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亚博是什么APP采用百度引擎6(Baidu 9)(Photo by HBO)In 2019, Rotten Tomatoes turns 21, and to mark the occasion we’re celebrating with a series of features that look back at the brightest moments on screen of the past two decades – and one year – and the things that have us excited for the future.What are the essential ingredients of a classic TV show? A sturdy premise is definitely necessary, and you really can t get far without a team of talented people behind the scenes, from the showrunner to the writers and directors. Of course, it s also hard to overestimate the importance of finding the right cast — not only in terms of the qualities that each individual star brings to the series, but the chemistry they all share onscreen. Once you ve done all that, you still need to set the stage for your show by letting audiences know what kind of viewing experience they can expect — and do it fast enough to hook viewers before they drift off to the ever-expanding array of other options.That s where a great theme song comes in.Sitcoms, heart-tugging dramas, gritty procedurals, even news shows and reality television — they ve all used theme songs over the decades, and even though the shifting demands of a largely ad-supported medium have helped drive some significant changes to the form in recent years, it remains one of the most instantly and enduringly effective ways to get a new viewer s attention or trigger those sweet TV endorphins in someone who s already a fan.All of which is to say that any celebration of Rotten Tomatoes 21st anniversary would be incomplete without a tribute to our favorite small-screen theme songs of the last 21 years. Focusing on shows that aired the majority of their runs between 1998 – the year Rotten Tomatoes was born! – and now, we rounded up the best the era had to offer. While narrowing the list was painful, the fun of reliving these classic opening credits more than made up for it. Where do your favorites rank — and which ones failed to make the cut? Read on to find out!Mad that It s Always Sunny in Philadephia and the updated Hawaii Five-0 theme songs didn t make it? (Truth be told, they almost did.) Tell us all about it in the comments!21. The Big Bang Theory 81% Composer: Ed RobertsonPerformer: Barenaked LadiesRecord sales and airplay aren t what they were for Barenaked Ladies at the band s late 90s commercial peak. But don t feel sorry for the Canadian pop legends — after all, you can afford to stop chasing radio hits when you ve written and recorded the theme song for one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Long after Chickity China, the Chinese chicken receded from the airwaves, the Ladies intro music for The Big Bang Theory has enjoyed television mainstay status — and thanks to the magic of syndication, it ll continue launching episodes of the show for years after it concludes its 12-season run. Bazinga!20. Dawson's Creek  Composer: Paula ColePerformer: Paula ColeCole released I Don t Want to Wait  on her 1996 album This Fire, and it was picked up for the series in a last-minute decision after the producers couldn t get rights to Alanis Morissette s song Hand in My Pocket, executive producer Paul Stupin told Billboard in 2018. Cole won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1997 and was nominated for six others, including Album of the Year and Best Pop Album for This Fire and Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? She was also nominated for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical. The song spent 56 weeks on Billboard s Hot 100 between 1997 and 1998 and is indelibly linked to the TV series despite being replaced in a money-saving move for streaming and boxed sets.19. The Sopranos 92% Composer: Jake Black and Rob SpraggPerformers: Alabama 3Sinister, brooding, and pulsing with violence, Woke Up This Morning served as the perfect soundtrack to open The Sopranos during its acclaimed six-season run. Yet what s funny about the whole thing is that while the song was used to lure viewers into the world of an old-school New Jersey mafia don, it was written and recorded by an electronica-infused London musical collective — and rather than drawing on organized crime for inspiration, songwriters Jake Black and Rob Spragg were moved to create the song after hearing about a woman sentenced to life in prison after murdering her abusive husband.18. Ally McBeal 61% Composer: Vonda Shepard and Paul Howard GordonPerformer: Vonda ShepardIn the music business, fame can be fleeting — and just when you think you may have missed your shot, the spotlight can swing back around when you least expect it. Such was the case for Vonda Shepard, who scored a huge adult contemporary hit in the late 80s, Can t We Try, as a duet partner for Dan Hill. She was without a major label deal by the tail end of the following decade, but she d built a fanbase that included a certain Michelle Pfeiffer — whose husband, writer/producer David E. Kelley, was developing what would soon become one of the quintessential TV dramedies of its era. Shepard s original song, Searchin My Soul, encapsulated her own journey as well as Ally McBeal s; fittingly, she ended up becoming a recurring character on the series, anchoring four soundtracks and a compilation along the way.17. 30 Rock 78% Composer: Jeff RichmondJust because you re making a workplace sitcom doesn t mean you can t keep things in the family. For proof, look no further than 30 Rock creator, star, and executive producer Tina Fey, who knew exactly where to turn when she needed a theme song: her husband Jeff Richmond, whose jazzy retro jingle helped spark memories of all the TV tropes the soon-to-be cult favorite would mine for gems of satirical and/or surreal humor. Richmond s 30 Rock work would go on to earn a slew of Emmy nominations — and the duo would mix business and pleasure again with the theme for Fey s next sitcom creation, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.16. Community 88% Composer: Ludwig GöranssonPerformer: The 88In a little less than a decade, Ludwig Göransson has emerged as a hotly in-demand talent in the music business, landing an eclectic assortment of projects that runs the gamut from producing pop and hip-hop records to scoring major movies like Creed, Venom, and Black Panther (for which he won an Oscar) — and it all started on the set of Community, where his musical contributions included the theme song, At Least It Was Here. Göransson didn t perform the tune, which was recorded by L.A.