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亚博最新官网采用百度引擎7(Baidu 8)Best-Reviewed Movies 2018: Wide ReleaseSix hundred theaters. That s all it takes to make it onto our list of wide releases. That, and the undying, near-unanimous adulation of critics. They gave top marks to three superhero movies this year, as burnout and fatigue of this subgenre remains an invisible specter. Meanwhile, the cinema of empathy (Won t You Be My Neighbor?, Paddington 2) connected in a big way.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2018. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

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荣耀殿堂破解版是RPG的手游巨制回归本质游戏中有超多好玩的玩法,宏大的游戏场景,实时语音交流,与自己的小伙伴一起冒险会有更多精彩哦,带给玩家全新的游戏体验。 So it wasn’t even close. The legend of John Wick only grew this weekend when it took the presumption of a tight battle for the top spot and turned it into a franchise growth that Lionsgate can be proud of. The Endgame crowd delivered a bit less than expected this weekend but with Wick’s foot firmly on the pedal this weekend, the Avengers never had a chance. King of the Crop: John Wick Unleashed With Million Debut(Photo by Summit Entertainment)Since 2016, Lionsgate has only had two films open over million (one of them being John Wick: Chapter Two) and another five open over million. They also have not had a 0 million grosser since Wonder in 2017 and only had one movie (Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral) gross a total higher than what John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum made this weekend: million and another million internationally. Not bad for a film series with humble beginnings whose original film grossed all of million domestic. JW3 is the second-highest 3-day opening of Keanu Reeves’ career. While The Matrix Reloaded is the highest with .7 million, the third chapter of that notable series (The Matrix Revolutions) opened on Wednesday and had .8 million in its first three days and a first weekend of .4 million. This is a success story all around for the actor, the studio and the filmmakers.Rotten Returns: The Sun Sets On WB As Star Joins Weakest Wide Openings(Photo by Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection)There is no other way to describe The Sun Is Also A Star’s numbers this week than rotten. Warner Bros. did not seem to do much for the film marketing-wise and only got the film released in 2,073 theaters. That is the lowest wide launch for the studio since 2012’s Cloud Atlas opened in 2,008 theaters. The .6 million estimate for Sun ranks down there with Almost Heroes (.83 million), Lucky You (.71), Grind (.51), The Adventures of Pluto Nash (.18), Major League: Back to the Minors (.08) and the Zac Efron DJ film, We Are Your Friends (.76) for WB lows on films opening in over 2,000 theaters.The Top Ten And Beyond: Endgame Still Eyeing The All-Time Record(Photo by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios / courtesy Everett Collection)So where is Avengers: Endgame after four weeks? At 0 million it is now officially the second-highest grossing film of all-time both domestically. Worldwide, it sits at .61 billion still chasing down Avatar’s .78 billion with just 3 million to go. However it has fallen off of The Force Awakens’ pace by million and all of a sudden falling back to just the 11th best fourth weekend of all-time, it is pretty guaranteed at this point that J.J. Abrams’ film will remain the all-time domestic champion.Pokemon Detective Pikachu finds itself on similar ground with Hotel Transylvania 3 which had .7 million after its second weekend of wide release. Adam Sandler’s animated sequel made .7 million that weekend while the Pikachu made .8 million and stands at million. That suggests the 0 million production is headed somewhere around 7 million domestic. It has made 6 million worldwide to date.The rest of the Top Ten is a sad place. Not just with dogs dying over and over in A Dog’s Journey, but the numbers for the sequel are just not up to Universal’s expectations. They had a surprise little hit with A Dog’s Purpose which opened to .2 million in January 2017 and finished with .5 million domestic and 5 million worldwide. Journey opened to just million and is going to have to stretch hard to reach million. Maybe even million. And it just gets more depressing from there. Any movie making more than the Certified Fresh bomb Long Shot on this list has been critically reviled, like STX’s double failure of UglyDolls (.2 million/30%) and Poms ( million/32%). And for the third straight week The Intruder ( million/29%) managed to beat the Charlize Theron/Seth Rogen comedy. Looks as if The Hustle (.1 million/15%) is going to outgross it too.This Time Last Year: Deadpool Continued The Summer Superhero Dominance(Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved./courtesy Everett Collection)Audiences substituted one group of superheroes for another when Deadpool 2 took over the top spot from the Avengers with a 5.5 million start. Avengers: Infinity War fell to second place and was just short of 0 million. Book Club started much better than Poms did last week, opening in third with .5 million. Finally, the controversial family film, Show Dogs, opened to just million and was later edited to remove its offensive take on consent. The Top Ten films grossed an impressive 0.4 million but they averaged a dismal 50.4% on the Tomatometer. This year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated 1.8 million and averaged 53.4%.On the Vine: Disney Tries To Avoid Another Dumbo Will Booksmart’s Critical Support Be Enough?