases they re solving on a week-to-week basis?Payne: As far as Malcolm s concerned, he’s excited because he s always intrigued, and he wants to understand and get to the bottom of why these people do the things that they do. Each serial killer is a new adventure for him really and each crime scene is another puzzle to solve.And then it comes back to him having a deeper understanding of the whole world of killers and their motivations, and it s another box to tick, really, for himself and his own brain. He can say, Well, I don t have that inclination, so I can tick that off the list. That s not me. But there are aspects of each case which provide a deeper understanding of his own psychology and what might may have triggered his dad. Because at the bottom of it, he s just trying to get to the core of why these people do the things they do.At the end of the day he just wants a hug from his dad and he wants to be able to understand him, so that in some way, he can forgive him and treat him as a human being and he can connect with that. It s very difficult to connect with this monster, this vision of his father that everyone else has, because he was too young to really comprehend what was happening when it happened. He has hearsay and stories and books about what his father did. It s become this much bigger bogeyman.Do you have a favorite case they re investigating so far? Episode two has snakes and it was a lot of fun to watch.Payne: That was super fun. That crime scene was really cool. Each week is a new and exciting killer, which is lots of fun to play with they re exciting for the character — it s nice to play that kind of weird, off-kilter excitement in those scenes.(Photo by David Giesbrecht/FOX)Malcolm has a very complicated relationship with his father, but he has a positive relationship with Lou Diamond Phillips’ Det. Gil Arroyo, his mentor and father figure and now supervisor at the NYPD. He also has his mother, Jessica (Bellamy Young). What’s it like for Malcolm to have those conflicting parental role models?Payne: He s an example of how you would think a father should be, and he s very protective of [Malcolm] and his psychological well-being. That s a nice comfort zone for Malcolm to have, because he has a relationship certainly with his mother and now his father, but they re both distant in different ways. His mother and that relationship develops as the show goes on.They’re not huggers in that family. I come from England, which can be a lot like that as well, so you might want to have that emotional conversation with your parents, but it s never quite going to happen in the way that you would like it to. So the relationships for Malcolm are quite emotionally strained. For his relationship with Lou and Michael s characters, it s difficult because Lou is there and is providing all of this warmth and lovingness and protective energy. But his dad is still around. His actual biological dad is still there, and he remembers him as this wonderful dad. His memories of his father are as this wonderful person, and they went on trips together, and he taught him so many things, and he was great. And then he became this other thing. That s really what Malcolm s trying to deal with: He wants that relationship back, but it will never be what it was. We grow up and realize that our parents are human beings and have made mistakes and done bad things and done great things. It just so happens that in Malcolm s life, his father has done things which you can never be forgiven for.Prodigal Son airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Fox.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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9.23.6 7月喜迎今天应该是英雄联盟玩家狂欢的日子,英雄联盟手游官方宣布今日十点开启不限号不删档测试,也就是说此前代号为“金克丝”的限量测试现已结束,而在“金克丝”限量测试中获得的召唤师账号等级、虚拟道具将被保留至不限号不删档测试,但是排位相关的信息会被重置。

we got the one where it was like, ‘It actually looks like it s going to hit million.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ By the time it went up to 26 we all just went like, ‘We got to get to the theater.’ So we all four of us just jumped in the car and drove to the ArcLight in Hollywood and ran in and found a packed theater just absolutely rocking with laughter. That was the moment you just go like, ‘Oh thank God.’ Mumolo and Wiig at the 2012 Academy Awards (Photo by Matt Brown/ABC via Getty Images) If you are to be nominated for an Oscar tomorrow, what number should we call you at?’ Mumolo:  They give you a phone call the night before and they say, ‘If you are to be nominated for an Oscar tomorrow, what number should we call you at?’ You give them your number. You re like, ‘Haha that s really funny, that s hilarious, OK, good night.’ I think I felt as though, maybe intentionally, psychologically, I couldn t wrap my head around that. So something just shut off and I went to bed. And then they called. My husband was in the other room and he started [screaming], ‘Hey look! Get up!’ And so that s how I found out. “The industry was going to wait and see how we did at the box office before they could even consider green-lighting other movies starring women.”Feig: The biggest thing that changed is that the studios saw they can make money off of female-driven comedies. Hollywood is not an altruistic town. We are, as far as our politics and all that, but when it comes to the business, money talks, and you can pitch people all day that they should do a movie because it s the right thing to do and we need representation and we need this and that, but if it doesn t make money, then they don t care, basically. That was the thing that was kind of held over our head the whole [time] through production and even up until the day we got it released. It was looked at as being this sort of oddity, this risky thing that we were doing. The whole industry was going to have to wait and see how we did at the box office before they could even consider development and green-lighting other movies starring women. Which was crazy. So much pressure was on it that if it didn t do well, the town was going to go, ‘Well, see, movies starring women don t work.’ Which is insane, because nobody ever says that when a movie starring a bunch of men doesn t do well. They just go, ‘OK, the movie didn t work.’ I had female friends who were writers who had pitched ideas, and they were being told around town, We have to wait and see how Bridesmaids does. ”The reviews were raves and the marketers leant into the idea of a smart, R-rated female-led comedy (Photo by @ Universal Pictures)“It s like birthing a baby. And it went on for such a long time.”Mumolo:  The movie for all of us in the beginning was like having a baby. It s like birthing a baby. And it went on for such a long time. And there are wonderful, joyful moments. There are moments of despair, there are moments of anxiety, there are moments of relief. I mean it’s such a tremendous experience. There were so many things that changed me as a person. When it comes to that one scene, it was a blip in a six-year experience. But I m very grateful that it makes people laugh. And that s what we set out to do. That part of it makes me happy. Bridesmaids was released on May 13, 2011. Buy or rent it at FandangNOW.
Sony s trailer for the upcoming Morbius featured a few unexpected moments, with both indirect and seemingly direct ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or, at the very least, continuations of narrative hooks that both studios agreed to before their tumultuous short-term break-up last summer. Either way, it s clear the closing moments of Spider-Man: Far From Home matter in the world of Morbius and, at least to our eyes, that probably direct tie to the MCU late in the trailer means Sony will finally make good on its plan to do a film about the Sinister Six, an idea the studio postponed when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 underperformed.So let s take a look at this latest wrinkle in the Sony Spider-Verse and what these call-outs in the Morbius trailer mean for the studio s emerging superhero world.The Benefits of A Spider-Verse(Photo by Sony Pictures)If taken at face value, the post-credits stinger at the end of 2018 s Venom that introduced a preview scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ( Meanwhile, in another universe ) implied that the two films took place in the same multiverse. The latter film then introduced audiences to the notion of multiple realities where a panoply of Spider-people (many of them alternative versions of Peter Parker) take center stage to defend their world or corner of Queens from threats small and large.As a science-fiction concept, multiverses are a wonderful device. They allow you to keep all your work as true in a canonical sense while also allowing you ways to change up those ideas or revise key components. And considering the Spider-Man seen in Far From Home and the other Marvel Studios films (played by Tom Holland) is Sony s third attempt at Peter Parker, a multiverse is the best way to tell continuity-conscious viewers that all of the films are valid, even if they don t tell the same story.Of course, you could always do what the Bond films did for decades and ignore such concerns entirely. But that s beside the point.In terms of Sony s most recent attempt to launch its own cinematic universe and continue their relationship with Marvel Studios, the Spider-Verse allows them almost absolute freedom. Venom can exist as a standalone movie, or it can easily fit into a world where Peter and Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) crossed paths at one time there are those oblique references to Eddie s problems in New York, after all. Morbius, meanwhile, is equally free to name-check Eddie or ignore him in favor of clear ties to the MCU Spider-Man and his current troubles. At this