-based pop band The 88, but it opened a slew of doors for the Swedish composer — including a long and fruitful association with acclaimed recording artist Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Community veteran Donald Glover.15. Westworld 81% Composer: Ramin DjawadiWestworld s theme hasn t burrowed its way into the collective prestige TV-watching consciousness the way the Game of Thrones theme has, but give it time — as he did with his Thrones theme, composer Ramin Djawadi uses his music to introduce the show by distilling the conflict at the heart of the story, reflecting the tension between more-human-than-human androids and their flesh-and-blood overlords with a melody that weaves between piano and strings.14. Friday Night Lights 97% Composer: W.G. Snuffy WaldenTV shows adapted from movies haven t had the most stellar track record, to put it mildly, so it s easy to forgive the members of Explosions in the Sky for refusing to provide the theme song to the Friday Night Lights series — and just as easy to understand why the showrunners turned to TV music pro W.G. Snuffy Walden for some musical cues that would evoke the Texas band s deeply evocative instrumental style. It was Explosions Your Hand in Mine that anchored the Friday Night Lights movie soundtrack, after all — and the surging Walden score used for the FNL television theme echoed their work so strongly that plenty of fans still think they actually performed it.13. Six Feet Under 81% Composer: Thomas NewmanTV theme songs have come from just about anywhere — older, obscure songs repurposed for new shows; new music commissioned from unlikely sources; even a few seconds of seemingly incidental sound can end up opening a series. But sometimes, a showrunner s best option is to fall back on the tried and true and reach out to a professional composer — as Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball did when he hired Thomas Newman to contribute the theme music for his HBO series. Newman, a frequent Oscar nominee whose work has been heard everywhere from Revenge of the Nerds to The Shawshank Redemption, went on to win an Emmy; these days, Newman is back on the small screen with the theme song for Hulu s Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock.12. Dexter 71% Composer: Daniel LichtDexter juggled a number of elements during its largely acclaimed eight-season run, but at bottom, this Showtime hit was arguably always a horror story — a tone consistently brought out by composer Daniel Licht, whose ability to balance alluring melody with unsettling darkness made him perfect for the series. That blend is particularly evident in Blood Theme, continually evolving versions of which played over Dexter s closing credits; fittingly, Licht first used elements of the composition in music for Necronomicon, an early 90s anthology horror film inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft.11. Malcolm in the Middle  Composers: John Flansburgh and John LinnellPerformer: They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants have made a career out of distilling the absurd into pure pop genius, so it s perhaps only fitting that one of their greatest moments of mainstream success came courtesy of a song that started out as a 30-second introduction to a sitcom. Approached by Malcolm in the Middle creator Linwood Boomer for a theme song, longtime partners John Flansburgh and John Linnell served up Boss of Me, which ended up anchoring a seven-season hit — and winning the duo their first Grammy.10. The Office 81% Composer: Jay FergusonHardcore fans of The Office know that supporting character Creed Bratton is a fictionalized version of his portrayer Creed Bratton, who in real life was a member of the band the Grass Roots and has continued his recording career since the series ended. But Bratton isn t the show s only connection to a 60s and 70s cult favorite group — the theme song was written by Jay Ferguson, who was a member of Spirit before launching a solo career that segued into film and television work. His impressively eclectic credits also include a cut on the Terminator soundtrack and the Nightmare on Elm Street 5 score, but this ode to Dunder Mifflin might always be his greatest hit.9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 96% Composer: Jeff RichmondA sitcom about a young woman experiencing the world after being freed from captivity in an underground bunker for 15 years faces a number of uphill battles right off the bat, not the least of which is the question of how to come up with a theme song that makes audiences okay with playing such a horrific premise for cheerful laughs. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had a secret weapon in composer Jeff Richmond, who just so happens to be married to series co-creator Tina Fey — and who teamed up with Songify the News masterminds the Gregory Brothers to create a suitably silly fake viral news clip a la Bed Intruder. 8. Curb Your Enthusiasm 92% Composer: Luciano MicheliniLuciano Michelini s Frolic couldn t have made a better theme for Curb Your Enthusiasm if he d tried — which works out perfectly, since the Italian composer penned the piece for the 1974 Italian film La Bellissima Estate, decades before this long-running HBO comedy was even a glimmer in Larry David s eye. As David later explained, he came up with the idea of using Michelini s music after hearing Frolic in a bank commercial and deciding it would make an ideal counterpoint to some of his character s more misanthropic behavior. Nine seasons later (and counting), it s still a perfect match.7. Law & Order  Composer: Mike PostBy any measure, it s hard to overstate Mike Post s influence on the television music landscape. A towering presence during the 70s and 80s, Post collected an impressive array of pop radio hits as a TV composer — his instrumental themes for The Rockford Files, Hill Street Blues, and Magnum P.I. all made the Top 40, while the theme for The Greatest American Hero, featuring vocals from the immortal Joey Scarbury, was a No. 2 smash. All that being said, it s Post s work for Law Order that might be most widely remembered today — and not only the theme song, but the scene-changing sound effect, dubbed  The Clang, that became an L O franchise mainstay.6. Doctor Who 92% Composer: Ron Grainer and Delia DerbyshireFew television series have balanced permanence and change as artfully as Doctor Who. A BBC mainstay from the early 60s through the late 80s, the show remained beloved by sci-fi fans during its years in TV limbo — and it s attracted a whole new generation of fans since returning to the airwaves full-time in 2005. Along the way, the Who theme song (titled simply Doctor Who ) has remained a haunting through line, with Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire s groundbreaking original arrangement echoing through every subsequent update.5. The Walking Dead 80% Composer: Bear McCrearyOne of the most TV s prolific composers, Bear McCreary s work includes the themes for Starz series Outlander, Black Sails, and DaVinci s Demons. He s also responsible for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Battlestar Galactica 2004 series, Defiance, as well as film and video game titles. The Walking Dead went on to be the most watched series on TV, and its haunting theme is instantly recognizable.4. Mad Men 94% Composer: Ramble Jon Krohn, a.k.a. RJD2Performer: RJD2Spurned by Beck, who later recalled scoffing at the idea of a television show about ad executives in the 60s, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was stuck for a theme song — until he happened to catch the instrumental version of A Beautiful Mine. Originally written by producer RJD2 for Magnificent City, his 2006 collaboration with rapper Aceyalone, the song was reissued without vocals on RJD2 s appropriately titled Magnificent City Instrumentals LP the same year; Weiner was hooked by a snippet of the track between stories on NPR, and the rest was television history.3. The Simpsons 85% Composer: Danny ElfmanHe wouldn t give up his day job as the frontman for art-pop collective Oingo Boingo until the mid- 90s, but Danny Elfman started branching out into film work with Pee-wee s Big Adventure in 1985, launching a side hustle that would eventually come to largely define public perception