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爱体育采用百度引擎9(Baidu 3)Joel MearesThe lineup for the 2019 Cannes Film Festival was announced this morning. This year s festival – which runs May 14-26 – opens with Jim Jarmusch s star-studded zombie-comedy The Dead Don t Die, starring Adam Driver, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton. New films from Pedro Almodóvar and Terrence Malick will also play In Competition, as will Parasite, the latest from Snowpiercer and Okja director Bong Joon Ho. Meanwhile, the festival will also feature out-of-competition screenings of the Elton John biopic Rocketman, starring Taron Egerton and Richard Madden, and Sundance standout Share, from writer-director Pippa Bianco.Also of note: this year s festival ties the Cannes record for the number the number of female-directed movies in the main Competition section. They are Mati Diop s Atlantique, Jessica Hausner s Little Joe, Celine Schiamma s Portrait of a Young Lady on Fire, and Sibyl from Justine Triet. Nine more female directors feature in other parts of the programming.This first announcement did have one notable absence: Quentin Tarantino s Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. Festival general delegate Thierry Frémaux explained to press after the lineup was announced that Tarantino s ninth studio film is not ready yet, but the festival has hope it will be completed by the final lineup announcement. Check out the full selection of films below.IN COMPETITIONAtlantique Mati DiopBacarau Kleber Mendonça Filho Juliano DornellesThe Dead Don’t Die Jim JarmuschFrankie Ira SachsA Hidden Life Terrence MalickIt Must Be Heaven Elia SuleimanLes Misérables Ladj LyLittle Joe Jessica HausnerMatthias and Maxime Xavier DolanOh Mercy! Arnaud DesplechinParasite OR Gisaengchung Bong Joon HoPortrait of the Young Girl on Fire  Céline SciammaSibyl Justine TrietSorry We Missed You Ken LoachPain and Glory Pedro AlmodóvarThe Traitor Marco BellocchioThe Whistlers Corneliu PorumboiuThe Wild Goose Lake OR Nan Fang Che Zhan De Ju Hui Diao YinanThe Young Ahmed Jean-Pierre Dardenne Luc DardenneUN CERTAIN REGARDAdam Maryam TouzaniBeanpole OR Dylda Kantemir BalagovA Brother’s Love Monia ChokriBull Annie SilversteinThe Climb Michael CovinoEvge Nariman AlievFreedom Albert SerraInvisible Life Karim AïnouzJoan of Arc Bruno DumontChambre 212 Christophe HonoréPapicha Mounia MeddourPort Authority Danielle LessovitzSummer of Changsha Zu FengThe Swallows of Kabul Zabou Breitman Eléa Gobé MévellecA Sun That Never Sets  Olivir LaxeZhuo Ren Mi Mi Midi ZOUT OF COMPETITIONThe Best Years of a Life Claude LelouchDiego Maradona Asif KapadiaLa Belle Époque Nicolas BedosRocketman Dexter FletcherToo Old to Die Young – North of Hollywood, West of Hell Nicolas Winding RefnMIDNIGHT SCREENINGSThe Gangster, the Cop, the Devil Lee Won-TaeSPECIAL SCREENINGS(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Josh Johnson)Family Romance, LLC. Werner HerzogFor Sama Waad Al Kateab, Edward WattsQue Sea Ley Juan SolanasShare Pippa BiancoTo Be Alive and Know It OR Être vivant et le savior Alain CavalierTommaso Abel FerraraThe Cannes Film Festival runs May 14-26. For more information, check out the Festival de Cannes website.

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在今年腾讯游戏年度发布会上亮相超60款游戏,其中一款三消手游引起玩家关注,这就是魔性三消策略手游《指尖领主》。游戏玩法有收集英雄、探索解谜和经营领土相融合,让玩家进入到休闲清爽的奇幻卡通世界。 在各项需要玩家动脑和手速的操作简化到极致后,上分就变得容易很多,玩家只需要熟悉适应手游英雄技能的施放,了解怎么补兵对线打团和支援队友,以及时刻注意小地图上队友和敌人的动向,就能轻松冲分,当然你要是连这些都不想去用脑,建议你打匹配、人机和大乱斗,不要打排位坑别人。

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(Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection)It s estimated that between 75 and 90 percent of films made before 1929 are either lost or only exist in incomplete form. As part of our RT Archives project, we are collecting contemporaneous reviews for those films – see a full list here and read what critics said about them at the time – and shining a spotlight on the stories and people behind them. Learn more about the RT Archives project here. In the early 20th century, the name Annette Kellermann elicited an awe reserved for a select few. A screen siren in the most literal of terms, Kellermann (often credited as Kellerman, with a single n ) was a swimmer-turned-actress who arguably stands now as a precursor for the kind of crossover success that has marked the careers of the likes of fellow former athletes Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Indeed, like those two Hollywood stars, Kellermann’s physique was instrumental to her entry into and success in cinema, making her a pioneer of the jock film star that seems all too common today.Kellermann was first seen on the big screen in short films like Miss Annette Kellerman (1909), where she showed off her swimming technique and her then-famous high dives. But it would be her work on feature films like Neptune’s Daughter (1914) and A Daughter of the Gods (1916), the first ever million dollar picture, that cemented her as a marquee name in the budding film industry. Only a few of Kellermann’s 30-odd film appearances survive to this day – both Neptune s Daughter and A Daughter of the Gods have been lost – but they’re enough, along with her cultural impact as a health advocate, a one-piece swimsuit trailblazer, and an intrepid athlete, to have made her an indelible part of early film history.Born in 1886 in Sydney, Australia to a pair of musicians (her father was a violinist, her mother a pianist), Kellermann needed to wear steel braces on her legs as a child. Likely due to polio, this is what first pushed her to take up swimming at age 6, as a way of strengthening her legs. By the time she was 13 she’d completely rehabilitated those future money-earners and by the time she was 16 she’d taken up swimming in earnest, winning meets and breaking records in New South Wales state championships.(Photo by Hulton Archive / Stringer / Getty Images)Kellermann soon became a sensation in Australia, alternating between participating in swimming and diving exhibitions as well as breaking more records during competitions. In 1905, she and her father moved to England where her long-distance swims earned her plenty of press; she was even sponsored by The Daily Mirror to attempt to swim the English Channel, a feat she’d try two more times in those years without ever being wholly successful. Moving away and eventually retiring from long-distance swimming, Kellermann set her eyes on more lucrative ventures that still made great use of her talents.That’s how Kellermann ended up across the Atlantic. Oft-advertised as “The Perfect Woman” – posters for her appearances usually included measurements that showed her body metrics matched the Venus de Milo’s – Kellermann was a vaudeville sensation in the early 1910s. Her elaborate synchronized swimming performances attracted audiences in Chicago, Boston, New York, and eventually all over Europe and in her native Australia. It was during this time that Kellermann gained even more notoriety for an alleged 1907 arrest on a Boston beach. While contemporary women’s swimwear consisted of a rather bulky dress/pantaloon combination (often accompanied by long black stockings and bathing slippers), Kellermann had opted to wear a fitted one-piece costume that ended in shorts above her knees – the kind she wore during her exhibitions – which led to her being cited for indecency. (Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection)The incident, which remains disputed, nevertheless speaks to Kellermann’s advocacy against such strictures on women’s bodies. Advocating for sleeker swimsuits that were less restricting, she led the way toward relaxing Victorian-era norms on what was appropriate beachwear, eventually selling her own branded “Annette Kellermann Sun-Kist’ swimsuits” in U.S. stores from around 1914 to the late 1930s, all but making her name synonymous with the one-piece swimsuit we know today. A savvy entertainer keyed into a rapidly changing audience, Kellermann knew she had the wherewithal to diversify into other potentially lucrative endeavors. While her first foray on the stage (in the short-lived London production of Undine) in 1912 wasn’t a good fit, her eventual move into feature-length films soon turned her into a bona fide movie star. Her first feature film, Neptune’s Daughter, was produced by Carl Laemmle of Universal Film Producing Company; based on an idea pitched by Kellermann herself, the Captain Leslie T. Peacock-scripted and Herbert Brenon-directed adventure film followed a young mermaid intent on avenging her sister, who died when caught by fishermen’s nets. With a fantastical background and even a romantic subplot that echoed a certain Hans Christian Anderson folk tale, Neptune’s Daughter was crafted around Kellermann’s talents. Not only were her swimming and diving skills front and center in elaborate underwater set pieces, but that same “perfect body” that had lured vaudeville audiences to her shows was here yet again presented as a selling point. As Variety noted in its review of the film, men were likely to watch the film several times, “if only for the purpose of having another flash at the divine form of Kellermann, in this instance draped only by her hair, as the mystic power of the Witch s shell transforms her from a mermaid into a regular girl.”(Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection)Her second feature, A Daughter of the Gods – reportedly the first ever million-dollar film production – further established Kellermann as a performer whose sheer physicality could command the screen. Yet again playing a water-based creature, the Australian swimmer-turned-actress turned heads for what’s considered the very first nude scene by a major star. Still, critics at the time admired her acting as much as her physicality: “Miss Kellermann aside from her daring feats, acted with great skill and gave a most creditable impersonation,” Moving Picture World noted in its review of A Daughter of the Gods.Kellermann’s creative input on these early productions, as well as later films like Queen of the Sea (1918), What Women Love (1920), and Venus of the South Seas (1924), put her in a league of equally influential film screen stars like Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford. The many death-defying stunts she performed – including jumping into pools with live crocodiles and diving from rocky cliffs, often shooting on location in Jamaica and Bermuda – established her as an action star whose showmanship and athleticism always went hand in hand. It’s no surprise to find that, decades later, another swimmer-turned-actress (MGM’s Esther Williams) would star in a musical biopic on her life in 1952’s Million Dollar Mermaid. Kellermann was a legend in her own time, a true pioneer who managed to make a name for herself with her body but never let herself be reduced to it. While most of her films have been lost, her extraordinary stunts surviving only in film reviews and printed features, she remains a pivotal figure in early cinema that deserves to be better known and appreciated. What Critics Said About Kellermann s Lost Films When They Were Released: A revelation (Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection)“In several of the scenes Miss Kellerman, in white, close-fitting tights, gives entertaining exhibitions of swimming and diving, her graceful form standing out against the brushwood like a marble statue as she poses before she dives.” – The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)“[Kellerman] proves herself an accomplished actress, a mistress of the terpsichorean art, and an expert swordswoman, well worthy to be wooed and won by the King of the country she lands in.” – The Age (Melbourne) “There is one scene that particularly will live in the memory. Annette, a mortal, feels the lure of the water. Behind a bush in the forest she discards her peasant dress. Out darts a white-tighted figure. From a vegetation-faced cliff over an inland bit of still water Annette performs the evolutions that have thrilled her audiences in settings far different.” – George Blaisdell, Moving Picture World “Miss Kellerman, in a recent interview, said she did not wish to go in for swimming and diving any longer. She wanted a play in which she could have a dramatic part so she might be judged for her histrionic merits. In this production she has proven her right to such consideration.” – A. Danson Michell, Motion Picture News“The usual spectacular dives Miss Kellermann has become famed for are performed during the picture, and she gives visual evidence also of her remarkable ability to swim and of endurance, always in the water with a fish-tail (as a mermaid) that prevents the employment of her feet for assistance, swimming only with her hands. As a picture actress, Miss Kellerman is a revelation.” – Variety(Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection)“Some admirable light and shade effects are revealed in the photographed scenery during the progress of the story, which has been ingenious ly developed and produced, and the performance throughout of Miss Kellermann as the child of the seas is as skillful as it is graceful and refined.” – The Daily Telegraph (Sydney)“Miss Kellermann aside from her daring feats, acted with great skill and gave a most creditable impersonation.” – Moving Picture World“Herbert Brenon placed his confidence in the appeal of the mass scene and Miss Kellermann s physical charm and skill in diving and swimming to carry the fanciful story along to success. His confidence, it would seem, was well placed.” – Motography“The beautiful figure of Annette Kellermann and her matchless skill as an amphibienne are made the most of in A Daughter of the Gods, the elaborate, spectacular and somewhat monotonous photofable which was unfolded for the first time last evening at the Lyric Theatre.” – The New York TimesOn an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.爱体育What happens when you die? According to this hit NBC series, you either find yourself in The Good Place — a heavenly paradise, for all eternity — or, you know, the other place *cough* down there. The show stars Kristen Bell as the flawed, yet endearing Eleanor Shellstrop who discovers she s in heaven by mistake. Her attempt to hide in plain sight is consistently put to the test once she s assigned a soulmate. Chidi (William Jackson Harper), a former professor of ethics and philosophy, is that partner. Throughout the series, he, along with new friends Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto), help to keep Eleanor on the straight and narrow. But when it s revealed that The Good Place may not be all that good, Michael (Ted Danson), its architect, throws one challenge after another at the group, only to find himself questioning his own reason of being. For a series that mixes silly visuals with existential themes, The Good Place reveals itself as a celebration of humanity, community, and the enduring notion of progress.Where to watch: Netflix, 4 seasons

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Best-Reviewed Foreign-Language Movies 2018Looking for the year s most powerful, engaging, and entertaining cinema? You often have to turn your attention away from the English-speaking world. The list of international films that earned the highest accolades this year includes entries from Denmark, Spain, and Japan, while Alfonso Cuarón s semi-autobiographical drama Roma, set in Mexico City, absolutely wowed the critics.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2018. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

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8.31.7 5月喜迎对于这些老玩家来说,LOL手游绝不不仅仅是一款熟悉的游戏,在这片峡谷之中,包含着那青葱岁月的美好回忆,即使这片峡谷已经逐渐陌生,但当初在峡谷中奋战过的身影却永远不会被召唤师所淡忘。