(Photo by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection)Disney hopes to avoid another Memorial Day disappointment with their second live-action remake of 2019 with Aladdin. Can Will Smith replace the memory of Robin Williams or will the film go the way of Dumbo? Meanwhile, James Gunn is producing the bizarro Superman tale, Brightburn, a horror film about an intergalactic child using his powers for evil. Finally there is Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, Booksmart, which drew raves at SXSW this year (still a perfect 100% on the Tomatometer). But can the already struggling United Artists Releasing partnership between Annapurna, MGM and Orion successfully get the word out or will this be doomed to discovery after it leaves theaters?The Full Top 10: May 17-19John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum (2019) 89% – .02 million (.02 million total)Avengers: Endgame (2019) 94% – .41 million (0.80 million total)Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) 68% – .81 million (.00 million total)A Dog's Journey (2019) 51% – .00 million (.00 million total)The Hustle (2019) 14% – .08 million (.14 million total)The Intruder (2019) 33% – .02 million (.05 million total)Long Shot (2019) 81% – .40 million (.7 million total)The Sun Is Also a Star (2019) 52% – .60 million (.60 million total)Poms (2019) 36% – .09 million (.01 million total)UglyDolls (2019) 28% – .60 million (.24 million total)

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(Photo by 20th Century Fox.)All Alien Movies RankedEver since 1979, when Ridley Scott blasted the haunted house formula into deep space, the Alien franchise has been synonymous with brooding atmosphere, strong female leads, eye-covering gore, grotesquely magnificent set design (as originally envisioned by H.R. Giger), and films that just overall ooze with style, along with whatever else that drips out of a Xenomorph s mouth. In 1986, James Cameron turned the series into an action epic; subsequently, any sequel that tries the same route now gets called the Aliens of whatever franchise. David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet had their controversial and trouble moment in the series, and then two Rotten Predator-related spinoffs convinced Scott to return with mythological prequel Prometheus and back-to-basics Covenant. See how they all stack as we rank all Alien movies by Tomatomter!亚博最新官网长久以来,王者荣耀玩家和lol玩家矛盾颇深,由于王者荣耀初始版本是根据英雄联盟设计而来,即使后来进行了创新设计,摒弃掉英雄联盟的元素之外,制定了自己的游戏世界观后,也被玩家们吐槽为抄袭游戏,但是王者荣耀的成功是不可否认的,短短几年的时间内,成为了网络中热度最高的手游,英雄联盟官方在看到手游的发展前景后,于是也有了设计lol手游的打算。

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9.97.6 7月喜迎英雄联盟手游不像以往的一些moba手游,开局直接买一个皮肤,攻击力直接上升几十点,平民玩家直呼伤不起,既然标榜公平手游,是否真的做到了呢?开局对面领先你一把铁剑的伤害,试想小伙伴们需要多高的操作才能弥补回来呢。而英雄联盟手游这个皮肤无加成的游戏设定,极大的满足了用户对于公平性的追求。
me an issue for Jennifer.But one thing she expects to be unfazed by the Occupation is the sisterly bond between Jennifer and Anissa.“They ve always been very close, and they ve always loved each other, and that is going to remain the same no matter what happens,” she said.Williams echoed the sentiment, saying, “I think we ll always maintain that sister friendship.” But she added the Occupation will pull each of the Pierces in separate directions and “maybe [Anissa is] not telling her as much.”“[Anissa] doesn t know what [Jen is] doing as much with the ASA or at all even, at first,” she continued. “So that s an interesting dynamic where at once she felt like she could talk to her about so much and vice versa, but it s like we re all kind of doing our own thing and doing what we think is right for Freeland.”The separation caused by the Occupation left Adams wondering if the Pierces will ever find their way back to a more traditional family structure.“They can put it back together,” she said. “But will we ever see them just sitting around a dinner table, eating dinner? I don t know. Too much has changed.”Cress Williams, a self-admitted optimist, thinks there is a way for the Pierces to bounce back and for Freeland to prosper even beyond its old normal.“I know that we have to have conflict [on the show], obviously, but you know, somewhere way down the line when we re doing the final episode, I hope we have left Freeland better than we found it,” he said.He also hopes the end of the Occupation – whenever it occurs – will inspired the citizens of Freeland to clean up the streets and make the city a much better place to live.“It s not going to become Mayberry, he said. You don t have a show if you don t have conflict. So it s going to take a while. It ll be fun and messy and all that.”Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