point, what is true between the three films is open to conjecture. Morbius could be a secret MCU film or it could be the first look at a Sony s plans for Peter after he leaves the MCU in a couple of years.Granted, this all presumes Micheal Keaton is indeed playing Adrian Toomes (a.k.a. the Vulture from Spider-Man: Homecoming) in Morbius.Venom s Success and the Old Sinister Six Plan(Photo by Sony Pictures Entertainment)Thanks in part to its success, many have forgotten just how risky Venom was when it released. Launching a film centered on a prominent superhero antagonist had never been pulled off before. And let s face it, Venom s cheesy tone while highly entertaining at times still left some people feeling like the experiment didn t work. But for Sony, Venom s worldwide box-office take was all the proof it needed to say it could make Spider-Man movies as strong and as successful as Marvel.And, as it happens, the film s success also proved the studio s plan for films featuring the foes of Spider-Man  a plan born in the wake of 2012 s The Amazing Spider-Man  was also viable.As the story goes, from 2012 onward, Sony began toying with films based around the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Sandman, and Mysterio. And just like Marvel s Avengers, the leads of the six films would join forces in Sinister Six a film based on the villains coalition in the Spider-Man comics. The group first joined forces in 1964 s The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 and would eventually see characters like Hobgoblin, Shocker, Lizard, Venom, Electro, and others subbing in for one or more of the original group. The Sinister Six also, on occasion, expanded to seven, 12, and even 66 members which is when Morbius finally became part of the team.(Photo by Sony Pictures)Sometime in 2014, The Cabin the Woods Drew Goddard submitted a Sinister Six script draft to Sony, with then-president Amy Pascal telling reporters she was waiting for Goddard who would later be attached to 20th Century Fox s planned X-Force film to direct the picture. Much of the characters iconic gear made its debut in a brief scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, although it was said Goddard s Sinister Six was meant to feature the classic line-up with Doc Ock as their leader. The script was also said to feature the characters redeeming themselves, but for some of them, fighting Spider-Man is part of their nature. By this point, the plan changed from making six individual films to spinning off Sinister Six s well-received characters into their own films.Then The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to meet expectations, unfortunately, and garnered a reputation as a dud. Sony s plan was put on hold, but one film in its foes of Spider-Man concept went forward: Venom. And even though Sony reached a point where it felt better off working with Marvel Studios, it never completely abandoned Sinister Six or its own series of films.Silver Black and Other Tales of the Spider-Verse(Photo by Sony Pictures Entertainment)Even as Spider-Man made his way to Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony let some of their Spider-Man film concepts simmer. One of these was Silver Black. Intended to feature sometimes friends of Spider-Man, namely Black Cat (a cat burglar) and Silver Sable (an amoral mercenary), the crew included Cloak Dagger pilot director Gina Prince-Bythewood and writers like Westworld s Lisa Joy, Marvel Comics Christopher Yost, and Captain Marvel s Geneva Robertson-Dworet (alongside writer Lindsey Beer). Reportedly, the film would have taken some cues from Homecoming, but a creative impasse led to it being cancelled in 2018, and the lead characters split into their own projects. Presumably, the individual Black Cat and Silver Sable films are still in development and may flesh out the emerging Spider-Verse with more allies for Peter to call upon when he inevitably faces the Sinister Six.But here s where things get interesting. As recently as 2018, Goddard said it was likely Sony would eventually use his script as a basis for Sinister Six, which means the studio has a sense of direction even as it substitutes Morbius (Jared Leto) for, say, Mysterio (who is presumably dead in both the MCU and the Spider-Verse). And from the Morbius trailer, it definitely feels like there is momentum toward an Avengers-style film focusing on the villains an idea strong enough that it s surprising Marvel or Warner Bros. didn t think of it first.Besides Sinister Six and the Black Cat and Silver Sable films, Sony is also developing a movie based on Madame Web. Created by Denny O’Neil and artist John Romita Jr., the character was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #210 as a blind and paralyzed precognitive mutant who used a sophisticated web-themed mobility device to get around and offer Spider-Man a heads-up on various crimes and