(Photo by © NEON)It s sometimes easy to forget in the blur of manic performances that have defined Nicolas Cage s work in the last decade – the chainsaw-wielding Red in Mandy, his wide-eyed murderous father in Mom and Dad, and other very Nic Cage roles that seem to come around every few months – that his is a career of chapters, each of which might singularly define a lesser performer, and that Wild Nic is just the latest. The star emerged in the 1980s as an edgy standout in zeitgest-capturing favorites (Rumble Fish, Peggy Sue Got Married), blossomed into romantic lead (Moonstruck) and A-list Oscar winner (Leaving Las Vegas), and crushed the box office a few times as an unlikely action hero in a string of Bruckheimer-produced 90s favorites.Then he went and recovered the Declaration of Independence as an Indiana Jones type in the National Treasure movies.Even within these Nic Cage eras, though, he always managed a few surprises. Consider his vanity-be-damned dual-role as the Kaufman brothers in Adaptation, for which he was nominated for an Oscar during a seeming career slump; or his delightfully unhinged performance in Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans, a turn that would set the tone for our current Nic Cage chapter but which, at the time, was a shock to the system and a turn of the page, even if it was some time coming.Still, nothing in Cage s career is as surprising, perhaps, as the new Certified Fresh drama, Pig. Here, Cage plays Rob, a onetime big-name chef who now lives as a recluse in the wilds of Oregon with his best friend, a foraging pig who scouts for the truffles that are his owner/buddy s sole source of income. When the pig is stolen during a violent break-in at Rob s cabin, expectations are set for a John Wick-style revenge tale – and another very Nic Cage performance – but writer/director Michael Sarnoski has other things on his mind. And so does Cage. What follows is a somber, moving, and at times wryly funny tale about a man who descends into Portland s seedy underground foodie world (surprisingly violent), single-mindedly focused on retrieving the one thing in life he deeply loves. It is anchored by a quiet and deeply affecting performance from Cage, one that critics are calling a revelation and among the best work of his career.The movie is a marker for Cage, too, who told Rotten Tomatoes that Pig came around at just the right time, both in terms of getting back to his roots in more dramatic, soberer fare – though he does get to utter the line I don t f k my pig! – and in reflecting events and developments in his real life. I was feeling lost, Cage told us. I was feeling the need for isolation. I was feeling, Oh, I m no longer invited in Hollywood. Nor do I want to be invited in Hollywood. I have no interest in going back. I like making quiet little dramas. This is what I m interested in. Ahead of the movie s release in theaters, Cage spoke to us about this step away from his wild-man roles, what Pablo Picasso has to do with it, and a passion he shares with his latest character: good food and bold flavors.Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: This movie has a bit of a strange conceit – the log line for this film is about a revenge-seeking truffle hunter! What was the pitch to you for the project when they were trying to get you on board? What was the thing that sold you on this story?Nicolas Cage: Well, I can tell you “revenge” never came into the equation for me. I read the script, Michael [Sarnoski]’s script, and I immediately responded to it more as a kind of cinematic haiku, a poem, really, a meditation on loss and a character analysis of a person who had lost great love. I also felt that I was at a point in my own life experience, aggregate collection of memories and dreams and experiences, that enabled me to respond to Rob in such a way where I felt that nothing had to be forced, that I felt I understood Rob.In fact, I told Michael over lunch that when I read his script I had a very evocative dream of my cat and something horrible happening to my cat, Merlin, who is one of my best friends. The relationship that you can have with our animal brothers and sisters, it s so much closer in some ways, so much more profound, because it s not corrupted by the noise of people and what that can harbor in terms of jealousies and angers. It s just unconditional love.So, I felt that those relationships – my relationship with my cat, my dog, who s no longer with us – those are things that I could put into this performance and it s a perfect time for it. When we all agreed to make the movie, we hadn t been hit by the pandemic yet, but I think we ve all gotten closer, even still, to our animal family, because we relied on them so heavily to get through that.(Photo by © NEON)Rotten Tomatoes: How old is Merlin, by the way? And was he helpful during the pandemic?Cage: Merlin is two years old. Very, yeah. I relied on him quite a bit. He s very affectionate, a Maine Coon cat. Really kind of like another son in some ways.Rotten Tomatoes: What was your relationship like with the pig, or pigs, you were working with in this film? How was it working with them?Cage: There was one pig. Her name was Brandy. Like many of us, she was very payment-oriented. She wasn t really interested in people. If they wanted to get a soulful look in her eyes, they would show her a bit of carrot off camera; or if they needed her to go to a certain mark, they would put some food down. But I think that relationship was really developed with the eye of Michael Sarnoski and our director of photography. They figured out ways of photographing Brandy and Rob so that the relationship never lapsed into schmaltz or Hallmark-card sappiness. It was just a quiet witnessing of these two in the wilderness. I think that made it more heartfelt in some ways, but it was a lot to do with getting her in the right position with the food, and also photographing it in the right manner.Rotten Tomatoes: You mentioned “soulful” and that I think is a very great word for this film and for your performance, and a lot of people have been saying this is a different Nicolas cCage than we ve seen in a while. The last film I saw of you in was Prisoners of Ghostland and then I was re-watching Mandy last night. They’re very different from Pig, but it does feel, to me at least as a viewer, that there is a connection between Robin as a character and someone like Red [Cage’s character in Mandy], who also has tried to escape the world and has that peace disrupted. Do you think that Robin really is so different from some of the characters you ve been playing lately? Or is there a connection?Cage: I mean, he s certainly different in the regard that he s not motivated by revenge, but I do share that observation, that he s similar to Red in that he s dealing with tremendous loss, and loss of love, and the feelings that can evoke. I think what people in the media may be struggling with is that I have made it almost a mission of sorts to go into what I sometimes call a Western Kabuki style of film performance, almost an operatic style of film performance – by design. I mean, this was always very carefully and methodically choreographed and though-out, both vocally and dance-wise in terms of movement. I wanted to do that because I felt that we had gotten caught in a trap of naturalism as a style.Not that I m Picasso, I m not saying that, but I remember one conversation that I had with my father, where I was very tripped out by Picasso s portraits that seemed so abstract with people having eyes on the same side of their face. Like, what is this? I said, Well, can he also do photo realistic drawing? and dad said, Absolutely. He broke free. I always thought that what you can do in one art form, maybe you can do in another, and why not take a chance and attempt some sort of breaking-free with film performance? But somewhere along the way, I think I needed to remind myself – and, in fact, I think I needed to remind certain folks in critical response – that it wasn t the only brush I painted with. I mean, I think Joe is a movie that I made not long ago that was as close to my true self as I could get in terms of what was important to him.