Download Rotten Tomatoes’ printable Oscar Ballot; cast your vote in our digital Oscar ballot.It s Lawrence of Arabia vs. Forrest Gump. Rocky Balboa in one corner, Bong Joon-ho in another. The English Patient rumbling like a madman with Citizen Kane. (OK, not Citizen Kane – because that movie inexplicably did not win Best Picture.) In this very special, shiny, golden edition of Vs. we’re declaring which decade had the best set of Best Picture Oscar winners. How exactly? Glad you asked. Host Mark Ellis breaks down the box office performance, Tomatometer and Audience Scores, legacy and influence, and more factors related to each decade’s films to declare the ultimate winner. Don’t agree with our pick? Offended by how much Mark dislikes Crash? As ever, let us know in the comments.The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony will be broadcast at 5pm PST/8pm EST April 24, 2021 on ABC. Download Rotten Tomatoes’ printable Oscar Ballot; cast your vote in our digital Oscar ballot.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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Ghcxuf As home to the premieres of Hereditary, The Babadook, and Get Out, Sundance s Midnight program has developed a reputation among genre fans. And this year s lineup – on paper at least – looked set to hold up that legacy. There were a number of second features from directors who d shown scary-good talent with their debuts – including the second film from Under the Shadow s Babak Anvari and the duo behind Goodnight Mommy – and a film that had already been picked up by A24, the distributor that has become a kind of stamp of approval for fans of quality indie chillers. But did Sundance s 2019 horror offering live up to expectations? Will this year s fest gift us with another Hereditary? We checked out the films, and rounded up what the critics were saying, to give you the heads up on which Sundance horror films are most likely to make a splash when they hit screens later in the year.Little Monsters (2019) 79%Release date: TBDThis “Shaun of the Dead Down Under” zombie comedy is (so far) the best-reviewed movie from the festival’s Midnight Program. It’s sitting at 100% on the Tomatometer after early reviews and being declared “a new cult classic” by the likes of Nerdist’s Dan Casey. Time will tell whether that kind of talk is just hype, but this story of a group of Australian kindergarteners trying to survive a zombie attack during a field trip to a petting zoo certainly has its early fans. Most of them are singling out Lupita Nyong’o s performance as ukulele-plucking “kindy” teacher Miss Caroline, who – even as the groaning zombies close in – remains doggedly dedicated to convincing her troop of kids that it’s all just a game, and not at all the beginning of the apocalypse. (This gambit involves Nyong’o singing “Shake It Off” in what will be no doubt become a seminal moment in the zombie genre.)“Little Monsters is a testament to the fact that Nyong’o is a force of a nature who should absolutely be in more comedies,” writes Casey. Even critics who didn’t wholly fall for the movie’s charms sang the actress’s praises: “[Nyong’o] sings, gets laughs, talks tough, wields a shovel and pitchfork, and expertly navigates a big monologue about Neil Diamond,” writes Jason Bailey for The Playlist. “She’s so good, in fact, that the pleasure of her performance makes Little Monsters worth seeing. But just barely.” Meanwhile, Josh Gad gives an “unhinged” and totally un–Olaf-like performance as a foul-mouthed American childrens’ entertainer (and literal motherf—ker) who finds himself mixed up in the gory action.While many critics have noted the film can feel very familiar (you’ve seen this profane take on the undead in Shaun, Zombieland, and New Zealand flick Black Sheep), they also say its bigheartedness helps it stand out from the pack. The charming romance between Miss Caroline and slacker Dave (Alexander England), and Dave’s growing protectiveness of his nephew, are genuinely moving. (We re not going to say we cried, but we re not going to say we didn t either.) Katey Stoetzel at The Young Folks puts it best: “Little Monsters will be one of the best feel good movies of the year.”Sweetheart (2019) 95%Release date: TBDThis lean mean Blumhouse gem – “82 diamond-sharp minutes,” as Vulture’s Bilge Ebiri puts it – was one of the true highlights of the Midnight program. The plot is simple by-the-campfire stuff: a young woman (Kiersey Clemons) washes up on a deserted island and is forced to survive. By day that means gathering wood and food and tending to camp; by night that means steering clear of a mysterious sea creature that comes ashore after sunset with food and terror on its mind. It’s the kind of film that rests on the strength of its central performance and on its director’s ability to build tension then ratchet it up, and early reviews say it succeeds on both fronts.Clemons, who starred in last year’s Certified Fresh Hearts Beat Loud, is a dynamite and ferocious final girl (only girl?); “In mostly a one-woman show, Clemons does a great job being