of his career. Elfman s composed a slew of soundtrack works since, but the most widely heard of them all is probably the Simpsons theme, which has primed audiences for the jaundiced Springfield clan s animated adventures over a record-setting run that includes more than 600 episodes (and counting).2. Friends  Composers: Phil Sōlem, Danny Wilde, David Crane, Marta Kauffman, Michael Skloff, and Allee WillisPerformer: The RembrandtsThe Rembrandts will always be best remembered for performing the theme song to Friends, but it wasn t supposed to be that way. Singer/songwriters Phil Solem and Danny Wilde had already released a pair of albums (the first of which, their self-titled 1990 effort, included a Top 15 hit in Just the Way It Is, Baby ), and recorded the 45-second original version of I ll Be There for You strictly as a work for hire. After the show took off and a Nashville radio station started broadcasting a full-length edit of the song that they d cobbled together by looping audio from the opening credits, it snowballed into a hit — and Solem and Wilde were pressured into cutting an official version that ended up overshadowing their third album, LP. The duo split soon after, but reunited after the turn of the millennium. Friends fans, meanwhile, are still hoping for a reunion of their own.1. Game of Thrones 89% Composer: Ramin DjawadiTo set the stage for television s most epic fantasy drama, composer Ramin Djawadi wrote a main theme with a stirring, propulsive melody — one perfectly suited to get viewers in the mood for dragon battles while sweeping over a map of the show s world. Though Djawadi worked largely in minor keys — reflective of the dark lengths to which Game of Thrones characters often go — observant listeners will notice major keys peeking through the gloom as the song goes on, a musical manifestation of the battle between darkness and light.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.Thumbnail photo credit: AMC/HBO/Fox

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atoes – and contributing to it. And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the latest Fresh and Rotten flicks in theaters. 这是一款背景设定在末世下的人类生存手游。游戏主打废土合作生存玩法,以在废土中引导玩家互相帮助,克服恶劣的生存环境为主要理念,以营地建设、地图探索、资源采集、战斗对抗等为主要手段,帮助玩家逐步提升自己的能力和庄园等级。游戏更多地强调玩家之间的互相协作,最终经营出玩家自己的专属营地。

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NBC’s This Is Us has covered heavy topics like alcoholism, death, aging, PTSD, survivor’s remorse, and racism all under the guise of being a tear-jerking drama about a family reaching milestones in their lives. They re they Pearsons and they care about each other a lot.And, like in a lot of families, these characters may also be known to hold some grudges.Last season’s finale came with a showdown between brothers Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) over the proper way to handle treatment for their mother Rebecca, (Mandy Moore), who has Alzheimer s disease. But it was also about the animosity that has been brewing since — as Kevin declared at one point during the fight — their parents brought Randall home from the hospital.This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman, as well as Hartley, Brown, and the other series stars, joined journalists for a Zoom press conference in preparation for the 2-hour season 5 premiere on Tuesday. They discussed the aftermath of the fight, as well as how the show will handle topical issues like the Black Lives Matter movement and the coronavirus pandemic and whether next year’s sixth season really will be the final year for the ratings juggernaut.Here are some key takeaways.1. Kevin and Randall Will Be at Odds for a While(Photo by NBC)“When we took the fight to that place, it was never intended to be that they make up over the next week or the next episode,” Fogelman said. “That’s a fight that’s been building for 40 years between these two boys, and now men, who grew up in the same household.”He says this rift “is at the front and center of our premiere and at the front and center of our show for quite a bit.”Hartley noted that the fight was “wasn’t screaming, it wasn’t out-of-control, it wasn’t manic. It was a calculated statement that Randall made to Kevin and then Kevin made to Randall.”“Sometimes when you have fights like that … it takes like an event … to bring people back together,” he said, adding that “we ll find out throughout the season, but I don t know how motivated both men are to reconcile.”2. The New Season Will Cover Current EventsA teaser released last week showed Hartley’s Kevin in a face mask as his sister Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, demanded he social distance from her. And the topics of classism and racism have always been part of the story, particularly when it comes to Brown’s Randall and his family. But, largely, Fogeman said, “our choice was always … to be apolitical. We don t speak of, you know, Democrat or Republican or you-know-who on the show. It s more about just American life.”Fogelman added, however, that he’s been working on the first two episodes of this season since February and that “we were making the decision to kind of have COVID as well as Black Lives Matter, and it woven into the show.”“When I was sitting down and weighing the decision of what we were going to do, just considering where our show lives with, like, this American family that has a lot of different pockets, and a lot of spans time, it felt almost irresponsible not to kind of take on the moment,” he said. “And I think you ll find when you see the episodes of the show that it very much lives in that same space of the show, where you re talking about the human experience, and not the political experience.”(Photo by NBC)Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Randall’s wife Beth, says that this will include talking about BLM with the couples’ two daughters and that “as Black as Randall and Beth are, they re not experts on how to metabolize all that tragedy.”“I think there s a way that they deal with it with their kids that is sort of honest and they get to see the parents kind of grapple with it as they re grappling with it,” she continued, adding that they “have an honest conversation about it. And they’re the type of parents who, I think, invite their kids into that. It s not something that they would necessarily shield them from, but try to guide them through.”It also provides a unique moment for Randall, Brown said, because he is a Black person who was raised in a white household.“It s such a unique perspective for someone like Randall, who s always sort of questioning his identity as it is,” Brown says, explaining that he was “never wavering from the fact that he knows that he is Black. But the way in which he was raised, and the conversations that happened in his house, are not necessarily representative of the conversations that he wants to have with his children.”3. Is This Why NBC Moved Up the Season 5 Premiere Date?(Photo by NBC)The fifth season of This Is Us was supposed to premiere in November, after the election. But Fogelman said “it was really important to me, and to us, to get these episodes on before the election — not because they re political, but because I think they re difficult and then hopeful. And it felt important to us to just put it on TV now with no agenda other than that. But it also created like an intense rush.”4. The Family Cabin Will Also Be Utilized More This Season(Photo by NBC)The Pearsons cabin has seen the family through a lot of highs and lows. Now, perhaps because of the coronavirus plot, Fogelman said that we’re spending a lot of time in the family cabin this year, by design. 