misdeeds. Writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless took on the task of writing the script in September of 2019, but little has been heard from the project since. The same is true for Silk, based on the Spider-Man character created by Dan Slott and Umberto Ramos. Featuring a Korean-American protagonist with Spider-powers and a love of gadgets, the project seemingly has not moved forward since 2018.As early as 2017, Sony was toying with the idea of a film centering on Kraven the Hunter. Born Sergei Kravinoff to Russian aristocrats, the big game hunter came to New York in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 to assist his half brother, the Chameleon, in taking down the webhead. It went poorly, but Kraven walked away from the encounter believing Spider-Man to be the most dangerous game. He would return time and again to hunt Peter. As of August 2018, the film was in some active development with writer Richard Wenk reportedly on board to write the script, but as with the other projects, it s unclear if it will be ready for production anytime soon.That said, intrepid internet sleuths noticed “Kraven” stamped onto signage on the Morbius set — both on a delivery truck and as the name of a ballet company.And not to be forgotten, Sony is working on a sequel to 2018 s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Presumably, the film will take place on the same Earth where Peter Parker is dead and Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) has taken his place. But it s also possible the series established fun with different realities may allow a member of the live-action Sony world to meet Miles. That film is currently scheduled for release on April 8th 2022.The Shape Of The Spider-Verse(Photo by ©Columbia Pictures/©Marvel Studios)With all of this information, we begin to see a picture of a Spider-Verse with the MCU Peter Parker at the center of it. It all begins with Morbius, which establishes a live-action Spider-Verse world in which Peter is wanted for Mysterio s murder, as indicated by some graffiti art in the trailer. The title character goes on his journey of self-discovery and, at some point, gets recruited by Adrian Toomes who serves as an antagonist to Nick Fury. If the film is successful commercially and critically, it s easy to imagine Toomes returning at the end of Venom 2 to recruit Eddie or Carnage (Woody Harrelson).In this set-up, Sony acknowledges the events of the two MCU Spider-Man films while also establishing their own continuity. It creates a situation in which characters can talk about Peter without him being on camera, which, as seen in films like The Third Man, can build effective anticipation.Where Sony goes from there all depends on Morbius. If it s a smash hit, one could easily see Kraven the Hunter rushing into production. Perhaps Madame Web or Silk follows it while Spider-Man finishes his commitments in the MCU namely a third solo film and an appearance in an Avengers-style team-up movie. Presumably, the latter would act as a send-off to Peter and Tom Holland in the MCU, who would immediately resurface in the next convenient Spider-Verse film and then in Sinister Six, where he is, oddly enough, the antagonist. But one imagines Black Cat, Silver Sable, Madame Web, and Silk will help him establish a team of his own.And, amazingly, the whole thing would be viable. So far, only Disney has pulled off sustained cinematic universes with Star Wars and Marvel arguably, Warner Bros. may have done it as well, though the DC film universe keeps getting rebooted. By embracing all of its messy development, Sony may be in the best position to plan and execute a six-film meta-arc. The results could be quite exciting.Well, assuming Morbius works, of course.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
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Watch: Danny Boyle on the making of 28 Days Later  above.In 2019, Rotten Tomatoes turns 21, and to mark the occasion we’re celebrating the 21 Most Memorable Moments from the movies over the last 21 years. In this special video series, we speak to the actors and filmmakers who made those moments happen, revealing behind-the-scenes details of how they came to be and diving deep into why they’ve stuck with us for so long. Once we’ve announced all 21, it will be up to you, the fans, to vote for which is the most memorable moment of all. In this episode of our ‘21 Most Memorable Moments’ series, director Danny Boyle recalls shooting London s loneliest landmarks and resurrecting zombies for a new century.VOTE FOR THIS MOMENT IN OUR 21 MOST MEMORABLE MOVIE MOMENTS POLLThe Movie: 28 Days Later (2002) 87%28 Days Later, directed by Danny Boyle from an Alex Garland script about humans mutated into speedy zombies by virus infection, was an inflection point for horror movies. The underground hit made over million worldwide, and signaled a shift away from post-Scream teen slashers of the late 90s and earl 2000s, and showed studios that audiences all over have were seeking horror flicks that bit harder. The film was shot with digital cameras, just above consumer-level grade, giving survivor Jim (Cillian Murphy) and his journey across a newly deserted England a rush of post-apocalyptic immediacy. This was when shooting on film was still the norm, so grimy, tethered footage felt like a glimpse into a new world. And it was a horrific, and horrifically effective world that Boyle created.Danny Boyle on the set of 28 Days Later. (Photo by © Twentieth Century Fox) We made