vulnerable and also tough as she faces off against the monster,” writes critic Rachel Wagner. Meanwhile, director J.D. Dillard (whose first film Sleight is Certified Fresh at 77%) constructs what Ebiri calls “an ingenious affair, a no-nonsense monster movie that uses its limitations effectively and tells its story cinematically.” Critics are split on the creature design, though – “cheesy” says Wagner; “well-designed” says the Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore – but we can confirm the movie does feature one of the best monster reveals we’ve seen in years.The Hole in the Ground (2019) 83%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute )Release date: March 1 (limited)When a horror flick comes to us via A24, expectations are high – this is, after all, the distributor that in recent years has assaulted audiences with Hereditary, The Witch, and It Comes At Night. For some, “A24 horror” has become its own genre: unconventional and elusive family terror that digs right under the skin. On paper, The Hole in the Ground, which A24 acquired along with DirecTV before Sundance, mostly fits that bill.Director and co-writer Lee Cronin’s film focuses on a broken family – a mom and her young son living in remote Ireland – their dank and shadowy home, and the mysterious forest it backs onto (which contains the foreboding crater of the film’s title). The scares kick off when young Chris (James Quinn Markey, giving off serious young Haley Joel Osment vibes) starts acting differently and mom Sarah (Seána Kerslake) begins to question if he really is her son – and if that mysterious hole has something to do with it? Cue creepy kid antics and lots of menacingly innocent “Mommy, are you OK?” inquiries.If that all sounds familiar, it’s because it is: there is little in Cronin’s movie that you haven’t seen before – particularly if you’ve watched The Babadook, The Shining, or The Descent any time recently. For some, it s all a bit unexpectedly conventional for an A24 acquisition. “The Hole In the Ground is less subversive than we’ve come to expect from the indie distributor’s genre fare,” Variety’s Guy Lodge wrote in his review. “Compared to Ari Aster’s penetrating family nightmare Hereditary, which likewise debuted in a buzzy Midnight slot at Sundance last year, Cronin’s film is more of a straight-up spookhouse ride: jolting in the moment, but less likely to linger in the bones long after viewing.” Similarly, Nick Allen at rogerebert.com writes: “This is a story that errs toward the familiar instead of embracing strangeness, its freaky kid becoming the distraction when you just want more time with the hole in the ground.”Nearly all early reviews have noted that however familiar the story is, Cronin does do wonders with mood and delivers some effectively chilling scars (arachnophobics be warned: this one is not for you). The movie s excellent craft explains its current 91% Tomatometer.  Writing for Digital Spy, Ian Sandwell went so far as to declare Hole the “first great horror of 2019,” and writes: “For the most part, Cronin avoids jump scares – although a couple of vivid nightmare sequences do go for the quick shock – and crafts an atmosphere of pure dread, combined with astonishing and immersive sound design.”The Lodge (2019) 74%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Thimios Bakatakis. )Release date: TBDDirectors Veronica Franz and Severin Fiala continue to mine mommy issues for scares with The Lodge, their English-language follow-up to Certified Fresh genre slow-burn, Goodnight Mommy. There are parallels to that film in The Lodge – an impenetrable and potentially dangerous mother, for starters – but critics have been pointing to another film when considering the pair’s latest work. “The film frequently recalls the atmospheric, strings-heavy A24 horror house-style,” A. A. Dowd writes in the AV Club. “In fact, its foreboding establishing shots, deliberate pacing, and dollhouse imagery specifically bring to mind Hereditary.” Emily Yoshida at Vulture similarly writes that “the eerie rhythms of the universe that gave us Deep Impact and Armageddon, Antz and A Bug’s Life, and Fyre and Fyre Fraud have conspired to make The Lodge exist in Hereditary’s shadow, but while some tonal and iconographic similarities exist, the two films jump off their shared diving board into very different corners of the psycho-mom pool.”The “psycho-mom” in question here is actually a stepmom and the lone survivor of a cult suicide; when circumstances put her alone with her two stepchildren in the titular lodge, the scares and psycho-mom freakouts begin. Critics have been unanimous in praising Riley Keough in the lead role, with The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney writing that the actress “goes all in with fanatical-evangelical whack-job fervor” and Yoshida writing that “Keough’s performance walks a tricky line skillfully.” It’s not quite enough to put the film at the level of Goodnight Mommy, nor Hereditary, but it delivers on scares – particularly in its opening moments. As Rooney writes, The opening 15 minutes alone is must-see