5. Moore’s Real-Life Pregnancy Has Not Affected the Show’s Plot and Filming(Photo by NBC)“We haven t really adjusted our plan,” Fogelman revealed and said that “we are so far ahead in script that we can compensate for things as need be.” But because the show famously flashes in and out of the present time, “there may be a brief period where you don t see a lot of old Rebecca on the show because she would have some really complicated explaining to do.”6. Fogelman Still Has the Same Series End Date in Mind(Photo by NBC)This Is Us has already been renewed for a sixth season. Fogelman was hesitant to address if there were more seasons beyond that, but did say that “our plan is not changed for the show.”This Is Us season 5 kicks off on NBC with a two-hour premiere, starting at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, October 27亚博是什么APP本次LOL手游还削弱了大量英雄的法力回复和装备调整。确实玩过手游的玩家都知道,蓝基本都够用,没有出现过空蓝的情况,对英雄法力值回复削弱也是情理之中。装备调整则是向LOL端游看齐,各种细节的改动都尽量和端游相差不大,这样才能让更多的端游玩家投入到手游的怀抱当中。

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Godzilla was king of the box office this weekend, but it felt more like an interim position for the legendary monster, no matter how “benevolent.” Early reports on Friday put the big lizard in the low 60s for the weekend. But as the dust settled on the rainy CGI, that number came down significantly, and it certainly spells trouble for the Warner Bros. franchise.KING OF THE CROP: Godzilla Wins the Throne, but For How Long?(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Godzilla: King of the Monsters carried a reported production budget of 0 million. Whenever you see a number like that, you can expect that the film is going to need to gross somewhere in the 0-600 million range just to break even. Gareth Edwards’ 2014 Godzilla reboot opened to a terrific million, but then had the worst final multiple of that entire summer (2.15) which just barely got the film over 0 million. The total gross for that 0 million production was 9 million, translating into a minor success. In 2017 the 5 million production of Kong: Skull Island opened to million, grossed 8 million domestic and 6 million globally. Another minor success, and another potential crisis averted. That may not be the case going forward.A million opening for the King would have already been just marginally optimistic by barely beating Skull Island’s March 2017 opening. Instead it posted the second weakest opening for a Thursday preview start of over million (Paranormal Activity 2 had a .6 million start after the same .3 million Thursday as Godzilla). A drop from opening day that quickly amounted to just million (just a little over half of the 2014 opening) spells trouble for WB, considering that they have already committed to Godzilla vs. Kong for March 2020. That may draw more interest, given the two titans in the title, but how quick are audiences going to want to continue going with this franchise if they are in league with critics who scored the film just a 39% on the Tomatometer? WB is hoping that the million increase in international sales from Godzilla to Skull Island will continue to go north with King of the Monsters  so far it has made an additional 0 million overseas except domestically, we could be looking at a Van Helsing (.7 million opening / 0.1 million finish) or Prometheus ( / 6.7) situation in a year when only two American productions (Endgame Captain Marvel) have surpassed 0 million overseas.Top Ten And Beyond: Rocketman and Ma Have Solid Starts. Endgame Still Eyeing RecordThe two other big releases of the weekend are in much better shape than Godzilla. Paramount’s Rocketman, at a cost of million, is riding a bit of the Bohemian Rhapsody wave with a million opening. That is better than the .3 million Walk the Line started with in November 2005, though the 9.5 million the Johnny Cash biopic finished with was helped by its award season push. Still, it s a solid start for the 90%-scored Elton John film that, along with international numbers, should push the film into a decent profit for the studio.The bad news for Universal’s Ma is that, despite having a stronger Thursday start with .3 million, it opened to slightly less than Blumhouse’s Ouija (10% / 1,000 / .8 million) and Truth or Dare (16% / 0,000 / .6 million) with .2 million. The good news is, who cares, when it only cost million and a film starring Octavia Spencer opened to million? The dropoff is likely to be steep enough to keep the 62% Fresh film from grossing over million, but again, the film is going to be well into profit by the time audiences stop showing up.Looks like audiences seem to enjoy Aladdin, as it did something no other 0+ million Memorial Day weekend grosser has ever done. The live-action Disney remake had a second weekend drop of less than 55%. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the only film on that list to pull off a drop less than 60%, and if that estimate holds, Aladdin will have the smallest drop at the top of that holiday list. At 6 million domestic, Aladdin now has the third best 10-day gross for a Memorial Day release, pulling ahead of X-Men: The Last Stand and Fast Furious 6, which puts its final gross somewhere between 9-286 million in North America. Like Godzilla though, it is eyeing that half-billion number and with 6 million in the bank, and Aladdin is looking like another winner for Disney. On the flipside, the 0 million Pokemon Detective Pikachu is looking for help to get into the black with only 8 million worldwide to date.As for last week’s controversy over Annapurna’s Booksmart, it can claim at least one victory this weekend. The 47% drop is certainly not it, but leapfrogging Sony/Screen Gems’ Brightburn is. Olivia Wilde’s film is still only going to earn barely over million total, but it will not be saddled with the third-largest second weekend drop of the year that Evil Superman had. Losing 69% of its audience from last weekend puts the film behind only Replicas and The Beach Bum among wide release drops in 2019. Though, again, at a cost of just million, Brightburn is hardly a disaster. And no, a platform release would not have helped it either.Finally checking on the two big success stories in the Top Ten, we have John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum falling 58% in its third weekend, but with nearly 5 million domestic, it is forging a path to around 0 million more than the first two films combined. Parabellum has made over 1 million globally to date. Then there is Avengers: Endgame, which has dropped out of the Top Five and is slowing down, but earlier this week, it became just the second film to pass 0 million domestic and is now the second film to pass the .7 billion line worldwide. It is now only million away from beating Avatar’s all-time record, but has dropped down the all-time weekend lists significantly recently. Looking at films that have grossed between -8 million in their sixth weekend (Endgame grossed .8 million), the average that they have left in the tank is between -30 million. Then, with its foreign totals falling from million down to million last week, I think we can expect one last marketing push as it spends just two more weeks in the Top Ten before dropping out.This Time Last Year: Boats and Jackasses No Match For Solo Or Deadpool(Photo by @ Lucasfilm, @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)Back in 2018, the first weekend of June did not offer much challenge to Solo: A Star Wars Story or Deadpool 2, which stuck in the #1 #2 slots. The Shailene Woodley survival tale, Adrift, finished third with .6 million. Leigh Whannell’s sci-fi action film, Upgrade, placed sixth with .67 million and the Jackass team’s abandoned Action Point ended up ninth with just .39 million. Deadpool 2 cracked the 0 million line while Solo was just behind 0 million. The Top Ten films grossed just .05 million and averaged 54.9% on the Tomatometer. This year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated 7.1 Million and averaged 66.4%.On the Vine: Pets Sequel To Hold Attention Over X-Woman And Talk Show HostIllumination plans to takeover the family market for a couple of weeks with The Secret Life of Pets 2 before Disney reclaims it for the rest of the summer. The sequel to the highest-grossing domestic film ever for the animation studio is hoping to pull in a fraction of that success before Toy Story 4 and The Lion King keep families busy. For the comic book fans, the oft-delayed Dark Phoenix finally makes its way into theaters. Originally scheduled for March 2018 and then February 2019, Simon Kinberg’s troubled production could become the lowest-grossing film in the X-Men series. Finally there is Late Night with Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling (who also wrote the script.) This was the first of Amazon Studios’ big pickups at Sundance this year to the tune of million and they are hoping it will find the same audience that The Big Sick did back in 2017.The Full Top 10: May 24-27Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) 42% – .02 million (.02 million total)Aladdin (2019) 57% – .33 million (5.03 million total)Rocketman (2019) 89% –  million ( million total)Ma (2019) 56% – .26 million (.26 million total)John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum (2019) 89% – .1 million (5.75 million total)Avengers: Endgame (2019) 94% – .81 million (5.5 million total)Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) 68% – .67 million (0.6 million total)Booksmart (2019) 96% – .33 million (.37 million total)Brightburn (2019) 57% – .32 million (.21 million total)The Hustle (2019) 14% – .3 million (.2 million total)

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HBO)The Night King flies in on a high pressure storm front and, with a wave of his hand, commands his followers to create wight bridges over the trench fires, so that the others can climb over them. The zombies crawl up and over the walls World War Z style.Arya fighting on the wall is awe-inspiring and strikes Ser Davos silent. It also prompts The Hound to get his ass in gear to save her.7. “Not Today”(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Arya plays a deadly game of hide-and-seek with the wights who have made it inside Winterfell.There are too many of them. So now we know what was obscured in the darkness of the trailer: dozens of wights chasing our petite hero.When Beric and The Hound later come to her rescue, it’s almost as if Arya had given up. She stares almost helplessly when wights attack Beric, which is very unlike her. The trio retreats to a room where Melisandre has been hiding/waiting for them, and Beric dies.“What do we say to the god of death?” Melisandre asks Arya, which immediately summons the ghost of Syrio Forel (not literally).Arya: “Not today.”(Photo by HBO)8. Dragon Fight!(Photo by HBO)The dragons in the moonlight above the storm clouds is a beautiful image – this-dragon-moment-is-brought-to-you-by-Hallmark beautiful. But the scene later turns deadly as Jon and Rhaegal lock together in dragon battle against the Night King and wight dragon Viserion, who tears at his brother’s flesh and snaps his jaws at snack-sized Jon on Rhaegal’s back. The Night King tries to be smooth and grabs for his ice spear, but falls off (not to his death, of course – because that would be too easy).The scene of Winterfell from the air at this point, by the way, looks like a nighttime Burning Man riot: a circle of fire and waves of bodies flowing this way and that.Rhaegal goes down and Jon tumbles off. Daenerys tries dragonfire on the Night King on the ground, but he does not burn (like a Targaryen). She retreats when he aims a spear her way, but Jon pursues him on foot with Longclaw. The Night King raises a new army from the freshly dead, including those inside Winterfell – including, they make a point to show, Lyanna, Qhono, and Edd. Was that Podrick standing behind the Night King before he pimp-walked away? OMG, where’s Podrick?Wights, meanwhile, swarm Drogon, and Daenerys falls off.9. Tales from the Crypt(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Tyrion laments that he’s not out there. Sansa says he’d be dead. Then he suggests they should’ve stayed married. She rightly notes his divided loyalties (aka “You loooove her, you want to marry her…”) for Daenerys.The dead rise in the crypt of Winterfell even (thanks for the heads-up, Jared Harris), and dusty, ancient Starks start tearing at people.Next time, maybe freeze them in carbonite?10. Theon and Jorah(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)The Night King swaggers into the godswood with his court. Bran: “Theon, you’re a good man. Thank you.” Theon charges the Night King and gets a spear thrust into his side.Elsewhere, when a wight wave threatens to overcome Daenerys, Ser Jorah puts himself between them and her and is mortally (maybe, probably) wounded protecting her. He leans on Heartsbane in his final stand.11. “Arya Stark” Becomes a Verb(Photo by HBO)Holy sh ! Arya killed the Night King. She takes a flying leap and, despite being caught by the throat, still manages to thrust that ancient Valyrian-steel dagger into his belly. (To Arya Stark someone will forever refer to that move.) He explodes, his court explodes, Viserion (who Jon has been dodging all this time) collapses to the ground in a pile of loose bones and ragged flesh, as do all of the other wights.(We heard echos of Jon’s voice: “How did you sneak up on me?”)(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)There’s a roll call of who’s still alive: Arya, Bran, Daenerys, Jorah (until he s not), Drogon, Jon, Tormund, Gendry, Grey Worm, Brienne, Jaime, Podrick, Tyrion, Sansa, Varys, his new little crypt birds, Missandei, Gilly and Little Sam (did anyone see Samwell Tarly in the roll call?), The Hound, Melisandre (until she isn’t), and Ser Davos. Where s Ghost!? Did Rhaegal survive?I hit “replay.”What was your favorite moment of the episode? Tell us in the comments!Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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7.76.6 4月喜迎其次,哈利波特的手游之所以仅仅有分的超低分,最核心的原因在于说这个手游虽然用了哈利波特这个超级大IP,但是实际上其本身的游戏设计却并没有真正做到和它的市场影响力相互匹配。大家都是抱着对童年的憧憬,对魔法世界的渴望去进入了哈利波特的世界,但是实际上看到的结果就是整个游戏的设计其实还是有一种落入窠臼的感觉。整体游戏只要大家一关注到细节,就会发现细节有相当多的不足,而且整体游戏的设计也没有摆脱卡牌游戏的根本束缚,处于一个让人感觉依然不是太好的状态。这种卡牌游戏本身的问题导致了哈利波特的手游,虽然很受市场的关注,但是整体的游戏体验并没有想象中那么好。