玄界ol (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for NALIP)Director Issa López roared into the genre scene with her film, Tigers Are Not Afraid, in 2019. The movie about children seeing ghosts and escaping supernaturally scary narcos captured the imagination of horror film festival audiences, leading to its eventual theatrical run and streaming release on Shudder and then to On Demand.But the path to get her passion project to audiences was not a short one. In fact, the little girl who grew up watching Andrei Tarkovsky and Steven Spielberg movies with her dad worked her way up in Mexico City’s film industry, making a name for herself first as a romantic-comedy director. But with an undying love of monsters, ghouls, and other things that go bump in the night, López made Tigers Are Not Afraid against all odds.Read more: Filmmaker Selects: Alma Har el s 10 Movies (and a Series) for Women s History MonthRead more: Filmmaker Selects: Gina Prince-Bythewood s 10 Movies for Women s History MonthFortunately, the risks have paid off. Now, the director is juggling multiple projects with collaborators she admires and has many more scares for audiences in mind. As part of our Filmmaker Selects series, López spoke to Top Critic Monica Castillo in-between busy writing sessions about her career trajectory, her upcoming projects, and some of the movies she recommends fans check out for Women’s History Month.Monica Castillo for Rotten Tomatoes: Tigers Are Not Afraid is not your first movie, but it’s the film you took the biggest chance on. How did that become the movie you decided to make a new name for yourself?Issa López: As it happens with filmmaking, you have plans and you think things are going to turn one way, and they never ever, ever wor

Jackie Chan returns to the big screen this November in Vanguard, an action-packed thriller teeming with epic set pieces shot in five different countries. Centering on a covert security company s attempts to protect an accountant who gets caught up with a deadly global organization of mercenaries, the movie marks the ninth time that Chan has collaborated with director Stanley Tong, who helmed some of the best movies in the superstar s storied career – including the Certified Fresh Supercop and Rumble in the Bronx. Ahead of the movie s release, check out the exclusive first trailer for Vanguard above.Vanguard is in theaters November 20, 2020. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. 《使命召唤手游》花费了大量的精力来调教操作系统,设计出了三种模式:一键开镜、腰射开火、自动开火,既能够满足核心玩家的高操作要求,也让新手玩家有了自己操作的空间。



玄界ol This Week s Ketchup brings you seven headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as One-Punch Man, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. This WEEK S TOP STORYSONY DELAYS SPIDER-MAN AND VENOM SEQUELS, MOVES UP UNCHARTED(Photo by ©Marvel/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)This week saw a number of release date changes for some of Sony s biggest titles, beginning with the Venom sequel, starring Tom Hardy as the titular anti-hero and Woody Harrelson as (presumably) the crimson red serial killer Carnage. That movie had been scheduled for October 2, 2020, but Venom 2 became Venom: Let There Be Carnage as it got bumped back eight months to next summer on June 25, 2021 (taking the spot where The Batman previously was to have been released). Sony Pictures also quickly took advantage of the announcement to Tweet out a brief teaser of the new title. Then, late on Friday, Sony further announced that its third Spider-Man film featuring the MCU s Tom Holland, which was set to open on July 16, 2021, will be pushed back four months to November 5, the release date of Marvel s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which was itself then also pushed back to March 5, 2022. Remember that domino effect we were talking about? Holland s other big film, the video game adaptation Uncharted, was then moved forward from October 8, 2021 to replace the untitled Spider-Man sequel in the now-vacant July 16 slot. To top it all off, the sequel to the Oscar-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which had been planned for April 8, 2022, was also pushed back six months to October 7 of the same year. Whew!Other Top Headlines1. WARNER BROS. DELAYS THE RELEASES OF THE BATMAN AND SHAZAM 2 (Photo by Matt Reeves)Some of the movies originally scheduled for the summer of 2020 have been pushed back because of COVID-19, which has resulted in a domino effect, with their delays leading to delays in other films. In some cases, the movies scheduled for next year that were supposed to be filming right now need that much more extra time to get filmed, get through post-production, and get released. Few movies need quite as much time as supehero movies do, so it was probably always inevitable that Warner Bros. would have to push some of their 2021 and 2022 DC Comics movies back a bit. The biggest film being delayed is The Batman, from 6/25/2021 to October 1, 2021. Shazam! 