stuff.”Wounds (2019) 47%Release date: March 29, 2019Armie Hammer had been leaving plastic cockroaches all over Park City in the lead-up to the midnight premiere of Wounds, a brutal little Cronenbergian body-horror piece from Under the Shadow director Babak Anvari. (Your RT correspondent got a rude shock when he sat down at the Library screening room and stepped on one.) See the film and you’ll get the gag: This is one roach-filled movie. And a scare-filled one. And a very Armie Hammer-filled one (he’s essentially in every scene). In Wounds, the actor plays a New Orleans bartender who unlocks a cellphone left behind by a group of kids, discovering some disturbing videos and images stored in the camera roll; things get worse for him when the texts start coming. It all has to do with “wounds,” and portals, and yes, roaches.Most critics agree that Wounds is probably the most surprising of Sundance’s horror offerings: Mashable’s Angie Han wrote in her review, “What this movie is about, what it’s trying to do, I couldn’t tell you. But it is never boring.” And many are praising Hammer for a big, Nic Cage-esque performance as the bartender increasingly on the verge of some kind of breakdown. For Film Threat, Norman Gidney writes, “Hammer’s performance is unhinged, insane, and totally relatable,” while David Rooney at The Hollywood Reporter writes that Hammer “gamely loses himself in the sweaty panic of the role, subverting his golden matinee-idol persona to explore the gnawing sense of inadequacy eating away at Will and steadily filling him with overwhelming rage.”Is the movie scary? At times it s plain terrifying; one late-night kitchen sequence was the freakiest thing we saw at the fest. But as many critics are noting, Wounds doesn’t quite live up to Anvari’s Certified Fresh first feature, which sits at 99% on the Tomatometer. As Rooney concludes: “There s nothing here that comes close to the fascinating cultural specificity, the sobering political perspective or the elevating personal connection of Anvari s first feature, set in the Tehran of his childhood, near the end of the protracted Iran-Iraq War. But the director nonetheless remains a skilled craftsman, subtly tapping into the flavorful history of New Orleans as a hub of dark magic, while wrapping the entire action in a soupy soundscape of ambient dread.”Corporate Animals (2019) 25%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute.)Release date: TBDCorporate Animals arrived at Sundance with big horror-comedy pedigree: writer Sam Bain was a co-creator of beloved British TV comedy Peep Show and director Patrick Bice gave us Netflix’s acclaimed low-budget chillers Creep and Creep 2. Plus, Animals features Demi Moore in a rare comedic role, playing the head of a company whose employees get trapped in a cave during a corporate retreat and resort to cannibalism – as you do.Still, in early reviews, many critics aren’t feeling it. The Hollywood Reporter’s DeFore writes that “Bain’s script is about as fresh as the air in a cave nine people without toothbrushes have shared for a week,” while Screen International’s Anthony Kaufman wondered whether the horror-comedy elements were working together as seamlessly as they should: “On an episode of Parks and Recreation, there might be instances of office politics, insults lobbed at the quirky intern, and general backstabbing, but it’s not remotely credible coming from a group of people who are trapped, starving, and dying of thirst.” Others, however, were digging Animals’ absurdist vibe and Moore’s comedic turn: The cast is full of comedians who deliver but they all orbit around Moore,” writes Fred Topel at Monsters and Critics. “She has never been this funny. I hope Corporate Animals is the beginning of a Demi Moore comedy renaissance.”The Sundance Film Festival runs January 24-February 3, 2019. 😈😈


David E. Talbert’s lavish and energetic new musical, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, might just be a modern Christmas classic. The story of a toymaker (Forest Whitaker) and his granddaughter’s (Madalen Mills) quest to recover his most incredible creation yet, after it’s stolen by a rival (Keegan Michael-Key), is full of elaborate musical numbers, heartwarming holiday moments, and songs from the likes of John Legend; critics are eating it up and saying it could go down as a new holiday staple. Ahead of the movie’s release, Rotten Tomatoes Editor Jacqueline Coley spoke to Talbert and stars Whitaker, Key, Mills, Phylicia Rashad, and Anika Noni Rose to ask why music and Christmas are such a perfect pairing, how the cast and crew produced the film’s ambitious musical set pieces, and to discover their personal favorites when it comes to holiday movies.Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is available on Netflix from Friday, November 13, 2020. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

亚博最新官网 几乎不可能的,问题并不全在游戏本身,更关乎人性。摩尔庄园手游最加分的地方是“童年滤镜”,这会使得玩家在评价游戏时变得更加宽容,官方的引导加上一波狂热的玩家加上一波跟风的玩家,让摩尔庄园手游有了一个很高的起点,短短一天多时间已经上过很多次热搜,甚至不少人都在自己的朋友圈分享摩尔庄园,有人打趣到是不是游戏任务中有一项是“截图发朋友圈”。

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