(Photo by © NEON)Certainly, with Rob in Pig, I wanted to get back to a kind of a quiet, meditative, internalized performance. It was not difficult. It was something that I felt I had the life experience for and the memories and the dreams, if you will, to portray without forcing it. So when I read Michael s script, it was exactly the right material at the right time for what I was trying to convey. I was feeling lost. I was feeling the need for isolation. I was feeling, Oh, I m no longer invited in Hollywood. Nor do I want to be invited in Hollywood. I have no interest in going back. I like making quiet little dramas. This is what I m interested in. But I can see where it would be shocking to the folks that remember me making five Jerry Bruckheimer movies back-to-back, which at that time was the challenge, in my opinion – no one thought I should do an adventure film or that I even had the wherewithal to do an adventure film, but I had grown up on Bronson and Eastwood and Connery, and I thought, Well, that would be fun to at least try. It s kind of a situation of wanting to stay interested and also stay challenged. At this moment, what interests me is getting back to my roots, which is quiet dramas.Rotten Tomatoes: The film has a lot to say about food, different philosophies towards food, Robin s passion, and everything just looks beautiful that we get to see you cook – or your stand-in cooks make – in the movie. Are you a cook in your own time? And do you have a specialty?Cage:  I want to go on record: I didn t have any stand-in cooks. I can t replace my hands. If I see someone else s hand in front of my hand, I go, No, no, no. That takes me out of the movie. I had two excellent teachers, Chef Chris and Chef Rucker from Le Pigeon. Chef Chris taught me the mushroom tart, or pie, and then I learned the squab blueberry dish from Le Pigeon.Food has always been important to me. Food is what I like to spend my money on. Food, to me, comes first. I think that the chefs today can do amazing things in the world of art, because without food, then nothing else really matters: Food, and then I can enjoy music and then I can enjoy painting and then I can enjoy a great cinema and then I can meditate or then I can write a poem. Whatever it is, food comes first.I have tremendous respect for these people and I also understand the pressures that go into the world, the epicurean world. Because if you think about this art form – and it is an art – that s the only one where they re actually ingesting it physically into their body as an audience, or as a client, or as a foodie, or whatever you want to call it. There s tremendous pressure and risk with that. You don t want them to get sick. You want them to have a good experience. Everything matters. The ambience matters, the bread matters, everything. So it s a high-pressure job and I wanted to convey the regard and the reverence that I have for what they do.(Photo by © NEON)Rotten Tomatoes: When you re home, are you someone who has a go-to dish that you can whip up in five minutes?Cage: If you re asking me, am I a chef, I wouldn t put myself at that level, but I can cook. I make a pretty good seafood arrabbiata pasta. I am passionate about putting different tastes together. I like Japanese food, I like Italian, and Chinese is probably the most complex. I think the continent of Asia, probably, in my opinion, has the greatest and most complex foods of the world. But I remember I once imagined a sweet shrimp or an ebi and I went to my sushi chef and I said, Could you slice the sweet shrimp open and then could you put the uni inside the ebi and then can you put it on less rice, please, and then wrap it with the seaweed? I had that taste in my mind and it was so beautiful when I got it.So, I do like to put tastes together. I remember Joel Robuchon had something that was a Wow. He put coffee grinds with uni frappe. I mean, who thinks to do that? Who thinks to put coffee and sea urchin together? It was one of the most amazing taste sensations I ve ever had. So, yeah, I m very interested in that world and I do like to play around.I do Eggs Diablo – I really spice up my fried eggs over easy and I just kick in a lot of chili and red chili pepper flakes and some tomato paste. It s a beautiful little dish that I like to make for breakfast, but yeah, I enjoy it.The secret to great cooking for me is that you have to have respect for the actual ingredients. Sometimes these chefs get lost in overdoing it with the complexity of the sauce, because they re trying to mask what s wrong with the actual source, what s wrong with the fish. But if you get a great piece of fish, treat it with respect. Just light olive oil, some garlic, some sea salt, bingo. Trip to the moon, man.Rotten Tomatoes: I need to come to your place. Just finally, they re giving me the wrap, but for your upcoming Joe Exotic series, are we going to get the Kabuki-style performance? How extreme are we going there?Cage: That s not going to be happening, I m not playing Joe Exotic. We had two really excellent scripts, but I think I don t know. I think somewhere along the way, the studio felt that that was a fad that had come and gone and that it was a thing of the past. Frankly, I for one am okay with it because I have other things I want to explore and other characters I want to play.I was a bit trepidatious about going into the television universe, too. One of the things I really love about independent filmmaking is that I can get in and I can get out. If there s one problem in the chain of filmmakers, I know I ve got just four more weeks to go; but a TV character, if there s a problem and you re stuck on location for six months, that does seem a little terrifying to me.Pig is in theaters from Friday July 16, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
Winterfell Is Yours, Your Grace In another recent tease, released January 6 by HBO as part of a 2019 preview, showed Jon introducing Queen Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) to Sansa at Winterfell.#GameofThrones returns to @HBO this April. pic.twitter.com/1muHcwJIFJ Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) January 7, 2019The tease shows Sansa approaching Daenerys: Winterfell is yours, Your Grace. This moment tells us:Jon and Daenerys arrived safely at Winterfell.Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) and Brienne of Tarth are there.Sansa has her diplomacy Uggs on.The new footage backs up an EW report from November that the season will open at Winterfell with Daenerys and her followers meeting up and mingling uneasily with Jon Snow s northern coalition. It will surprise absolutely no one to learn that Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) isn’t thrilled that Jon bent the knee to his fancy new Targaryen girlfriend, at least not at first. What We Can Expect in Season 8(Photo by HBO)We ve already had a glimpse at the anticipated meeting between Sansa and Daenerys, but there s so much more to savor about the Mother of Dragons arriving at Winterfell.One moment we can t wait to see is Jon reuniting with Arya, but we re also very much looking forward to Jorah Mormont meeting little Lady Lyanna Mormont — please, please, please let that be a thing.Bran has wanted to have a chat with Jon forever. We can expect that conversation; though Bradley indicated to EW that Sam will be the one to break it to Jon that he just had sex with his aunt. On the bright side, he s heir to the Iron Throne.There may or may not be fallout from Petyr Baelish s death: Will Sansa have to smooth things over with the Lord of the Vale, her cousin Robin Arryn? The kid has potential to do epic damage to the Northern coalition.