2 was to have been released on April 1, 2022, but is now scheduled for November 4, 2022. Another studio that delayed two of their big franchise movies is Paramount Pictures, which has delayed Mission: Impossible 7 from 7/23/2021 to 11/19/2021 and Mission: Impossible 8 from 8/5/2022 to 11/4/2022, which is a curious move because it means they just put their big Tom Cruise action movie right up against the Shazam! sequel that also just moved.2. ARE YOU READY FOR (MORE) SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK? (Photo by CBS Films)Lionsgate probably did not have as big of box office success with last year s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (Certified Fresh at 78%) (5 million worldwide) as they might have hoped, but the PG-13 horror film was also produced relatively cheaply ( million), and it s also one that should have a good shelf life, since it can be revived every Halloween for a new generation of kids. That is presumably part of why Paramount Pictures (taking over from CBS Films) felt confident enough with the possible new franchise as they have pulled the trigger on a sequel by hiring the same director and writers. Director André Øvredal (Trollhunter, The Autopsy of Jane Doe) and writers Dan and Kevin Hageman can now spend their COVID-19 stay-at-home time working on a new set of stories from Alvin Schwartz s original anthology books for the next movie. Which stories from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books do you think should be adapted for the second movie?3. A HUNGER GAMES PREQUEL IS IN THE WORKS(Photo by Murray Close/Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection)Before Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace came out over 20 years ago, there was a time when people were perhaps more optimistic about a popular franchise going back a generation to tell a prequel story about the franchise s big bad villain. Now, people look back at the Star Wars prequels and many think three movies about the young Darth Vader were maybe not a great deal, but hey, another popular franchise would never make the same mistake, right? Tell that to the people who mad The Hunger Games, because author Suzanne Collins has written an upcoming novel called The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (5/19/2020) about the future villain Coriolanus Snow when he was a young 18-year-old man. Lionsgate has quickly picked up the rights to The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which will again be directed by Francis Lawrence, who directed all of the Hunger Games movies except the first one. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes tells the story of young Coriolanus Snow, who is frustrated when he discovers he has been assigned to mentor the girl tribute from impoverished District 12 (the same district that Jennifer Lawrence s Katniss Everdeen will also eventually come from).4. POPULAR ANIME FRANCHISE ONE-PUNCH MAN GETS LIVE-ACTION ADAPTATION(Photo by Viz Media)Although last year s Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was usually credited as being a success for video game movies, the argumennt could also be made that it was just as much an adaptation of anime and manga, which is another type of live-action adaptation that has mostly struggled in Hollywood to date. As with most of these situations, it s inevitably just a matter of time before someone in the industry figures out the right project, which then becomes a big enough success that it opens the gates for others. Sony Pictures is gambling that perhaps the popular anime series One-Punch Man could be exactly that, as they are now developing a live-action One-Punch Man movie, which will be adapted for the big screen by Venom screenwriters Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. One-Punch Man tells the continuing adventures of a superhero called Saitama who has perfected his fighting abilities to the point where he can literally defeat any opponent with just one punch, but that overwhelming power has also left him bored with his life.

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目前版本 7.85.6
游戏大小 348 MB
更新时间 2022-01-18
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