Kimberly Potts for Rotten Tomatoes: What attracted you to this topic, to this project?Kerry Ehrin: Initially it was Brian Stelter s book, Top of the Morning (which the Apple TV+ series is based on). I really liked it, and the tone of the world he was describing, and I was just saying it felt like a very good stage to write great character stories on, set against this high stakes world, but also there s a social absurdity to that world … so competitive, and the behavior gets a little bit like, almost high school-ish. So that was a very intriguing world to me. And then obviously Reese and Jennifer, getting to create complex female characters with high profile, high stakes jobs, and write about female relationships in a real way was very intriguing to me. All those elements don t line up every day.(Photo by Apple TV+)One of the most things with the stars of morning TV is how much their personal lives are impacted by their jobs. Even just the fact that they have to get up at these ridiculous hours — that has to impact their time with their kids and their family and friends and personal time. How much are you going to get into that, Alex and Bradley s personal lives, as the season goes on?Ehrin: A great deal. I think that s a big part of Alex s story, how much she has sacrificed to get to that top level. And Bradley is really just entering into this world. So her story is more about being from the outside and trying to acclimate and immerse into it … When you live those kind of hours, there s no question that it becomes your life and it dictates your life. Any high-stress job becomes your life and dictates your life.I m guessing that s something you can relate to as a showrunner.Ehrin: Oh, 100 percent. I mean, I could also relate to it when I was working retail. Jobs do end up dictating your life. But yeah, I mean, when you have a ton of financial responsibility for other people, you do live with it all the time.Getting into the characters, viewers are going to assume that Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is Matt Lauer. What is your response to that?Ehrin: Well, I mean, it isn t. I get, I guess, why people would go there. I don t know … I don t know why they never pick Charlie Rose. But all I can tell you is … it isn t Matt Lauer. It s an amalgam of human beings that I ve interacted with, that have been in my life, and some people that have been in the public eye. But it really is an original tale. It isn t “The Matt Lauer Story” at all. Nor did I want to write that.(Photo by Apple TV+)In the first three episodes, viewers get some viewpoints that they might not be expecting. This is a discussion of all angles and some nuanced points of view that haven’t played out so much in a scripted series. Episode three in particular, with Mitch’s conversation with the director played by Martin Short — do you think people are ready for, or maybe even craving at this point, a nuanced look at this subject?Ehrin: I feel like there s a lot of layers to that question. I mean, one of them is, there s a specific road we re going down with the stories that we re telling, and you re meeting a character in the beginning, so there s that aspect of it. I m trying to say this without giving too much stuff away. It’s a story about human beings who are in this web. And I don t think (Mitch) is written overly sympathetically. It s interesting to me that people are saying, Oh, he s so sympathetic. And I don t think he s any more sympathetic than anyone in the show. I think everyone on the show is really screwed up in different ways. He’s a narcissist, he clearly lives inside his own reality of what s real and what s right. And I mean, yeah, Steve Carell is a likable, charming guy, but so are a lot of these guys. So I think you have to look at the whole enchilada. And I would say this will be a better discussion after episode ten.It s interesting to see this particular story play out from all these different points of view.Ehrin: It s a huge thing. There s a huge movement. It has affected everybody, and it s seismic. So yeah, it s a story of looking at it and at all the elements.(Photo by Apple TV+)Kudos for keeping the Martin Short cameo under wraps. He was great, and having such a beloved actor playing that character, saying those shocking things about his behavior, and challenging Mitch to consider his own behavior, was impactful. I hope the surprise of his appearance isn’t spoiled for people before they watch the episode.Ehrin: That would actually be great, because it is so exciting to see him, and he s so good. Man, that guy is a great actor. He s really, really good.What s your goal overall with the development of Bradley and Alex s characters? Ehrin: They both have important individual stories. Alex s being about a highly successful person who has sacrificed so much of her life and was so close to this partner who gets fired for sexual misconduct. And it really is about how it dismantles her life. And then Bradley s is about a person who has a lot of demons from her family and isn t really psychologically or emotionally set up for success, and finds herself pulled into this world. And how do you, as sort of an emotional outsider of success, how do you function in that world? And can you survive it? Can you thrive in it or is that impossible?In addition to that, there is the story of these two women who come into each other s lives, and I really wanted to do a realistic story and not make them hate each other, like All About Eve, or they re best friends and they re never mean. I really wanted to do just a real nuanced portrayal of all (aspects) of a female working relationship — all of its wonderful complexities. And that s been the ongoing road. That s the heart of it to me, what that relationship is about and how it develops and evolves.(Photo by Apple TV+)We’ve met Bradley’s family, her mom and her brother, and there have been hints that she has sort of been almost a parental figure for both of them. Is that something we’ll get into a lot more?Ehrin: Yeah. That s a big part of Bradley s character, who she is and dealing with that. If you have baggage that you haven t dealt with and you get thrust into a high-stress, high-profile job, it s a different experience than someone who does not have that baggage.You ve made great television, told great stories, on network and cable, and now a streaming service. Has it been different in any big ways creating this show for a streaming service?Ehrin: There s been more freedom, certainly. I think that was always a challenge for me, because I ve been doing this for a while, and for a big chunk of my career there weren t all these venues available. And you had to fit in (on)  broadcast, and it was always, always, always a challenge to — if you re a little idiosyncratic, if you re a little dark, if you re a little to the left of center, it was just harder to fit into that mold, that box, and still get to play with your whole deck of cards.Do you feel like you finally have gotten to do a show, this show, exactly how you would want to do it?Ehrin: Yeah, I do. I mean, I felt that way about Bates as well, except for the swearing. It really would have made it a little more (realistic) to have people be able to talk the way people actually speak. And also, commercials are just death to me. That used to kill me about Bates, because I felt like it was like an opera, and then you d be so into these huge, crazy things, and then it s an ad for erectile dysfunction or insurance. And it just was like, it completely wrecked it for me. So that was always hard. But this is pretty cool. It is a lot more freedom. It s a lot more money to make stuff. It s been pretty great. New episodes of The Morning Show premiere on Fridays on Apple TV+.