(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Sam also has yet to learn about his father s and brother s deaths. That revelation is surely on the horizon. How will that affect his relationship with Daenerys, and could it be the one thing that drives a wedge between Jon and Sam?And as bleak as it is to think about, there s going to be that amazing first-contact scene between the Army of the Dead and the men of the North. Sure, they ve already mowed over the wall and the Night s Watch with their wight-dragon Viserion, but watching them hit the Umbers Last Hearth or the Karstarks Karhold will be a spectacle. Hopefully, we ll get a taste of that before Winterfell.The very first teaser trailer, released back in December, showed ice and fire meeting somewhere in what looked like the Riverlands — as if Riverrun could take much more.Speaking of the Riverlands, for those of us who ve been reading the latest from George R.R. Martin, Fire Blood, his descriptions of the Dance of Dragons should make us both eager for and fearful of a meeting between wight-dragon Viserion and his brothers, Drogon and Rhaegal. It s sure to be vicious. With that, the question of who will ride Rhaegal arises. Surely, it will be the son of the warrior-prince the dragon is named after.All that, plus we have six episodes in which to conclude Cleganebowl.Game of Thrones’ Biggest Battle Yet(Photo by HBO)EW s November 2018 story also describes preparation and reactions to filming the final season battle between the human allies against the Night King s Army of the Dead, which took 55 nights to film the external scenes alone. The production expanded the Winterfell set to accommodate the battle, which actor Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister, described as brutal It makes the Battle of the Bastards look like a theme park, referring to season 6 s epic battle between Jon and Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon).While filming of season 8 overall took 10 months, filming of the battle of Winterfell took 11 weeks of night shoots – a schedule the production team referred to as “The Long Night” that inspired “We Survived The Long Night” jackets worn by the crew – with up to 750 people working through the night in temperatures at or near freezing, EW s latest report revealed. Actors would huddle for warmth around space heaters in tents or seek shelter in the production trailers. One of the series  regular actresses fainted, but returned to work the next day.(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)The battle will cut between the various characters during the fight. We’ve been building toward this since the very beginning, it’s the living against the dead, and you can’t do that in a 12-minute sequence,” Benioff said, according to the magazine s November article.The scene is completely unprecedented and relentless and a mixture of genres even within the battle. There are sequences built within sequences built within sequences,” according to Cogman in the March EW report.Benioff and Weiss, Bryan Cogman, and Dave Hill are writers for the new season.That Game of Thrones Reunion(Photo by HBO)Following reports that Jason Momoa, who appeared as Khal Drogo in the series, and other actors who played deceased characters from the series were spotted in Ireland, news came out that a reunion was happening that would make up a special feature in the eight-season full-series box set. The special was reportedly hosted by Conan O Brien, who had previously gathered GoT heavyweights, like this time in 2016.Who s Alive and Which Crew Are They With We ve waited over a year for the new season, and the anticipation has been excruciating. It s also given us some time to take stock of who s still breathing — or, at least, moving around — and where we left them. Here s the list of players with some updated notes from the first full trailer (see our shot-by-shot trailer 1 breakdown here):(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)TEAM MOTHER OF DRAGONSDaenerys Targaryen — just had sex with her nephew on a boat to White Harbor headed toward Winterfell. In teasers and the new trailer, she s seen at Winterfell.Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) — on that same boat, pining for his Dragon Queen. Dinklage, who has the hand of the queen pin on his costume in the EW gallery, says Tyrion is “trying to figure out who he really is” under the circumstances. Would that be a Lannister or — as fans have guessed — not? In the new trailer, Tyrion appears in only one shot, gazing skyward.Jorah Mormont — same as Tyrion most likely. Jorah is seen in the trailer with Valyrian steel sword Heartsbane, the Tarly family sword that he could have gotten only from Sam.Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) — presumed alive, but imprisoned by her uncle Euron Greyjoy.Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) — headed out to sea to save his sister Yara.(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Varys (Conleth Hill) — presumably on the boat to White Harbor headed toward Winterfell. He appears in the first trailer hiding in the Winterfell crypt with Gilly, Little Sam, and a group of women and children.Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) —  presumably on the boat to White Harbor headed toward Winterfell. Emmanuel told EW that Missandei is fighting for life for the love of Grey Worm (we see the two kiss in the trailer), but Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) — Anderson told EW the characters know that “the chances of anyone surviving are remote.” He is also presumably on the boat to White Harbor headed toward Winterfell.Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma) — presumed alive, but imprisoned by Cersei at King s Landing, watching her daughter die from a dose of the poison tears of Lys.Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman) — last seen reluctantly agreeing to stay behind to keep the peace in Mereen.(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)TEAM KING IN THE NORTH, KNEE-BENDER, TARGARYEN, AND RIGHTFUL HEIR TO THE IRON THRONEJon Snow — having sex with his aunt Daenerys on a boat to White Harbor headed to Winterfell. “He’s in love,” Harington says and describes what comes next as “a sledgehammer” in EW s March photogallery. In the trailer, Jon is seen in the Godswood at Winterfell in front of the weirwood tree, with Daenerys and her dragons, and in various other snippets.Sansa Stark — at Winterfell chatting with Arya on the castle s ramparts. Turner is seen in her Stark armor in the EW photogallery and says that Sansa has been enjoying leadership. In the teasers, we saw Sansa greet Daenerys and Jon at Winterfell, and in the trailer, she s shown seeing dragons fly over the castle.Arya Stark — at Winterfell chatting with Sansa on the castle s ramparts, having just executed Lord Petyr Baelish. Arya wears cloth/fur armor that protects her right side, under her sword arm, and leaves her sword unencumbered in the EW gallery, and Williams says her character is somewhat torn between being Arya Stark of old and “her unfinished business.” Arya is show in action in the first full trailer, battling wights and running for her life.Bran Stark — at Winterfell with Samwell Tarly, figuring out that Jon Snow is the true heir to the Iron Throne. In the trailer, Bran says, “Everything you did brought you where you are now…where you belong .home.” He is shown still sitting with Sam, who exhales frosty breath (a previously used sign of White Walkers close by). Hempstead-Wright teased to EW that Bran is less robotic in the final season. In a conversation with Rotten Tomatoes, Hempstead-Wright gave us some insight into how the Three-Eyed Raven thing works: “It’s like he’s got a dictionary in front of him, the whole of time. And he’s got access. He can look up anything he wants and  [the old] Three-Eyed Raven had been in the cave for a thousand years, and had looked through every single page, has memorized every single page, whereas Bran now he’s just been given this huge book  he still needs to be reminded of places to go and still needs to be told what to look up.(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)“I think the job description of being the Three-Eyed Raven requires you — in order to not have some kind of PTSD total trauma — to switch off a lot of your human traits, because if you were a human who was forced to live every single thing that’s ever happened in the world, your brain would fry, you’d go completely mad, and you’d just break down and stop functioning You are the keeper of the history of the world. And therefore, you have to be strong enough not to let it completely break you apart.”Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) — at Winterfell combining his knowledge with Bran s visions to uncover the realm s most well-kept secret. The trailer shows Sam still sitting with Bran and suggests that Sam will give/loan Jorah Mormont his family s Valyrian steel sword, Heartsbane.Gilly (Hannah Murray) with baby Sam — last seen riding into Winterfell with Sam, in the trailer, she and Little Sam are seen in the Winterfell crypt with Varys.Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) — presumably on the boat to White Harbor after the events of the season 7 finale, the trailer shows a quick glimpse of Davos on the ramparts of a castle — likely Winterfell, of course.Melisandre (Carice van Houten) — the Red Priestess of R hllor was last seen telling Varys that she was headed to Volantis, but that she would return to die in this strange country just like him. She does not appear in teasers or the trailer.(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Brienne — last seen at the armistice talks, she s presumably headed back to Winterfell. The trailer shows her standing with in front of Knights of the Vale and appears to show her cutting down wights.Podrick Payne (Daniel Portman) — generally wherever Brienne is, Pod can be seen right by her side in front of the Knights of the Vale.Sandor The Hound Clegane (Rory McCann) — last seen at the armistice talks, he s presumably on the boat to White Harbor with Jon and Daenerys. Cleganebowl is on, by the way! McCann pretty much guarantees there will be a face-off with his brother, Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane (Hafþór Björnsson) in EW s March 4 photogallery.Tormund Giantsbane (Kristofer Hivju) — last seen at the top of the Wall as a portion of it exploded in front of him, we presumed he was alive, because we wanted him to finish wooing Brienne. The trailer shows him with the next two in our list, walking through a seemingly empty and large castle or fortress.Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) — with Tormund and also confirmed alive by the trailer.Eddison Dolorous Edd  Tollett (Ben Crompton) along with the Night’s Watch — he last seen at the Wall and is confirmed alive by the first trailer; Castle Black Night s Watch should be in fighting form, but the Eastwatch brothers will be dead, dying, and reanimating.Gendry (Joe Dempsie) — last seen collapsing at the Wall at Castle Black and asking Edd Tollett to send ravens for Daenerys to save Jon and the remnants of his Magnificent Seven, Gendry appears in the trailer overseeing the smithing of dragonglass weapons.Meera Reed (Ellie Kendrick) — last seen saying goodbye to Bran at Winterfell, saying that she s going to see her father, Howland Reed (maybe we ll finally get to meet the elder Reed in season 8).Maester Wolkan (Richard Rycroft) — Winterfell.Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) — Winterfell.Yohn Royce (Rupert Vansittart) and the Knights of the Vale — last seen at Winterfell, Ser Royce seems to be absent in the shot of the Knights of the Vale behind Brienne and Pod in the trailer.Robin Arryn (Lino Facioli) — last seen in the Vale as a ward in the home of House Royce.Hot Pie (Ben Hawkey) — last seen working at the Inn at the Crossroads in the Riverlands, giving Arya news that her half-brother is King in the North.(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)TEAM CERSEI LANNISTER-BARATHEONCersei Lannister Baratheon (Lena Headey) — in King s Landing, planning to do nothing as the North is invaded. The trailer shows, however, that Cersei s minions have been very busy on her behalf, as the Golden Company sellswords sail toward King s Landing. Cersei, meanwhile, has a glass of wine.Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk) — last seen at the armistice talks, claiming that he would be sitting out the war with the dead from his throne in the Iron Islands (because the dead can t swim), but Cersei later reveals that he s headed to Braavos to pick up the Golden Company of sellswords and ferry them to Westeros to defend King s Landing and fight for the queen. Euron, however, is not clearly shown in the trailer.Qyburn (Anton Lesser) — at Cersei s side when we left him in season 7, the trailer shows him still there.Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) — at Cersei s heels, and he is still there in the season 8 trailer.(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)M.I.A., UNDECIDED, UNKNOWN, UNRELIABLE, OR OTHERJaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) — last seen committing treason and heading north on the Kingsroad. Jaime shows up in the trailer apparently explaining himself to the Northern coalition and then also clearly in the thick of the fighting. Coster-Waldau states definitively what we thought saw in that moment at the end of season 7: that Jaime is “choosing to do what he believes is right.” (Why he’s wearing his sword on his left hip when he would need to unsheathe it using his left hand is a mystery – perhaps just for the sake of the photo.) Coster-Waldau had previously told Rotten Tomatoes that he was very much looking forward to Jon and Daenerys’ relationship: “It’s so easy to be morally shocked about the brother and sister thing, and yes, it’s absolutely horrific  I think 95 percent of all the audience are rooting for Daenerys and Jon Snow to get together, which is going to be the next incestuous relationship. That’s the beautiful irony, though.”Bronn (Jerome Flynn) — last seen leaving the armistice talks to take Podrick for a drink.Archmaester Ebrose (Jim Broadbent) and the rest of the Citadel — keeping their heads in their books — for now at least, though it would be great to see Broadbent and those crusty ol maesters swoop in to save the day, or a day (please be useful).Tycho Nestoris (Mark Gatiss) and the Iron Bank of Braavos — last seen offering to loan Cersei more money, the Iron Bank representative will swing in whatever direction promises to enrich them.Melessa Tarly (Samantha Spiro) — last seen at Horn Hill, her husband and son have since been burned by Daenery s dragon; her allegiance is uncertain given her warm relationship with Sam.Talla Tarly (Rebecca Benson) — last seen at Horn Hill, her father and brother have since been burned by Daenery s dragon; her allegiance is uncertain given her warm relationship with Sam.Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies) — last seen securing Riverrun for Jaime Lannister, he was presumed to have been returned to the dungeons at The Twins, but since all of the men of House Frey were killed by Arya, he may have been released by the Frey women.Roslin Frey Tully (Alexandra Dowling) — last seen at The Twins, Roslin could possibly now be the Lady of The Twins and may have released her husband (however useless Edmure might be).Syrio Forel (Miltos Yerolemou) — last seen in season 1, Arya s dancing master was never confirmed dead, and his resurrection would certainly delight fans.Jaqen H ghar (Tom Wlaschiha) — last seen in Braavos at the House of Black and White, Jaqen (or whatever his name is) could be anywhere.Hodor (Kristian Nairn) — we didn’t see him die on screen, at least not permanently; sad to say, but he could be marching with the Army of the Dead.Benjen Stark (Joseph Mawle) — see Hodor. Nymeria — last seen in the area of the Neck, staying as far away as possible from all of them..Biggest mystery @GameOfThrones Where s Ghost??? 😢😢 pic.twitter.com/k0KU97EJaN a l t (@ianaltf4) November 21, 2018(Photo by HBO)THE ARMY OF THE DEAD (Mostly Dead, But Slightly Alive — or All Dead, But Mobile)The Night King (Vladimir Furdik) — collapsing the Wall and flying wight-dragon Viserion over the North. He does not appear in the trailer, but Furdik told EW that the Night King is a monster with a mission: He s got a specific target he intends to kill.100,000 or so wights and White Walkers — following closely behind their dragon-rider — which begs the question: Could he be a Targaryen? The Three-Eyed Raven (Max von Sydow–edition) showed us a blond man being stabbed with dragonglass, but who was he and where did he come from? The wights/White Walkers are only suggested in the trailer in shadows, except for the gnawed legs of a wight horse that appears at the end.Check back as more details come in on season 8 of Game of Thrones