(Photo by ©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection)The Matrix Movies, Ranked by Tomatometer The defining sci-fi event of 1999 was supposed to be Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, the long-awaited and super-hyped kick-off to the Star Wars prequel trilogy. Yet, while that film did rake in plenty of cash – and generate plenty of discussion – it was the kick-off of a different trilogy that year that would ultimately become the sci-fi moment of the year if not the decade and the next couple of decades to come.Lana and Lily Wachowski s The Matrix was a phenomenon. The story of Neo s (Keanu Reeves) awakening to the truth of his existence – that he and the rest of humanity had been interned by sentient machines in a virtual reality system known as the Matrix – was a box office success, a critical smash, and just really, really f king cool. The movie had style to burn (those muted green colors, those leather trenches) and introduced western audience to cutting-edge Eastern action choreography thanks to the efforts of fight choreographer Yuen Woo-ping. Action cinema hasn t looked the same ever since.Sequels were, of course, inevitable, and in 2003 Matrix fans got two of them, both shot concurrently in Sydney, Australia: First came Reloaded, which expanded the lore of the franchise and delivered one of the most epic highway chase scenes ever recorded; then came Revolutions and that rave party. That same year, fans were able to dig even deeper with the excellent animated anthology film, The Animatrix, in which seven top filmmakers told stories in the Matrix universe using the latest in CG animation and Japanese anime techniques.With a fourth Matrix movie hitting theaters this December, we decided it was time to rank the original trilogy from worst to best. (We do not include The Animatrix because it only has 19 reviews contributing to its Tomatometer score.)Which is the Freshest and which is the sole Rotten entry, so far? Find out below in this definitive ranking of the Matrix franchise.Disagree with our ranking of the Matrix movies? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo by Warner Bros./ courtesy Everett Collection)All 46 Movies That Made Over A Billion Dollars, Ranked by TomatometerWe heard it in a Hollywood movie once: A million dollars isn t cool. You know what s cool? A billion dollars. And in this town, it s true. A movie making that minimum seven figures isn t cool, it s a box office bomb. But 10 figures? Now we re talking. Cracking a billion dollars globally requires a mighty recipe of the hottest stars, the shiniest filmmaking technology, and an engaging plot with twists and turns that never becomes super-duper complicated. And, of course, you ll need an audience willing to turn out in droves the world over, from America to Lebanon to Zambia.Now we ve compiled all of the movies that have achieved just that and ranked them by Tomatometer. It s a compelling window into our era of blockbusters and inflation. The Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean series each have multiple entries, in the years before the franchises were run into the ground. Alice in Wonderland showed the way for Disney and these newfangled live-action remakes. The last Lord of the Rings was rewarded by fans with the highest gross of the trilogy, goodwill that transferred into The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and then evaporated after that. The presence of the Jurassic and Star Wars movies, along with Skyfall, shows you can still wring plenty of money out of long-in-the-tooth franchise.Then there s the superheroes. The Dark Knight movies officially ushered in the era of big business for those who take their comic-book moviemaking seriously. Marvel took a lighter step, focusing on interconnected stories that create serious FOMO for those who skip the multiplex line, in movies like Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther.And now as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker forces itself into the mix, we re ranking every movie that reached billion by Tomatometer ! And if you want to go more in-depth, check out our article on The 50 Highest-Grossing Movies Ever, which includes some of those lesser specimens that couldn t quite break a billion.
(Photo by Amazon)She s back! Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is returning to Amazon for its second season on Wednesday, Dec. 5.Season 2 will see Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) dealing with the fallout from her takedown of Sophie Lennon, making her climb up the comedy ladder even more challenging — especially since she’s still keeping her new career as a standup comedian a secret from her family.Recently added (updated 12/3): History Remembers George H.W. Bush (Dec. 5), Mysterious Islands (Dec. 26), Great Performances: The Bernstein Centennial Celebration (Dec. 28)December | TBDARCHIVE: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | NovemberAlso: Renewed Canceled | 2019 Premiere DatesDecemberSunday, Dec. 2Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve (2018) 40% 9 p.m., FreeformBerlin Station: Season 3 (2018)  9 p.m., EpixInside Syria s Deadly Dynasty, 9 p.m., Nat GeoThe Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Holiday Special, 10 p.m., ABC () % 10 p.m., SyfyMonday, Dec. 3Finding Joy, Acorn TVVanderpump Rules: Season 7, 9 p.m., BravoUnanchored, 10 p.m., BravoWednesday, Dec. 5The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 2 (2018) 92% AmazonDeal or No Deal, CNBCHistory Remembers George H.W. Bush, 10 p.m., History ChannelThursday, Dec. 6Top Chef: Season 16, 9 p.m., BravoFriday, Dec. 7RuPaul s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular, 8 p.m., VH1Love After Lockup: Season 2, 9 p.m., WE tvIcebox, HBOSunday, Dec. 9Counterpart: Season 2 (2018) 100% 9 p.m., StarzDeadly Legacy, 10 p.m., Investigation DiscoveryMonday, Dec. 109th Annual CMA Country Christmas, 8 p.m., ABCPentatonix: A Not-So-Silent Night, 10 p.m., NBCTuesday, Dec. 11Jeff Beck: Still on the Run, 7:30 p.m., ShowtimeWednesday, Dec. 12Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, Marvel HQ YouTube ChannelChampaign Ill, YouTube PremiumAgnostic Front: Godfathers of Hardcore, 7 p.m., ShowtimeParis to Pittsburgh, 9 p.m., National GeographicSusan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery, 10 p.m., Investigation DiscoveryThursday, Dec. 13Dr. Pimple Popper: The 12 Pops of Christmas, 9 p.m., TLCThe Carbonaro Effect: Season 4 (2018) 10 p.m., tru TV (midseason premiere)GG Allin: All In the Family, 10 p.m., ShowtimeFriday, Dec. 14Roma (2018) 96% NetflixFuller House: Season 4 (2018) NetflixTidelands: Season 1 (2018) 77% NetflixTravelers: Season 3 (2018) NetflixVoltron: Legendary Defender: Season 8 (2018) 86% NetflixChilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 1 (2018) 91% A Midwinter s Tale, NetflixCuckoo, NetflixThe Innocent Man, NetflixThe Protector, NetflixSunderland Til I Die, NetflixLOL: Last One Laughing, AmazonRuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars: Season 4 (2018) 86% 8 p.m., VH1High Mighty, 8 p.m., HBO Latinok.d. lang: Landmarks Live in Concert – A Great Performances Special, 9 p.m., PBSKorn s Brian Head Welch: Loud Krazy Love, 10 p.m., ShowtimeSaturday, Dec. 15Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean, HBODannemora Prison Break, 7 p.m., OxygenSunday, Dec. 16Springsteen on Broadway, NetflixThe Simpsons 30th Anniversary Marathon, 9 a.m., FXX2018 Miss Universe, 7 p.m., FoxMonday, Dec. 17Blood, Acorn TVAmerica’s Got Talent: A Holiday of Champions, 10 p.m., NBCWednesday, Dec. 19Overthinking with Kat & June: Season 1 () YouTube PremiumSchitt's Creek 93%: Holiday Episode, 10 p.m., PopFull Frontal With Samantha Bee Presents “Christmas on I.C.E.” 10:30 p.m., TBSThursday, Dec. 20Timeless 91%: Series Finale, 8 p.m., NBCFriday, Dec. 21Marvel's Runaways: Season 2 (2018) 86% HuluVanity Fair: Miniseries (2018) 89% AmazonBird Box (2018) 63% NetflixPerfume: Season 1, Netflix38Below: Tales of Arcadia, NetflixDerry Girls, NetflixTales By Light, NetflixBad Seeds, NetflixStruggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski, NetflixLast Hope, NetflixSirius the Jaeger, NetflixBack With the Ex, NetflixWolf, Netflix7 Days Out, NetflixThe Casketeers, NetflixAmerican Dream/American Knightmare, 8:30 p.m., ShowtimeSaturday, Dec. 22Demon’s Path, NetflixSunday, Dec. 23Watership Down: Miniseries (2018) 74% NetflixThe Simpsons 85%: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire, 8 p.m., FoxMarilyn Monroe For Sale, 9 p.m., Smithsonian ChannelMonday, Dec. 24Agatha Raisin and the Fairies of Fryfam, Acorn TVHi Score Girl, NetflixWednesday, Dec. 2641st Annual Kennedy Center Honors, 8 p.m., CBSMysterious Islands: Georgia s Island of the Geechee People, 11 p.m., Travel ChannelMysterious Islands: Islands of Eternal Life, 11:30 p.m., Travel ChannelFriday, Dec. 28Into the Dark: New Year, New You, HuluInstant Hotel, NetflixMurder Mountain, NetflixSelection Day, NetflixA Twelve-Year Night, NetflixWhen the Angels Sleep, NetflixYummy Mummies, NetflixGreat Performances: The Bernstein Centennial Celebration, 9 p.m., PBSSunday, Dec. 30The Orville: Season 2 (2019) 100% 8 p.m., FoxThe Lake Erie Murders: Who Killed Amy Mihaljevic?, 9 p.m., Investigation DiscoveryMonday, Dec. 31Taylor Swift reuputation Stadium Tour, NetflixFox’s New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey: Live from Times Square, 8 p.m., FoxDick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest, 8 p.m., ABCNBC’s New Year’s Eve, 10 p.m., NBCBack to TopTBDBack to TopDecember | TBDARCHIVE: January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | NovemberAlso: Renewed Canceled | 2019 Premiere Dates
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Frances, starring Jessica Lange, is one of those movies that for me was quite connected to my wanting to be an actor. I had obviously been to the movies many times as a young person, but I think I was about 14, or 15 when I was at home on a Sunday, and this movie I turned a channel, and it was on cable, or whatever cable was at that time. And it was midway through the movie, and I just was transfixed and went out, back when we could go to the video store, and I rented it, so I could watch it from the beginning. And to me, it s just an extraordinary portrait of an actress. Frances Farmer, I didn t have knowledge about her and her work, but also whatever I knew of her working-wise, I certainly didn t know anything about her real life, which is really tragic, and a painful movie to watch.Jessica Lange gives one of the greatest performances, and it was my introduction to Kim Stanley, who is actually the screensaver on one of my cell phones. [The pictures is] from her performance in Bus Stop, not from Frances; it’s just been on my phone for I don t even know how long. And just again, there s a thematic thread here [with Frances]: it s another story about mother and daughter. At its core that s what it s about. And I just find it incredibly powerful. It was just like watching two acting titans and thinking, Oh, if that s what acting is, I want to do that. And of course, I ve come to learn that a lot of times acting doesn t get to be that, but every once in a while you get to touch on that, and it was really inspiring – and another movie poster I had in house.What was it like then to get to work so closely and frequently with Jessica Lange?Well, that was one of those moments that I ll never forget. I actually first worked with her on Broadway. We did a production in 2005 of Glass Menagerie, which is where we first met when I was about 29 years old. And I ll never forget sitting in a room waiting, which was part of the process of getting a job, but you had to do your final audition with Jessica. And for someone like me, who is such an enormous fan [of Jessica] – she’s someone who I credit with really igniting the acting fire for me, and someone whose career I would love to have emulated, so it s a very big scary day for me. I remember hearing her walk down the hallway. And I remember saying out loud – without even realizing it – I said, Oh, gosh, here she comes. And I didn t even realize I said it out loud, and I was in a room full of people: the directors, the casting directors. I m sure they were just absolutely terrified that I was gonna blow the whole thing by not being able to speak, but… Now, [working with Jessica] has evolved into something where I don t burst into tears every time I get a phone call from [her]. Do you know what I mean? It s landed in a place where I recognize that we’re actually people who have a working history together that is based on something real and not just my absolute adoration of her.

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