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In 2000, after the release of wrestling comedy Ready to Rumble, lifelong fan David Arquette got the chance to realize a childhood dream: for a brief, wild, and controversial period, the Scream star became a professional wrestler. You may not remember the pop-culture crossover in which Arquette, largely used as a comic-relief heel in World Championship Wrestling’s plots, actually won the World Heavyweight Championship, but certain hardcore wrestling fans do – and they’ve never let it go. Here was a flashy “Hollywood guy” who’d infiltrated their arena and seemingly made a mockery of their sport and the pros who’d trained decades for a chance to be in his boots. While he was only champ for 12 days, and quickly disappeared from matches soon after, many fans never forgave him. Arquette, in many ways, didn’t let it go either.In the fascinating, revealing new documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette, filmmakers James Price and David Darg chronicle Arquette’s attempt at a legitimate comeback to the world of wrestling between 2018 and 2020. We follow along as he is confronted by fans who’ve held tight to their fury about his 2000 victory, dips his toe into the super-amateur circuit – an in-the-dark-backyard match is particularly memorable – and ultimately begins to find himself, along with his skills and strength and fitness, through rigorous training and determination. A sequence in the middle of the film, in which Arquette trains with a group of luchadors in the gyms and on the streets of Tijuana, feels like a real-life Rocky film. And just like a Rocky film, there are deep lows to go with these dizzying highs.(Photo by © NEON)Arquette opens himself up here in ways few other actors of his notoriety would, letting the camera into doctors visits during which he is tranquilized and out of control, talking frankly about the disappointments in his life – on screen, in the ring, and at home – and never filtering the damage that’s been done to his body or his soul. In an interview leading up to the movie’s release, he told Rotten Tomatoes that he probably won’t be re-watching the movie – it’s too painful – but he doesn’t regret what he went through. “That s really what I learned throughout this whole thing: to really be good to myself,” he said. Below, Arquette shares how he came to love wrestling as a kid, the importance of support from family and friends like the late Luke Perry, his excitement at returning to the Scream franchise, and why “no holds barred” was the only way to approach a documentary about his life.Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: A lot of people who haven’t been following your off-screen career might be surprised to discover this obsession with wrestling. What was it about wrestling that really connected with you when you were growing up?David Arquette: I saw Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan at the LA Sports Arena, and seeing Andre the Giant in person just blew my mind. I was just like, What? – I couldn t believe it. It was so wild. I d always seen wrestling, even before that, on TV, just here and there, it was always something that intrigued me, but that really got me into it. It was the whole Cyndi Lauper period, and I was a big fan of Mr. T and he was part of it. That whole time period really swept me up. Then my dad did the voice of a Jimmy Superfly Snuka in the cartoon, and that had something to do with it. I remember going to some shows with my dad and my friends, and it s just something we totally got into. I jumped off the roof on to a mattress [playing wrestling] and banged my head for the first time. Did the whole thing.(Photo by Adam Scull/PHOTOlink/Everett Collection)And Miss Elizabeth had an appeal, right? [Arquette has a tattoo of Miss Elizabeth, the late former manager of Macho Man Randy Savage, who was a key part of the then World Wrestling Federation’s main plot lines in the late 1980s and early 1990s.] Arquette: Oh, Miss Elizabeth had such an appeal. I remember, in doing research for this, I was looking back on old matches, just to get back up to speed and see if I remembered anything, and stuff just started coming back. Yeah, Miss Elizabeth had such an impact on me. I loved Macho Man, but I was like, Why do you treat her so bad? I didn t understand the whole dynamic. If I had a girl like Miss Elizabeth, I d treat her with more respect.Did you want her to end up with Macho Man or Hulk Hogan?Arquette: I wanted her to be with Macho Man, but I was a huge Hulk fan. I loved Hulk, just growing up. I bought into it. He was just so great at what he did, just setting it all up. Even seeing him now, working the crowd like nobody else could.The documentary takes us back to the time when you got to fight, partly for the promotion of Ready to Rumble. How did it feel for you when you got the opportunity to then enter the ring on a big scale, have this crazy storyline which is almost 80s-esque in its wildness, and then pin the guy and win the championship belt? Arquette: It was exciting. For me, I always saw it as, Wow. This is like a kid s dream come true. That s how I was thinking of it, like a fan finally gets to become a champion. I understand now why people got so upset, but I didn t at the time. I did think it was a horrible idea. I didn t want to do it necessarily, but it also was explained to me that I could tour with them until the next pay-per-view. I was like, Do you mean that I get to go from city to city and travel with you guys? That s also something I always wanted to do. I don t know, I ve always wanted to run away to the circus kind of thing, and it felt like that.(Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection)In the documentary, we see how a lot of wrestling fans over the years became pissed off that a “Hollywood guy” came in from nowhere and took the belt. But at the time when you participated, did you feel accepted by the wrestlers you were working with? Arquette: Not really. They didn t really want me to do anything. There s this whole thing, like, I couldn t beat anybody up because of who I was, so nobody wanted to take the heat from me; nobody wants to look bad. They also had some insurance policy, so they wouldn t let me fight; I couldn t get hurt or something. So, I d typically get beat up, somebody would come and then roll me on top of the other person, and that s usually how I would win each of my matches. So, that was pretty funny. Coming back [into wrestling more recently], there was a lot of that still – people not wanting me to beat them up and that kind of thing, but a lot of people were cool about it.There’s a scene early in the comeback that the movie documents, where, after a scuffle with some angry fans in a restaurant, you go outside and you re frazzled and say to the camera, I get it, I get it. It’s tough stuff, it s a really raw film. Did you know, going in, how much you were going to expose yourself and how vulnerable you d have to be for this film, or did you sort of lean into that in the process?Arquette: Well, I know that being vulnerable, being open, and being honest is where you get the best art from. When you do the best interviews is when you re being honest and revealing stuff about yourself. So, I knew I had to be open about it. I didn t know where it was going to go, how crazy it was going to get, and how far we d take it. I never imagined being in Pro Wrestling Illustrated s top 500 wrestlers or something like that. That was never even in my mind. I just wanted to go back and properly train and learn about why people got so upset. I just wanted, also, to be able to enjoy wrestling again without having this attitude.(Photo by © NEON)But I realized through the process of it that the attitude I was having, and the reason it hurt my feelings so much, is because I was believing what I was reading. I was telling myself all these things like, You re not good enough, you re not smart enough. All these negative thoughts that I would then treat as if they were real so, when you read it, it s kind of like confirming or something. That s what I really learned through this whole process, that it doesn t matter what anybody says. It s what you believe in yourself. It s how you feel about yourself, that you have that confidence, that you have that self-pride.We also get to see that you have a pretty amazing support network in your life. Obviously, your kids and your wonderful wife are there, and your sisters and your brothers are involved in this documentary, as well as your ex-wife. How important has that been, not just for this comeback, but for dealing with any setbacks in life, to have that level of support around you?Arquette: It s been really important. They ve had to put up a lot with thinking I m dying a couple of times and all that kind of stuff, and just all the craziness that goes on with this whole wrestling world. They were really scared for me to wrestle and everything, but it s been really important.My wife [Christina McLarty] – not quite single-handedly – but she really did produce this from the ground up. She worked with these amazing directors, David Darg and James Price, and they really put a great movie together. They kicked me out of the editing room at some point because I was too close to it and had so many feelings about it all. It s really hard for me to watch to this day. I m not sure I ll ever really watch it again. Maybe when I get much older.(Photo by © NEON)Yeah. I was going to ask that, because there are really transparent doctor s visits, there s you getting violently beaten and cut in that death match … I can t imagine it was an easy decision to include those things, but then also to re-watch those things must be incredibly difficult.Arquette: Yeah, it s really difficult, and it was really hard to reveal a lot of that stuff. But at some point you allow yourself to be exposed, and you put it all on the line, it’s really what you have to do. I really did want to prove myself and, ultimately, I just needed to learn a few lessons that I d been trying to learn for years. Even some of it that I knew, but it just really had to click like this had to be the catalyst.There are some great highs in this as well, and I think in the Mexico sequence it s really great to see you, there, come into your own. When you first did that leg move on the luchador who was training you… Arquette: Yeah, the flying head scissors.Is that what you call it?Arquette: Well, it s called the huracarana.How did it feel when you finally nailed that? I wanted to cheer. I was at home alone, but I was like, That s awesome! Arquette: It felt awesome, but it also was like, Did I do it right? I was like, How did it look? They were like, It looked amazing. That s also a testament to these incredible Lucha wrestlers. Whenever you work with really great wrestlers, they always make you look so much better. I was impressed by the way it turned out too. I don t think half of the huracaranas I did after that one looked nearly as good.(Photo by © NEON)That brings us to the death match towards the end of the movie, and you ve spoken about that, where your neck is accidentally cut by a broken light and you have to be rushed to hospital. I was watching it and you looked kind of like you knew something was not right here even before you stepped into the ring. Did you almost hesitate to take that match in the moment? Arquette: No. It s a wrestling match. We had the whole thing planned out. There are certain things that went wrong with it, specifically that I pulled his legs when I wasn t supposed to, which caused the light to stab me. I actually caused that to happen, but I didn t know it was going to happen, I didn t try for it to happen. I learned a big lesson in that: to always stick to the plan. We had a whole story we were telling, but it kind of went off track. Marko Stunt, a really amazing wrestler, got injured right before [I went on]. I think three people or four people got really badly injured that night. It was just full-moon type of night.What were your feelings after that night, going to hospital and being injured in that way? Arquette: I had all kinds of feelings. I ve run the gamut of them. My wife was really upset. She was like, Do you want to die? and I was like, No, I don t want to die, but I was in a lot of pain. I was in a lot of emotional, personal pain that I hadn t really uncovered to the extent that I have now. I had to address a lot of stuff from my past, a lot of things I was telling myself. I d just beat myself up my whole life, and it was really time to stop doing that. That s really what I learned throughout this whole thing: to really be good to myself.(Photo by © NEON )That s great to hear. One of the things we see near the end of the film, and following that sequence, is your really close relationship with Luke Perry. Then you fight his son, Jack Perry (a.k.a. the wrestler Jungle Boy), in a really great and uplifting finale. What kind of support did Luke and Jack give you in that moment and through this journey?Arquette: Wow. Jack Perry, he s such a cool guy, man. He s never drank, never smoked. He s never done anything. He s got a level head on his shoulders. He s really like a movie star, like an old-time movie star. He s got a really great attitude. He s a funny guy, too. It was really great to sort of connect with him. I d met him a few times, but it was me going back into wrestling that kind of brought us all together, and I got to see Luke again for the first time since Alexis s passing and I was able to bond with Jack. [Alexis Arquette, David’s sister, died in 2016.]I asked Luke, How is it to watch Jack Wrestle? He s like, You know what, David? He s my son, so I sit there in complete and utter fear every time he wrestles. It was so scary for him, so I was like, Oh, wow. So, we got to bond on that.Then Luke saved me [the night of the death match] and took me to the hospital with Jack. It s just so amazing to see Jack s career take off. He s at AEW [All Elite Wrestling] now, wrestling, Jungle Boy. Then us sharing the time in the ring was really I don t know. It was healing because we had all just gone to Luke’s funeral a couple of months earlier. It was his mom s birthday that night [of the fight]. It was just a moving night. To be able to share a wrestling ring with him, he s such a talented wrestler that he made me look really good. It was probably one of my best matches that I had. It was fun. We told a really fun story. We were joking around a lot.(Photo by © Dimension Films)It s a beautiful moment to watch, and it s a beautiful way to end the film. Changing gears to the future. In this movie, I think it s your wife who talks about how you felt typecast with some of the Scream movies and that playing Dewey Riley – who is one of my favorite characters of all the time – put you in a hole, career-wise. And now we know you’ve signed on for another Scream movie. How do you feel about returning to the role now, after all these years? Arquette: Actually, what she was talking about, in retrospect, that I can see, it was more my feelings, personally. It s really easy in Hollywood, with all the rejection and all the stuff, to start feeding yourself that, Oh, ugh, blah, blah, blah. You just get complainy and bitter. So, that s more of what was being talking about. I ve always loved playing Dewey, it was a huge break for my career, if anything, and I don t blame wrestling in any way for the downward aspects of my career. It s more the choices I made, doing a bunch of AT T commercials or getting TMZ to shoot you when you had drunk too much outside of a club. Stuff like that had more of an impact on my career than something like Scream, and Scream was a real gift in that sense.I m excited to return as Dewey. It ll be sad without Wes [Craven] there, but these filmmakers that are doing it were inspired by Wes and have always loved him, and they love making horror films. It s great to be able to carry on the legacy and work with Courteney again, and hopefully work with Neve again, and Kevin Williamson s involved. So I m excited to play Dewey again.The title of this film is You Cannot Kill David Arquette, but can you kill Dewey? He’s survived… a lot. Arquette: I don t know. I hope so. I love playing the character, so that would be good.Just finally, what do you want people to take away from this documentary when the credits roll? What do you hope they think about your journey and you after they ve seen this film?Arquette: The whole thing I say is: I am a champion, but so are you. You know what I mean? You re the champion of your world, I m the champion of mine, we re all great in our worlds, and that s what I want people to know. Don t let anyone write your story for you, you can do it yourself. You can write it, you can stop beating yourself up, and you can do anything you want.You Cannot Kill David Arquette is available to rent or buy on VOD on August 28, 2020.

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